DEPRESSING: Rush lays out what to expect from Obamacare in 2014

In some ways I wish Obamacare hadn’t gone to the Supreme Court already so I’d still feel hopeful about putting a stop to this madness. I’ve even had visions of class action lawsuits in 2014 that would give John Roberts a chance to reverse his inane ruling that because we breath we can be forced to purchase Obamacare or be fined for it. Alas, it’s the law of the land and short of a miracle we’ll all be forced to buy health insurance in 2014.

Despite how depressing all of this is, Rush’s monologue on what to expect from Obamacare is very good.


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  • sDee

    Sorry for the duplicate comment but I think we are tilting at windmills that the socialist put up. Obamacare is un-scalable – the House needs to jump on the bandwagon and ensure Obamacare collapses under its own weight.

    Government has grown beyond all means to support itself. It can easily be thrown into gridlock. Here is an example of how to bury it under its own weight:

    Is Obamacare too much work for the Obama administration?

    1 – Get a House “tiger team” out to every Republican governor and ensure they do not build the Exchanges so the burden will fall to Obama’s bloated lazy bureaucrats. Use State Insurance regulations to punish the insurance companies who are in bed with Obamacare.

    2- Get House task forces assembled and visit every one of the private companies building these exchanges and pile on them the tons of regulations, certifications and taxes you can possibly find.

    3 – Set up House hearings that will require all the software companies delivering Heath Exchanges provide you their certification and validation testing software. Hire 3rd party software companies to carry out formal code reviews. Require source code quality reviews and trial periods before any software can be released. Demand auditing and compliance for HIPAA and develop tests that can be run to ensure age, race, gender and other discrimination algorithms are not employed.

    4 – Take every single page of Obamacare and require that the companies building software exchanges and the companies running the software and procedures comply with every single word of it before the software can be released.

    5 – Pool House legal and financial resources to help file Obamacare suits on behalf of states, counties, companies and even individuals to protect OUR RIGHTS.

    You start doing this and you will find an army of Patriots like me begging to volunteer

    You guys fail to stop Obamacare without doing every single thing possible….then you and the Republican party are history along with any chance again to live in a free nation. Motivation enough?

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      “You start doing this and you will find an army of Patriots like me begging to volunteer”

      Me too, and you can bet there’s a huge army of patriots out there who are ready to jump in to an organized effort.

    • PicklePlants

      Thank you sDee! For the first time since last Tuesday I picked up out of my funk while I read your post.

      These good ideas are just the beginning. I always thought that some individual business owner could claim 1st amendment violation of religious freedom if they are forced to pay for abortion coverage. The Catholic church is not the only entity that should be able to claim religious exemption, but any business owner that adheres to the teachings of their church. Can you say “Class Action?”

      Time for plan “B” – sign me up!

      • sDee

        and all of those could easily be spun in the best interest of American consumers – I mea,n who would want shoddy overpriced, inefficient expensive government exchange systems that compromise our health, security, privacy and budget!

    • JeffWRidge

      I like it. Sort of a modified Cloward and Piven approach. Use the left’s own dirty tactics against them. I’m in.

      • sDee

        yup 😉

  • Rshill7

    If Romney would’ve won (which he did in my little opinion), we could be celebrating, in anticipatory fashion, the repeal of this law. However…

    Today I may have found out why the Republican Party is not challenging any voter fraud.

    In seems that in 1982, in a case between the Republicans versus the Democrats, they are not allowed to. (?)

    I read about it here:

    And the case itself is here:

    Any thoughts from anyone regarding this?

    • Shouldn’t this go in the open thread?

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Interesting link, as were the comments on it.

    • colliemum

      Thanks for both links – and, sadly, I think the great workers at TTV have been had. They’ve been had by the RNC and the Romney campaign, and especially by those who waved the 1982 case in their faces and told them there’s nothing they can do.

      I’m not a lawyer, but it is obvious that this case does in no way say the results at certain divisions cannot be challenged. Else – why would Allen West be ‘allowed’ to challenge them? They could’ve told him to take a hike, based on this 1982 case – and certainly would’ve done so, had it applied.

      No, I think the GOPe is taking the easy, weaselly way out, and I suggest the ladies from TTV better get another lawyer: that 1982 case has nothing at all to do with challenging a fraud after the votes have been cast.

      Oh – and how come the dems are allowed to to what the GOP isn’t? Perhaps the GOPe is not just stupid, but also has stupid lawyers.

  • jrt1031

    The biggest problem in obamacare is not the mandate….its the fact that now there will be a cap on doctors and how they practice. Most good doctors are now retiring and will be replace by a doctor that only has the training equal to a nurse.

    • Rocco11

      Obama wants to open the floodgates for doctors from Africa with questionable degrees, just not for him, of course…

    • PicklePlants

      Doctors visits will fade to a rarity. The new norm will be nurse practitioners who will triage patients for the dwindling number of doctors.

      • jrt1031

        not just that. the education system for doctors has changed so they no longer will have competitive programs with the biggest and the best. Actually the equivilant to a nurses degree doctors will now be lowered to so they services will be subpar at best. Best just to pray for health and avoid seeing a doctor at all. Hospitals……..forget them. YOu will only go there to die.

  • Orangeone

    Scoop, don’t lose hope. See this from Breitbart

    Remember, once Americans have been injured by the law, they are entitled to sue, until then the case is not ripe (we have not been harmed).

    Take my case. I will be assessed a 40% excise tax because I have cadillac insurance and have for over 20 years. Or I will be taxed if I cancel the insurance. I for one will sue. You cannot tax for having it and tax for not and have it be constitutional.

  • deeme

    It’s not going to work , and many doctors told me they will retire as a result of it..

    Health care is too expensive, so the Clinton administration put a high-powered coporate lawyer — Hillary — in charge of making it cheaper. (This is what I always do when I want to spend less money — hire a lawyer from Yale.) If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.” — P.J. O’Rourke

    The good news is that, according to the Obama administration, the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that, according to the Obama administration, you’re rich.
    P.J. O’Rourke

  • Don

    Saul Alinsky, one of Obama’s mentors, hated the middle class because he thought they were a buffer to the upper class. He thought they must be destroyed to reduced the masses and then the upper class will be vulnerable to the people. ObamaCare will be the biggest attack on the middle class in our history. Even Hillary wrote a paper on Alinsky while she was at Wellesley. This has been coming for decades. They are out of the closet and have the majority of Americans voting for their every attack.

    • sDee

      They want a model like China’s State Capitalism. 1) The political, state-corporate and media elite with virtual unlimited trappings of power and wealth. 2) An affluent middle class of professionals and business people whose fortunes and freedoms are granted and taken at the discretion and whim of the political elite. 3) Labor and services.

      The problem is we have no slave labor. Anyone here able to perform essential labor or services for a fair wage has been “bought out” of the labor market with entitlements – for their vote. That labor was replaced with illegal labor, but now they too will have to bought for their votes to sustain the political class.

      They hope to stave this off by sweetening the deal and giving the illegal labor citizenship – but once they too find it more lucrative on welfare, it is going to collapse – hard.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is what “fairshare” looks like. Welcome to Obamaville.

    Totally avoidable… stupid idiot lemmings. Spineless Republicans. So avoidable.

  • Lots of small businesses with 50-70 employees will lay off to get that number to 49.

    I have a solution. Why not designate employees as contractors? They are no longer salaried but hourly employees. Of course, they would have to fire them then hire them back as a contractor. They would be able to pay them more, but they will not be labeled as employees. Therefore, the individual worker would enroll in their own health insurance.

    Employees would lose “security”, but America was never built on job security. Unions forced that thinking on us. Security is a European socialist concept. Americans believe in risk/reward and individual liberty.

    Contractors make more money. Screw company benefits. I was forced to go from contractor to salaried employee in 2009 at the defense contractor I work at. I lost over $25k in salary. But they stated “you make up for that with our benefits package, including 401k and health insurance”. I can no longer “opt out” of my health insurance. Heck, I tried, but I could not even “opt out” of my 401k!!! I hate 401k’s. I use other investment vehicles that make me much more money than a stupid 401k, but no, I have to enroll because I am a salaried employee now.

    There may be a silver lining in all this. America can go back to pre-unions by converting most of its employees from salaried to contractor. I sure would like that better, both as an employee and as an employer (small fitness business).

    • PhillyCon


      Your post on salaried vs. hourly employees is very thought provoking. Thank you.

  • More depressing news. Virtually all the news since NOv 6th has been depressing in one way or another. I’m looking for some good news. If you see some… Grab it.. It’s rarer than gold dust inside a rainbow these days! But we struggle on… Another day… Another mandate… Sorry… NO happy ending on this post either. 🙁

  • Amberson

    This SUCKS.
    p.s. For those of us not on Twitter, would you consider posting all of your great links on Facebook so we can “like” them?

    • Orangeone

      On Twitter, not on Facebook though. Sorry

  • odin147

    What Rush said Romney should have said.

    • jrt1031

      the lib moderators dictated what romney was able to say

  • What are the ten best uses for the NObamacare bill?

    1. Toilet paper
    2. Bird cage liners
    3. Kindling
    4. Landfill
    5. Spitballs
    6. Paper shredders
    7. Paper airplanes
    8. Origami
    9. Holes in dry wall
    10. Doorstops

    Lots more like this here:

    • ooooh, “holes in dry wall”, I never thought of that. Thanks! I tried paper airplanes, but they kept veering to the left (I thank you).

      • 🙂 You’re welcome Jasper! 🙂

  • dave kenny

    Who listens to Rush Hannity or Levin anymore
    I don’t and have turned them off
    None of them are talking of the fraud that won Obama this election
    They have rec their talking points from the GOP
    The party they refuse to tell the truth about
    We need a new party run from the grassroots
    espousing conservative policy
    We won’t get that from has been Rush et al (he is losing ratings)

    • Howzah123

      Obvious Liberal Goblin Is Obvious

  • bjohnson55

    Every conservative talk show host and Fox News have been sharing this information for years just like Rush states and still only 35% of registered Republicans saw fit to get off their couch and vote this time around. The Democrats did not win this election the Republicans handed it to them and now we have to deal with this Socialist garbage. Don’t blame the Democrats for this garbage thank the idiot Republican sitting next to you that could not take the time to go vote. This is sickening and this country will never recover from this, now I am wondering what kind of deal Obama had in mind when he was talking to then Russian Prime Minister when they thought the mikes were off.

    • hbnolikeee

      Are you an idiot? Don’t blame the democrats???

      • bjohnson55

        Correct, do not blame the Democrats. We all know and have known since Obama’s first election what he wanted to do to this country. Blame the lazy Republicans who just couldn’t drag their asses off the couch long enough to put a stop to it. So yes blame the Republicans and not the Democrats.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    All of you that voted for 0bama you wanted this now you got it. When your hours get cut or you lose your job, look in the mirror for someone to blame. When your care is cut by the death board you obamaroids claim doesnt exist you might want to look into the Independent Advisory Board before you start complaining.

    Countless numbers of us warned all of you this nightmare was coming, you didnt want to listen. Actions have consequences…

  • WI4Walker

    Still hoping our governor will join others in not setting up exchanges at the state level.

  • After Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare, that’s when I thought it was now the law of the land, even with Romney as president. Boy, that was depressing listening to that.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    I hope Texas really does sucede from the union. Everyone will move there just to get away from Obamacare.

    • Martin2717

      I think Texas should threaten to leave if the administration doesn’t pull back there ridiculous health care law.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    We are not close to bottom yet. A year or two there will encourage the sinners to repent. The behavior of a Liberal, when the money well runs dry, is a site to behold. Glad we have the guns along with those in the thin blue line. Blaming the voters is feeding the beast called the GOPe. Wise up and we will recover sooner. The people do have the power and the first step to realizing that could be Nov 6th, if those in denial wise up. The sooner the better, that we bring the secret fear of the two political parties, to the surface. That will be a very positive day. The power is with the people. Turn off Fox and all National media. They are not our friends. It is time WE make the news and not them!

  • It is called Roberts-care from here on out. Let it be said let it be done.

  • drphibes

    John Roberts is a disgrace. I’d like to rip the robe off his back.

  • lavender79

    one day soon you will finally realize your folly, but alas, it will be too late. healthcare exchanges, how Orwellian….

  • This is essentially the message I hear:

    • “We are the Borg, Resistance is futile”
      Doors, you’d get more people to follow the links you post if you give some hint as to what they are about. Many people won’t follow a “blind link”, but are more likely to do so if they have some clue what it’s about. I do t his myself for these reasons.

  • lavender79

    I miss the 80’s so much. More and more. Ronald Reagan will forever be one of the, if not the best pres we ever have. It’s hard to see that the world I remember in the 6o’s, as a kid is sooooo far removed. I’d cry, but I fear that once I start I could not stop,

    • Orangeone

      Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals. We now know about 12 million more. That is a disasterous presidency.

  • sybilll

    My mom is convinced she will not live to see the end of Obama’s 2nd term. She was hospitalized twice in August. As of 10/1, under ObamaCare/Medicare cuts, any re-admisson within 30 days will not be paid for. My beloved mom turns 80 in 5 days, and her despair breaks my heart.

  • John3_3

    Someone help me please. Why are we forced to pay for health insurance when it’s supposed to be free? forgive me for my ignorance, I just don’t understand this. If we don’t choose to pay for our own, then we have to go under the govt health care? is that how it works?

    • jrt1031

      Obamacare is a healthcare system that is now funded on a tax to all the citizens. NOT privately funded incentive or benefit that one would traditionaly have gotton for work compensation. Or fee for services. Elections have consequences. We no longer have the greatest healthcare system in the world. WE now have what all the other countries have as their healthcare.

      • John3_3

        Thank you. but why does everyone say it is free? Currently, my wife has no insurance. I am a veteran and fall under the VA. What will happen to my wife? Will I be forced to purchase insurance for her? Or what?

  • aZjimbo

    Good night and good bye USA.

  • sDee,
    It doesn’t matter what we want. The idiots have elected corrupt idiots. There is nothing your or I can do about it. We have let the system educate our children, we have let our society become more and more depraved ever day. We failed to stand up to these things. We did not put our kids on the straight and narrow. Now America will fall like Rome. There is no stopping it. Enjoy the ride!

  • 11Steve11

    Why are we always talking about what was and what will be? Does it really do any good to preach to the choir? I guess it does if the choir has the money and advertises on your radio show. Voters only seem to respond to what is happening at the moment of conception. The here and now. Teenagers don’t care about fore fathers, fast food workers don’t care about next years taxes and seniors don’t want to join any fight. What have we lost today, what have you done for me in the last few hours and who will make me believe that I don’t have to die from neglect this week? The only way to deal with the voting blocks that exist today is to convince them that they will have everything that they want tomorrow, but we must always convince them, today. The Democrats know that tomorrow is a mythical creature that does not exist. The lies that they tell today will be expired as soon as the sun rises after the darkness goes away.

  • kong1967

    I’m sure he’s right that Dems will find a way to blame the fallout on Republicans. They won’t attach the blame to Obamacare. Everyone get ready to watch our elderly die sooner than they should because they won’t be allowed to take advantage of advanced drugs and care from the doctor. If the doctor can’t show that he’s making your health better, they don’t get paid. How many of our elderly get treatment all the time but they are still on a downward path? A lot of them. Their lives are being extended, but they aren’t becoming younger and aren’t going to be able to show improvement. Slowing down an illness is not an improvement in their health, so the doctors won’t get paid. If the doctor won’t get paid, he won’t take the patients and they will just have to take pain pills and not get treatment to slow down the dying process.

    I want to hear a lot more detail about how this is going to work. I do know that doctors won’t get paid if they can’t show they improved or cured the patients ailments. How that’s going to be applied really matters.

  • I’ve heard ads for a lawsuit aganst 0care. If it’s a tax, can’t the House defund it? I mean, if any of the R’s had a pair?

  • wolfveryne

    There’s is a Battle to be fought and WON here ,,It is looking like the Right/ Media is performing just like Romney did in his campaign ,, that is “Standing Up for the American Citizens” and “FIGHTING” for them .Everything 44 did in his first term is “Low Hanging Fruit” and after the first debate ,, Romney forgot how to “FIGHT” !
    Benghazi-Gate ,, will sink 44 and his Administration ,, Period .
    Shocking that you “Rush” ,, have not brought this ,, to the front line of attack .
    Let’s not let this Battle ,, dribble down on our shoes , like Romney did .
    Attack ,, attack ,, attack ,, make dam sure that Congress investigates this ,, NOW.
    We the American Citizens ,, do not want another Fast & Furious dribbling on our shoes .
    When a sitting President is responsible for Abandoning two dozen Citizens to “DIE” in Benghazi .
    We deserve ANSWERS!

  • NewGrayMare

    I so worry about Obamacare and what it will do to the healthcare of our society. If we were even in line with the healthcare provided in Canada, we would be getting better results for the dollars spent in the United States. I have a number of close friends who are living with no insurance, are not eligible for Medicare and cannot afford to purchase private insurance on their existing income. I am spending a fortune that I don’t have in my budget for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy. The time will shortly come when I cannot afford that either.