Dinesh D’Souza: Obama wants the federal government to be the quarterback of the private sector

Dinesh D’Souza said that after this weekend 2016: Obama’s America will be the 2nd most successful documentary of all time, shooting past Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and a couple of Michael Moore films including Sicko. That is fantastic news. I’ve still got to see that film!

When asked about the federal government taking over GM, D’Souza made an interesting point noting that with all the ventures of the federal government into the private sector, it seems clear to him that Obama wants the federal government to be the quarterback of the private sector. Wow, that’s probably the best analogy I’ve heard as to what Obama’s doing to this country.

Watch below:

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  • conservative58

    Scoop — You really need to go watch 2016! I’ll buy you a ticket!

    • marketcomp

      It really tells the entire story!

    • Cindy09

      I want to watch it too. I’ve asked hubby to come with me but he said he knows all he ought to know about O. I guess I will be sitting alone in the theaters this weekend! 🙂

      • NYGino

        Your husband may not be there but I doubt you will be sitting alone. This documentary is going viral in the theaters.

        • Cindy09

          Thanks NYGino! I live in the bluest of states but I am pretty sure I’ll find likeminded people!

          • NYGino

            Some may enter blue but come out purple, maybe even red.

            • Arrrggghhh

              I convinced a friend in Florida to see it. She said that there were quite a few people in the weekday matinee. It certainly could help especially with the Large Jewish vote in there. It really rips Ojackass on Israel.

              You’re right, NY is a lost cause. I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t even being shown there. There’s a lot of things I miss about NYC but the worldview isn’t one of them.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        My adult daughter and I saw the movie last night, and we both said simultaneously at the end, “That’s scary!” If obama gets re-elected, I’ll be very worried for my children, grandchildren, and other family members as to what will happen to America. For America’s sake I pray that people will rally and vote obama out of office this November.

        • car2can

          My husband and I saw it last night. I left the theater in tears. I can trace one line of my family back to colonial America in 1671. To think that all that they sacrificed and worked for will be lost 4 years from now is sobering. The first time I laid eyes on Barack Obama and heard him speak, I felt he wasn’t being authentic. 2016 not only validated my suspicions, it confounded my fears as well. People have to see this movie and see how D’Sousa breaks down the history of Kenya and the culture of Obama’s family. My husband and I were struck by how intelligent George Obama is, but even more by how different his philosophy is from his brother’s.

    • sybilll

      Holy cow, I just left the theater, and I am stunned. Yes, I knew most of the history Dinesh pointed out just because I am a political junkie, but I have been hearing Obama talk about anti-colonialism, and I just didn’t realize it. You all MUST see this movie, and this man MUST be stopped.

  • NYGino

    Obama, as per D’Souza, is the quaterback but the American people own the team, as he will be reminded in November.

  • I’d like to see the movie he has made.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Hey, Mobama, I don’t need a $50 Billion gift, but I sure could use a $10 Million gift, what do you say? You gave $50 Billion to the auto unions…c’mon send me some dough. Thanks, you’re a real pal.

    • NYGino

      You can get money but you have to listen to his favorite radio station, WIIFM. What’s in it for me.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        LOL………yeah, Gino, it figures WIIFM is obama’s favorite station. That’s been the theme of his life, hasn’t it? Methinks it is.

  • I saw the movie and it’s terrific. It’s even doing well in some liberal strongholds, such as Jackson, Wyoming. They probably think it’s pro-Obama.

    • marketcomp

      That’s good news. No one can use the excuse that they don’t know who Obama is. This movie is an opportunity to know how he thinks and to understand why his thinking is so antithetical to American values. What’s even more important is that he doesn’t even have the same values as Black Americans given that his philosophy is rooted in Marxism and Kenyan values and philosophies. Most Black Americans are Chirstians he is not, he’s a muslum. I noticed that when Mitt Romney went to speak at the NAACP Obama sent Eric Holder. This week at the convention Michelle Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Causus and Obama did not which says that he knows he is not loved by these Black American organizations with unemployment being 14.1%. And he is using Michelle Obama to claim Black American street crid and other black liberals around him when speaking to these groups. I just hope that America wakes up.

  • sybilll

    Dinesh was on Phyllis Schaffly’s radio show this morning. I tuned in not expecting he would be on for an hour. I had no plans to take an hour out of my Saturday, but he was so compelling, I listened to the whole thing. I feel like I pretty much know what is in “2016”, but after this interview, I plan on seeing it tomorrow. P.S. I would have listened for 2 hours, it was that good.

    • You should check out some of Dinesh’s debates on youtube. He is really bright… and right-minded.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Romney perhaps should think about using him (if Dinesh would be willing) to practice for debating Obama?

  • Maxsteele

    I wonder how Ford feels about the government bailing out their competitors in a so called capitalist free market???
    A company that did all the right things and was not in any trouble could have gotten a much bigger slice of the pie and hired workers but now has to be stiffled with the same socialist market place.

    • Nukeman60

      Not only that but when Chrysler and GM took the bailout money, while Ford refused, the unions in Chrysler and GM were ordered not to be able to strike, while Ford’s unions can still strike if they so desire. Talk about favoritism. Obama and the Union bosses have always been in bed together.

    • Probably laughing all the way to the bank. I believe they’re the only American car company making a profit!

  • I didn’t think of the fact that the Federal Government is now controlling the banking industry, the auto industry, and the healthcare industry, the stock market, not to mention the over regulating of just about every other industry in the country. It’s a wonder any companies can make any money these days. Hope with a new president in November, we can start putting an end to this madness (or socialism, take your pick).

  • Susanna958

    GM did go bankrupt.

    • Nukeman60

      Thanks to the Democrats’ narrative, many people do not realize that GM did indeed go through a chapter 11 bankruptcy, layed off many workers and shut down plants. The Dems try to push the idea that Romney wanted them to go through a chapter 7 bankruptcy, when he wanted a reorganization all along.

      The only difference was Obama gave the bailout first, giving the Union bosses a ton of money, destroying the pensions of the non-union workers while protecting the union pensions, and thousands were still layed off – and then they went through the chapter 11 anyway.

      The final results of the ‘American auto industry’ – Ford held out and survived, Chrysler was taken over by the Italian firm, Fiat, and GM is 30% owned by the taxpayer.

      They even try to say GM paid back their loans, but the loans they did pay back were paid with money borrowed from the government. Go figure.

      And who’s the number one auto company in the US today? Not GM. Toyota, as they have come storming back after their Tsunami in Japan, while Volkswagen is soon to overtake GM as number two.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I heard Obama wound up taking them through bankruptcy, just as Romney thought they should do on their own, but Obama cost the taxpayers a lot of money first.

  • white531

    I think the most gratifying aspect of this for me, is that by making this film, D’Souza is actually campaigning against the re-election of Obama, while making money in the process.
    instead of spending millions like Romney, he is being even more effective in getting out the word of what Obama is really about, and it’s not costing him a dime! Absolutely brilliant! That’s what I call the Free Enterprise system working at it’s best.

    You had better believe, if Obama could find a way to censor this film, he would do it in a heartbeat. Give him four more years, and no one will be able to make a film like this. Give him four more years, and the internet won’t exist either.

    • capelady

      Or talk radio!

      • white531

        You’re absolutely right, capelady. I made a similar post on, “The Gop is not racist,” thread.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Quite possible the internet would look similar to China’s censored variety.

  • Watchman74

    General Motors is becoming China Motors. According to there own CEO 7 out of 10 vehicles were made OUTSIDE of the United States.

  • NanNJ

    I saw 2016 and today I ordered the newest movie out on the fraud in chief…The Real Dreams of my Father. Can’t wait to see it.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I saw it last week and it was outstanding. I’m trying to get the only open-minded liberal couple I know to go see it. My other liberal friends, forget about it. They have about as much of a chance of seeing is as I do a Michael Moore film, which is a shame, because O’Souza’s film was simply based on Obama’s book, without any made-up stuff, whereas Michael Moore follows his party’s lead: Lie, because the end always justifies the means.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      How about telling your liberal friends if they haven’t gotten a copy of Obama’s book yet, you’ll treat them to a free preview of it via a movie that’s out with a number of excerpts with Obama’s voice reading from it?

      • RosiesSeeingRed


  • Rshill7

    Quarterback of the private sector huh? My first thought was bench warmer. Nope, too close. Water boy? Nope. Still too close. Still too significant. How about an onlooker in the crowd? Starting to get better. They could cheer from the cheap seats, and I mean cheer.

    Cheering is different than booing, or standing in your way. Cheering is uplifting. Heavy taxation and regulation loaded with arbitrary bull is not. A cheerer does not get to exert such a heavy hand upon you. It exerts it’s hand upon it’s other hand and gives you the clap. In a good way.

    I’m all for cheers and don’t need an overbearing, overarching, quarterback. That job’s taken. Hows about you just cheer me on and stop weighing me down? Getting off my back would solve a heaping helping of that. Do we understand each other? Super.

    Now start clapping and stop sapping. And get your hands off my helmet.

  • Obama is more like the bowler of the private sector… nothing but gutter balls.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama has been extending the Government’s fingers into everything… and don’t forget all the land it’s stealing, um uh, appropriating in the plains. Don’t doubt it for a second that Obama’s dream is to take over America and have the Government run our nation… there’s a word for this… what is that little word called… hmmm… oh yeah, DICTATORSHIP.

    Throw Caesar Obamus out on his butt in November… Or pay homage to him in 2013.

  • drjgarrow

    If I were looking for a “quarterback” for my “team”, I would be looking for a performance record that would secure the wins that I am looking for. Along that path I would need someone who has the experience and knows the plays and the ground rules of the game. Obama has none of the attributes needed to quarterback a team. He would make a fine cheerleader or motivator with fine speeches. But he does not know the game at all and would never be put on the field without the skills necessary to first keep from getting clobbered and hurt and second to win games against skilled opposition. Again a novice is not ready to play in the big leagues even though he might talk a good game, his record so far is straight losses.

  • Obama is a Statist, not a Socialist.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Isn’t he both? Isn’t that why he also wants to tax the rich more and “spread the wealth around”. Isn’t that why he is pitting those with less money against those who are monetarily wealthy?

  • Yazz55

    The GM business model will necessarily require ever growing infusions of US taxpayer dollars – to survive and make the weekly payroll. And thats by design, not accident.

    • kong1967

      That’s what happens when they have access to bailouts and know that the Democrat party is willing to steal from everyone else to prop up union jobs. No need to fight the unions any more, just let the Dems support them…with our money.

  • 12grace

    I love Dinesh D’Souza, he is a true patriot.

  • BarbaCat

    I finally got to see the movie this weekend.


  • stevenbiot

    You guys should check out some of Dinesh’s debates on YouTube. He’s an intellectual heavyweight.

    • gobnait

      After seeing his amazing film this past week, I have a much clearer understanding of Obama, the roots of his ideology and his dangerous agenda. The movie should be required viewing for anyone who cares about their children’s future.

  • onetwopunch

    Though many conservatives probably already know much of the information in this movie, I feel it is very important to get out and support a conservative film, especially a documentary. This film shows that there is a lucrative market out there and will hopefully encourage the making of more, we need it.

  • CalCoolidge

    He wants to be the QB?

    It’s funny. There were the Soviet Politburro’s, and Nazi Reich Minstries, and the Mussolini called the ministries that reigned over manufacturing or banking “corporations.” But don’t call them Commies, Nazi’s or Fascists. That wouldn’t be civil. We’ll call them something nice and friendly. How about Quarterbacks? Everyone likes those.

  • kong1967

    Quarterback my a$$. Time to sack him for a 30 yard loss and get him benched for being such a lousy team leader.


    Saw DD on C-SPAN2 last night and he was on today too.

    One of his major points that a lot of us are not getting is OBUMMER is smart
    and is dong what he had set out to do. He just needs 4 more years to finish the job.

    A lot of us think he is out to crash America (and how else does his action make any sense)
    but DD says Oh-uh-oh is trying to rebalance the USA as just another country.

    In other words, we use too much of the worlds resources, and Man is he getting there fast. See he can close down so many coal plants that generate cheap electricity.
    But O decides he wants it to be more expensive because it pollutes too much, so clean tech HAS to happen (expensive), even if it close dpwn plants and people die freezing to death (??? no kidding) or paying a higher process subsidized by GOV (poor hooked on GOV money even more).
    Middle class paying way too much and can’t afford other necessaties….I really don’t get this approach, but it is about POWER and TYRANNNY, from the PROGRESSIVES.
    It is happening, and we are fighting back… but when you are in control of printing money, you can by votes and buy other countries, if your money is worth anything.

    Soon it will not be worth anything, another PROGRESSIVE goal…..see GEORGE SOROS, who has made a career of taking down ECONMIES fo COUNTRIES. and this guy is not in jail?

    I would call this reparations for the sins of our past, but to re-distribute the “wealth” he has to take all down a notch. NOW Campaigning as a decent normal young President.
    Folks, don’t be fooled again. I feel sorry for those that think he cares (AA community is being used and abused with fear, thanks Al SHAAAPTON) about him, see my hints on his real personality coming out this week…many know about this, his own WH staff tried to block him, many times……..really?

    ALL the massive programs and vote getting presidential orders for Gays and illegals etc. ( even Bill O’Reily has wised up and believes Beck NOWWWWWW), is just a way to spread the wealth. Somehow he is trying to make the wealth pay for it, but in the process, he is dragging down OUR way of life and our Capitalist society.

    Now not following the Constitution is where he is really tripping up. I don’t care if he has the DOJ in his back pocket.

    These people in this country are NOT going to let this thug go on next year. If he moderates after getting re-elected, fine. But, he has to work with all of you, if he just goes around CONGRESS, they will take him out without my/our help.

    I won’t warn him, but he won’t be welcome anywhere, and he and children (I feel badly for them, but he is calling the plays) will have to stay in a bunker……he is walking a fine line now as it is. We all gave him until election to do better or get kicked out. His lame duck session will be a real interesting time, I only see the most strident nutty progs following him into shear madness (MSNBC followers) . We are not a violent society, but when pushed to the wall, there is some of the strongest, that will not stand to see this GREAT country run unfairly by a despot, even if he is re-elected fairly.

    If he steps up his actions and goes full all out PROGESSIVE actions now that he does not have to campaign anymore, expect fireworks from many patriots who won’t keep waiting. PROGS want this, so they can say they were correct.

    He won’t have to worry about talk radio or FOX even if he gets on top of them or worse shuts them down.

    Free speech and Religious freedoms were under attack before he came in, but now it is so open and agressive, there will be some troubles.

    NO ONE will want to invest here with him voted back in, lets face it, not even the rich from Socialist couintries in Europe or Middle east like Saudia Arabia. SO our economy will be just waiting to fall off the cliff, with the other crap he has waiting for us in January.

    All this stuff set up to expire Dec 31…all a set up, you can see his personality see:


    Hey, go read this and watch interviews on TV tonight and this week about Woodward’s new book.

    Seems PREZI chose his Presidential legacy over America? WHO KNEW?

    Did anyone see this coming about PREZI “I KILT OSAMA” or PRESIDENT “VOLT”.


    “The Price of Politics,” by Bob Woodward

    I sure hope MSNBC “sets” this straight with PROGRESSIVE truth Monday, don’t you?


    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2012/09/09/2016-obamas-america-now-no-2-ever-political-documentary-genre#ixzz260u7frXr

    DD was right about Saudia Arabia, they are next on the list to be “freed”, but DD does not mention the CALIPHATE, but if they go after ISRAEL, and USA does not respond, this takes us down again if we are a divided nation. DD calls this UNITED STATES OF MIDDLE EAST (whatever, same difference) but to me it is just more PC to say it that way.

    WE all know as Christions is IF we do not defend ISRAEL, all our blessings as a country dissappear, GOD’s protection is no more. GOSH, I hope GOD was not watching the SOGGY PROGGY DEM CONVENTION and the people in the stands. I don;t want o be mean, but that looked like they let in some OCCUPY people, with all those tattoos.
    Just a CONGA line of takers, no makers, and all the ABORTION talk has the Angels crying and GOD is really pissed I am afraid (Just my opinion, but it it no joke, a lot of believe this. Our blessin doe not come from BIG GOV nor from Dear Leader, but PROGS are leading us there to destruction).

    I know a lot of black men and politicaian who I trust, and actuially care for. THis man has all the traits of a DESPOT leadin us to TYRANNY. and it is not my imagination, I am a fairly normal older man.

    My only child 22 year old daughter now has concealed carry fire arms license.
    I was going to by her a target pistol…her boy friend beat me to it and bought her a 9mm and he is a hunter with many weopons and is a nice kid. I have a shotgun, but I may need a hand gun. Ther are many illegals floinwing into my area, especially sinc OBUMMER announced his DREAM presidential order.
    MAn is doing som real damage and doing some real stuid things ignoring laws on the books.

    I find it amazing even Joe Bite-me could follow this man, but he IS smitten.
    BRO-mance in full bloom, but he will be kept in check by progs.

    When all the military cuts start happening, expect BIG AZZ troubles, more than this
    OBOZO the clown punk could imagine. With half of America worried about him “tranforming” America, even the Constitution won’t stand in our way if “we got to let him go”……

    Some say BJ Bill Clintonis PROG KING of the world already chosen with Hillary at his side as (drag) QUEEN.

    Boy if you saw that DEMON-cat convention, it does not take much of a conspirocy theorist to start seeing the things right in front of us.

    BJ Bill was once known as SLICK WILLIE, accused rapist and groper, adulterer, molested his intern in the OVAL office, impeached, etc and no one could take his long speech at convention.

    PROGRESSIVE MEDIA can make you believe BJ Bill is now on our side and backs PREZI when he doe not…..

    Somebody call CLINT and ask him to bring some more CHAIRS ASAP !

    Nope and DOPE ( “we got to let them go” “Clint” and FAST “me”)

    • tx_gold

      I saw that on c-span, also. D’Souza is a very intelligent man and I enjoyed his speech.

  • Not even this crap piece of propaganda will help Romney & Ryan.

  • Sidemeat

    It’s time to sack the quarterback!!!!

  • Obama wants to be God and the federal government is nothing more than the instrument to achieve that end. Don’t kid yourself. that is why Democrats took God out of their platform…they have Obama so they no longer need the one true God.