DISGUSTING: Bob Beckel blames murdered ambassador for not having more security around him

Ugh. The depths leftists will descend in order to protect Obama. Bob Beckel said tonight on Hannity that the ambassador knew what he was getting in to and should have had more security around him:

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  • Nukeman60

    You know what I hate more than a liar? A person that uses “misinformed” in place of the word ‘lie’. Call a spade a spade. YES, politicians do lie.

    • detectivedick

      What will the LIAR do with SONY and the new film about the OBL raid. I know let’s blame the Japanese.

  • I_Believe_in_America2

    Bob is a fool!! He should be ashamed of himself. In all honesty Hillary needs to be held accountable for this! How could our country not defend our embassy? America wake up!!

  • NoToTyrants

    Beckel is a pig.

  • I_Believe_in_America2

    Shame on you Bob!! If anyone is to be accountable for this horrible attack on an American Embassy, it is Hillary, why didn’t she have protection set in place for our embassy like we did under previous Presidents? Wake up America!!

  • Fox News pays Bob Beckel.

    • white531


      • destroyer_of_moonbats

        cuz FNC sucks just as much as the dinosaur media.

  • GuessWhoFan

    This fat tub of goo is a continuing embarrassment to Fox News. They need to jettison his sorry @ss. What disgusting human being.

  • deeme

    I will say this I agree that they should of been worried about their own safety and Bob was one of the only ones who doesn’t think a movie was the reason I disagree with him most of the time….He himself said it had to be a planned attack for them to know where their safe house was..OK so we have blamed their deaths on a movie, on them, on our tolerance of freedom of speech, on everything but what it really is,, the people put in place to protect our embassies on 9/11..This administration and it’s media are so hypocritical it is hard to believe..The only reason Bob is even talking about it instead of China, or Romney or Ryan or any of their other exits from this black mark or should I say black flag on them is because he works for Fox News..I’m still waiting for any of the other networks to ask any tough questions of any of them..they won’t, it’s pitiful…They are apologizing for a movie, and not asking for one in return of the treatment of Christians in that region..children tortured and murdered, for having a cross., or how about how they treat women, but we can’t have freedom of speech in our own country..for what they might do in theirs..??? Oh well let’s move on important tweets , important sitcoms await..

    • las1

      I’ve never found myself agreeing with Beckel. But I do on this. He is doing it to protect Obama. So his conclusion is correct. But his motive to draw such a conclusion is dirty.

      But there is a lot of truth in what he says. The meme out there is that the State Department sets the parameters for security in it’s consuls. But where does it get it’s information on what level of security is needed? Exactly… from those very same consuls.

      So it is not completely true to lay the blame at the State Department. The Embassy itself is the information gatherer and sets the needs list. And Christopher Stevens was a Berkley trained, Peace Corps liberal and his Arabist love affair caused him to take risks and to assume that his Libyan security contingent was sufficient. This alone should have raised flags at the State Department. But it didn’t. And that’s where Hillary can be faulted for not having red flags go off under her tenure. And since Hillary is an Arabist herself it logically follows that Obama is culpable. The State Department is an infested rats nest and is putting America at risk.

      And Obama is the chief Arabist/Islamist rat. And he too must be cleared out before America can even hope to begin to recover.

  • Jugs Lies

    He never stops. I don’t watch The Five because I can’t stand him.
    Misinformed if you’re a dem; he use LIE if he was referring to. Republican.
    Fox needs to can this fool.

  • theslob

    Would have been nice to see the whole exchange, I dislike Sean as much as Bob.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    really bob? should they also be unarmed? or have guns just no bullets? how about the fact stevens where abouts were supposedly top secret. funny how that leaked out of the state dept. has anyone yet showed huma abedins security clearence???

  • keyesforpres

    Hey Scoop, why am I getting an ad on this website that has a picture of Michele Bachmann and it says, “Stop her witch hunt”!?

    • I got an ad last week to support Bill Nelson. They’re just ads. I don’t think Scoop has control over what ads are on.

      • keyesforpres

        But it’s on this website. Don’t ads that show up here have to pay to be on here?

        • KenInMontana

          AdChoice/Google ads just circulate ads, sometimes the ad cues off your IP or sometimes off your browser history, the services pay for ad space. If they bother you that much there are plenty of ad blocking options out there, or just do what I do and ignore them.

  • Slickfoot

    I effin’ knew, that sooner or later some weasel would insinuate that it was the fault of the Marines! Scumbags!

  • Nothin’ like blaming a dead guy for something he can’t defend himself with. Like dear leader or the state dept. doesn’t have a say in security? Riiiight.

    • DCGere

      Exactly. Complete BS.

    • Cindy09

      I see what you mean. Somehow there is something that I cannot understand and Beckel might as well (in his rude obnoxious way) have hinted on this; from all the reports that I have read over this weekend, it seemed that Ambassadors (to any country) choose their security team. Stevens did not surround him with a strong (and large enough) security team. Also if this was a preplanned attack and if Stevens had any clue about what was coming (the place had already been broken into and security papers disappeared) – why did he not require more staff for not only his protection but for everyone working in that outpost? Now, who knows he might as well had been receiving orders from the Embassy in Egypt (but definitely from the State Department). It becomes awfully obvious that the man had his feet and hands tied to a certain extent. But he loved that country so much that he stayed there despite the meager security.

      This is another sad example of a blind allegiance that was not backed up by some life time guarantee.

      • This is another sad case of failure by the Obama administration. If the Ambassador was so blind to security needs he should have been fired or moved to a different post. The State Department is responsible for making sure that its people are making good decisions. Obviously Hillary Clinton was too busy to take 9/11 seriously even with all of the previous problems and the middle east being chaotic just in general. This does NOT get blamed on the little guy. The buck stops at the top and it is Obama’s fault that Hillary Clinton had better things to do than her job during 9/11 in a time of civil unrest in the middle east. Is is that simple.

    • las1

      ABiC… read my missive above in response to deeme… or I’ll just repeat it here. There are arguments over where the intel comes from in order to set security levels at the embassies. My missive follows here…

      I’ve never found myself agreeing with Beckel. But I do on this. He is doing it to protect Obama. So his conclusion is correct. But his motive to draw such a conclusion is dirty.

      But there is a lot of truth in what he says. The meme out there is that the State Department sets the parameters for security in it’s consuls. But where does it get it’s information on what level of security is needed? Exactly… from those very same consuls.

      So it is not completely true to lay the blame at the State Department. The Embassy itself is the information gatherer and sets the needs list. And Christopher Stevens was a Berkley trained, Peace Corps liberal and his Arabist love affair caused him to take risks and to assume that his Libyan security contingent was sufficient. This alone should have raised flags at the State Department. But it didn’t. And that’s where Hillary can be faulted for not having red flags go off under her tenure. And since Hillary is an Arabist herself it logically follows that Obama is culpable. The State Department is an infested rats nest and is putting America at risk.

      And Obama is the chief Arabist/Islamist rat. And he too must be cleared out before America can even hope to begin to recover.

  • bonaventure

    Since the beginning of the attacks on our embassies, the liberals have blamed everyone and everything, EXCEPT THE MOSLEMS WHO ACTUALLY ENGAGED IN THE ATTACKS.



  • carmtom13

    Here they go again, play the blame game! BHO and his administration own what is going on in the Middle East. At the dem convention no less than 21 times was bin laden talked about. Are the dems that dumb that the Muslims don’t have television sets? BHO owns this!

  • QuodlibetSpasm


  • Boris_Badenoff

    What is there to discuss here…

    The RESPONSIBILITY for the security of our overseas civilian personnel lies with the State Department and the SOS and ultimately the Obama administration and Obama for whom the SOS and her entire department work for.

    At a MINIMUM Hillary is fully culpable and should be reprimanded and removed from her post . But in reality we all know this entire administration is incapable of conducting America’s foreign policy or much of anything else for that matter.

    It’s that pesky word RESPONSIBILITY that is the problem with this administration.

    They have NONE. There are no adults at home to take responsibility..

  • sjmom


    Why don’t you blame Barack or Hillary for the lack of security?????

    • 3boojums

      Hillary should be asked why she signed off on a rules of engagement policy that required the use of unarmed security. then she should be run out of town

      • Cindy09

        This is something that should haunt her and that every American should never forget especially when she decides later on to run for office. She’s got blood on her hands.

  • white531

    For the last three, going on four years, Americans, including myself, have been forced to live in a state of surrealism. The things that we have witnessed visually, and been forced to listen to, through endless speeches by a man who has no idea what it means to be President of this great nation, are appalling to me. That we have gotten used to seeing it on the big screen, is perhaps the one thing that is almost unbelievable.

    This incident illustrates the magnitude of how out of control this administration is, when it comes to not only foreign policy, but domestic policy as well.

    Hillary Clinton should be fired immediately. She is nothing more than a bag of hot air. She hasn’t the first clue of what it means to be Secretary of State. The only reason she took the job in the first place, was that Obama promised her if she got off his case, she would be able to take over after he finished. Well, he’s finished, and Hillary bought a bag of marbles.

    Our enemies are laughing at us, and well they should. This is the most comical and ridiculous government our nation has ever produced. How you could assemble this number of idiots in one place and give them the responsibility of taking care of the American people and protecting us against our enemies, is unbelievable.

    We are a strong people. We might yet survive this. If I know Americans, and what they are made of, we will do our best. But, we should not have been put in this position in the first place. That is what makes me angry.

    • StrangernFiction

      It’s almost as if they are trying to destroy this country isn’t it?

      • white531

        You think?

  • Linky1

    I have to ask this question once again-why does this bottom feeding cretin deserve an entire thread to spotlight his hateful spewings?

    • white531

      I’m not sure, Linky1, but don’t you think its a good idea to keep some of these idiots on the big screen, so we can be reminded of what we are dealing with, so we don’t lose focus?

      • Linky1

        Beckel spews the same crap and garbage time and time again. As far as I am concerned, it’s wash, rinse and repeat. He is a liberal FOX hack who doesn’t deserve the time of day from anyone.

    • The reason is because no one else will call him out on it. The media will not put his cowardice on display because they won’t risk Obama or his administration being held accountable for anything. That means our outrage at this inhuman display has to be given an outlet in a thread. It completely disgusts me that the outrage against this administration leaving our people unprotected so they can be raped and slaughtered is relegated to a thread on a news board. The whole world should see our outrage and the perpetrators should be trembling in fear of our anger. Sadly this will be completely buried just like everything else that shines the light of truth on the Obama administration.

  • NJK

    I urge all of you to read this, and pass it around. It’s just like many of us thought. Ayers and Dohrn were on the ground in Egypt to get the Arab Spring going, and Obama, and his ilk are behind all of the unrest, that is getting many Americans killed.

    In a genuine working Republic, Obama, Clinton, and their ilk would be arrested, tried, and executed for treason. I hope they pay for the death and destruction their causing.

    “Dear Mrs. Geller, please read and I hope you will re-blog this message and maybe get this to to the attention of the press such as FOX or anyone else that will take it. You have the power to get movements started. Mr. Helton is an upstanding loved citizen in my area. This time I think he has hit the nail on the head.

    My Dad telling it like it is…

    By Dennis Helton (4 hours ago near Easley) “Believe it or not, the biggest story of the day is not Kate Middleton’s invasion of privacy as she sought to sunbathe topless in yet another Royal Family Lindsey Lohan moment. No, the biggest story of the day is how two Obama run White House Ops are imploding in a worldwide meltdown put in motion by Oba…ma’s State Department.

    In the United States, Obama & Co. designed, developed, funded and ignited the Occupy Wall Street movement through their established community organizing organizations, all operating under the umbrella known as NetRoots. Across the Middle East, the same organizations were on the ground months in advance, using the same Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals to topple numerous foreign governments and organize the so-called Arab Spring.

    In both cases, Occupy and Arab Spring are brain children of community organizer-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama, using modern technologies and media minions to ignite civil unrest and class warfare across America and around the globe. None of it is at all accidental or organic in any way. All of it is the end game strategy for Alinsky radicals and their Marxist global agenda. They are a methodical means to an end.

    Organized and funded by the world’s Marxist misfits, international leftists seek social justice all over the globe via Global Governance, toppling nations from Egypt and Libya to the UK and America, all for a utopian greater common good, in short, free stuff for everyone, freedom for no one. That’s why Marines were forced to protect our embassies unarmed, and no action was taken to stop the attack in Libya despite at least 48 hours advance warning.

    Obama’s community organizers direct the Occupy movement in westernized countries and the Arab Spring in the Middle East. They had their boots on the ground months before, using the Internet, social networking sites, twitter and the media to organize and mobilize civil uprisings all over the globe. In the Middle East, that resulted in placing the Muslim Brotherhood in control of the most violent and unstable regions of the world.

    Contrary to Obama Administration propaganda, the Muslim Brotherhood is not some kinder-gentler political party from Egypt focused upon a democratic Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother-ship of Islamic Jihad against the west. Obama friends Dohrn and Ayers led the Arab uprising on the ground in Egypt.”


    • white531

      Good Lord!

      • Linky1

        Why does it make a difference if it was posted by Allen West?

        • las1

          I repeat… the poster was an Alan White, not Allen West.

          • white531

            Sorry, my mistake. I didn’t mean to imply it was our Colonel West. I traced it back through to the original source, and I am so used to typing Allen West, that I typed his name by mistake.

            It was posted on Scoop by NGK, who I assume got it from Pamela Geller’s website, “Atlas Shrugs.” Apparently, it was posted on their site by Alan White.

            When you click on Alan White, it takes you to his blogsite, which he calls, “Advice to the Government.” Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, it says, “posted by, “Vote for Alan White/President 2012.” That was what made me suspicious.

            The original letter appears to have come from a Baptist Minister in South Carolina, by the name of Dennis Helton. Searches for additional information on Dennis Helton and his church proved futile. Could be a bogus name to protect the author of the letter.

            While I agree with everything in the letter, I was looking for some concrete, irrefutable evidence that Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring, were both the brainchild of Obama. Guess I was dreaming that there would be such a connection.

            One thing I found that did impress me, was that radical Islamists throughout the world are using social media just as intensely as we are, if not more so.

      • las1

        Go back and reread it…. it was posted not by an Allen West, but by Alan White. I find increasing my reading glasses from 100 to 150 does actually help.

    • las1

      They had their boots on the ground months before

      Uh… years before actually.

      Leftists including the various peace groups have been meeting with Egyptian “community groups” for quite a while and one of the community groups was the MB. As early as 2007, European, Canadian and American leftists including the Canadian Stop the War movement were organizing to build a critical mass in anticipation of the overthrow of Mubarak. This was further enabled by the American Embassy prior to early 2011.

  • HiramHawk

    Beckel blames the victim, instead of placing the blame where it most certainly belongs: Obama and Clinton.

  • T Pixidust

    Beckel had to quit drinking is a fact of which he is very proud and recites frequently. His health was at great risk.
    What he leaves out of that story his the fact that it wasn’t his liver going bad. Poor lad was tired of getting his ass beaten every night hours before the bars actually closed.

  • poljunkie

    Well, Bob- I read it was Hilarys decision to pull Marines from the embassy who would have protected the Ambassador.

    According to Breitbart News The new State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya, approved and signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton since the 2011 fall of Khadafi’s regime, severely compromised the safety and security of murdered Ambassador Stevens and all American diplomatic staff in Libya.
    He also stated that the decision not to staff Benghazi with Marines was made by Secretary of State Clinton when she attached her signature to the State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya document. Breitbart News has subsequently learned that under those rules of engagement, Secretary Clinton prohibited Marines from providing security at any American diplomatic installation in Libya.

    Read more at: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/14/Colonel-Says-Hillary-Clinton-Made-Decision-to-Have-No-Marines-at-Benghazi

    • Exactly right. She should be history. Let’s see if some Senator stands up and demands her immediate ouster.

  • BS61

    I’m done – with Sean for having him on the show!

  • I am a frequent critic of Bob Beckel, primarily because as he is an arrogant and untrustworthy commentator. But in this case, there may be a bit of a misreading of what Bob was aiming at in the clip. I listened to it a few times & just don’t agree that he was directly criticizing Ambassador Chris Stevens for having put himself (and by extension Foreign Service information officer Sean Smith as well as the security team of two former Navy SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty) into danger in Benghazi.

    Note that Bob also refused to take the Administration line on the issue of adequate security. My reading of what Bob said, was that he was primarily being critical of the obvious lack of security, but not as something that the Ambassador could do anything about.

    THAT is something which we all should be concerned about.

    The fact is that there wasn’t much at all that Stevens could do about it. The Sec’y of State, Hillary Clinton, had agreed to a Libyan Gov’t demand that NO MARINES could be posted in any diplomatic facility within Libya. And there were specific rules of engagement which Clinton’s State Department had signed off on with the new Libyan Government, ones which she now refuses to disclose or discuss in any way — on “security grounds.”

    My own read is that Clinton was the really bad actor here. And that is why the Administration is making every effort now to blame the murders in Libya on the movie clip, when it is obvious that the attack there was a well-planned operation. No one brings mortar tubes, RPG launchers, and a slew of ammo for each to a demonstration.

    • kong1967

      I do think Bob was insinuating that the ambassador knew he was going to be located in a dangerous location without security….which I doubt.

      I am completely infuriated with the information you mentioned about Clinton. They need to stop agreeing to demands in an effort to further a friendship. The administration needs to tell them to go to hell because it’s well known that muslims go on a murderous rampage over stupid-a$$ crap every time we turn around and it should have been obvious she was inviting this to happen. If they don’t like it, too bad. This administration is hinging success on trying to befriend the muslims. How’s that working for you, Obama? This administration is inept, stupid, ignorant and dangerous….for our soldiers and for us.

  • kong1967

    I don’t think he was blaming the ambassador for not having security around him, but rather that he knew that he would be in a dangerous location. However, he makes it sound like it’s partially his fault because he took the job knowing the risks. I doubt he knew there wouldn’t be any security, so it’s disingenuous to suggest he did.

    • I agree. In fact, there is an account strongly suggesting that the foreign service “information” officer (Sean Smith) suddenly realized while they were there — essentially trapped inside –that at least one the Libyan “security” personnel was beginning to act suspiciously.

      Smith was apparently an active “gamer” on line, under the “code” name, “vile_rat” and he was actually “on-line” while they were inside the Consulate. He communicated to the on-line group EVE Online that one of the Consulate’s “security” people was taking photos outside the facility!

      (12:54:09 PM) vile_rat: assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures

      His last on-line communication with the group was apparently typing the word, “GUNFIRE” and then his communications broke off.

      • kong1967

        Ugh, that’s awful. I can’t imagine the fear they felt during that time. Thank God we live in America.

  • Kordane

    I don’t think that the ambassador could have had much sway over how much he and the embassy were protected. That’s a high level thing.

  • Kasandra

    Beckel knows clearly well that the security issue falls to Hillary. His stupidity shows in that he thinks everyone will believe whatever he says.

    Time to get “real” Bobby ~ if you even know what that means!

  • tommorris540

    And just how is it that Bob “knows” the Ambassador wasn’t worried about his own safety? It could be that he was very worried and concerned that those responsible for his safety did not do their job. Unfortunately we will probably never know because he is dead and if he sent out any communication about his concerns the administration will hide them.

  • Well, sort of. In all fairness, Beckel said he didn’t understand why the ambassador didn’t have more protection since he knew “What he was getting himself in to.” All of us have been asking the same question for about a week now. But you could say the same thing about the State Department as well. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton and the State Department insist that the ambassador have more protection, ESPECIALLY in a dangerous part of Libya still under the control of al Qaeda? If the State Department really thought that local people would provide adequate security in that part of the country, we have bigger problems than trying to find out who did what and when. We have a State Department that doesn’t have a clue as to how dangerous Libya really is, and THAT is a very scary thought indeed.

    • The Ambassador was posted to Libya. He had no control over where he was posted and no control over the security. He probably felt he had to risk his life to keep his job since if he quit the administration would black list him for exposing their complete lack of security in a country inundated by civil unrest and anti-American sentiment. He knew under this administration he could never get a good job outside of the State Department so he just hoped for the best. It was either risk possible harm or be jobless and homeless. This is what happens when you trust in this administration to take care of you.

  • bongobear

    Beckel is a jerk and I refuse to watch any program he is involved with.

  • 911Infidel

    The failed campaign manager, yapping at the jaws because he knows nothing about anything. What a loser.

  • I know Bob is stupid, but this is a new low for him. These will say and do anything for the liberal cause. This is becoming a cancer in our country that I fear we will never be removed.

  • GEDouglas

    Beckel is once again “uninformed” or simply ignorant. The ambassador could request additional security until he was blue in the face and would not get until someone in the State Department approved it. These attempts to deflect responsibility from the BO administration are getting tiresome.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bob… this is simple: Shut up!

  • Leonardo Fuentes

    Thank God Jesus’ mercy is availble even to snakes who repent! I was walking the park the other day and there was a snake crossing by so I crushed its head. I thought it the right thing to do and then asked God to protect my head from being crushed, for in Christ I am his son. Amen.

  • SKL53

    Beckel should have more security around his mouth! This proves without any doubt that Beckel is a mental midget!

  • Beckel is disqusting period. I would rather listen to Juan Williams than this brooding insulting jackass Obama lackey.

  • Hacker5988

    Scopp why do you post what that PIG does or said. It his his job on FOX to be an A**hole.
    Both Hanity and Oreilly are losing viewers because of Beckle, Williams and Tarmara. This is the scum of the LIB left and don’t lower youeself to there level of what they think, say or do. NOT many on here cares.

  • Susitna

    I understand that FOX wants to be fair and balanced, but Beckel is just a vicious guy who makes a living out of puking everytime he opens his mouth. He needs to be removed from The Five otherwise he will destroy the credibility of FOX NEWS. I don’t know at the moment who is more disgusting, if Maher, Matthews or Beckel. Useful idiots of a regime that is destroying America. Traitors!!!

  • semihardrock

    I guess the Communist “Union” were once called “bleeding heart liberals”

  • Yazz55

    Blaming the victim is just part of the strategy.

  • MrSmithInDC

    More security without bullets… right Bob?

  • drphibes

    I’d love to see less and less of Beckel at The Right Scoop. He’s the equivalent of junk food filler. There are worthier sound bytes available on a daily basis. For example, Dick Morris puts out a daily video update analyzing poll data and the like. There is more substance to be had than from this suspendered bufoon.

  • chatterbox365

    I think he should go back to hitting the bottle.