DUDE. Glenn Beck tells about a COUP at Freedom Works and he’s been holding it in for a YEAR

Glenn Beck told his viewers tonight that in August of last year Matt Kibbe was fired from Freedom Works because of a RINO COUP in the organization. He explains below:

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  • marketcomp

    This just goes to show that we MUST maintain our resolve! The GOPe don’t own this country and they don’t own the citizens. And the last I checked there is more of us than them. So I don’t care what they do that don’t single handedly control our votes.

    • Jack Smythe

      The lesson here is: Do Not Donate Directly to the GOP. Give your support directly to the primary challenger of a RINO who is a true Conservative.

  • Phil_GA

    Three thoughts immediately come to mind (and forgive the non-attributions for two):

    The only way for evil to win is for good to do nothing.

    The entire world was changed by the likes of 12 men of one Faith.

    It doesn’t take a majority to prevail… only a minority intent to persevere on stoking the flames of liberty.

    • RustyTrombone01

      “The entire world was changed by the likes of 12 men of one Faith.”
      Just to be clear, you are referring to the Founding Fathers, correct?

      • Conniption Fitz

        No, Jesus’ Disciples.

        • RustyTrombone01

          Doh, can’t believe I overlooked that one. Guess that’s what happens when you follow politics too much.

      • Phil_GA

        What Conniption Fitz said.

        It’s an interesting observation to realize that Jesus changed the world initially using only 12 people.

        In other words, don’t give up on the minority of the individual.

  • WInemaker54

    Stay the course Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. I am in your corner and I believe there are more of us then they are of them. Amen and Amen

  • MaroonRepublic

    Time to take back our party.

    • madgrandma

      and our country

  • Stehekin912

    Stand for honor! Stand for integrity! Stand for liberty and our Constitution! Stand for patriots like Statesman Senator Ted Cruz and Statesman Senator Mike Lee! Kick the chameleons OUT! Those creeps like Senate Minority Leader McConnell have already started calling Conservatives traitors to the [GOP] party…just wait until they start leaving the “to the party” off…. RI?NO! RI?NO!

  • cranky yankee

    Very powerful message pass it on

  • Timothy Jacques

    for the RINOs it’s no rest for the wicked.

  • WI4Walker

    Damn, do I hope Beck is right!

  • Timothy Jacques
    • marketcomp

      Yes it does! That is the first person that came to my mind.

  • Stewie

    Thank God! Instinct gives us all a final barrier to this- I’m pretty sure this is about Dick Armey(sp?).

  • disqus_BglexnIiXv

    I just emailed Mitch and others. I told them that I will do everything in my power to make sure they are not reelected. I further stated that I will never give one more cent to the Republican party and will double my contribution to Freedom Works. I suggest that everyone reading this do the same. And follow through.

  • nibblesyble

    Dick Armey all the way…it reeks of him and his RINO pals.

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    Absolutely maddening, frustrating, gut-wrenching, and at the same time hugely motivating. We need the entrenched, evil, manipulative cronies OUT. OUT! NOW. America – you with me?!

    • disqus_BglexnIiXv

      Yes I am with the Idea of getting rid of the establishment that continues the quid pro quo,you know the ones that do everything in their power to bring the new members in line with the Collective “Borg”

    • Skeptic7

      I remember when this was reported in a very minor way when it happened – just Army out at Freedom Works. No explanation. Such good news that independence won.

  • rjcylon

    Throw the RINOs out. If we can still call it the Republican Party, that’s great. If not, who cares.

    If getting rid of a label is all that’s in the way of saving our country then we can sacrifice that label and start over with a new one.

    Either way the establishment “hacks” no matter what they call themselves are on the way OUT.

  • temple2u

    Get in touch with Judicial Watch, they are working on something worthy of consideration . . .

  • This has been brewing for a while. I’m glad Beck brought it out in the open on his network.

    Armey was not a wealthy man when he first ran for Congress. He became majority leader, then took over for Gingrich in an ouster that some still think he helped engineer. Now he’s wealthy as Croesus.

    Anyone surprised a man can get that wealthy on a congressman’s salary? This is one of the best argument’s Mark Levin offers for making term limits a Constitutional imperative.

  • Skeptic7

    We are at war. Notice how invisible Orin Hatch has been during this crisis. Something’s up. His loyalty to all this GOP friends is at stake, but he can’t support them publicly and then face the wrath of this conservative voters back in Utah. Sarah Palin was 100% right: The way to change the system was to have vigorous primaries.

    • nexxe

      Not just Hatch, but Paul Ryan, Jindal, McConnell, etc.

    • EJFrench

      But don’t forget she supported Orrin Hatch AND John McCain. I can understand her support of McCain, but not Hatch.

      • Conniption Fitz

        I hope Palin will correct that – McCain is not worthy of her support.

        • Palin’s “support” of McCain is much overblown by the PDS crowd. It was tissue thin to begin with, was related to old deals she was honoring, and has no bearing on what’s going on now.

      • Levin explained Hatch when he endorsed him. Hatch has always had an odd streak, and like Glenn Beck, drives people nuts who think he’s on their side. But also like Glenn Beck, when Hatch is thinking clearly, he’s a very solid conservative.

        He also had a ton of power in committees.

        So the thinking was, “Look, I know Hatch has done some really strange things, but looking at his voting record, he’s been a reliable vote for the Conservatives, he sounds conservative 90% of the time, and he wields influence in the Senate, so maybe in his case, we’d better not primary that particular asset.”

        It was a nervous call to make. After all, Hatch’s challenger (more than one?) was not well-known, and Hatch does have that odd streak in him.

        Unfortunately, when Hatch got back in, he immediately turned his back on those who supported him.

        It was a calculated risk that didn’t pan out. We were burned, again.

        So this time around, NO MORE RINOS. NONE. That’s the theme, and we’ll stick to it.

  • Skeptic7

    It’s the FUSION Party vs. the taxpayers. And One World Government vs. freedom loving US citizens. There is nothing stopping any of the GOP’ers from developing the passion for for small government and freedom. Let’s hope more of them become converts to the idea. Then there will be fewer to primary.

  • buckybone

    This is what happens when the Kochs and their corporatist buddies get involved.

  • PVG

    They already are RINOsaurs!

  • This is old news. Remember Dick Armey and co? Ever wonder why you don’t hear about him again and FreedomWorks? Thank God, they triumphed, i.e. Kibbe and co.

    • Gary Dickson

      It might be old news but it helps me understand more clearly why so many Republicans are so forcibly attacking Sen. Cruz, Sen. Lee, and Rep. Bachmann.

  • Gary Dickson

    I am pleading with God every day to rescue the U.S. from those who would literally destroy it from within for their own selfish ends.

    For the genesis of the Republican party, it took one man, Charles Sumner, to make a change.

    Remember the One who was so absolutely hated and despised by the “establishment” that they demanded and got his execution by the government of the time.

    Do not forget how he alone, by virtue of his trusting faithfulness in his Father and his death and resurrection, has had an impact on the world second to none.

    It is through him, and him alone, that our rescue will come.

    Do not forget what one of our primary mottos is (paraphrasing): “We trust in God.” He will fight the battles for us if we but trust him and him alone.

    • crosshr

      Amen & Amen.
      Good part, God of Abraham, Moses, Ruth and Boaz, Yes the God that saved Rahab from the destruction of Jericho without a single swing of a sword,The God of David and Solomon,Peter & the Apostles, The same God robed in flesh and blood to fellowship and experience our infirmity, our daily ups and downs through sickness and good health, our joys and sorrows. He went to the cross and died a shameful death. His ribcage were harpooned by a real centurion, drained off Water and Blood (our double cure) and were taken by a stranger for a burial of a death and lost hope. Alas !! He rose back to life according to His own plan.

      He lives on, He’s alive and well, and He loves loves loves, to get invited if He’s ever needed.Same God were much involved by the founders of this great land, they altogether through much suffering and heartaches engineered tactics and devices to rid of foreign powers and bless this nation with Freedom. He did promised never to leave except we the folks of the land evict Him. Surely God is here.He will once again engineers plan and we will implement. So let’s run the devils out of town, through the politician PIGS , into the stream, from our knees.
      Uphold Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and all those that want to do what they feel is right but are confined and felt threatened by same establishment pigs with much intercessory prayers upon their behalf. I’ll pull up a lawn chair and marvel what this Just Holy Loving God is doing.
      Thank you Glen and Scoop for sharing these Rinos very out of touch.

    • Grumpa37

      Very well said. Thanks.

  • Laurel

    This isn’t true. I get regular emails from Kibbe and Freedom works with the logo. Also get the newsletter, donate, etc.

    I’m also not sure Rush would be promoting them either.

    • What isn’t true? He said Kibbe went back to work with FreedomWorks.

      • Laurel

        I don’t think Kibbe ever left. I have an inbox full of his emails.

    • Spike Bement

      It is true, they reenstated him. Try watching the whole video.

    • I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about…but, I’ll take a stab at it:

      Rush regularly reads ads for Freedom Works. Rush, as with Glenn, doesn’t promote “a product” with their own voice if they themselves don’t approve/use/agree with it.

      (If you want to reply to someone’s comment, you have to click on “Reply” UNDERNEATH the comment you wish to reply to.)

      • Laurel

        What are you taking about?????

        Your comment made no sense.

      • Grumpa37

        Thanks *much* for the link to Obama’s 9/27 speech! I’m old, the drugs of my youth were alcohol and nicotine, so I saw that speech, but was never *sure* that BHO was stuck on one or more of today’s horrible drugs. Also already addicted to power, I’m sure that Krauthammer, or any of the other best psychiatrists know that Barry is certifiable.

  • Yazz55

    The rino old guard is scared $h!tless by the tea party and rightly so. They are more afraid of tea party folks than marxist bolsheviks, aka the democrat party. So, like a wounded wild animal they are dangerous out of fear for their own survival.

  • Grumpa37

    Rand Paul mentioned again today his interest in “mini-Continuing Resolutions” that could keep our government running for one or two weeks each *if* Obama would accept and live with them. He probably wouldn’t/won’t, but it might be worth trying.

    Was it Boehner who spoke today of a “clean” CR to cover six weeks? Whoever it was, my gut said, “Too long! Waaayyy too long!” Give Obama money for six weeks, and he’ll “stretch” it, make it “last” for two or three weeks, and then castigate us for so grossly underfunding his wonderful agenda. If we’re going to make any progress at working with BHO, we’ll have to get him on an allowance delivered at intervals no longer than two weeks. He’s sick with probably the worst addiction extant, addiction to power. I’m pretty sure he’s also drug addicted, His appearance this afternoon was the most pathetic show he’s ever given. He’d be best off in a padded room. Enough?

    Well, thanks bunches, piles and heaps for the terrific news you gave us today, Mr Beck. Really, thanks, ugly as the news is. Now we know our enemies are many and all around us. We should have no trouble finding ’em. General… marine general who?.

    • “He’s sick with probably the worst addiction extant, addiction to power. I’m pretty sure he’s also drug addicted…”

      Speech given on September 27, 2013:

  • rashid mehmood

    Ask for your OFraud branded Kleenex! Boo Hoo! False Prophets come and go all the time…and this Imperial Clown in the WH is one of the them….but hey all you cry babies over the premiums….write: OBAMA PLEASE PAY FOR ME….and send to the WH see if he replies….tell him you voted for him…I am sure it will make all the difference! Now get in line for your Gov’t run AFFORDABLE…LOL!!! Healt ……..>http://goo.gl/G40gh3

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    Glenn beck was thrown off FoxNews cause he spoke the truth about radical ISLAM & radical MARXIST JEW money funding SOCIALISM/MARXISM/COMMUNISM…

    • Conniption Fitz

      CPAC has gone to the progressives and pro-Islam forces in the RNC. There was a show-down at the last CPAC in which CPAC rejected Geller and Spencer and embraced the Islamist CAIR propagandists.

  • tdaly

    This is true… I know people that work for Freedom Works.

    • Amjean

      Please tell us the name of the rino operatives who ousted Matt Kibbe.

      • tdaly

        I know that Dick Army was ticked that he was being ousted and filled a lawsuit to reclaim his money. He was also ticked that Matt wrote his book and didn’t include him. Its all settled now and its great that Freedom Works is moving in the right direction.

        • tdaly

          Dick Army was part of this take over.

  • annrein

    If they’re unpopular with the Republican mainstream then they’re most likely worth supporting…but I frankly look askance at anyone claiming to be a Republican these days.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Beck tells the history of the Republican party and how it was born to defeat slavery despite its founder being unpopular and actually beaten on the floor of the House of Representatives.
    The progressives have now taken over the Republican party as they attempted to take over Freedom Works. These RINOS attack Ted Cruz and the Tea Party even more than the Democrats. And, they defend Islam despite its murders, rapes, injustice, tyranny, barbarism.
    The progressive Republicans, such as Romney, Bushes, Boehner, McCain, McConnell et al, may well cause the demise and extinction of the Republican party (like the Whigs) for a new Constitutional Conservative party led by strong statesmen and women like Cruz, Palin, Bachmann, and Lee.

    • bornfreeamerican

      Don’t forget to add Karl Rove and Grover Norquist to that list of traitors!

  • Amjean

    I did not know of the Matt Kibbe situation, however, it is not surprising. We all
    know that Karl “Toyko” Rove lost big in the last election. However, we do not know
    who the republican rino operatives are that are causing all this chaos.
    Who are they, Glenn?

    • joyfulgiver

      Just thinking, maybe we should figure it out on our own, starting with those RINOs that are willing to push a “clean” CR just to end the government shutdown. Huffpo has a list of the “House Republicans who have slowly but steadily been coming forward to say they’re ready to pass a bill to fund the government with no strings attached.” The article was originally written 10/1 but has been updated as of 10/9 with a few of the congressman changing their minds and not supporting the clean CR. It’s a start!


      • Amjean

        I see some of the usual “suspects” are on the list. However, I don’t
        trust anything The Huffington Post writes.
        At any rate, this has nothing to do with whomever the “secret rino destroyers” are that were referred to by Glenn Beck.

  • ArchAng3l

    My first thought was Dick Armey too…BUT…Beck said the person who ordered the coup had NEVER been on his show…BUT…Dick Armey HAS been on his news show on The Blaze…I specifically remember seeing him on there with Matt Kibbe (maybe even 2-3x)

    Maybe Beck just forgot…OR…Dick Armey is not the man many of you suspect


    • ArchAng3l

      Edit: Well if I would have just done a 30 second Google search earlier I would have found this from the Washington Post 12/25/12:

      “The day after Labor Day, just as campaign season was entering its final frenzy, FreedomWorks, the Washington-based tea party organization, went into free fall.
      Richard K. Armey, the group’s chairman and a former House majority leader, walked into the group’s Capitol Hill offices with his wife, Susan, and an aide holstering a handgun at his waist. The aim was to seize control of the group and expel Armey’s enemies: The gun-wielding assistant escorted FreedomWorks’ top two employees off the premises, while Armey suspended several others who broke down in sobs at the news.”
      I wonder why Beck is pushing this now?
      Why didn’t he push it when he got back from Christmas Break in January…very wierd

      • tdaly

        Because he couldn’t.

        • Betsey_Ross

          So right. The crisis was almost over by then and people were still reeling from the election, Sandy Hook, and Chris Christie and the ‘hurricane’. We were fighting O on gun control.

          Well, we know who the enemy is for sure right now. Keep fighting Patriots.

        • ArchAng3l

          You missed my point…the Post reported this on Christmas Day….why has Beck waited to report news that IS NOT new news until 10 months later?

          • He explained it in the clip.

    • Betsey_Ross

      I did hear it was Dick Armey and he had a weapon. Goes with the armed guard part of the story. Dick Armey, as I remember, started Freedomworks. That’s why I never gave them much credence nor money. They had a lot of atoning to do before I would ever send them money. Still not going to do it.

  • BrotherMatthias

    Ummmm, Matt Kibbe is still listed as CEO.


    • Betsey_Ross

      He was reinstated right away as Glenn said.

  • BrotherMatthias

    I think Beck is talking about Dick Armey trying to overthrow Kibbe. Yawn.

    It’s sad. Armey and Kibbe are both good soldiers. Maybe Armey got a little greedy, but Armey is no RINO.

    • Who cares what he is, he’s no friend of liberty or conservatism. He has gotten fabulously wealthy trading on his influence, though, so at least he’s a friend o Big Money.

  • Rshill7

    Wow. What a mini course in Rino-ology that was. I had to do a search and read up on the life of Charles Sumner and how the Republican party came to be again, as a refresher. Turbulent days huh, followed by the bloody Civil War.

    The caning of Sumner, later the killing of Lincoln.

    Will what happened at Freedom Works be repeated in the Republican Party? Hopefully, yes. I’m more disgusted by the Roves of “our side” than ever. It’s downright nauseating to say the very least.

    Karl Rove versus tens of millions of Patriots = No contest
    McConnell versus tens of millions of Patriots = No contest
    Republican party elites (all of them) versus all we Patriots?

    Uh huh. A whole new power structure. I learned many years ago that the word ‘meek’, which Jesus used to describe those who would inherit the Earth, did not equate with the word ‘weak’. It actually means, in the original Greek, “power with restraint” Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and few others personify the word.

    It’s time for another coup. Giddyup guys! We’ve got your back and your front!

    You inspire this little camper.

    • It was a fireplace poker. He was seriously injured, out for months, and was never the same afterward.

      Also, there was one instance of a gun being drawn in chambers, and brandished at another member (I forget the incident and which chamber).

      We aren’t there yet, but we’re getting dangerously close.

      • Rshill7


        Like my post dagnabbit! Holy cannoli! I’m savin’ up for sumthin’!

        I appreciate ya’ K-Bob. You are seriously a cool nerd’s nerd.


        • I admit I’m tardy on the like button. Just bad discipline.

          Thanks, Man!

          • Rshill7

            And yet, you haven’t rectified it, one iota.

            Thanks man.

            For nothin’. That’s fairly selfish of you, no?

        • Man, I could have sworn I read about it being a fireplace poker. Fairly recently, too. Now I can’t find where. But I did find a brawl that occurred in the House between Griswald and Lyon, where Lyon grabbed tongs. I know someone used some dang fireplace implements.

          You read about the cane, right? It had a gold top. I’m not so sure the poker would have been worse. Depends on the wielder and the viciousness of the blows.

          For some reason, my “like” showed up fine yesterday. Now it’s gone. That’s gotta mean there’s a problem with the “like” ticker. Last time I complained to Disqus, they told me to get a different browser. I’m wondering about those guys.

          I’ll click it again.

          • I read that the cane broke, and that’s why his southern supporters kept presenting him with new ones. It’s a good thing it broke, for Sumner’s sake. Plus Sumner couldn’t get out from his senate desk as it was bolted to the floor. Made defending himself a toughie. Finally he was able to break free of that darn desk, but after already receiving a bunch of blows.

            It appears that everyone else in the chamber were in shock and just watched in amazement. Pretty wild.

            • Another article I read said no one rushed to his aid because Brooks was accompanied by Lawrence Keitt, who kept others at bay. One account said he brandished a gun, another said he blocked them with a cane.

              I’m going to have to read up on this. Evidently Congressmen went into chambers armed with canes and a few with guns for a while afterward.

              You have to wonder about people buying Brooks canes. A surprise attack with reinforcements on an unarmed man sitting at a desk isn’t exactly an advertisement for “bravery.”

            • This page is interesting. It covers a bunch of editorials on the matter, written just after the event. They are from papers around the country. Fascinating exposure of the vituperative language of the day.

              People like to say the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. You can see in the southern editorials that fighting back against the “noxious heresy of abolitionism” was definitely on their minds.

              Also, I had no idea that Sumner’s speech that so provoked Brooks lasted two days, and was so incendiary that some in the chamber thought he’d get himself killed.

              Very wild, indeed.

              • Cool. Thanks.

                I do recall a quote that stuck with me. One of the Senators who was recovering from a stroke or something like it, who was sitting near the back of the gallery, turned to one of his colleagues and said:

                “That damn fool is going to get himself killed by some other damn fool.”

                • Amazing. He was very nearly right.

                  Heh. One of those editorials features the full text of a letter by Brooks, basically claiming he had no other choice but to beat Sumner. Reminds me of the kind of crap coming out of barack’s piehole.

                  Reading through these makes me feel like we’re already being sucked into the maw of war, because those were written before the war. They sound as full of passion as we feel now.

                  Not to despair, though. Just a reminder to teach our kids to shoot and reload faster than the next guy.

          • Dag nabbit! Disqus keeps throwing away my clicks on “Like.”

            Something ain’t rite.

  • stage9

    That was very, very profound….

  • DHardy

    I have never really been part of Freedom Works. I have been directed a few time to their page. I don’t read enough of their doctrine to know what they are about

  • layne22

    I haven’t trusted FreedomWorks since they took over the Contract From America grassroots work; they deliberately took out 2 huge planks in our contract having to do with getting rid of the Dept. of Education and immigration (learning English, securing border). Dick Armey was in charge back then. Haven’t been trusting enough of Kibbe to get involved. Perhaps I was wrong. Very frustrating.

    • lawngren

      Perhaps you were right. This may all be a distraction. Beck may have swallowed a RINO-conspiracy bait when he should have been looking below the surface to see the globalist hook. Consider that Matt Kibbe was soon restored to power, and now apparently has Beck’s complete trust. I don’t know; I’m just saying

  • sDee

    The “Karl Roves” of the world are the globalists – part of the cabal. They were not afraid the “Freedom Works” of the world would lose the election for globalist shill Romney, they were afraid conservatives, libertarians and tea party could win the election and consolidate power.

    They would gladly change the Kabuki Theater script to ensure a Obama second term is necessary, what scares the hell out of them is being exposed as competing actors in a global agenda.

    • lawngren

      I agree. It was a Bush who signed the original Agenda 21 “non-binding” agreement.

  • CO2isGood

    Important message fouled-up by nauseating camera work. Couldn’t watch…could only listen.

    • The Blaze camera angles get old real fast. They are trying to be “edgy” but about half the time it’s just strange. I love watching Laurie Dhue talk, but I don’t like staring at her ear while she’s doing so.

  • sDee

    I can tell you that the tactic Beck is describing is being used on us conservatives an tea party workers and candidates at the local party level. The GOP is still controlled by Progressives.

    Our recent local and county elections were disturbing. The Party endorsed Progressive incumbents and ignored true conservatives.

    Please get directly immediately involved at your local, county, and/or state party level. Meet with your tea party or libertarian group and seek out the ones who are in the Party.

    Become a Precinct Chair, on any local, county or state committee. The party is controlled by a few thousand. WE CAN OVERWHELM THEM, and take our party back

    • Betsey_Ross

      So true. We are expeirencing this in VA right now in our gov’s race.

    • Richard Drakos

      I watched this last night and it was great. I definitely have Beck to thank for pushing me further towards Libertarian ideas, but still hold some Conservative views, namely my views on Islam, that’s never gonna change lol. I’m gonna take your advice and see if I can;t find a local Tea Party/Conservative/Libertarian group for sure.

  • honey

    The Club for Growth is very much responsible for candidates like Lee, Cruz, Toomey and their ilk.

    I don’t want talk of a third party. I want the Republican party pulled to the right. I love Cruz and company and despise the way Brit Hume, Krauthammer, George Will and the rest of OUR talkers on the media put down these wonderful brave people in Congress from the Tea Party who are standing up to the reigning orthodoxy. Cruz et al may not get what they want, but the point is the dramatic gesture, the information given out. The voters can be swayed. But analyzing to death the failure of these tactics does no good.
    King made a terrible mistake. McCain has been the worst.
    Hugh Hewitt tore into Pa.’s congressman Dent and I loved it!
    Come one 2014 and Republicans, outdo 2010. We need to get the Senate back and build on our house majority. Only then will the GOP establishment learn to get in step.

    • lawngren

      Disagree, honey. The GOP has spent the last five years betraying conservatives, who stand for foundational American principles. The GOP has been showing us for five years what they really are, but you have to be WILLING to see what’s there before you can see it.

      Wishful thinking only gets you trouble.

      • Steve Angell

        We are taking the party back and just like Freedom Works we can kick these RINO’s out.

        • lawngren

          I’d have to see some evidence that the repub party is being taken back. All evidence I’ve seen so far points the other way. I had hopes for a brief moment when boehner seemed to get a backbone. Now it appears his backbone was an illusion.

          The GOPe is still attacking Lee and Cruz for standing up to them. What’s your evidence that the repub party is being taken back by conservatives?

          • Steve Angell

            In not Ted Cruz’s popularity and John going along proof? If only for a time. They people are speaking. John does have a primary to fight.

            • lawngren


              Ted Cruz is popular with conservatives. The GOPe is continually verbally assaulting and insulting him, as Beck pointed out. Fighting a primary is old stuff. They’ve been doing that for years. Talk like a semi-conservative until after the election, then return to their true character. Nothing new here.

              • We’re keeping score now, though. The ones who spoke out against Cruz and Lee are not going to fool anyone.

                I predict Mitch McConnel will be successfully primaried. The guy running against him, Matt Bevin, sounds like he’s going to be very, very difficult for McConnel to debate, so it will be an extremely dirty campaign.

                Heh. Bevin apparently gets a little boost, due to the fact that Tea Party Nation just “un-endorsed” McConnel.

                • lawngren

                  I read the article you linked. That’s very encouraging. Very! Thanks.

              • Steve Angell

                You missed my point of course my misspelling of is did not help. Fixed now.

                John is forced to listen to Cruz which means Cruz has plenty of followers forcing John.

                • lawngren

                  Misspelling was no problem. We all have brains that can translate such small errors.

                  I’m reading right now that there is a “clean resolution” to raise the debt ceiling: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/conncarroll/2013/10/10/conservative-activists-let-republicans-slide-on-debt-limit-cave-n1720976?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm

                  Heritage Action, of all groups, apparently has encouraged this.

                • Sounds more like they are taking the “we won but we’re not going to be jerks about it” path, moreso than being true “encouragement.”

                  I’m betting Heritage just added up the numbers and realized they had lost control of the debate, and decided to sound like they were giving Bonehead a little relief.

                  Man, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall (a robotic one, with super powers, though, so I could crush spiders) during the meeting leading up to that decision.

                • lawngren

                  It would have been interesting. And helpful.

          • Don’t forget that in 2008, we primaried a few entrenched RINOs. 2014 is going to be a bloodbath against them. I predict you’ll see many announcing retirement rather than face that.

            It’s not just here and in a few other places: conservatives everywhere have had it with the GOP. Pick your right-side website, and the conservatives commenting there are swearing, promising and threatening the GOP with “never again” talk. The only folks who aren’t sounding like that are Rove’s paid hacks, trolls, and non-voting cranks.

            They’ve totally lost the base. It’s gone.

            And Beck said something I suspected but hadn’t researched: for every dollar a candidate raises for his Republican campaign, the GOP gets some of it.

            So we can’t even send the candidates like Cruz money directly. We have to send it to their PACs and non-GOP groups instead, and hope they spend it on the right people.

            • lawngren

              K-Bob, if you have an email address you are willing for me to contact you at, please send it to this one, which I’ll take down in just a minute:
              [email protected]

      • honey

        Who is the one with the wishful thinking? I think it is you. If you imagine in this day when the msm covers for whatever the liberals do, when libertarians and conservatives are fighting for turf, that a third party will consolidate, or have a chance of winning a lot, I believe you are much mistaken.
        Cruz spoke up and Boehner came to heel because all of the millions were influenced by Cruz and company to make noise and Boehner realized he was toast if he didn’t join them.

        Now if we can get conservative columnists to climb on board and keep adding to the conservatives in our party, we will pull the Reps to the right. They are already half way there. Only a handful like McCain are making the wrong noises and we are side lining them.

        • lawngren

          boehner APPARENTLY came to heel. Until after the elections. Also, he may have made a deal with obama – let me look tough on the shutdown and I’ll give you the House on amnesty. I’ve been reading ALIPAC warnings about multiple amnesty bills being prepared. We don’t know what boehner’s intentions or motives are, and when suspicions arise, I think skepticism is a good attitude.

          As a former boss used to say, “The best predictor of the future is the past.” boehner’s past, and the GOPe’s past, does not lend itself to trust or hope.

          I acknowledge that I could be wrong, but at present, that’s the way I see things.

          • honey

            I don’t blame you one bit. You can also cal me dubious, but until he changes I am congratulating him for doing the right thing.
            We must all keep calling and E-mailing to keep the pressure on them.
            That’s what the left does. They come to conservative websits, Obama’s army, to comment and try to dispirit conservatives. It can’t work. But it is irritating.
            We must keep the pressure on just like the left does.

            • lawngren

              No argument on any of that.

          • That is why we must keep the pressure on them and keep making those calls.
            If we do win big in 2014, that could be a warning sign to those who want to downgrade the Tea Party members of congress.
            Rush says business always treat their loyal customers best. Only Republicans treat their base the worst. They must learn that will not pass anymore. I am not for a third party. I am for moving the reps to the right.
            With the openly selective way Obama behaved about this closing of the govt. I think more Americans are upset with him than used to be the case. I am hoping he gets some payback for the terrible way he has been behaving.

        • Steve Angell

          The RINOS are really hitting the board. I often wonder if they are paid to do this.

          • honey

            They are afraid they are losing their relevance and their power.
            They must lose power unless they are moving to the right.

  • 1tootall

    This is consistent with the purge of committee chairmen who were conservatives by Boehner. We should have seen that it was a far more comprehensive move. The moves against Bachmann, and the freshman class in the house co-opted by Boehner and his PAC. There is a lot of money lined up against the TEA PARTY. Too bad the sponsors look more like dems than conservatives.

    • sDee

      They are globalists, progressives and the like. Either by choice or by coercion.

  • sDee

    Why would the GOP intentionality attack and discard 1/3 to 1/2 its potential base?

    Because their seat on the American Oligarchy is assured not matter what, no matter who assumes control of the regime.

    They only want our vote and our taxes. Piss off otherwise.

    • lawngren

      They THINK their seat is assured. They’ve either forgotten or never read what follows a takeover by a totalitarian regime: PURGE! The purge gets rid of uncommitted people and warns thinking people to stop thinking.

      I remember reading that one of the jokes in the days of the Soviet Union was that the left bank of some canal or other was built by those who told jokes about stalin.

      The right bank was built by those who listened.

    • Steve Angell

      It is not just 40%. It is much higher than that. There would be no GOP without the Conservatives and the Conservative message appeals to many Independents which used to be called Regan Democrats.

      Conservative GOP candidates won the Presidency five times since RINO Nixon was forced out. The RINO GOP candidates lost all six times they ran.

  • PuritanD71

    Glenn speaking up for a new second party. Glenn, that would be Constitutional Freedom Party.

    • lawngren


  • timerunnersc

    Thank you Mr Beck we made the calls and we’re still listening. thank you sir.

  • Grumpa37

    I laugh laughs that “taste” terrible, at the traitors who are getting in line, each and all hoping that he/she will be the “lottery winner” the communist tiger(s) will spare. Sad.

  • lawngren

    I’m GLAD the Illegitimati lost half a billion. If it’s true.

    And I not only don’t want another RINO, I WILL NOT EVER vote for another fudging RINO.

    And I DO want a 3rd party, because, as Beck himself proves with this video alone, the repugnant party is in the hands of evil, corrupt, anti-American SCUM. (SCUM = Stupid Clucking Ugly Morons).

    And I also don’t have any “respect or regard” for the repuglican party. (I’ll bet you didn’t know that.) Eat fugu and … no, better not get that hostile – get sick, king.

    I hope Beck’s right, but I don’t think we have enough time left. We have a pathological narcissist in power now, and his pretty plaything, obamacare, has turned out to be a greater threat to his regime than the brazen Benghazi betrayal could ever have been. Why that would surprise him is beyond my comprehension.

    In fact, the rollout of ocare has done what nothing else has done: it has scared and angered people on the Left. Amazing. We told them this was coming, but they didn’t believe us. It was obvious this was coming, but they refused to believe it.

    Now that it’s reality, they’re in a state of shock. It will be interesting to see if they retain this partial brain function, or if reality overload will send them back into zombie mode in about three weeks.

  • Honestly, I don’t trust much that comes out of Beck’s mouth, and truly despise liberaltarians.

    • Aaron Charles Reale

      I despise Libertarians, but I find Beck to be trustworthy, lol.

    • Laurel

      Me too and I don’t totally trust it and said so at the beginning of this thread. Caught flak for it too. However I am wondering now due to this: http://hotair.com/archives/2013/10/10/short-term-debt-limit-hike-strategy-gaining-steam-gop-unity/

      • Steve Angell

        This article by Ed is giddy with joy. For the Conservative defeat. The Ed that wrote Captains Quarters is dead.

        • Laurel

          Yeah that is what I noted most of all. The article, which I skimmed, and the cave in by Boehner aren’t fooling anyone.

          Thanks for all of the information and heads up Steve. I greatly appreciate it.

    • Libertarians are a lot like “Conservatives” in that they come in many different kinds. Some of them are very, very solid Constitutionalists. Unfortunately, most aren’t. So you have to pick and choose among them, just like you have to do with Conservatives.

      • You’re either Conservative, or you’re not. Liberaltarianism is liberalism (social liberalism). They can claim to be the only followers of the Constitution, or that Washington and Adams were liberaltarians to their hearts’ content. I have no respect for political libertines that stand on a platform that won’t fight child murder, hawks drugs and includes the likes of Ron and Randy Paul.

        • “You’re either Conservative, or you’re not.”

          Oh, every conservative says that. Unfortunately we have all of these people saying that you’re either conservative or not:

          Rockerfeller Republicans,
          Karl Rove’s Cotton Conservatives,
          Jew-hating Paleo-Cons,
          Jew-hating neo-libertarians,
          libertarian-minded Conservatives,
          Religious Conservatives,
          Vanilla Republicans,
          Big Government Conservatives (Mitt Romney types)

          …and many others.

          So yes, there are many types of conservative. You have to be careful who you listen to.

          Libertarians are not liberals at all. They are libertarians. They can drive you crazy like liberals, but they clearly aren’t the same thing at all.

          The classic Libertarians are strict Constitutionalists, and have a solid core of logic they follow. I can get along with those folks, even though they are not serious fans of principles-driven reason. The modern Libertarians are open borders/gay marriage supporters, and don’t respect the rule of law. So I don’t get along with them as much. The neo-libertarians are the Ron Paul crowd, who are totally fake in every way possible. Not even the Libertarians like them.

          (I put them in the list above, because they constantly lie and tell everyone they are the “true” conservatives, and you’re all a bunch of “neo-cons.”)

          • Steve Angell

            I agree with you. Your definitions are well thought out and correct.

            I prefer to keep it simple for myself and divide it as a fight of good vs evil.

            The liberals love to say Barry Goldwater was a Conservative but he was not. He was a Libertarian strong on defense but very liberal on social.

            I prefer Godly, Conservative and Originalist. If you do not believe God of the Old Testament gave us certain rights there is no basis for morality, unless you believe in these rights just not God.

          • That entire list you rattled off are precisely NON CONSERVATIVE, with the possible exception of Constitutional Originalists, who adhere to original, recorded meaning to law. No, there are not many types of Conservatives. You either are, or you aren’t.

            • Seems like you haven’t been in a serious argument with a well-read conservative, then. Which I find difficult to believe. Once you’ve argued with enough of them, you’ll realize there are definitely different varieties. Almost as many as there are members on FreeRepublic.

              Me, I’ve studied them all, and I have no trouble telling people I’m not a Conservative. However, from the causes I support and the way I vote, few people would be able to tell. I just don’t think it makes sense to try and stake out what I think a Conservative “ought to be” and then lie about it like the Ronulans do. I just tell folks I caucus with Conservatives, and when we all win, then I’ll start arguing with them again.

          • Richard Drakos

            Holy moly, K-Bob get’s it. Kudos good sir.

        • Mark

          I call myself a libertarian and conservative interchangeably. I would guess almost half of libertarians are pro-life. Morality doesn’t come from your false idol of government.

          As far as drug laws, if you like drug laws, you like death and murder. Milton Friedman estimated drug laws kill 10,000 people a year. There is really no debate among free market economists on drug laws. The costs of policing and jailing, the deaths caused by gang violence, and the crimes caused by addicts trying to get their fix due to artificially high prices outweigh any benefits of the drug war.

          • Yes, I like death and murder. I like them so much, when the woman I was going to marry DIED because of drugs, I was overjoyed.

            • JohnT

              The difference is someone who kills themselves with drugs does that to themselves. Kids and adults living up in a poor urban areas often get killed in the crossfire of gang violence. I have far more sympathy for them.

              • Way to backtrack. Of course, a death lover like myself doesn’t care about such things. This is yet another reason why I have no respect for liberaltarians. Zo’s right.

                • JohnT

                  Backtrack? I just reread what I wrote. Hmmm. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. .

          • Jasper Silvis

            We never had a war on drugs. A war on drugs is when the National Guard wages war on the cartels in the US, meaning killing the top dogs. A war on drugs is closing the border and defending it.

            I do think that the sentences for non-violent drug usage are too high. Prison terms for drug users who committed no other crime just turns them into violent criminals, drug manufacturers, and dealers, like my late brother.

            A softer approach to drug users, combined with a deadly show of force to the cartels and US drug kingpins, will do a better job at slowing the flow of drugs and reaching out to the users to give them the help they need to recover, deal with the issues of their lives that brought them to drug addiction, and learn to live a life of purpose.

  • Laurel

    I’m going to have to rethink this. Maybe Beck is indeed correct because it appears Freedom Works and Heritage may have just sold out. Outside pressure perhaps???? Read the comments. They aren’t fooling anyone.


    • David J.

      It’s called ‘George Soros money’. That bastard writes checks to FORWARD the Marxist cause faster than you can say ‘Coup in the White House’.

      • Laurel

        George Soros money to Freedom Works and Heritage?

        • Steve Angell

          Probably. Probably where Rove gets his money. Friends of Soros or people just like Soros politically.

        • No. Typical neo-libertarian disinformation campaign.

    • Steve Angell

      Ed has also been bought out. He is no longer a conservative in his articles he is not full RINO but RINO often enough.

      But so is The Blaze tightly held by RINO. The majority of the articles have a real liberal bias. They love to praise thugs. They love to get on the side of liberal causes. Hires are almost always to the left.

      Beck acts Libertarian/Conservative but he must be a RINO as well. He just studied Rush and knows he has to pretend to be Conservative in order to make money.

      • Laurel

        Ed has always been a Liberaltarian. RINO? I’m not seeing that.

        Can you give me an example of what you see as liberal bias in the articles? I don’t read all of them. I don’t even read Ed regularly to tell you the truth.

        I know nothing of their hiring practices and don’t care since it has no relevance.

        • Steve Angell

          I have followed him since he ran Captains Quarters. Back then he was Conservative.

          He has been consistently fighting against Ted Cruz in his articles.

          The Blaze newscast Real News is so liberal I will not watch it or listen to it I should say. I refuse to give Glen money but can listen for free. I will listen to him but not his news it tilts far to the left while claiming to have no bias. Why should it even claim that it should claim to be the alternative to MSNBC. Instead most on there could go to MSNBC and get hired if they were higher profiled.

          • Laurel

            I don’t watch any of that stuff and only marginally read any of it. Too much information out there and not enough time. I trust you and K-Bob on this since you both seem to concur without realizing it. 🙂

            I’m gonna have to do some sleuthing later to see if his article is true or false then about FW and Heritage participation.

        • Ed has gotten so squishy over the years he leaves damp footprints when he walks. I used to be a regular reader of his when he ran his “Captain’s Quarters” blog. The Ed Morrisey of Hot Air is nothing like Captain Ed of the old “Quarters.”

          • Laurel

            Thanks. I will take him with a grain of salt but honestly I don’t know how he would be able to get away with lying about Heritage and Freedom Works participation in Boehner’s deal making.

            He lost me on gay marriage and I only occasionally read Hot Air anyway. when I get done later I will see if I can do some sleuthing around about this.

            • I think FreedomWorks has had problems because of this infighting, but has corrected them and is getting on with things.

              The Progressive wing of the Republican party has infected many things. Heritage has had their problems with them, for example, and I think DeMint was brought in to fix it. American Enterprise Institute has had some progs stinking up the place, and so has the NRA. It’s endemic.

              But things have come to the point where it’s time to take a stand, and we’re all watching very closely. 2014 is for purging the RINOs. I’m betting most of us don’t care if Republicans lose seats over it–they have to go at all costs.

              • Laurel

                My daughter just finished an internship at Heritage and the problems are still there. DeMint does mainly fundraising for Heritage and he didn’t make a lot of friends as a conservative in the Senate. There is still some infighting.

                A lot of the Ph.D talent at Heritage really is more in line with old guard Republicans and they let those that aren’t know it, and treat them as such. My daughter being a bigger chip off of her mother’s block doesn’t run away in fear from alphabet titles or authority so she did some serious challenging there. She went nose to nose with the academic head of Heritage, whose name escapes me right now, about means testing on Social Security. She relegated to the basement for awhile for that one! LOL! The point is there was nothing conservative in his stance about means testing especially at the income levels he wanted to do it.

                She told me that DeMint winning is a safe bet. BTW…her landlord is an employee at Heritage and she is going to ask her some more about things. She has put in a lot of hours this week so she hasn’t been up totally on things. She just sent me a text message because I sent her the link too. Dang smart phones allow for sneakiness at work I guess…:)

                • Steve Angell

                  Very interesting. Thanks to you and your daughter for being strongly for the Republic.

                • Laurel

                  Always and forever my dear.

                  I wonder how long before Heritage starts pushing the means testing meme on Social Security? I know more than a few Republicans are for it. It came up briefly in the last election.

                • Steve Angell

                  I hate that we even have Social Security. But means testing would make it more solvent. Same with Medicare.

                  We need some plan to restore America and carving back entitlements will not be easy. Impossible if we do not bring back religion which is where people should get helped.

                • Means testing is a good idea in general, but bringing it up now will scare the h*ll out of seniors, because they are seeing the rise of death panels and massive increases in insurance bills due to Obamacare.

                  It would be like proposing we go after illegal aliens working in coal mines. It’s probably a good idea in general, but right now miners are on our side, so the timing would be horrible.

                  So now is a very bad time to bring it up Means Testing as a big deal. We have to kill the ACA and THEN deal with Social Security.

                • Laurel

                  I will never ever go along with means testing. It is theft.

                  That not ticking off the miners in the name of illegal immigration is also immoral which gets to the crux of what is the problem with politics. We as a nation have compromised our morals for political expediency.

                • Actually, I think you are talking about retirement Social Security there. Disability Social Security is where a massive ramp-up in fraud has happened under barack’s watch.

                  Fifteen years ago, you had to undergo several tests for disability, including being seen by a Doctor working directly for the Social Security folks. If they found you were fit enough for bench work at some low-paying job, you didn’t get disability. Nowdays, evidently anyone complaining of a bad back gets instantly approved.

                  But yeah, you don’t means test on the retirement side. The deal is supposed to be: you pay in while working, and they pay out when you’re retired—no questions asked.

                • Steve Angell

                  There is institutional fraud throughout Government. 9/11 happened the day after it was announced the DOD could not account for 2.1 Trillion dollars. Now that is theft.

                  You are 100% correct on SS Disability at least half is now fraudulent. TV has tons of advertisements from Lawyers wanting to defraud the Government in fake disability payments.

                  My own daughter got 6 weeks of disability after the birth of a child. Not sure who paid for that.

                  It is only a myth that you pay in and get back. Never been the case not a single penny was actually saved. Just a huge lie to get people to accept higher taxes. To get people to OK Welfare for seniors.

                • Laurel

                  Yep. Clinton should have been deposed on that. Someone should check those books at Clinton Foundation. I personally don’t think women should get disability for child birth. That is a personal opinion.

                  As to SS on the retirement side it is a double whammy. GAO, SS Office, among numerous think tanks will show you that you actually get back more than you put in, or most do*. However, you don’t get back or collect what you would have made in the private markets including interest bearing accounts. It really is welfare for seniors who have been duped by it and now are caught in the endless loop of it trying to recoup what they put in. The cycle is circular and vicious and it is a no win.

                  *The other insidious side to SS is if you die early like my mother. She collected exactly eight months of SS before she died unexpectedly. That money began to be confiscated from her paychecks at the age of 17. She was 68 when she died. That money was joint household income as my mother worked the entire time she was married and raising kids until her retirement. My father, nor my siblings and myself, never ever saw even one penny of that money that totals in the thousands without ever even adding interest. That is money that could of increased standard of living. Been invested. And even could of been put back into the economy. It was without a doubt wealth confiscation.


                • Laurel

                  Yes I am talking about retirement side. The disability side is disgraceful and has always been saturated in fraud but has really ramped up with Obama. He simply can’t have people homeless and there are no jobs.

                • Steve Angell

                  How is it theft?

                  Social Security is a tax. Like all taxes the government gets the money to spend it as it pleases and has spent all of it.

                  Social Security payments are an entitlement or welfare if you please. The money comes from money the government gets in taxes at the point of a gun. Theft if you will.

                  You money was stolen long ago and is still being stolen with every paycheck.

                  Means testing is just limiting welfare to those that need it. It limits theft to pay welfare.

                • Laurel

                  Because the money is confiscated via taxation under the guise of a retirement check and will never ever given back. Social Security doesn’t become an entitlement until one reaches past the point of contribution replete with inflation and interest indexing.

                  Doubling down on theft and trying to limit the actual amount of theft is immoral. Not keeping a promise is also immoral. Better to stop the theft altogether.

                  Safety nets do nothing but undermine the overall strength of society and outsource our responsibilities to the incompetent. You actually can trace our descent back to the beginning of entitlements.

                • Steve Angell

                  Taking the money in the first place was stealing from hard working Americans.

                  Now you want to steal more from hard working Americans to pay you back for what was stolen from you.

                  That is like having someone steal a $100 bill from me. Then I see a $100 bill and steal it from someone else or rather I have someone else steal the money for me.

                  Stealing is stealing. Receiving stolen merchandise will put you in prison. If you get paid it is dirty money stolen from someone else.

                  Again I am for getting rid of it completely. Perhaps allowing Seniors on Welfare. Social Security is a fraud. It is called payroll tax and that is all it is income tax by a different name.

                  Calling it a retirement program is a joke and would be an illegal Ponzi Scheme if not run by Government.

                • Laurel

                  Steve that isn’t what I said. I said get rid of it. Perhaps you had better re-read it again. Means testing is still theft as well…even worse in my view.

                  Maybe you misread it because it is late… I really don’t know how you came to the conclusion you did.

                • Laurel

                  Means testing is theft and only stave’s off the inevitable. And as with all entitlements the encroachment starts at one income level and continues to creep. Social Security needs to be have a sunset. There is no right to retire and there never has been in the history of mankind.

                  I don’t recall Social Security means testing when I was at my poorest and they were grabbing money. Now they want to grab it because I am successful? This country will never ever be sustainable if we continually penalize productivity.

                  This is of interest and it does some explaining about Heritage buying into GOP cave in: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/conncarroll/2013/10/10/conservative-activists-let-republicans-slide-on-debt-limit-cave-n1720976?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm

                • Wow! Definitely not my Mom and Dad’s Heritage Foundation.

                  When I was a rebellious kid my parants proudly supported Heritage, and I was always worried they were like one of those religion-first places like 700 Club. Later I realized they were a true think tank operation and I thought highly of them (no knock on 700 club, BTW). However, all right-side think tanks suffered from progressive incursion during the Bush 43 years.

                  Glad to know your daughter is standing her ground!

                • Yep. Bush 43 was a progressive wolf in conservative sheeps clothing … (to bend a phrase).

                • Laurel

                  This interesting and explains Heritage.


                  As to my daughter…you don’t grow up conservative in the SF Bay Area and not develop a backbone. She had her mean old Mom and Dad backing her up 110% and still does. Somebody has to fight back. Not much scares her except my temper.

                • Jasper Silvis

                  Sorry I couldn’t give you more than one Like 🙂

                • Laurel

                  You are very kind.

      • The Blaze is not remotely “held by RINO” (whatever the heck that means).

        RINO Republicans hate The Blaze, with good cause.

        You are confusing the tabloid sensibilities (think “N.Y. Post”) of the site’s management with politics. It’s mostly about eyeballs at that site. Hence all the overhyped crash stories and crime stories.

        • Steve Angell

          Glenn Beck portrays himself as a Libertarian but he fully and I mean fully supported the biggest RINO of them all Mitt Romney with a passion from day 1. He must have looked at Mitt’s real record how he wrote Romney Care originally and it was only changed slightly by Obama into Obama Care. Yet knowing this and how Mitt was registered a Democrat at times and voted against Republicans he still supported Mitt from day one. You do not do that unless you are really a RINO.

          Glenn hires very liberal RINO’s for Real News. They are full RINOS they support Gay Marriage even for the most part.

          But the real Glen would not garner an audience so for PR he pretends to be a Conservative and pretends to support the Tea Party. But The Blaze does not support it. Sorry but Glenn owns both. The real Glenn is the RINO’s at The Blaze.

          • That is absurd. A lot of people supported Mitt a long time ago who repudiated that support later, and Beck is one of them.

            Don’t confuse pre-Obama history with now. Beck is saying the right things NOW and doing the right things NOW. The RINO’s are people Beck is calling out. Beck has Ted Cruz and Mike Lee on almost daily.

            Waving this RINO charge around recklessly is not a conservative thing to do at all.

            You call a guy out on his mistakes, and when he owns up to them, you drop it. End of story. And don’t forget: we all make mistakes.

            • Steve Angell

              You do understand that Glen’s listeners love Cruz and Lee and having them on means more money for Glen.

              Glen claims The Blaze does not take sides but it definitely took sides to prop up Mitt Romney throughout the 2012 primaries. Viciously attacking everyone but Mitt Romney.

              I have no doubt Glen does his research. But he appears to have done no research on Mitt Romney. I did my research on him. He was a Democrat in Mass and even bragged that he was only running as a Republican because he registered too late to run as a Democrat. He was challanged in court for how late he came into the race after the Democrat Primary for using that line. He told lie after lie but Glen never once mentioned any of this. Mitt said he only got money from for security for the Olympics but in Mass talked about getting money from literally every agency in government. But Glenn was willfully blind to all of this. Why?

              I appreciate the help Glen does give the GOP most of the time but I am not blind to the fact he does it for the purpose of making money.

              Which is why he never repeated his appearance on the mall.

              • He was actually more supportive of Huntsman before Mitt, and well before the election he was tepid on Mitt. He was saying we had to vote for Mitt after he won the primary, but not so much before.

                The only one he was “vicious” about was Newt, and that was bad. But basically Beck dropped the ball on the entire year, probably because he was so wrapped up in his network’s rollout. Like Ann Coulter, he’s got an awful track record when it comes to endorsements.

                But he’s no RINO. He’s not even really Republican (which is a prerequisite to being a RINO).

                And making money is a conservative thing to do. It’s also the right thing to do. So he can make all he wants, just like Levin is making money on his books and Rush makes tons of money on his EIB network. I don’t trust a man who loses track of the bottom line or claims he doesn’t want to make money.

                Money is how we vote.

                • Steve Angell

                  Huntsman might be a bit more liberal than Mitt but never had any chance as he actually worked for Obama as an Ambassador of China.

                  Your Edit above I agree with. But I have found most of the time people we have to watch eventually show their true colors as full RINOs.

                  By RINO I mean someone that purports to support Conservatives yet really supports the Democrat strategy of infiltrate and destroy.

                • I think there’s a problem people have when moving from yelling-in-the-bleachers to leading-the-charge. When they get out in front, they suddenly become much too careful with their rhetoric and language. Usually to the point of becoming totally vague and rudderless.

                  That’s Beck’s major problem. He’s fine when he’s running his own stuff. But when you get him in front of a larger group, he starts in with the, “We all need to be more honorable and loving,” sorts of rhetoric that sounds great in Sunday School, but not at all good on a battlefield.

                  We need Generals like Grant, not McClellan.

                  But that’s not the same as being a RINO. I think true RINO’s are folks who run hard as conservatives to win election (or leadership of some group), and then drop the mask, becoming corrupt DC insiders, to work on raking in the money.

                  Rush, Beck and Levin use Conservatism itself to make money. I think they conscientiously try their best to tell the truth in all things. But that alone doesn’t make for great leadership. Because they don’t really want to be out in front of activism (preferring the comfort of being out in front in their media niches), they make you feel like they aren’t really, truly 100% committed to the cause. THAT’s what leads to people mistaking them for RINOs, in my opinion.

                • Steve Angell

                  We have a similar belief on what a RINO is. Although I would include others who are fairly honest about being a liberal Republican. They are still a RINO even though they come from a State that will elect a Republican in Name Only knowing they are really a Democrat 95%. I also would include those that consistently side with the other RINO’s.

                  I consider Glen a RINO because he hires RINO’s almost exclusively and when he hired Andrew Wilkow he marginalized him. He is rarely ever seen on The Blaze website. He is not aired on The Blaze Radio. He is never used on their other shows that I am aware of. But Beck hired him because he is a genuine conservative and he needed at least a token conservative. That works I have thought of paying for The Blaze just for Wilkow.

                  Beck calls himself a libertarian but for the most part I consider libertarians RINO’s because they almost always fight tooth and nail to support the RINO’s.

                  I see it black and white. Liberal and Conservative. Since Nixon only Conservatives have won the GOP Presidential Election six RINO’s lost in a row. All in All it really is a fight between liberal and conservatives. All the Reagan Democrats are also gone.

                • commonsense66

                  I’m not calling you out specifically. I just look at all of the misinformation in these comments and I want to pull my hair out. I don’t believe anyone here is deliberately lying, but they are just passionate and sometimes miss some pretty simple explanations. In your comment for instance, you talk about Wilkow being marginalized by Beck. I don’t see how you can say that. I subscribe to TheBlaze TV and Wilkow has a prime time slot 5 days a week to do his TV show. 7pm every weekday, the show is called “Wilkow!”. Beyond that, Wilkow is permitted to guest host talk radio shows that aren’t a part of the network (which contractually is awfully generous).

                • Steve Angell

                  I said you can not listen to him for free like everyone else on the free TheBlaze Radio. That marginalizes him to only the rich who pay for a subscription. The only news show not free. He is also almost never featured on the website also marginalizing him. It got so bad on RealNews they finally did hire one person that was sort of Conservative. I canceled my subscription because of how liberal RealNews was a year ago.

                  Glen Beck is a fairy tale in my opinion. He is a far left RINO but pretends to be Conservative while calling himself a Libertarian. He does this because that is the only way to make money in talk radio or on TheBlaze TV.

                  I will say Glen does an excellent job of listening to the people and saying the right things. I just believe it is just a show. No heartfelt conviction by Glen.

  • Steve Angell

    Paul Ryan exposed as a RINO today for all to see.

    • Laurel

      Steve he always has been!

      • Steve Angell

        Indeed but now all should know.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Before the last election I thought he was not a RINO, but now I know the truth! I still think he’s a financial genius, and I wouldn’t mind him in a cabinet position, but not as President or VP.

      • Laurel

        I don’t know about that genius part either. I have looked at his budget proposals and they have some loopholes* in it. I do give him credit for tackling the topic though. Mitch Daniels did a good job with it as well.

        One of my old classmates did their Master’s Thesis in Economics on that very thing. Those loopholes create a set of circumstances that are engineered and not happenstance so they can manipulate issues later on. At the time I thought it a little tin foil hattish but he did prove it at least within the confines of the thesis itself. Now I wonder if he wasn’t more right than he knew.

  • Laurel

    So Rush just confirmed Glenn and Scoop. My apologies for the doubt.

    It doesn’t however explain Freedom Works participation in the cave in with Boehner…unless that isn’t true but Morrissey doesn’t usually have to back pedal.

  • sallyjohanna

    Will someone tell me what the strategy is? I am a Constitutional Conservative and a 10th amendment hawk…where do I fall in? All I know is this precious Constitution is on the ground with the sumo wrestler Socialist Progressives (which are not a legitimate party either) strangling us.

  • There is only one thing that I do not agree with in this dialogue, and that is concerning Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. I believe that the establishment media is putting them on in the same manner that Paul Ryan was prior to the last election. I also believe that there is always a reason for that, and it is always based on the establishment’s agenda. As much as I don’t like having to question the integrity of the only main stream conservatives with Libertarian leanings, I cannot ignore this fact.

  • mikeledo

    The Tea Party are RINOs. They give the GOP a bad name. No mention that Freedom Works is broke?

    • wildad

      RINO’s? What world do you live in? That is the last thing they are.

      • mikeledo

        The Traitor Party are radical John Birchers. They do not represent the true values of the GOP who want government to aid and partner with businesses. When you shut down the government you hurt businesses and cause small businesses to fail.