DUDE: Tea Party challenger to Boehner FIRED over “Electile Dysfunction” Ad…

Ok I know I said I didn’t like the “Electile Dysfunction” ad by JD Winteregg, but it’s appalling that it would be the reason for his firing.

Looks like Obama isn’t the only thug in DC:

DAILY CALLER – House Speaker John Boehner’s tea party primary challenger J.D. Winteregg has been fired from his position as adjunct professor at Cedarville University in Ohio due to his recent viral web ad accusing Boehner of “Electile Dysfunction,” The Daily Caller has learned exclusively.

The racy ad, which was a smash hit on the Internet, was cited as the direct reason for his firing, a senior Winteregg advisor tells TheDC.


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  • Laurel

    Yep…Boehner is a thug.

    This will backfire.

    • OneThinDime

      Hey friend, we were typing at the same time. Notice that Boehner is falling in the polls and has to spend time “defending” his position….

      • Laurel

        Yep! Exactly!!!

  • OneThinDime

    Follow the trail, wonder how quickly the dots will lead to Boehner…..the progressive education system needs their progressives in Congress.

    • BearNJ

      On point. If Boehner was a conservative the faculty and university board would be laughing at the ad and high fiving JD. Total frauds. The ad was tacky but not a reason to be fired. JD needs a job now. Lets give him Boehner’s job.

      • OneThinDime

        Great idea!

  • txsrangers

    This is a fireable offense at a university now? It’s not like he was handing out copies of the Constitution, or anything.
    Our country has a sickness, and we need a prescription for Ridalib.

    • BlueGood

      I believe that medicine should be Red White & Blue TEA!

  • helena handbasket

    A blessing in disguise. This will bring loads of sympathetic publicity for Winteregg and disdain for Bonehead.

    • DINORightMarie

      I hope you are right!

  • 57thunderbird

    So now if you are a professor at a university,your right to freedom of speech is null and void?WTH?!Sounds like an e-mail campaign is in order for this university.

  • John Queue

    Electile dysfunction sounds perfectly apt to me…And if it’s in reference to BONER.. THEN IT’S EVEN FUNNIER! The firing doesn’t surprise me, though…It’s what liberals do to those who don’t toe the line.

  • Richard McCreedy

    I know this University. I have had a lot of friends go to this university. Understand, this is a Bob Jones-esque university. That is, very, very, VERY baptist. There is a dress code. There is a curfew. This man got fired not because he’s going after Boehner, but because of the content of the ad. While it might not offend you and I, understand I’ve seen people suspended from this school for saying far less “racy” things.

    • cattastrophe

      So you think it’s because of the content being off color? If that’s the case (how can you be sure) I guess Winteregg doesn’t have much recourse. If it’s a private university they should be able to hire and fire whoever they choose for whatever reason they want no matter if I disagree with the outcome. Unlike the left I feel private entities have the right to run their own businesses however they see fit.

      • Richard McCreedy

        I can be sure because I’ve had friends completely kicked out of the school for using fairly harmless terms to describe professors. Words even less offensive/racy than the ones in the ad. You’ve got to understand people, some of these Baptist institutions are really strict. Kiss a girl in public at Bob Jones University and see what happens. Get caught with a girl after curfew in your dorm and see what happens. This is not your standard university here.

    • unclesamnephew

      I went to their web-site. in my opinion, they did not act “Christ-like”. forgiveness. was this his 1st actionable infraction?

  • Longiron

    Bet Boneer did or threatened to do something with the Gov’t funding ???. Made them a offer they cannot refuse. Baptist need money to and religion convictions do come in second no matter what they preach!

    • Wigglesworth

      Maybe Boehner or even Obama could have done him a favor to show some gratitude for his amnesty efforts.

  • AmericanDuckie

    This is pathetic. Boehner neeeds to go. This is time for people to get behind JD! He’s a great guy and would make a great Congressman! Donate, and if you live in Ohio- Volunteer! Time’s running out, and Boehner is a desperate pos.

    • 57thunderbird

      I will donate what I can.Not in his district,but Boehner needs to GO!

      • AmericanDuckie

        Thank you brother! Primaries comming fast, he needs all we can get him to beat Boehner.

        • 57thunderbird

          I will encourage my local friends to give also!Not much time.

          • AmericanDuckie

            Thank you! Hope everyone else will do the same. Even a bit helps if enough can give money and or time.

            • 57thunderbird

              YW sister!

      • cattastrophe

        I donated a while back. I’m also not in his district so can’t really help in other ways.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Oh well, so much for freedom of expression. :-{

    • Richard McCreedy

      Again, it’s a very rigid Baptist institution. To them, things like this are considered way too racy for a college professor at to be saying.

      • tinlizzieowner

        “Oh well, so much for freedom of expression”.

        • Richard McCreedy

          Hey guy, go say whatever you feel like, let your boss at your job get wind of it, and see what happens. You can freely express yourself however you like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lose your job over it. If I run a business, in this case a private instutition, I am free to hire and fire who I want and if the people I’ve hired make remarks I deem inappropriate, there is no law, constitutional or otherwise, that prevents me from firing them. Some of you guys have this idea that the 1st Amendment protects you from any consequence whatosever of your speech, and it’s false. It prevents the government from censoring your speech. It doesn’t prevent a private individual from taking action, so long as it is legal.

          • tinlizzieowner

            Whatever you say. 😉 😉

  • Patriot077

    I wonder what The Great One will have to say about this. He endorsed JD didn’t he?

  • Guest

    Winteregg needs to do another blast ad about being illegally fired from his job because of a political ad. Lawyer up Winteregg and start a public fund raiser to pay for it.

    • DINORightMarie

      It’s not illegal – they are a private Christian university with very specific employment conditions that people sign when they agree to work there. As an adjunct, he is a “temp” worker, so they basically have no reason to NOT fire him if they deem the material “inappropriate” or “against their standards” etc.

      • You can bet they got a call from Boehner’s office and they folded like a cheap suit! Free Speech is only for the “protected class” and that does not include J.D. Winteregg it seems.

  • DINORightMarie

    Cedarville will hopefully reconsider. If not, then hopefully this will get him some needed publicity! The numbers he will have to get to beat Boehner in this district are pretty high.

    I hope Cedarville will see that this was not an “off color” ad – it was rather a way to get people to see that Boehner is ineffective, working for the other side even!

    • flintlock1949

      Right! There are far more RINO’s that we have to beat in the next elections than there are Dem’s! The Dem’s are pretty much going to vote Dem regardless! Conservatives need to replace a few of them, if we can, and retire as many RINO’s as possible!

    • clockwindingdown

      Maybe Winteregg will win just so he can do what he can to make sure the university gets no special favors from the tax payers in the future… I have little doubt that cry baby is behind the universities actions…

  • Freedomswatch

    I thought the ad was really funny and made people actually sit up and ask, “Who is this guy?” It’s time people got a sense of humor.

  • marcus3127

    Who are the Republicans in this district that keep voting for Boehner? Is he able to buy their votes with political favors? If Boehner wins the primary I hope his Democrat opponent wins the election. And to this ‘Christian’ college that fired Winteregg, I can only think that in the final analysis their real god must be money.

  • This has Boehner strong arm tactics written all over it! Another reason this dirty RINO has to GO!!!

    • marcus3127

      Dirty RINO is the nicest thing I can think of to say about Boehner.

    • deTocqueville1


  • Sandra123456

    Lack of term limits gets you Boehners for life.

    • LOL! That’s a clever play on words! 🙂

      Did you ever see the graphic I made after your suggestion?
      Here it is: It did well on Facebook, with over 160 shares and over 3,100 views! Thank YOU! 🙂

      • Sandra123456


  • Leende

    What a baby does the truth hurt?

  • flintlock1949

    Strange how freedom of speech ends where university property begins!

  • olddog

    Oboehner= Obagger 2.0….Both equally (D)isgusting..same game, different name.

  • SisterMary

    Guess he should have been standing in the allotted 1st Amendment square when he made his ad…

  • Conservative_Hippie

    There’s no such thing as bad press. This will do more to bring Winteregg’s name to the national stage than anything he could have done with the small amount of campaign money he has in his coffers.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      IF the MSM covers it.

  • timerunnersc

    There are times when being terminated is considered an honor, could be this is one of those times.

    • B-Funk

      Exactly what I was thinking. I read the report snickering to myself over their feigned outrage.

      • timerunnersc

        So did I, because beside in the Democrat Party, we in the Tea Party know where the communist live.

  • kssturgis62




  • JPConservative

    If Boehner wins the primary then I say we run a Tea Party candidate as an Independent in the general election split the Republican vote and seal Boehner’s fate. We can afford to give up a 1 seat in 435 and I like the message that that would send to the next Republican Speaker.

  • Scot Chipping

    The President may make suggestions regarding the Federal budget, per Article II, Section 3 of our sacred Constitution.