Ed Schultz: Gun violence is worse in Chicago because they don’t have any gun laws

Ed Schultz wants so badly to make the case that strict gun laws actually reduce gun violence that he said on his show last Friday that New York City has less gun violence than Chicago because Bloomberg has implemented the strictest gun laws in America. In Chicago, he said, gun laws don’t even exist. Seriously.

Apparently Ed hasn’t done his research because Chicago has among the strictest gun laws in America. In fact the State of Illinois was just given 180 days to come up with new gun laws because the old ones were so strict they violated the 2nd amendment.

What a dope!

ED SCHULTZ: The gun laws and the gun violence in Chicago is a helluva lot different than it is in New York City. There’s two different worlds when it comes to gun violence, it’s not even close. You know, New York City is not, you know, an all-safe zone or what not, I’m not trying to make that case. But a city that has got strict, the strictest gun laws in America put forth by Mayor Bloomberg, versus the gun laws that apparently don’t even exist in Chicago, you’ve got two totally different numbers when it comes to lives lost.

(via Radio Equalizer)

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  • KenInMontana

    You’re being too kind to Eddy, there Scoop. I’m pretty sure describing this moron as a “dope” is a gross understatement. 😉

    • 12grace

      I find it interesting that they are trying to take away our guns while planning on by-passing the Congress to proclaim Amnesty and making it increasingly difficult for Americans to get out of the country.

      Could it be that the gov’t wants to force us to stay in America and pay for all the new Democrats aka illegals turned legal? Just a thought.

      Calls for National Political Revolt Against New Obama Amnesty Dictates

      Going for the Guns: Possible Martial Law in 30 to 45 Days?

      Whistleblower Targeted By TSA For “Revealing Too Much Information”

      The Crimes of the TSA [Video]

      Current List of President Obama’s Executive Orders


      I have heard that Montana has nullified the health care mandate. And that your state is big on guns, has low unemployment, a hefty oil supply and is largely Conservative and believes in the Constitution, overall. Are these things true? I am wondering what the freest states in America are at this time. Thank you in advance for your advice.

      • KenInMontana

        In the urban areas things tend to be purplish, in the rural areas red. What the Montana legislature and Governor did was to flat refuse to partake in or set up the exchanges. On Guns and the 2nd, well let’s just say that showing anti-gun opinions will make one’s political career into a non-starter in Montana, regardless of party. While we have quite a bit of oil, coal is by far more abundant.

        The Montana Constitution; http://courts.mt.gov/content/library/docs/72constit.pdf

        Wyoming is more Conservative, possibly the most Conservative State in the Union right now.

        • NYGino

          Might there be any houses for sale in Wyoming? You got me thinking.

          • KenInMontana
            • NYGino

              Actually I was thinking along the lines of something with some space and a view.

            • Wyoming, Montana…. I don’t know. I might just have to get used to cold frigid weather again.

              • NYGino

                (mmm wonder what kind of palm trees grow there)

              • KenInMontana

                Idaho is a good choice as well.

          • Psst, hey NY… they have frigid coldwinter in Montana!

            • NYGino

              ********************* oh ******************

              • lol. If that was in bold, I’d have thought Joe had hacked into your computer 😉 Evenin’ myfavoriteNY.

                • NYGino

                  ************* not*********

                  NY went to sleep about an hour ago!


                • LOL Now yer scarin’ me!!!

        • 12grace

          Thank you so much for the information, Ken. You helped me make a major decision.

          Perhaps those of us on this post that live in area’s that cater to the obama agenda, can all relocate together. I’ve come to think of many of you as my friends and it would be enjoyable having patriot neighbors. smile.

      • nobody can leave socialist/communist pris……..I mean “paradise”.
        soon we’ll enjoy Cuba life style.

    • searcher0

      yes, but calling Schultz a moron is overestimating his intelligence.

      • KenInMontana

        I had other words, however they all violate our comment policy.

  • Joe




    This AGAIN shows how mentally unstable, uninformed and confused liberals are

    They just talk out of their “rear ends”


    AND the thumbnail photo of him with the Nazi helmet is spot on!

  • Honest people cannot have guns – THAT’S THE REASON, Stupid.

  • MsContrary

    Lying or disinformation is typical of Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, Leninists, Communists……..or whatever they’re calling themselves today and tomorrow…

    • aposematic

      Right on the money MsContrary… Lies are all they have ever had and ever will have. Too bad for US though that 50% of the people are so dumbed down they haven’t a clue.

  • stage9

    Let’s outlaw liberalism first and then if violence still persists then we’ll consider stricter gun laws. I suspect that if you outlaw liberalism, things will improve dramatically in the US.

    • Jazzee

      excellent post

  • conservative58

    And once again, the liberal media mouth piece does not let TRUTH get in the way of pushing the Leftist agenda.

  • armyvet10

    I saw the picture and had to comment. 1st, Ed kind of resembles the actor who played Sgt Schultz, (John Banner) and given his comment on the “non existence of gun laws in Chicago” Ed also sounds just like the clueless Sgt Schultz. Hogan’s Heroes, funny show, and Ed is just as funny, but not in the same manner.

    • conservative58

      Hogan’s Heroes — brings back memories!

  • Is he referring to “pre-fire” Chicago?

    • badbadlibs

      He’s referring to pre Jurassic period Chicago. No, that can’t be right either….his skull is just empty, it’s the only explanation.

  • white531

    If there is a dumber person on the planet, than Ed Schultz, I don’t know who it is.

    • conservative58

      Schultz makes those ‘low information’ voters proud!

    • celestiallady

      I can think of a few.

    • badbadlibs

      He’s the Governor of my state! Yikes. Ever hear of Jay Inslee? Pity us.

    • Ray

      People who believe what comes out of his mouth?????

  • 3seven77

    It’s too bad we can’t fine these people $500 every time they get on the air and tell a lie. We could erase the entire national debt just on MSNBC. Add in the rest – ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and PBS and we’d all get a nice tax refund.

    • Haha! We could probably get it done with a $1.00 fine. They would still take so long to stop lying it would pay off the debt anyway.

    • FreeManWalking

      That would be a Great Fact Check.

      and a big Fat Check from some of our notable liberal personalities.

  • sybilll

    If there was a singular person that got this worthless mound of flesh to defect from the Republican party, I’d like to shake their hand and buy them dinner.

    • badbadlibs

      He was a republican???? (picture very wide eyes!)

      • He claims he was.

        • badbadlibs

          Like anything he says is believable. Thanks for the info.

  • danceswithsheeple

    Sometimes I wonder whether a truly good God would create such a place as horrible as the ‘lake of fire’.

    Then I hear Shultz and co consistently and heartlessly deny innocent generations of Americans the truth about their nation, its laws and history and thus in the process stealing and degrading their minds irreversibly, while at the same time holding themselves out to be the guardians of all truth; And I am CONVINCED that GOD is MORE THAN JUST.

    Woe upon me, a doubting, sinning fool!

    I said I wouldn’t come back on this blog as a result of my annoyance at some patterns I saw in 2012. But you do good work here. And I am forced to rethink. We all must needs stick together in such dark hours. Well done TRS. And a happy new year to posters and moderators alike.

    From the UK,


    PS “K-Bob”, forgive me.

    • Didn’t we know you as a different name back then? 🙂

      • danceswithsheeple

        And some others 😉

      • KenInMontana

        He/She is referring to this exchange; http://www.therightscoop.com/michael-reagan-its-time-to-get-mad-as-hell-and-kick-obama-out/#comment-666504336

        From “Dances” profile; Formerly @”RosencrantzUndGuildenstern”

        • OK different one 🙂 Thanks Ken.

        • danceswithsheeple

          An exchange I’m sorry for. Truly am. What I wrote was embarrassing and in the heat of the moment: election 2012 or what I call, ‘the fraud of 2012’.

          But again, I apologise wholeheartedly. The moderator was right. I was wrong.

          • KenInMontana

            No problem, I was merely pointing out the conversation in question.

        • Rshill7

          Yikes, I clicked on that and he mentioned Me, Nukeman and PVG by name 🙁

          I don’t recall brawling with him. I did duke it out with a union guy from UK once though. Probably because he was a union guy.

          But hey, I’m as pure as the driven snow, and up here we drive on the snow all the time.

          • Nukeman60

            It’s nice to get special mention though, don’t you think? Perhaps we will be in the running for the next Nobel Peace Prize, that is if Obama doesn’t want it again.

            • Rshill7

              Yay !

              Well, I forgive him, you, me, and pvg.

              Contrition is good for the soul, and on-the-edge posts are good for…uh…balance 🙂

          • KenInMontana

            I almost called you on that “pure as the driven snow” remark, but then I looked at the “qualifier” a second time.

      • NYGino

        Great memories ABC, Ken, and K-Bob, no doubts why you have the blue stripes.

    • No worries! Life’s too short, etc.

      Besides, we’re all friends here. But that’s only because we don’t live close enough to borrow stuff from each other and fail to return it.

  • Hey Ed, did you know the 90% of adults who committed murder had criminal records as adults?

    So I’m guessing that gun laws didn’t matter much to them even before they killed someone.

  • I could say something origninal, but nah… what an idiot.

  • Ray

    Ed schultz ate one to many magic mushrooms while watching Hogan’s Hero’s

  • sjmom

    I’m not surprised at Ed because libs tend to speak before checking facts. Having said that, the reason Chicago has so many murders is not because of gun laws but because of the gangs and unless that problem is addressed the violence will continue.

    • NYGino

      “I’m not surprised at Ed because libs tend to speak before checking facts.”


  • Nukeman60

    Well, well. Chicago has no gun laws? I hope the word gets out to all the law-abiding citizens in Chicago so they can go out and purchase all those guns they need to defend themselves. They are desperate for them.

    I can see why he would say they ‘apparently’ have no laws because the gangs run rampant in the city. Criminals, after all, really don’t care two bits for any law, let alone the gun laws. That is sound reasoning for having responsible conceal-carry laws.

    Oh, yeah. The 7th Circuit US Court of Appeals stated just that. Thanks, Schultzie.

  • FreeManWalking

    And NO ONE in the MSM will call him out on his STUPIDITY!!!

    Crime for $400 Alex:

    This person is classified as a Criminal.


    What is bigoted racist police.

    Oh I sorry ED, you are WRONG Again the correct answer is who are people that do not obey laws passed by society.

  • Rshill7

    “Gun control? It’s the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I’m a bad guy, I’m always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You will pull the trigger with a lock on, and I’ll pull the trigger. We’ll see who wins.

    (Sammy “the Bull” Gravano)

  • syvyn11

    This fat POS must be joking.

    But typical for him. He stands on his head and complains that the world is upside down. that is if he could get his fat a$$ upside down.

  • warpmine

    No, Ed knows these facts, he just chooses to lie like a whore he is.

  • TitaniumEagle

    Liberals Hate Facts Volume MMMCCXV, now on MSNBC

  • Ed is an Idiot. But most of the Liberal Media types pretend to be moderate and fair.

    I decided to start my own Conservative News Blog . Because the Liberal Media is just too powerful.

    Please Check it out.


    • tinlizzieowner

      Interesting. 🙂

  • This man obviously needs serious rehab….Whew !

  • Cyclopps

    This excuse for a civil man reflects the horde of intellectual derelicts that employed him to begin with.
    We are not up against this sad sack, we are up against the worker drones behind the scenes that give him his talking points and schedule.
    Grave issues are at stake and he is just another cog in the wheel that we must endure.

  • I bet Ed heard Barry say this about Chicago and that is what he is basing this statement on. That or he used Rachel Madcows wikipedia print outs

  • repubboy

    Hey tubby Shultz, reach farther down, grip your ears real tight and pull your head out of your A..
    This is your boys state, go complain to some one who cares !

  • hongryhawg

    This rag of a pundit doesn’t deserve a comment,but I guess I have to make a comment to express the truth. msnbc idiot. shows it every single day.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Ed Schultz: Gun violence is worse in Chicago because they don’t have any gun laws”.

    Excuse me? Chicago doesn’t have any gun laws? It’s hard to tell if this guy is Sgt. Schultz or Baghdad Bob. Either way, he has a bad case of Anal Verbosity.

  • Ran53man

    ….and you wonder why MSNBC has no real credibility with the viewing public…all because of buttheads like this….

  • Ed is a bald-faced LIAR. Nobody can honestly claim ignorance of Chicago’s brutal anti-SELF DEFENSE laws.

  • JungleCogs

    The man is a total fool; if he wasn’t on that crappy network, he would be on food stamps.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Ignorance has no filter.

    Ed only talk because he has lips.

  • WordsFailMe

    I think ed misread the story, “There is much less effective gun violence in New York. Chicago is the killing machine, homs.

    Heard an old one the other day:

    Q: How do they kill so many black children in Chicago?
    A: Easy. You just don’t lead them as much.

  • 506 murders in Chgo in2012, where every anti-gun law is posted, re-posted and surrounded by thousands another ones….
    And there is a total prohibition of handguns. No handguns in Chgo, ask Rahm. ;-/
    And 506 people died from handguns.
    For the millionth time: how effective “the law” is?
    Print those laws on a soft paper and either stuck them into killers faces,
    or use as a toilet paper.
    Or stuck it in that thoughtless, idiotic, prerecorded snout like that of Schultz’.

  • Biggbear52

    I do not nor will I watch NBC. So I do not know Ed Schultz. According to his intentional rhetoric, I do not care to know him. This type of intentionally forced propaganda used to be a firing offense by the networks. it is now the only way they can stay on air. What bugs me most of all about this diatribe drivel is that they know they are programming they’re younger viewers. That is why it should be again, not only a firing offense, but illegal as well.

  • Gun laws do nothing. If crimes are to be committed they are done with stolen or black market weapons….

  • Maybe I’m just getting old, but as soon as I saw the picture of that idiot looking like Sgt. Shultz a very short sentence popped into my head “I know nothink!”

  • Ask a criminal if they know any gun laws. Other than it’s illegal to shoot someone, so don’t get caught, they don’t give a crap about laws. That’s why they’re criminals. They don’t abide by laws. They make their own laws. The law of the streets. Gun laws are monuments to lawmakers so they can feel good about themselves. They love to do photo-ops and surround themselves with people slobbering over their every word. It has nothing to do with reducing crime. It has everything to do with control.

  • Special Ed would have to work his way up to stupid

  • NCHokie02

    Ed is retarded. It’s a pretty well known fact (well at least I thought it was) that Chicago and Washington D.C. have some of the toughest gun control laws in the country yet are two of the most dangerous cities in the country.

    He think Chicago’s gun laws don’t exist because thats how ineffective they are.