ELECTION THREAD: It’s Super Tuesday again and here’s what you need to know!

The big day, March 15, is finally here and there are almost as many delegates at play today as there was on the first Super Tuesday of this month.

There are four candidates in today’s race still vying for the nomination:


There are 5 states and 1 US territory in play with 367 delegates up for grabs:

Florida.......99 Delegates, Winner Take All, Closed Primary
Illinois......69 Delegates, Winner Take All*, Open Primary
Missouri......52 Delegates, Winner Take All*, Open Primary
N Carolina....72 Delegates, Proportional, Open Primary
N Mariana Is...9 Delegates, Winner Take All, Closed Caucus
Ohio..........66 Delegates, Winner Take All, Open Primary

*Could be Winner-Take-All or Proportional, depending on how the elections play out

As you can see, the five big states today are all Primary states. A few of them are open, but that doesn’t mean the same thing in every state.

For instance in North Carolina, it’s only open if you are registered as Non-Affiliated (Independent). If you are Independent then you have your pick of whichever ballot you want. But if you are registered as a Republican or Democrat, then the only ballot available to you is the party ballot.

In Missouri and Illinois voters can choose whichever ballot they want regardless of party affiliation. In Ohio voters declare their party affiliation when they vote by requesting whichever ballot they want.

Polls begin closing tonight at 7PM Eastern (via NY Times):


UPDATE: While most polls in Florida will close at 7PM Eastern, because the state is in two time zones, the results won’t be released until 8PM Eastern.

You can monitor incoming election results using these links for each state:




North Carolina:



I will add the SOS election result pages for each state later, should they be available.

I also may add other election news throughout the day, so be sure and update periodically.

So it’s an election thread! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Thought you might find this interesting:

UPDATE: I’m added this Twitter widget so we can update you tonight as results come in:

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