EMPTY SUIT: New RNC ad exposes how Obama regurgitates 2008 rhetoric in 2012 DNC speech

It’s almost getting too easy to show how Obama is just an empty suit. We’ve seen ads like this before from the RNC, but this one is specifically about his DNC speech, where he regurgitates the same empty rhetoric he used in 2008:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s a skipping, broken record. He is running on a record that broke America and is skipping the tough questions. He’s a monster…

    Vote this lying scumbag out of office.

  • They really need to run that on tv.

  • Let Obama get his muligans on the Golf Coarse not in the White House.

  • Orangeone

    They need to do an OUTSOURCING ad that shows the $$$ for GM that went to China, Russia, Mexico and then have O’Bambi’s job creation in the US words again and again and again. Then have a moderator ask? Where are the jobs Mr. President?

    • bobemakk

      You are 100% right. Jeff Immelt Obamas jobs czar and CEO of GE is also shipping GE jobs overseas. GM building a plant in Commie China at a cost of $80 billion, just about what they owe US, and Obama stands by and allows this.

      On Fox this morning I saw Laura Ingraham and she said the polls are fudged and Romney is ahead, leave it to the lamestream media they lie like Obama. Pray that Romney wins. At first I thought he was a RINO, but when he picked Ryan as his VP I quickly changed my mind. Another 4 years of the Obama regime we don’t need.

      • Orangeone

        And GE owed no US taxes, GM owed no US taxes, both under O’Bambi, both with massive profits and both connected to O’Bambi.  My small biz as well as the others will have a tax increase 1/1 to 40%.
        I hate to say it but Romney is a RINO.  He just kissed O’Bambi’s ObamaCare butt.  He needs to get a clue and stick to his promise for full repeal.

  • WordsFailMe

    “Same Speeches. Same Promises” Problem is he’s addressing the same stupid white-hating racists and liberals, and white who wish they were born black or who are ashamed that they were born white that we was addressing 4 years ago. Those dipshits still suck air on this continent!

    RS-You wrote: “It’s almost getting too easy to show how Obama is just an empty suit. We’ve seen ads like this before from the RNC, but …”

    The Republican Campaign committee is becoming like a broken record playing the same old tune over and over. Obama’s a hypocrite. Obama’s an idiot. Obama’s a liar. Obama’s a stooge. JEEZ RNC! When the hell are you going to figure out that you are preaching to the choir. Ain’t nobody else here but us chickens, RINSE! Get a postion on this traitor or get the hell out of the chair!

    Look, you closet losers and Mid west liberals, you can only rub a puppy’s nose in it for so long until it won’t work any more. Stop digging up old Obama vid and do some of your own!

    I think these Republicans are losers. I think Republicans invented leadership from behind and like to be in the shadows, letting the libs strut in the light and take the heat. I have very little respect for the Republicans.
    Biden’ll go out accuse Republicans of wanting to put blacks back in chains, for chrissakes? Where our man who’ll stand up and declare that, if elected he will locate and purge every member of the communist party from any elected office? Where the man who will strand up and say that he will put and end to collective bargaining in public sectors unions? Where’s the man who will stand up and say that no federal money wil go to any university which does not have ROTC and is not engaged in active research for the military?

    He’s got my vote.

    • sDee

      Coming my friend. They are in the bull pen. For now he (and she 😉 ) get my money.

      I read somewhere this weekend about the insanely hypocritical, divisive and increasingly radical marxist tones and actions of the Democratic campaigns. The conclusion was that the Democrats do not care about perception, they care about winning. The elephants are pathetic trying to be the kinder and gentler side of the Central Party.

    • librtifirst

      These ads are nothing, compared to what could be done. The problem is that the things that the RNC could use to kill Obamas independent vote are those same things that they support. They could hit hard on the secrecy of Obama’s past, but nothing.

      We have two establishment candidates who won’t play hardball because they work for the same camp, and cannot diss on the overall establishment agenda.

  • Arrrggghhh

    In his own words, what a jackass.

    I’ve been thinking lately about his “you didn’t build that” comment. Don’t the roads and bridges and infrastructure that the government provides (with taxpayer money) exist for everyone? Doesn’t that mean that you can, in mathematical terms, factor them out of the equation? Isn’t the factor that is left in determining success attributable to the individual? Aren’t talents and hard work chief among those attributes?

    He claimed that he knew smart and hard working people that didn’t succeed. Of course those attributes are not guarantees of success. However, with the exception of Hollywood movie stars, there are few or no people that are stupid and lazy that have succeeded.

  • sDee

    Hey that’s OK, ideologues are consistent. Marxists no exception. It is the ideology that disgust me not the consistency.

    I so wish Reagan were here today, he would be repeating the same warnings and principles as he did in the 70’s and 80’s. And one big….. “Didn’t I warn you about men like this?”

  • Betsey_Ross

    Excellent ad. This one needs to get out there soon on TV.

    Yeah, I am sick of Obama. I don’t listen to him if I can avoid it, but even I didn’t realize that what he was saying in his speech(didn’t watch that one either) last week and what he said was a re-run of 2008’s campaign speeches.

    A huge ‘thank you’ to all the folks that can stand to do the research on what this POS says and does. I am worn out.

    We did go to see ‘Obama’s America, 2016’ and it was certainly worth the time and money. I knew most of it, but I have to say the parts that were not familiar just filled in the puzzle that is Obama. The picture is not pretty.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Same speeches….same promises…..except they’re EMPTY promises. Time for obama to go back to Chicago.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    Same speeches. Same Promises… SAME RESULTS.

  • Well Right is this for TV or just the internet?? The RNC does nothing but put out Web Ads….who cares!! Get it on TV or stop making them….it is STUPID!! Get the darn thing on TV in swing states and elsewhere….GEE!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      True stop making web ads and put them on tv already if you go to youtube only like 100 views, Rinos wake up! This a powerful ad show it, on TV, TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV

  • PopaQ
  • Listening to that old, used up, recycled, cliched, Libtard rhetoric reminded me of the lyrics of a song by 1980s ska/skin band Madness: – yesterday’s men:

    Yesterday’s men hang on to today
    To sing in any old way
    It must get better in the long run
    Has to get better in the long run
    Will it get better in the long run?
    Will we be here in the long run?

    Sort of like: Give me just 4 more years, isn’t it?

    I regret that we have to give NObama 4 more days… Will November EVER get here!?

  • Same $#!^ – different day.

  • What is it with him and the roads and bridges? Are we living in the antebellum?

  • WRAITH53

    What I think people are missing is the fact that he will be an EX POUS as is Clinton. He will never go away, just like Clinton and be able to continue to subvert through his speaking engagements while making millions. We will continue to suffer from this pied piper and the fools and rats that follow him and his handlers.

  • smmy33

    This ad needs to go on TV… Made Obama look like a cynical pol duping the public saying the same thing year after year to keep power.

    Ryan used t talk about how Obama just wants to stay in office not to make better American lives but to hold on to power…. That should start again.

    • FreeManWalking

      Like FOREWARNED!

      P B 0b0 assures outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.

  • ArielAm

    Obama such a great conservationist, he even Recycles his Speeches! Or rewind button got stuck.

  • FreeManWalking

    The RNC and Romney’s should use Lynyrd Skynyrd’s – Gimme Three Steps as back ground music in all their ads, and at the end of the commercial use a voice over or scrolling text Help 0b0 to the Door, VOTE MITT!

  • aZjimbo

    This guy is the biggest fraud this country has ever seen.

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    To see more of his same nonsense, watch, ” Danish TV Host Mocks Obama”

  • bobemakk

    I regurgitate when I see Obama and he has always been an empty suit. I saw Laura Ingraham on FOX this AM and she said that the polls are being fudged and Romney is ahead. Let US all pray Romney wins.

  • bobemakk

    Obama himself makes me regurgitate.