EXCLUSIVE: Open mic captures press coordinating questions for Romney “no matter who he calls on we’re covered”

Before Romney issued his statement today, an open mic capture the press coordinating questions to ask Romney, with one saying “no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question”. I’ve transcribed it to the best of my ability but the audio is below for verification:

I’ve labeled one as the CBS News reporter as I believe it is Nancy Cordes who works for CBS News. If I’ve gotten that wrong I apologize and will correct.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: …pointing out that the Republicans… *unintelligible* …Obama….

CBS REPORTER: That’s the question.


CBS REPORTER: Yeah that’s the question. I would just say do you regret your question.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Your question? Your statement?

CBS REPORTER: I mean your statement. Not even the tone, because then he can go off on…

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And then if he does, if we can just follow up and say ‘but this morning your answer is continuing to sound…’ – *becomes unintelligble*

CBS REPORTER: You can’t say that..


CBS REPORTER: I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you stand by your statement or regret your statement?

UPDATE: Newsbusters says the the CBS News reporter is Jan Crawford and she was discussing this with the NPR reporter Ari Shapiro

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  • Nothing to see here, move along…

    • John_In_Michigan

      Oh, but there is something to see. presstitutes pole dancing for Obama.

      • “presstitutes”….love that, I will be borrowing. You could also say they POLL dance as well.

        • libsrclowns

          Romney should now feel free to ignore questions but answer whatever Message he wants to get out.

          These are not journalists they’re flacks for Obama, treat them as such.

          • But Romney already has been ignoring answering any questions -and offering but whatever answers.

            • KatRos

              I guess he was already aware of what they’re doing?

            • Macranthunter

              What? What does that even mean?

              • Red Blues

                Tom must be training for his new career in journalism.

          • FYI- Its’ s done deal My room mate working for obama campaign has found out through independent sources that Obama/Biden now has THE EXACT /GOTCHA QUESTION FROM LIBERAL MEDIA MODERATOR that will be ask at to of ALL Debates EVEN OBAMA /BIDEN GOT ROMNEY /RYAN QUESTION TOO ,Romney will never see them until he’s on the stage with the CHEATER . What is America going to do about this travesty of FAIRNESS . Now Obama/Biden can practice his answer for FULL MONTH a head of debate and CHEAT Romney OUT of what would be certain VICTORY . I cannot believe the GOP would be that gullable hello …AXELROD IS MAFIA ..WAKE UP . Please spread the word

            • Your roommate, working for the campaign, has access to all this secret information? Wow, he must be somebody way up in the Inner Circle, I guarantee you no one else would know it. Unless it’s just something somebody made up (if your roommate is working FOR the Obama campaign, why are they telling you– who it appears does not like Obama– about this subterfuge?) No offense Lisa but I ain’t buying it. Not saying you made it up, but….

              • Lisa, why you making shxt up? Are you a Mormon Romney supporter who has no clue what the truth is?

                • bw00ds

                  Gee, Jason…your religious bigotry is showing.

              • mary halverson

                Thankyou for lowering the painful pressure that just shot through my head via my B.S. detector. It’s becoming more and more evident that the only sharp Republicans are the ones who no longer admit it.

        • The presstitutes were putting on a provocative display of poll dancing today.

        • don

          “presstitutes” ..that in it’s self is a full explanation….for dead journalism

      • Pitbullll

        “Presstitutes” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

      • Annee2806

        #presstitutes: Definition: reporters who refuse to ask hard questions, who report by omission and who continue to support bad Government. Congrats, John_In_Michigan – you’re just created a new word for the social media dictionary. 🙂

        • DrSamHerman

          The term “presstitute” was first used to describe Walter Winchell back in the 1930s. It is not new.

          • Annee2806

            Thanks – I didn’t know who Walter Winchell was until I looked him up. That’s what happens when you live on the other side of the planet! Thanks for the info. 🙂

      • Annee2806

        Presstitutes: Definition – Journalists who refuse to ask the hard question, who report by omission or Government press release, and who continue to support bad Government. Congratulations John_in_Michigan – you’ve just created a new word for the social network dictionary. #presstitute 🙂

      • I will be borrrowing this one. Genius!

      • Good Lord, I love that. Presstitutes. I’m SOOOO borrowing that.

      • What a presstitute might look like:


    • Nothing to see? No doubt. But plenty to hear.

    • britain

      There’s plenty to see here. Just ask Joseph Goebbels.

      • Definitely.

        In case anyone missed it, I was being sarcastic.

        As a former journalism major, this is a disgrace to the field.

        • same here Mike I studied communications and journalism and iam appalled at the how the media is today!

        • It is a sign of the communistic-socialist society that Obama is moving us toward where all press is owned by the dictator at large.

          Since you both have studied journalism, is there a lawsuit that can be filed against the media for lying, being bought and paid for by one political party, or no longer following our Constitutional rights of a “free press”? What do you suggest? We need action to be attached to our words.

      • tularockstar

        You don’t have to wait for Goebbels, you have Obama to ask now.

    • You’re being funny, right? You mean there’s a lot to see, right? Like, why we distrust the liberal media.

      • Of course I’m being funny.

        The media performance today has been repulsive.

    • Proof positive that these people are Obamatons who do the will of Dear Leader and his media lackeys. They obviously got their daily memo and followed the instructions therein, to the letter. These people need to take their journalism degrees (if they have any), their journalist credentials, their notepads, and anything else they feel is an integral part of their so-called profession; pile them up on the White House steps…and BURN them. Then they can mindlessly chant their leader’s name as the vestiges of their so-called professional lives waft through the Washington D.C. air. Afterwards, they all can go to the closest sports bar and get blithering drunk because they are as much use inebriated as they are sober.

      • A classic case of projection by the delusional. Congratulations.

        • Yeah, those media types are truly delusional. Just watch MSNBC for a while. You’re right, they seem to project quite a bit as well. Oh, wait….

        • Finrod Felagund

          You forgot to wipe the drool off your chin after slobbering all over Obama.

      • remember when there was a rule that if a TV station gave free time to one candidate they had to do the same for the other? The way I count it, Romney is owed at least 48 hours of free TV time and that’s just for this month.

        • Heh. The Fairness Doctrine. The Dems tried to push for it to be reinstituted, but that’s because they get their backsides kicked in the arena of ideas and they wanted to use it to censor their opposition, not to open up debate. They can’t deal with facts and they want only their points of view to be considered. I believe their points of view are very well covered by the MSM or LSM, if you will.

          • Red Blues

            TRUE!! – This is classic doublespeak – ‘Fairness’… right!!!

            Unfortunately, every time the LSM has tried to place a talk show on the radio, the ‘court of public opinion’ (or “the marketplace”) has decided not to vote (or “spend money”) in support of their product (“leftist propaganda”). They then try to ‘encourage’ (“enforced compliance through government regulations”) audiences to back their product so they can show a profit to their ‘owners’ (“political power brokers”) and keep ‘their jobs’ (“sucking at the teat of the elite and statists”).

            But instead, the citizens of this nation are subjected to more and more ‘objective journalism’ (“Presstitution”)…

            • I thought Soros was a shrewd business man who was personally responsible for economic turmoil in Europe a few years back. He seems to give a great amount of his money to failed or floundering ventures, like Air America. He also backs organizations clamoring for the Fairness Doctrine to be reinstated. I would conclude that at least one or two (it could be more) present in the press room in the video benefit in some way from Mr. Soros’ funding. He’s a billionaire who obviously has mucho money to burn. This is a good source of information on one Mr. George Soros:


              He also has a god (with a small “g”) complex with megalomaniacal tendencies. A very dangerous person. He may be at least indirectly responsible for the deaths of many. He is also one of the bigger, if not the biggest, hypocrite on the face of the Earth. He is definitely no boon to mankind.

              • Majortcae

                Dig a little and find who mentored Soros (his “Boss”). It’s one of those names that triggers the chant of ” conspiracy nut, conspiracy nut..” from the sheep any time it is noted.

      • But they should KEEP THEIR KNEE PADS, n’est-ce pas?

        • Si, je pense vous êtes corrects.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      The bodies are hardly even cold and obama is out in Vegas campaigning..

    • john ashworth

      you are talking about your post I am guessing….. yeah it was pretty lame.

    • bet you’d like that.

    • TeamBella76

      Really ? Are you that stupid like the left wing media ?

  • Howzah123

    Fellow Conservatives and Independents. If you wanted a reason to get behind Romney during this election NOW IS THE TIME. This is the defining issue. We must stand firm behind the Romney/Ryan Campaign and fight back against this corruption.

    • OMG like the Republicans are not corrupt too ! I hate anyone who actually thinks either one of these 2 or nothing but lying flip-flopping ASS kissers !

      • Glitter the issue is not that they are both corrupt, which is a statement that requires proof by the way, but that our media which is supposed to be the guardians of the Constitution and our rights against the government feel it necessary to slam Republicans while falling in line completely with this anti-Constitutional administration.

        So, are you for the Constitution or against it? Because right now it looks like you are against it, because you have to play the blame game back on Republicans as if they are somehow just as bad. Which is erroneous at best.

        So if you want to believe there is nothing you can do because they are all “corrupt” I suggest you pack your bags and move to another country. So those of us who still believe in the People as the strongest branch of this government can begin to rebuild this nation. So if you want to keep belching your ridiculous statements do not let the door hit you on your God-given backside as you depart. cheers.

        • slam republicans? the media’s job is to question everyone. sorry you are butt-heart when that includes the GOP.

          • gloogle gloogle

            Yeah, they’ve sure been questioning the SCOAMF, haven’t they?? Nice try, doofus.

            • Let’s chill with the name calling please. Thanks. http://www.therightscoop.com/the-right-scoop-commenting-rules/

              • What are you? The politeness troll????

                • Orangeone

                  Hey, AmericanborninCanada is nicely reminding posters that Scoop has asked for respectful posting.

                • Yes. You must be new here. The star next to her name means “Moderator”. Don’t like it? Leave. We are polite to each other here. We are grateful you found our community, but we are not like TheBlaze and Townhall where bashing each other is a sport.

                • Steve Smith

                  who let that Canadian in here?

                • EH!

                • Obviously Scoop did.

                • LOL

                • KenInMontana

                  One way ticket out the door trollkin.

              • Gladys1

                Doofus is a compliment!

                • Rshill7

                  Then I’ll use it to refer to you. Accept it graciously in the spirit it was intended. What spirit is that? The Grim Reaper.

          • Hey Brain Dead: when was the last time the press took nullbama to task for ANYTHING?

            • Last Obama press conf was about 3 weeks ago – 8/20 http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/08/20/president-obama-holds-press-conference

              I know you folks believe stuff really deeply and all, but sometimes you may want to factcheck things for yourselves. That way, it’ll be a tad more difficult to confirm the stupidity in the comments you litter the Internet with. Google is your friend, learn to embrace it as a resource.

              • WarEagle01

                Right. it’s just that 0bama never gets asked actual difficult questions. About 90% of the Washington press corps vote Democrat. They are on his side and they want him to succeed. That’s why being the press secrestary for a Democrat president is the easiest job in the world.

                • When he does get asked ~ TODAY ~ if this was “an act of war” he politely turns his back and walks away???? No questions please, my speech writers didn’t give the answers…… I want to feel safe, I do not anymore……

                • FriendOfReality

                  The last tough question Obama was asked was “If you had to describe yourself as a superhero, who would you be?”

                • God was heard as he mumbled under his breath!

                • Majortcae

                  I believe it was probably the word “mohammed’ you heard

                • As Valarie Jarrid stated “RULER” …remember…we will be ready to RULE…(not GOVERN)

                • Agreed, and that always befuddles me WarEagle…why on earth would a press corp support an oppressive, Socialist administration ? Are they really that naive ? Do they really not understand that once the “regime” is in place, they will no longer be free to report whatever they want to, be it bull*&^% or not ?

                • Letterman really grilled him ! Didnt he!

              • Gandalff69

                Fact Checked & this is the antithesis of how a media should report to the people. Just imagine if Romney or Ryan put restraints on the Press as to what they were allowed to ask. It is the equivalent to a campaign Advertisement & Obama should have disclosed this info & paid for the time on TV!

                Worse still, at least for the White House, was that the reporters from local venues who got to ask questions made no bones about the fact that the interviews were scripted. “The president invited me to talk about sequestration,” NBC 7 San Diego’s reporter told her audience, Koffler notes, adding, “In the interview, she set Obama up with a perfectly pitched softball the president couldn’t have been more eager to take a swing at,” asking, ” “What do you want individual San Diegans to know about sequestration?”

                • mike ward

                  ” Just imagine if Romney or Ryan put restraints on the Press as to what they were allowed to ask….”

                  What do you think would happen if they did?

                  They already do this. The reason you dont know about it is the level of outrage on the other side about this never reaches the loud din it does with the right, because its simply to be expected. We All know they will manipulate interviews this way when they get desperate enough to avoid the subjects that they know will damage their franchise. Thats what happens when the truth isn’t on their side — and given there are alot of things romney needs to avoid, guarantees he will need to dissemble most of the time left in the campaign. They also know the lip service in ryan’s speech, saying “we will answer the hard questions” wasn’t a risk because it will also be dodged if reporters call them on that. Sounded effective though. The followers who heard that will blindly believe it to be true and never notice that romney/ryan’s answers never answer the questions – and any answers that he does give will more than likely be reversed later by his managers or contradict prior statements (which is why not giving clear answers is so necessary).

                  These reporters are just attempting to get romney to answer a legit question and know from experience that he will use every dodge to avoid answering it – like he always does. Mitt painted himself into the “no apology” corner, so is forced to just double down on everything, or else risk losing support from his party’s supporters, who he knows dont like him and would ditch him quickly with no reservations.

                • Gandalff69

                  Your mistake was comparing the two as being the same. I case you haven’t been outside for a while, America is burning down. To limit questions to ecconomic & foreign policy is not even close to fabricating your own questions, announcing to said reporters that these are the only questions they may ask to stir up division between groups and political parties.
                  Not sure you have purchased food without stamps or purchased fuel, tried to cloth your children without assistance but in the real world people of all parties are suffering. If you watch MSMBC or the other alphabet channels you are missing reality. USA as of Aug. 27 is now the highest most expensive. Country to do business in. PY better attention please before you post next time.

                • Real nice. Everyone who doesn’t agree with you is obviously on food stamps and ‘clothing assistance.’ Way to be a passive agressive asshole!

                • Finrod Felagund

                  Please tell me, if the press questions to Romney were ‘legit’, why did they have to collude to all ask the same question?

                  That’s a question you can’t answer, because you’re a liberal troll.

                • AmusedAgain

                  Answer to your question: Romney (and Obama) only answer a small set of the questions reporters would like to ask. By “calling on” friendlier reporters, they get tossed slow-hanging-curves.

                  Sometimes, they’ll call on a friendlier reporter who will ask something like, “What’s your take on what’s happening in the Middle East?” Romney will answer, “I am continuing to monitor the situation and I condemn the violence.”

                  Then he’ll call on a “less friendly” reporter who will ask him something like, “Do you stand by your statement or regret your statement?”

                  Rather than admit he was wrong, the candidate will say, “I already answered that question,” when, in fact, he really hasn’t.

                  Reporters are allowed to “collude.” Banks are not.

              • Without doubt the Pres Press Corps has become a propaganda arm of the left. Coverage of critical issues are superficial and occur only when they can’t avoid it. They are complicit in hiding or altering gov’t figures on unemployment, distribution of stimulus monies to Obummer bundlers and Union toads, etc. They have become as corrupt and criminally compliant as the old Communist Soviet Union media. And you moron, have yet to accept the hard reality the “fact checkers” was a brilliant play on words (like “jobs created or saved”) but have no relevance to the truth rather they now exist to spin whatever they can in favor of the Godhead of the Godless Party.. And Google? Don’t make us laugh!!

                • Without doubt then your conspiracy is full of flaws, note the recent Newsweek cover story.

                • Locked_and_Loaded

                  Newsweek?! You cite Newsweek? Trying for a new degree of stupid here, I see.

                • You really believe the drivel you spout dont you? Anyone that has read your tweets know your just another puppet of the left wing and your head so far up Obama’s butt that you wouldn’t know the facts if it hit you in the head. R/R ’12, yes it is going to happen.

                • Antistuff is right, there are articles critical of Obama on CNN, Newsweek, and MSNBC if you look for them. Rare and far between, and not picked up by other news sources like the Associated Press, but they are there. See for example “Obama’s War Crime” by Newsweek, “Barack Obama Knows His Way Around a Ballot” by the Chicago Tribune, and “Commentary: Obama and Bush Are Not So Far Apart” by CNN. MSNBC even did an excellent expose on Obama called “Barack Obama Revealed”. CNN in 2008 had a good one on Obama’s controversial history on the Born Alive bills. I agree with Antistuff. While the press does obviously lean left with the exception of FOX which is right, you can’t say it’s completely refused to cover Obama’s controversies. Most people just don’t look for them.

                • Finrod Felagund

                  Never heard the axiom “The exception proves the rule”, eh?

                  The reason the Newsweek cover story got attention was BECAUSE it was unusual. If Newsweek had been trashing Romney no one would have noticed, because that’s business as usual for them.

                • MickKandor

                  Has anyone ever considered the fact that the way the media gets it’s money is by sustaining viewership? And to sustain such, one must be hated to some extent? It was admitted by Howard Stern that his listeners that hated him were more valuable than the one’s who liked him. They also get their money in trade of favors legislatively for ads… I bet if newscasters and hosts could break their company’s NDA, you would find they believe opposite what they say, but as I said before, it’s a business. Distraction is the best way to keep a people enslaved and the machine rolling. Govt. using media is simply Govt. Paying for “ads” and what I mean by this goes as far to say that it may not come in direct form of cash payment, but legislation for people who hop to in media and negative consequences and investigations for those who don’t… Basically, if it smells funny, follow the money… Pretty simple, no?

                • I’ve worked for two TV stations locally here in Tampa. I disagree that they, the “powers that be” are closet conservatives. In fact, I was pretty much a conservative voice crying in the wilderness. I’m glad I got laid off, I felt I was in the belly of a beast. (One station was PBS so I get it that they are liberals, the other station was NBC…Chris Matthews visited and everyone swooned, ugh). Anyway, I’m pretty independent now but a move to Panama is certainly starting to look attractive.

                • Me too, I used to be a newspaper reporter in California. A conservative who “reported” neutrally, I had to endure the crowds around the t.v. on election night cheering on all the Democrats. The reporter who crossed the room to make sure I was “pro choice” before covering a pro life rally (I just didn’t answer.) The editorial writer who attacked my appointment as an editorial writer because I went to church (I was knocked for “not supporting the separation of church and state”!) They support a socialist administration because they are not just liberal, many of them ARE socialist and supporting liberal causes is why they put up with the lousy pay and long hours in the first place, they LIVE for the moments to bash the Romneys of the world.

                • johngalt30

                  They are hoping for a spot in state run media, only thing I can come up with.

                • I don’t disagree that it happens, but I just find it incredible that someone in the media of all places would want their reporters to support the supposed “separation” of church and state. I wonder what they’d think if they had that same fake wall to tear down every time they opened their mouths.
                  I feel for you folks who are Conservative and work in such hostile places. I don’t blame you for getting out.

                • Anthony Smyles

                  I believe you meant to say press “corpse”…. Isn’t that how the Obamanation says it.

              • Cassidy

                Last I heard, Google is pro-obama, and they will hide the truth about both sides

              • MickKandor

                It is my contention that the Internet and Google give people just enough rope to hang themselves with. As a resource, it gives otherwise unintelligent and uninformed info just enough to sound like they have had an original thought, but so called fact checking is higly questionable. It still takes skill and dedication, but in this age of “just add water” solutions, such advice asking people to “fact check” is pearls before swine, because at best they will hit up 3 articles and are now an “expert”,

                • mike ward

                  ” …fact checking is higly questionable. It still takes skill and dedication,…”

                  Its really not that hard to fact check emotionally driven statements made that are clearly wrong, according to transcripts or the text of a bill, etc that bi partisan sources will provide. This needs to be done because too many politicians have gotten used to getting away with emotional statements that paint the kind of picture they want to project when the truth becomes an annoyance.

                  As things evolve, politicians and their handlers will brainstorm statements that can cleverly deliver the emotional messagess in an obtuse way that isn’t specific and amounts to being opinion. You cant fact check an opinion – (you can only check the details that they used to form it – which they wont want to engage with ).

              • Well…, I just had a look at your http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog link, and decided to just randomly chose a spot along the 20 + minute “news conference” (randomely, mind you!), and I joined just as a reporter was asking the President about the tone of his campaign (actually she couched as the tone of the campaigns in general), and Obama took the time to refute the idea that his campaign is negative. He gave the following example: “e.g., no one has called Romney a Felon.” Well, Mr.s Pres. actually your campain did insinuate he was a felon. That’s a fact. And no one — not even the questioner — challanged him on that lie. Now, what’s frightening is the Orwellian use of history that this president and the media heap on us. He plays it both ways when it suits him, and nobody calls him on it, at least non one they’d let into one of the very, very few press conferences he holds twice a year. Come on, Antistuff, get your head out of the hole in the ground. Once O’s big Gov. is institutionalized, they’ll be coming for you, too. This is an unholy aliance between the media so powerful an idividual.

                • mike ward

                  “no one has called Romney a Felon.” Well, Mr.s Pres. actually your campain did insinuate he was a felon. That’s a fact. ”

                  When someone says a politician is either a criminal or a liar – and that politician knows that “liar” is the right choice – they will cleverly distract people’s attentions toward a falsehood in order to evade facing up the fact that they’re being a liar. Crying loudly about being called a criminal will only work to distract those with poor reading comprehension, those who surrender their intellect to partisan spinners, or those who appreciate the distraction made by their partisan guy and run with it, because they dont care if he lies. Romney was being called a liar – because thats what he did.

                • Actually, the Obama campaign basically did call Romney a felon. Specifically they said something along the lines of he either lied to the American people, or he committed a felony.

                  Funny thing is they were wrong on both counts.


              • When was he last asked about:
                …Fast & Furious?
                …the $1.5 billion transferred to Egypt over the objections of Congress?
                …the lack of a budget, and the total lack of interest in negotiating with Congress to pass one?

                listing all of them would take far more time than I’m willing to devote to this, but you get the picture. The entire press corps (pronounced like “core”) is willingly devoting themselves to asking these kind of pseudo-challenging questions about anything and everything OTHER than the economy or his record in office.

                • Oh, I don’t know about “core”, press “corpse” might be more accurate… walking dead zombies most of the time.

                • passingby

                  I’m sure you’ve seen this on YouTube, but in case you haven’t…take a look…fits right in with your comment…and it’s from a LONG time ago…

                  I laugh every time I watch it!

                • One of my BF’s has been preaching for over 4 years that BH Obama’s agenda was to destroy this country, I am now convinced that she was absolutely correct…what else would explain his actions and inactions.

              • captaingrumpy

                You do realize that “Factcheck” has been found out to be an Obama supporter with the fingers in the pie.

                • AmusedAgain

                  captain, please support your allegation with some documentation. On the factcheck.org website, both sides (libs and cons) are called out for their exaggerations or outright lies.

                  Your comment implies that you have different evidence.

                  Below is the financial disclosure statement on the factcheck.org website. The vast majority of the funding comes from the Walter Annenberg foundation. Annenberg was appointed Ambassador to the Court of St James — basically, the US Ambassador to the UK — by Richard Nixon.

                  Financial Disclosure:

                  Fiscal Year 2012
                  (12 months ending June 30, 2012)

                  Annenberg Foundation: $849,802

                  Individual donors: $107,644

                  During this 12-month period, we received a total of 2,183 gifts from individual donors, the largest of which was $2,500. The average individual donation was $49.31, and half of our individual donations during this period were $25 or less.

                  The individual donors included these who gave $1,000 or more:

                  Howard and Penny Burt Family Fund: $2,500
                  Michael A. Ramey, Seattle, Wash.: $1,000
                  Allen Stenger, Alamogordo, N.M.: $1,000
                  Thomas Ferguson, Nolanville, Texas: $1,000
                  David Joerg, New York, N.Y.: $1,000
                  Leighton Moss, Houston, Texas: $1,000

                  Fiscal Year 2012, Fourth Quarter
                  (3 months ending June 30, 2012)

                  Annenberg Foundation: $197,699

                  Individual donors: $5,149

                  During this three-month period, we received a total of 70 gifts from individual donors, the largest of which was $1,000. The average individual donation was $73.55, and half of our individual donations during this period were $25 or less.

                  The individual donors included these who gave $1,000 or more:

                  Michael A. Ramey, Seattle, Wash.: $1,000
                  Allen Stenger, Alamogordo, N.M.: $1,000

                  ⬐ Click to expand/collapse the full text ⬏

                  Fiscal Year 2011
                  (12 months ending June 30, 2011)

                  Annenberg Foundation: $612,125

                  Carnegie Corporation of New York: $100,000

                  Rajkumar Anketell, Hackensack, N.J.: $5,000

                  Allen Stenger, Alamogordo, N.M.: $1,000

                  Individual donations of less than $1,000 each: $49,018.59

                  Non-corporate employer matching (Pew Charitable Trusts): $1,000

                  During this 12-month period, we received a total of 942 gifts from individual donors, the largest of which was $5,000. The average individual donation was $59.40. Half of our individual donations were $25 or less.

                  Fiscal Year 2010
                  (12 months ending June 30, 2010)

                  Annenberg Foundation: $806,542

                  Flora Family Foundation: $99,093

                  Individual donors: $11,498

                  During this period, we received a total of 281 gifts from individual donors, the largest of which was $500. The average individual donation was $40.92.

                • raysny

                  Facts are not liberal.

            • Easy with the name calling folks. We might want to remember that The Right Scoop is a classy site, and maybe go over the rules of conduct. Thanks. http://www.therightscoop.com/the-right-scoop-commenting-rules/

            • Big_Bear

              The media is so far up Obama’s rectum it would take that crew who rescued the Chilean miners to find them.

              • Sorry for the media, they’ll have to remain up the One’s rectum. Since Bill Maloney, the man who orchestrated the Chilean miner rescue. Is running for Governor of WV. On the Republican ticket, so he’s too busy to rescue any media dung miners.

          • “sorry you are butt-heart when that includes the GOP.” what? Is this even a sentence? hahaha and keep believing that the media questions everyone there Antistuff. Throwing the POTUS a softball is not questioning, it is pushing the POTUS’ agenda, moron. And learn how to write complete sentences that make sense. No one is asking for perfect grammar but a contextual sentence would be nice, jerk.

            • stevenbiot

              I suspect Antistuff might be a product of a prior Chicago teacher union strike. You can’t blame him; he probably showed up to school for the free meals, not for the purpose of becoming educated.

              • and people wonder why the Right Wing has an issue with comedy. You fools all share the same lame, everything-is-political jokes. enjoy your self-referential idiocy! I almost hope Romney wins, so you all can cry and whine and freak out after realizing he’s a (barely) closeted Northeastern Liberal Republican.

                But, but, but the Teaparty said “enough” and “no more fake conservatives” they said. They promised the GOP was a new party, they said…..and then Romney got the GOP nomination.

                You really can’t make this stuff up. If it were a movie, the complaints about it being too unrealistic would never green light the script.

                • steprock

                  Anti, we actually know that already. It’s not news to us.

                  Most of us are willing to tolerate Mitt Romney. We’re not fools, even if we have a different point of view than you. A bunch of us are highly PO’d and the Grand Ol’ Party for the very thing you point out.

                • Fair and welcome comment, acknowledging so.

                  I have no issue with the normal partisan “battles”, par for course and all. But things like yesterday’s events should not be partisan. I’m not a fan of GWBush and his admin, but I’m the first one to stand up and say that they were NOT to blame for the 9/11 attacks. I was working in Manhattan 11 years ago. So it’s very personal to me. The terrorists were to blame. Blame begins and ends with the terrorists. This is the same situation. The attackers of the Libyan consulate are to blame. Not frightened staff who sent out tweets (in Cairo), not President Obama, not the late Ambassador either.

                  Such insinuations are careless, crass, dangerous, misguided (at best), and most importantly for Mr. Romney’s self-preservation as a nominee for President of the USA, – terrible politics that only inflame the most negative elements of his base. I’m not in the business of giving Mr. Romney political advice, but since this effects the entire Nation – that’s everyone in America btw, not just Republicans/Conservatives – I’m disgraced, disgusted and will spend the time calling it out.

                  God Bless America and all innocents in the world.

                • porkexpress

                  I am sure Obama will apologize to everyone for you. He does such a great job of it and he really does not mind doing it.

                • antistuff: 11 years ago GWB attended his intelligence briefings. The problem is he didn’t get all the information at the time. The one guy in the FBI who KNEW the attack was coming was discredited, harassed an ultimately quit. His information probably never reached Bush. Since 9/11 the intelligence agencies are (theoretically)more cooperative and more responsive to uncollated, potential terrorist threat information. I’d be willing to bet that had Obama attended his intelligence meetings over the last few weeks he might have been made aware of a potential problem (you know 11 years after 9/11 ON 9/11 coming up coupled with whatever chatter they had) and might have been motivated to take some action.

                • Following that logic, do you think only Obama has the authority to do something? Do you honestly believe the intel briefings said “attack about to happen in Benghazi” and only Obama’s absence caused inaction? Do you honestly believe every other intelligence personnel would sit on such information? Let’s be reasonable here and discuss.

                • libtarded

                  Obama has a pretty good history of taking authority when it suits his ends.

                  * He took the “authority” to demand that religious institutions pay for things that are against their beliefs.
                  * He took the “authority” to recess appoint his own Czars by declaring congress was “in recess” when it was not (being gaveled in and out by agreement of both parties).
                  * He took the “authority” to target an American Citizen for killing outside the US (despite worrying so terrible about “enhanced interrogation” of non-citizens while running for office). Given the choice, I’d bet that citizen would rather have been waterboarded than blown up by predator drone… or put up in Gitmo or offered a trial in New York.
                  * He took the “authority” to essentially bypass congress on the issue of illegal immigration and the “dream act”.

                • AmusedAgain

                  If President Obama did something illegal, there must be some reason that the GOP hasn’t impeached him. Could it be that he hasn’t done anything illegal, but that he has a constitutional responsibility to get his job done, in spite of the do-nothing Congress?

                  You say he “forced” religious institutions to provide birth control. I say he protected women’s rights to get informed health care choices. Churches are exempt and always were. We’re talking about the hospitals and other profit making ventures that the Churches support. This is employment law, not religion. The churches are “relitagating” their failure to convince the flock on Sundays of the evilness of birth control. Under the guise of “religious freedom”, they want to take personal freedom away from women and their doctors.

                  Recess appointments have been made-legally-since George Washington. Both Bushes made them. Are you disputing the authority of the President to make such appointments, especially when Congress has been exceptionally slow to allow confirmation hearings to go forward? The Constitution provides a way for the President to do his job, even when Congress doesn’t do theirs.

                  As for an American Citizen being killed by a drone strike, hey–if you don’t like the heat, stay out of the kitchen. The “citizen” didn’t get the waterboarding choice because of his earlier choices. He was wanted-dead or alive-by Yemeni authorities. He advocated killing Americans without an order of Fatwa. I hope it’s clear that our government will take out those who participate in active armed attacks against the United States.

                  On immigration, NO PRESIDENT has deported people at a faster rate. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/12/obamas-record-high-deportations-draw-hispanic-scorn/ Because the immigration courts were clogged with deportations, Obama de-prioritized certain classes of illegals, such as veterans, parents of U.S. citizen children, students and the elderly, in favor of deporting more undesirable illegals. It’s been estimated that simply to deport every illegal alien would cost $285 Billion. Congress hasn’t given him that much money to do it. So he announced his rational policy, and got political points from Hispanic VOTERS (not illegals) who understand it. All of this is legal, so quit bellyaching.

                • libtarded

                  Careful posting “record deportation numbers”– as there are lies, damn, lies, and the Obama administration:

                • KenInMontana

                  Actually the reason that Articles of Impeachment have not been put forth by the House, is the fact that it would be impossible to get a unbiased trial in the Senate.

                • We shall see after Nov. ….oh wait it will be Jan. before we can see what the executive order protecting the Att. General contains, possibly it’s protecting that Empty Chair in the oval office? Only time will tell..I hear echos of Carter and Nixon!!
                  I am a 4mer dumb dem..’08 voted for McCain as I was absolutley convinced we needed a Strong Military Type as Commander n Cheif…I was soooo wrong!! lol 🙁

                • So

                  I honestly believe that Obama would rather be out campaigning than meet with the President of Israel just after Iran announces they have developed a cruise missle that will reach every part of Israel. I honestly believe that Obama would rather claim executive privilege than get to the bottom of ‘Fast and Furious’. I honestly believe that Obama promised to cut the national debt in half by his first term and failed miserably. I honestly believe that Obama promised his stimulus (first) would reduce unemployment to around 5% and we have been stuck at +8% since. I honestly believe that Obama promised he would “reset” relations with Russia when just the opposite has happened. I honestly believe Obama promised he would bring peace to the Middle East where obviously based on recent events, the opposite is true. I honestly believe that I could fill up this page with Obama’s broken promises. I honestly believe that Obama is way in over his head and it is far past time to give someone else a chance at solving our problems and I honestly believe that anyone that disagrees with that stance cares more about their personal interests than the best interests of the US.

                • but you can easily argue that the opposition party has not proposed a meaningful platform or solution to pay down the debt or tackle the problems facing the US. False promises aside, it’s easy to sit here and say Obama made promises a year on the campaign in advance of stepping to a pile of shit that the previous administration left him and having to come to the realization that things must get worse before they can get better.

                  Problems being fixed require money to be spent it’s simple economics. For instance if you’re an emergency highway wrecker clean up crew and you have a problem with one of your trucks (equipment) you use to clear the highways of wrecked 18 wheelers and it breaks down. You don’t ignore the problem and just throw the truck away and pray the rest of your trucks can handle the load. You spend the money to fix it to keep your company profitable. You can’t just cut/throw away -everything- and put a huge strain on the middle class completely crumpling it into the poor house to “fix” the multitude of problems facing Americans. The GOP’s platform would do just that. Cut -everything- in sight that it deems unnecessary to save America. GOP: fixing America by crushing Americans. That’s their platform quite to the point. If you can’t see that then get a magnifying glass out and go read the fine print kiddies.

                • TerryOtt

                  Sometimes, Jason, it takes LESS money being spent for “problems to be fixed”, an observation from my 70 years. Spending money you don’t have and have no prospects for getting, or spending that is misdirected, is fairly likely to make any problem worse. That’s something conservatives seem to recognize more than liberals do.

                • If they didn’t have fore-knowledge of unrest in the area, then why did they issue an apology for the supposedly-offending video BEFORE the attack took place?

                  When the head of an organization doesn’t seem to care, then the people working under him will begin not to care. I’ve seen this happen to at least a dozen companies.

                • AmusedAgain

                  Perhaps because our consulates and missions don’t have a standing order to “antagonize the angry mob and give them more reasons to attack.” From wikipedia, ”

                  In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to gain strategic advantage or to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge, one set of tools being the phrasing of statements in a non-confrontational, or polite manner.”

                  If you were confronted with an angry mob, would you:

                  (a) Say, ““Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy.” And
                  “We condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”


                  (b) Throw gasoline on the fire by saying, “We are OUTRAGED by your breach of our Sovereignty. Here are some gas canisters, grenades, and bullets for your trouble. And when our staff of a few hundred run out of bullets, your thousands can take us hostage.”

                • Wow – my point went right over your head, and left skid marks on your forehead. My point was refuting the argument that the embassy had no knowledge of any unrest in the area, made by Antistuff.

                  (Which I thought was blindingly obvious by my including “If they didn’t have fore-knowledge of unrest in the area…”)

                  In any case, your entire comment reinforces the argument that they did in fact have fore-knowledge of unrest – so thank you for that.

                • They did violate international law…what law was violated by this viedo. Their actions are considered an act of war and should be dealt with in such a manner. There willing actions of evil promoted by lack of intelligence by no means is excusable by a blasphemous movie. I remember a blasphemous movie “The Da Vinci Code” but I do not remember murder and
                  may heim as Christians felt insulted by the movie. My ? is what will it take to bring the truth to the forefront that this is an act of war not reaction to an insult. Remember…ignore that man behind the curtain…..Auntie Emm…Toto….there’s no place like home…opps that was before Nov.’08

                • AmusedAgain

                  Yes. Act of War.

                  In Egypt, they breached our embassy grounds and took down our flag. Yes, an act of war. I am NOT apologizing for them. I am NOT sympathizing with them. I AM trying to get to your view on what should happen next…

                  Now what? Start shooting? Start a war? Condemn the President?

                  POP QUIZ: What’s your plan, Jennifer?

                  But before you offer one, consider what you do if you’re in a building in a capital of a country where the government has a tenuous grip on power, there are hundreds/thousands of angry people outside your gates, and there are about 72,000,000 Muslims within the country.

                  If you anger 1% of them, that’s 720,000 angry people.

                  They live in a country where 91% are Muslim, and do not have a historical heritage with the kind of religious tolerance that lets us debate “Passion of the Christ”, “The Last Temptation of Christ”, “Da Vinci Code”, etc.

                  Another piece of background: We weren’t always the country we are today. Read about D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of A Nation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Birth_of_a_Nation), which was a silent film made just about 100 years ago that led to rioting and the rebirth of the KKK.

                  I think that what the Embassy did was what was taught about 2000 years ago: “But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also” Matthew 5:39

                  Please read this, then answer. http://provocativechristian.wordpress.com/2009/01/23/provocative-bible-verses-turn-the-other-cheek/

                • Obama can’t have it both ways and neither can you. Either the buck stops with him or it doesn’t. Which is it?

                • Finrod Felagund

                  The buck never stops with Obama because he’s too busy spending them.

                • Keep the presses going…you know the printing presses

                • Finrod Felagund

                  Even if it had, Obama wouldn’t have seen it because he hadn’t attended the daily intelligence briefing for a full week before. Is it too much to ask the President to do his job protecting the country?

                • Antistuff, have you read the recent articles that show that Bush & his associates were well aware that something was going to happen & they did nothing. Nothing. Well, except Bush went to hide at his ranch & Cheney stayed in the hidey-hole at the White House. Bush’s response to this was that no one told him when & where; but he didn’t act to even TRY to find out the when & where. Very sad.

                • lunaticsrunningtheasylum

                  First off, I think hindsight being what it is, all these years later, people are going back and rewriting the events of that day, and who’s to stop them? No proof, mind you, but it sells. With that said, I’ll play along…in an imaginary world what exactly do you propose Bush should have done? I suppose he could have closed all airports, train stations, public buildings, government buildings, national monuments, etc….but for how long? and with what consequence? NO ONE knew the date, the time or the place, except, of course, the terroroists. And my guess is, they weren’t talking.

                • Bush was at a school in Florida,, just where did you get your info. Cheney was at the white house, and was taken underground for protection,why do you tell untruths when the facts are out there for all to see,

                • biggoofer

                  Recent articles?
                  NYT? WaPo? Politico?

                • Since we are dredging up old hat, Slick Willie Clinton was practically handed bin Laden at least three times. What did he do? To use your one of your own words: Nothing.

                • Left, Left , Left Right Left…who’se on first??????????

                • Apologizing to Islam for a Hollywood film that had nothing to do with politics while his Ambassador is being murdered, and you have the Gall to criticize Romney for saying he handled it wrong… Grow UP! You are not a child anymore! You do not need to be coddled by your Government! They are not your GOD! I do not stand for any President that undermines our Government for his own personal beliefs! We need someone who Believes in America not someone who has always hated America! The people that stand up for him baffle me. Why do people want someone who does not care or respect them. He just wants you dependent on him so you will vote for him. He hates people who want to take care of themselves and their neighbors through love and charity without using Government to get the abeyance. Government should be the last resort and a short time of dependence, not unemployment as your future Career.

                • “You cannot stand a President that undermines our government for his own personal beliefs”
                  So what you’re saying is that you won’t vote for Romney because Romney personal belief “Mormonism” is that women have no moral authority over their own body because his personal religious belief states so. His own personal religious belief states that marriage is only acceptable between a man and a woman and that is therefore what he wants the country to have.

                  So i’m sorry but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If anyone is going to be more guilty of that premise it’s Mitt.

                • Mittens has not underminded our government with his personal beliefs. Last time I checked, the issue of abortion is still legal in the state of Mass., and as for Marriage being between 1 man and 1 woman, that is still legal in most states. Of course it should be the people to decide, as the people are the employers of the government- but it seems that although in some states the people have spoken, but the government has ignored them.
                  Still, comparing mittens (and I’m not a fan of his either) personal beliefs of pro life and pro traditional marriage and dear leader’s anti American, muslim brotherhood loving aiding of terrorist groups is like comparing apples to hand grenades.

                • I thought when the Navy Seals got Bin Laden the President stated “the war on terror is over”?? I think it’s still very alive and well……

                • But Bush WOULD have been responsible for a feckless and weak *response* to the 9/11 attacks.

                  But it doesn’t matter – you don’t speak for the left. Today John Kerry blasted Romney for criticizing the President for his apologetic response to the attacks, yet he was doing the exact same in 2004: http://www.presidentialrhetoric.com/campaign/speeches/kerry_sept8.html

                  So lefties can spare us your phony indignation. By now, we know any quarter on our part will NOT be reciprocated. You on the left created this monster – don’t whine if it turns around to eat you.

                • That is all nice and the stuff of fluff and nonsense but Obama is to blame and should be held accountable along with his entire administration. IT’S HIS JOB TO KNOW. Furthermore check the date…YA KNOW 9/11! Yeah that one. There was no security at that embassy. NONE! There should of been extra security but instead there was none…absolutely none. I will let that sink in.

                • I am leaning towards the conclusion that the lack of Security was deliberate…the downsizing of our armory and troops and I am hearing the State Dept. had chatter 48 hrs before they murdered our Ambassador !!! What is up !!!

                • AmusedAgain

                  You hold Obama accountable for the storming of the embassies. Do you hold Bush responsible for 9/11?

                  You hold Obama responsible for four deaths in Yemen. Embassies aren’t forts or military installations. They are diplomatic missions that primarily rely on the host governments for security.

                  So you also hold Reagan responsible for the 241 deaths in 1983 in Lebanon–soldiers… And Clinton responsible for the 17 deaths in Yemen –sailors–when the USS Cole was attacked.

                • Rshill7

                  If we needed a green light we’d simply ask you to smile.

                • Anti what exactly are you talking about? It’s not news what Romney is… I would much rather have a “Northeastern Liberal Republican” than a radical such as POTUS Hussein. And as far as Right Wing issue with comedy well.. I haven’t seen one funny thing you have said yet.

                • “fools” ? “idiocy” ?

                  Aren’t you the one going around posting the commenting rules?

            • PhillyCon

              It’s not a sentence. The Lefties today on this and the press conference thread have had major deficiencies and difficulties communicating in the English language.

              • I still think, most of them know the proper grammar, but choose to ignore it so as to better commiserate with the downtrodden.

                My favorite example is the woefully illiterate yet near-universal (among Illiberals) use of “on” after “hate” a few years ago. For example: “Why do RethugliKKKans hate on Obama?”

                • Liberals are ignorant aren’t they? Considering the KKK was started and remains a demoncrat group. the civil rights movement was pushed by conservatives I have no clue how there is a demoncratic party anymore. they take credit for everything but do nothing.

                • They play to the vunerable…I researched some Islam and was suprised that they have such a huge class system and when they issue Fatwas it is optional to follow but are usually followed by the lower uneducated classes as religion is all they have for hope …I related this blind alignment to the Dem party , it’s as though they are compelled to herd and be led. I know there is all that touchie feel good crap about the benefit of the group. Reality is survial of the fittest…let us with draw all $$ and we shall apply those funds to the soverign protection of our nation. The Neanderthals went exstinct by not evolving…natural selection has been the rule of the world way before we walked here.

            • I think he was trying to say, “butt hurt” but his spelling is as clear as his thinking.

          • StillWatching2

            Yes – EVERYONE – Obama included! If Hillary REALLY had information on the “birth certificate” when she started that Bat-shit birther stuff in the primaries 2008, they should have FOLLOWED UP – unless you believe the “National Enquierer” story that O> threatened to kill Chelsea – did any other media ASK QUESTIONS? What about the Tony Resko questions or the Rev. Wright questions ? Humm? YOU ARE DEAD ON – the media’s job is QUESTION EVERYONE! And they DON’T DO IT!

          • Typical MSM questions to the two main presidential candidates:

            “Mr. Romney – when did you stop beating your wife?”

            “Mr. President :::swoon::: where did you get such a dashing suit?”

            Understand the difference here?

          • You call reporters coordinating questions in order to keep a sitting president in power normal reporting?

            • FriendOfReality

              Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what they call it. Normal.

              It doesn’t matter what happens, when it happens, or who it happens to; if there is even a HINT that it will put Obama in a bad light, you can bet your last dollar that the MSM isn’t going to report it.

              They hardly ever even bring up anything that has happened during his term that has the potential to “hurt him”. Fast and Furious, unemployment, sending BILLIONS overseas, Israel and other foreign policy…they are a NO SHOW.

            • Hey, at least they get an A+ for teamwork. Everything else gets an “Incomplete” (shout out to El Presidente).

          • Then why don’t they ever ask Obama any hard questions? All they do is throw him softball questions and fawn over him.

          • they don’t do that to obama, only the Republicans,and you know that!

            • lunaticsrunningtheasylum

              Dreaming again Gail?

          • Visceral_Constitutionalist

            Not butt-hurt about the GOP being asked questions, frustrated that the media handles the DEMs with kit gloves and even worse helps them with easy questions, leading stories, etc., while displaying a vile bias against the GOP. I agree with your statement that it is the media’s job to question everyone…I just expect them to question Obama and the Dems diligently and stop working for their own ideological outcome.

          • When was the last time they conspired to ask the president anything harder than, “Are you really as dreamy as we know you are?” If their job is to ask questions, let them ask questions. If their job is to be co-conspirators with the Democrats, then let their salaries be shown as in-kind contributions with the FEC.

          • Antistuff… it’s one thing to slam republicans, it’s an entirely different thing to collaborate on how best to corner a republican into a particular topic so the “impartial” media can coerce the response they are seeking. An intellectually honest person can tell the difference.

          • tularockstar

            Question everyone, with a liberal, left-wing, bias, right? You can’t be that stoopid can you? Of course you probably been drinking too much of that MSNBS tainted kool-aid also. Chris Matthews tingles down his own legs every time he says the name Obama!

          • detroitsteve

            True, the media’s job is to question everyone fairly. However, that’s not the way the mainstream media has operated in a long time so please don’t equivocate. The news organizations from CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, PBS, etc have consistently tossed pillows to Democrats & hardballs to Republicans. Just remember the scandalous BS that Jason Blair wrote for the NYT & his stated reasons for doing it.

          • That once was their job. I am now ashamed to admit that I was once a journalist, but these MSM personnel have become “Pressitutes”. I can still here my editors shouting” Where is the OTHER side of this story?”

          • They ambushed Romney. If you listened to what was being said in the video, they planned the ambush. This is what you get from the Lame Stream Media who would much rather play “gotcha” than actually practice responsible journalism. They did not “question” him in a responsible manner. They are frauds in every sense of the word.

          • That’s the whole point Antistuff. Be tough on all politicians instead. I want both parties grilled the way they grill Romney. I would like to see them seek the truth because it is their job to report not take sides or give me their friggin opinion. I need the facts and I will form my own darn opinion.

          • Butt-Heart? Are you illiterate? If you don’t see the extreme bias in the media, you are willfully blind.

        • MickKandor

          Not advocating either party here but just a note to say I think it is uproariously laughable to think the media is supposed to be the guardian of anything other than their ratings which sell ads… It’s a business, dude, not a charity.

        • jockstrap1234

          I couldn’t have said so any better…


        • washingtoncntyboy

          Well played Sir….well played

        • The ‘both parties are the same’ meme is a recent one. Who does it benefit most?


        • AmusedAgain

          Just re-read the Constitution. As private citizens, journalists have no constitutional guardianship responsibility; please cite your Section/Paragraph. As far as freedom of the press, you have the same rights, as does Fox News. These two reporters, by the way, have the right to assemble (See First Amendment).

          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

          Two reporters. Assembling. Exercising freedom of speech. They are not plotting to deny you any rights. They’re agreeing to ask a specific question. I see no legal problem here.

          Romney might not like the question. He might not answer the question. You might not like his answer.

          Where exactly is your constitutional problem?

      • We are focusing on THIS topic, and THIS issue. Take your strawman and go.

      • Reelman1946

        But there are HUGE differences…and we have only 2 choices…so distracting posts change nothing…OzBama has a record now.

      • Boris_Badenoff

        So by your statement glittermama you are stating that the Media is part of the Democrat Party…

        We already knew that but nice to have the corroboration.. lol..

      • Syrin

        Like OMG, like this is all crazy and stuff.

        Idiot. Go get your daily Soros cookie because, like OMG, this is all you’re going to have after a cactus like being such as yourself mindlessly votes for the tyrant in chief to take away every last freedom you have. Moron.

        • The Right Scoop has a code of conduct, please read it and try to refrain from name calling other commenters, even if we don’t agree with them. Thanks. http://www.therightscoop.com/the-right-scoop-commenting-rules/

          • Rshill7

            Who are all these people?

            • TomJB

              This story is getting big. They are coming from everywhere.

              • Boris_Badenoff

                Rush gave scoop a big plug earlier today..

            • Mark Levin posted this link on his Facebook page. That’s where everyone is coming from. sigh. Poor ABiC. I would not want to moderate this crowd. I’ll drink a beer in your honor, ABiC!

              • LOL Thanks Jasper- I’m earning my keep today with this one 😉 Hope the beer went down nicely!

            • 3seven77

              Rshill, Scoop was linked by Drudge, Breitbart and Twitchy. I had a heck of a time trying to get here because of all the incoming traffic.

            • Whew mybear! I couldn’t even stay on earlier- the site kept crashing on me. I heard Rush plugged the story, and it was viral on facebook earlier too.

          • erehwon

            Apparently, you want comments, but are channeling ‘Ms. Manners’. I suggest you simply cut off all comments, or just go through and axe the ones that make you feel all fainty and prone to swoon. Every other comment is from you about ‘civility.

            Ye gawds and little fishes! Are you so delicate that honest criticism give you the vapors?

            I don’t expect that this will last very long among these blog comments.

            And here I’ve been thinking what an idiot you are on Twitter.

            • Rshill7

              Ok, start runnin’. ABC is beloved here. You are not. She’s two parts class and three parts Lady. You are five parts lowlife.

              Do you have a beef against manners? If so, slide it between your buns, slap some cheese on it, and eat it.

              We respect ladies and gentlemen here. If you aren’t experiencing that respect, it’s because you fall into neither category.

            • Get a grip. Scoop is a classy site and family friendly, and we try and keep it that way. If you can’t follow simple conduct, don’t bother coming back.
              We have no problems with honest debates, but we can be civil while we disagree. Comprende?

      • To me it has nothing to do with the candidtes but everything to do with the lack of integrity in the media. This is just another of many examples of it.

      • We’ve NEVER denied GOD on any Platform…NOR have we made statements regarding Jerusalem NOT being the capital of Israel. Your “hate” speaks volumes mz Glittermama….HATE IS RAMPANT with most Liberals tho’…just sayin.

      • M_J_S

        LOL…right on. When we beat Obama’s ass we will hold Romney’s feet to the fire from day one. If he doesn’t deliver, we throw him out.

        • How’s that when we can’t hold his feet to the fire now when he needs us more than any time in his life. Next time he’ll be an incumbent and need us need less.

          • M_J_S

            Well, the GOP either gets it together or we move on….people have no tolerance for BS anymore…do the job or go home.

            • I’m no Miss Cleo but I suggest you start making plans now.

      • Just another libturd spewing her bullshit. She has to play the victim and be blameless. The lamesteam media has no culpability because of idiots like her.

      • chopper

        Is that what you have for brains girl……….glitter. Do your country a favor, and stay home on Novemeber 6th………you azzhat.

      • Steve Neely

        The point, Glitter, is that the media supports Democrat corruption.

      • the msm is suppose to report the news only they are not suppose to take sides
        the msm s corrupted and need to be purged!!!!!!!

      • By the way Glitter, OMG is now short for Obama Must Go. So good call!

      • Ok lady, u said it, both r corrupt!!!

      • Here is more of that projection we have been talking about. Leftists do this often. It’s Alinsky 101.

      • Good job, glitter; you went for the 2nd line of defense for liberals which is obfuscation. Usually, the left leads with a personal attack on either the person presenting the issue or involved in the issue. So I guess rather than attack Romney or the editorial staff of this site you just get right to 2. (These tactics are taught in Journalism 101 in schools across the country and as we can see the group depicted above is still relying on study groups rather than their own research when it comes to test taking. That way the message is consistent and harmonious.)

      • Ass-kissers? For pointing out that apologizing, pre-emptively to murders, was wrong? Mitt made a statement from a position of strength, not weak&feckless, up and down this chain of command. G-mama? Was MILF-NOT taken?

      • At least Romney doesn’t beliee we shopuld be a WELFARE State where over 40% of the country is taking handout…and that number grows by the day. PATHETIC!

      • but glittermama, we keep catching the people on the Left, you know the saints who never do wrong.

      • OMG=obama must go.

      • “OMG like the Republicans are not corrupt too !”

        Even if that were true, do two wrongs make a right?

        The point is, this is two reporters from two different outlets that are coordinating to try and make Romney look bad. NOT, I repeat, NOT to delve into real policy issues, NOT even to challenge him on what he would do if he were President. An American ambassador has just been murdered, and all these two can think to do is catch Romney in some sort of “gotcha”.

        “I hate anyone who…”

        Yep, we know. Most of us have seen the hate from your side of the aisle for decades.

      • Carl Pham

        Oooo, THERE’S a powerful counter-argument! “But your guy does it too!”

        Last time I heard that, I was about 8 years old.

      • your so full of hate! why has evil turned your heart black? don’t you have compassion for your fellow humans? I think your a raciest……

      • Republicans must be destroyed … first. Because they clearly have not even tried to protect this country from the spendthrift idiots in the dummycrat party.

        TEA anyone?

      • This ain’t about Democrat/Republican…It’s about the media being biased….They should be unbiased and report the news not take sides and try to ruin one side or the other by ambushing them at press conferences and lying to the American public for the sake of their party….

    • YUP.

    • Y’all so crazy!

      • Rshill7

        Have you noticed your own picture?

    • jockstrap1234

      Howzah123, you are right! And, while 100% of all members of either parties CAN’T be categorized in totality–Nonetheless the Romney ticket is “exceedingly” much more plausible & necessary for the USA, as opposed to the Obama ticket…
      VOTE ROMNEY!!!

    • oxco

      We all know it, just hard cold fact on hot mic…
      This is the time to fight hard to remove this president, our primary goal is to take back our country.

    • And the Ghost of Andrew Breitbart dupes you again…

    • If Romney gets voted into the house the world should be over. He does not know what he is talking about. He is for the rich people only and does not know how to be a leader. We put Obama in the Whitehouse 4 years ago for a reason and what he was thrown into was a mess already. It took longer than that to get it into the mess it is in. He may work it out with another 4 year term. Not completely, but maybe a good start. Just wait till you have to have your own personal health insurance at your cost and your family goes without healthcare in a time of need. Then you may wish you had done differently, when it is too late. Obama all the way.

      • Howzah123

        You’re just spewing cliche talking points like a robot/cult member. Obama’s “recovery” was worse than the recession. The Romney/Ryan Plan has been shown to be revenue neutral and a plan that will spur economic growth. See for yourself here: http://www.princeton.edu/ceps/workingpapers/228rosen.pdf

        It will put us on a path to prosperity. Obama has borrowed/printed/spent 6 trillion within 4 years and the result is 19% Real Unemployment. That’s not a “good start”.

        Here are the facts. Pay attention:

        The share of Americans who’ve been out of work a long time — now at 42% of the unemployed — is the highest since the Great Depression (source: Labor Department).
        • The proportion of the civilian working-age population actually working, at 58%, is the smallest since the Carter era (Labor Department).
        • Growth in nonfarm payroll jobs since the recovery began in June 2009 is the slowest of any comparable recovery since World War II (Hoover Institution).
        • The rate of new business startups — the engine of job growth — has plunged to an all-time low of 7.87% of all businesses (Census Bureau).
        • 3 in 10 young adults can’t find jobs and live with their parents, highest since the 1950s (Pew Research).
        • 54% of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 are jobless or underemployed, the highest share in decades (Northeastern University).
        • Black teen unemployment, now at 37%, is near Depression-era highs (Labor Department).
        • Almost 1 in 6 Americans are now poor — the highest ratio in 30 years — and the total number of poor, at 49.1 million, is the largest on record (Census).
        • The share of Hispanics in poverty has topped that of blacks for the first time, 28.2% to 25.4% (Census).
        • The number of Americans on food stamps — 45 million recipients, or 1 in 7 residents — also is the highest on record (Congressional Budget Office).
        • Total government dependency — defined as the share of Americans receiving one or more federal benefit payments — is now at 47%, highest ever (Hoover).
        • The share of Americans paying no income tax, at 49.5%, is the highest ever (Heritage Foundation, IRS).
        • The national homeownership rate, now at 65.4%, is the lowest in 15 years (Census).
        • The 30-point gap between black and white Americans who own their own homes is the widest in two decades and one of the widest on record (Census).
        • Federal spending, now at 23.4% of GDP, is the highest since WWII (CBO).
        • Excluding defense and interest payments, spending is the highest in American history, at 17.6% of the economy (First Trust Economics).
        • The federal debt, at 69% of GDP, is the highest since just after WWII (CBO).
        • The U.S. budget deficit, now at 9.5% of the economy, is the highest since WWII (CBO).
        • U.S. Treasury debt has been downgraded for the first time in history, meaning the U.S. government no longer ranks among risk-free borrowers (S&P).

        • Hey Moodys is tossing around another downgrade!!!!!!!!

      • StillWatching2

        Good News ! He is for rich people – those “RICH PEOPLE” Obama wants to TAX! AND when you think GLOBALY not nationally, nearly ALL AMERICANS are in the “TOP 1%” = certainly 10% ! So voting for Romney is just – The AMERICAN – thing to Do! Thanks LHG !!

      • Let us face the facts…businesses are scared..they are deciding they will take a measley $2000.00 fine in leu of their $8,000-$10,000 contributions for health care supplied to thier workers so that said worker can now have a State Voucher to recieve Medical services that will basically be Medicaid.The hijacking of 1/7 th of the economy will be devastating beyond any ones predictions. The businesses are also not hiring and if they do it is part time with out benefits. I can say it has been a great start to a socialized society there is just one consideration “Who will pay for it all” ? Lisa Harvey Good tell me what influences your support of Obama? My home value has dropped so dramatically, my net worth is down, I have been unemployed for 4 years..I am an Optician one of my BFs is a Pharmacists who is pushing 4 1/2 years. Both of these professions are in the Medical Industry and we are aproaching the 2014 full implemetation of the “Obama Care”. I can attest to the robbing from Medicare to prop this fiasco up…I cared for my Father n law for the past two years, he was a stroke survior (’09) …over the course of his last years he had been to the hospital a couple of times, however in Jan I took him to his GP thinking he had another prostate bladder infection. We were told he couldn’t go to the hospital as he did not meet Medicares requirements. I asked about his excureatiing pain ? I was told No. Two days later I had EMTs take him to the Hospital…told No..he did not meet Medicares requirements. Keep in mind these are people who took an oath to ” DO NO HARM” I could see it in their eyes, their emphatic look as they tried to comfort him and answer my desperate ? They shot him up with pain killers and loaded him into an ambulance…I called hospice the next AM. The first sales nurse did nothing other than drive away in her Mercedes and the Angelic AM nurse called for another ambulance as it was so clear he was suffering. He was in ICU for ten days and transfered to a rehab….all could have been avoided!!!!!!Thank you Obama !! I ask you to explain what you see that deserves another 4 years as I understand the 716 billion $ he appropiated away from Medicare is for old people who payed for it over the decades they labored…Grandma n Paw. We can weed them out as it is double $ the USA is saving…Medicare/Social Security. Hey I do not know how old this crowd is but I am The last of the Boomers…I need to get back to work cause I’ll be damned if I will let them Rule my health care decisions. I see a lot of healthcare possibly going underground as supply and demand will be more than tested…ask Canada, England and France.

    • Signed up today to volunteer for the GOP, since I am a displaced worker (4 YEARS) who is among the uncounted…it’s not much but I can help because NOW IS THE TIME
      4mer dumb dem

  • Boris_Badenoff

    The media is so in the tank…lol

    For the most part the MSM IS an enemy of free Americans.

    It is time they pay the price for their Treason..

    • StillWatching2

      Any suggestions HOW they should “pay” ? ? ?

      • Boris_Badenoff

        Yes, the good old fashion capitalist way.

        Turn them off, force the networks that will not present both sides in a non partisan way out of the picture… Make it the thing to do to turn the channel on them.
        For the so called leftist journo’s bring their ratings down so far they will be lucky to be schlepping the local news in bumbscratch Egypt.

        Make it the in thing, the right thing to do to present both sides of the story.

        I don’t want a right leaning any more than a left leaning, Present the facts and let the chips fall where they may.

        But do not forget the participants in this leftist agenda being forced down our throats.. Dog them for the rest of their lives to remind them of their evil deeds..

        • John_In_Michigan

          Agreed, but there is more we can do. Write letters to the editor (if there’s a newspaper left in your town) post comments on the MSM websites (if they haven’t shut them down), and get the word out to the ignorant in any way we can.

          Finally, consider boycotting their advertisers. Write letters or emails to the companies that sponsor them. Do to them what the left routinely does to conservatives. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

        • bowman2123

          I agree. There was a study done, where they asked people different national and foreign policy questions and filtered the score based on how they get their new.

          They found that people who watched only MSNBC actually were less informed than people who did not regularly follow the news. The same was true of viewers who only watched FOX — they actually did the worst in this study of anyone — people who only watch FOX news are really the least informed people in America.

          Listeners of NPR did the best. Listeners of talk radio were better informed, but not more so than people who only watched the Daily Show.


          Also, Mitt Romney’s press conference today was a train wreck. Any non-partisan could see that.

          • Red Blues

            Who funded the study?
            What was their methodology?
            Don’t know or not will to share?

            A quick backward search through the link provided for authors cited and organizations involved, reveals that Fairleigh Dickinson University’s (FDU.ORG) “Public Mind” project provided the research and data.
            One of the individuals mentioned as a political scientist and poll analyst in the aforementioned study group, Dan Cassino, also has a blog on the Huffington Post.

            OK, that seems legit. Nothing sketchy *there* are at all.

            He doesn’t seem to like Chris Christie as I sense a bit of hostility with the use of the term “numb-nuts” in reference to Gov. Christie in one of his blog posts , but hey, I could be wrong!

      • 3seven77

        I suggest stocks and tomatoes in the town square. Used to work in the old days. Tar and feathers are effective too.

        • lunaticsrunningtheasylum

          If only….but we can dream.

        • I suggest Sheriff Joe and pink underwear.

  • Didn’t the reporter say she had an ABC News notebook?

    • Right, she’s joking about how she works for CBS but she’s carrying an ABC news gimmie notebook.

  • Shame in Media. they treat Romney like an enemy of the state

    • Rachel

      Clearly the Democrats think Republicans are way more of a threat than Alqaeda/Muslim Brotherhood. They will spend more time trying to smear Romney than covering the obviously coordinated attacks going on all over the Middle East, thanks to Obama’s “Arab Spring”…more like “Arab Winter”. Helluva job, Barry! Helluva job.

    • They’re not the media. They’re leftist propagandists. If anyone thinks they are ever going to behave like journalists, that’s just a fairy tale.

  • Romney held his own against the media trolls, and it forced Hillary out into the open, early. It was a good move, and you know the WH was peesed about Romney, which is always a good thing.

    • Yeah. A day late and a dollar short. Hillary needs to crawl back into the hole she came from. She looked pretty awful.

      • She’s busy answering the 3am calls that Obama won’t.

      • StillWatching2

        Aww! You called her pretty ! How sweet! 🙂

    • John_In_Michigan

      Romney is leading again. Obama just doesn’t understand America.

  • Can’t wait for Glenn Beck’s Dish Network channel to be a successful hit. Maybe then PJTV could get a channel and slowly all the liberal media filth will be drowned out by conservative voices.

  • driveswift

    I can’t believe Romney blamed the embassy staff that is now dead for wanting to say something that might prevent violence against themselves. They wanted to live, and he condemns them for it.

    • James Wester

      You’ve got your facts all wrong and don’t even know which country these things happened in.

    • If I were you (And I am clearly not), I would make sure I knew what the hell I was talking about before I make any such inflammatory comments…such as yours, on a forum where I know I would be eaten alive for spewing liberal-like distortions of the truth. So to sum it up, your statement is wrong, bass-ackwards, and DWS-esque. in other words.

      OMG, I kept it civil! WOOHOO!

    • readallsides

      Romney was not talking about the embassy staff that was killed he was talking about he embassy where our flag was destroyed and another flag was put up.

      Get your facts correct then speak…….

    • Romney criticized the Egyptian Embassy staff, which is not dead. Oops..I shouldn’t confuse a liberal with the facts

    • The embassy staff that made a statement was in Egypt. The embassy staff that perished was in Libya.

    • readallsides

      You really need to be more informed before you express an opinion driveswift! You only here what others apparently want you to hear and believe.

    • Michael Gilroy

      So let me get this straight….Romney faulted the embassy staff in Egypt for apologizing to the Egyptians – and undermining principles written into our Constitution – when it was the Libyans who killed 3 Americans, in an Embassy in Libya, over 785 miles away and hours apart.

      Got it.

      You’re a product of the public education system, aren’t you?

    • las1

      get your facts straight… I won’t even give you a hint there swifty.

    • The fact that you formed an opinion before (without ever?) learning the facts is not surprising. The Liberal elitists, like Obama, pride themselves on being so much smarter than everyone else, and they already know everything before the events even happen.

      I don’t blame you. It’s the brainwashing you received that you can get through life with a pocket full of talking points and ready-made opinions that, truth be told, are NOT a “one size fits all.”

    • I think you need to re evaluate whatever it is you think you’re talking about.

    • John_In_Michigan

      Uh Swiftie, that was the Cairo Embassy (that’s in Egypt if you haven’t got an atlas). The murders took place in Benghazi (that’s in Libya). Different country, no?

    • britain

      “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”


  • theslob

    I’d say unbelievable but it’s so predictably believable.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Not so unbelievable, these reporters are a unit, they see things as them against all the evil in the world.. Typical mentality for a group like this actually.

      They are still held together by their college indoctrination that they and they alone are entrusted with saving the world..

      They think it is perfectly normal that they do what they do.. no different than breathing air. For g-d’s sake they are saving the world here..

      Their indoctrination went very well I would say.

      • DWinMD

        Boris… You nailed it. Journalism is dead. These people wouldn’t know “objectivity” if it bit them in their fat asses.

        • Boris_Badenoff

          I think you nailed it.

          They were not taught objective journalism.

          They were taught activist journalism..

          They have been indoctrinated..

  • melanerpes

    The unidentified reporter is disgusting and stupid. The CBS reporter is just disgusting.

  • Haywoodjbl

    My sadness about the MSM has turned to anger. This must stop and we need to rally and get that IDIOT OUT OF THE WH.

    • p m

      Along with the classless horde he took in there with him.

  • Sandra123456

    The enemy prepping for a news conference with Romney.

    That’s what the MSM is, the enemy. How incredible. Muslims burn an embassy and kill the ambassador and so a minister in Florida is to blame and Romney is wrong to respond to the event. Yep.

    The enemedia.

    • John_In_Michigan

      Enemy or enema?

    • 3seven77

      Breitbart got it right. The dems are not the real enemy. The real enemy is the media. Never forget that.

  • The same media that got Obama elected will also be responsible for him losing the election in 2012.

  • Seems relatively minor….the pot of gold would be catching a conference call with the WH.

    • poljunkie

      Ya, I guess its minor in that they just wanted “the question”, but shouldnt they have minds of their own? And work as individuals, unless they were “pool” reporters?

      • 3seven77

        I don’t know that there are “pool” reporters. From my experience the only “pool” elements are the video and audio feeds when one network or station provides the feeds to the others. “Coordinated” questions and reports are not supposed to be the norm. Notice I said “not supposed”. Unfortunately these dogs run in packs.

    • janieb34

      I think, in their feeble minds, the pot of gold would be catching Romney in something that wins the election for their messiah. They are on a mission.

  • mini-minds think alike. The US media is embarrassing and without benefit to us. Clean out Washington and remove this tainted media from the US.

  • poljunkie

    They should all be fired, and let them start over in new professions.

    I guess they dont know what INTEGRITY means.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      How about sanitation engineers (ie sewer workers)?

      • No way. If they perform at the same level that they do now, we’ll be up to our necks in shit within a week.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          If they work in the sewer, perhaps they would try to prevent that from happening, as they would be the first to be up the their necks is raw sewage.

          • Nah, it’s their natural habitat. They would revel in it.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              If they would not do their new job in the sewer properly, they might find themselves in over their heads!

            • erehwon

              Remember the old movie, with the people chin deep in the pool full of fecal material? “Don’t make waves. Don’t make waves.’

          • Boris_Badenoff

            Doubt it, Pigs like sh!t ya know…

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              A sow does like to wallow in the mire and the press are similar, but I don’t think even the press would like to be in over their heads in the real deal.

      • janieb34

        That pays too well! How about Ambassador to Libya? One at a time!

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Unionized is it? No- I wouldn’t wish that on them. And they likely would spout a lot of garbage in that position if they were given the chance.

      • conservative61

        If I were a sewer worker, I’d be highly insulted because you compared me to the MSM.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Oh no- this would be a step up for the lame stream media! And they might learn from the experience about needing to do a job right!

        • Having been a wastewater treatment worker you are correct, it is indeed an insult, not to mention the fact that one has to be liscensed to perform the work and I seriously doubt any of the socalled MSM could get thier heads out of thier own butts long enough to sit for for the test(s) let alone pass them!

    • janieb34

      Or character

  • Well it is known that the left media is going to protect our glorious leader no matter what he does.

  • Stinking rats, the Obama leg humpers are.

    • lunaticsrunningtheasylum

      Yes, Yoda. Right I think you are.

  • mnemosyne23

    The Media are the enemy.

    • las1

      Pamela Geller calls them the enemedia

  • brendawatkins

    Call me crazy, but, this sounds like a conspiracy.

    • stage9

      Now, now, it’s not conspiracy if the media does it. Conspiracy is a recitation of the facts in the liberal’s cartoon world.

      • brendawatkins

        con·spir·a·cy: action of plotting or conspiring. I don’t play by the liberal rule book, I play with the facts.. and the fact is, they conspired against Romney.. making it a conspiracy. 🙂

  • arhooley

    Have you seen that Match.com has gone offline? Well, so has Journolist.

  • Journ-O-List Lives!

  • Joengima

    I can’t stand the media or Obama anymore.

    • gogoqueen66


      • las1

        Why do you hate? Just get angry and stay informed and do you part to inform others.

  • Hey welcome to how journalism has worked forever,.

    Especially when they know the person they’re interviewing will dodge certain questions, they try to all get on the same page so that he can’t get away from a question.

    • But the thing here is that HE DID ANSWER THE QUESTION. Namely that he will not apologize for saying don’t apologize 😛

    • digitalPimple

      Let’s see your proof of that statement.

    • 3seven77

      Really? That’s how it works? Funny, I never see it working that way when Obama is being questioned.

  • Don’t worry, they’ll be more flexible after the election.

  • You have got to be kidding me. I mean, we all know they’re in cahoots and that Journ-o-list is very much alive and well in some capacity, but at least that was under the radar. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. And to do this in the wake of that Yahoo News Bureau chief’s firing?

  • billybam

    This is what you have to resort to when Romney/Ryan refuse to answer questions. No one is trying to “gotcha” on any questions. They are just looking for AN ANSWER. Shameful that Mitt won’t be more forthcoming, like with his tax returns.

    • Voters don’t care about Romney’s tax records. Voters care about the economy and jobs.

    • janieb34

      Explain to me why you care so much about his personal tax returns anyway? I mean, if we’re talking about his business returns so you can verify he knows how to run a business, then that’s……oh wait! He’s rich so CLEARLY he knows how to manage his money and run a business! You are just being TOLD you care about his tax returns! Seriously, if he were breaking the law don’t you think the IRS would have him in jail by now? There is NO pending litigation, NO pending charges, NOTHING pending regarding his tax returns!! You have GOT to start focusing on more important things! Try focusing on what OBAMA IS DOING WITH OUR MONEY!! There is NO doubt that he doesn’t know how to run a business or balance a budget!! Why is this so hard to understand???? Not to mention he has CONTINUALLY apologized on OUR behalf over the past 4 years! You’re really okay with that????

    • 3seven77

      “Shameful that Mitt won’t be more forthcoming, like with his tax returns.”

      Romney has released all the tax returns that are required by law. Anything else is nobody’s business. But if you want to start the ball rolling, why don’t you release 10 years of your tax returns publicly? Why don’t you ask Harry Reid to release his tax returns?

      You think this non-issue is shameful? Well even more shameful is how Obama isn’t forthcoming with his college transcripts (sealed), his medical records (sealed), why he and Michelle both had their law licenses revoked (also sealed), the country of origin of the passport he used for his trip to Pakistan as an 18-year old (it wasn’t a US passport), his connections to Tony Rezko, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and Louis Farakhan, the documents that he buttoned up under “executive privilege” relating to the failed Fast and Furious operation, etc., etc., I could go on, but you get the picture.

      Now get lost.

    • I would like to see Obama college record. also.i think they both should be shown,No more secrets in the white house

  • Mitt Romney will be a remarkable president. obama will go down in history as a failed president with his picture next to Jimmy Carter.

    • las1

      I’m not so confident about MR… he’ll need an army of conservatives to prop him up. I hope he has guys like Allen West to keep his feet to the fire.

    • Obama is Jimmy Carter on STEROIDS!

  • SineWaveII

    It’s time to investigate the news media.

  • This is a disgrace. If there’s justice, these morons will be on the unemployment line tomorrow.

  • jermsguy

    Um….. So?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      another evidence of liberal bias, jermsguy

      • jermsguy

        It’s more than one reporter making sure they get an answer to a question. If this happened before an Obama presser, would it be a sign of the media “finally doing its job”? There’s plenty of fault to find in the media, but this is straining at gnats.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          You might want to listen again- there’s more than that here. They are trying to control what kind of answer they will get by the way they conspire as to exactly how to ask the question- oh no, they don’t want to say that because than Romney might respond in a way they don’t want. And when someone says you can’t say that later on, it gives a strong hint to me as to bias as to what the other person said.

          Additionally, joking about hiding the ABC notebook- what is she afraid of? A history of past questioning that was biased?

  • “Journo-list” never actually went away.

    • erehwon

      They were simply embarrassed to be outed. If you think Ezra Klein just threw away his rolodex and his Outlook address book, you are living in a dream world.

  • d1comment

    We need a lot more behind the scenes journalism on the legacy media…the rat’s nest needs to be removed.

  • Rush just gave this thread a shoutout.

  • Can’t wait to find out who this was. We are going to find out. There were only so many people in that room permitted to ask questions. She says “I guess I shouldn’t let him see this notebook because of who is on it.” I bet it’s Che Guevera or however you spell the guy’s name.

  • Harrison J. Bounel

    The girl with the big mouth in the middle is the same person who heckled Romney in Poland if I’m not mistaken.

    • Harrison J. Bounel

      Oh, and heckling Romney in Poland was also a coordinated event between the Obama media members. Here this woman is obviously joking around about the time she heckled Romney in Poland when she repeatedly says “Governor” while smiling.

  • Ha! Listening to Rush discuss this right now. Awesome job Right Scoop.

    • Harrison J. Bounel


  • digitalPimple

    This is an important issue. Another reason to vote Romney. This can’t be allowed to continue. Obama has an effect on our media in a way that is dangerous and not responsible to the public’s true interests.

    It may have been present all along but it surpassed any normal amount of brush off.

  • Anu Anzu

    Interesting take on Romney jumping the shark.

  • For shame

  • Media is corrupt.

    • anaknows

      watch fox news—–it’s FAIR & BALANCED—THEY tell it like it is, YEA-the liberal are living in days long gone, thankfully—-they don’t stand a chance against 24-7 news with cable & the internet===yea

  • Rush Limbaugh just mentioned this article and played the audio on his radio show today. Expect large hits.

  • Our media is so full of crap anymore. Can’t trust anyone, including our liar in chief.

  • CowboyLogic

    Andrew Breitbart would have a field day with this hypocrisy.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Sounds like Britt Hume ordering a salad, to me! Ha Ha Ha!

  • BOOYA Scoop! I hope Rush didn’t crash your servers. Congrats!

    • I got on once earlier this afternoon, then got booted off. Couldn’t get back on until a half hour ago. If it’s good for Scoop though, I ain’t complainin’ ! 🙂

  • Stunning. Corrupt MSM. FACT!

  • What was her comment about her notebook, did it have a big Obama sticker?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Guess it might as well have if it said ABC like she said.

  • johnos2112

    I guess journalism school is being held at Saul Alinksy University in San Francisco.

    • Yes … writ, “Columbia School of (wink wink) Journalism.”

  • They’d never do this to Obama.

    Of course, first Obama would have to let them ask questions in the first place….

    • yep your right and the reason he didn’t answer any questions this morning is because he didn’t have time to prepare Romney caught him off of his game. LOL….

  • Looks like using “mainstream media” in the singular is not a grammatical mistake, after all.

  • Nice get. Slobbering love affair, indeed. There’s plenty to see here, Mike (see below). Obama just lost the election. You can take that to the bank. Romney looks presidential and is the only one on the national stage who has the guts to tell it like it is. We do not allow people to violate our sovereign territory, period. And that, boys and girls, includes our embassies.

    • donzap

      You hit the nails on the head sir. Good post.

  • marketcomp

    Ok so the Obama administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood, relayed mixed messages coming from Egypt about the storming of the Egyptian Embassy, support for the Libyans and they drag the ambassador through the streets before taking him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, and the ignoring of Natanyahu and then saying it was a scheduling problem!

    It looks like incompetence to me!

    • donzap

      # 1 – Obama thrives on chaos.
      # 2 – Obama excells at creating chaos.
      # 3 – Obama only knows how to destroy things.
      # 4 – Obama only cares about Obama and his re-election.

      • marketcomp

        Spot On donzap!

  • Given that Romney rarely makes himself available to the press, don’t you think it makes sense that reporters would cooperate to get questions in front of Romney? Are you offended because the reporters are not getting advance clearance from Romney to ask questions?

    Perhaps you might think about making your posts a little more clear because I have no clue why you think it’s revelatory that the press is having trouble getting Romney to answer anything.

    • kong1967

      Obama is the President and he doesn’t make himself available to the press. He’s on the job….err….is he really? No, he can’t even find the time to meet with Netanyahu because of scheduling conflicts. What scheduling? He isn’t doing anything but campaigning!! His campaign stops take precedence over REAL WORL PROBLEMS!!

      The problem with the press is they coordinate with each other in order to have a united theme against or for someone. Anti-Romney and pro-Obama. The media is used to manipulate the public and it is more effective when you have multiple media outlets pounding home the same message. If you don’t think the media is trying to manipulate public opinion then you’re in the dark.

    • Harrison J. Bounel

      Nice try. Clearly the Obama Media were coordinating in order to create a negative meme that they could damage Romney with. These weren’t questions they were coordinating about, but negative charges they were smearing Romney with.

    • janieb34

      Wow, today is the very first time I have heard of Romney being unavailable to the press? Is that the new story coming from the liberal media and the left?
      If you will change the channel from MSNBC, you will find that there is just as much press time with Romney as there is with Obama. Unless, of course, you count Obama’s daily speeches to hear himself talk?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      to answer anything in exactly the way they want, to fit their agenda. You do not perceive the disdain in the woman’s voice nor the bias that must have been spewed out before a reply of you can’t say that!

    • cbarr

      wow..truly you are deluded

    • donzap

      Golly gee Lucy. I am at a loss. I had no trouble understanding the comments you referred to or the context in which the discussion has taken place. Maybe you might want to re-read some things. Seriously, that might help.

  • echosyst

    Well there you have it.

  • conservativechick

    I simply cannot express how much I despise these people.
    If the country goes down – they will be at least as responsible as the current administration.
    They have completely lost any sense of integrity, any standard of objectivity, or any sense of duty to the American people.

  • Um… where are all the questions for Obama? You know, the guy who is actually screwing this whole thing up? Anyone asking why security was handled by local Libyans, why both
    the embassy and the Sec of State were apologizing for the free speech of private citizens instead of condemning thuggery, why Obama is off to a Vegas fundraiser instead of working, why Obama hasn’t even read a Presidential intelligence briefing in weeks, why they’re now deleting tweets… Anyone? Bueller?

    Our media are a freaking disgrace.

    • PhillyCon

      Yes. You know, the guy actually in power.

    • Obama won’t take questions from FOX News or a conservative reporter and he will not go on FOX News “O’Reilly, Hannity or Greta” because he know they will ask the hard question and not let him dance his way out of answering the question.

      • donzap

        A reporter asked Obama after his “news conference” if the attack was an act of war. Obama just turned away guiding Hillary with him and refused to answer. Don’t know who the reporter was but I don’t think he was with conservative media.

  • kong1967

    So much for just asking legitimate questions and reporting the news. Sounds more like a coordiated attack plan.

    • doriangrey11


      • kong1967

        Ugh, this is getting frustrating. I’m having trouble responding because the reply links aren’t opening up the page. I had to click reply 7 or 8 times just to reply to you.

        But, yes, you are right. The website may have been closed down but they still do it.

    • Harrison J. Bounel

      Yes it is. They are coordinating with the sole purpose of creating a negative meme that they can tar Romney with.

      • kong1967


    • Romney is still beating Obama with all the Media in the tank for Obama.

      • kong1967

        Yes, and I don’t think the polls are accurate. I think he’s going to win by a larger margin than the polls indicate.

        • Boris_Badenoff

          There is no way the polls are accurate. Not a freaking chance.

          Obama’s actual support is way softer than the media will tell you.

          The bodies are hardly even cold yet and he is out campaigning..

          • kong1967

            …and he’s not meeting with Netanyahu because of scheduling conflicts. He can’t even stop campaigning to help save a state in grave danger.

  • doriangrey11

    The Fifth Column Treasonous Media is finding themselves Waking up in Hitler’s Bunker.

  • Syrin

    f***ing nazis.

  • In addition to saving the country by electing Romney/Ryan, we must come to terms with the Constitutionally protected privilege that the Press has abused. We must have this debate as the MSM is clearly working for one side of the political spectrum at the expense of the American people.

    • It’s called lying!!!

  • LukeinNE

    While everyone knows the MSM is in the tank for Obama, its hard to believe how brazen about it they’re being.

  • Why are we even acting surprised? I for one welcome our new Media Overlords.

  • Why are we even acting surprised? I for one welcome our new Media Overlords.

  • Oops I think a whole buncha people skipped that lecture on journalistic integrity way back in Journalism 101 class. Musta been a kegger the night before.

  • I recorded this back in 2010, but it’s still appropriate:

  • The Fourth Estate cum Fifth Column adores the thrill of its nasty, misrepresenting, syphilitic incest with liberal causes. Objective, fair journalism for the most part died long ago, before the Vietnam war. I not only distrust everything they write but also their unethical and shameless partisan motives. They’ve become openly disgusting propaganda shills, competing for the best position to kiss backsides of any leftist wannabe commissar’s trousers. Know a Journalist by his brown-stained lips (apologies to Frank Herbert).

    • And I’m sure you believe every word that pours forth from that so-called “fair and balanced” source, Fox News. It has been said that “truth has a liberal bias”. That may actually be your problem.

  • Marridge

    And our dipsh_t pResident fled without taking any questions at all. That is because he is standing with the muslims.

  • This should get on Drudge with a Siren!!!
    Oh, 1 second, this is not news at all!!!

    • your right! no news at all, drudge will be all over it! the flock is waiting eagerly for direction of their fauxrage du jour

      • Its not news because we all know for whom the Media is covering,
        Its not news because the “liberal media” was caught red handed,
        Its not news because this is what the liberal media is doing for years,
        Its not news because it was not reported by “Real Journalists”

      • BTW its You’re right not your Right!!!
        Go back to school!!!

  • is this a joke? transcribing chatter that nobody can possibly identify who is talking and this is supposed to be some kind of revelation?? you should stare at static on tv too, you might see something remarkable!

    give me a freaking break.

    People need to be focused on why Mitt Romney decides its prudent to blame America first following a terrorist attack on a foreign consulate. THE TERRORISTS DID THIS. Focus on them! Romney is an empty suit way over his head.

    • PhillyCon

      Capitalization is your friend.

    • Your empty suit in Office is proving just how incompetent he is. Eastwood should have had a suit draped over the chair so all the Liberals would wonder why their Messiah was at the GOP Convention.
      Your an Anti-American fool.

      • I’m not blaming America for the work of terrorists in Libya. So you tell me who is anti-american??!?

        The terrorist are to blame for terrorism. I don’t blame the cops when thugs burn, loot and murder either. Do you?

        • I do when their policies and their approach to KNOWN criminals (murderers in this case in Libya) include making sure they don’t “feel bad”.

          • So did you blame then White House and our intelligence agencies for 9/11 and every other terrorist attack?

            I bet you blame rape victims too and not the rapists, because they asked for it right? You are scum. Open up the good book and right yourself

            • WOW. I didn’t know I was such a dick for speaking my mind. Seems like there is some sort of group of people who forget that we have the FIRST AMENDMENT… Who could that be? I guess SHUT-UP is a retort now.

              The problem is not laying blame at the feet of Obama. It’s the naivety of the foreign policy we current operate under. Since you said I support rapists let’s try this… Let’s say there is a big party at a frat house. At the party they are serving underage girls drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. Every time the day after a party someone always says, hey all this underage drinking and drug taking is going to get one of those girls raped one of these days. They all reply NAHHH! No it’s not anything to worry about, don’t worry so much we all know each other! Then a few weeks later one of those girls is raped. Do I blame the guy who raped her? Yes. Do I also blame the rest of the people in the house for creating an environment where the girls weren’t safe? Also yes.

              This is the same thing.

              Also I do partially blame the White House and our intelligence agencies for 9/11.

        • Who are these terrorists and are they at all related to the “rebels” The Obama administration helped overthrow Khadafi?

        • donzap

          When you attacked Romney the way you did without having any sense of what you were saying apparently and then come back with a statement saying you aren’t blaming America or those who fight terrorism, you are talking out of both sides of your mouth – right?

          If you are looking for someone to blame, you might want to revisit Obama’s bragging about killing Osama Bin Laden and the fact that the DNC made mention of this event 21 times during the convention and then maybe factor in Hillary’s comments about how it was so easy to kill Kadifi while she laughed and cackled about it.

          Given the fact that the terrorists who went over the wall at the Embassy chanted
          ‘We have a billion Osamas – Obama’ – what does that make you think? Do you think these people were likely supporters of Kadafi? That’s the rumour.

          So we have incompetent politicians who head a failed foreign policy who repeatedly spiked the football in relation to killing two muslim leaders. Do you think the Muslims don’t watch our media?

          Yet, what did the media and Obama do. The first thing they did was blame Romney. Scr*w the media and anyone who can’t see the forest for the trees in regards to the total mess in the middle east which has been funded and created by Obama and his administration.

    • janieb34

      You are confused. VERY confused!

    • donzap

      And you sir wouldn’t recognize someone who exhibited real American values if the ran over you in your Prius.

  • These Media Liberals are not even ashamed.

    This is the boldness with which they operate their Liberal Media Complex to destroy the country for whom they are duty bound as journalists to serve.

    Time for a new media to arise and take the job away from them and relegate them to the bowls of of irrelevancy they so richly earned.

    The time to take on the Liberal Media Complex as domestic political American enemies started with the 2008 election year.

    • donzap

      Exactly right Mary Elizabeth. I hope newer crops of journalistic students will stive to do exactly what you are thinking about. We need more networks like Fox, Beck and more commentators like Limbaugh to offset this media monopoly called the main stream media.

      No other business can get away with a monopoly.

      It’s high-time they have some real competition and have to answer for their bias.

  • Jesus Criss

    Hmmm…this is terrible. Journalists actually discussing questions they want to ask the man who thinks he can lead the country. Don’t they know that they should only ask the properly vetted questions?

    • “Don’t they know that they should only ask the properly vetted questions?”

      They do, of course – but only when it’s the man (SUPPOSEDLY) LEADING THE COUNTRY ALREADY.

    • JimTreacher

      “How can we turn the murder of a U.S. ambassador, on 9/11, in a country Obama invaded unilaterally, into an opportunity to ask Romney why he’s a meanie?”

  • Bias? What Media Bias?

  • PhillyCon

    Journolist in action. The difference being its out in the open, and they don’t care.

    Columbia School of Journalism “taught” these robots well.

  • And they want us to believe there is no media bias. Good grief.

  • CNN and MSNBC are losing people very quickly and I think more and more people will stop believing NBC, CBS. Abc I have heard is trying to clean their act up but we’ll see.
    The alphabet news organizations are propaganda machines for the left and any Republican who listens to them is only fooling themselves.

  • The MSM are determined to get Mtt Romney. They are like a bunch of sharks circling the prey!!!!

    • BeauRyker

      They won’t get him.

  • I don’t blame the media in this one case.

    They are so used to getting deflective talking points in place of a response, they wouldn’t know a direct and honest answer if it stripped naked on the piano and played Dixie!

    This is obviously the tack they must take with Obama and his administration at EVERY press conference. Force of habit…

    • Ummm….they don’t question Obama whatsoever. They act as transcribers for the regime.

    • donzap

      Unfortunately Doug, it’s NOT a question of just this one case – you know?

      The media abandoned something called journalistic ethics a long time ago.

      They are now just democrats posing as journalists who ask questions en masse in order to try to gain advantage for the Democrats they represent. They are literally a branch of the Democrat Party and can not be trusted to ask the same questions of candidates of both parties. Right?

      A typical question for Obama is very much like ‘what’s your favorite fruit or basetball team?’ The questions posed to Republicans are never softball questions at all but an attempt to trap and diminish.

  • anyone say, “Journolist?”

  • anyone say, “Journolist?”

  • So if Romney/Ryan is elected, we’ll have a media that will go back to doing their jobs? That point ALONE is worth voting for R + R.

    • Bama59

      Sorry Diane but if the R&R ticket wins it just means the medias job description will change from cheer leading the administration to looking for ways to make it look bad…It’s what they do and have done for many years now, it has just become more obvious over the last decade.

  • I introduce to you the enemy within.

    • marketcomp

      Good point and Ditto, Laurel!

  • Bless their hearts anyway….once this goes out on the conservative blogosphere, conservative radio, and TV, CBS et al, will have egg on their face. You would think they would learn after the Dan Rather issue, that in the age of cell phone cams/video and instant internet fact checking search capabilities, they would realize that their intentional assaults will never go unchecked. Those days are over, dear libs. It is disturbing that these liberal loyalists -refuse- to report both sides fairly.

  • fenfab

    I wish the MSM were on the ballot – they deserve to lose in a landslide. Oh wait…they ARE on the ballot. A vote for Obama is a vote for the lame-stream media.

    Go Romney-Ryan!!!

  • Remember this during the debates, folks! The have absolutely NO integrity! The president will get softball questions and they’ll pile on Romney; wait and see. Wake up, America!

  • Your “objective” news media at work.

    Pretty clear what their objective is.

    That’s Jan Crawford coordinating the question. How sad. I thought she was better than that. Just another tank “reporter” carrying water for the Obama campaign.

  • These people are disgusting and embarrassing to all real journalist out there…all 50 of them cause the rest of you are a bunch of bucketheads carrying the communist water for the progressive european left in this country called liberal democrats and obama. I cant believe these people grew up in America. Their homes and families must have been so miserable to make them want to ruin the place that provided them with so much that they have right now. Obviously they owe America everything that they are and have achieved for they didn’t do it on their own, they are products of the American government and exceptionalism…right? Go see the movie salt and thats what these communist journalist should expect to happen to them. You are russian communist sympathizers.

    • asking question of a politician running for office is now “carrying the communist water”?? Do you know anything? In communism there is no free press.

      Please stop smoking crack, it’s bad for your health as well as your brain.

      I for one prefer the press asking questions rather than not. Get a grip.

      • The elite media do not want to be “free press.” That’s because they are progressive activists first, second and third.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Questions such as this one, where it is obvious to me from the lady’s voice is full of disdain, trying to get Romney to walk back something and answer something in the way she desires? Far from questions that would let the viewers decide, they want to try to shape the news to their best liberal advantage, to propagandize the masses in America who are all too gullible to the liberal slant ably presented in their newscasting. Communists are big believers in propagandizing people.

      • The USSR had a press too.

  • stevenbiot

    Confirming what was already known- the media are hack, liberal stooges.

  • StillWatching2

    What will this media do when he WINS? ! ? Hehehe…

  • AbdulBX

    Wow. And guess what? Marist, NBC and WSJ are coming out with Ohio, Va, and Fla polls tomorrow. Chuck Todd will thorougly examine the polls and tell us why Romney is losing. Aren’t you excited?

  • sDee

    They leftists do not care at all about how it looks, they only care about winning.

    This will amount to nothing because no one voting for the marxist cares, and the rest will not see it.

  • nibblesyble

    Dear Lord…when will the average joe(who keeps these idiots in business by watching them!) stand up and say no more? When will they wake up to this blantant bias and rake these frauds over the coals? They keep on getting away with it over and over! I am so bloody sick and tired of it!

    • sDee

      “Bias” implies there is some premise of objectiveness in the US media. There is none. It is simply propaganda.

      Propaganda is effective because it removes the guilt of selfishness and other wrong choices. It makes people feel good about hating others instead.

      People who need propaganda to feel good about themselves have already run far and fast away from facts.

    • I said no more about 8 years ago. I haven’t missed them one bit.

  • The only reason Obama did anything is because of Romney. Obama got upstaged and he is trying to pull his incompetent ass out of the fire.

    • BeauRyker

      I agree with this completely.

  • These goddamned reporters.While they give obozo,odumber,odumbass,owhyishehere softball wueations they make sure Republicans,Any republican gets shit.

  • J

    Folks, the hole you keep digging for yourselves is getting deeper by the second. I cheer you on however…

  • odin147

    Scum at work. Romney is always portrayed as attacking the one, taking shots at him, this is how AP, Reuters wire news preface Romney’s statements. Hear it all the time on Radio. The one never attacks Romney it is always Romney attacking the president.

  • patriotbens

    Does the name Pravda come to mind here?

  • CapitalistInfidel

    The media are nothing more than Obama campaign workers.

  • “I’ve labeled one as the CBS News reporter as I believe it is Nancy Cordes who works for CBS News.”

    It’s Jan Crawford, not Nancy Cordes.

  • sbusbee

    The fourth estate is now a tool of the state.

  • @ end identified as “my ABC notebook showing”

  • 6799

    God forbid, but could it be possible that in this country… the Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column?

  • dirty dirty media lapdogs

  • Sarah Mandreger

    Be careful about trusting ANY media outlet at all. Remember – they are each publicly read but privately owned. Be personally informed.

  • Well, when Obama talks, they make sure they’ve covered all the important questions, too?

    Reporter A: Whose turn is it to ask Barack Obama how it feels to be so awesome?
    Reporter B: ME! MY TURN! ME!
    Reporter C: NO, YOU got to ask him LAST time! It’s MY TURN!
    Reporter B: NO, I asked him “Why are you so BRILLIANT?” last time – there’s a difference!
    Reporter C: SEZ YOU!
    Reporter B: Your mother had a child and didn’t abort it!
    Reporter C: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
    and so on, and so on,….

  • Surprising? No. Sad? Yes.

  • RantMan

    And they say the liberal media does not coordinate.

  • Carter_Burger67


  • Prepare the media on what they can and can’t ask

  • ttiwkram

    That’s why the media are generally considered biased, lying scum.

  • tom721


  • What else can we exspect from the weak

  • Quick off-the-subject question here: who is the red-head in the picture featured on the book cover on the upper right hand side of this page ? I really need (ok, I want) to know!

  • msverde1

    Vile, putrid, and downright pathetic actions by the left-winged media during a time in which a part of this great nation was publicly rip to shreds by a fanatical group of people who refuse to assimilate into the rest of the civilized world and evolve as many of us have so done admirably for centuries. And they REALLY think that this is jocular moment to play games? SoBs!! Period!!

    • How dare they ask follow up questions of a presidential nominee! How dare they! Our Mitt is sensitive to such things. My goodness….an ABC news reporter! THE HORROR!!! What’s Mitt going to do when angry Putin calls? Is he going to resort to twitter to ask for backup?

      • MiketheMarine

        No, He’ll apologize to the Russians for upsetting them. No, wait, that’s how Maobama handled Libya yesterday.

      • We get it antistuff, you love black jesus!!!!!

      • porkexpress

        I bet they won’t ask Romney whether he likes a Red or Green Burrito. I also bet you won’t catch Romney telling anyone “No B—Sh–, I will buy you a beer when you get to the WH. What POS’s we have in charge, No B—Sh–. Romney will have a discussion on the economy, Jobs, Medicare, and Social Security though, which Obama will not do. Can’t wait for the debates but I wish there would be more non-Liberal questioners though.

      • nibblesyble

        I always get alarm bells when I see a post like yours. When one has to lace every sentence with sarcasm, I wonder what one is hiding? Rather than address the fact that reporters were colluding to ‘trip up’ Romney, you spend your time mocking those that take issue with it. He stood there and didn’t back down and took their outraged questions on behalf of their savior Obama. So in reference to your inane point regarding Putin…yeah I think he can handle it. The question is, can you handle it when Obama is pouting all the way back to Chi-Town this January?

        • I’ll be just fine. I have faith in America, unlike some of you.

          But seriously, the Right projects serious fear, doubt and insecurity when it comes to the media that is beyond silly. If the nominee and the ideas are so powerful, mere questioning or so-called gotchas shouldn’t scare you. Yet, look at the reactions posted here…

          • PhillyCon

            Its not fear, its anger at their intellectual dishonesty. Plus, there’s a good chunk of the “voting” public that get’s its info from these clowns. Hence, the anger at the media. It’s not rocket science to figure out why conservatives dislike the major media outlets once you take your own ideology out of the equation; and look at it objectively.

            Just imagine if every news outlet was dominated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh … you’d be majorly ticked off. But since the “big media” is on your side, of course, you like it.

            • longshotlouie

              If Rombama had any real core values or a history of consistent belief he would have zero fear of the LSM. Likewise, his constituents.

              The man is an elitist whore just like, his brother from another mother, Obama.

        • to answer your question: Assuming they were colluding to ask questions to Romney, why do you assume it is to trip him up? Honestly, what are you scared of?

          • porkexpress

            It was collusion or is your hearing bad. Seems like reporters can not think for themselves. I wonder what papers or news agency they were representing. If they worked for me I would have some jobs available tomorrow

  • The Communist Broadcasting System plotting to “gotcha” a republican…huh I’m so surprised.

  • Mike, are you that thick? You can’t see an orchestrated attempt to make him fumble? Double standard. They never do this with President Obama.

    • If you have faith in your nominee, the press shouldn’t be your biggest concerns. What are you folks afraid of?

      • MiketheMarine

        We are sick of voter fraud by your party and the MSM not reporting but have become a propaganda arm of the American Socialists. I bet you think Bush caused the econmy to crash, right?

        Wrong, and you don’t know the truth because of your media. Try this on for size. I’ll give you some FACTS that your media lies about.

        Some people have short memories…..
        DO YOU REMEMBER JANUARY 3, 2007?

        I’ve been saying this for years, but this email probably explains it
        better and more clearly. This is NOT a political message, but rather
        a clarification to remind us all of the correct facts.

        Remember that on October 9, 2007, 11 months before our “economic
        crisis” occurred (that was actually created), the Dow hit its highest
        point ever, closing at 14,164.53 and reaching 14,198.10 intra-day
        level 2 days later. Unemployment was steady at 4.7%. But things were
        already being put in place to create the havoc
        we’ve all been experiencing since then. And it all started, as this email explains,
        on January 3, 2007. –LFL

        I’m sending this to each of you regardless of your party preferences
        because I believe it is something you may not have considered.

        This tells the story, why Bush was so “bad” at the end of his term.

        Don’t just skim over this, it’s not very long, read it slowly and let
        it sink in. If in doubt, check it out!!!

        The day the Democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was
        actually January 3rd 2007, which was the day the Democrats took over
        the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the
        110th Congress.

        The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the
        first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

        For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy
        that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this: January 3rd, 2007
        was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress.

        At the time:
        The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
        The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
        The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
        George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH

        Remember the day…
        January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House
        Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate
        Banking Committee. The economic meltdown that happened 15 months
        later was in what part of the economy? BANKING AND FINANCIAL

        Unemployment… to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping
        5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie
        Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

        Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in
        2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy.

        And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie
        Mac? OBAMA And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie? OBAMA
        and the Democrat Congress.

        So when someone tries to blame Bush. REMEMBER JANUARY 3rd, 2007….

        Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress and
        the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party.

        Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 &
        2009 as well as 2010 & 2011.

        In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused
        them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough
        on spending increases.

        For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed George Bush
        entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running
        until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a
        massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budgets.

        And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that
        very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he
        signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009.

        If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the
        last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five
        years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After
        that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that
        includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets.

        If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a
        nutshell, what Obama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted
        for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since
        January 20th.

        • white531

          Thanks, Mike. I had never seen that email before. I have now copied it into my documents file for future reference. The facts speak for themselves, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the details.

          Really love having you here as part of this site. Can’t exactly say the same for Antstuff.

          • Antstuff is a troll. He just came for this story as it was viral everywhere today. Our Marine now, is a regular and favorite! 🙂

      • WordsFailMe

        I know who you are. You r’e the one that cut in line to lick your master’s boots AT DNC. Were you born craving shinola or is it an acquired taste?

        • longshotlouie

          And that must’ve been you carrying the water for the PTB in Tampa.

  • Instead of complaining amongst ourselves, we need to direct our anger and disgust at CBS… http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml?tag=ftr

    • longshotlouie

      Ignore the mainscream media, and direct the anger and disgust at Rombama.

  • HighontheTide

    Great job keep the pressure on Deceiviuos and Buttwide..AKA Obama and Hillary

    • longshotlouie

      That would be Obama and Romney.

  • We know they operate like this, get their marching orders from The Party.

  • As hispanic I hate the vulgar media!!! Why don’t you stupid reporters ask obama about one of his remarks on Sep. 7, 2008 “My Muslim Faith”??? This Stupid Moron in The White House is the biggest fraud perpetraded to this country. I bet you, he’s not going to brag he (not The Navy Seals) “killed” bin laden for the next two months!!!

  • Just like during the debates when the media tried to set the narrative on contraception, here the media is conspiring to set the narrative again by focusing on non-issues.

  • porkexpress

    And these are supposed to be reporters? It sounds like a bunch of Trollish Liberal supporters. Pull their press cards and make them wait outside like the rest of the Trolls.

  • Stupefied

    RNC and the Republican Beltway pundits should (but probably won’t) read this. They seem to continue to seek and need validation from these sock puppets.

  • CBS – a.k.a. “Communist Barack Supporter”

  • MarlaHughes
  • cmdr-buzz-corey

    George Stephonopolis – “there is no bias in the media”

    Sure George.

  • You guys are all surprised at this? How do you think we got Obama this time around for president?

  • Romney obviously screwed up again putting his foot in his mouth and the press simply agree that he should be called on it.

    • Has Obama obviously screwed up in Libya and does the press agree he should be questioned about it?

    • WordsFailMe

      Go back to Moscow cuzzn commie. Is Frank Davis your daddy too?

  • Fun Virginian

    cbs is a disgraceful old news org that is a mouthpiece of democratic party. no integrity.

  • Highlanderclan

    Never listen to the media. EVER.

    Listen to the politicians only and their words. NEVER Ever listen to what those little dweebs in the media say.
    When they start speaking about what they think it could just cause bleeding in the brain to listen to their screeching and hysteria.

    • Why would you listen to the politicians? Silly sheep.

    • Don’t listen to politicians- it will keep your eyes diverted from what they’re doing behind their backs.

  • This election cycle has done more to hurt network news than any other. The internet allows the truth to finally be told and exposes the gimmicks used by the networks – including Fox – who is probably the least fair and balanced. I am a fiscal conservative/tea party/libertarian and Fox really embarrasses me sometimes by claiming to represent conservative values. Bull cookies.

    • sDee

      Right leaning propaganda is no better than left leaning propaganda. Both serve the same masters – and that is not Liberty and Truth.

      “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them” – Patrick Henry

  • BenInNY

    Been working on the audio. “Pointing out that republicans are” [lost word] “is easy.”

  • jeryl9698

    Go Mitt, get in their face.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The key is to identify the unidentified, and shine the brightest, whitest light on them.

  • I thought the press were supposed to be looking out for the people? That is their job, not to coordinate questions to make sure they get their liberal bias out there for everyone to see. Mitt’s campaign should call out these reporters, show the video of them to the American people.

  • Fun Virginian

    the real question that should be on ever&ody’s mind, is why did Obama first apologize to the Muslim brotherhood, after they over threw American soil, our embassy and slaughtered our Ambassador and four Americans? This is an act of war but he apologizes for YouTube video. This is also after his failing to attend Intel briefings. An act of war & our ‘President’ apologizes to the other side. #facts #disgraceful

    • There was never an apology. You are making things up, sorry, Romney is making things up and you are haplessly repeating it.

      Perhaps you want the president to apologize for helping kill Ghaddafi?

      • wodiej

        The US Embassy apologized then the WH walked it back.

        • Not true. Look it up, that never happened.

          • I’m happy to see they allow patients to use the internet at your asylum.

            • I’ll let you in on the secret: when you are in the asylum, you never know it. How’s the food there by the way?

              Is me asking someone to back up a claim crazy? I guess it is when one isn’t grounded on this earth.

              • WordsFailMe

                No it isn’t that. you ‘re just one of the defectives.

                • longshotlouie

                  And you don’t seem to have an argument.

          • wodiej

            It did too-it was all over the news. Your blogger name should not be antistuff….it should be lazyblogger. Here’s the link


            Next time take 10 seconds and look up something before posting.

      • I thought leftys were opposed to America “interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state?” “We are not the policeman of the world!” What happened to the leftist anti-war anti-interventionist principles they always lectured about when evil, war-mongering Bush was president? Why are you so proud of Obama ” helping kill Ghaddafi?”

        • PhillyCon

          LOL. The entire “peace” movement has been AWOL. I wonder why.

      • There was, bright boy. From the Embassy of the United States, Cairo, Egypt:


        Here is the text:

        “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

        Now, chase yourself, junior.

  • Cathy

    Gee Wouldn’t that be nice if they did that to Obama Since Obama picks and chooses who he allows to ask questions

    • Cabover_Country

      Can’t….The Empty Chair doesn’t take questions.

      • Karla1953

        Even when it does they are prescreened questions………

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I’ve labeled one as the CBS News reporter as I believe it is Nancy Cordes who works for CBS News. If I’ve gotten that wrong I apologize and will correct.


    How many actual, honest journalists do you think were in that room?

  • YesMeansNOMeansYES

    a vote against Obama is a vote against the communist media…. one o the main reasons I’m voting for Romney

    • “Communist Media” said not sarcastically. That is the best paradoxical joke i’ve heard today. Did you fail 9th grade History?

  • And this is a surprise, Why? Liberal media doing what it does best.

  • And this is a surprise, Why? Liberal media doing what it does best.

  • wodiej

    I think they are a bit confused there. They thought they were at an obama PC and had to make sure they were all on the same page when they asked obama what his favorite color and favorite food is.

  • When was the last time any reporter asked Obama a tough question, and got to follow up on the answer? Never ! He has never been questioned on anything he’s done. Most of the time when he has a press conference, he doesn’t even take any questions afterwards. His speeches are read from a teleprompter, written by someone else. He has no thought processes of his own, he is a puppet that speaks, like a ventrilaquist doll. If the media went after Obama the way they went after Bush, Obama never would have won the election. He has no experience, in business, in foreign affairs, or in life. He is a product of a socialist upbringing, and has never accomplished anything on his own. That’s why he won’t release his college records. And if the press ever fact checked anything he says, they would find he lies on 90% of everything that comes out of his mouth. Compare what he says in speeches to his actual actions. He says what the public wants to hear , but does the exact opposite. And why half this country can’t see this is beyond me!

  • MJScanlonOH

    One more example of the LSM functioning as the oppo research arm of the Obamanation campaign.

  • RadicalRighty

    It would be unbelievable, if it didn’t happen every day.

  • When the media is too busy blowing Obama to ask him a serious question or to challenge him on anything beyond how his golf game or how well he did playing basketball at lunch, this goes to show that the ones trying to say there is no bias in their reporting are full of squishy brown stuff. Anyone that can not see that are either deaf and stupid or just as effed up as the reporters are.

  • It’s too bad that Romney stole the nomination from Ron Paul, otherwise I’d give a shit who gets elected.

    • Apparently he stole your brain as well.

      • How long have you been a Romney supporter?

        • longshotlouie

          Is there such a thing?

    • WordsFailMe

      which www were you looking for?

    • longshotlouie


      Just in case the Romnoids are still open to anything other than their own cognitive dissonance:

      ‘How the Republican Party Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul’

    • keyesforpres

      Huh? That gasous old windbag did NOT win one state. I think it’s despicable the way you Ronulans tried to steal delegates. You are as bad as the Obobbles….in some way worse. It is so obvious that many of you Ronulans are on drugs. You act like rabid dogs that just won’t let go.

      It is ashame the way you hang out on your Ronulan sites then you take your orders and flock to an article you were given instructions to infest. You really should stick around some of those conservative sites. You might learn something.

  • sad day for AMERICA when news meddlers such as msnbc, cbs, cnn, and abc reporters attempt to flamboozle Romney into their cross hairs….why do they even show up where he is speaking if they do not like him? go follow your messiah around and cater to his fundamentally changing AMERICA into a muslim-mexican dream nation!!!

    • They don’t have to like him, they are doing their jobs. I for one wish the media was tougher on everyone. Instead they are worried about landing the “next” interview, and so are softies on the current one. Fact of life. This isn’t a right/left issue. It’s an issue of corporate media. We get distracted by the right/left perceived biases, but it’s more an issue of an absent media and a media that is totally manipulated by politicians. It should be the other way around….the Republic and the citizenry will be the better for it.

  • They’re not even trying to hide it.

    Bet this does NOT make the news.

  • RedGA

    When you have a guy who rarely speaks to the media they have to work together to pry anything out of him. This has more to do with Romney just not giving anyone access than anything. This happens at all levels of media. Even all the right wing bloggers met with Rove and the White House when Bush was in office. Stop looking for a conspiracy every time the wind blows. Good God people. Can’t we beat a guy on issues without having to look like nutjobs every day?

    • This! I probably don’t agree with you on issues of policy, but my goodness this was a great comment!

  • This is nothing new, nor is it sinister. It’s simply a press pool doing what it always does, which is to make sure that the “high points” are covered, which they can then do a story about.

    • WordsFailMe

      Dont you have something to do somewhere else?

    • keyesforpres

      It would be one thing if it was a question that truly needed to be answered, but this question was not designed to get the truth out there….it was designed to cover onumbnut’s behind and to ignore the 4 murders.

  • You mean Nancy Cordes who, like Obama, grew up in HI and graduated from Punahau School?

  • RtLeaningLft

    Warning, words have consequences – even those here that are banal.

    Netanyahu/Israel will bomb Iran between Oct. 20 and Jan 7 2013, depending on the outcome of the US election.

    If it looks like Obama will be reelected Israel will act before election day. If Romney, they’ll wait until Obama is packing. Netanyahu preys on US division and weakness.

    You (those here yahooing Romney’s criticism of Obama) are feeding the idea that the US is weak and divided, because a little less than half of the electorate rejoices at the idea of our leader’s failure.

    Yet while condoning Israeli actions, the US will be sucked into a war of unprecedented proportions. If your wish is the Caliyuga – it’s here boys and girls. This is it, the beginning of Armageddon.

    I don’t follow Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs, nor know of it’s myth re: the end of times, but clearly those of you who believe in the “Rapture” will – happily? – live to see the Judgement day.

    Want a conspiracy theory: Israel is behind the 4 assassinations at the Embassy in Libya, with the purpose of obliging Obama to initiate retaliation, which will preempt and support Israel’s planned attack on Iran. Romney is simply acting like a puppet – who’s strings are being pulled by Netanyahu, playing right into their final goal.

  • Karla1953

    Not surprised at all/sadly though a large number of voters will never even be made aware of this. That is still the challenge as not all are as atuned or even think of it frankly. Even when they do not co-ordinate it is a given that some stories will never be told or they will be told they way that benefits anyone but in this case the WH now.

  • ChangeThis

    Amazingly irresponsible. The high school level media focuses on Romney on his appropriate and well thought out criticism of the State Dept apology statement rather than the fact the 4 State Dept employees were murdered by Islamic Terrorists. Just amazing, but maybe not so amazing.

  • Megalith

    Remember, this is what these “journalists” had to do in college to pass. Everyone had to be in progressive lockstep mode to get a good grade from the teacher.

  • From freezing the video when she turns her head and her lips match her audio at 01:06, 01:09 and at 1:17, I think have her pictures here:




    Anyone know who the future Dan Rather producer is?

    • cuttingboardblues

      CBS’s Jan Crawford and PBS’s Ari Shapiro.

  • ChangeThis

    Niall Ferguson Schools MSNBC – 2/2011


  • I wish the media would do this more often to make sure politicians avoid tough questions…this is just a tape of journalists doing their job, better than usual!

    • I also don’t have a problem with journalists doing this. I just wish they would do it consistently, for members of both parties.

  • I once e-mailed a reporter at our local, highly liberal, Denver Post. I called him out on a liberal spin he put on what was supposed to be a news story about the 2010 midterms. We went back and forth, and he finally told me, via e-mail, that he agreed 100% with my comment, but that he sometimes gets his “marching orders” from the editors on how to spin stories. True fact.

    I also had the CFO of the same paper admit their bias (I knew him), in fact he laughed about how absurd it is.

    Now I understand this is only one data point and anecdotal, but I have liberals here in Denver who constantly proclaim there is no media bias and it’s all in our heads.

    Hell, even SNL made fun of the pro-Obama media bias back during the campaign. They would ask Hillary biting political questions, not let her finish, then ask Obama “How do you feel?” It was hilarious.

    Anyone who doesn’t see the absurd media protection Obama gets is lying to themselves.

    • Once conservatives drop the false claim that Fox doesn’t have bias, we can talk about the liberal bias in some areas of the media. Deal?

      • ” we can talk about the liberal bias in some areas of the media. Deal?”

        SOME areas of the media? Are you STONED? More like the OPM ,the obama polishing media.

        Fox is barely 1º to the Right, they have more liberals on as guest talking heads than ALL of the other networks combined total of “conservative” guests.

        They have a major Saudi stockholder that makes them skew their news against Israel ALMOST far enough for you DNC lovers of the sand-nazis, plus Murdoch gave ONE MILLION DOLLARS TO OBAMA’s campaign in 2008.

        Shut up with your “faux news” whining already.

        If there was a similar documented and concerted effort on the part of journalists to attack ØbowMao™ at his INFREQUENT press conferences, boors like you would be calling FOR LYNCH MOBS.

      • WordsFailMe

        Wow! Never thought I’d see the sound of a fart spelled out digitally.

        That’s quite a talent you have there, toots.

      • got a recording of a Fox reporter coordinating questions for Obammy? didn’t think so. Shut the F**k up!

      • Josh

        The problem that you are running into is that you get confused with the difference between facts and conservatism. Just because it is the truth doesn’t make it “conservative”.

      • keyesforpres

        Oh puuuleeze. Fox has WAY too many braindead liberals on their shows.

        They do tell what is actually happening….I guess that must be the conservative bias.

    • bigyaz

      Care to produce that alleged email from the reporter? Otherwise this is just a BS story.

  • ARE any of us surprised…only the kool-aid kids who listen to main stream media!! They make me want to vomit!!

  • I did not hear the question in fact you could not understand anything that was being said …

  • David Weiss

    Let’s keep it civil. As proof that the media is biased, you can just Google “media bias” and find that many in the mainstream media have an admitted bias toward the Democrats. During the 2000 election, when the coverage on ABC was showing states as they were determined to go either “blue” or “red”, when the anchor said “We got another one!” it was a telling statement. That he didn’t read if off the teleprompter (it was impromptu speech) showed his true colors – he was hoping for a Gore victory.

    Our media should be questioning everything and everyone equally. They have repeatedly ignored the conflict of interest in Kagan voting for Obamacare, yet they spent how many days pushing the “fake, but accurate” falsified Bush memo before the 2004 election?

    I don’t mind if they take Republicans to task for following the same missteps of the previous administrations, or grow the scope of government beyond its Constitutional limits. I just ask for a fair and balanced treatment of ALL politicians. When Whites are denied their vote, it is just as heinous as when Blacks were denied their votes. We should all be treated fairly, and treat each other as we wish to be treated.

    As for the “Tea Party promises”, the Tea Party isn’t a majority party. They don’t have a candidate in the election. As an off-shoot of the Republican Party (those frustrated by an ever-growing Federal Government), they represent a segment of the GOP that wants to lower the scope, size, and intrusiveness of the Federal Government. They are for some of the same values as Democrats (true Tea Party members aren’t for the Federal Government having a position on the medical decisions of a woman, since that isn’t a Constitutionally-granted power).

    The fact that the mainstream media works in concert with the White House to position questions differently for different candidates, and passes their stories through the White House should be a GRAVE concern for all Americans. When the Executive Branch controls the media, we’re one step from calling the press “Pravda.”

    True Patriots love our Country, and will always want her to be the best in the World. Any effort which subverts our place in the World will be seen negatively.

    I’m sorry for the Democrats. I had hoped (but feared otherwise) that this President would show that skin color doesn’t make the man, and that the Presidency could go to any man or woman without fear of the consequences. My fear is that now people will not trust minorities or women in positions of such power, fearful of what “hidden agenda” they might possess. I wish we could trust our leaders to do what’s right, even if it was a difficult pill to swallow (such as cutting Federal spending during a recession). The fact that we’ve run trillion-dollar deficits in a down economy has caused a much larger problem now. With a credit-rating cut, it negatively affects our ability to finance debt, which negatively affects our ability to dig out from the hole we’ve created.

    Even worse, in a time of war, we’ve taken to fighting with each other, rather than our common enemy. Imagine if the Republicans had blocked a Declaration of War against Germany in 1941, claiming that they hadn’t attacked us?

    There’s a time for partisan bickering, and right now, we have to pull together and restore America. Without name calling, without disrespecting each other, and with a “free press” that will not bury stories for political gain.

    Which is worse? The GOP breaking into a DNC office to steal their political plans, or an Attorney General that knowingly allows weapons to fall into the hands of known criminals to be used to kill Federal agents? If we were willing to impeach Nixon for the cover-up of Watergate, why are we not willing to remove an Attorney General who knew (or should have known) that this would lead to a death? Where is the accountability?

    The media made a big deal of Bush’s past drinking and drug use, but gave Obama a free pass on his past with cocaine. Why?

    We just want an even playing field. And some civility.

    • Thoughtful post. One question though, how can you say they give Obama a free pass on these things when almost everyone knows these things – fast/furious, Obama drug use as youngster? You didn’t find that out on your own, you found out via media sources. Don’t you see the dichotomy there? Or do you not count conservative leaning or at-least, perceived conservative leaning news as MSM? Last I checked the biggest most watched 24/7 news channel was over-the-top conservative.

      • go poll 100 people and see how many really know what fast and furious is, then of the 40% who know, ask how they know. NONE heard it from the lamestream media.

        • longshotlouie

          They heard it from their neighbor?

  • thunderclapnewman

    These are the same award winning reporters who so thoroughly vetted Obama in 2008.
    What’s that? They didn’t vett Obama? Sorry, wrong universe, Bender.

  • ChangeThis

    Bet she is popular at the hotel lobby bar with fellow “reporters”.

  • longshotlouie

    Rombama = More of the same

    A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama is a vote for Bush is a vote for Clinton ……..

    • HughGKnutts

      If you believe intelligent people do not know of Ron Paul supporters efforts to go around spamming up comments sections with “equally the same,” “both the same,” “a vote for one is a vote for the other,” and other nonsense, you really have no clue. You might want to tell the dufuses on the RP forums that give you robots your marching orders that “this one isn’t working either.”

      He didn’t win the nomination. Get over it. Stop letting others do your thinking for you. You can do better than “borg mentality.”

      • longshotlouie

        “borg mentality”? That’s damn funny from a status quo cheerleader.

        Go find your pompoms.

        • WordsFailMe

          Short arm–you still here? I thought I told you to put you thumbs back in your a**.

          • longshotlouie

            Starting to understand why your handle is ‘WordsFailMe’.

            But, it’s okay. English is a tough language.

            • WordsFailMe


              • longshotlouie

                OK, you’re a ‘swallower’.

                Can we finally get to a real debate?

                • WordsFailMe

                  Okay. tomorrow Same place okay?

              • I do agree with you, WordsFailMe, that Obama needs to be voted out, but, boy, you’re loosing this word fight with longshotlouie!

                • WordsFailMe

                  What’s to win Short leg isn’t here to learn or share He’s just passing through on his way to the treatment plant.

                  I actually have a life

                • longshotlouie

                  How about winning an argument with substantive dialogue.

                  What you cannot get past is the fact that I am more anti-Obama than you.

                • But you’re not winning the argument (you just have funnier comebacks:).
                  I thought you said you’re equally anti-Obama AND anti-Romney and that voting for either is a lost cause. I got the impression that WFM is anti-Obama but not anti-Romney. There is a difference, WFM chose one.

                • longshotlouie

                  He is confused by anyone that doesn’t bow to Rombama.

                • keyesforpres

                  What’s really funny is your guy (the crazy old uncle) helped Romney get the nomination. The crazy uncle only attacked the other candidates. He never went after Romney in the debates either. I was him wink at Romney in one of the sit down debates after he attacked Santorum.

                  You Paulbots are worse than Obamabots.

    • WordsFailMe

      Ho hum short leg- Vote for Obama bitch

      • longshotlouie

        I’ll leave that to you, ho.

        • WordsFailMe

          This is what you and your foul beasts who ditch laid you have given us moron and do not ever think we will forget it:

          Libya, which we liberated at a cost of over one billion dollars and at the risk of our military men and women, now fails to protect our embassy against Islamist extremists. Our ambassador is assassinated in a terrorist attack.

          Liberals did that. Obamanoma suckled and cooed until Valerie said it was safe for him to come up. Your ideal blow up doll is a mental defective, a backseat snort master and when he leaves for Hell, you will go with him as his hand maiden, forever.

          Now, bless you little heart, short leg.

          • longshotlouie

            Would you translate that first line into English, please?

            • WordsFailMe

              I can translate it into Latin….ad homenim, a fallacious argument used to intimidate and distract and frequently employed when one party holds the other in contempt.

              It’s actually quite an old and honored rhetorical device in argumentation. Discovered it in elementary school, works well, unless the other person has a strong background in logic and formal argumentation. Democommie libs rarely have a back ground in anything useful other than memorizing the leader’s talking points…but then, there I go again Thank you for asking. It’s been fun matching 0.5 wits with you.

  • Well, they seem to be willing to forgo even their profits to help their favorite politicians win.

    Or, maybe, they are hoping, the politicians will return the favor by, for example, making news-papers publicly financed…

  • Sounds like Romney should record the press room with better microphones from here on out, maybe they will pick more damning conversation.

  • Burt Zerker

    This is the crap that journOlists have been pulling since 2007. They conspire to burn Romney and they already know to throw softball Qs to Obama. They all ought to be fired.

  • That’s a bunch of bs! How can a reporter say that? What happened to the “Character” of a person!

  • chatterbox365

    No surprise here folks. These so-called reporters should just show up wearing Obama t-shirts. Idiots.

  • That silly article equates tax-deductions with subsidies. For this reason alone, you should stop referring to it.

    But… Even if I am “on the dole” — that makes my talk of abolishing the handouts only more sincere (because I’m willing to give up my own “subsidies”). On contrast, anybody talking in defense of them, can be — justly — suspected of protecting his own income above all else.

  • robert agard

    Congratulations on your Scoop! I linked to you here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-right-scoop-gets-scoop.html

  • ChuckNoland

    No bias in the media whatsoever. Move along, nothing to see here.

  • BX75250


  • robert agard

    Copngratulations on your scoop! I linked to you here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-right-scoop-gets-scoop.html

  • MickKandor

    I do not know why anyone here is surprised at all. Media, which the “News” is, is an entertainment business. It’s not a charity, it’s not a government program… Follow the cash why your nostrils are stung. Who is paying and getting paid by whom? When you find this, which I doubt any of you will, you will find the answer to why they are doing what they are doing….

    • JonRusso

      His answers to the journOlists were very straighforward. It’s too bad the journOlists are too cowardly to ask our coward POTUS equally tough questions.

    • JonRusso

      “Who is paying and getting paid by whom? When you find this, which I doubt any of you will, you will find the answer to why they are doing what they are doing….”

      I’ll give it a shot (and I’ll assume that it’s only about money): Washington DC is where the money and power are centralized. If most Republicans (GOP-USA not GOP-DC) had their way, most money and power would be localized.

      What does that mean to the average DC reporter? No big salaries, no lavish parties, no exclusive private schools, no country clubs, no limos, no gated communities, NO POWER, etc.

      This is a battle between Washington DC, their tentacles, and the rest of us. DC is winning. Unfortunately for them: unsustainable means unsustainable. They can go down like Americans or they can go down like Greeks.

  • BX75250


  • Tobias2012

    The socalled press can no longer be trusted to report objectively.

    They bow at the altar of 0bama.

  • BenInNY

    Ah, did more and better noise reduction, “pointing out the republicans agenda is easy”
    and between her saying “that’s the question” same guys says “do you have any regrets?”
    Positive on these.

  • You people just dont get it do you? It’s to late….It does not matter….who is right or who is wrong….economic collapse will happen January 2013 regardless of who is elected so quit fighting over stuff that doesn’t matter anymore and start preparing to save your own ass because that is all you can control right. It will start in January and by the end of 2013 you won’t even this country according to economic forecasters so stop fighting, it’s not worth it.

    • poljunkie

      Thanks for your sunny opinion!

    • WordsFailMe

      I won’t walk out on my country.

    • keyesforpres

      Well, feel free to leave and take all the rest of the Obobbles with you.

  • Daisytoo

    Best part was the end when the bald guy (to our left) told her through his hand cupped over his mouth that she could be heard – and she looked around and then said, “you’re kidding.”

    No. He wasn’t kidding. We heard you. We also heard Romney. And his answer toppled you and yours.

    • Need to make public who she is and then boycott advertisers on her network.

      • cuttingboardblues

        CBS’s Jan Crawford and PBS’s Ari Shapiro.

  • Steve Smith

    who is the woman in the front row with the red hair? she is the one making sure “no matter who he calls on,we’re covered”. (I wrote that question myself). Let’s identify these phoney, dime-store writer/reporters for the brainless twits they are

    • Probably some Ambien addicted J School graduate. Most are.

    • cuttingboardblues

      CBS’s Jan Crawford and PBS’s Ari Shapiro.

  • disgusting

  • bigyaz

    So they want to prevent slippery Mitt from avoiding the question, as he does with every tough question that comes up (what programs he would cut, what he would do about Syria, where the money would come from to pay for his tax cuts for the rich, etc.). I like it when the press forces politicians to answer questions.

    Sounds like you just want them to toss him softballs.

    • HughGKnutts

      Are you suggesting Mitt should go on “hip hop” radio shows and talk about football, or maybe have Vanity Fair write a story and submit it to Mitt for approval before released, or maybe do softball interviews with Entertainment Weekly? Those kinds of “softballs?”

      You were trying to think, but nothing happened.

      • nibblesyble

        hmmm here I thought you were trying to think and nothing happened, I mean going by your post and all.

      • bigyaz

        Hard to take you seriously with your sophomoric handle, HughGKnutts

        • WordsFailMe

          You and short leg louis holding hands again at the internet cafe. Gonna take a little limo ride later?

          • longshotlouie

            Do you have any valid responses?

            • WordsFailMe

              You’re a moron, short leg. And you must be deaf as well as blind. I’d rather have a conversation with a steaming pile of Democrap. You’re not that good.

              • longshotlouie

                So far, you’ve used name-calling and ad-homs to respond. When will you actually have an argument?

                • cellobf

                  Trolling hard tonite huh? You’re absolutely pathetic, get a clue

          • bigyaz

            Lot of hatred from you. Too bad you’re going to remain bitter for four more years.

            • keyesforpres

              Guess you guys plan on cheating? Shocka!

            • WordsFailMe

              In you narrow world, it would be called anger, rage, probably “non-conformity.”

              In my world this is called “a minimal response to mindless robots.”

        • JonRusso

          I’ll bet lots of things are hard for you, bigyaz, but surely you can try to answer Mr Knutts’ question.

    • WordsFailMe

      Your hero is a coward. WOuldn’t take a question. WOuldn’t stand up for free speech. He lives with oine hand on the chicken switch on the other stroking Valerie hump.

      He’s a weak drug addicted mama’s boy. Watch President Urine Stain get bitch slapped in Nov. He’s a sniveling lizard

      Come back again please when your mama says it’s okay

    • Josh

      Avoiding the question? He has already answered your questions. Just because they are still talking points doesn’t mean that he has not answered them. He answered the programs question by stating his fiscal policy. He answered the Syria question by stating his foreign policy. He answered the money question by stating his economic policy. Those among us with a brain can translate what that means. Those who still ask the questions are trying to trap him and twist his words. I can tell you Obama’s policies in one word…Socialism.

      You can’t even toss a balloon at Obama. He doesn’t have time to deal with our greatest ally. He is golfing and starving our children. Now if you threw a golf ball to him…

      • bigyaz

        His “fiscal policy” and “foreign policy” are deliberately vague. He refuses to get specific, because he doesn’t have the balls to piss off either the moderates in the GOP or you right-wing loons. By trying to say nothing (and changing positions he held previously, such as on abortion and health care) he comes off as a mealy-mouthed suckup who, by trying to please everyone, is pleasing no one.

        • keyesforpres

          We conservatives didn’t want Romney, but we will vote for him as we must get the bowing usurping commuzzie out in Nov.

    • keyesforpres

      LOL…’tax cuts for the rich’….my dear that is so 2008. Please come up with a new lie.

    • toongoon

      That’s funny, you seem to have a real problem with obama being forced to answer questions. In fact, I’ll bet you we’d see you defending him against a tough interviewer, asking him questions make him uncomfortable. Don’t worry, it’ll never happen, he’s safe from having to transparent, the media makes sure of it.
      liberals always get sexually aroused when obama refuses to answer questions.

      Obama’s intelligence is to intelligent people what illegal aliens are to the people who went through the legal channels to get here.

      Get a clue. You don’t pay for tax cuts. You pay for borrowing money from other countries and our children’s futures. Taxes are the method by which you pay for it.

      Too much ignorance. I’m going to bed.

  • This may not be new …. but it is the elephant in the parlor. FACT: We can no longer TRUST the media … even when Americans getting news matters. What is good is that …. with social media like FaceBook, chat rooms and e-mail … media lies are quickly exposed.

  • The media and facebook and other social media sites censor anything no obama friendly ..the lamestream media is so biased it’s laughable. the president has given billions to our enemies and they thanked us with spilled american blood

  • tushdi

    This just confirms how corrupt the media is. The media is no longer interested in telling the truth about President Obama’s failures. The media act like they are President Obama’s lap dogs. It is just too bad they can’t be sued for media malpractice for the great harm they are doing to our Nation by covering up for President Obama’s economic and diplomatic failures.

    President Obama’s deficit spending, crony capitalism and energy policies have led to gas prices going sky high, 16 trillion dollars in debt, a real unemployment rate of 12%, real income going down by $4000/year, etc. etc. Yet the you hear nothing about this from President Obama’s lap dog media. Than there is the fact after the Arab Spring, the Middle East is now dominated by extremist Muslims who are rioting and murdering our diplomats, shouting “Obama, we are here to sacrifice for Osama” and “We are all Osama bin Laden,” while ripping down and burning the American flag. Than there is President Obama’s refusal to meet with Netenyhu about the fact Iran is about to get the Nukes they want and what is Obama going to do about it?

    So while all this is going on, President Obama is at another fund raiser in Las Vegas. I just know that the media would be raising hell if it was President Bush going to a fund raiser in the midst of the economy tanking, the Middle East blowing up and Iran about to get nukes.

  • VulpesRex

    Laughable that anyone trusts the mainstream media for anything anymore. Objectivity in journalism died long ago. One can’t even watch local crime or weather reports anymore without wondering about possible biases. Internet-based consensus journalism which has sites catering to most political persuasions is the future of the news biz. Dinosaur media has only libs trusting establishments like NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, etc… And only conservatives trusting outlets like Fox and TalkRadio. Independents must sort through the noise on both sides and try to come to their own conclusions. At the moment, the MSM makes a whole hell of a lot of noise for the libs, so getting a balanced picture is damn near impossible.

  • This is an absolute joke. The Repubs need to make an ad out of this and run it on CBS

  • Please for the love of God and Country, DO NOT let the media pick our next president. Boycott them, write them, shout it out to their advertisers…we’re mad as hell and we’re NOT going to take it anymore. Your job is to report the news, NOT MAKE IT SLANT YOUR WAY.

    • longshotlouie

      The media always picks the president, and the nominees.

  • abc, cbs, nbc, all liars, and treasonous to the american public. they are committing fraud and are peddling lies and propaganda. THEY WILL GO TO JAIL someday

    • longshotlouie

      You forgot Fox.

      • cellobf

        Fox is a long over due reaction to 40+ years of left wing bias in the media. Fox offers a different perspective, but on the whole they are far more accurate than any left wing outlet.

  • NOZERO2012

    Has the big-mouthed-broad with the brown hair in the front row been identified yet?

    Nail her!

  • NOZERO2012

    Romney did a great job. He must have sensed the infantile/contrived questions were bogus.

    MSM – not your best day, eh?


  • I’d like to see more open mics aimed at the press to capture the chatter. Would be eye opening to some people.

  • WordsFailMe

    I can hear the FLOTUS now, “All this for a few dead crackers in Africa?”

  • ranchdancer

    Democrats have demonstrated time and again they can’t be trusted, you can bet your last dollar the debates will be the same..Obama and Biden have the questions already and will be well prepared no matter what the question is and who it is from. And then don’t forget American votes will be counted in Spain by a company that Geroge Soros had connections to. You’ll notice not one word about Soros has been mentioned during this entire campaign…it is sad and we should shame them

  • that’s because romney doesn’t answer the media’s questions in a straightforward manner.

    romney is a WEAK candidate.

    • Hooked_On_Obumbles

      Wow..really? ROMNEY doesn’t answer the media’s questions in a straightforward manner??

      At least he speaks with the media, not like Obumbles who will only talk to Letterman or DJ Limpdick or whatever his name is.

  • What has happened to my America? Since when do we not have a collective backbone to throw these stupid politicians out of office and demand unilaterally that news organizations TELL THE FREAKING TRUTH!!!?????

    I’m so sad for the United States of America.

  • britain

    Look at Obama’s little droogies trying to cover the emperor’s ass.

  • gearbox123

    Dear God, that’s nauseating. They’re not even pretending to be objective anymore. Sitting around going “How can we screw this guy?” on an open mic. Brilliant.

  • cuttingboardblues

    CBS’s Jan Crawford and PBS’s Ari Shapiro

  • The third and fourth entry for “Unidentified Reporter” above is Ari Shapiro of NPR.

  • britain

    As our ambassador to Libya was having the life suffocated out of him, this is what the President said:

    “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

    This is a foreign policy failure and an incident of monumental stupidity.

  • Guy Dudebro

    Are we living in the Soviet Union?

  • What is probably most interesting, and missing entirely here, is that “coordinating” a primary focus question to get at the heart of the matter is not unusual, nor should it surprise anyone. To assume it’s a “conspiracy” or something, over ONE question that they all agree requires a straight answer seems to require the premise that reporters remain absolutely silent, absolutely independent of all other reporters and absolutely at the mercy of the individual that will call on reporters for questions…which may be only one question. That would not be a very effective “Press”.

    • cellobf

      The entire premise of the question is biased and bogus. The reason you are a leftist is likely because of the media spin you have been ingesting uncritically your entire life. This entire timing “issue” is completely irrelevant and designed to provide cover for BHO.

  • Well you definitely need to correct this from “cbs reporter” because she clearly says at the end “I shouldnt have my notebook it says ABC news on it

  • Joe

    More PROOF the LSM is corrupt

    I hope the Romney Campaign calls them out on it


    Bans these corrupt JACKALS from future pressers

    Apparently approval by the preezy is the norm

  • Mike I have seen you on other sites doing the same thing get out of are room liberal troll !!

    • longshotlouie

      Next time that you post, bring a translator.

  • Guy Dudebro

    Are we living in the Soviet Union?

  • Reckoner_3

    You know? This wouldn’t be a big deal if the press just acted the same way to both parties…yet the press only put on their “tough adversary” caps when it’s the Republican….

  • sjmom

    Just the liberal press conspiring against the GOP which is normal behavior for them.

  • lunaticsrunningtheasylum

    That’s what so tragic. It’s an all-powerful animal that determines the fate of our nation and as such, should have some accountability standards.

  • donzap

    I think that republicans who are elected to office should know that the press no longer occupies the high ground. The press thinks they are morally superior, but we all know the reality is very different.

    As a matter of fact, it would be very beneficial if a few of these liberal/pro-Obama shills were bit*h slapped a few times.

  • and sad to say that they have no one better than this intern to do the interviewing…

  • mkp03

    The CBS reporter is Jan Crawford

  • Howzah123

    The Obama Administration and the corrupt MSM will not be allowed to define American Values for our society. They won’t be allowed to create a narrative through their questioning, not the answers during press conferences. All they try to do is plant the seeds through the way they frame the questions and let it grow in the minds of the collective.

    As far as I’m concerned the Obama Administration is the political and moral equivalent to the Church of Scientology. Through manipulation our country is being turned into a cult. When we have journalists openly collaborating and scheming on a hot mic, it’s Orwellian. It scares the hell out of me. The media is supposed to protect us from Government. Not collaborate with it to deceive us. This is deception. It’s criminal. Those aren’t journalists you hear speaking. They are liberal activists.

    Every private citizen has a right to FREE SPEECH. Regardless how much you disagree with that person, HE HAS THAT RIGHT. The United States should never apologize for that to the world. Ever. And I also support Romney’s RIGHT as a private citizen and Presidential nominee to criticize the president after he apologizes to terrorists.

    For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed to be an American. My President apologizes as my countrymen are murdered by thugs, as my flag is torn down on sovereign American soil and BURNED, and a black Al Qaeda like flag praising Muhammad as the only true God takes it place.

    We must not let this stand. Now is the time to get behind Romney/Ryan. To stand firm behind the only adult in the room who is tying to lead and standing up for our country. Mitt Romney. Get the word out. Donate to his campaign. DO NOT SIT SILENT. Vote in November.

    • God rest the souls of those at the embassy that were killed. And God be with their families in this time of incredible pain.

      President Obama you will be voted out of office if for no other reason than the fact that you do not love America or Americans. Your so called Christian faith is a lie you do not represent Christians you represent your warped up bringing and God less view of “how to fix this country” And come Nov. the American public will show you through their votes just what they think about what you have done to this country!

  • Leo Ladenson

    You should have heard them circle the wagons on NPR this morning. They didn’t understand that an “apology” is not just an expression of regret but can also be a justification or excuse.

  • “,as a member of the press we would like to know perhaps the most single important questions. President Obama.If you could have a superpower,like flying or super strength,what would it be?And do you regret any sweet 16 picks you might have made”

  • bowman2123

    this is a video of a bunch of people talking unintelligibly in a room. what on earth is there to learn from this? if anyone takes seriously as anything, they are insane.

    • Many times these MSM reporters speak it seems unintelligible to me. (And poor enunciation is not the cause.)

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Another example of the great job scoop does and its finally being recognized, thanks scoop.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the prophecy. By your statement, “…those of you who believe…”, I would suggest that you find a Bible thumping Christian and get right with God. However, based on your statement of “with the purpose of obliging Obama to initiate retaliation” you are completely clueless about the current administration’s lack of intestinal fortitude. He wouldn’t go anywhere near Syria unless they had a good golf course.

    We are not dividing the nation and showing that it is weak. We have a commander-in-chief who bows to other nations. THAT shows weakness. I hope that Netanyahu waits so that we can show the world and God that we stand with His chosen people.

  • JT Nuckolls

    Dumb ASSES (And, by that, I mean Demwits. lol)

    ***”I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t have my, uh, notebook visible, should I?__It says ABC News on it
    (laugh, laugh, laugh)”.***

    Obviously, she knows fully WELL that she’s part of the cronie apartus by which socialists (self-appreciatively called Progressives) get elected under the guise of the DNC.

  • markmic

    No surprises. I think Romney and Ryan are used to how Obama’s media works…

    • canucksam

      I don’t consider the MSM as journalists. Journalists used to have a set of standards they abided by and were bi-partisan. What we have today is yellow journalism which does its’ utmost to destroy those they do not like. I stopped reading yellow journalism newspapers several years ago and have done the same with TV stations. Today the MSM so-called journalists wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in their collective faces.

  • longshotlouie

    A vote for Rombama is a vote for WWIII.

    • DebbyX

      Stop drinking the cool-aid!

      • CitizenHill

        … too late, when the lefty’s comment here, they’ve already gone too far arouns the bend.

        • longshotlouie

          I’m right of you, DA.

          • So you’re voting for Johnson? Because I do not see anyone else on the right of Romney. And I would disagree that there is absolutely no difference between Romney and Obama.

            • longshotlouie

              The only difference between Romney and Obama is rhetoric.

              Johnson is milquetoast.

              • Naw, I disagree. Obama is a Marxist through and through. Romney is no conservative (neither was Bush), but he’s no Marxist.

                • longshotlouie

                  I am more than ready to hear what would change with Romney.

                  Foreign policy? Domestic policy? Monetary policy? Fiscal policy?

                  Talk to me.

                • Yes.

                • You mean what would change from Obama’s policies? Plenty.
                  C’mon, you have to give the guy at least the ability to balance a budget, so I would hope that the fiscal policy would change.
                  He cannot affect the monetary policy beside changing the chairman and auditing the fed. Read his website and don’t call it rhetoric;)
                  Idk, keystone pipeline, drilling in ANWR, fracking … could resolve a lot, jobs, energy, nat’l security.

          • CitizenHill

            Put down the whiskey and back away, it’s evidently addled your brain and what’s left of your common sense.

            • longshotlouie

              Yepper, but it treats me better than your crack pipe.

              • CitizenHill

                Heh, heh… projection is not reality, and if you plugged into it, you’d probably not be quite as delusional as you apparently are.

                BTW, I’m a Classic Liberal, look it up a grow a few new brain cells, it appears that you’re way short of more than a few.

                • longshotlouie

                  If you were a classical liberal you would not be confused by my replies.

                  Don’t engage your mouth before your brain.

                • CitizenHill

                  I’m not at all confused my friend… unlike you, I’ve better sense than to throw the baby out with the bathwater… i.e. I’ve the good sense to know a libertarian vote would be pissed off to no avail… and one thing is damned clear, this country cannot stand another 4 years of the O’bamination, so get your head out of your ass and clear your senses and use your head for purposes other than keeping your ears spread apart.

      • longshotlouie

        Just because you ran out of kool-aid doesn’t mean that I’m to blame.

        I prefer whiskey.

  • Rexford Dundon

    to think that the extremely liberal media will do anything, say anything to keep Obama in office is a huge understatement.

  • tularockstar

    Once again, another liberal media coordinated biased attack on Romney. George Soros is getting his money’s worth!

  • The blonde at the bottom center of the screen. Watch her. I think she’s the female voice.

  • nancynance

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels … That’s our media. We need to throw them out with Obama.

  • To be fair they did that to Obama too, except they were making sure that no one would ask him any challenging questions.
    Because that’s what they have to do not to lose their jobs.

  • Can we say JournoList all over again?! The so called “free Press” are so in the tank for Obama that they might as well cover every thing they say with the caveat “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message”.

  • Mark Feezell

    Also a disgrace is the fact that the reporter doesn’t know when to use “who” and when to use “whom.” Ah, journalism…

  • CPAguy


    I hope some heads roll over this!

  • Mitt was spot on and did great! Leadership vs COWARDICE!! Obama was in bed dreaming of his Marxist Utopia while his FAILED FOREIGN POLICY continues to rear its UGLY HEAD!! Coordinated ATTACK by MSM….no suprise but an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!!! GOD I CANNOT WAIT TO VOTE just sent another 1,000 dollars to Mitt and 500 to Connie Mack in Florida. I will be sending more!! I will do whatever I CAN TO DEFEAT THIS MARXIST AND HIS MSM!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen meet the future PRAVDA of the US is Obama wins. Still think Obama and Mitt are the same??? TELL THAT TO THE MSM…get off your butts and VOTE AGAINST OBAMA and FOR ROMNEY….MY GOD!

  • stonedoubt

    The media are more interested in the scoop or the headline than the substance – left OR right wing. Even blogs. However, it was opportunistic of Mitt Romney to jump on this before they even knew the details of what happened, exactly.

    Secondly, how many of you have watched the trailer that has these Islamic Fundamentalists up in arms? Go watch it… I guarantee that every evangelical in the country would be up in arms about it if it was the reverse. The difference is violence.

    Many Libyans are not that educated and have easy access to weapons of war. If we were in the same situation here in the US we would see the same types of violence. We are not better than them… we just have a better police force and more educated people. We have had incidents of major domestic terror attacks starting with the bombing in Oklahoma and others that weren’t even influenced by Islam. They do not have the corner on violence.

    • FlyDiesel

      Perhaps the most absurd comparison of Christians to militant Islamists I’ve ever heard. Indeed we hear and see far worse on a continuing basis towards Christians. We have had high-value productions of anti-Christian messages, not just third-raters like this. How about “The Life of Brian”, or “The Last Temptation of Christ”? Jesus makes routine comic appearances in “Family Guy”. He is mocked on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

      • stonedoubt

        Militant Islamists that have seen war waged for more than a half generation in recent memory and generations before that have seen the same. However, you point out the things that are done to provoke Christian anger… what separates us from them is education and an open society. I think that someone who calls themselves a Christian while refusing to walk in another mans shoes isn’t a true Christian… but a warmongering fundamentalist who would condone actions that break the greatest rule. The Golden Rule: “You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.”

        • Caleb Barnett

          Pretty sure Jesus was explaining an ideal way to treat fellow human beings, not establishing a government’s military policies. As a “true Christian” would you have had us stand aside and allow Nazi global domination? Grow up.

          • longshotlouie

            Are there not fellow humans involved here?

        • toongoon

          Ah hypocrisy, Where would we be without it?

          Are you really telling Christians how they should be Christians, meanwhile denying that Muslims are doing what the Koran tells them to do.

          It’s very interesting how quickly you will condemn a Christian for how you perceive a Christian to be, but make excuses for murder condoned by another religions holy book.

          Kinsfolk are fellow believers in Christ, all others you treat as you would want to be treated. If others do not respond in like ways the Lord will judge them. If someone means to murder you you do not stand and let him, you defend yourself. To the death if need be.

          Education is not what separates us from the savages. There are many uneducated people who would never raise their hand against innocent people. On the other hand there are many educated people who wouldn’t bat an eye at murdering another.

          Faith in God is what makes us different from the savages, our Lord and Savior who has given us His word to obey and live by. As the USA becomes more atheist it has become more violent. But that is different from the Koran, it instructs it’s follows to kill in the name of Allah anyone who does not adhere to it’s teaching.

          • stonedoubt

            Yeah… pretty sure that Christianity has no blood on it’s hands whatsoever… right? I am absolutely sure that if we compare the amount of blood spilled by Christians in the name of their “Faith in God” to blood spilled by ANY other religion there is no comparison. Who is the hypocrite?

            • toongoon

              Unless you have facts rather than opinion we know who the hypocrite is.

              • stonedoubt

                History… do you have it in your neck of the woods?

                • toongoon

                  Yes, but we try not to make up our own facts. Everything you have said is opinion and generalization. Everything I have said is either known or easily verified. I know a lot about history, I realize you don’t have to work for your welfare check anymore but why don’t you do some research and give the facts and links you are referring to.

                • stonedoubt

                  You certainly DO try to make up your own facts by ignoring the ones that don’t serve your narrative.

                • toongoon

                  I’m sure the Muslim Brotherhood is going to enjoy your tax dollars.

            • toongoon

              The crusades were in response to the Muslims attacking other countries. There has been isolated murders by Christians who have strayed from the Bible. They will stand in judgement before God. Ireland had a political war which was unfortunately divided between Protestants and Catholics. I don’t deny that there is bloodshed by Christians, there has been. But you are trying to make a moral equivalency between Christians and Muslims.
              Go back a year, how much blood has been spilled by Christians compared to Muslims? Muslims are blocking the doors to churches and setting them on fire. This happens every Sunday in Africa. Did any Christians burn down any mosques or kill any innocent Muslims?
              Go back 11 years. 3000 Americans killed by Muslims flying hijacked jets.
              Go back 70 years. The Grand Mufti had a partnership with Hitler, it wasn’t only Jews that were exterminated.

              All of these examples are of Muslims murdering in the name of Allah. If you can, please tell me of any examples of Christians as a whole doing something similar.

              You think that if one person who is Christian commits a crime that all Christians should be held in judgement, but all Muslims who commit the same crimes together should be understood, that there are reasons for their savagery. That is hypocrisy. It’s also a very dangerous game.

              • stonedoubt

                The Inquisition and many Christian movements like The Inquisition.

                Obviously, you don’t count at least hundreds of middle eastern people who have been killed as a direct result of our military actions in the region in the last year. The Muslims that are protesting certainly do. Over the past decade we have killed 10s of thousands of innocent people.

                You use selective reasoning as justification. If the same thing had been happening to Christian nations, I am quite certain your view would be different… who is the hypocrite?

    • cuttingboardblues

      Zat you Assad?

    • JonRusso

      “However, it was opportunistic of Mitt Romney to jump on this before they even knew the details of what happened, exactly.”

      We knew that we, the United States of America, were being attacked by a bunch of 7th Century barbarians and the POTUS apologizes for a film nobody has seen made by a church nobody goes to. Romney was presidential and answered questions forthrightly despite the fact that the questions were contrived by the BO sycophants. Obama, otoh, is a coward and runs from reporters when one dares to ask, “Is this an act of war?” Maybe the coward-in-chief will get from behind Hillary’s skirt long enough to ask her what he should do.

      Also, how do you know that Oklahoma wasn’t influenced (or aided/abetted) by Islam? A lot of things didn’t get much airplay outside OK. I know, I was living there and commuting to another state daily. Besides, comparing a supposed “lone wolf” incident like OKC with jihad is absurd.

      • JonRusso – You have been sold one bad Bill of Goods.
        You might want to ask for a refund on that there Reality you been sold.

        • JonRusso

          And you may want to prove me wrong lest I think you a fool.

      • stonedoubt

        That didn’t happen. The statement released by the US Embassy in Cairo was released more than 5 hours before ANY attack happened. As far as the rest of what you said: it is apparent that you really have no clue.

        • JonRusso

          The Sec of State is still apologizing for our First Amendment.

    • keyesforpres

      “The difference is violence”…..BIG difference.

      TAQIYYA- deceit in order to advance islam…basic islamic doctrine…it is considered a virtue to lie in islam…especially if it advances islam. This was a coordinated attack by Libya and Egypt and they planned it for 911. The film excuse was an after thought.

      http://www.shoebat.com has a good take on it.
      Also http://www.atlasshrugs.com and http://www.jihadwatch.org

    • keyesforpres

      Actually, Terry Nichols met with al qaeda in the Phillipines to help with the bomb. McVeigh was seen with an Iraqi the morning of the bombing. Iraq was involved.

      It’s islam.

    • toongoon

      >blockquote>Go watch it… I guarantee that every evangelical in the country would be up in arms about it if it was the reverse.

      Well fella,the difference between Christians and Muslims is that the former does not go looking for someone to kill in a rage when dey get theiw wittow feewins hewt, the latter lives for killing. Brush up on your knowledge of Islam, you’ll help save the lives of few Americans.

      >blockquote>Many Libyans are not that educated and have easy access to weapons of war. If we were in the same situation here in the US we would see the same types of violence.>/blockquote>

      Chicago. We do have the same types of problems here.

  • The main stream media aka the “Office of disinformation for the Obama campaign”

  • BeauDCrab

    Good catch, but what can we do?

    Half of us already knew the MSM is Obama’s bitch, the other half also knows but think they’re justified because of their warped sense of moral superiority.

  • The Establishment Media is self-serving. They are not interested in discourse. They choose the topics, no matter how off-topic or inane. I’m sure they do the same with Mr. Obama. The Establishment Media is all about itself, with no regard to clarity or service to the American public.

  • rich wojcik

    following Russian and 1939 Germany press methods…………………

  • Ivy

    Not Nancy Cordes but the other lady [jan] I think.

  • You know how the cops always seem to have an outside third party with a camera phone that video tapes their actions?

    As opposed to the incidental open hot mic, why can’t someone do the same to these idiots?

  • This is no surprise that the press would do this. They have proven time and time again they enjoy yellow journalism. They don’t want facts…..That’s been proven for the past 3 years. Obama and his personal press crew = Fail.

    • doonyool

      David, I think you’re stretching it to by throwing in the journalism term; despite the ‘yellow’ modifier. They’re media stars. They’re largely no different than other celebrities except these particular leftists were all indoctrinated at institutions that pass off as schools of journalism and are vetted throughout their employment for their capacity to push the leftists’ agenda. Journalists are interested only in reporting facts.

    • longshotlouie

      3 years? The turnip wagon must’ve just rounded the bend.

      Try 40 years.

  • stylishdesigner

    In a country where the POTUS apologizes for being ATTACKED, in a country where 85% of all that is reported and written and opined is biased so far to the left it can’t even be called reporting, in a country where the head of the DNC is caught RED HANDED ON TAPE in a huge lie and it barely receives mention by the major networks, in a country that is headed down the economic tubes but is routinely told it “is better than four years ago”, in a country that has been held in some sort of pathetic and uneducated trance by an unqualified POTUS hell bent on swirling a bit further down the drain… what’s left to say? (Did I leave out appalling?) What is shocking… is that we are shocked.

  • looks like a bunch of 7th graders to me…. “I shouldn’t have my notebook open; he could see what’s in it…” /////////// ????????????????? hello? Is this the little chatty Cathies… 7th grade LIBERAL MEDIA? Yes, sadly, it is.

  • looks like a bunch of 7th graders to me…. “I shouldn’t have my notebook open; he could see what’s in it…” /////////// ????????????????? hello? Is this the little chatty Cathies… 7th grade LIBERAL MEDIA? Yes, sadly, it is.

  • Brianbrown28us

    Don’t you just love a stupid loud mouthed B****!

  • Brianbrown28us

    I don’t watch tv news anymore and the only mass media I see is when they’re making A**es out of themselves. We need to boycot them as a whole. None of them have anything newsworthy or factual to report.

  • guppymanster

    Another example of the MSM working against the American people. Mitt Romney looks presidential, but Barack Huusein Obama looks exactly like he is…incompetent and clueless. The Arab world is laughing at America because of Obama and if we don’t stop him the entire Middle East will go up in flames..

  • Brian Hughes

    If this sort of thing was done by the corporations liberals so sorely hate, they’d be slapped with an anti-trust injunction.

  • bakerbob

    Thw woman in the front row is the one doing the talking. Who is she? She is turning to her left talking to someone. I hear her say…. “I should cover my note book… shouldn’t I… hee hee hee.”
    If it’s Nancy Cordes as stated than no apoloigzes needed.

  • Methadras

    I’m shocked!!! SHOCKED, I say. Oh wait.

  • Gigante

    Collusion among the Liberal Press.

    One Lies and the other Swears to it…

  • Hank Allyn

    It is pretty amazing that the press can act this way and no one cares. It started when Obama was going to run for president and no press would vet him at all. No one questioned anything about hism and it has carried over until today. Obama and the current regime are the most crooked in the hisoptry of the world. Obama, if he is losing the election before election day, just might declare martial law and postpone the election until a time that is more favorable to him. Sound farfetched, wait and see. Be prepared for a big surprise. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and the entire left need to go. They are horrible, horrible people.

  • lonestar50

    Sorry press!!

  • These people are NOT REPORTERS……..I SHOULD KNOW the ETHICS…..they are SLIME working for the commie in the WH………Hear how they were planning a question hog up on Gov. Romney ……..

  • . .

    these “reporters” are merely Hollywood perversion proxy agents. they might as well be rosie, cher, or brads p. in the room.

  • binky354

    The leftist a$$holes pretending to be journalists are over despicable. The wonder why we despise them so much. I blame them for the state of our country and they should be banned to North Korea for life!

  • . .

    do NOT consume *ANYTHING* from Hollywood whatsoever. If you’re going to buy or watch a DVD, buy it USED at least. Do nothing to support Hollywood.

  • Way to make history, Right Scoop.

  • bananafanafo

    TRANSPARENCY! Their R people that work and don’t have the same information we have. The political bias of these news medias should be REQUIRED to file with Federal Election Commission as a Democratic Party ORGANIZATION. Then we would not be upset BUT for now to claim to be a news organization to the American Working people is absurd.

  • Typical

  • This proves nothing. I’m as anti-0bama as everyone on the Romney/Ryan ticket, but come on. This should never have been released because you need to remember one thing, whenever you only get half of the story, the half you got might just be the wrong half!

    • Good try, libtard.

    • NoNewsHere

      YOU ‘did’ hear it with your own ears, right??? Don’t mistrust your ears, they never let you down…….they aren’t the news media, they are O’bambam’s bitches!

    • NoNewsHere

      You ‘did’ hear it with your own two ears, right? Never question your own two ears….they are ‘not’ news reporters, they are O’bambam’s bitches!

  • metrosexuals trying to keep their jobs

  • Dude! Nice catch! Well done Scoop… you even had a Rush mention today for this post.

  • susangoe

    Don’t you just love the internet, open mikes and bunch of dishonest reporters. Good news it is getting harder and harder for them to hide.

  • Which means we cannot believe A THING they have said. They have lost all credibility! Even their polling is false! Get out and vote for a little R and R!

  • esielaff


  • NCHokie02

    Great job RS. Got a shout out from “The Five” today about this. Was waiting for them to mention all my great posts but I guess they had better things to talk about. Ha.

  • These people who think they are reporters or journalists are nothing better than Liberal party hacks doing Obama’s bidding! Whatever happened to responsible, serious news men and women. That is supposed to be the “fourth branch” of our government and a place of information that is trustworthy to report the FACTS!

  • I think the Unidentified reporter is David Greene from NPR. Just a guess but listen to the story I have on the link below. It sounds almost identical to me.


    Surprise! We all knew NPR was a liberal organization and this proves it even further.

  • This makes very sad.

  • So, two reporters talking about a question on a edited video and you folks conclude a grand conspiracy. Brilliant, just brilliant…

    • JonRusso

      Yeah folks, who you gonna believe, Cookie or your lyin’ eyes?

  • A news story, right? Now why didn’t CNN blast this over the airways. Reporting on reporters. Hello, McFly, anybody home?

  • Has Michelle Malkin heard that term yet—presstitute. She would LOVE it. She and Ann Coulter both.

  • I’s time to protest the Obama mouthpiece, Leftist, radical, propaganda machine at the MSM and time to remove tax payer funding to NPR.

  • I am so irate – this is supposedly our news sources giving us correct and “honest” information give me a break this is Pravda at it’s best

  • Harry Moroni

    In the meantime Woodward (not known as a right winger) is basically yelling at the top of his lungs WAKE UP AMERICA potus is in way over his head!!!!!!!

    • FreeManWalking

      I’m afraid that if they are not awake now, Romney will not be able to wake them up.

  • OK, remember the rules:
    1) If a serious leak occurs under a Democrat president you skewer the leaker,
    2) If it occurs under a Republican, you question what is in the leak and why does the government want to cover it up.

    And a quick quiz for a little fun:

    Q) Think back over the last several elections. Tell me which candidate’s offspring got into hot water for some drug or alcohol issues?

    A) No! Not the Bushes daughter! Algore Jr Jr! Busted several times for pot! Which brings up another few rules for the presstitutes:

    1) If a Democrat or it’s family has any problem you respect their privacy but,
    2) If a Republican or their family has any problems, it’s LMAO time!!!!

    • JonRusso

      Rules for Radicals

      4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

      Democrats have no rules, no moral, no honor.

  • If this ain’t enough proof to dump this guy

  • What a load of liberal left wing nut bagging idiots and slimeballs. They have NO INTEREST in the truth, only in smearing Romney and glorifying the loser in office Obozo. Wonder if they kiss Obozo’s trouser seat while on their knees worshiping.

  • Trying to get a straight answer to an obvious question is clearly treason, and the press should be ashamed of themselves!

    • crosshr

      MSM have no moral. If they have to sell their sons and daughters and mothers to make a dollar, they will. They are Obama’s water carrier. These people dive deeper in to a new low beneath sewage . They are all treasonous and unashamed of their behavior

    • JonRusso

      He answered straight as an arrow. Obama ran, ducking behind Clinton’s skirt.

  • Tweaver

    The press is a national disgrace.

  • FreeManWalking

    No doubt about it the MSM is 0b0’s PAC.

  • I can understand coordinating questions with other journalists if that what it takes to get the truth out of a politician. Romney is elusive when not vague, claims to have plans he refuses to share for fear of scrutiny and flip flops when pressed. I can’t vote for that

    • crosshr

      vote for Obama, the most racist ,elusive Liar in Chief.

      • longshotlouie

        So, we only have the two MSM choices?

    • Bayou_Bushwacker

      Or in other words, keep repeating the question till you get the answer you want. Right?

    • JonRusso

      Too bad they aren’t equally aggressive with BO. I’ve never in my life seen or heard any person who uses more logical fallacies than BO. Strawman and post hoc ergo propter hoc are his favorites. I thought equality was important to you libs. The media will never call him on his bullschumer.

      BO and his media prove JC Watts’ adage correct: Affirmative action is the soft bigotry of low expectations.

  • It’s SO obvious that the puppet masters are pulling the media strings to slant the election.
    I never dreamed of seeing what’s happening to this country by this administration and it’s minions. Disgraceful. Vote out the entire administration including congress.

  • I really expected Romney to call the Joint Chiefs and order an air strike on Libya as a citizens duty to end American oppression over there. I’m sure he thought of it !!!

    • JonRusso

      No. He, like everybody else of right mind, is wondering what the POTUS is doing campaigning and fundraising and apologizing for our First Amendment while the Middle East burns.

  • FreeManWalking

    SCOOP ~ ConGrats on Rush’s Recognition of your Scoop…

    • nibblesyble

      I second that!

  • Henrytyler

    …….No bias here…………move along………….NOT……….

  • Steven

    If CBS and NPR had any integrity they fire those “presstitutes”. Disgusting.

    She even talks about hiding the notebook.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    MSM is a joke.

  • signsoflife

    People trying to make a big deal out of this are either stupid, hopelessly partisan, paranoid, or various combinations of the above. No wonder our country has so many problems when the citizenry is this thinking challenged.

    • StephenWV

      So you just drink their kool-aid without question, and believe they are honest and report in an unbiased fashion to bring people the truth on the issues.
      No wonder this country is on its way to a Socialist Oligarchy with naive, ignorant, partisan, stupid people like you.

    • Oh look! A squirrel!

    • keyesforpres

      Hey, you just described Onumbnut supporters….well done!

    • JonRusso

      Yeah, that’s what it is.

  • they think this is a game =( to win at ALL COST!!! its not about the people anymore sadly =( its about them and what they want, and how far they will push to get it

  • As the elite 1% media propagandist masters begin to fear their power and party slip away, they, along with MSDNC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC become more overt, sloppy and unlike the good magicians they’ used to be, they are forgetting to use their slight of hand tricks to cover their left-wing agenda. You can hear the female reporter talking about hiding her note pad so they can’t read her scam, yet she’s so very unprofessionally sloppy. There’s an electric, breathless desperation to the propaganda that is coming out and more and more Americans see it for what it is –


  • Lucky for CBS, the part of the conversation featuring Jay Carney wasn’t caught on tape.

  • KennethDeWitJr

    This is NOTHING BUT ANOTHER JOKE of this Country’s Ability to PRODUCE “TRUE” Jounalist!

  • KennethDeWitJr


  • HowardCosell1

    BOTH of these reporters, Ari Shapiro and Jan Crawford, should be confronted with this information and IF TRUE should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED. This is a TOTAL BREACH of journalistic ethics and proves LIBERAL BIAS against conservatives and Republicans. The Romney campaign needs to insist on these two reporters to be GONE from campaign coverage……why do most Americans HATE the MAINSTREAM MEDIA?———BIAS, IGNORANT AND CONSPIRING——–THAT’S WHY!!!!!!

  • Bayou_Bushwacker

    I am a registered independent. Today I watched Obama’s speech, I watched Romney’s speech and I listened to what Paul Ryan and Hillary had to say. Then I read this. Have to admit, that after all that I am STRONGLY in support of the Republican ticket.

  • CBS should be sued for lying to paying customers.

    After we win this election Romney needs to put Ryan in charge of a hyper-aggressive forensic accounting team made up of all of those accountants who will be out of work because we have a flat tax. He would then instruct them to investigate every damn deal made by Obama and the Commies, with the results forwarded to the new AG, who would instruct the new director of the FBI to go nuts on and arrest ALL of the crooks.


    First thing have Soros and Reid thrown in Jail for treason.

  • Trio of Liars

    Barack O Vomit

    Debbie My Dirty Hair Needs a Wash Schultz

    Debbie Stab-en-my-back-now

    We can’t forget Nancy Smelosi and Dirty Harry Reid

  • We all know that the Lefty Media press are Obama Humpy Dogs.

  • The lefty Media Press are Obama Humpy Dogs. They have zero credibility and I think like Sarah Palin Romney Ryan should give passes to only those that they deem fair. If they are known LEFTIES… kick then out. Let them write what ever they want. They will anyway.. so why dignify these buttwipes with air time. I say screw em! We get our news from the internet. Only the Liberal tightasses and the the progressives listen to these tramps anyway!









    Obama Admin stole from the above retired Cost of Living and gave the money to Black Farmers for redistribution

  • Boycott Comcast !
    Comcast Owns NBC and MSNBC
    If Comcast does not put its foot up NBC’s rear change to Verizon.
    Comcast CEO Brian Roberts in the bag for Obama
    Comcast has many customers who buy there Cable, Internet, and Internet Phone.
    Start dumping Comcast and watch how fast they will change NBC.
    Comcast Corporate Office | Headquarters
    1500 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19102

    • JonRusso

      Netflix is lightyears better than cable. $16 per month gets me unlimited streaming and movie rental. Fox viewers are subsidizing Msnbc, cnn, and all the rest of the liberal programming on nearly every channel.

      Quit subsidizing the enemy. Cancel your cable until they provide “a la carte” programming choices.


    • bigbrother3

      As well as some CBS stations. They pick and choose what they will say on the news. At least in our state. Leave off a word here or there. You find this out by listening to statements on FOX…then watch and listen on the local station. Has happened many times.

      • paraducks

        Ever notice that you never see a photo of Reagan or Bush without a snarl on their face or a mouthful of food ? Ever notice that you never see a photo of the draft dodger Clinton without his hand over his heart, standing in front of a flag ? Ever notice that whenever you see a photo of obama, he has a halo ? I am, barely exaggerating but watch and see how they intentionally shape our lowest common denominator(s) The media makes them look heroic, while subtly smearing anyone who tries to express love of country or patriotism.

    • paraducks

      Seems that to secure a “J” degree in “amerika” you must first swear allegiance to the global marxist struggle. Of course they call it being “progressive”. You could take all the media, put them in a bag and shake them. When you dump them out, 99% are going to immediately walk left. Such pitiful, souless conformists.

  • Remember the JournOlist crap two years ago? Its just proof the media is basically the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

  • Macranthunter

    Look, just stop listen to or watching these “news” outlets. Let them wither on the vine.

    • AnneCink

      We don’t, but most of the people who do watch them are voting for Obama. These faux agencies keep the sheeple on their side with vicious mis-reporting! We are perfectly correct to continue to monitor their actions and spread the word on their deceit!

  • Who ever she is she is from ABC not CBS, right at the end you hear her say ” i should cover my notebook so they dont see it (haha) it says ABC news (haha).I cant wait till Nov.6 when that night they are all crying to each other. Now thats a news cast ill watch.

  • fullmooner

    Does anyone remember “journalist” Nina (not Totenberg. A younger Nina) saying she would go on her knees for Bill Clinton – during the height of the Lewinsky scandal? This, because she admired Clinton’s policies for women. Presumably she did not mean, the “You better put tome ice on that. . .” his advice to Juanita Broadrick. Brings to mind the saying, “You can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think.”

  • fullmooner

    Clarification: In July 1998 NINA BURLEIGH, then of TIME magazine, said of Bill Clinton, “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal – Google it for her further lady-like comments that all the women in American should be lining up with their presidential knee pads to thank him for keeping theocracy off their backs. It doesn’t get much clearer than that where she stands, kneels – whatever. I notice she is doing tamer stuff now – an article in this month’s American Heritage, an historical magazine.

  • fullmooner

    What is the little red flag? Does that mean you are deleting my post about Nina Burleigh, late of TIME magazine? Is it because I quoted Nina Burleigh, journalist, as saying in July 1998 (google it) that she would be happy to give Bill Clinton a blow job just for keeping abortion legal? She said it, I didn’t. I was only pointing out the gratitude of liberal reporters. Is that worse than calling them pressitutes?

  • Typical Liberal media trying to “make” news, not reporting the news.

  • buffalocowboy85

    I believe that somebody got the reporter’s agency incorrect. She clearly states that she’s holding an ABC News notebook. not CBS.

    • JonRusso

      Which is the reason a CBS reporter would want to hide it from view.

  • The American press is so corrupt there is no point listening to them.

  • agas84363

    what is wrong with these people…..they all should be fired…The founders of this country never envisioned we would ever need FREEDOM FROM THE PRESS!!!!

  • Red Blues

    And the only train wreck I’ve noticed in the last 24 hours was the one involving the US government’s response to the tragic deaths US citizens in the Arab Spring nations.

    Anyone with two brains cells to rub together could see that this is all part and parcel of a not so subtle attempt to re-direct the narrative of the political discourse.

  • kcsplash
  • michandaro

    mitt is a weasel, how the hell else will they get him to answer a question? lol

    • JonRusso

      He answered the questions forthrightly. He showed the community organizer how a POTUS is supposed to act.

  • Rich1776

    These so called “reporters” don’t have integrity, morals or ethics. Their what I would call obaminations, spewing obama drool like good little presstitutes should. ( thanks for the new word)

  • Wiseguise

    If the press is supposed to be the guardians of the Constitution (which they are), shouldn’t they be “allowed” to coordinate important questions about the election campaign process (a chamber in the beating heart of democracy) so that in a limited-questions-taken press conference they can be sure that a few key questions are asked? If this were a Democrat, we’d certainly want to be sure that the bases were covered, right? This outrage is a case of not understanding how a professional situation *works* in the real world.


  • Media scum. American people see the bias and your complicity. That is why we do not believe a thing you say, you are all pieces of crap.

  • Now that’s making lemons out of lemonade, wrong-scoop, isn’t it? Had this been an Obama presser, you’d all say they were in the tank for him, readying their softball questions, or worse, the questions they were all told they should ask.
    There’s no data here. Just a smattering of “unintelligible” – you DO know what the means, right?

    • JonRusso

      Had this been an Obama presser, they’d ask him what kind of superpower he’d like to have or if he thinks he can beat Palin in a one-on-one game of 21.

      Ask him if it’s an act of war and he walks away.

  • citizen4america

    The Liberal news media is DISCUSTING…they shouldn’t be allowed in ANY new conference. These people should loose their jobs (I am sure it would be easy to find out who they are) as they don’t do their job, they don’t ask any important questions, THEY KEEP US IN THE DARK TO PUSH THEIR OWN AGENDA FORWARD, WE MUST NOT STAND FOR IT! They just berate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two WONDERFUL AMERICANS. In the debates…how do we get honest and important questions??? Mitt and Paul, stay on the course, if you arn’t asked the correct questions…SHUT DOWN THE MEDIA AND PUT FORTH YOUR OWN QUESTIONS. “WE THE PEOPLE” NEED TO RISE UP AGAINST THIS so-called “News Media” TAKE A STAND PEOPLE!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! IT’S TIME TO PROTEST!!!!!!! STAND UP FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!!! OBAMA MUST GO!!! All Americans must see, “2016 The Movie”.

  • putthehammerdown

    Face it, THE SCUM have not got a brain between them.So they ‘share’ and create their auras, and Many “Booobus Americanii” fall for it, having fewer brains than even these pale imitations of Human Beings.
    We often hear of the continuing widening divide between Blue Red and other-colored Americas and these jokers are one large empty-headed reason for it.
    Like you contacting your Congressmen , you simply gotta do it to these ninnies.
    Look up their bonafides and E/M their employers. Let them know you are watching and viw these tactics as abhorrent. Call Them Out, Kids.

  • This is shameful. When I did a search to see if others were talking about this I found a headline from The Washington Post concerning the open microphone. When I clicked on the link the story had been removed. No surprise there. It is a reporters job to REPORT the news while using facts and findings in a fair and balanced manner. It is not their job to spin the news to fit their own bias or agenda. Unfortunately I’m not surprised by this situation. The MSM has been attempting to control how people think, live, and vote for years. This time they got caught.

    • Agreed, and it’s been this way for a couple hundred years, but with communication technology at warp speed, it’s harder to hide it. Big news orgs have “special help” from inside, where their cohorts haven’t a clue that the person next to them for years is actually CIA.

  • Thank you Right Scoop! It’s about time everyone sees what the Obama Admin. is all about! They do this sort of stuff in Russia!

    • What does this have to do with Obama? How do we know “unintelligible” isn’t a coy way of transcribing to leave important things out, like these guys are all in the bag for Romney? It goes both ways – and in either direction, it’s b.s., of course.

      • Overwhelmingryan

        Paranoid as hell

  • Great scoop for those who have no idea how media coverage works.

  • If we had a free and objective media in this country Obama wouldn’t stand a chance of being reelected.

    • JonRusso

      He’d of never been a State senator.

  • They haven’t been reporters for a long time – so few left. These are all wanna bee red carpet walkers. Honestly though, there really isn’t much here,; nothing that hasn’t been going on for years and years.

  • Our Campaigner-in-Chief doesn’t care. As long as he has his lapdogs in the media to protect him, he’ll just keep fundraising while the Middle East burns.

    Empty. Chair.

  • I listened closely to the clip and it was nothing out of the ordinary for press reporting to the US and world media on an extremely sensitive matter. Whether it’s President Obama or Governor Romney, questions regarding possible war must not be avoided. The issue at hand is that a presidential candidate who has no experience on foreign policy should never turn such a dangerous matter into some rediculous campaign strategy. With the leadership of our president and secretary of state, I’m certain that justice will be executed in the matter of the devestating embassy attacks. Governor Romney please run a smart campaign not a reckless one.

    • victoke

      you miss the issue here… the issue is the conspiring of the 2 reporters in this story, not what romney should or should not do in our opinion…the question is whether or not it is ethical for them to do this…your bias is creeping through with all due respect and in our opinion. thanks for participating

    • Go back to 2007 and 2008 Obama did it constantly, one notable time when 9 soldiers were killed he blamed Bush for not having enough troops on the ground. He should be embarrassed for saying anything about Rhomney using the same tactics that he used over and over again.

    • JonRusso

      The POTUS and the Sec of State are apologizing for our First Amendment to people who want us dead.

      Screw you.

  • Liberal Media does not report the fact and distorts them at their own convenience. The use partial quotes to mean other things and think that people won’t catch them. This type of thing just goes to show which networks the people can’t trust.

  • This is the same Ari Shapiro who refused to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance at a Romney event for fear it would signal support of Romney.

  • Guz

    Why are taxpayers paying for liberal democrat NPR?

    • Overwhelmingryan

      Have you ever been to NPR’s site? It couldn’t possibly be more neutral.

      People like you see the liberal boogie man everywhere.

      • JonRusso

        Did you see the one where James O’keefe sent some operatives in to meet with NPR execs? Hilarious!


        • Overwhelmingryan

          You mean that video that showcased an egregious case of misleading editing?

          That one?

  • bobemakk

    Two dummy socialists in the tank for Obama, so what else is new? Glad the mic was on, it just shows how these lamestream media reporters are in the tank for Obama…God help US if he is re-elected.

    • Overwhelmingryan

      The press tends to do this to everyone.

      • WordsFailMe

        If I were a pimp, I would agree with you. Nobody talk s*** bout my whores either.

  • It’s no surprise, we have college campuses spewing out the left wing agenda, indoctrinating our youth so their view of the world is completely skewed left.
    Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end, hopefully, the average citizen will finally wake up, and we can start to repair the damage this cancer of marxism/socialism or whatever ism they have chosen as their God.
    They are coming out of the closet, finally, so at least some may see and realize they are and have been FULL OF SHIT.

    • Overwhelmingryan

      I very much doubt that you know what Marxism or socialism actually are. You probably didn’t even skim through Wikipedia for a even the most basic of knowledge. You’re just mindlessly parroting words that you heard other conservatives say.

      • JonRusso

        Looters, moochers, parasites, and teat suckers who use government coercion to steal the wealth of the private sector.

        Close enough for you? I didn’t even need to consult Wikipedia.

        • Overwhelmingryan

          Thank you for proving me right.

          Your knowledge of those things clearly comes from what you heard on Fox News or conservative radio.

  • ari shapiro is the same douchebag that refuses to stand for the national anthem…

  • rbblum

    Just proves (without a doubt) that the media in a ‘free’ country can function in a like manner as the media in a communist, socialist or theologic country.

    And, the only ones penalized ? the people

  • Ari Shapiro is the same douchbag that refuses to stand for the National Anthem…


  • victoke

    jan crawford..formerly..crawford greenburg..divorced after she had a alleged affair on the road…but that is not the point but it goes to character…and ari shapiro from npr who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance recently…now that these 2 liberal synchobamaphants conspired they are now COMMENTATORS and not reporter-journalists. they have become the story trying to get a GOTCHA on romney..they are no longer relevant and should be fired…

  • cyndi2774

    So, you are pissed that they are making sure that at least one of them gets to ask a question that they all want to know the answet to? Yeah… uh… so devious.

    If you don’t think the Romney campaign is in the back, going over which press members to avoid, then you are crazy. Because they are going to strategize on which reporters are going to ask the hard questions that they don’t want to answer — so they can avoid calling on that reporter.

    It’s how the press/politican relationship works, guys. Grow up. They do this crap at all press conferences… not just the Republican ones. And not just political ones either.

    • It’s not that they wanted an answer, it’s that they were coordinating how to ask it so that no answer would be satisfactory and they could run with anything out of context. Obama didn’t even take questions (as usual).

    • JonRusso

      And he answered their conspired question very, VERY well. He showed the community organizer how a real POTUS is supposed to behave.

  • Presstitutes!

  • Sandra Duffy

    This is it? This what the fuss is about? My goodness some Americans are easily riled.

    • Overwhelmingryan


    • JonRusso

      We caught the Democrat propaganda apparatus conspiring. Wouldn’t you like to hear Goebbles conspiring if you were at war with Germany?

      • Chris G

        We’ve heard enough of this BS for far too long…we haven’t watched network TV news for years. Thank goodness we have the internet and can find the truth and form our own opinions.

  • world’s greatest orator

    Choreography, narratives, optics, the usual horse manure

  • and we should trust the press, WHY……if this is Jan Crawford, she should be fired and then she could really shake her long hair around.

  • we should trust the press, and WHY???

  • Overwhelmingryan

    The press does this to everyone. Simmer down, people.

    • JonRusso

      nope. If they did this to everyone, BO wouldn’t be POTUS.

      • Chris G

        That’s an absolute certainty!!!

  • Trudge1

    Romney should ask them if they “regret coming out of the closet”.

  • Romney took questions…Obama?

  • annewgs

    these are not reporters. they are not journalists. they are pr workers. press agents. real reporters wouldn’t let others know their question. they aren’t interested in the subject; the focus is on “let’s get mikey”. shame on all of them and those that hire the pretenders. it is an offense to what was once a profession. they couldn’t shine ed murrow’s shoes.

  • What idiots. How can they ever expect us to take them seriously again after this guffaw? Nothing honest, just trying to purposely trap someone. By the way, I heard Romney’s answers to these slime balls, and he was excellent.

  • FYI- Its’ s done deal My room mate working for obama campaign has found out through independent sources that Obama/Biden now has THE EXACT /GOTCHA QUESTION FROM LIBERAL MEDIA MODERATOR that will be ask at to of ALL Debates EVEN OBAMA /BIDEN GOT ROMNEY /RYAN QUESTION TOO ,Romney will never see them until he’s on the stage with the CHEATER . What is America going to do about this travesty of FAIRNESS . Now Obama/Biden can practice his answer for FULL MONTH a head of debate and CHEAT Romney OUT of what would be certain VICTORY . I cannot believe the GOP would be that gullable hello …AXELROD IS MAFIA ..WAKE UP . Please spread the word

  • reminds me of the term` drive by media` reference to drive by gang members that we have in the inner cities. Presstitutes is agreat way to describe these people!

  • If anyone listens to reporters speaking on any social/political subject, it is easy to decide they have been involved with, and supported by each other to effect a cohesive reporting effort. Rush Limbaugh has shown this ‘same bias same words’ reporting style many times on his program using the actual voices of the ‘same bias same words’ reporters.
    I believe we might be more correct in calling those reporting styles “inter locking Media prejudices.’ A social/political collusive reporting style is beyond bias.
    The citizens of our Republic need the truth from our Constitutionally guaranteed free press. Telling the non politicized truth would be, not only a new Media experience for some of our Republic’s reporters, It would give them the greatest impact on a patiently waiting population than many of them could believe.
    Marvin E. Fox

  • In the meantime CBS’s new boss says they are not biased.
    Yet it was a CBS reporter coordinating with an NPR reporter.

  • PrehensilePhallus

    This is controversial? Reporters conversing about what questions they intend to ask? What do you expect them to talk about?
    Seriously folks, if Romney can’t handle this kind of criticism from the press, he’s in real trouble when it comes to dealing with foreign leaders.
    Romney was smiling while delivering a speech about the deaths of Americans. He’s as fake as they come. Obama isn’t perfect, but this guy is just awful.

    • Chris G

      No PP you miss the point. Romney can certainly manage to answer this flock of sheep. These people, however, are supposed to be competing reporters, they are from numerous competitive news organizations.

      The point of journalism is (WAS) to get the best story and to be the best in obtaining the truth to gain viewership/readership. Lamestream media is no longer interested in reporting facts that enable the general public to actually FORM THEIR OWN OPINION. This is a perfect example of the liberal bias prevalent today. They ganged up in order to manipulate the story, collusion, plain and simple. So am I assume that you trust these idiots to inform you? Or are you just another member of the flock, too foolish or ignorant to want to form your own opinion?

      • PrehensilePhallus

        They asked the questions that I personally wanted answered. They are competing news organizations yes, but in this case it is to their mutual benefit to ask the most effective questions and not ask repeat questions. In order to do this some coordination is required. It’s not as if the answers to one press member’s questions are off limits to the others.

        • yolds

          Bad answer PP, yes they are to compete and ask questions to inform the rest of us of views opinions and find truth through all the lies. If another reporter asks the question, then they go on to the next question that needs answers. You do know that they have multipule questions for these gatherings right? If this media wasn’t being manipulated so much, we would have answers to OUR questions already of Where is his “Real” birth Certificate, Whay does he have a CT SS number and Why is his Selective Service Card fake. Birther you say, Damn right!! WE WANT ANSWERS!! He is NOT a Natural born citizen and does NOT belong in the White House. WE WANT ANSWERS!! Sooner or Later we are going to get the real answers to these questions, but first things first, we will VOTE him out of OUR White House. Then we WILL find out these answers.

          • PrehensilePhallus

            Even if you were right about not seeing his “real” birth certificate, or the SS # conspiracy (which you aren’t), Obama’s mother is a US citizen, therefore Obama is a US citizen. Under current law he qualifies by virtue of that fact.
            The questions you have are absurd. Nonetheless, the press has asked the question multiple times. They even asked the opposition party’s presidential candidate, and even he couldn’t stand by such an idiotic conspiracy.

            I don’t know why I bother replying to people who rely on capitalization to convey how unhinged they really are, but whatever, there you have it.

      • yolds

        Chris, I think you answered your own question, them dare are da idiots that inform dem dare Obozo’s….

        In response to your observation, SPOT ON!

  • Chris G

    I am waiting for the word “JOURNALIST” to be removed from the dictionary. It’s so obsolete. There are so very few true and actual “journalists” left in the world today.

    It’s such a shame.

  • Tricky Mitt

    Wow, you guys are really pulling at straws.

  • They do that all the time to keep the candidate on topic. Otherwise Mitt (or whomever) would never answer the question, he’d say something totally irrelevant and move on. This is an attempt to get an answer to the question being asked. So yep, nothing to see here.

    • JAG


      BRAVO… ONE LONE Level head in a bunch of crazy people…. Glad to see you here…..

  • These reporters are a disgrace and an insult to intelligence. The issue is being attacked and our so called represenatives spewing out apologies. What has happened to our dignity, our resolve and our pride; especially on 9-11, perhaps the bantering of ?’s should be directed to that empty chair in the oval office.

  • Governor Romney is a class act. I almost feel sorry that he had to go through this. But I know he is doing it for the country. He does not need fame, fortune or stardom, He is very sure of himself therefore he will be a strong leader. A leader is what we desperately need right now.

  • Governor Romney is a class act. I almost feel sorry that he had to go through this. But I know he is doing it for the country. He does not need fame, fortune or stardom, He is very sure of himself therefore he will be a strong leader. A leader is what we desperately need right now.

  • connecting these dots…
    -President Obama will not meet with Israel’s president
    -He wont put his hand over his heart during the our national anthem
    -After realizing that it wasn’t going over in the to well in the media, he puts God & Israel back in the democratic platform
    -The DNC over rode the vote at the convention, not listening to the people of the party

    -He pushed the Obamacare through a vote without anyone reading it
    -He has decreased our military presence in other countries, putting our troops at risk
    -He is planning on decreasing our military as a whole
    -He is spending money like its water, putting us futher on the road toward fiscal colapse
    -He is continuing to send money to Egypt and Libya, in the latest 1.4 Trillion dollar spending bill voted on yesterday
    -Lets not forget the Executive order, side stepping our immigration laws
    -Oh yeah and the liberal media is campaigning for him skewing the facts and giving the people selective information
    – And by apologizing for someone exercising their freedom of speach, he is laying the ground work for doing away with that part of our constitution.

    Our country has already been infiltrated by a domestic terroist, a trojan horse if you will. Think about it.

  • AmusedAgain
    • Trudge1

      Apples and oranges.
      Hostages were still in Iran.
      Reagan was not privy to intel.
      It was a good call on his part.

      • AmusedAgain

        Apples and oranges?

        I was unaware that our embassies in Yemen, Egypt, and across the Middle East were now empty. Our people are still in harm’s way. We stand behind our troops and our diplomats.

        Romney is not privy to intel.

        The real “apples and oranges” comparison is Candidate (and later, President) Reagan and Candidate Romney.

        One had character and understood what it is to be an American. The other is just Romney.

        • Trudge1

          Why make that comparison when the more important comparison right now is Obama and Romney.

  • Remember when Barrak Hussein O’Blama tried to ban Fox news? Well maybe President Romney should ban CBS NBC MSNBC and ABC…

  • Remember when Barrack Hussein O’Blaima tried to ban Fox News? Well perhaps President Romney should ban NBC CBS ABS MSNBC and NPR and don’t forget the words of congressman Joe Wilson “you lie” when Barrack started his lying without the media bothering to say a darn thing… Then again, they never have asked for his college transcripts, his financial records or his real birth certificate. They just call anyone who challenges his lies as a racist or a birther… the National Socialist Workers Party, or Nazi Party for short followed the same agenda… look it up… universal health care, no guns in the hands of private citizens, no discention in the press…

    • Trudge1

      Don’t forget ‘teabagger’ from the 360 Cooper.
      All this originating from the supposed news media.
      An onslaught of derogatory name calling coming from the news media itself towards the general public at large.

  • What can we do? What can we do? I’ll tell you what we can do. We must boycott all the major networks. Yes that means don’t watch Two and a half men, Big brother, Dancing with the stars Glee and all the other happy crap on prime time TV. If you want to make them listen sooner boycott all of the advertisers on these networks. They have betrayed the American people and violated a sacred trust given to them by our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. There’s plenty of other good TV on other networks. Explore the 500 cable channels you pay for. Make a list of the advertisers on the major networks and do your best to boycott what they’re selling, especially car companies that spend so much money on the major networks. They’ll hear us. We have pledged not to watch NBC,CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, and MSNBC until they start reporting the truth without their spin and biased. Anybody with us?

    • yolds

      River Song, I am with you, My ENTIRE family is with you and I will preach this to the masses I come in contact with. I personally have had enough of this bullsh*t and manipulation from the MSM. Like you said, we start boycotting the advertisers, they will get the message.

  • loosealiberal

    Liberal SOBs. They all need an illegal alien to slit their throats.

  • We have always known that the media leans far to the left and favors Obama or anyother Democrat in office. Honest journalism died a long time ago. That is why I only watch Fox News. That way I can at least hear both side of a story, and know what I am hearing is truthful.

  • I have read both sides of all subjects, listen to all media stations, compared the economy from 2000 to present. Listen to all the billions of dollars that the current administration paid out to special insterest, compared that with what the Republicans paid out for special insterest. etc etc. You get the idea here. I am an independent and come the 2012 elections I am voting for Mitt Romney . The current administration scares the heck out of me.

  • I heard someone telling her that the mic is hot and they can hear everything that your saying right before she says “CBS REPORTER: I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question.”

    There is other stuff in this audio that speaks to the issue even more.

  • j kuh

    this is why the criminals running this country get away with it

    • Tell me that you preferred the characters running the country the last time – they managed to fall asleep at the switch (fired anti-terrorism people like Richard Clarke) and allowed 9/11, started one unnecessary war and one dubious one without any way to pay for it (in fact they reduced taxes in wartime!!!), borrowed their way to kingdom come then deregulated the system until it came apart at the seams resulting in the worst fiscal crisis in 70 years. And you want that crew again? Really?

  • Unless you’re a conspiracy theorist, what is there here that is incriminating? Republicans are well known for managing the news and if many of the reporters in the room want to hear the answer to a particular question, why shouldn’t they agree beforehand that whoever gets called on will ask it? It’s the job of reporter to ask tough questions, especially of people who want to be president, remember? It’s typical Republican paranoia to think that whenever someone asks a tough question of one of their candidates, that person must be an enemy…

  • Romney the professional campaigner NEVER gives a straight answer,Rove, the Bush(es), Cheney, Krystal, Coulter, the GOP did not want him…he was the best out of that group of batshit crazies. And by the way he is talking about the GOP base in his put downs-white, senior, and white male high school grads.The press have every right to question a guy who never answers anything. EVER

  • Baroque Adagio

    It is an affront to liberty that these imbeciles do not realize what they are doing or if they do they don’t care. We rely on the freedom of press to make our voting choices and they well know it. They are abusing their position and worse than that , they are aiding and abetting treason as well as being criminally negligent where informing our public / electorate is concerned! NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS & CNN have all been bought and paid for by liberals/ leftists seeking to make our constitution a thing of the past, and their precious utopian dream of communist society where everyone is “equal” in Ameritopia.

  • mary halverson

    Fox “news” is owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch. You know, the “pied piper of crazy talk”. ……Just like to point that out whenever I stumble across those who appear to be suffering from his diabolical brainwashing techniques. There is a cure, but it’s not easy…..If you avoid tuning into or reading any news outlet even remotely connected to ol’ Rupe, and instead search out those brave souls who have managed to keep their journalistic integrity intact, only then can you travel to the land of reason. Hey, a good way to kick-start your deprogramming would be to have the guts to disregard the continuous Fox edict to never stray into the light. Try going to this site, if you dare face that rarest of comodities nowdays, the unfiltered truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?=v5VrsFEiTpsQ&feature=g-user-c