Exposed: Rachel Maddow is a major hypocrite

h/t: Hotair – The indignant Maddow roasted Fox News the other night, citing that Fox News is a political operation raising money on air for Republican candidates, also noting self righteously that MSNBC does no such thing. Really Madcow?


via the most awesome Johnny Dollar:

I’ve said this before, that if you aren’t visiting Johnny Dollar everyday for some awesome links, even insider information, then you are missing out.

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  • DisturbingBehavior

    Somebody has blinders on. neigh neigh

  • I smell something burning….it might be some pants at MSNBC but I could be wrong.

    • DisturbingBehavior

      Did Ed “torch this ****ing place” Shultz flip out in a meeting again? That could be it.

  • Steven142

    eh… they’re both guilty of it, so what!? At least MSNBC doesn’t claim to be “fair and balanced”…

    • Extremely Right

      In computer terms your response can be summed up as Fuzzy logic.

      • Steven142

        No kidding, same with almost every “response” here.

    • Anonymous

      …but they deny that the do it!

    • Anonymous

      Could you give me an example of how Fox News is guilty of right wing bias?

      Just one example of a news story that is slanted towards the right.

      • Steven142
        • Anonymous

          I asked for one example of Fox News being biased. I did not ask you to link to an article about bias at Fox News. I’ve read them all myself all over the place.

          Do you know, first hand, of an example of bias in a Fox News news report? I’m just asking for one. If Fox News is as biased as you claim it is, please take the 5 minutes it should take to find a link to a video that proves it to your satisfaction.

          Why do YOU think Fox News is biased? Give me an example that YOU think proves it. I already know what liberals think. Liberals are stupid. Your challenge is to prove you are not stupid. Give it a try.

          • Steven142

            There are enough examples given in that article to support my opinion. If you don’t want to see that, or disagree with me, fine. I’m not going to call anyone stupid though, that just seems silly, now doesn’t it?

            • Anonymous

              So just pick one and link to a video of it.

              If it’s that easy, you should be able to give an example of your own. Not one from a liberal source.

              I’m just trying to get your own opinion. Are you a liberal who just believes everything you read? Are you a liberal who doesn’t read anything you link to?

              I’ve been through this kind of thing countless times with liberals. You all link to articles you think proves your point and then challenge the person who challenges you to go read the article. I want to know if YOU have read the article. Because in my experience with liberals, you don’t bother to read the articles you link to.

              Give me a link to ONE example of what YOU consider a Biased Fox News report. It should not be that hard for you to do.

              • Steven142

                First of all, I’m not trying to “prove” anything. It’s my opinion. Yes, I realize that concept may frustrate you, but that’s all it is.

                Second, people working at fox, Roger Ailes himself, admits to being bias. Watch this video, at around 3:15 Kelly talks about bias at Fox.

                Do many people think Fox is less bias then other, sure, but all I stated was that the news organization is bias and yet they often claim to not be with their “Fair and Balanced” statement. If I’m assuming they don’t mean they have no bias, then of course I’m mistaken and I apologize. But it’s still my opinion that they make this claim and yet don’t act on it like they say they do.

                I don’t consider myself liberal btw, please don’t assume that just becasue you think I am trying to bash someone – as you seem to be suggesting. I am not trying to do that, just offering my opinion. Not as FACT, as opinion. There is a difference.

                • Anonymous

                  Fair enough. You have no proof to back up your opinion. That’s all I was trying to get at.

                  You made a lot of assumptions about me and my opinion in all your replies. I assume that’s because you were either unable to find any example or were too lazy to search through countless FNC videos to find an example.

                  I think Fox News is biased. Towards the Left. They are simply not as biased as other news outlets so they appear to be biased against the Left when simply reporting a story with real facts, which always makes the Left look bad. The fact that Fox News reports stories with more facts than other news outlets makes them appear to be slanted towards the Right when what they really do is go out of their way to present both sides of a story and give the liberal Left’s view the benefit of the doubt.

                  And I won’t give you an example because all you have to do it turn on your TV and watch it right now. Which I doubt you have ever done.

                • Steven142

                  heh, I stopped watching TV many many years ago, just seems like a waste of time. Of course, now it’s the internet… yeah I need to stop it so much 🙂

                  Anyways, I apologize if I made any assumptions about you – it was not my intention. I’m not sure where I made any, except maybe saying it’s “silly” to assume anything about me 🙂 either way, it was fun… bye

                • Extremely Right

                  If you cannot behave, please leave the room.

                • Steven142

                  Who, me? Behave?

                  Very strange comment, not sure what you mean by that. We are having a civil conversation IMO, no name calling, anger, trolling, etc… or at least, I thought so.

  • I love the Keith at the end!!! Hahaha!

  • It is clear that Fox News Derangement Syndrome has replaced Bush Derangement Syndrome. It’s stunning how obsessed with Fox all these people on the left are. it’s as if they can’t complete a single sentence without blaming or criticizing Fox for something/anything.

    • Leel004

      it’s everything….and I sure it is bush’s fault obamammy is spending lots to go to India for a ‘get away’ and bow to the Indian parliment…..

  • Brenden

    …..”Fart”….. hahaha that just sums them all up

  • what about Keith’s NBC “News”, POLITICAL OPERATIVE, $50,000. Senator bribes?

  • Anonymous

    My first stop every Monday morning is J$P for the Fox Haters Week in Review. It’s a case study in Liberal lies and cognitive dissonance.

    I also love the John Gibson videos at Olbermannwatch where Johnny Dollar also posts.

  • This is exactly why progs hate the internet. Once they controlled the media, so they controlled the message. Not any longer.

  • These people know what they’re doing. No one should be shocked. They are simply the propaganda arm of the New Communist Party. This isn’t even a question anymore to people who are actually paying attention to what is going on in this country. The “talent” at MSNBC needs to just stop pretending and come out of the closet already. Half the country has apparently been sucked into their particular brand of Barbara Streisand anyway, so its not like it would actually change the current political landscape. At least then we could attempt to have an open debate about why Communism – and it’s lesser forms – are diametrically opposed to freedom, liberty, happiness and all those lovely things that Superman used to stand for.

  • Jb99

    MSNBC has no ratings anyway, so this is a relatively moot (albeit interesting) discussion. The market speaks – simply look at the ratings; it’s not even close and hasn’t been for years. MSNBC is a melting ice cube and NBC’s new owners could likely pull the plug on it and cast the pathetic Maddow, Olberman, whoever the old guy is, and Chris Matthews (whom I used to respect) back into obscurity.