Exposing #BrettKimberlin: Glenn Beck interviews Patterico’s Patrick Frey and blogger Aaron Walker

Below are the two interviews that Beck did this morning with both Patterico’s Patrick Frey and Aaron Walker. And they both tell stories of how Brett Kimberlin tried to intimidate them using the criminal justice system and law enforcement. Absolutely stunning:

Patrick Frey:

Aaron Walker:

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  • 911Infidel

    If DHS would buy a clue, they’d figure out that this is one sick puppy who needs to be monitored; instead of seraching old ladies and children at airports or considering vets, conservatives or pro-lifers as domestic enemies. This Kimberlin and all like him are the real domestic threats. Get with the program Nepalitano. Get up off your fat a$$ and take care of business for a change.

    • philgilles

      This guy is probably on Napalitano’s Christmas card list. Right there with Eric Holder. I am sure ayers and him are buddies, and I bet BO knows who he is if nothing else. “THEY” are the problem, all in it together

      • 911Infidel

        Christmas card list? Hadn’t thought of that. You’re on the money there.

    • nibblesyble

      Indeed, she must get off her er-rather large tushy and start doing her bloody job. Somehow I think she will continue doing nothing if not hinder real justice.

      • 911Infidel

        The only “job” that Janet Reno’s ugly little sister will ever do involves Satan and a particular sex act.

        • nibblesyble

          Yikes! Thanks for that image just before bed..lol

          • 911Infidel

            Sorry about that. This whole administration is a nightmare. They’re all doing it with the Lord Of The Flies if you ask me.

  • “All it takes for evil to prosper is good men to do nothing.”~Edmund Burke

    It may not be exact word for word but it most certainly applies here.

    • People also need to realize that The Velvet Revolution is also associated with the Occupy protests and the anarchist movement within it. this whole thing is very Soros/Cloward-Piven strategy.

      • 12grace

        Great point, laurel.

  • philgilles

    This guy is probably on Napalitano’s Christmas card list. Right there with Eric Holder. I am sure ayers and him are buddies, and I bet BO knows who he is if nothing else. “THEY” are the problem, all in it together

  • badbadlibs

    heinz-kerry could have been the first lady….*shudder*…the only thing I can think of that could be worse would be the one we have now.
    These people are beyond the pale….here’s hoping the truth will win out BEFORE Jesus returns!

  • nibblesyble

    This is Glenn Beck at his best, I can almost forgive his harsh take-down of Newt and his idoitic statement that if someone voted for him over Obama it must be skin-color!

    • Bunjy

      Almost. But not quite, for me. 😉

      • Never for me. I don’t do abusive relationships.

        • FreeManWalking

          Right with you MSGT, a little good with the bad. I will never trust his judgment on anything.

    • Linky1

      This is where I look beyond some of Glenn’s statements like this and thank him for speaking out on this issue. Media Matters did not silence him, only made him stronger.

      • nibblesyble

        Yes, I have discovered that I must look at the good and try and forget the rest,(for all those that have disappointed me) lest I become bitter. Glenn is never afraid to go into the lion’s den, and for that he has my undying gratitude.

        • The reason we are held accountable for being deceived is that God always gives us glimpses of our deceiver’s true character and we have to choose to overlook them. Be careful when you overlook someone’s evil. We always look back after it’s been beaten over our heads and we knew it all along and we feel like fools. Glenn one of the biggest reasons we have Willard as the nominee. Be wise as a serpent and recognize the wolf in the camp.

          • nibblesyble

            Some words to think about, I appreciate your post.

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Interesting comment about the press; never considered that fear could be the reason for their biased reporting.

    • nehemiahreturns

      Makes me wonder if fear is what is driving some of the idiots in Congress – are they being threatened also?

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        Fear, yes. Too many are either threatened or bought-and-paid-for (or bought then threatened).

  • Bunjy

    Thank God Glen has money and can fight this guy tooth and nail. You just know he’s going to be Target Number 1 after this. Soros can’t help himself. Take them on and ruin them, I say.

    • Glenn has ALREADY been a Soros TARGET!

  • What I find interesting is that both Patterico’s Patrick Frey and Aaron Walker are lawyers, so at least they knew how to use the law to defend themselves. But what happens if you are NOT an attorney and have to face a psychopathic killer like Brett Kimberlin? It could cost you literally thousands of dollars to not only defend yourself in court from a nut like this, but also cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees to sue a demented person like this. The law should be used to protect people from maniacs like Kimberlin, instead Kimberlin is using it as a weapon to attack people. There is a very big lesson in this, especially if you are not a lawyer. Will you be silenced in order to save yourself the money on legal fees, or will you fight this and possibly lose everything you have?

    Sure, and the police and our criminal legal system is supposed to protect you from people like this. That will be the day.

    • TangoPivot

      I’m the editor-in-chief of a small trade journal, and we spent about $15,000 defending ourselves just from the threat of libel action from a disreputable company that we were exposing. It hung over us for a year, and it was all B.S. The dubious management eventually quit with millions in their personal bank accounts, leaving the shareholders with a stock in the toilet. Our lawyer is awesome but he’s expensive! If I’d been a single individual in the blogging world paying that out, it would have been difficult to make ends meet that year.

      • 12grace

        Keep up your good work, TP.

        It is vital that we stand up for our convictions at this time in our country’s history.

  • Maybe Fox News should get off their rear ends and actually, ya know, report on this and make it a big issue!?

  • Maybe Fox News should get off their rear ends and actually, ya know, report on this and make it a big issue!?

  • DetroitRight

    here’s the address of the guy:

    8100 beechtree rd.
    bethesda, md 20817

  • This is pretty horrible what I am hearing it is also the same reason I did not speak out when I knew 9/11 was going to take place and why it happen. It was America greed and stupidity, in short. I kind of figure if I said anything all of you would hang me on the street corner. I had been involve in fighting Arab terrorists so I understood their behavior very well.

    • 12grace

      Conservatives would have been very upset with you, and yelled at you, for your take on 9/11 but leftists, like this loony tune described by Beck, would have had a field day with you, rr. if you weren’t on the same side.

    • DebbyX

      Excuse me but, what? You knew 911 was going to happen and it was because of American greed and stupidity?

      Your entire post is stupid so I know what you mean.

  • MaxineCA

    This is a great illustration why we need “loser pay” laws in tort reform. You would see ridiculous lawsuits go away immediately.

    • PVG

      Read my mind……..

  • After thinking about it it seems we have an old terrorist behaving like a New Terrorist from the White House

  • MsContrary

    Now I know why Barry Soetoro’s (or whatever his real name is) records are still sealed. The people in charge of those records have been threatened by the likes of Brett Kimberlin who is funded by George Soros, and, stupid, stupid people like Barbra Streisand. I can never listen to her again, let alone buy anything of hers.

  • PVG

    Someone needs to get Sheriff Joe on this guy.

  • nehemiahreturns

    OWS – the Brown Shirts of the American left – gaining power through intimidation, threats and violence – doing the dirty work for Obama and all his ilk. Obama – his handlers must be very pleased.

  • Colonel Neville

    Ah, so Kimbalining is a typical 1960’s, cum 70’s cum 80’s leftover rich mans brat son garbage cum bomber, child molestor, liar, and other standard Marxist leftist never worked a day parasite nihilist mob creep. What a coincidence. SO is Bill Ayers and variations on that theme are Charles Manson, the SEIU, ACORN, AFL CIO, Obama and Occupod leaders and half the Democrat Party etc, etc ad nauseum. Zombietime com and commieblaster com etc, also have lots on these psychopathic yet narcissistic mediocrities.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • remoteswitch

    Brett Kimberland:
    8100 BEECH TREE RD.
    BETHESDA, MD 20817

    Needs a confirmation, and I live right down the road.