FAIL: Woman gets laughed at after bringing up Obamacare at Thanksgiving…

I’m not sure if this is just a goof on Obamacare or if this was a serious attempt at discussing it. Either way it’s what I would expect to happen to someone trying to bring up Obamacare at Thanksgiving:

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  • DHardy

    Obama has been telling people to cheat. they have made it more than clear they are not validating any info you are telling them. fake SS..Name…Employment..Citizen? can say what you want as long as you can prove you have insurance.

  • Press Watchusa

    I understand he has twenty(20) videos total

    I hope so!

  • imatellau

    Where is Texas law enforcement investigating this mafia esque racketeering?
    RICO ring a bell?????

  • mediaaccess

    Come to Hungrary, ya’ll – cheating/scamming is a way of life that’s how it works in the Balkan states – Basic Economics

    • tinlizzieowner

      That’s the whole idea for some of us. NOT to become the Balkans, or Mexico, or Cuba, or anything else.

  • Yazz55

    Now this is an operation that the IRS really should investigate and shut down. But won’t.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Kind of reminds of you of ACORN, right? It should, some of the same people are running it. 😉

    • rick0857


  • spin43

    Juan Williams is a useful idiot being instucted by the Red House.

  • spin43

    Work for cash and cause ObamaScare to crash.

  • spin43

    Navigators will soon be selling auto and house insurance with subsidies. This will lead to selling autos with large subsidies for takers buying Government Motors vehicles. Government Enterprises (GE) will probably sell insurance through the navigators. If you are a white, straight, conservative, Christian male, forget applying for a navigator job. You have no chance for employment.

  • Sentinel

    Awesome job James! Awesome! I hope every one of these liars and crooks are thrown out… preferably jailed.

  • notebene

    Not surprised in the least. What kind of behavior would you expect from felons and former ACORN workers?! They can’t even spell ethical, yet alone act it!

  • Wigglesworth

    This is SOP. The same thing happens with other government programs like SNAP.

  • john

    that’s how socialism/communism work – lies. lies and lies, and equal misery.
    So far USA was bailing out failing regimes, but who will bail us out?
    I don’t know. Do you? —>
    hint: nobody

  • badbadlibs

    It’s getting worse by the second. If America had a heart for God, all this illegal behavior by the obammy gestapo would lead to their demise. It would make the likes of juanny slink back under the rock he slithered out from and even the druggie in the WH would have to hang his pointy head in shame.
    This is in our face illegal, liars are now leading this country at every level and we wonder why we’re in such a gosh awful mess.

  • Donald Bly

    They are ACORN

  • Grumpa37

    We need them exposed much less than we need them arrested and held as long as Texas law can hold them. I can’t guess how loyal they may be to Obie’s communist ideology, but I can guess that most of them are “substandard” and potentially pretty easy to rattle, so any information they may have can be shaken out of them.

  • rick0857

    This is precisely why we as American citizens need to send James O’Keefe ten bucks or so every time you’ve got a little cash to part with. This guy gets RESULTS!!!
    I’m a disabled Vet and I send him at least ten bucks out of every one of my disability checks.

  • drphibes

    Please pass the stuffing. Oh, yes, more cranberry sauce, thanks. No, no, no, we’re not going to watch a movie after dinner, I thought we’d all sign up for Obamacare!

    • warpmine

      No, no, please pass the sweet and sour shrimp!
      Seriously, can we have a hit of what you’re smoking Aunt?????

      • NYGino

        Don’t bogart that joint auntie leftie.

  • TexasPGRRider

    That topic somehow slipped the conversation. We did however spend some time discussing how the infiltration of the muzbrohood into our society and government has affected our way of life. I`m Thankful the Truth is spreading exponentially….

    • Scolded

      You just made me realize that I never even thought of Obama on Thanksgiving Day. I guess that’s because there is nothing about him for which I could be thankful.

  • Laurel

    Their laughter is infectious. 🙂

    • warpmine

      At first I thought it was a parody but then she was serious.

      • sjmom

        I knew it wasn’t a parody when she got angry after they laughed.

        • jessica22

          Get serious!
          If you’re going to do a spoof, you have to be serious.
          Pretty funny, the joke’s on Obama.

          • sjmom

            I am serious. There are people out there who are like this. I knew she was serious when at the end she started to get miffed and asked the person with the camera to turn it off.

            • jessica22

              I just think that was good acting!
              Too many inconsistencies to make it real.

              • sjmom

                I didn’t think she was serious until the end and got miffed.

      • Laurel

        I kind of thought it was a set up but it was still funny.

    • giveususfree

      One of the laughs going on sounded forced and fake.

  • msdi2u

    Somebody will surely say this is racist because it is a white family laughing about our black president’s failed healthcare plan.

    • giveususfree

      ….and they used an all female audience as props to mock him with. Clearly the War on Women rages on…..

    • Jhonnypatriot

      except the Asian in the family laughed too lol

  • NYGino

    This is a sarcastic goof. Pretty funny too. BTW, are there no men in this family?

    • warpmine

      I thought she was seriously, Gino but even if it’s as you say a goof, it should be noted to the left just how absurd the suggestion was at Thanksgiving.

      • sjmom

        I did too. Sounded like a true liberal Dem. Not sure I could’ve laughed though. I would’ve probably tried to re educate her.

        • Rosalie

          “I would’ve probably tried to re educate her:
          You can’t; they’re indoctrinated.

          • sjmom

            You’re right but I also wouldn’t have laughed.

            My son’s inlaws are rabid liberals and my hubby and I are as right wing as you get. Last year, Mom,, who is head of the teacher’s union, at her high school, started about gun control and if she found out any of HER teachers didn’t agree with the liberal line they better watch out. This was right after Newtown. Well, I could feel the anger beginning to arise in me and she and I had words. I told her what I thought and she did not like it. That was not long after the wedding which was right after last year’s election when she had to bring up Obama’s win. I ijust gnored her and kept talking.

            I’ll be spending Christmas dinner with them this year and already told my son if she starts I’ll be out back on the patio, Know I’d rip her to shreds with all the info I have stored in my brain but its not worth causing a family feud, so I’ll go outside and pray. Not going to allow her to fight with me, she can take her anger elsewhere.

            • Jaels_Song

              Never know, my liberal mother-in-law who voted for Obama the first time, wised up before the 2nd election, and now despises the buffoon.

              • sjmom

                Happen to know these people haven’t. As long as everyone keeps the conversation away from politics then all will be well.

            • NYGino

              sjmom, if I may, be the bigger person, take the high road, give her a gift this year of a subscription to the “Limbaugh Letter” You’ll feel much better.

              • sjmom

                LOL Gino. You just want to see Scoop post an article on 2 mothers in law in a brawl.

                • NYGino


            • san rafael blue

              Never mind Propaganda Mom, she would not allow you the satisfaction of admitting her beliefs are all Hot Air and Utopian fantasies. You just come back here and discuss the day with other mature, like minded adults, like us. The far left can only learn from the experience of frustration and defeat, that takes a lot of time. We here try to learn by way of logistics. We have long had the public answers to questions the left has only begun to consider asking in private.

            • Rosalie

              There are liberals in my family too. I tried talking to my one nephew when O was running, who I thought had a little sense, but when he said something about O being a community organizer like Jesus, that did it. I refuse to discuss politics anymore. Besides, I very seldom see my liberal relatives.

              • jessica22

                Lucky it’s seldom.

                You can pick your friends.
                You can’t pick your relatives.

        • jessica22

          Would a true liberal post such a joke on OBAMACARE?

          • sjmom

            She was not joking.

            • jessica22

              That’s what I mean. If she was a liberal and talking seriously about OBAMACARE while everyone else was laughing at her, do you think she would post it?

              • sjmom

                Are you sure it was she who posted it? Someone else was holding the camera

                • jessica22

                  That’s true.
                  I guess I assumed she posted it because she wasn’t in the picture and she was talking. But maybe not.

                  Still, what a joke on OBAMACARE.

                • sjmom

                  Obamacare is a joke and we’ll have the last laugh when it goes down because it will.

      • jessica22

        I think that’s the whole point; not only is OBAMACARE a joke itself, but Obama thinks we should discuss it during Thanksgiving???
        How can anyone take this seriously?

    • TexasPGRRider

      They`re probly watchin` football in another room, or outside discussin` world events, NY….

    • giveususfree

      Nope, this was set up to be the Left’s perfect Liberal family….all artificially inseminated fat lesbians – they don’t need no stinkin’ man.

      • san rafael blue

        Well aint that a damnin indictment! You know what happens when we assume.

        • giveususfree

          It was a joke.

    • Jaels_Song

      Gino… we went through 30 years of boys before we finally got a little girl in the family. My granddaughter! Five of the boys in the family were born to me, and my brothers and sisters had all boys, finally, my oldest son, had a daughter!

      • NYGino

        Anybody can put a handle on a pump but it takes a man to drill a well!!

  • sjmom

    IMO this woman sounded serious and then a little miffed when everyone laughed.

    • jessica22

      Perfect response if you’re mocking OBAMACARE.

  • go2gym

    Staged. It’s mocking, not serious.

    • Jhonnypatriot

      kinda like Owebama care right ?

    • Jaels_Song

      Sounded genuine to me. We’re you expecting cussing?

    • that’s because the material is not serious……

    • SuzyQue

      Mocking can be very serious.

  • giveususfree

    The subject came up at my mom’s house. My sister is a nurse’s assistant, and she was reeling off story after story about what a cluster***k Obamacare is creating at her place of work. And towards the end I warned them about the lack of security on the site and they should just not touch the thing.
    She has no intention of signing up, neither does my mom.

  • Winebabe917

    When she said, “you people!”, she sounded serious but who knows for sure.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Rush says “You people”. Hmmmmmm…

  • las1

    ” I tried, I tried President Obama”

    Yup! Staged

    • tinlizzieowner

      Probably. Even a Democrat wouldn’t be stupid enough to post that. Well, wait a minute. 😉
      “I’ll help you with the telephone”.
      To do what? Government (taxpayer) paid Obamacare workers don’t work on holidays?

      • Beth McDaniel Rogers

        She’s actually saying “I’ll help you ON the telephone” – which I took to mean they could call her and she’d help over the phone.

    • PNWShan

      Agreed. Although the other people didn’t know what she was going to talk about; however, they could tell by knowing her that she was goofing once she mentioned it …
      and asking for young people’s tax returns?

      • Dave

        Tax returns = required to even get a quote on the website.

    • VannaVan

      They had me going till the great laughter went on a bit longer than natural and then “I tried, I tried…”

      Pretty good actors though.

  • Steve R

    Our family agreed that the we should all stay off of because of the security concerns. We also agreed that it was unlikely we would actually be fined because the law would probably fall apart before then. After dinner we looked into what each of us could do to minimize witholdings which the law says is the only way for them to collect the fine for noncompliance.
    All things considered, it was a good discussion, I really wasn’t sure how everyone else felt about these things and I had suspected I was in the minority regarding my negative opinion about obamacare. For us I felt that the presidents suggestion of discussing the topic was actually quite productive, even thought it solidified this family’s opinion against this law.

  • Jaels_Song

    LOL. That is funny! Needs to go viral!

  • Some Rabbit

    The fact that they didn’t know how to hold the smart phone is proof that was a genuine Democrat.

  • NYGino

    “OK, now, after we’re all done signing up we’re going to have a Jane Fonda movie festival.”

    • tinlizzieowner

      Followed by a litany of ‘Hanoi John’ Kerry speeches. 😉

  • Coming Apart

    Great laughing is contagious….Made me smile!

  • Watchman74

    Looks like they were all in on a joke to me.

  • I’ll bet a lot of people talked about it, cursed at it, and he who shoved it, signed it, and bind it.

    Our little northern town is having a parade this evening which includes Santa and other Christmas Season stuff. We’re going to one of our favorite restaurants which sits on the main road, and get a table right by a big window and watch it from there, in warmth.

    We’re going to stay overnight at my Father-in law’s big ole house in town, as he is in Florida this time of year. Will walk downtown to the restaurant from there, and stagger over to the town’s Christmas Tree lighting after that. (Kinda’ kidding about the staggering part) Then walk back to that big ole’ house, built in the 1800’s, and chase each other all around in it 🙂

    Ya’ll have a pleasant evening, ya’ hear?

    • badbadlibs

      Sounds like a great time! Enjoy, you and yours deserve it! 🙂

    • Spike Bement

      How does that pertain to the video?

      • Other than the first sentence, it doesn’t. It’s for me and my friends here.

  • At the near end she says: “Okay you people….”

    This is her family, and her true colors are exposed. Pretty sad. My suspicion is when she says”I love you all” those words are only meant to be said if they actually agree with her. Otherwise I’m sure she see’s all of them as lost souls to Capitalism and faith in God.

    For those who feel this was staged….think again. How else can a Liberal literally get every ones attention. No…. this is for real in my opinion and you can see/hear how her “feelings” have been hurt in the end as she realizes her plan has not succeeded in the least.

    I love it!

    • bobbymike34

      I think it was staged as she was mocking the talking points when she brought up having your SIN and tax returns. Obviously no one would bring their tax returns to Thanksgiving.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Most of them didn’t look like they were paying taxes yet. Spoof or not the reaction was correct.

    • jessica22

      Do you actually think this was NOT staged?
      If she truly respected Obama, she would never post such a foolish reaction to an OBAMACARE discussion.

      I bet this was a joke.

      • That’s my first impression and I still feel that way. Love to hear what Rush has to say if he has anything to say at all. I don’t know of anyone else on the planet that knows a liberal better than he.

  • JungleCogs

    It looked real to me. Obama is a joke. Obamacrat Care is a joke. And that womwn is a joke. I would laugh too.

  • snorky neederecker

    Looks real enough to me! *HAHAHAHAHA*

  • Bob Celeste

    Is there a hacker left that is not invading the obamacare web site and playing games with it? If not, why not?

    • NYGino

      Too easy, not enough challenge.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Professional courtesy.

    • anotherworriedmom

      That’s like asking why sharks don’t eat lawyers! Answer below.

  • sallyjohanna

    I can’t tell if this is real or parody…

    Thanksgiving at my son’s house with his inlaw’s. Daughter in law’s family is half Jewish, other half Catholic….ALL big Liberals and Obama supporters!

    We have an unspoken rule to keep the peace, we absolutely do not bring up politics! Out of 11 people, me, my husband and two sons are the only Conservatives.

    My son broke that rule at the dinner table and ask the 87yr old Jewish Matriarch, what her thoughts were on Obamacare? A tense moment of don’t go there dead silence, I don’t know about the rest….but I was holding my breath!

    She launched into a very gracious speech about how disappointed she was in Obama, including facts about how he was increasing cost on seniors and his absolute betrayal of Israel!! Then she added and I am sorry I voted for him…..I was totally stunned. A real slice of life.

    Now if we were with my huge family, where we are still outnumbered with serious Obama zombies, if we bring up politics…there are red faces, yelling….and potential fisticuffs!

    • NYGino

      Nice story sally.

      • sallyjohanna

        My husband and I were discussing it….he reminded me my son actually ask her what she thought about Obama and the Iran situation….we both agree, we were amazed at how knowledgeable she was on the current events and how she regretted voting for him.

        • NYGino

          She sounds like someone that would be interesting to have a chat or two with. I always find older folks the most interesting to talk with.

          • sallyjohanna

            That must be why I like your comments so much. Me too, I have always respected my elders and enjoy hearing their stories. I have been very curious how she feels about Israel…she considers that the cradle of her faith. I have been wondering when the Jewish Americans would wake up to how Obama treats Israel with such contempt and start to wholesale reject him!

            • NYGino

              Thank you for the kind words Sally.

    • Guest

      Won’t old Jewish Matriarch be surprised when Obamunists order her people to travel in railroad cars to be transported to FEMA re-education camps……?

      • sallyjohanna

        After all the Jewish people went through in history….it amazes me that they could not see Obama’s chains, and were falling for it again!

  • Asok Asus

    This is actually really well done if it’s supposed to be a spoof, because it’s actually pretty hard to tell if it was staged. The best line is at the end: “OK, turn off the camera” in a voice of total disgust.

    If it hadn’t been for that line and the way it was said, I would have definitely said this thing was a spoof.

  • Greg Halvorson
  • Greg Halvorson

    It’s a goof — they should have laughed even harder!!

  • joyfulgiver

    why aren’t there any men in that household? just asking!

    • aliswell

      Was thinking the same thing. Aside from a little boy or two, not a male to be seen. Odd.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      I’d be willing to go out on a limb here and guess they were watching the game.

    • jessica22

      What do you think men are doing on Thanksgiving afternoon?
      Bet they were watching football.

  • NYGino

    This definitely has to be a goof because liberals have no sense of humor.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      You nailed it.

  • timerunnersc

    No explanation about the setting, no information about this event, Sorry This is dumb.

  • It only got laughed at here at our house.

  • Jack Deth


    Whoever that woman is, she knows NOTHING about attempting to make a sale.

    You don’t set your family up with an Amway pitch. Immediately shift to an “intervention” implying guilt. Then mention SSAN’s and W-2. The two items no family member should be without for a Thanksgiving feast. And praying to “President Obama” for divine intervention was the height of tackiness,

    The laughter was good. Though I expected some profanity and laid out snack items thrown the speaker’s way.

  • PhilipJames

    This is a spoof…. pure and simple. And good for her helping to get everyone in a good mood and laughing just in time to sit down and have a great Thanksgiving meal.

  • ember

    That has to be a great way to put smiles on faces prior to a family picture!

  • Chris Coon


  • shafeke

    Was this a coven!? Where the heck were the men?

    • MeAndMyGun

      Where the heck du ya thing the guys were… Watching football instead if wasting time on obamacare!


    Probably a spoof but I know some koolaid drinking democrats who would actually try and do this at thanksgiving…. and this was probably the most common reaction… followed by being thrown out of the house.

  • David Scott

    I would have told them to leave if they came to my house spouting Obamacare.That liberal trash is not welcome here!

  • badbadlibs

    It has to be a spoof. If it wasn’t, why would she upload this to you tube? That would be very embarrassing for a supporter of the con man, no?

    • jessica22


    • Flushitdown

      Lady talking IS NOT taking the video so likely SHE did not have it to post it.

  • faxxmaxx

    Moochelle sent out a message (which I read ) telling everyone to do Exactly what this brain-dead Obama zombie did. Exactly! I can’t believe there are still people out there who would do what this one did, but as you saw, her guests laughed her off the stage. Good for them.

    • jessica22

      You think she’s a brain-dead zombie?
      Do you think if she loved Obama she would have posted this spoof?

      • faxxmaxx

        What you saw IS NOT a spoof. Mrs. Obama sent out an email urging people to ask family members to bring along financial information to all Thanksgiving gatherings and to talk up Obamacare and to assist them in signing up online. That lady in the video did exactly what she was told to do. Yes, she’s a brain-dead zombie. Maybe still has the letter on the site from Mrs. Obama for you to see.

        • jessica22

          You can call her a brain-dead zombie, but I think she’s a genius.

          And a lot if liberals will get the message from this video. Hahahahaha…

          • faxxmaxx

            I was referring to the woman who took the video. Now, you can make that two brain-dead zombies. And to be clear, I don’t mean Moochelle.

            • jessica22

              Thank God you’re not trying to appeal to voters.
              You’re an idiot, you’re a moron and when you look in the mirror you WILL see that second brain-dead zombie.

              Whewww… I feel much better now…

            • jessica22

              Now that joannelson took credit for posting that joke to OBAMACARE, YOU should feel like a real “brain-dead zombie.”

              • faxxmaxx

                Why do you keep attacking the messenger? I simply stated that I received an email from the WH, signed by Mrs. O, encouraging everyone to gather their guests together & help them sign up for Obamacare during Thanksgiving . If you want to think I’m trying to convince people of something that’s not true, then I can’t stop you, but since you are clearly a liberal I would think you would defend that video. Instead you seem embarrassed by it. Even this woman who filmed it seems ashamed since she’s (according to you), says its a spoof.

                • jessica22

                  First, off… YOU very clearly in this duo are the liberal. YOU received an email from the WH. They would never send an email to a conservative, which in my case, they didn’t.

                  Second, are you serious when you ask me why I attacked you? If you follow the thread, you will see I didn’t say a word against you until you called me a brain dead zombie. This was a spoof and I called it that. You told me I was wrong, remember?

                  Third, I seem embarrassed by the video??? What are you talking about? It was a spoof, a very funny one and I enjoyed it. Doesn’t sound like you did, and if you’re the liberal you appear to be, I can see why.

                  BTW, why would a liberal defend that video?

                • jessica22

                  Are you serious?

                  First, if you go thru the thread, you’ll see I said nothing negative to you until you called me a “brain dead zombie.”

                  Second, it appears YOU are the liberal in this duo. You received an email from M. Obama. I doubt she’d waste time sending one to a conservative.

                  And third, as joannelson said, this was a spoof (like I kept telling you from the beginning).

                  If you are truly curious why someone would be ticked off being called a brain dead zombie, go up to a stranger and call them one. See how they react. After all, you and I are just strangers.

                  BTW, why would a liberal defend this video?

              • faxxmaxx

                Okay, now I have a question for you. Why did she do it?

      • Flushitdown

        The lady talking IS NOT the person with the camera. i.e. “Turn the camera off!” Maybe the camera man posted it.

        • jessica22

          I still think its a spoof.
          No one would post something this stupid if they were serious.

  • She’s in on the joke. Ha! You can hear it in her voice.


    I think she was egging them on with hand signals and signs.

  • PicklePlants

    Vertical filming is a sin.

  • Funny is right, and she deserved every bit of the laughter reject, for govt forced mandated socialized substandard inferior medicine / healthcare, for which even Congress and the Fuhrer refuse to use for themselves- ie; (Obamacare for thee, but for me) must be defeated and repealed at all costs.

    That indoctrinated leftist woman actually thinks she is doing something right and good, but all she is doing is being used as a tool / fool of the left, for which she just doesn’t understand.

    The tragedy of Obamacare is just one of many acts of imposed tyranny upon us, we the free and Independent people of this Nation, and marks an apex in their war against our us, our Republic, and the US Constitution.

    The fight against them / Obama and his anti-American Socialist Marxist Statist Democrats is an arduous and daunting task to say the least, but one that must be won at all costs, period.

    • CAScott

      Lighten up.It seems they made the skit to show how rediculous Obama’s advise is.I think it was well done,funny.

      • We’ll “lighten up” when barack is arrested and put on trial.

      • Mike

        Don’t ‘lighten up’. Never stop decrying this abysmal and illegal law. Fight these liberal progressive socialist idiots to the end of the law, and when that fails you, as it will, fight them in the streets and in the monuments. Fight them in the fields and in the forests.
        Fight them until you or they are dead. Never give up, never give in.

        • jessica22

          We won’t lighten up in our fight against this atrocity.
          But I think CAScott was right – this skit was trying to make a point: OBAMACARE is a laughing matter.

    • jessica22

      Can’t you take a joke?
      This was obviously a spoof…

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I think there may have been some alcohol involved.

    • Flushitdown

      Likely all the men are passed out in front of the football game.

  • Dale

    That would be the last subject to come up. It is not on my family’s to do list. For even Barry to think his suggestion might influence people to discuss that on Thanksgiving is ridiculous, but I’m sure some of his loyal followers probably did.

  • JimNEPA2_0

    It WAS all a joke, folks. She was mocking the whole concept, and rightfully so.

    • jessica22

      For sure…

  • phillysmart

    One thing about Americans they sure no how to roll with it LOL


    Hope Pinocchio sees this . The THANKSGIVING DAY JOKE . LOL

  • kong1967

    You can’t be serious. The President has no business telling us to discuss this on Thanksgiving to begin with, so anyone who does what he asks is a dunce. Well, we discussed Obamacare, but not in the way Obama wanted. We talked about how big of a failure it is and how it’s destroying our system. No one talked about signing up.

    NOTE: Yes, I know….a failure to our system is actually a success for the goal of Democrat politicians lying to the voters. In reality, the bill is a success because it was designed to destroy our private health care system….both insurance and doctor.

    • anotherworriedmom

      You will be scheduled for an IRS audit next week.

      • kong1967


    • jessica22

      I’m sure that OBAMACARE Talk was a spoof and I laughed all the way thru the video along with the family…

      • kong1967

        Could be, but the lady trying to talk about it seemed pretty serious. Who knows.


    And The Joke Is On You . . . Nothing Wakes The Sheeple Up , More Than , Taking Food Out Of Their Mouths . They ALL Get What They Deserve , For Being Ignorant and Nieve . Infamous Words of P.T. Barnum , ” There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute ” . S U C K E R S

  • BD BOY


    • san rafael blue

      Did you all hear that? A school boy on an allowance can out think the (Dis)Honorable Kate Sebelius!

    • NYGino

      Smart young man.

  • We were lucky. The only hint of “healthcare” talk was when one family member announced an upcoming surgery. I said, “well, good thing it’s happening soon, before the hospitals can no longer do high-tech surgeries like that.”

    Everyone chimed in with a general, “yeah, good point.” Sort of like a somber, “Yep, we are so totally screwed,” sort of response.

    That was pretty much it. Otherwise it was a fun Thanksgiving.

  • amyshulk

    She brought it on herself with the “I love you, even if you don’t have health insurance” line. I’d have laughed at the absurdity of it too!

    That said – I think she *was* serious – that level of “I know better than you, so listen up” in her tone of voice is not easily faked, it comes from the, well… heart.

    • Flushitdown

      Agreed. There is something “serious” about her voice.

  • Revis56

    I had no intention of bringing up Obamacare on Thanksgiving,why ruin a good meal?

    • jessica22

      What about for a good laugh?

  • Clay Slape

    This should land on Obummer’s Desk for review because this is how 90% of the households in America feel about ObummerCare ! And, I am not PC (Politically Correct), and I do not respect Barack Obama (Baraq Bamah) even though I do hold high respect for the office of the President of the United States, just not it’s current office holder. Obummer, Obummer, where art thou Obummer ?

    • jessica22

      Hope the President sees this and understands how middle-class America feels about his signature legislation.

      What a spoof!

  • This is obviously a joke. Stupid.

    • trytothink

      At least, it seemed obvious that the woman speaking was doing the whole thing sarcastically. The reaction of her audience seemed somewhat genuine.

      • jessica22

        I would think it was a joke FOR SURE!
        The laughter was just too forced…

        Either way, it made its point.

    • Randy Gacke

      It may be a joke but it’s not anymore stupid than Obama suggesting it be done.

  • Greg B

    The real joke is the law!

  • gedaliah

    Not real…they went overboard with the laughing and completely overboard with the 10 year old girl falling on the floor laughing.

    • jessica22

      I bet you’re right…

  • GarryRA

    Straight from liberal NPR – “Healthy young Americans need to pay into the insurance system to help cover the costs for older, sicker people.”
    — If I am a young person, why would I want to sign up so I can pay for others? When you go to work, do you do it to make money for yourself or so you can have it taken (legally) and give to other people? Isn’t socialism wonderful !!!

    • JoJo58

      Liberals obviously didn’t think this through because with obamacare, those “healthy young Americans” are allowed to stay on mommy and daddy’s premiums until they are 26. So they managed to lose THAT age bracket to help pay for this ponzi scheme. The other group they are stealing from are the senior citizens.

      Also, for the rest of the population, because the monthly premiums and the deductible are so high, you might as well be self insured.

      I do find it amusing when liberals discover that THEY are the ones with the “ability”. They have such a sense of entitlement to others property. Liberals favorite quote to justify TAKING from others: “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.” Karl Marx.

      • Randy Gacke

        Very well put, JoJo, and the quotation is accurate and a chilling reminder of where liberals are attempting to take us.

        • jessica22

          Why don’t liberals understand the conflict between Marxism and capitalism? Our economy is built on capitalism and our country is a very generous place to live, where individuals give “according to their desire, not according to a government mandate.”

      • KSEMBB1

        Most everything progressive liberal socialist Democrats do, they never think it through. They including Obama are all flying by the seat of their pants. All they know is the result they want – knock the USA off the pedestal and down into 3rd world status. Obama is a pathological liar.

        Listen to this stunning interview

  • Frank Tran

    Even though it’s fake, but when talk about money, the majority of young people, with no jobs (JOBS) that’s a 4 letter word. doesn’t have none, and there it’s a fine with that. seriously? Some one in the Obama administration doesn’t do math well. Running ya’s lips are only work when they don’t lose anything.

  • blackirishblonde

    Dear President Obama,
    You had wanted us all to have a conversation on Obamacare today at our Thanksgiving table. We did~~we talked about this little boy in Texas who can’t get his chemotherapy treatment. We talked about how after January 1st, many more of us will be in the same situation. Needless to say it was a very upsetting dinner today, thanks to you and your friends. You and the Congress don’t have to worry because you have made yourselves exempt. So I hope YOU and your family had a wonderful day.

    A United States Citizen

    p.s. I hoped you enjoyed your NINE pies.

  • sansantiago

    Hysterical! We would do the same in my family if anyone attempted this blatant propagandizing at a family event!

  • Fairfax51

    New weight loss program…bring up Obamacare at any dinner…and barf. Unintentional, but unavoidable, purge. Ready for bikini by April.

  • Knucklebuster48


  • Flushitdown

    If it’s a spoof, not everyone on the video was in on it. Some sound fake but others look confused. As for the HaHaHa lady; could be her laugh- you should hear my uncle after he’s had a few, he’s got laugh apnea I think.
    On a more serious note, whether it’s a spoof or not, the message is ALL TOO REAL! Obamacare IS A JOKE!
    Kudos to the family for a superb example of our feelings for this garbage piece of legislation! I wish I had been there. I would have been laughing harder and louder than Ms. HaHaHa.

  • Flushitdown

    Just a thought: I wonder if the woman speaking knows that the video was put on Youtube. Maybe the camera man posted it… hahaha.

  • George Murrey

    Just like the website, this is a joke, and guess who it’s on?

  • Bunjy

    Has to be a joke.

  • tmurph80nd

    Where are the men……shilling or shooting deer?


    This is obviously a joke on Obama and his request that Obamacare is discussed by the family at Thanksgiving. You can tell it’s a joke, because the “mom” says a few words to Obama during her “speech”. It’s pretty funny.