Fantastic: Artur Davis featured in SuperPAC ad running in battleground states

Living in North Carolina, I saw Artur Davis in a SuperPAC ad last night as I was watching the news (or maybe football, not sure). So I hunted it down and found even more great stuff. At the end of the Davis ad it tells people to visit ““. So I did and I found this really great 4 minute ad that features only people who voted for Obama in 2008 and have changed their minds. ]

First, here’s the Artur Davis ad that ran last night:

Once you go to the website,, you find the 4 minute ad below which is produced by Stephen Bannon and I think it is absolutely fantastic:

There’s more at the website if you want to check it out.

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  • I like Arthur Davis….I like then showing him in 2008 and I like the attack on Obamacare and then transitioning to showing why Arthur is voting for Mitt….very smart!

  • Arrrggghhh

    This is an extremely important group of people to get to. It’s not easy to admit that the person you felt so passionately turned out to be a dud (to put it mildly). If they know that they’re not alone, they might come out for Romney in November (or at least stay home).

    We may just see an enormous “Bradley effect” in November. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the exit polls and the real polls differ wildly.

    • kong1967

      Exactly, then the libs will accuse Romney of cheating because the exit polls don’t match the actual vote….just like they did to Bush.

      • Nukeman60

        I just heard the latest theory from Glenn Beck about the widely skewed polls and what their reasoning might be for using them. He said it could be a Soros-type trick to get the unknowing liberal dissidents to riot after Romney wins in a landslide, accusing him of massive Republican voter fraud. Actually makes sense, because no one is buying the crap right now that the polls are accurate. Obama knows he’s losing and this could be his socialist, Alinski-type copout.

        • kong1967

          I’m sure Soros was behind both OWS and the Arab Spring. He said in his own words that he likes toying with the public and manipulating them into riots. Who knows what he has planned, but I’m sure he’s involved.

          It woudn’t be the first time Romney was accused of fraud. Ron Paul voters say that’s why Ron Paul didn’t win. Yeah, that’s the reason.

        • Arrrggghhh

          I also think there is some truth to the fundraising motive. Bad polls = less enthusiasm and less people breaking out the checkbook. I can’t imagine not voting because of the bad polls but I can see it hindering fundraising – especially in these economic times. I can see a lot of people not wanting to part with their money – especially if it looks like O is going to win.

    • IwjwI

      I talk with Obamabots all the time to help them understand that they are out of the ‘Truth Loop’ if they are only getting their info from the alphabet channels. Which is where they get their info because they can’t afford internet service, or cable tv.

      It’s easier when I ask them questions about things that they have never heard of, like Fast and Furious and Benghazi-gate.

      Many are stuck on 2 points about Romney. His off shore account in the Caymen Islands and that he will raise taxes on the middle class.

      “Duh” describes the look on their faces when I start asking them questions, “Why isn’t Romney in jail for tax evasion?” “It’s a global economy, so why wouldn’t a person have bank accounts in another country?” “How come you don’t know about all the Democrat legislators who have offshore accounts?”

      They have to get to the point where THEY BELIEVE that they have been misinformed and lied to before they change their minds and start their own questioning.

      Having this nifty iPhone helps me pull up articles that I can quote from.

      • freenca

        Yes IwjwI, I find the msm watchers to be unaware of so many issues that we on the rightscoop have been learning about for months and years already and can give information and reasoning behind our positions. The ones that listen usually end up agreeing with my viewpoints, so keep trying, we can win this one voter at a time!

  • I love the second 4 minute ad….that was FANTASTIC….and nice cross mix of young and old, men and women and playing Obama’s own words are still my favorite ads….All the things this FRAUD promised back in 2008 and NOT ONE SINGLE ONE HAS HE DELIVERED….Every time he calls Bush unpatriotic for the debt Bush had in 8 years while in his 3.7 years he has added over 6 trillion in debt is a DISGRACE! That cheap shot he took at President Bush should be played over and over again. He is the most DIVISIVE President in history…NO MARXIST the ocean tides are not under your control…they are washing over America in debt, unemployment, misery, high prices, stagnation, racism, crime, corruption, destruction of American values, gutting of our military, eliminating American Exceptionalism and the BLANTANT DISREGARD FOR THE US CONSTITUTION!!

    Disillusioned Obama Supporters is a Fantastic Ad and a great awakening for millions about the FALSE PROPHET that the Bible has warned about and is now occupying the WH!

  • Dukehoopsfan

    Hopefully all those saddled with “white guilt” and those looking for the big rock candy mountain on the backs of their unicorns have gotten over their little experiment with the”won” and will now vote with their minds and do what is right for America.

  • Great ad. I hope people actually get to see it. I guess there is only so much you can say in 30 seconds and, with Obama’s record, you could fill several hours worth of commercials. Hope people remember all of this come Election Day.

  • p m

    Loved the shot where the teleprompter screen obscured zero’s head – perfect! Should be an ad all by itself.

    Gonna to play again to get a screenshot.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama is a snake-oil salesman!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a hollow, phony man spreading false promises about caring for America. He has zero leadership ability!!!!!!!

    • kong1967

      ….and not a bone that cares for America.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Matthew 15:13-14 ESV
      He answered, “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

  • anneinarkansas

    Both incredibly impressive ads
    Artur Davis is a good, good man who can admit mistakes and remedy them.

  • Landscaper

    Davis is from my birth state. When he changed parties, the Dems torched him over it. 2nd clip nailed it and “white guilt”? How did that work out for them? Jobs, debt, lies and screwing our military…… ends in Nov.

    • I can’t tell you how much I hate white guilt. It’s so patronizing. Just let blacks believe what they want to believe. I read a statistic that shows that 30% of the black community are conservative, ~20% are liberal, while the rest are moderate. Some could even be libertarian, unknowingly. So, just like the rest of America, blacks are center-right in their thinking. But yet, folks keep voting against their own interests. Ugh.

      • kong1967

        Yes, but I think Obama was put over the top by white liberals trying to atone for slavery. I’m all for having a black President, and a couple come to mind. Rice and West. Two top notch conservatives that are very intelligent and don’t make decisions based on politics. I will never vote for someone….or not vote for someone….because of the color of their skin. Character, ideology, and content is what matters.

        Obama is about as anti-American as you can get, and it’s a shame he had to be the first black President. I wanted Rice to run. Smarter than ten people put together.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          How about J.C. Watts?

          • kong1967

            To be honest, I don’t know a lot about him….next to nothing.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              He’s not running, but used to be in Congress, representing Oklahoma.

              • kong1967

                Well, if he’s a great conservative then add him to my list. 🙂

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  He’s a pastor now, I believe, but was a congressman.

  • Orangeone

    All of these people are directly responsible for the destruction of this country. I forgive none of them!

  • WordsFailMe

    Obamaerrhoid, The Movie–here’s a neat little biography with some little know issues. Gets good about 3:00 mins. There are events here in President Dog Dung’s life I had not heard before.

    • p m

      It’s a good one – that “53 seconds that should have ended a Presidency” on the same page is also a winner. While since I last saw it.
      Thanks for the link, Words.

    • wodiej

      Soooo, obama helped commit voter fraud, used a false identity, is not a citizen of the US, joined the Democratic Socialists Party, plagiarized a couple books, misspent tax dollars, he got millions in illegal campaign contributions in 08 from foreign sources, has used multiple SS #’s which is fraud and identity theft. I bet the liberals are having a good ole’ time laughing about how they fooled the American people.

      • WordsFailMe

        And the revelations of the day have only just be gun–see hannity tonight…Thanks, woodeiej

  • Patriot077

    Oh man, the changed my vote cross section was terrific. Loved the line about him being that bad as president as he was good as a campaigner. Like the man said, talk is cheap.

    This is a great one to share with Everyone!

  • deeme

    Thank you Arthur, you are right and this Obamacare will be the death of most of U.S…

  • odin147

    A profound fact of life in these united states of america since it’s founding is that the right is the middle.

  • stage9

    I’m still not sure I trust this guy….

    The folks in the second video are EXACTLY what’s wrong with this country. They are the reason we’re in the mess we’re in. They are fence sitters. They are those who are easily taken in by rhetoric rather than record. They are those who can listen to a fascist dictator swell their heads with colorful and passionate words but are devoid of any sensible discernment whatsoever.

    These are the Germans after WWII after being asked “Why did you vote to elect Hitler” timidly responded, “We just didn’t know.”

    Clueless bunch of drones.

    This is why I will NOT drink the koolaid of any party. God gave me a mind and discernment. I will use them both.

    • Landscaper

      I don’t TRUST anyone in Washington or state and local. Good men and women go there and become infested with power and consumed with re-election.

  • Joe

    I know who he is

    YOU know who he is


    MOST people have NO IDEA who he is

    He should have said:

    “I am Artur Davis – retired Representative of Congress and then bla – bla – bla”


    I have to say I am very dissapointed in how most of these ads of written

    There is no clarity – no closing – no takeaway, etc.

  • stage9

    “He spoke beautifully about honesty and unity….”

    Folks, this is the underlying calling card of every single dictator in the history of the world.

  • kong1967

    Look, I don’t feel sorry for any of those idiots being duped. They were warned. There was lots of information out there (that they ignored) that proved Obama was a lying radical. In his own words he said he wanted gas to go up to $8 a gallon, he wanted our electricity bills to skyrocket, and he wanted to put private health insurance out of business. Anyone with half a brain knows that will mean economic fallout.

    I’m glad they are seeing the light now, but it’s because of these idiots that we had to put up with Obama in the first place. Do your homework, people, and we can avoid the turmoil that results from having your head buried in the sand while you listen to eloquent speeches.

    They listened to him acting fiscally responsibly. Look at his record you morons….he is a big spender and a speech doesn’t change that.

    • wodiej

      Most people do not even vote let alone pay attention to who they are voting for until they are personally affected. So I bet every single one of these people either lost their job, home, pay raise, vacation, bonus, promotion or someone close to them did like their kids.

      • kong1967

        Could be, but it’s not always the President’s fault when that happens. He can’t protect everyone’s jobs and many people would have lost their jobs even in a booming economy. Businesses go bust..often. However, in this economy there aren’t any other jobs to go to thanks to Obama. This time it is fair to blame him because he’s causing businesses to go bust and others to not expand.

        I have a brother-in-law, niece, and daughter’s (live-in) boyfriend that all can’t find jobs. It has cost me a pretty penny because I’ve helped them all get by at various points. Obama, you suck.

    • LibLoather

      Kong, I totally agree with most of your points. You must admit that the corrupt media did not do its job in vetting Obama the candidate. Therefore, unless you’re a political junkie like we are, the average person did not see the dark side of Obama, because it was hidden from the public.

      The only thing I “loathe” more than liberalism is journalism.

      • kong1967

        You have a really good point. That is true but it was pretty obvious the media was making him out to be able to walk on water. I would think a responsible voter would think something was wrong with the coverage because there were so many gaps. He didn’t turn over the same documents the libs demanded McCain turn over. He had not background beyond being a community organizer…nothing before that. He always answered in platitudes and it always involved “hope and change”. Wouldn’t you think they would have at least demanded to know what “change” he was talking about? They didn’t even ask, and neither did the media.

  • sjmom

    The GOP should run ndividual ads with each of these people in the swing states Personally, I think these people are a few of the many who will not vote again for Obama. I told my husband I think there are many Dems who in the privacy of the ballot will cast their vote for Romney/Ryan.

  • 1vote

    On a personal note, I know a slew of folks going from dem to rep this time.
    Can’t seem to find one that voted rep last time and now changing to dem. Has any pole ever addressed this parameter? Any body with similar anecdotal findings??

  • marketcomp

    Deception from the beginning and these people were decieved.

  • wodiej

    I think that’s a good ad.


  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    LOVE YOU Artur!! Bless your heart, sir.

  • drphibes

    Powerful storytelling with which average Americans may identify.

  • I did not vote for Obama… Sean Hannity had exposed him. All you had to do was consider his Marxist connections and that he sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years to know he was wrong for America. It is too bad the RNC did not run a stronger candidate against him… somebody who had the courage to vet him!

  • loriannringold

    I saw Arthur Davis speak at the Repulican National Convention and he was explosive and brilliant. He is one true Patriot who understands that if your values do not fit your party, you follow the Party that fits your values. Arthur Davis has taken a lot of heat for switching parties, mainly because of his race. Not from the Republicans, but from the Democrats. Who are the racists? I must say, Arthur Davis is a true American Patriot who Loves the United States of America and for that he earns all of my respect.
    Lori Ann Ringold
    Proud Army Wife

    • That’s called integrity, putting values and principles, ie; America before party ideology and loyalty.

      This is what Reagan Tea Party Conservatives represent, are all about- supporting, defending the US Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, fiscal and financial responsibility, lower taxes, US debt and deficit reduction to a sustainable level that is at least proportionate to, if not below the ratio US GDP income, creating economic prosperity, and ensuring US National Security, ie; the US Military is strong, well equipped, funded, and not stripped to the core and dismantled like Obama is doing.