FANTASTIC – David Horowitz BLASTS the Obama admin for not standing up for free speech against Islamic Nazis

This clip is a great example of why I love the very passionate and knowledgeable David Horowitz. He calls out the Obama administration for arresting this filmmaker, blaming the film on protests and violence and pandering to the Islamic Nazis instead of standing up for the most sacred principle in America, that of free speech. He also manages to call out Huma Abedin as being a part of the Muslim Brotherhood as Obama pushes Egypt toward the Muslim Brotherhood, even though he gets cut short on that as Kelly wanted to stay focused on the filmmaker.

Excellent segment:

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  • StandProudNow

    Mr. Horowitz, you SO get it.

    God Bless you!

  • nibblesyble

    Wonderfully done Mr. Harowitz, tears welled up as I listened to his words..God save us all.

    My prayers are with the film-maker and his family.

    • piperlord

      Prayers for safety also in need of for Horowitz and his family and colleaugues!

      • nibblesyble

        Yes indeed..thank-you.

  • Amen…a man with GONADS to tell the truth! And over at PJMEDIA the Obama Adm is NOW ADMITTING the BENGHAZI attack was a TERRORIST ATTACK!!!! Well Well….Not that Video after all as well we told by the PRAVDA of the USA. I am wondering if the poor man out in California will be told if they can find the rock he is hiding under! This Marxist Adm sold that man to the world, like a cheap piece of beef at the market, as the culprit for the debauchery of this Administration’s FAILED ME POLICY!! Those goons from the Sheriff’s Office in LA I am sure all 20 of them were just there to help look at the possibility of a Probation Violation in the Middle of the Night!! I mean he did come voluntarily right??????????????????????? Brown Shirts PREVIEW!!

    More and more is going to come out about the Advanced Warnings this disgraceful Adm received prior to the attacks and unrest. While Obama goes to dinners with 800.00 bottles of champagne…. and caviar…sits his fat butt on Letterman’s Chair and parties with left wing losers like Beyounce…the wife of the US Ambassador, the family of marines, loved ones of all GET TO BURY their loved ones 6 feet under so to serve this NARCISSTIC JERK!

    • PFFV

      Right on Brother! Well said!

      I was blown away when I heard we had zero protection for those poor embassy victims in Libya. On the 11th anniversary of 9-11 our government decided to let these 4 men die in the hands of hundreds of uncivilized barbaric pigs. Why? Why isn’t this headline news?

      Our national media is treasonous and should be put in front of a firing squad in my opinion! This is why I started my blog ‘Government Mess’ back in 2008.

      The Media, Hollywood and everything on TV is all leftist brainwashing propaganda and the useful idiots gobble it right up.

      Our battle is as much against this corrupt lying media and Hollywood as it is against the Marxist Socialist pile of steaming excrement in the White House.

      If Obama wins there will be a civil war, and I will be proud to enlist to save my children’s futures and their freedom!

      • warpmine

        Well said!

    • bobemakk

      And Obama sat back and watched sports on TV. He is such a waste, enjoying the lavish lifestyle with his wife and putting more tax bills on our backs. He is useless.

  • marketcomp

    Shame on the White House, Barack Obama, The State Department, Hilary Clinton, and the DOJ! Exactly right, David Horowitz! November 6 , 2012 can’t come soon enough. I am reminded that only Romney stood-up for America!

    • PFFV

      Romney won me over with that patriotic (unapologetic) passionate speech. The Obama Media tried to spin it as a blunder like everything Romney does that makes Obama look like the punk that he is. Romney showed me he has the qualities to be a great President when this horrible attack occurred on 9-11-2012. I am proud to cast my vote for Romney/Ryan!

      • marketcomp

        Exactly, because that tells me that his instincts are in the RIGHT place and I knew it but sometimes I had my doubts. No more, he is the man for the times and the job!

  • WordsFailMe

    This is one smart man. Lucky Megyn is a woman because as a man who understand closet liberals, David gave her a break for being subservient to her masters, weak and conformist. (I’d have bitch-slapped that sniveling, muslim-loving, belly crawling liberal.)

    • Peter_S

      You are way off base about Megan Kelly.

      • WordsFailMe

        See Denise Simon remoark above–

        “This was the bet moment on TV in a very long time especially given Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner were married on Meghan’s husband estate by Bill Clinton. Meghan may likely take tomorrow off after that segment.”

      • BS61

        Megan is a mis-informed liberal like I used to be! Just like McCain going against Michelle Bachmann and others for daring to ask how our Govt vets people….

    • Rshill7

      You’re wrong about Kelly sir. And a gentleman never strikes a Lady…never.

      • WordsFailMe

        I agree with you about ladies but Megyn Kelly? The center-fold, FOX bimbo in GQ magazine? Did you see that issue? It’s still in the men’s room at the greyhound bus station.

        Regarding bitch-slapping- I regard bitCh-slapping a FOx news talking head as what Anthony Wiener did to Megyn that last time she interviewed. That boy can bitch slap a weak, suck-up, “conservative” news-o like nobody’s business. He’s the king of bitch-slap.

        • Rshill7

          I don’t frequent Greyhound bus stations sir.

          • WordsFailMe




            Oh one doesn’t have to go to the Bus station to see the racy photos of this “lady.” The pictures of Bimbo Kelly are readily available on the internet. Why, there’s even an interview one can pretend read.

            Click here


          • nibblesyble

            “I don’t frequent Greyhound bus depots sir”…you kill me Rs!

      • BS61

        Well then, how about this woman taking out Megan?!

    • Rshill7

      Also, you are much too talented a writer to use the bathroom language you use with such repetitive abandon within many threads. Much of what you say is borderline racist…not coded racism the left would subscribe to and decode, but racism which I and others would unsubscribe from.

      If you are ever surprised that some of your posts garner zero “likes”, this is why IMO.

      You try to express yourself in the most vehement way possible. You stress your brain to come with the lowest form of description possible. It should be beneath you, and I have been reticent to bring it up quite often in the past, and have held my tongue…but today I will let it out. You need to hear it. You are better than this and that.

      One can express oneself while still retaining a modicum of class. I hope I have here with you.

      • WordsFailMe

        Let’s do this race thing.

        Some people want it both ways. Megyn wants to be top bitch at the FOX Breeding Kennels while maintaining alpha-bitch status on the Manahattan cocktail party circuit so she mimics conservative attitudes like a trained cockapoo. Muslims want power inside a country where they are hated and outnumbered so they claim their politics is actually a “religion” properly protected under the First Amendment. Muslims even try to turn blasphemy against a black rock into a crime-jeez!

        Liberal, down low, Blacks who want to push the progressive and communist agenda and exploit white guilt to suppress the majority while at the same time hide behind “blackness,” the accident of birth, for which there are no penalties in the USA and, in fact, there are protections.

        “You all are f**** crackers and should die but you can’t hold me accountable for my racism and stupidity because as a black I have special status and I can sue your ass or I can burn down an entire city and no one will stop me!”

        But both Muslims and Blacks have demonstrated their willingness to use their religion and race as a lever to gain power.

        I didn’t do it. They themselves turned the issue from something personal into something political.

        Now when the heat gets on them and some ass*** like me says, “Where the f*** is the return on investment we made, like fools into civil rights laws, welfare without work, free abortions, health care, EBT, Food Stamps, preferential University entry, preference in hiring and preference in promotions and quotas for blacks without regard to qualification, some body says that mine is a racist position?

        And now, every time there’s a criticism, a sarcastic remark, and insight into the possible cause of the ineptitude of the first Black President, it’s a racist remark. Have you seen the results of our financial and cultural investment in our fellow man? Shall we give it a few more decades, a few more billions?

        I say you can’t have it both ways. Charles, talking head sidekick on the FOX Cavuto show, I man I respect for his honesty and insight, admitted that he voted for Obama in 2008 because Obama was black. A educated man who grew up in ghettos where he was despised for his willingness to work to get himself out. When the chips were down, BLACK WAS MORE IMPORTANT THAN INTELLIGENCE.

        Muslims adhere to a book which condemns Jews to death, condones slavery, wife beating, child murder and pederasty. Before they murdered 3000 plus an ambassador and burned 100 USA flags, I didn’t care who a muslim whipped, in fact knowing that muslims beat children’s mothers and and later murdered their children actually made me admire their suicidal precision.

        If blacks and muslims had not pulled their last line of defense out of their a**es, I would address them as men. But now is see that there are no consequences so dire as the ones you most richly have earned.

        • sDee

          So this appears indeed to be the case that Megyn Kelly did sanction, on her property, this marriage. A marriage than can only be described as union of beasts. Truly evil people joined in a marriage ceremony presided over by even worse: Bill Clinton and his mail-order ordination. A marriage of power, evil and lust overseen by the bride’s lesbian lover who also is the wife of the “minister”. Disgusting..

          In perspective WordsFailMe, your language was mild. There is only one thing beneath someone like her.

          • p m

            Hmmm…I looked but could only find that the ‘castle’ they married in was the same as that used by Kelly – interesting.

            • sDee

              well it is owned by her husband – I suppose i could be going down a rat hole here in that he may have no say in who uses it.

              • p m

                Don’t think you are. Disappointed that she could be associated with them in any way, and use it as a pretext to cut off the bravest guy out there 🙁

  • maynardb50

    Welcome to Obama’s Amerika!

  • This was the bet moment on TV in a very long time especially given Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner were married on Meghan’s husband estate by Bill Clinton. Meghan may likely take tomorrow off after that segment.

    • las1

      I’m looking for evidence of the Abedin/Brunt connection. Do you have evidence?

      • p m

        All I can find is that Megyn and abedin were married at the same location, Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y.
        You’re bang on saying her high MB standing and connections are the reaason there’s been no outcry over her marriage to an ostensibly Jewish…man.

    • mike3e4r7

      Interesting. I hadn’t heard that about them being married at Meghan’s husband’s estate. Do you have a link?

      One thing that is puzzling to me about this whole Huma Abedin controversy is trying to understand her marriage to Anthony Weiner.
      This is an honest question. I don’t know that much about Huma Abedin from my own research, but many people who I respect, such as Horowitz, say that she is a Muslim Brotherhood operative, so I’m inclined to agree.

      That being that case, why would she marry someone who is Jewish? Muslim women are not supposed to marry outside of their faith. Has Weiner secretly converted? Does Islam allow a Muslim woman to marry outside her faith if it’s done as a deception? (i.e. she’s operating undercover and therefore gets a pass because she’s fighting for Islam, or her ‘marriage’ isn’t considered legal by the clerics for some technicality, enabling her to engage in espianoge?) Just curious.

      • WordsFailMe

        Word is, Wiener took the oath, ate the camel dung wafer and swore his allegiance to Muhammad. Weiner is a head bumbing, point your ass to heaven, devil-worshipping, Muslim son of a bitch today with a handicapped parking permit.

        • mike3e4r7

          Just like Grover Norquist. Interesting. Thanks for the info.

      • las1

        To understand the wedding look no further than the islamic doctrine of maruna. That which is forbidden by Allah can be ignored if it serves the cause of the Umma. That’s why Abedin gets no death threats from outraged Muslims. They know what’s she’s doing as she is part of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood and worked for a division of Saudi Foreign Affairs.

      • sDee

        The level Abedin and her mother operate in this, is far above any inconvenient mulsim religious convention. She is a global islamofacist. Religion is a tool, not a belief.

        Her mother is a Pakistani woman who operates at the highest levels in Saudi academia and religious law. If you have ben to Saudi you know that Paki’s are given status lower than dirt and women are treated worse than dogs. Yet her mother founded and runs the Dar El-Hekma college there. Hmmmm.

        It is sacrilege in Islam for Huma’s mother to accept the reality that her daughter is married to a Jew. Yet, neither Saleha nor Huma’s brother Hassan denounce her marriage to Weiner, especially when it was considered null and void by some of the highest authorities on Islamic Sharia rulings.

      • Patriot077

        There is an Arabic word for this which escapes me at the moment, but it is similar to taquiya which permits lying if it will advance the cause of Sharia/Islam.

        I suspect both Norquist and Weiner are in marriages of geopolitical advantaage and convenience.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      It truly was. I was sitting at my computer with the TV going in the other room and got up to see who was speaking with such passion and truth. He was on fire and it was wonderful to see and hear. I wish Romney could come off like that.

  • Barack Hussein Obama, President of the UASR — Union of American Socialist Republics

  • 9/11 sparked my political awakening as a conservative. David Horowitz was the first person I heard speak who articulated what I was thinking at the time.

  • MiketheMarine

    Meghan Kelly, you said yourself in that clip that we don’t know anything for sure about Hillary’s house hajji. How about DOING YOUR DAMN JOB and go find out.

    • WordsFailMe

      Mike, easy now, easy brother , you may be a little hasty here and a tiny bit off-base regarding this snotty little, kiss-ass, air headed, atheisitic, muslim-excusing, commie-loving, Roger Ailes’ fluff bunny.

      • MiketheMarine

        Boy, did I need that. First laugh today. I had a former friend liberal apologist come in my office an hour ago to tease the animal. I have the flu and a very short tolerance today. he almost got his ass handed to him. My father works in the office and when the Obamite left my father started laughing and said, “I thought you were going to hurt him.”


        I need to learn to parse words as well as you. I had trouble figuring out your position from your lack of precision, there. LOL

        • actionsspeaklouder

          I liked you better the other way! Sometimes no self-restraint can be a beautiful thing . . .

      • Rshill7

        Good grief!

    • las1

      You certainly have that right. I’d be interested to find the Abedin/Kelly’s hubby (Douglas Brunt) connection if that’s what she was trying to cover up. I can’t find it in any searches.

  • Howzah123

    I don’t think American Retreat under Obama’s watch is by mistake

    It’s by design

  • las1

    I suspect if the filmmaker was eating ice cream peacefully with his kids then Obama would be all over his rights to not be detained by police. In fact I’m sure of it.

  • What a IDIOTIC headline !!!!!!! DO not USE short form of this nazi bulls(h)it

    (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP);
    German National Socialist Workers Party).

    Look, how this sound stupid

    FANTASTIC – David Horowitz BLASTS the Obama admin for not standing up for free speech against Islamic members of German National Socialist Workers Party).

    • las1

      If you are incapable of drawing an ideological connection, then I suppose islamofascism would be just too subtle for you?

      • Yes You are on the correct track. They have more common ideology with Italy fascists than German National Socialist Workers.

        If You want to use reference to German NationalSocialist Workers party, use as it is They was National-SOCIALISTS. With “nazi” You are “missing in translation” main cause of the problem “SOCIALISM”

        • las1

          Sorry but Italian fascists were not genocidal… the German National Socialists were. Therein lies the difference for our purposes.

          Mussolini was not happy with the idea of transporting Jews to Germany and only after his defeat in 1943 when the Germans occupied Northern Italy were Italian Jews transported to Germany by German Fascists, not Italians.

    • WordsFailMe

      23,000,00 people are out of work, Debt is 16 T, President “Great Jewish Hope” Obamaerrhoid has turned the Constitution into bung rolling paper and you want to ” parse words?” The muslim rats celebrate 911 by raping American men and you raise etymological issues? The blacks had to wait until they got the first Black President before the could tell the Jews to their faces to go to hell and you dissent the application of the word NAZI?

      Nobody has a monopoly on how to describe the base urges of the Islamic perdeasts and rapists. The Muslims were allies of the NAZI’S and would have been there, loading the cattle cars and keeping the furnaces hot if they had maps to the locations in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy….

      • Nukeman60

        Nicely said. I was just going to say, “Is that all you got?” to save ink. 🙂

        • WordsFailMe

          I don’t get a lot of “likes,” Nuke, so thank you. I know that your public declaration of even this minor symbol of approval will put you at great risk.

          I hope you can hear it when I drop your “like’ it into the little piggy bank I keep here next to my keyboard –clink!

          • Nukeman60

            Well then, just to give you my ‘two likes worth’, here’s another. 🙂

            • p m

              and another!

          • sDee

            plink plink plinkity plink

    • Nukeman60

      If you’re going to tell someone how stupid they sound, I suggest you check out your own typing skills in the future. I’m not sure why you capitalized ‘do’ and ‘use’ rather than ‘not’, but it sounds stupid. Also, putting a comma after ‘look’ makes your sentence, ‘how this sound stupid’, sound stupid. Grammar police never seem to get the right points across.

      Have a nice day.

    • opinionatedhermit


      It was David Horowitz who used the expression. He says it quite clearly.

      And, while we’re at it, feel free to actually watch the video next time ….

    • BS61

      Personally, I like the title since most American’s are unaware of what Horowitz has been warning. The communist and Islamist have joined to bring down their mutual enemy. I think maybe someone will be forced to look up the term and find out what is really going on… just I did. This former ChicagoDem.

  • Sober_Thinking

    There is simply not enough honest reporting or emotion over all the evil coming out of this regime.

    Thank you Mr. Horowitz for showing your iron. I appreciate you!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      I agree wholeheartedly. Which just makes our frustration all the more overwhelming. It feels like everyone in D.C. is hiding under their desks. Their silence is deafening and we won’t forget.

      • Sober_Thinking

        No we won’t.

  • Kordane

    I don’t know whether Nazi is the right term, since Nazi means National Socialist, and I don’t agree that National Socialism is what is driving Muslims – The doctrine of JIHAD is driving them, the example of their prophet Muhammad is driving them, the Islamic texts are driving them. They’re “jihadists”, but I can understand why David calls them Nazis… for emotional effect. I think it’s better to call them what they are, rather than getting bogged down in relativist terms that don’t really inform anyone.

    • PAWatcher

      Arabs, particularly palestinians, were Nazis before and during WW2, collaborators, allies and sympathizers with hitler and mussolini to exterminaate the Jews. Horowitz knows his history.

      • Kordane

        I don’t agree. Otherwise the Italian fascists would be “Nazis” too. I think they just saw an opportunity to side with an ideology that had similar aims to their own, ie. killing jews.

    • BS61

      I think because he used to be a communist with communist parents… and he sees the connection. Plus this is a much watch about Horowitz and the Muslim Student Assod!

  • Kelly censored David Horowitz plain and simple when she wouldn’t let him talk about Huma. Fox News sticks their neck out only so far. That’s why I don’t have the same regard I had for them years ago.

    • opinionatedhermit

      Theresa, you nail it.

      David Horowitz is awesome and he showed a minute later exactly why Huma Abedine is an import figure in this issue.

      I have a lot of respect for Megan Kelly. She absolutely knows her stuff. She is one of the best reporters in this country. And, she bases her opinions on a reasoning that can be easily followed. And, even better, difficult to get around.

      But, I had the very same reaction as you did when she cut him off. And, that was why cannot this be talked about and put to bed? Or, explored to the conclusion it has to offer?

      I understand time constraints with a particular segment. But, that and the fact that Megan, herself said this was a “debatable” issue, should clue the Fox people into the fact that many are watching this topic and maybe, just maybe they should explore it further.

      That used to be called “Fair and Balanced” in a bygone era …

      • Patriot077

        We can never overlook the fact that the Saudi Prince Alaweed owns a substantial % of FNC.

      • Kathreen Margaret

        Just maybe it could have caused a legal concern if the conversation was allowed to continue? Seemed that way at least to me.

    • warpmine

      Same here.

  • Who’s to say that the Egyptians won’t send a hit squad here to the United States to kill the man who made the video? The Iranians have for years tried to kill Salman Rushdie, so why is it such a stretch to think that another group of Islamic fanatics will try to kill this guy? This has to stop, now. If we can’t defend our own citizens, then we’re finished. And Obama is advertising the fact that we’re finished.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Shame On Obama, for attacking free speech, Shame on the Republicans for not standing up and calling it as it is, this country is becoming a fascist nation under this president. I believe that if Obama is reelected we all are going to suffer and lose our right to express ourselves. Thank you David Horowitz maybe the repubicans follow you now and start fighting like we should.

  • poljunkie

    It’s too bad Fox isn’t as “fair and balanced ” as they were about four years ago.

    • p m

      Their weaselness dates back to when that Saudi so-called prince bought a big chunk of them. Dhimmis. For money.

    • Kathreen Margaret

      We did not watch Fox News Network until about 4 years ago. It sure is much better than any other we have watched!

  • kong1967

    Instead of standing up to Islam Obama is catering to it and affirming that terrorism and intimidation work. The left is opening up the gate for us to be defeated from within.

  • piperlord

    I love David’s networks and undeniable courage. Definitely a fan.

  • Jaels_Song

    I have been telling people for a long time now that Fox is no longer the “fair and balanced” news station that it used to be. Huma does have Muslim Brotherhood ties. I am glad that Horowitz communicated the fact that our Ambassador was raped. So, the moral of the story is. You can rape and murder and American Ambassador, kill our unarmed guard, and Barack Obama will respond by harassing an American. Obama is Carter on testicular shrinking steroids X 10,000.

  • p m

    Riots in Pakistan – shocking surprise. Not.

    For the flag-burning idiots, Old Glory gets revenge:

    Hope the ones in the clip were inhaling deeply.

    • Nukeman60

      Two points to make:

      1) Old Glory don’t go down easily, that’s for sure, and

      2) I wonder when Obama will send condolences to the family of the diseased deceased?

      • p m

        Probably already has. Someone should warn La Raza. Someone, somewhere…

      • NCHokie02

        A quick point I learned in a military school which I believe holds true. While the American flag means a lot to most of us, in the hands of our enemies it means nothing. It is a piece of cloth. They don’t understand what it stands for and therefore it has no meaning when they hold it and destroy it.

        Although I usually laugh when those idiots get burned because they poured a gallon of gas on it and then put their face like an inch from it while they try and light it.


    “Right ON, Mr. David Horowitz, Right ON, KEEP ON KEEPING ON ,and may ‘GOD’ Protect & Bless You .”

    DONATE TO : Romney / Ryan 2012

  • loriannringold

    Way to go David Horowitz. He is right. We have nothing to apologize for. Hillary and Obama should apologize to America for making the world more dangerous for us. It is obvious the world hates us more now than ever before and it is because of our leadership. I, for one, am sick and tired of it. I am proud to be an American and I will not apologize or be ashamed of that. VOTE ROMNEY IN 2012!!!!!!!

  • sDee

    What might link Brian Terry and Chris Stevens? Have we all fallen for a grand distraction by Hussein Obama?

    We all know that Fast and Furious was aimed at the 2nd Amendment. So, before you consider the following think for a moment what would be happening today if Fast and Furious had not been exposed and Clinton had signed us up for the UN small arms treaty. Just think about the blood and death of innocent American citizens, the blame, the press, the coolness of Obama and Clinton, as it all unfolded.

    Is the real goal is the First Amendment?

    It is important to note that the United States did sign on for the UN Blasphemy Law (ICCPR), pushed through the UN by the OIC.

    john jay posted this question on his website and it got me thinking that we have all been distracted by Hussein with this Mohammed Movie.

    “”why does it make a difference if the obama administration is lying over whether the libyan compound was attacked by a spontaneous mob, or by a deliberate & planned al queda assault? what difference does it make within the context of american free speech legal analysis?“”

    Here is my guess. Anyone else have one?

    1) sign on to a UN law agreeing to punish blasphemy

    2) tweet an apology for your blasphemy, admitting guilt

    3) tie the death of four Americans to your act of blasphemy

    4) get taken to court and accept a settlement that says you cannot do squat about people killing your citizens if you fail to enforce the blasphemy law you signed up for.

    5) Line up your next Supreme Court appointment and whack the First Amendment

    ““A complaint could be filed with US courts against Obama for his violation of articles 18 and 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) calling for respect of faiths,” Javad Mohammadi, the deputy head of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (SCCR), said on Sunday.””

    • p m

      Yes, good guess, sDee. That’s why the MB is holding a ‘trial’ instead of just issuing the fatwa. And why the Iranians will probably file in the US courts per your last paragraph – but not until after the election, I bet, in case they harm their boy’s chances. They want to give their assault on free speech via blasphemy laws some sort of shaky standing by using the West’s recognized juridical practices.

      • WordsFailMe

        When thge only thing holding you back is the Constitution who cares what provisions you destroy. Any will do.

        Same strategy works in older middle upper class neighbors hoods.

  • libertyandtyranny

    This is so sick. I don’t recognize my country anymore.

  • keyesforpres

    Um, Megan, Hillary’s aide is tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood and it IS relevant.

  • Mr. Horowitz is a straight shooter and everyone should listen o him.

  • NJK

    Listen to her? She’s trying to shut him up, from telling the truth. Hey, Megan, it’s the truth. How about you stop enabling this. You want to see their alliance with the Nazis? It doesn’t do you or this country any good, to cover it up, for God’s sake, Megan, do some research for a change, instead of just reading what they put in front of you. I know most of you like her, but I just can’t stand her.

    Palestinian leader meets Hitler, and they agree on their common enemy: The Jews.

    Hitler: We’re natural allies – we have the same enemy, namely the Jews. When we win, the Mufti will be Fuehrer of Muslims.

    • BS61

      I love Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs!

    • pdxlady

      Yes siree bobber!

  • NJK
    • sDee

      well he does say it is made in USA

  • pdxlady

    I love David Horowitz ( Having been a Red Diaper Doper Baby turned conservative…He gets it so well.

  • NCHokie02

    When do we “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC”?

    I mean I know the election is coming up and God willing we will get rid of this administration and put a stop to their ruin of America and her policies. But in the mean time we sit and watch out country get destroyed from the top. Where is Congress in calling for impeachment?? Boehner and McConnell suck and need to be replaced as well this Nov.

  • TJinNJ

    Good Ole Demonic-rats and RINOs in bed with those David Speaks about…Hello anybody home? Where’s the articles on that?

  • stevenbiot

    Kelly, don’t be a twit. Let the man speak.

  • stevenbiot

    Horowitz doesn’t appreciate us kowtowing to 7th century pedophile worshipers. This despicable anti-Semitic, Islamic worshiping administration needs to bow out and go home.

  • GEDouglas

    Horowitz is fired up. GOOD!

  • Read Horowitz “Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey” It is very revealing.

  • ConnieConservative

    Our Lybian Ambassader is raped, tortured and killed.
    The response of our State Department is to arrest a film maker in California
    in the middle of the night, totalitarian style for insulting Islam.
    So now sharia rules, not our Constitution.
    Then the MSM focuses on an old Romney film clip ad infinitum.
    This is insane!

    R&R 2012!

  • bobemakk

    God Bless you David Horowitz, and I believe by your name you are Jewish. You must tell your fellow Jewish people to stop supporting Obama because they normally vote Democrat. Obama has done enough damage to Israel and has thrown them under the bus countless times.

  • joxxer

    Love you Mr. Horowitz–thank you and Megan for SPEAKING OUT FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!! Obama is not on the side of average Joe citizen–but instead he supports Islamic terrorists. But then –he always bows to our enemies. Another 4 years and he will start kissing their hands, and laying on his back so he can show his submission (like a dog does). God help us! EVERYONE—continue speaking out!!

  • giddyupkay

    if Romey wants to win the foreign policy debate, he will name all four Benghazi victims by name. I am sick to death of all the reports naming Chris Stevens and “three others.” Don’t they all have names? Don’t they all have families?

  • giddyupkay

    To win the foreign policy debate, Romney asks Obama to name all four people who were killed in Benghazi. All I ever hear in the news is Chris Stevens and “those three other guys.” Don’t they all have grieving families?