Fantastic new RNC ad: “It’s Been Four Years”


Love this new ad by the RNC. It’s simple, creative, but very dramatic and it conveys one message: It’s been four years and it’s time to change direction.

Watch below:

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  • The Real Unemployment numbers

    Obama ordered operation Fast & Furious in March 2009, now lies about it to Congress

    • badbadlibs

      Why didn’t Issa use the video of them claiming responsibility? Or did he and it somehow still didn’t make any difference?
      This entire administration should be led away in handcuffs.
      They have made telling a lie an art form and with the media on their side, there’s no one to hold them accountable.
      Except, of course, the voter…..I am not holding my breath.

    • mediaaccess1

      Thanks. – Shared

  • Horrible ad. Are you guys drunk or something?

    • No I don’t drink. But a great and thoughtful criticism on your part. I learned a lot.

      • Joe

        I thought you were laying low –

        I haven’t seen a cat video for some time now

        How about another

        Welcome Home Vet video

        I have a new keyboard to ruin!

      • Rightstuff1

        I like the repartee Scoop but actually I’m not in agreement. I found the add to be lacking in any gravitas or emotional quotient. It made a single point, not a bad one but not hard hitting enough. There but there was no real humanity to it. How about an add saying 23.5m people are out of work or working shorter hours or have given up looking for work….

        The add needed to build and it didn’t….it finished as it started.

        It didn’t resonate in the slightest with me.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Audio is terrible, btw. I had to crank it WAY up in order to hear anything.

    • It’s not meant to be a loud in your face ad. That’s part of the ambiance of it.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Well, yeah, I think I get that. But if ya can’t hear it, then why even HAVE an audio track?

      • actionsspeaklouder

        The regular Joe Blow doesn’t get “ambiance” – they could care less about ambiance. They care about getting down to brass tacks and just tell it like it is in ten words or less. Leave out the drama and the ambiance. I agree with the posters who think there should be more vocals and less graphics. Good message, lousy presentation.

      • Rightstuff1

        The audio? oh there was sound too?? This add had sound too? Wow.

        No heard it but it was so hushed it was practically inaudible….

        Verdict – blechhhh…next ?

  • keninil

    No audio except the disclaimer. This assumes most folks with their 1 year of high school math (most lawyers included) understand graphs. That is a big part of what is wrong with this country, most folks don’t understand math!! Graphs, exponents (not just a exclamation mark), and numbers over 1000 boggle their mind, so it doesn’t matter if you tell them its $millions, $billions or $trillions, they are all over $1000.

    • That’s not true. There’s audio throughout the whole ad.

      • badbadlibs

        I cranked the audio up full, and still couldn’t hear a thing.

      • keninil

        I meant there is no one talking. If you have a TV on in the background all you year is the disclaimer. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

      • Rightstuff1

        Its there but so hushed that it is but a whisper and its not anything really, same repetitive comment which is good but lacking….

        Repetitio est mater studiorum is one thing but this takes it to a new and annoying level I would sooner forget that remember.

    • sDee

      the number bit is true – people gloss over it. Means nothing. Anything over a million is all the same Monopoly money.

      For example if I tell someone we have given over $900 million to the Hamas terrorist organization, they yawn.

      If I tell them we gave the same amount of money to Hamas, a terrorist organization, that we saved by cancelling our Manned Space Flight Program, they tell me I am crazy.

    • wodiej

      a high number of students are being allowed to graduate who are ILLITERATE! This should not surprise anyone.

      • sDee

        and a college education for each and every one, just to be extra sure they never think for themselves

        • keninil

          One of things that really POs me about HS/college requirements is the amount of math vs “English”. In HS, I had 4 yrs of English, 2 yrs of Spanish. College 1 yr of English, 1 yr of Literature, 2 yrs of Russian — towards my Math degree. (English is my native language — and I spoke it just fine before I got to HS.) My ex didn’t have any college math at all for her liberal arts degree (She had to pick it up for her MBA tho). My daughter had checkbook math and household chemistry (1 semester each), yet her univ requirements made her choose from all kinds of bs courses in “human studies” to round out her major. Needless to say like many other liberal arts majors, she is not employed in her major.

          So given these university requirements, think of all the JDs, MDs, PhDs whose only math is checkbook math. (My bro the dr. has only had basic math on the way to his MD, but he is really smart and can do percents, but I’m sure about exponents.)

          Needless to say, I think our hs/college education plan need to have more math, folks need a good grasp of Algebra 2, geometry, basic sets(logic sometimes known as Philosophy 100), a calculus (business calculus) overview, and economics if they are to call themselves “educated”.

          • sDee

            Yup – bare minimum. Math, chemistry, physics – it provides mental discipline. And it really is not as hard to get through in high school as people think – Given good teachers.

    • kong1967

      But a lot of the misunderstanding is because the numbers are far too large for anyone to really get a grasp on. Libs love to just grab numbers and make industries look bad. They’ll say company ‘A’ made a $2.2 billion dollar profit, but they leave out the fact that there are millions of stockholders and that $1.8 billion had to be invested to get that small profit back. Perspective….what liberals never use.

      • keninil

        Like when I try to explain oil company profits — they put a bet down on an oil well and it is going to cost them $500,000 – $1Million a day for 90-180 days to find out if there is any oil in the ocean where they are drilling. How much do you have to make to place those sorts of bets? How many $M did Shell pay for its pumping station off the Bering Sea in AK before it drilled its first production well? — and the envros shut it all down. Every time there is a little glitch in the plan, its not $1000s of dollars but $millions or $billions. So how much profit to you have to make to cover for when things don’t work out??

        • sDee

          I actual had to try an explain to a CPA who told me health insurance companies are the blame for rising health costs and should be taken over by the government. I showed her that the actually have a thin profit margin, how government regulations/mandates drive their costs up, and they only are allowed to pass along enough of it to remain profitable.

          Just when I thought I finally had her understanding it ( we even pulled up some annual reports) – she declared that it must then be going to the greedy executives.

          A CPA! Propaganda runs deep.

          • keninil

            They only do addition and subtraction, you are right at the edge of their math when you get into percents!

          • kong1967

            A CPA can run the numbers and work a calculator, but that’s no replacement for brains so they can actually understand the numbers.

            You are exactly right. The profit margin is about as low as you can get……3%. Who in their right mind would invest millions with a profit margin that low? The liberals don’t want us to know where the real cost risers are, because they would be out of business. (ambulance chasers, regulation makers, etc.)

        • kong1967

          It’s the same thing with the drug industry. Ten years and $80 million to get a product on the shelf….and the worst part is that (I believe it was) something like 4 out of 5 drugs don’t make it. It’s not free and it’s a manditory cost.

          The only fair way to judge a company’s profits for fairness is to look at the profit by percentage. The oil industry is only making an 8% to an 11% profit. Wal Mart is at 27%. Health insurance is anywhere from 2% to 3%. Liberal unions…100%, lol.

        • Good point!

  • wodiej

    Wow kids-look…the unemployment rate went up again. Guess we’ll be eating hot dogs and beans again tonight.

    • kong1967

      Alright, this is BS. It’s time for class warfare. You get hot dogs and beans? That’s not fair!! I’ve been eating mush for three years!!!

      • sDee

        Obama promised we’ll get to eat all natural casing hotdogs if we vote for him.

        • StandProudNow

          Cool!!! Lotsa rich [email protected] around where I live. Guess I get double layers of casings???

          Oh, wait!!

          Those evil rich people hire me! They pay me! I have a business thanks to them! Cuz of their “evil richness” I can eat shrimp once in a while, I have my own home with a garden and I can go and see and do and even help my mother who is in need financially.

          Come to think of it, I surely APPRECIATE those rich people. Without them I may be a cashier at Walmart! (Nothing wrong with cashiers, obviously)

          (true story)

          • kong1967

            The rich people also pay for that cashier job at Wal Mart.

        • kong1967

          I wonder what part of the dog Obama eats. I mean, he still puts it on a bun, so…….

  • Sandra123456

    I still think an announcer has to read the text in these ads. If many people are like me and listen to TV while doing other things the message will be lost. And if some listeners are legally blind, etc, they won’t be able to read the text.

    keninil (below) makes a great point that many don’t understand graphs.

    Great ad idea but poor execution in my humble opinion.

    • Joe

      I agree 1,000%

      These ads are being made for intelligent people

      We need ads for the idiots – like Joe Plugs

      • StandProudNow

        And not only for “idiots” but for those who are weary and tired. Just spell it out!!! And use media EVERYONE can get!

  • Jeff_the_Macedonian

    Its been 4 years since a had a job — I look every day. I once made $300,000/year. I’ve answered thousands of ads, sent my resume to thousands of job postings, travelled on my own dime to out of state interviews — even applied at paper mills, WalMart and Home Depot. They look at my resume and wonder why I’d want to work for them — I tell them to put food on the table. Thanks Bobo!

  • dk_in_tn

    P O W E R F U L

  • Joe

    Why are they so reluctant to put in the words

    “VOTE for Romney”

    What is so difficult in putting in a closing phrase !

    • StandProudNow

      The ad certainly left you hanging. After all that drama, the solution should have a bit more pronounced. Left you feeling sorta empty.

      Could have a Kick Butt ad, but this get a C from me. (A C due to the lost opportunity)

  • I give it a C-. I thought it was boring.

  • Josie

    What the heck was this? If you are targeting libs does anyone really think they are going to watch this and figure it out? They better come out with something better than this if they want to get the message out.

    • PVG

      Agreed! They need shiny, sparkly objects to hold the lib’s attention. Too subtle IMHO.

  • bobemakk

    Great video.

  • DebbyX

    My opinion of it is……………

  • Meh.

  • Orangeone

    This is a poor ad. People will not sit in front of their TV to read the words. Someone needs to be saying them!

    • Wisewoman2

      I agree. Many times I am within earshot of the TV but I am not sitting or standing in an area where I can see it. I couldn’t hear the ad even though I was in the vicinity. This ad is a waste of money for a number of people who will not hear it. It is too “clever” not a strong “stick with you ad”

  • I love this ad!
    Short,sweet,and to the point,Obama sitting in a dark room hiding from the raging American.

    It’s been 4 years alright but it’s almost over!

    tea party patriot

  • Good check it out

  • kaola519