Farm Loving Congressman Bruce Braley Not Sure Which Country Or State He Represents?

Farmer-hating trial lawyer and Democrat politician (but I repeat myself) Congressman Bruce Braley just can’t seem to get the hang of Iowa.

Braley, you’ll recall, is the congressman running for Senate on the “farmers are stupid” platform. Always a winner in IOWA.

Well poor Braley took some flack over his candid camera moment and is keen on showing how he really is a pro-forma .. excuse, pro-FARMER, candidate. Unfortunately, someone, presumably BuzzFeed, uncovered a photo of a farm that is on Braley’s Facebook page.


As @BuzzFeedAndrew notes on Twitter, the farm is awfully familiar.


Recognize anything?

Maybe you’ll recognize it more from Congressman Bachus in Alabama?

In fact, a Google image search shows it’s a pretty popular photo. Maybe TripAdvisor and other sites just flat out stole the pic from the Congressman’s Facebook page (snicker)!! Or could it be a stock photo? I’ll go with Occam’s Razor. In any case, it definitely proves that Braley loves farms and farmers, wherever those smelly hicks come from.

Oh and just as an added point? Tripadvisor has a claim posted for the image, stating that use of the photo requires attribution to TripAdvisor. Your move, internet.

Braley will eventually face the winner of the Republican primary in the race for the Senate. You can read about Sarah Palin’s preferred candidate here.

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  • Conserv_58

    This is on par with CNN, NBC and MSNBC getting caught, red handed, for creating bogus news reports, falsifying and editing news reports and comments made by non liberals.

    • Caleb Howe

      What is on par with that?

  • lawngren

    Caleb, you’re doubling down on your incorrect quote of Braley in your March 25th post. I understand that you don’t want him to win, but you are doing everyone a disservice to misquote even an opponent.

    You say he’s running on the “farmers are stupid” platform and link to your earlier misquote of him.

    Neither in that clip not at this post ( did Braley say that farmers were stupid, any more than he said they were smelly or gross. What he said was.

    “To put this in stark contrast, if you help me, you may have someone with your background, your experience, your voice, someone who’s been literally fighting tort reform for thirty years in a visible and public way, on the Senate judiciary committee, or you might have a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school, never practiced law, serving as the next chair of the Senate judiciary committee, because if democrats lose the majority, Chuck Grasse will be the next chair of the Senate judiciary committee.”

    If we can’t win with truth, we can’t win. If TRS is going to start retailing lies as truth, I’m outta here. I want to hear from Scoop on this.

    • SineWaveII

      translation: “farmers are stupid”

      • lawngren

        How about a little more communication? Your cryptic comment doesn’t convey a definite meaning.

        • CO2isGood

          “…or you might have a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school, never practiced law, serving as the next chair of the Senate judiciary committee.”

          This does not sound like he is giving farmers much credit. One does not need to graduate from law school nor practice law to serve in congress.

          And if a farmer is smart enough to get drafted onto the Judiciary Committee then who is this guy to say different?

          Personally, I think there are far too many lawyers serving already.

          • lawngren

            I agree completely that Braley was making very unwise remarks, apparently to an audience he thought would appreciate his remarks and would not let his remarks get into the wrong hands. I suspect he cooked his own goose, and I’m glad, but you never know.

            I also agree with you that there are too many lawyers serving. I suspect that Caleb’s characterization of Braley’s thoughts is probably correct. I just don’t like coming to a news site and seeing purple prose where I’m used to seeing facts. If I have to verify here like I do at leftist or libertarian sites, and with “internet myths”, what’s the point?

            • Caleb Howe

              “I’m not good at the internet.” – lawngren

          • Poptoy1949

            Very Well Said.

      • Poptoy1949

        That is exactly what he (Braley) meant. As for me…I would take a farmer all day long over any five lawyers.

    • Erm … well, as a writer, I can assure you that quotation marks serve many purposes. The first of which is to signify a direction quotation; however, thematically, quotation marks can also draw attention to irony or sarcasm. I think that’s clearly what Caleb is doing here — at least, that’s the way I’d read it — as there’s definitely something being inferred about Grassley’s grasp of affairs, which could easily be translated to one’s intelligence.

      You can harp on Caleb for splitting hairs, but you’re splitting them, too. Truth hurts.

    • Caleb Howe

      Um, it’s not a quote. Mystery solved.

      • lawngren

        Not a quote. That’s what I said. This is a degree of hyperbole we all engage in, in the comments section. As part of a news report, it’s what I’d expect on newstand tabloids like “Midnight Enquirer”.

        • Caleb Howe

          Um. Ok then. Bye.

          • lawngren

            Do you have the authority to say that? If this is Scoop’s opinion too, then case closed. Is it?

            • Caleb Howe

              To say bye? I learned that one way back when I was a youngster. People would be leaving the room and I’d be all like “bye”. It was kind of my thing. I even say bye at the end of phone calls. It’s a real trademark.

        • Caleb Howe

          Oh and you didn’t say “not a quote” you said “misquote”. I’m sure you understand the difference.

    • C’mon Lawngren. It’s an elitist characterization of what Braley said to make a point. It’s not a quote or a misquote.

      Braley is obviously acting as though being a farmer is stupid and not worthy of someone being in Congress.

      You’ve been around for a while man, it’s not rocket science.

      • lawngren

        Message received.

        • Caleb Howe

          I’m being punkd aren’t I? Where is Ashton Kutcher? Nobody can be this dense.

      • Poptoy1949

        Well I guess that cleared it all up. Well Said.

      • Henry_Moody

        “Braley is obviously acting as though being a farmer is stupid and not worthy of someone being in Congress.”

        Really? Wow! MASSIVE leap you just took there. [golf clap]

    • veritas_aeternus

      I’m torn between the two arguments presented by Lawngren and Caleb but ultimately I think Lawngren is right on this one. As much as I think this Dem candidate is a poor choice, his quote should be given accurately and let people make their own inferences about what he means.

      • lawngren

        Thanks, veritas.

      • Caleb Howe

        IT’S NOT A QUOTE. It’s called sarcasm for God’s sake. Have you guys been on the internet before???

      • Caleb Howe

        This is an opinion blog. If don’t want to read opinions, go away.

      • tommychristopher

        I believe the term you’re all casting about for is “self-evident characterization.” See, although it is in quotation marks, the phrase is not presented as a quote, as in “Farmers are stupid,” said Braley. That would be a misquote. As presented, no reasonable person could mistake it for one.

        In fairness to Braley, though, his point seems more to be that a farmer is unqualified in judicial matters, or less qualified than a lawyer.

        • Caleb Howe

          You smell dirty.

        • Henry_Moody

          Well done, Tommy. The first part, anyway. I take issue with the last part of your comment. And frankly, it’s something that a lot of people are getting wrong.

          I do totally get how easily the jump can be made to “Braley thinks a farmer is unqualified in judicial matters.” (Or less qualified than a lawyer.) And if he were to be saying that out on the stump, that would be a correct interpretation of the comment. He wasn’t, though. He was addressing a very specific audience, and saying “Here’s why YOU don’t want Republicans winning the Senate and Chuck Grassley chairing the Judiciary Committee.” I’m wondering if you see the distinction. And trust me, I’m not making the distinction to be a dick. I’m a fan and respect your opinion. It’s just turning into a pet peeve to see this “Braley insulted farmers” and “Braley insulted Grassley” BS. (FTR, it’s not that I don’t think Braley stepped in it. He did…but mostly because he could drawn this contrast without any mention of Grassley being a farmer. And should have.)

      • Whooter

        Answer this then. Why would Congressman Braley feel the need to apologize to Senator Grassley?

  • Sentinel

    A picture’s worth a thousand words. 😉

  • He’s just following Obama’s lead, believing that the US has 57 states including England. Only I guess he doesnt understand that Obama meant 57 Islamic states. But then again, I guess now that Britain is Sharia compliant….

    • kong1967

      Yep, G.B. is the 58th state.

      • olddog

        Careful..The Obagger (D)ude has a Pink Line in kiss that city..adios.

    • PicklePlants

      Or Joe Biden’s lead by “borrowing” material and not giving credit.

      Stand up Chuck, er, Bruce!

  • kong1967

    So I guess he represents Great Britain. He can’t even put up a legitimate picture.

    • Actually, I think he’s trying to represent the fruit.

      • kong1967


        • Poptoy1949

          I 2nd. that….LOL…LOL…

      • olddog

        He succeeded. That’s ONE in a ROW..

  • AwakenNow

    Iowa, for the sake of America, please Do NOT Elect Democrats, especially NOT Bruce Braley, in Nov. 2014.

    • jlbs

      Some don’t, but eastern Iowa is as liberal as they come and high population is found in cities as Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City, Davenport, Dubuque, etc. I know as that’s where I was born and raised. Here in Western Iowa, population is more sparse and we have to contend with the Des Moines population, as well. As a result, I think Iowa will always go dem.

      • Poptoy1949

        I think you are correct. But I sure don’t like it. Normally it is the big city vote that elects Democrats.

      • Jazzee

        Lordy they need to wake up in Iowa

      • Dr. Strangelove

        Yep, I moved to Clinton a year ago and it’s as blue as they come.

  • sjmom

    Braley has given the GOP some great ad material. Hopefully, they’ll make the most of it.

    • Jazzee

      yes yes go after the idiot lawyer please
      the GOP needs to learn how to fight

  • Liberals, be they Democrat or McRINOcrat, will always stick their proverbial foot in their mouths, along with everything else they do politically, are their own worst enemies.. and some are even dangerous to our US Constitutional Nation Republic, like Obama and all of his crony henchmen and women.

    In this case, Bruce Braley is about as political astute as a chicken in a fox hole. Glad to hear it, keep it coming.. lol

  • Dr. Strangelove

    After moving across the river to escape tithing the kleptocrats in Chicago, I discovered Iowa has it’s own open sewer they call “Des Moines”.

  • Conserv_58

    Bruce Braley’s severe case of foot-in-mouth disease was the best thing to happen for Grassley’s re-election. To think it didn’t cost Grassley’s campaign one penny either.