First Lady Is ‘Guest Editor’ for Website That Offers Sexually Explicit Content

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  • Joe

    CLASS TRASH act –

    What a wonderful role model for young ladies

    Don’t they realize what they are doing ?

    Are they that stupid?

    Would they allow their daughters read this junk?

    just sayin’

    • Patriot077

      Would anyone in their wildest dream ever expect to see this kind of trash coming from our President or the First Lady? I didn’t think it could get any lower.

      I guess they have to go there to find their audience, huh? Lord help us all.

  • So junk food is out but junk publications are fine?

  • poljunkie

    Stay classy Michelle.

  • warpmine

    Well, Moochelle’s tip of the day in which she has used many times, paper bag over head and bark like a dog but be sure he isn’t hungry for said dog.

  • Did she send a link to her two daughters to go to the site and “learn”? Of course not, it would not be appropriate. But she mustn’t have any problem with other people’s daughters (and sons I suppose) going there for titillation.

    First “lady”?! What a joke! I can’t type what I want to here because Scoops would probably ban me and rightly so, but you can probably guess that it would have been more than a little unflattering to put it mildly. 🙂