FISHY – Allen West recount finalization delayed until tomorrow morning

Reports on the ground are that over 32k votes were recounted today in 12 hours which finished around 9PM, but for some reason the remaining 304 votes couldn’t be completed in 2 hours. Officials are saying an automatic alarm is set at 11PM and they are forcing everyone to leave and come back in the morning at 8AM to finish the recount. The deadline is tomorrow noon.

Funny thing is this alarm wasn’t an issue on election night, says Gary Galiano:

I asked, how is the [alarm] being automatically set, when you guys were here until 2 am on election night…. Their response to me.. We are closing. Sheriff then ask me leave

This certainly smells fishy and hopefully people will stand guard tonight to ensure the building is secured and no one enters until 8AM tomorrow morning.

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  • I hope people are standing guard and video surveillance is being utilized. Just to be on the safe side.

    • las1

      Alarm! Ha!

      More likely a dog whistle for Democrats.

  • freenca

    That does certainly raise the eyebrows and wrinkle the nose!! These people are unbelievable!!

  • I can’t say much else. Agreed- there need to be plenty of folks standing guard around that whole building. Kind of like this:

    God please let truth win out in this. God, Bless Alan West.

    • Allen West, not Alan West.


      • LOL I did it again! Sorry Scoop- I go on about 4 hours of sleep on a good night. Thanks I’ll edit. 🙁

        • I’m sure Allen West and Alan West both appreciate the sentiment.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            Not to mention Adam West, better known as TV’s Batman.

            • NYGino

              Mae West win.

              • LOL- knock it off you guys!

                • NYGino

                  OK teacher, I’ll be good. I’ll give it a west.

              • Mornin’ NY!

                • NYGino

                  And a bright good morning to you!

                  All’s not well in the world but I hope all’s well with you.

                • Agreed NY, but I’m hanging in 🙂 Hope all is well with you too. I miss you when you’re not here. I have to run now though and get ready for church. ((())s Have a beautiful day my friend!

                • NYGino

                  You say the nicest things. Say a prayer for me, thank you.

                • I always say a prayer for you! It was a good message. Joy in all things. Philipians. 🙂 You’re sweet NY.

            • lol

          • Quit it! 😀

    • Smith Smith

      Thanks for the link, learn something everyday. :o)

      • You’re welcome! Someone had posted this about a year ago and I never forgot it.

  • $50 bucks says they open several hours late tomorrow…

    • aPLWBinAK

      Another $50 says those 304 votes myteriously turn into 800 or 900……for Murphy

  • Mary_Linda

    Sure it stinks. And if they’re not careful, West’s people will step in t and not realize it, because the vote thieves are doing their best to hide their tracks.

  • marketcomp

    I think we need to show some patience. I mean these people have been going every since 8:00AM this morning. I think that if the results remained wouldn’t they annouce that immediately? Although, I am not sure what would happen if the count remains or if LTC. West was ahead its a public relations call. Moreover, if there are more than 304 votes or ballots to be counted then could more be added over night without sounding an alarm? Moreover, these 304 ballots or votes are suppose to be hand counted so that tells me that the machine count is completed and this was a stopping point, maybe. I don’t know the process for recounting in Florida but I think it’s far from the nightmare in 2000. I just hope that Allen West wins or forces a recount of the entire district.

    • Betsey_Ross

      See, that is the problem. They seem to have their own rules or make them up so no one knows anything. Then they work their vote counting magic and the Dem wins every time.

      • marketcomp

        You are right Betsy_Ross! I am seeing that early voting is the problem. When they get those votes in no one is watching so those votes can be double counted or maybe triple counted to get the results that they need. And does anyone think that the union thugs in conjunction with the Prez wouldn’t triple count ballots when no one is looking? How does anyone knoe when the ballots come in, especilly the military ballots. The RNC must do something about this either give every ballot a serial number that is tamper proof, tamper proof a seal so if broken cannot be reused, program machines to only one number for one ballot, or eliminate early voting all together.

  • NoToTyrants

    Now I know how honest, freedom-loving Venezuelans feel after their Jimmy Carter approved sham elections.

    “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” – (Josef Stalin)

    • 3d81

      One vote for you
      two votes for me…

  • Patriot077

    I’m very curious about the results of the votes counted today …. I hope someone in West’s camp knows the number.

  • Centurian3333

    Allen West was the runaway favorite to be Florida’s governor in 2014 if our current governor were not running for election. That Sunshine News Viewpoint poll ran West against Florida’s top political names. Sid

  • Luker410

    Move Along…Nothing to see here.

  • Centurian3333

    West was the runaway winner in a Sunshine News Viewpoint Poll, topping 14 top Florida candidates. The poll asked if the current Florida governor chose not to run for re-election, who would you choose as the candidate? West topped the field.

    • white531

      What a surprise.

  • sjmom

    Maybe they know Allen West has won and they want to delay the announcement as long as possible.

  • white531

    People like the man. Can’t keep them from doing that. It is what it is. The average American is looking for a leader they can believe in. Allen West fills that void easily. He is a born leader. He has, “Patriot,” written all over him. You can’t sweep a person like Allen West under the rug. He is here to stay.

    We have to get rid of Obama, they have to get rid of Allen West. Let’s see who wins.

    • JRD1

      No, the corrupt Bush crime family has to get rid of Allen West. The Soros backed progressives merely assist. Wake up! The corrupt gopE is NOT your friend. The corrupt Republican controlled Jeb Bush Florida legislature redistricted West out of his seat. West came up with a blueprint of how he could still keep his seat. The gopE chose to redistrict West out of his seat instead of DNC chair Wasserman-socialist!

      • sDee

        Two competing crime families. That analogy fits what we see all around us.

    • Some people are talking about Obama’s third term. The guy in this interview has some interesting points.

      They get into it at about 13 minutes.

      When you consider how much power big oil has in elections, maybe what he is saying is plausible.

      Edit: Fraud wins elections, but what are the connections behind the fraud?

  • TitaniumEagle

    Anyone know if this ‘alarm’ happens to let liberal activists into the building without incident?

  • proudhispanicconservative

    As a matter of time I am on my eay there to stand guard for the night. The address is 4132 Ockechoobe Rd Ft Pierce Fl
    If anyone wants to go there please feel free to be there.

    • Good man! Keep us informed of anything you do or don’t see please.

  • i hope nothing sneaky happens overnight.

  • Hope it turns out well.

  • colliemum

    It is truly strange that there is such extreme resistance by these officials to get the proper vote count, and to resort to bureaucratic officiousness. After all, this is ‘only’ a House seat!

    I can’t help but think there’s more behind this than just an enormous effort to keep Allen West out. I think this is the tip of the iceberg, and the dems are running scared of getting found out.
    It is very odd however that the GOPe nationally and in Florida is keeping utterly quiet about this, that the ‘new leaders’ like Jindal or Rubio are having nothing to say about this scandal at all. Obviously, the corrupt MSM are not interested and thus are not reporting anything. What do they care about the foundations of the republic!

    “Fishy” isn’t even beginning to describe this heap of stinking manure!

    • It’s probably not just the democrats that want him out. That is a good sign, if the establishment is agreed on getting rid of him.

      Edit: Whoever the establishment goes after must be a good guy.

      • colliemum

        True – the GOPe do not want any true conservative in their ranks, and are happy to tacitly or openly help the dems/socialists to keep them out and, above all, to destroy them.
        The way they treated Sarah Palin is proof, if any were needed. Now the same with Allen West: letting him twist in the wind, never mind that the basis on which the Republic is supposed to function is being destroyed by these criminal manipulations of the election process.

        It’s becoming more evident by the day that the GOPe does not deserve the trust of the people – and nor do all those who, from the safety of their seat, overlook what is going on.
        Yes, Mr Jindal and Mr Rubio – I am talking of you!

        • I now believe that the federal government is illegitimate, and the states are going to have to act. If not, then it is all lost. Either nullification or succession will take place, or this country will be finished of in a few short years.

          The fire of liberty is dimming.

    • p m

      Want to know why the republicans don’t, won’t and can’t demand a nationwide recount? Read this for the full story about how the reps gave the rats full license to commit voter fraud…everywhere. It is truly scandalous. This is how they stole this election:

      • colliemum

        Hi p m –

        I’ve read this, and I’ve seen it linked in various places for some time now.

        If the GOPe really is hiding behind this decision, then they have extremely bad lawyers counselling them.
        But then again, as many have said since 2011: the GOPe did not really want to win this election, because they want a clear run for either Jeb Bush or one of his surrogates in 2016.
        We were called conspiracy wingnuts at that time – but it is looking more and more likely, isn’t it!

  • Brooklyn_NY_Conservative…the electoral college

    • The electoral college was designed to keep the big cities from voting for everyone else. it has been turned around to allow the stupid masses to control the rest of the country.

      This country would be politically unrecognizable to those who founded it. They would say that the experiment is over, and liberty has lost. Lincoln ended states rights, and general Lee was correct in saying that he was fighting to save the republic. It just took a few more decades for the banks and corporations to take over.

    • Hiding behind that agreement is a cop out, a sell out and a cowardly way out. They are the GOP not the EMM (Excuse Making Machine) or at least I thought they were.

  • abitreckless

    Is the left going to keep getting away with this?

    Probably. We can’t even get them to count all the military votes, which is shameful.

    I wonder if Romney actually lost.


    I think a recount of every ballot from every precinct in the entire Country should be double checked. I would bet my life Romeny really won.

    • Romney was nominated via fraud, then lost the election due to fraud. This is how it works in America now.

      There is no way to count all of the ballots, because the ballots don’t exist in many areas. We now have electronic elections, and he who controls the machines controls the electorate.

      • JRD1

        Your right! Etch-a-sketch never won the Florida primary. The Bush crime family saw to that!

      • BOPOS

        There was a paper printer that recorded my vote on my machine . I don’t know if all are that way. Why do you say Romney won nom by fraud?

        • Most people that I talk to are not aware of it, because it was the RP people who forced it, and exposed it. It did get some coverage by the media, but it was liberal media that covered it to slam the GOP during the primary. It was basically under the radar of most conservatives.

          RP was focusing on campaigning hard in the caucus states. Though he has little chance of winning the nomination, he would have had a platform at the convention if he won enough states. In the end, he did win enough states to get a platform at the convention, but was still denied.

          Nevada is the best example of fraud in the primary, so for the purpose of narrowing it down to one state for the sake of an expedient example, I will limit to that for now.

          Most of the fraud was recorded via “handy cam” and personal testimony. There are many youtube videos on this. The vote counts in the states were taken at the caucus’, then phoned in to a secret tabulation location that the GOP set up. Many who were at the caucus’ recorded the individual vote counts. When they checked on their votes later, the numbers were flipped for Romney. In some cases, a particular district recorded 2 votes for Romney, then after checking with the state GOP as to how they were recorded found out that Romney was awarded 22 of their votes.

          The RP people won Nevada hands down. They won it because the took almost all of the delegate slots. They could not take that many delegate slots if they didn’t actually get most of the votes, because delegates are awarded to a particular candidate based on how many votes they got. The delegates are awarded at the district level caucus’ based on the amount of votes given to their candidates.

          After the RP people literally took over the Nevada state GOP, the Romney camp and the national GOP came into Nevada and created their own new GOP and simply cut out the duly elected RP delegates.

          You could do a search on youtube for “Maine delegates”, or “Maine RNC”, and you will get an idea about how they nullified the Maine delegates.

          Nebraska brought in electronic voting machine to the state convention at the last minute. This is not how it is normally done, but the electronic machines can be used to put in whoever they want, and the RP people were dominating Nebraska.

          Oregon (my state) cut out their duly elected RP delegates and put in their Romney delegates.

          The rules changes made at the RNC were all about being able to do all of this according to the new rules, in the next election. It was all illegal this time around and against the GOP rules. Do your remember how they passed the new rules at the RNC?

          RP won 22 of 25 Nevada delegates.

          Now look at the delegate count for Nevada.

          Fraud won it for Romney, and the GOP shoved Romney down our throats.

        • Here are a few, but what needs to be understood is that where electronic voting took place, the primary could easily be rigged, and the caucus’ were exposed to be fraudulent because of the open process.

          Legally elected Missouri Chairman arrested:

          If we ever want a non-establishment nominee, then we had better do what the Paul people did, and on a mass scale. We had also better get rid of electronic voting and vote counting. We cannot allow the GOP to flip the votes in a “secret” counting location. It doesn’t matter who is running, their pick will take votes from all of the rest.

  • Rocco11

    You have to watch those Leftist criminals like a hawk…

  • I’ve been looking for an update all day Saturday. When I read this, I stepped back for just a second, while the thought sunk in….. This is America? We are talking about votes in an American election? I don’t recognize the land of the free and the home of the brave anymore. I know, I know. My sleepy childhood mind caught up with my adult brain after a few minutes, but for a moment it was an utter shock to see how far we have fallen.

    • sDee

      You have got it right. The truth will make us miserable. This is just what surfaces – a truth is so evil and ugly, yet so fantasied and romanticized by the media, that even a glimpse of it will send the natural slaves running back to the safety and comfort of their TV’s.

      There are those who will fight through it for the truth. What is behind this, may be far worse than what bubbles to the surface.

  • Hope they made sure the building was really actually empty before locking up for the night. Watch the windows for signs of flashlights and/or lights mysteriously going on and off “by themselves.” If you know what I mean.

    • las1

      My concern would also be… who is the last person in contact with the 304?

      Man! I’m just going crazy here. Waiting… and now this.

      Reading some of the comments on local Florida news posts is truly disgusting. One theme constantly regurgitated is that West is an extremist.

      With these brain shackled Democrat plantation slaves, TRUTH IS EXTREME. Damn tootin’ West is extreme.

      And it all goes to prove that with Democrats, race is not even the issue. It’s all about their far left ideology of hate. It does not matter what race, or what marginalized group or what colour you are… if you don’t toe the line of the leftists, you just will not be accepted… PERIOD! Then their mantra becomes, “get em… demonize em… kill em…

      • Let’s hope Col. West will have the last laugh and be able to tell those who plotted to subvert the electorate’s wishes to “stick it!” And yes, I’m being polite. 🙂

      • badbadlibs

        Perfect summation, las1.

  • akgrama

    Thank you, Allen West, for standing up against unlawful election practices. If only we had more MEN in our leadership that would not tolerate dishonesty.

  • SKL53

    You can’t trust the left! They are underhanded creeps who don’t do things fair and square! Honorable people such as Allen West don’t exist among the progressives! They have to lie, cheat and claw their way!

    • badbadlibs

      The left traded any honor they might have had years ago for the seduction of power.

      Someone here (so sorry, name escapes) wrote:

      There’s honor then there’s obama.
      It can also be said, “There’s honor, then there’s democrats”.

  • NYGino

    They really do think we’re a bunch of idiots, unfortunately it seems like the majority of voters are.

    • badbadlibs

      yuuup !

  • jrt1031

    What seems odd to me is that on election night results for states were in within seconds of closing times and yet a re-count takes months and seems almost impossible to certify. Why isnt there a standard for vote counting that is used in every state. And when you look at the margin of error it seems impossible to have an honest truthful vote in the USA.

    This video demostrates what huge fraud was used here in the US on election night. Now the democrat party has to be aware of this fraud and knowing this must give them little confidence on BO.

    • kong1967

      I don’t get it. Why have poll watchers if you can cheat right in front of their eyes and they can’t do a dart thing about it….even afterwards?

  • How many of us distrust our vote counters? I actually think we may have made a fatal error getting away from paper ballots which can be recounted. The machines can happily hum away and, at the end of the night, register whatever the heck they were programmed to register.

    • sDee

      what’s not to trust?

      “”The first crew that went to retrieve the machine grabbed the wrong one, one without any results. A second crew had to be dispatched.

      “We’ve never had it happen before,” Walker said.

      Elections officials also had to manually rerun the early voting results from the four locations for Thursday through Saturday because the results from cards used in the machines showed errors when they were downloaded Tuesday night””

  • NOZERO2012

    Hasn’t anyone yet realized that surveillance cameras were invented quite some time ago?

    Perhaps they have, but still don’t know how to operate them.

  • wodiej

    they could have finished in less than 10 mins. Either they are going to try some shenanigans or they are delaying the bad news for liberals.

    • I think Col. West is gong to win and they know it. So they stall so they can get the message out to their cronies and political operatives so they get their “story straight” and all sing from the same “song sheet” when the news breaks. I could be wrong, but I rarely am! 🙂

      • kong1967

        That makes a lot of sense. However, according to Rshill7, a Republican is in charge of the recount. If that’s true, I’m baffled by them leaving with less than ten minutes worth of counting to do.

  • sickofit5

    If there has been misconduct what are the chances of dear old Eric getting involved. 0

  • Haywoodjbl

    This will be interesting……..

  • Rshill7

    I read that there is now a Republican in charge of the recount. His name is Todd Mowry. He is Vice Chair of the County Board of Commissioners.

    • toongoon

      I wish I could be comforted by knowing that a Republican is in charge.

      • Same here. Don’t want to get my hopes up with the way they’ve been dashed and bruised recently. But a little hope… That I can manage. West for the WIN!

      • NYGino

        Sadly it has come to that point. We don’t know who to trust anymore.

    • marketcomp

      Well that says whatever the results are there will be NO recount. If the results are going to be certified on Tuesday there is really no time for a recount. So let’s pray and hope the results are with LTC. West!

  • kong1967

    Are we sure everyone even left the building?

    This is bullcrap. In my eyes they are up to something. At the rate they counted throughout the day, it would take less than 10 minutes to count the remaining votes. They make it very difficult to give them any credibility or trust.

  • dave kenny

    This reads like an election in some G-d forsaken African Country run by dictators
    West is a warrior with friends and will know what to do
    The left to worry about and fight are the traditional media and judges
    Get them sorted and the socialists are finished
    Start by pulling the plug on cable, that poision you allow your family to watch

  • marketcomp

    I just heard that Murphy is the winner:(!

    • Hope that’s not true. 🙁

      • marketcomp

        I hope so to, Wolfie!

        • Drudge has nothing about the result yet, where did you hear your news?

          • marketcomp


            • Nothing to be sorry for. 🙂

    • Rshill7


  • Rocco11

    The Left has our side navel gazing about reaching across the aisle, and appealing to women, and Hispanics while they’re busy stealing elections. Wake up people, there’s a communist in the White House….

  • Steve B

    FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A noon deadline has passed to report new returns in the race between Democrat Patrick Murphy and Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West.

    Officials in St. Lucie County, where a recount was being conducted, made no announcement of their findings.

    Under state law, unless they have received an emergency exemption from the state, unofficial results filed last week will be certified.

    Those results showed Murphy the winner in the race by about 1,900 votes.

    • Rshill7

      West attorneys going to back to court for an extension due to that last memory card glitch. It isn’t over.

  • CardiLover

    And hoping that everyone LEFT the building.

  • RiNiGade

    Fight, West.

  • SuzeTX

    Don’t just sit there posting comments; get busy:
    [email protected]
    Executive Office of Governor Rick Scott
    400 S Monroe St
    Tallahassee, FL 32399
    (850) 488-7146

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • SuzeTX

    Dont just sit there posting comments; call and email:
    [email protected]
    Executive Office of Governor Rick Scott
    400 S Monroe St
    Tallahassee, FL 32399
    (850) 488-7146

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • Jay

    Richard J. Daley was unavailable for comment.