Former Congressman Joe Walsh: Cliven Bundy is NOT a racist for worrying about Black America…

In an impassioned monologue, a frustrated former Congressman Joe Walsh defends Cliven Bundy from the rest of the media, pointing out that Bundy is not a racist for worrying out loud about Black America. Walsh points out that Bundy is historically wrong on the idea that blacks could have been better under slavery, but he’s not a racist.


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  • B-Funk

    Alright. Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on to what all this Bundy vs Government stuff represents for the rest of us.

    • SisterMary

      In my best Eliza Doolittle voice: “Wouldn’t it be loverly…”

      But the narrative has been changed for us, and it’s not going to be easy to get it back on track.

  • I completely agree. A lot of people wonder the same thing about the American Indian, and yet they’re not called racist. I believe the only reason Mr. Bundy is being called racist is because he used the work Negro and Black when describing a group of people. Uh, oh, that would mean our Fed’l Gov’t and State Gov’ts are racists for putting those definitions of ethnicity on their forms, and that any person in any position from any company that asks someone to identify according to their ethnicity is now a racist.

    • halfmadjesus

      No, the only reason Bundy’s being called a racist is because he dared stand against the progressive institution of Big Government. And, to a lesser extent, he’s clearly not “edjumacated” like progressive elites, so he’s worthy of mockery by them. If he starts talking about God, that’ll be one more thing to demonize him for.

      Although clearly not worded well, Bundy’s basic thought is to compare blacks under forced slavery to blacks under willing slavery-to-the-state, and ask them if they’re really better off. Some people just don’t like tough questions.

      • I fully agree. I worded my original comment incorrectly. Thanks.

      • Gary Dickson

        Everyone in the media, especially conservative media, are so deathly afraid of being called a “racist” for fear of confirming the accusations of the Democrats and other leftists that they will call someone like Mr. Bundy a “racist” because his words at first glance appear “racist”.

        Even if I try to objectively parse Mr. Bundy’s words and meaning, I’ll be called a racist because (1) it’s presumably so clearly obvious that he is a racist and (2) it looks like I’m trying to defend him.

        So, like you say, hmd, if I understand Mr. Bundy correctly, he is saying it is better for people to work than not work. Is slavery work? Yes, it is. Is slavery culturally acceptable to us today? No, because, as I understand it, it more often than not involves ownership of a human being.


        Is what the federal government doing today with some of its entitlements essentially mean that they “own” human beings to whom they “grant” those entitlements?

        Is it?

        I would agree that the Federal Government has made slaves of both those who are forced by dint of law to give money to it and those to whom the Federal Government, by its oh-so-kind wisdom, grants entitlements.

        In other words, the Federal Government has “owned” its citizens. All of them.

        “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

        • Patriot077

          I agree wholeheartedly. The government with their “war on poverty” just established a “company store” and now millions owe their souls to it whether they realize it or not.
          It remains to be seen whether or not some of these people will realize that government is not in business to benefit them or citizens in general, but is entirely focused on the business of keeping itself in business by expansion.

        • halfmadjesus

          Frankly, Bundy’s not even “saying” it’s one thing or the other — which is another irony of the way his comments have been interpreted by our media and its “expert” pundits. He’s asking a question. Look at the black family. Look at the black sense of togetherness vs. shooting one another in the streets every day. Look at their sense of self-worth. Straight-up look at the genocide being committed against blacks in the name of “a woman’s choice”. Then ask yourself the question — better or worse off?

          Like I say, for our media to actually explore the meat of Cliven Bundy’s question, rather than paint him as a racist at worst or an illiterate fool at best, goes against everything it demonstrates its capable of (and committed to) on a daily basis. It’s not unexpected, but it’s pretty damn sad.

  • mountainaires

    Walsh is on the right track, but he’s still not pointing out the unalterable truth, which is what liberal media does not want anyone to speak about hence the constant accusations of “racism!”:

    Ask Walter E. Williams, historian and professor:

    Welfare has done more damage to black society than slavery or Jim Crow. ~ Walter E. Williams |

    • Attila_the_hun

      In PC America a black man is allowed to compare welfare to slavery and be called uncle Thom, but if a White guy says the same thing he must be lynched

  • celestiallady

    Someone gets it and even speaks out.

  • nobsvet

    The only word that’s more overused than “racist” is “like”.

    • SisterMary

      I like what you wrote

      • nobsvet

        And I like that you like what I wrote.

    • Obama and Boehner like to say “uhh” a lot.

      I’d bet between the two of them, about a thousand “uhhs” a day happen.

      • nobsvet

        When Obama says “uhh” he’s about to lie.

  • 1vote

    I am afraid that Bundy’s remarks have been race carded and dismissed out of hand. If a person stops and thinks about this for a minute you might just see what the man is pondering. For example, is a child better off a) being raised on a plantation in slavery with family, or b) aborted and burned for fuel. Also, is a man better off being a) doing the will of his master, or b) waking up in prison every day, or, being shot dead on the sidewalk like some kind of animal. Seems to me reasonable to ponder such outcomes. It is certainly alright for Notso Sharpton to point out that certain races account for eighty five percent of arrests and that inmate population of certain ethnic groups are way out of proportion. Clive Bundy is not the first to ponder these things, however, he was quickly becoming a national figure vs the fed takeover of our liberties, and thus was marginalized at the first opportunity.
    There, I said it.

    • katenga

      Bundy was not the first racist, nor is he the last one. But you are free to continue to defend him.

      • OLLPOH ~ #UnBanPaulieWalnuts

        Effectively, humans are not good communicators.

      • $13245463

        He’s not a racist at all, unlike your Democrat party, however.

        • katenga

          Sorry to inform you of this but he says pretty racist things.

          • $13245463

            If facts = racism. I guess he’s a racist.

            • katenga

              His opinion is that black people are better off under slavery. That’s his opinion. And it’s pretty offensive… but by all means – continue to defend him. But at least you’re acknowledging that he’s racist.

              • $13245463

                He didn’t, but based on their current behavior they probably would be

                • katenga

                  Well then it sounds like you have pretty racist opinions.

                • $13245463

                  Yes, I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights applied to all Americans.

                  You believe in burying your head in the sand and the Democrat party.

                • katenga

                  Sounds like you should read the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. But good luck with that endeavor.

                • $13245463

                  Yes, the reconstruction amendments, what’s your point?

                • katenga

                  try understanding them.

                • $13245463

                  The DRONE continues….blah

                • James Brown

                  Progressives never have a point. It is one of the frustrating elements of trying to have a rational intellectual discussion with them. They operate in the realm of beliefs and theory, not facts and reality. They believe that there is no absolute truth, thus there is no such thing as true fact. Their truthful facts are whatever they choose to believe to be true; facts be damned.

              • James Brown

                You really need to work on your verbal comprehension skills. He was asking a question not making a definitive statement of any such thing. The problem with you is that you’ve decided to ignore the context of his question, and I would also suppose that you’ve not bothered to watch the entire unedited video or read the unedited transcript, because you want him to be a racist thus fitting your predetermined belief. As a typical progressive you will simply choose to believe whatever you want regardless of the facts and the context. If you choose to believe the sky is green you would claim all that say its blue were racists. The point is facts mean nothing to you and the other true believing progressives.

                • katenga

                  If you are a white man stealing from the federal government, you are a patriot. But if you are a black woman legally receiving benefits from the federal government, you are better off as a slave?

                • James Brown

                  I completely reject the premise of your question because it is dishonest and ignorant of actual fact concerning what Mr. Bundy said. And the problem is that you know your premise is dishonest but you don’t care about honesty or integrity. Therefore I will not engage you in this conversation until you start operating honestly. Of course I know you wont be honest, you cant be; because to be honest would be abject surrender on your part. There is no cure for stupidity just as there is no cure for dishonesty. So to paraphrase the immortal Dean Wormer, “Stupid and dishonest is not way to go through life son.”

      • Patriot077

        It is my opinion that he was inarticulate, but expressed a concern of caring for other people. The “racist” word is as over used as sexual harrassment. And I’m an older woman who has seen true harrassment. Many today don’t seem to have a realistic view of what constitutes either.

        • katenga

          You are entitled to your opinion. But think about what Bundy was saying/asking. He’s saying that black people are better off in slavery than they are in accepting government help.

          • johnfromjersey

            That is what YOU take out of what he said. If you understood history… just a little… you’d understand the truth in what he was thinking.

          • James Brown

            His point was that government dependency is just another form of slavery and he was simply asking a rhetorical question is one form of slavery any better than another. This is not rocket science.

            This was supposed to be a response to Patriot077 not to katenga.

            • katenga

              His point is that welfare is worse for blacks than slavery

              • James Brown

                He was not making that point at all, he was asking a rhetorical question. You know this to be true as it has been stated many times but your dishonesty will not allow you to acknowledge it. But lets say that was his point, that slavery on the modern democrat inner-city welfare plantation is worse than southern slavery was, that would put him in agreement with the brilliant writers and professors Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell whom have both stated, and proven in many books and articles they’ve written, that welfare has done far more damage to black people than slavery or Jim Crow ever could. Their point is always the same; over hundreds of years of slavery and Jim Crow combined, they could never destroy the black family and yet welfare has destroyed the black family in less than 50 years. Are you now going to call Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams racists also? After all they’ve claimed that they’ve proven that welfare has been far more destructive to blacks than slavery and Jim Crow were combined. I suspect you will call them Uncle Toms instead. Right? Either way you really should seek out the entire unedited video or transcript because the portions edited out that you’ve not seen or read or have decided to make yourself willfully ignorant of, put Bundy’s statements into context and you will realize, if you have even a shred of honesty in you, that he was genuinely upset at the plight of black people that have been forced into government dependence. Of course you will not check into that because you don’t want to know the truth.

                • katenga

                  Look, I get it. I really don’t think that Bundy truly believes that black people are better under slavery – I don’t know the guy, but that would be a truly ridiculous statement. There are racist people in the world, but not too many people would say that black people should still be slaves.
                  However, I also don’t think Cliven Bundy is Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell reborn and to make that comparison is unfair. People who are receiving food stamps or welfare are for the most part doing it legally. It is not an absolute system. All people who receive welfare are not takers, un-American, law breakers, or lazy. HOWEVER, Bundy has admittedly broken the law, does not acknowledge the United States government, and does not follow the rules that other ranchers follow. It just makes me sad that the majority of people here go to extreme lengths to defend him.

                • James Brown

                  You really cannot be honest about anything can you? I did not compare Bundy to Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell. I stipulated for the conversation that you were correct in your deduction that Bundy’s point was that blacks were better off in slavery than on welfare. That was your point, remember? I simply stated that, if that were the case then his opinion agrees with both Williams and Sowell. I was not comparing the men only their opinions. Again this is not Rocket Science but you seem unwilling to honestly accept the point. Either way I would direct you to th link below that has the entire unedited transcript of Bundy’s complete statement, please read it and then get back to me:


                • katenga

                  You can wonder out loud all your want. But that guy says some pretty racist stuff, and you continue to support him. Good luck with your views. You can skim the books all you want for some interpretation of whatever you think this guy is spouting off, but in the end, you’re just defending a guy who is saying black people are better off as slaves than in receiving government help. So go ahead, and pick and choose the things that are coming out of this guy’s mouth.
                  I just wonder – I just happen to wonder – what other racists you want to support? I wonder if you have any opinions about what Hitler was doing? I wonder if you think David Duke had some good things to say? I wonder if you would support Timothy McVey?

                • James Brown

                  Thank you. You’ve just admitted that you’ve lost this debate. As for hitler, duke, mcvey et al, I hate them as much as I hate you. Why? because you are a supporter of the same evil ideology as they were, progressivism/nazism/socialism/communism/tyranny, they’re all the same and they are your ideological ancestors because they depended upon beliefs, much like you, and they did not depend upon facts to shape their opinions about others, but rather they depended upon emotion, just like you. Oh, and they were also dishonest and kept themselves willfully ignorant of actual salient facts, again just like you.

                • You had a chance to contribute something to the conversation. But false accusation isn’t a contribution, it’s merely trolling. You’re done.

          • Patriot077

            Yes, I have thought about what he said and many people in the black community have expressed the same concerns – in more palatable terms, granted. I have read a great deal written by Thomas Sowell who lived in a segregated society and is intimately familiar with both sides of the equality issue and the complete failure of “The Great Society.”
            The first thing “TGS” did was force women to divorce their husbands in order to qualify for any help they requested to feed their children. There could be no man in the home. That was the beginning of the fracturing of black families, which were previously very strong. It is a national tragedy and I just can’t believe that so few people see it.
            Have you read any of Thomas Sowell’s works? I have the utmost respect and admiration for him.

            • katenga

              I’ve thought about what he’s said, as well. And it’s not that he’s anti-american or probably even anti-back. And he was ineloquent about what he was trying to say. There are so many complexities when race gets involved and I haven’t read ‘The Great Society.’
              But I do know that black people were prevented – often through violence, discrimination – from getting loans, accessing mortgages, and being excluded from unions. This often meant that black families could not get any meaningful wealth, and might explain the income back between black and white families that persists even to this day. And welfare policies have probably worsened the situation.
              But it doesn’t mean that people who are receiving welfare are bad people or looking for handouts. These people haven’t given up on America. There are good things about America and fundamentally about the government. It just saddens me that we’ve been reduced to defending a person who has – in some ways – depended on free government handouts who also blames the plight of poor black Americans on legal welfare policies.

          • Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

            Why not quote the man accurately?

            • katenga

              “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

              There’s an accurate quote.

              I often wonder how many conservatives will disown this guy before you will.

              • So you see what the words are, yet you persist on claiming something entirely different.

                It’s no wonder the left has disowned truth.

      • No, we have a racist President, a racist Attorney General, and a racist Democrat leadership. Until they are dead, racism will live on.

        Bundy was right to worry about the plight of black Americans.

    • johnfromjersey

      And very well, at that.

  • kssturgis62

    Thank you JOE WALSH !!! My gosh what I was basically saying yesterday.

    Hannity and Beck so self righteous. I don’t watch Beck, Hannity I can only stomach once a week at most now. Unless there is some HUGE breaking news. Megyn Kelly showing the EDITED Media Matters tape. Not showing or listening to the full statement of what the man had to say. But it is not the first time MEGYN has used information in a story that wasn’t all there. Megyn loves throwing around racist accusations lately. She still hasn’t apologized to Kevin Jackson or Joe the Plumber.

    It doesn’t really matter we are all racists for the rest of our lives no matter what we do or say. Why? Because Obama was elected and that is how history is going to play it.

  • OLLPOH ~ #UnBanPaulieWalnuts

    C o m m u n i c a t i o n is the hardest ability for all individuals, as no two people have the same brain!

    Thanks for speaking this Congressman Walsh.

    We will not allow a white flag planted on her soil…
    OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness
    (Mr. and Mrs.)

  • katenga

    Bundy just says racist things – that black people were better off under slavery than they are in receiving government subsidies like food stamps.

  • Hammer

    Brian Williams on NBC has all but ignored the BLM and the confrontation in Nevada for weeks.. Last night he devoted nearly two minutes to Bundy’s take on black americans and Williams was almost gloating when reporting GOP pols abandoning Bundy.

    • Laurel

      Not surprised.

  • myfairlady

    That is the crux of the matter–the state of black America today. And no one wants to address it because they are guilty of creating the plight. Thank you Joe Walsh!

    • Walter Mow

      and thank you Clive Bundy… standing tall against BLM thugs and straight talk about this nation’s despicable push to drive everyone to accept the dole rather than seek employment.

      • Patriot077

        Yes. And it isn’t just a problem with black America. The infection has been spread to all races and income levels. There are people who can probably find a way to afford to pay their own freight, but feel justified in taking advantage of a government “freebie”.
        It reminds me of the line in the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song: I owe my soul to the company store.

        • johnfromjersey

          You’re showing your age… old boy!

          • Patriot077

            I sure can’t run from it anymore! But I’m an old woman, just to be perfectly clear. My Mom loved Tennessee Ernie Ford.
            But the song I remember her singing most was “Don’t Fence Me In”. I take after her.

            • Buster’s View

              “You load sixteen tons, what do you get? Another year older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don’t you call me, ‘cuz I can’t go…I owe my soul to the company store…”

              Love that song. 🙂

              • Patriot077

                Yes, he had a terrific voice. I loved the hymns he sang also.

  • Conservator1

    With the way the boards here and throughout the web yesterday were on fire, I assumed all of America must have heard something about Cliven Bundy’s remarks. So last night I asked about 10 friends what their opinion was.

    I was astonished, not only did they not know about the controversial comments that Bundy made about blacks while touting Hispanic’s work ethics, none knew who he was or anything about the BLM’s land grab.

    Of course, most Americans really don’t follow politic, especially in the capital of low information voters who live in NYS. So, I won’t spend much time on this topic today. America isn’t tuned in and I believe his comments on racial issues will be forgotten by Tuesday (Sunday news shows I’m certain will crucify him), but it won’t matter.

    • tvlgds

      I’m neither shocked nor stunned. It’s no wonder the country is in the shape it’s in.

  • Laurel

    Joe Walsh may have found his true calling.

  • olddog

    So the TRUTH and FACING “REALITY” is now considered RACIST???..Although not eloquent or PC Gov. Gumba Speak, BUNDY was 100% correct…North Vegas, Camden, Watts, S. Chitcago, (D)estro-it, are nothing but (D)em-wit/LBJ created “Inner City Containment Camps”…Gov imposed economic SLAVERY…BUT HEY..No Whips. Now back to the “Hoax and Chains” (D)elusion ..thingy. PEASANTS.

    • johnfromjersey

      Instead of dogs and whips they use I-Phones and EBT cards… with the same results, I might add.

    • badbadlibs

      It’s been since the late ’90’s that I lived in Las Vegas, but back then, not even the police would go into North Las Vegas.

      • olddog

        Now , even the BLM won’t..They go after White/Hispanic COWS in the (D)eserts. No return fire..YET.

  • stage9

    Why in God’s name do people keep saying that Bundy believed blacks would be better off under slavery?


    He asked a RHETORICAL question! In short, ARE blacks better off under a government slave system where they are essentially “slaves” to a government bureaucrat, OR were they better off under slavery?

    The inference is that NO, they ARE NOT better off under EITHER system! He would have done better to just simply follow it up by saying: “They went from the frying pan into the fire.”

    This whole entire argument is about one simple thing: The NY Times wanting to discredit this man. They went down to Nevada to get ONE THING, and they got it.

    This was all about discrediting Bundy and to defuse the swelling support he was receiving. In the minds of the radicals in the media, all he had to do was say “Negro” and “cotton” and the interview would be over. They didn’t hear ANYTHING else after that.

    I can only imagine that the slime media were probably tripping over themselves like giddy little school kids trying to get back to NY just so they could print those two words. It was like shooting fish in a barrel! Bundy didn’t stand a chance. He’s not some big city elitist who’s up on the latest politically correct jargon. He’s not an activist by trade. He’s not familiar with the media “smear and silence” agenda. He’s a rural rancher. He feeds and sells cattle. He’s a simple man.

    But he does fit the description of the liberal caricature of a Conservative to a t!

    “Just say something “racist”, that’s all we need. Say something that we can use to destroy you.”

    And he did. He walked right into it.

    Game. set. match.

    There’s a lesson in this. If you’re going to be a face for a Conservative moment, then take care about what you say. You may have passion and a desire to see your country restored, but it’s going to take more than that to win the war. You have to be as wise as a serpent but as gentle as a dove. In other words, the burden must remain on the liberal’s side to defend their position. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself on DEFENSE every time.

    The best way to handle Lucy and her football, is to not play the game.

    • Gary Dickson

      You’re 100% correct, stage9.

      The New York Times and their media colleagues did not want their god in the White House looking bad, so they sent their people to Nevada to find the “truth”.

      They essentially constructed what they wanted.

      The rest of the media had better fall in line – including the Republican and conservative media – or else the rest of the world will confirm what it already “knew”, that is, that Republicans and conservatives are racist.

      All we have to do now is wait for Mr. Bundy to “confirm” that he is a “homophobe” or a misogynist.

      Just you wait.

  • poorhardworker

    Spot on, Mr. Walsh! And former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes (who happens to be black, agrees!!!

  • gigi0f3

    Amen Brother!

  • joyfulgiver

    WOW, now that’s a monologue worth passing along.

    Great job Mr. Walsh!

  • LoJoFo

    Also just a question: Is anyone FORCED to be dependent?

    • KeninIL

      No, but when you are screwed by the education system starting at age 5, by the TV media (showing people that it is cool to work as little as possible for an employer, even tho all the actors busted butt to get their parts and do their jobs), you learn your choice is crime or govt dependence.

      • LoJoFo

        If you have no one to teach your otherwise. I think that was Cliven’s point regarding the disintegration of the family.

      • sno_warrior

        Exactly keninil. Young people graduating from HS that can’t even read or do basic math…let alone structure a sentence or use basic punctuation. Stuff like that isn’t important in todays world. I’m gonna be a basketball player, a rock star, Amarikian Idol, a drug lord…. Ambitious bunch living today. In years past they would be the ones whom the buzzards would have eaten along ‘the side of the trail’. Their bones would be the ones bleached in the sun.

        If they have no knowledge of being in the mud, or have someone to teach them how to pull themselves out of the mud, they’re going to stay in the mud. The longer they stay in the mud, the better they like the mud… or through defensive posturing, began attacking those who are ‘trying to encourage them’ to better their life for their sake and their families.

    • Buster’s View

      So many people have been raised in that environment now, they don’t even know there are any other options for survival. It takes rather extraordinary will to pull yourself out of that morass and look for better alternatives. These programs are so stupudly designed they make it very difficult to wean yourself off by degrees, like wearing a cast, then a splint, then using a cane, until you can run on your own again. Think of a child that has never been allowed to walk or lift anything on its own and what it takes for that child, now a man, to be determined to bring his own atrophied muscles to life.

  • HarrietHT2

    We fought a bloody civil war to end slavery 150 years ago, but it’s OK for black Americans to be slaves today to the federal plantation? Looks like they’ve just changed one master for another. And it’s working out really well for them, isn’t it? And “compassionate” liberalism has proven to be the great cure-all for man’s ills as it has long promised. Not!

    If slavery was wrong then, it’s wrong now. If slavery is right today, it was right yesterday. Oh, but you say today’s slavery is really OK because it’s “different.” But I say, look at the statistics — read them and weep over the destruction of the black family wrought by statist meddling over the past 60 years.

    • sno_warrior

      and now it happening to the ‘white’ family also. Just to say ‘The Federal Plantation’ is muzzling and degrading and making dependent those who are ‘black’ is wrong. This ‘federal system’ is affecting EVERY person in the US…to one degree or another.

      They want to control every facet of our lives… THEY WANT CONTROL of THE WORLD!

      • HarrietHT2

        You are quite right, of course. I was just trying to limit the scope of my comments to the specific charge of Bundy’s racism; I had thought of expanding the reality of the federal plantation to all its dependents and slaves but decided not to for the reason I cite. And yes, “EVERY” person (excluding the perps) is not far off the mark because those whose labor is coercively taxed to fund the enslavement of others are themselves slaves to the evil system.

  • HarrietHT2

    In other words, you can’t pretend to be concerned about the black family of 150 years ago while promoting policies that destroy the black family of today.

    • Buster’s View

      Well said.


    One of the supporters serving as a bodyguard for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy during his standoff with federal authorities — and who also happens to be black — said he would still “take a bullet for” Bundy after the rancher made racially inflammatory comments.

  • notebene

    It’s stunning how stupidly folks will fall into the demoncrat, race-baiting, “squirrel” trap. The media said nothing during the stand off on Bundy’s land, but one set up of an interview…and the little propagandists found their pens and their keyboards blew up! Kira Davis and Joe Walsh are the only two that didn’t fall for it…Hannity slobbered all over it last night. Who wants to bet Reid set up a way to discredit Bundy? Anyone think of that? Now there’s a media storm on Bundy…not for the way the Feds abused him…but for un-pc remarks. Anyone stupid enough to fall for the media’s squirrel trap…really deserves the hell that’s coming for this country. Keep falling for the division…keep those hands out for your entitlements…the gubmint enjoys holding you in it’s claws! Real freedom…not!

    • Barton

      This site hates me for putting this man’s name up on here, but Mike Church of SiriusXM was first on board of this at 5am this morning. I agree Bundy isn’t the most articulate man in the world, but his point was dead on. And it isn’t like any Decepticon(Republican) is getting their advice from Bundy, so why is the media acting as if this man speaks for them? The major problem now is, we are talking about whether or not the man is a racist, instead of asking where did the government derive this power to “regulate” land in the first place. What enumerated power is this? The so-called “Territories Power” never uses the word “Territories”(plural), but the word “Territory”(singular), why is this?

  • Carmtom13

    Great job Joe

  • While Bundy is being excoriated for inarticulate remarks, Elizabeth Warren is being hailed as the next potential President. Never mind her fraud over gaining admission under minority status for being 1/32 Cherokee. Never mind her unlicensed law practice in Massachusetts.

    If you google “Ted Cruz Bundy” you’ll see that they are using Bundy as a paintbrush to tar Cruz, Palin and others for supporting a “pro-slavery racist.”

    The left never stops with this crap. This is why a mush, Bush-type candidate is a *guaranteed* loser, and a vote for such is a wasted vote, no matter what Republicans say.

    Do yourself and the country a favor. Any chance you have to vote in the primaries or general, write in the name Ted Cruz for President and Allen West for Vice President. If the Republicans are going to lose, then we should at least get a name on the scoreboard telling them who’s next.

    Maybe we’ll throw the primary our way.

    But don’t stay home on election day. Write in’s are the way to go.

    • Now that is one AWESOME ticket! Count me in.

    • Xman97

      I like this plan. Levin and Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity will ALL have to endorse it for there to be hope. But I still believe the ONLY way any of this changes is with the 3rd American War for Independence (Revolution). Keep buying ammo.

      • 57thunderbird

        You can leave out Beck.Most conservatives don’t give much weight to what Beck has to say.IMHO

      • Yeah, we definitely have to prepare for it. But we must also plan for whatever helps avoid it.

  • mediaaccess

    Dependency under slavery – and, by the way, if slavery were about economics and blacks being as domestic farm animals – well, the farmers usually don’t abuse their livestock, but feed them, house them, etc.. Sure there are always some who are doing that, but now they have subsidies, they go out and do drugs, alcohol, and rob, and have more difficulties and are less secure than before in many ways, and the government supports the dependencies. There is a very correlation. As Marxism takes hold, we are all becoming dependent, depressed, suppressed, and on and on…I understand how and why he said it. To prove his point–this dependency upon the government – it’s not good. – This is a good guy, but Bundy never stepped in anything.

  • Mike H1776

    I agree with what you are saying, Rand Paul turned on Bundy as fast as he did his own Father – Like I have said, I do not trust Rand Paul and anyone who turns on Bundy before actually listening to what he said is a coward.

  • RepublicanYo

    Very bad choice of words by Bundy. What he’s saying isn’t exactly wrong though. I think Walsh explains it right here.

    Isn’t there some video out there of Thomas Sowell talking about how blacks were better off under segregation than under affirmative action and other “pro-black” policies. Someone should dig that up. He basically says the same thing, but the words are much better thought out.

    • RepublicanYo

      Here’s one of the videos. The key points start around 2:40

  • Dramamama1

    I am concerned about black America! I am no racist but black men are out control, like yearlong bulls with no one to guide them. Men are making babies and walking away! Women are poor and have more children! I fear for their futures!

    • 57thunderbird

      Their fatherless children have no future other than wearing the shackles of government dependency.

    • Guest

      David Carrol…a black man on black men:

  • TRUTH!!! And the numb nut rhino’s like Rand Paul….are licking Harry Reids feet for forgiveness!! This whole “racist story” is CRAP!! Great job Joe!!

  • jrt

    What Mr. Bundy was saying was that Blacks as a people were better people, family structure-wise when they were slaves compared to what they have become due to their self victimization. And they all see Obama and think …..we made it…….smoke and mirrors. Lies and deception. This is what Bundy exposed….its an open wound that will never heal.

  • sonofliberty

    joe walsh show is very good. I like to listen to his show !