Former NFL player Burgess Owens says blacks shouldn’t vote for Obama

Burgess Owens gets it. In the clip below he says that the one gift Obama has given us is that we get to see what true in-your-face liberalism looks like, and he hopes that will push more blacks to consider principle and policy over ‘blackness’ when voting. He doesn’t see a big turn around this election, but hopes it will happen over the next few years.

He also talks about the the black elite in this country that protects liberals like Joe Biden so that they can say anything they want to, like “we gon’ put ya’ll back in chains!” He adds that they’ve been voting against policies that help black people for years.

Watch below:

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  • Ranger1325

    When is this guy running for office?

    • Orangeone

      Never again. Haven’t you heard the saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”. This country should never make this mistake again. The media will not vet a minority. This guy supported and voted for O’Bambi in 2008 and now has a change of heart? I think not. He is just trying to sell books.

      • You are dead wrong on that point!

        Charles Payne of FBN, a conservative black man also voted for Obama. His reasoning was that he did it for his grandmother, mother and all the relatives before him. For the “dream” of every black American to be realized.

        He had hoped Obama would lead as a moderate, but within weeks of the inauguration regretted his vote.

        There are many reasons that black Americans voted for Obama. From pride to ideology. You can’t judge the black community on this subject. You can however state an opinion on the 2012. Depending on the number of blacks who vote for “race” over substance.

        • Orangeone

          Voted for race not our Constitution.  He and you can justify it any way you like but the vote is the vote.  He voted for a Marxist.

          • Wisewoman2

            I’m black and I did not vote for him, I voted for McCain. I did not vote for him because I did not think he was qualified or experienced enough to be president. Considering the condition the country was in and the trouble we were encountering with the bank meltdown I really thought Obama was a poor choice. Additionally the man was a natural born liar who could not be trusted to tell the truth.

            • 20Chitowndemrevenuestream12

              wisewoman is a perfect moinker for you m’lady

            • PFFV

              Spot on wisewoman2 😉

              The only truth about Obama that was told on TV was on Fox Cable News. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity were telling everyone the truth about Obama and his radical ideology well before the election in 2008.

              The national media, Hollywood and every network on TV promotes a liberal agenda basically brainwashing everyone that watches TV on a regular basis.

              My two go to guys (and heroes quite frankly) for the truth are Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh.

              Share the truth with everyone you see! God Bless True Conservatives!

            • I am black also. However I am nether a Republican, conservative, Democrat, or liberal. I am a persuadable independent who is against extreme partisan political positions. I understand you position and except you point the Obama is reckless with the truth, but Romney has been classified as a perpetual flip floppier by his on party. A flip floppier and a liar is the same, in my opinion. Do you consider Romney to be a liar as well ? I’m not asking you who you are voting for or why you are vote for whom. Just asking, do you think Romney is a liar also.. INDEPENDENT DECIDE ELECTION!

              • Wisewoman2

                “A flip floppier and a liar is the same, in my opinion.” Kervin, by your logic anyone who changes his mind about any issue is a liar (flip flopper). By your definition I am a liar (flip flopper) since I changed my mind about being a 45 year supporter of democrats to being an independent (not a republiacn yet but leaning). That is nonsense. I changed from liking tight fitting shirts to liking loose fitting ones. I could go down the line from serious to absurd. The following is the truth that the media knows but will not tell you about the type of liar Obama is when in 2008 while campaigning for the nomination he said from the pulpit of a black church in AL concerning the 1965 Selma civil rights march: My parents met and were involved during the Selma march and “little barack was born”. The truth is that Barack was born 4 years earlier in 1961. Watching the live broadcast of his speech I thought he was telling the truth but I found out in less than 24 hours he was lying. Actually Chris Mathew was the first and only one I heard give the fact of his birth. He only said it once during one show and never repeated it again. It was not widely reported by the MSM either. A man who would blatantly lie from the pulpit of a church will never get my vote. If you like I can respond to you with a list of 99 other documented lies he has told not counting the years 2010, 2011, and 2012.

                • First, I’m not a Obama support. I am a independent who is against EXTREME PARTISAN from both parties. I you think the other side does’t lie but just flip flop, that’s your prerogative. You made your point about Obama lying about something that you feel is important to you and it push you further to the right. Now allow me to make my case against the other side. I am strongly against abortion under any circumstances. I convinced a child is complete after conception. When Romney was governor of Mass. he was for ABORTION and a lot of other EXTREME LIBERAL IDEAS , now he’s seeking the far right conservative support, he’s against abortion. That decision isn’t similar to you make a decision about your clothing or changing political parties. The point I’m trying to make as one independently thinking black to another is that they all are guilty on the same thing you accuse Obama of. One other thing I would like to ask you, as a black person move from the left to the right, this is a honest question. I’m not trying to make a political point. When you read all the negative comments about blacks, like the guy on this blog who said, government fall apart when blacks are in control., an a lot of other general negative statements about black people as a whole, by right, does it offend you ? I’m not trying to be your enemy. Look at our history, we as black people jump from one side to the next. In my opinion, we are just pawn in their political game. We need to develop our on way without these outsiders controlling our thinking and where we spend our money.

                • Wisewoman2

                  By your twisted logic Obama “evolving” on the issue of gay marriage is not extreme. I find liberals or what ever you want to call yourself a real trip and blacks who don’t know their history when it comes to dem v. repub as pitiful. Another thing I can’t stand are liberals who try to change the subject with the argument that “they all do it”. Don’t ever assume I was a liberal that “moved from the left to the right. I was never on the right. I grew up in the church and was taught not to lie cheat or steal. I believe in the bible, I don’t believe in abortion on demand or that Catholic institutions should be required to pay for women’s birth control pills. I think the liberal welfare policy that passed the congress helped to destroy the black family. Johnson did not want that bill but the southern democrats not the republicans refused to pass his bill to help families with a mother, father, and children. A compromise that helped only single women with children without husbands is what passed thanks to the democrats. Incidentally a higher percentage of republicans voted for the original bill and the final bill than did democrats. Lastly blacks don’t move from one side to the other. That is what we should do then we would weild more power. Instead we always vote for the dem. Obam is the worst of all dems. He caters to every group except balcks. Allowing Hispanics of child bearing age to remain in this country will insure that blacks will always be in the botom minority status. Wake up man your own “black brother” is doing this to you. As far as ignorant comments by the few on this site I simply chalk it up to painting with a broad brush

                • wisewomen: Additionally the man was a natural born liar who could not be trusted to tell the truth.
                  Kervin: I responded by saying both sides lie, use Romney flipping on abortion.
                  wisewomen:By your twisted logic Obama “evolving” on the issue of gay marriage is not extreme.
                  Kervin: never said anything positive about Obama, if I did quote it from what I wrote.If you really are black, you would know most blacks are against the gay lifestyle,that includes me. Remember what happen in California in 2008, blacks that come out strongly for Obama voted against gay marriage, kill the bill.
                  wisewoman: I find liberals or what ever you want to call yourself a real trip
                  Kervin: I am nether a Republican, conservative, Democrat, or liberal. I am a persuadable independent who is against extreme partisan political positions.this is how I described myself from my first post.Key word (Persuadable Independent)
                  wisewoman: blacks who don’t know their history when it comes to dem v. repub as pitiful.
                  Kervin: Know that the Democrats and Republicans flip their positions. Know the racist Democrats of the south are now the racist republicans in the south. Know that blacks fought for the confederate and the union during the civil war. know that liberal white people gave their lives and where murdered alongside blacks by racist conservative southerns during the civil right struggle. Know that Berry Goldwater, the republican presidential candidate at the time of the civil right movement vote against the civil right bill. Don’t twist what I said about liberal white people dying for black causes as support for the liberal agenda, but I understand why liberal white and conservative blacks(prefer to say religious black) work together for similar causes.

                  My final point, why do you keep talking about Obama. I’m talking about the whole political process. You can’t tell from what I wrote who i would vote for. I challenge your dedication to the party you support and you start trip with insults. I never accuse you of being ignorant or uninformed. Just wanted to understand why a black person felt so comfortable around people who say a lot of ignorant thing about blacks and have a history in the south of raping black men, women,and children with impunity. Murdering and lynching blacks for fun. You are cool with people with that history and you say I’m tripping.

                  PS. if you what to call me out on something I said, quote me.

                • @WISEWOMEN 2 Are you familiar with what the Mormon teach about blacks. You do know the Republican candidate for president is a Mormon. I challenge you to do some research on the subject of Mormon and Blacks. I’m could tell but I don’t want to be accuse of spreading lies. If you don’t already know, you will be shocked or should be shocked when you find out.

                • Wisewoman2

                  When I lived in Germany as the wife of an enlisted army guy, we were friends with a mormon couple. Did you know that Mitt was happy and actually cried when the church changed their stance on blacks?

          • My wife is black, and didn’t vote for Obama in 2008, but wasn’t happy with the alternative. Now she is excited to vote for Romney and Ryan, and when we go out with her black friends she tries to convince them how bad Obama is. The friends don’t put up much of an argument if any. I think a LOT of black people stay home as many feel it would be wrong to vote against a black person, but know Obama stinks. Obama will not have the turnout like in 2008. He stinks.

            • Orangeone

              Thanks for trying to inform those who are not.  There is hope that the racial damage O’Bambi has caused can be repaired when we all come together to support the US Constitution and our federal and state laws.

              • The racial damage was done when your forefather or the writers of the Constitution decided not to deal with the slavery question and in fact were slave owners and even with as far as classify blacks as not fully human by the supreme court. But you will not acknowledge that contradiction.

                • @Kevin Pearce: Your ancestors may have also been slave owners.

                  According to federal census reports, on June 1, 1860 there were
                  nearly 4.5 million Negroes in the United States, with fewer than four
                  million of them living in the southern slaveholding states. Of the blacks residing in the South, 261,988 were not slaves. Of this number, 10,689 lived in New Orleans. The country’s leading African American historian, Duke University professor John Hope Franklin, records that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves, or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city.

                  In the Enumeration Clause, where representatives are apportioned. Each state is given a number of representatives based on its population – in that population, slaves, called “other persons,” are counted as three-fifths of a whole person. This compromise was hard-fought, with Northerners wishing that slaves, legally property, be uncounted, much as mules and horses are uncounted. Southerners, however, well aware of the high proportion of slaves to the total population in their states, wanted them counted as whole persons despite their legal status. The three-fifths number was a ratio used by the Congress in contemporary legislation and was agreed upon with little debate.

                • Actually, Kervin, the Founders *did* deal with the slavery issue by using the so-called 3/5ths clause in the Constitution. White Southerners of that time wanted to have it both ways: they wanted to have the slaves counted as full humans in order to have more representatives in the House, but they didn’t want to treat those slaves as full humans and they certainly didn’t want those slave to be able to vote.

                  The compromise was to get the slave-holding states into the Union–a union whose Declaration of Independence declared that all men (humans) were created equal. A foundation for the freedom of our ancestors.

                  Consider this: what would have happened had the compromise not come to pass? The slave-holding states would have refused to join the United States and would have formed their own country. And even if both imaginary countries would have been able to break away from England–something that would have been very unlikely if the slave-holding states and the free states had been two separate entities–there would have been nothing in the constitution of a country consisting of the slave-holding states alone which could have been foundational in freeing our ancestors. Many of us might still be slaves today.

                  Consider that.

                  (BTW, the Founders had nothing to do with and SC decision which deemed blacks as not fully human. The SC decision you may be thinking of is the Dred Scott decision which was decided in 1857. Note that our country went to war over the issue only 3 years later.)

                • Orangeone

                  Go to Africa, they started slavery and still practice it today. Blacks sell blacks. Also remember that it was whites that put their lives in jeopardy to “free the slaves”.  The mistake made was not returning them to where they came from.  And let’s not forget that women were properly long before and long after “slavery”, could be raped by their husbands until quite recently and the constitutional amendment for women to vote was 50 years after blacks.  But do women go around crying and saying “poor me”, living off the gov’t?  Absolutely not.  Women looked toward opportunity and worked hard to succeed in school and in business.  O’Bambi through his hatred and his composite Julia are trying to put women back in chains, just ask your buddy Joe, and women are saying NO!

                • “But do women go around crying and saying “poor me”, living off the gov’t? Absolutely not. Women looked toward opportunity and worked hard to succeed in school and in business.”

                  I’ll beg to differ with you there on at least 40% of us women.

                • Do you truly understand the term white trash. White people have more opportunity than anybody in this country, and if they still can’t make it, they are label as white trash. Do you find it interesting that mostly white women among white people identify white the black struggles in this country. Lastly, you don’t realized you just offended all your conservative black support and black people in general with the living off the government statement. It obvious you don’t know any black people impersonally. If you did, you wouldn’t have made such a general statement about people you only read about in the so call liberal media. The media you despised, unless they are reporting on the negativity in the black communities . Did you know that after the Civil War, black people began to prosper in this capitalistic system. Don’t forget, we did all the hard labor, building, farming, cooking, even raising white children so those hard working white women you mention could accomplish their dreams. We even made it to congress as congressman, but were denied accommodations when we got their because of entrench racism in the congress. Since blacks were the most skilled workers, they began to build business and schools. What happen next has never happen to any other group in this country. They began to pass law that prohibit whites from doing business with blacks. That’s a brief look at our struggle. We still haven’t and want give up. I bet you can’t disprove anything I’ve written.

                • Orangeone

                  And you are getting that stat from where?  Where are the female reparations claims?  I’m not saying that there isn’t an overwhelming # of women on the welfare roles but let’s clarify where that originates from.

                • Most of the people on welfare are single women. And where did this “female reparation claims” idea you’ve conjured, come from?

                  Don’t have a cow just because someone disagreed with you on a small point of human irresponsibility.

                • Orangeone

                  Check out the race of those on welfare and why they are on welfare.  Blacks keep demanding reparation for “slavery”, women never have and they were property long before and long after “slavery”.

                • Do you have a point?

                • I wouldn’t say slavery started in Africa, I would acknowledge that Africa had slavery and enslaved their on people. Slavery is a very old idea. The Greeks had more slaves than citizens. Here the difference between Africa and Greek slavery and the American christian white man slavery system. In Africa, after a war, the POWs were sold to another tribe as slave. However, once they were sold as slave, they became a part of the tribe,not like the generational American slavery system. They lost their tribal identity but not their humanity. Africans are very religious within all tribe, you can’t takes someone’s human dignity from them. You couldn’t own the slave kids, grand kids,and great grand kids. America slavery dehumanized blacks,they debating in the courts about whether a black person is fully human, that attitude gave them justification to mistreat black slaves. White published theories is their scientific journals to prove blacks were not humans. They even had a African pygmy lock in a cage in the zoo to show people the sub-human. They even used the bible to prove that blacks were cursed, especially the Mormon. You din’t learn this in your non public schools ?

        • There are NOT many reasons black americans voted for Obama, my (ignorant) family included. There’s just ONE reason, and it can be summed up in Steve Harvey’s and Morgan Freeman’s words: “I voted for him because he’s black.” I know *I’m* never making that mistake again, but black america in general is still saying “We gotta keep showin’ support, he one ‘a’ US! Thangs ain’t git no betta cuz them racist crackas kep’ blockin’ e’rythang he tried ta do, but he say DIS time he kin do what he want.” It’s this same ignorance that led us into slavery in the first place. Yes, I’m black, and I’m being dead serious. MY eyes are open, but black america remains largely ignorant (as it has since the end of slavery) on ALL important matters.

        • Steve Tanton

          Agreed Cindy – good comment. As sad as it was that anyone voted for the Mr. Obama in the first place (many did for many reasons) – to not see the folly in it now is even worse!

          Many folks, many blacks voted for Obama out of deep insecurities, emotion, guilt, stupidity, false pride and racism but overall out of ignorance.

          “I think at a time when Iran may get nuclear weapons which may be passed on to terrorists, it is incredible that we should even be playing sort of demographic roulette and saying ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have the first black President or the first woman President or whatever.’ We need whoever can do that job best because the future of the country depends on it.” – Thomas Sowell (2008)

          Obama was a disaster in the making in 2008 and he’s a disaster now. It’s not too late to wake up. Thank you Mr. Owens, glad you’re with us.

      • tvlgds

        That has been my mantra for over 30 yrs, and I live by it!!

      • Yirmin

        I knew a professor at Harvard that once said, “when a city, state or country elects a black as their leader, that the area will decline.” that was back in the 1990’s that he said that and sadly he was correct. Look at any city that elected a black mayor and it declined, look at any country in Africa or now the US and it is true.
        And no, he didn’t think it was because blacks were inferior to other races, it was all based on the way blacks moved up politically… Clearly he was right.

        • I as a black man love to read conservative comments on blogs, The stuff you guy truly believe an write will never be express verbally by Romney or Ryan in the public media. I can’t understand how a black person can support conservatives after reading what you guys really think about blacks. Here a question for you. We as blacks people are criminal, welfare and food stamp people, I concede that. But why do white people shot and kill innocent people in their house of worship or at movie theater and college campuses, and you never acknowledge that serial killings is a white problem.

          • FromMule2Pachyderm

            Liberals and democrats over the past 50 years have destroy the black family through an incremental and ingenious plan to put them on welfare and make them slaves to the state. The government encourages out of marriage pregnancies by sending a check to the black woman for every chid she has. The black male is devalued in this situation. This is proven by the fact that seventy percent of all black children are born single parent. Oh, and also thanks to liberal democrat policies, more black babies are murdered through abortion than any other race (did you know that Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist liberal for the sole purpose of reducing the population of blacks? No, I bet you did not.).

            Liberal democrats, by refusing to allow vouchers allowing a parent to place their child in quality schools that are safe, obviously care more about labor unions than educating the black child.

            Black AND white democrat politicians and 90% of the lack community that votes for them, not white republicans, are solely to blame for this.

            Every city and state run by democrats is failing (Detroit, DC, Chicago, California). Your reference to serial killings being white thing is not relevant in this discussion. White serial killers predominately kill white victims. The problem of murder of blacks is a BLACK problem. Black on black murders account for 90% of non-natural causes of death among blacks in this country. What cities do these killings mostly occur?Cities run by black AND WHITE liberal democrat, not republicans. And which city has the highest murder rate in the world? None other than the city of Obama and Rahm, Chicago. A city exclusively controlled by liberal democrats for over 70 years.

            You would think by now that the black community would figure this out by now. But they seem to be more afraid of the possibility of success from supporting a republican than the fear of failure and death and slavery on the government dependence plantation run by liberal democrats.

            Despite seven decades of decline, blacks could change their fortunes for the better within the next two if just HALF voted republican.

            Lastly, let’s get real. Racist rich white people control the democrat party. It has always been that way.

            Something like 13 of the richest people in the US congress are liberal democrats. The financial firms own Obama…which is why, when he had a filibuster-proof congress and could have passed ANY legislation he wanted, he did not pass any against financial institutions…and then two-faced claims to support the Occupy Wallstreet cause. The man is himself in the 1%!!! Just like Pelosi and Reid.


   ….. Pay particular attention to Lyndon B Johnson’s quote …relates exactly to my first paragraph.

            Bottom line is that people need look at the facts and not listen to the spin that dominates mainstream media (90% of the people who work in media are liberals and vote democrat….do you think you are going to get the truth when it makes liberal ideology look bad? No way.)

          • I can appreciate your view, especially reading what this person wrote…but, you are also judging all conservatives by this person’s viewpoint. I am a conservative and thought his post was utterly ridiculous…I happen to be white. Just like when I read some of the drivel written by liberals and independents, I don’t assume that ALL liberals and independents feel the same way. I am just tired of the racial division that the media, some idiotic (supposed) conservatives, and most liberals are constantly throwing at us. The media and liberals doing it for political purposes and because they seem to thrive on it…the idiotic (supposed) conservatives doing it just because they are idiots! Then there is you…as noted in your above post. You are hunting any chance you can, again, as noted in your above post, to pretend you are an independent thinker…but proving that you are truly not…you are most likely a liberal in an “independent sheep’s clothing”. You are only trolling, trolling, trolling…

          • Yirmin

            Can you show a single city/state/country that didn’t decline as soon as a black was elected as the top official? I can’t… look at New York, when it was under Dinkins the crime rate shot up, only after they dumped him did it come back down. Sadly some areas like DC don’t ever get it and you end up with a toxic dump.

      • LEK2

        He DID NOT vote for Obama. I know him personally and can vouch that he went with McCain and Bush before him. He was referring to his liberal roots. I diametrically disagree with his whole premise and politics, but he has been very invested in spreading the word for many years now.

  • This is good. I don’t watch football much (unless it’s Tebow) so I don’t know who Burgess is, but he’s spot on and I love the way he thinks. Thanks Scoop.

    I also like the way Mychal Massie lays it out:

    • NHConservative0221

      Since you don’t watch much football, you should start watching Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Peyton is a conservative. In 2008 he donated to Fred THompson (she did his wife) and he also donated to the reelection of W in 2004.

      Plus Peyton is the best of all time. He’s the total package in terms of talent, intelligence, and leadership. He’s a rarity in sports, a stand up guy, the best ever, and a conservative!!

      He’s made a great comeback this year. Really watching him is like a work of art and it’s great to root for someone on our side.

      • I like Payton also, think he was the best at one point. Payton is not on your side only. He’s on everybody side who is willing to work hard to achieve success. I don’t care if his a conservative or whatever, I know the black players on his team respect him and he’s not doing or saying things that are offensively racist. I would vote for him if he was running for president.

    • sDee

      I hope this means that ABC is also a GBC (Gator Born in Canada) 😀

      • LOL! I think it’s mandatory 😉

        • sDee

          Yogi Bear would say you are definitely smarter than the av-er-age duck.

  • grenadiadrian

    Mr. Owens describes everything I came to realize in 2008 and why I am a conservative now. Thank you for this video, Scoop!!!

    • sybilll

      I’d love to hear your story. Some, like me, have always been Conservative, and love to hear the reasons for your transformation. Next Open Thread perhaps? Sorry to be off topic Scoop.

  • keninil

    Excellent clip!! Owens calls out the black libtards like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the members of the Congressional Black Caucus for their pushing policies that work against the black/poor population to line their own pockets!

  • Joe


    He makes a lot of sense –

    Too bad we don’t know if he voted for Zero

    I hope everyone is listening

    Ranger1325 is correct – Owens should run for office !

    • freenca

      I don’t know what district he resides in, but any seat now held by a CBC member would be great. Conyers, Rangel, Jackson-Lee, or Mr. Guam would be just great. People in those districts need someone like Owens to help them in real terms and not just lip service as they have now.

  • brendawatkins

    I don’t believe Obama will get more than 90% of the black votes. On Twitter I’m seeing a lot more black people speaking out against him.. and rooting for Romney. Let’s not underestimate ALL of them.

  • opinionatedhermit

    That was really good. I remember Burgess playing. Oh, man. He was great. And, I hope you don’t mind me saying, “He was Mr. baddass.”

    I particularly liked how he discussed his own personal transformation of political understandings. He has obviously put a lot of thought into his decisions. You can tell he doesn’t take these types of things lightly.

    I look forward to his book. There is a man who loves Freedom and can explain exactly what it has given him.

    Thanks, Scoop!

  • JungleCogs


  • HateEchoChambersLoveFreedom

    Thanks for banning JoPA. That guy had it coming.

    Enjoy your echo-chamber Messrs KenInMontana; Nukeman; RShiller; Notebene; CO2isGood and co.

    Bless his heart, though I may believe his religion to be nothing but nonsense, perhaps this guy: had it right all along.

    Heck if this site were representative of all (or even most) Conservatives in America, I’d say you all deserved an Obama second term. But hey, I don’t have to say or wish it.

    W/ your saviour, Romney, in the WH, all you’ll have is a white Obama. That should make y’all feel a whole lot better. At least Romney ain’t no mulatto, right?

    Maybe thats it. Maybe Beck was right when he said only racist ‘conservatives’ vote for Gingrich because he’s the same as Obama. Of course he was wrong. Gingrich may be a RINO but prima facie he aint no Romney.

    But now that Romney is your precious nominee, you all pretend he will save America from Obama, completely ignoring the fact that he had a far more radical socialist history than Obama, before coming to office.

    Heck conservatives aren’t racist; what am I saying?!!! But after voting Romney into office and kicking Obama out, TRS conservatives at least will deserve the tag ‘racists’, because all they’ll have helped to bring about is a change in the socialist-in-chief’s colour.

    That’ll be all thank you very much.

    In honour of the memory of BSScoop and many others who have been and gone…

    • opinionatedhermit


      Malt Liquor got you down today?

      Because, your projection is showing. You might want to cover up…….


  • kong1967

    Ah, man. I don’t have time to watch this right now, but I still want to respond.

    I’m uncomfortable with lumping people into a group…..such as black people shouldn’t vote for Obama. I would never say “White people shouldn’t vote for Obama”. How about “no one” should vote for Obama!!

    On the other hand, there’s a phenomenon going on where almost all the black people vote for liberals even though most of them have conservative family values. There is something about this “group” that makes them do this. I think it’s how the Dems, the media and teachers have constantly portrayed Republicans as racist and out to destroy the black man. Democrats get the black vote over lies and a myth to take the attention away from the real guilty party…them.

    • Wisewoman2

      You nailed it. Most of my people do not know their history. They seem to think history started in 1965 with the passage of the civil rights bill. Even then they give all the credit to the dems not realizing that it was the Repubs who voted above 80% for the bill and helped to defeat the fillisbuster lead by the senator from West Virginia (can’t recall his name). It was Republican Senators like Dirksten, Percy and others who fought so valiantly for the bill who were at the heart of its passage. It was the Democratic senators like Thurmond, Easterling, Long, etc. the southern senators who extremely opposed the bill. They do not know that we had black republican senators during the reconstruction period after Lincoln freed the slaves. They do not know that it was the democratic south that fought for slavery and Jim crow. And as long as we have the education system we have they will never know.

      • tvlgds

        Robert Byrd. LBJ had NO choice but to finally sign the bill. He didn’t want to do it either!

      • kong1967

        You chose a very well fitting nick name…handle…whatever you call it. You are very wise.

        Well, you say blacks will never get it as long as we have the education system we have now. You’re right, but we have to remember that you and many other black conservatives get it. Maybe it’s just going to take awhile for them to realize the Democrat party is using them and playing them for fools.

        What I find disgusting is how black Democrats talk and act compared to how conservative blacks talk and act. Compare Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson-Lee and Al Sharpton to Allen West, Mia Love and Herman Cain. It’s like night and day. Democrats act like they are victims instead of forging ahead and trying to get past it. It’s not just a difference in opinion, it’s the way they act. Do you think Democrats are picking people like them….with low IQ’s and repulsive behavior and rhetoric…intentionally? I’m not sure because the left also chooses stupid white people like Biden.

        • ” Do you think Democrats are picking people like them….with low IQ’s and repulsive behavior and rhetoric…intentionally?”

          That’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

          • kong1967

            Good, I was beginning to feel no one else noticed.

      • 12Tony

        right on the money. Please spread the word.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I think it’s great that Burgess Owens is a conservative and that he believes Blacks should no longer support obama. That’s a sound message, but I fear it will fall on deaf ears when it comes time to vote….I believe Blacks will continue to vote for obama because, in essence, it’s a vote against a white candidate. In my opinion Blacks would rather have an incompetent Black president than a competent White president…just my opinion…you know racial pride and all of that.

  • Once can only hope that more people will listen to this man. Awakening is a nice proposal and seeing through all the bologna that the Marxist represents!! The spell cast by the Marxist was so deep and unworthy that I am amazed how many intelligent people fell for him let alone the masses that never educate but procrastinate and just follow along! I would imagine over 80 percent that voted for the Marxist really could never have told you one thing about him except he was BLACK!! What a reason to vote….but then again that is not RACIST!!

    Great to see and I hope more minorities will listen and come to same conclusion!!

  • He needs to get out and campaign for Romney in the Black community. He is a great voice.

  • Don

    It is going to take the emergence of black conservatives before we can ever become the real United States of America as related to race relations. Burgess Owens, Allen West, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Walter Martin, Star Parker, the list goes on and on. These great Americans surpass the black racists who have gained leadership for the color of their skin and their hatred for the white race. Rangel, Sharpton,Holder, Waters, the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and many, many others are keeping racial hatred alive and thriving in the black community. Racism is wrong no matter the color of skin, but progress is being made with the very important help of black conservatives.

  • Back when he played during the days of Daryl Lamanica (the mad bomber) Warren Wells, Gus Otto etc. I was a big Raider fan then 1960-1980.
    Great to see Burgess Owens embrace conservatives principles and proudly claim he is a conservative. I will most definitely buy his book this weekend.
    It seems to me that more black football players tend to be conservative then any other sport. What say you?

  • 12grace

    Burgess Owens is a very brave man and a patriot.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    My husband had a drink with him while he was in Indy for the Super Bowl. Said he was a very gracious, kind man. He demonstrated that class on this segment as well. Nothing hateful or offensive – just truth. How refreshing.

    And to think, we’re supposed to believe a man like him doesn’t exist. My my, how today’s plantation owners must be quaking in their boots.

    • tvlgds

      Glenn Beck had 2 whole shows with the people who “don’t exist”–black conservatives!

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Oh I know it’s a fallacy to say they don’t exist. I see them at Tea Parties all the time. Hard to believe, but, shhh, the media lies. 😉

  • jdbaird

    I think it’s important to hammer away on the history of the Republican party as it relates to blacks and get that message out there. We’ve been on the right side of the debate since the mid 1800’s. I have no idea where the notion came from that we’re the party of racists when we opposed slavery, supported civil rights and desegregation. Sure some Dems joined in reluctantly but by and large they were the ones wanting to suppress blacks throughout history.

  • i wouldnt think a lot of pro players, won’t want OB,because if they dont have fans to buy the tickets, they dont get the money to play ball..boy do the players love their money,some players i think, love the money and really dont enjoy playing!!but the point is,they will not have the fans to buy those seats.. hollywood is the same way, the movie people will not be able to spend the money, so the stars will not get the money per movie, like before obama

  • EchoMike

    I keep having this image in my head that, FINGERS CROSSED, when Obama gets voted out, and after Mitt is inaugurated that he devises a way to allow the people to see “real time” what real free market policies do for the economy. Make the naysayers eat their own words and defend them. Beckel just flat out denied the Regan recovery the other day, and he can get away with it mostly because most people are so removed from it by now that they don’t really remember it, and young people today certainly aren’t gettng the truth from our media. We have to show unequivocally how an economy not just recovers, but thrives! I think that will get get us some converts. Also, we need to find a way to start getting conservatives into these inner cities. We need a conservative alternative to ACORN. But rather than teach and promote dependence, we’ll teach and promote independence. Give these folks an opprotunity to taste success and hard work so the dollars they rec have an actual value to them rather than just a hand out.

  • Sober_Thinking

    You would assume that blacks would be the last ethnic group in America to enslave blacks.

    • bifatjac

      Self-serving, evil people come in all colors.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You are 100% correct. Very sad…

  • UnsungPatriot

    Mitt… Bring this man to Tampa next week!

  • Yazz55

    Seeing the video & reading this thread reminds me of a group I’ve long considered American heroes. And not just because of the color of their skin.

    They were a WW2 fighter squadron. That was an era when the US military was segregated. At that time, the only black folks in the military were pretty much waiters and servants for white officers.

    These guys were told that they didn’t have the capacity to fly airplanes. They had all sorts of obstacles to overcome. Segregation in the military was only one of the many hurdles in their way. Not many have the fortitude to overcome all that. Yet, somehow they managed to. In the end, they were amongst the best fighter squadrons of WW2.

    They are known as the Tuskeegee airmen.
    I’ve long considered them American heroes, who just happened to be black.

    • HeruPtah

      Way to go with your disconnecting the significance of color. You fail to mention that (since you are such a historical scholar) the African has been treated as such since contact with the European all over the world….Back to Tuskegee, let’s mention that they were the “BEST” fighting flight sqaudron (as usual)not “one of the best”…Let’s also go on and on with the “obstacles”….The T-Airmen had to eat separate (outdoors)from the German prisoners (your cousins), which were allowed to eat WITH enlisted whites in the “mess” halls….Fast forward to 2012, Tuskegee students are told to “not” leave the campus after dusk(my niece was told during orientation 2 weeks ago)….These future leaders arent flying just trying stay out of harm in America while trying to get an education….Im sure this point is not taken and never will by individuals that can’t fathom being subjected to this type of behavior by another for life….let me guess, some of your best friends are so called black? FOHwtbs

  • kcast2011

    Well said. I’m glad he understands that black loyalty to liberals goes beyond policies it is the grand product of fifty years of destroying and preverting the truth of history in order to make republicans look like the racist bigots even though it is Democrats who were against basic rights for blacks and continue to pass policies that destroy the black community. The only difference now is that they are having black people vote for the destruction of their own community. Sickening.

  • 12Tony

    As a white man, I am so happy to finally hear black people speaking out against this awful president. The black people that have seen through this president are the true leaders that their race needs. Please spread the word, skin color is not the reason to vote for someone. I understand why black people voted for him the first time, but now that the first black president is out of the way, lets vote based on policy and experience, not skin color. AMEN to all black people who are noticing this. Better late than never. Lets truly unite as one, help our fellow neighbors, and try to live a life of freedom. A life where government plays a small role in our day-to-day affairs. As a 30 year old man, I pray that we are not a lost generation due to the awful, evil, corrupt politicians that drove our economy into the ground

  • bobemakk

    I hope he can convince others.

  • ken

    Thank you, Mr.Owens!

    • chinelo Selassie

      Burgess Owens is exactly what is wrong with the Black community. He talks about being a Mormon but knows nothing of his own heritage, culture and teachings. For instance the concept of spiritual growth existed with the Egyptians, Sumerians, Dogon and other uniquely Black cultures but he some how is a Mormon. No wonder Blacks suffer the way they do. They know nothing of their ancestral teachings and kowtow to teachings and traditions that have nothing to do with them. i.e. Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Burgess is just another Black man in America who is spiritually lost.

      • HeruPtah

        Peace! I was just about to tune out and you came to my rescue….stumbling onto this thread was one of a trillion….forums (CIA driven) that allow them to gauge the worlds minorities (youngest on the planet with stolen history…ie cave gorilas) insane thoughts of original people… At age 8 the devils pineal is calcified making their barbaric, unrelenting, savage tendencies to shine….If you are an original man/woman and still buying this beasts antidote(politics) to perpetuate death and destruction, then you deserve exactly what’s coming to them as well….Its interesting to see how this soulless creature embraces religion to fool itself! Thank you for injecting knowledge into this BS….6000 years are over Yakub decendents…..

      • How can this guy ignore the racist teaching of the Mormon Church, I don’t understand. Just because he’s a black Mormon, his message is confusing from the start. .The negroes are not equal with other races where the receipt of certain spiritual blessings are concerned, particularly the priesthood and the temple blessings that flow therefrom, but this inequality is not of man’s origin. It is the Lord’s doing

        Mormon doctrine.

  • I’m confused. If race doesn’t matter, why is Owens admonishing only Blacks to not vote for President Obama?

    • barbiecakes

      Because 90% of blacks voted for him. They are still on the Democrat plantation and Democrats have done NOTHING FOR BLACKS!

      • what have the gop done for blacks

        • barbiecakes

          The question is what have Democrats done for blacks? 14.4 unemployment and 50% unemployment for black youth. Good job Demos!! The Democrats started the KKK after the Civil War. A war that Democrats opposed. Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Bill and the right for blacks to vote. George Wallace, Bull Connor and David Dukes were Democrats yet you carry the banner of the party that has helped blacks. LOL. Tootles sweetheart!

          • Nice deflection…but the question was and still remains, WHAT HAS THE GOP DONE FOR BLACKS?

            • barbiecakes

              No deflection. What has demos done for blacks?

            • barbiecakes

              Freed them but they are still on the democrat plantation.

    • bifatjac

      Because Democrats have always been the enemies of the Black people who want a piece of the pie. They were the slave holders, the KKK members, the governors who kept them from attending universities, the Presidents who encouraged them to feel entitled to welfare of all kinds, including sub-par building projects, which created a feeling of being segregated and placed in a ghetto. Who told them that basketball was their ticket to success, only to get the ill-prepared student a one year trip to college, because he/she didn’t have the education to stay academically qualified. Then, the kids go back to the ghetto, angry and embarrassed, to a crowd or other angry people who feel that free crappy stuff is better than nothing. People on the Donkey team then tell them it is the evil capitalists fault, and that the crappy freebies would be gone, too, if they don’t continue to support them. Along with professional racebaiters like Jackson and Sharpton, who got their piece of the pie, and went back for seconds and thirds, by doing the Democrat’s bidding, keeping generation after generation of angry, hopeless Black kids in the projects, where they mostly do violence to each other.
      Long answer, but it just kept flowing. Maybe Frederick Douglass was coaching me from heaven!

    • romney has paid this house n

  • barbiecakes

    Obama and the Democrats have done nothing for black people. Highest unemployment for any ethnic group 14.5%. Black youth unemployment 50%. Why? Because Democrats know they have the black vote locked up. Time for blacks to get off the Democrat plantation.

  • HeruPtah

    Peace CSelassie! Amen-Ra to your injecting knowledge into this slumbering thread…it’s interesting to see the youngest species on the planet give expert opinions, remedies and ideals on the original understand why the beast embraces religion but, the original man has no excuse..Bppl that still buy into mind control instruments (politics/mankind made doctrines) deserve exactly what’s coming to the beast….nothing….
    Yakubs’ decendents, your 6k yrs are over…..

  • Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty

    This is what it is going to take…America…to free all the inner city plantation slaves…the truth by an American of black heritage who IS free and wants others to be also!

    Bravo…sir…bravo…you are doing more for America…and the plight of Americans of black heritage than all of the other black slave owners who want them only to be in bondage to the Democratzi ‘loons’!

    Thank you…for being a ‘real’ American and fighting for my children…I do no less for yours!

  • Please, Love him, hate him but you don’t know him: 2016 Obama’s America
    a movie every American should go see it!

    • Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty

      Saw it this weekend…and agree all should see…not to enlighten them as much as confirm that ‘we’ the people are doing the RIGHT thing by removing this fraud from office!

      I found the most informative part…about his taking on the dream of his communist father unto himself…and hating…just like his father…America and England for it’s colonization in the past!

      That is why he removed immediately from the Oval Office the bust of Churchill…that is why he did not bow/curtsie to the Queen but bowed deeply to his King Abdullah.

      And that is why he has taken down our space industry so that we cannot attempt to colonize (in his warped mind) space.

      It is a great film…America…and if you can…see it!

  • Drewjs

    I just read Burgess Owens book It’s All About Team. It was an excellent book, I would recommend everyone read it. Burgess and I are about the same age. I found his experiences growing up and the recent history of the Black experience in America very interesting. Now I understand how Black Americans in this country mistakenly vote for liberals. If enough people read this book maybe that will change

  • the mormon church didn’t want blacks to join until 1978 owens is brainwashed

  • chatzey

    Thank you for your support of LIFE. What bothers me most is why or how anyone can support Planned Parenthood (the worlds largest Abortion Provider) or Margaret Sanger who was a BIGOT! Her focus was on destroying Babies in the Womb who were not what she
    considered anything but white.

  • “…protects liberals like Joe Biden so that they can say anything they want to, like “we gon’ put ya’ll back in chains!””

    Biden’s remark was tasteless, but that wasn’t his remark. If you’re going to indict someone for what they said, quote them.

  • Burgess Owens is trying. Good for him.

    Rectitude of character and being upright as a person always shows, doesn’t it.

    How does one get him support, if only an email, do you know?

    Can i vote for him?