Fox News shows Tina Fey in on-screen graphic for Sarah Palin


Sheya just wrote a post on this with more detail as well as a back story so go check his out. But here’s an image from my DVR to prove it:

Click image for extra-large version to see up close:


Here’s the original image that Fox News used:

So what’s going on over there at Fox News? Can’t you tell the difference between Sarah Palin and Tina Fey? Is this supposed to be a joke?

Remember Fox News, she works for you. You pay her for commentary and she should be treated with respect as does everyone who works for you. She should be treated with respect regardless of that, but even more so because she works for you. And now you owe her an apology. Seriously.

Also Sheya’s got the video of this in action. Click over to watch.


UPDATE: Fox News apologizes (h/t: Mediaite)

David Clark, Executive Producer of Weekend Programming, FOX News released the following statement:

“This past Sunday during ‘America’s News Headquarters,’ a graphics error was made during a segment on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The producer has since been disciplined and an explanation and apology will be made in the same hour next Sunday. Fox News regrets the error.”

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  • Ozzie

    WTF are they thinking? Would it not be insulting if instead of Obama they used his SNL wanna-be? I don’t get why someone would think this is funny. This smacks of a college campus prank, which is where shit like this should stay. Professionalism isn’t the standard anymore.

    • CitizenHill

      Be it by accident or with sublime malicious intent, it was unprofessional in any context.

  • 4rcane

    me think a liberal in the backstage is playing a prank on professional news. He/she should be fired

    • ohreally

      I have 2 problems with your post;
      1. There are no liberals working for Fox News, backstage or otherwise, so the comment makes no sense.
      2. Methinks you should not open w/ “me think”, thanks

      • The Right Scoop

        1. How do you know?
        2. Are you going to criticize everyone’s use of language you don’t like? Because if you are, I don’t expect you’ll survive very long here.

        • KenInMontana

          Sorry RS, I’m just really tired of these yokels that come in here and instead of constructive discourse they want to nitpick and disrespect you and your work without any consideration of the actual work you put into this site. So I made an example of that one and flushed it.

          • The Right Scoop

            cool. That’s fine.

      • poljunkie

        To “Ohreally” There’s got to be people on the left workin at Fox. I doubt they screen at employees- esp behind the scene on their political bent.

      • KenInMontana

        You criticize another individual’s writing and yet you are obviously too lazy or too ignorant to spell two. Therefore I would surmise that you are either the Northbound end of a Southbound mule or the classic example of the end product of the bad chili dinner eaten by a Berkley Professor. Although RS was right,your survival time here is severely limited, in fact your meter has just expired. Unlike RS I have no patience for sanctimonious failed wannabe bloggers such as yourself. In the vernacular of those of us who reside here in “fly over” country,”Ya done pissed me off son”. Your backside is out of here.

      • voted against carter

        Troll much???

        I would tend to agree with 4rcane.

        having spent more than 20 plus years in advertising and created countless hours of commercials that YOU have seen wether you liker it or not, ..

        I have caught,.. and had them re-edited AND had an editor FIRED for just such an incident. It did not air. ALMOST. And the response was he “thought it would be funny”. My reply was HA. HA. HA. not. clean out your desk. NO reference .

    • Perhaps there is a Liberal Backstage~don’t fire them.

  • norman bates

    This isn’t an accident, I don’t know whats going on over at Fox, but there is someone got it in for Sarah P. I’ve noticed this for the last month or so. Maybe its time for her to cut ties with them.

    • m_quick

      Then who would be left for her to talk to? Fox is her only positive TV outlet. Most old folks don’t keep up with right wing blogs or facebook.

      Saracuda doesn’t need to run away from her agitators, she needs to face them head on. She should say ‘Hey, Media, I’m right here. Hit me with your best shot’. The picture is small and tina fey looks a lot like her, most people wouldn’t notice it. Now if they would have used the woman who played her in ‘Nailin Palin’ I could see a problem.

      • norman bates

        There is no sense in her being there, when all the Libs and Rino’s at Fox say she can’t win or she’s not smart enough, and they are supposed to be her co-workers. I thought Fox News was a Conservative outlet, not anymore.

        • m_quick

          Well, if you think the folks at Fox are libs and Rinos, just imagine Palin sitting down w/ any of the other networks to make her case for electing her president. Where would she do better: Fox News Sunday, This Week, Face the Nation, or Meet the Press?

          And really, Fox is the one in the tough spot here. They have to try and appear neutral while paying one of the possible Republican nominees. It’s not a news network’s job to be a puppet for the Republican party, it’s their job to cover the news and provide analysis. If they believe Palin would lose against Obama or has a weak grasp of the issues, they have every right to say so in their analysis.

          When Palin signed on Fox didn’t suddenly become an arm of her campaign. To demand she get preferential treatment is childish and makes it look like she can’t handle criticism.

  • Tony

    Fox News just went down a few points in my book.. VERY low blow.

    There seems to be some sort of re-focus of Fox News for this 2012 election.

  • Cindy08

    Fair and balanced is becoming an old meme. With stories like that, their ratings will sure go down!

  • steprock

    What? Come on guys, surely this is an honest mistake by people who are in a big hurry. It’s not like the higher ups or even the on air people put those graphics together; more likely a low level person with a journalism degree and willingness to do all the low jobs to work their way up the ladder.

    Let’s lighten up until we have reason to think it’s malicious. Tina does a mean SP impersonation after all.

    • Chief

      Well, either in a big hurry or being a smartass. I would say the later.

      • steprock

        Eh, it’s possibly either way. You’d think they’d be on top of and have stock images, which are points against my own theory that it was a rather laughable mistake.

        (PS, see how I get a bunch of thumbs downs for suggesting benefit of the doubt? Out with the torches! Someone MUST PAY!!!! It’s MALICIOUS I SAY!!!)

        /sarc lighten up, folks!

        • Ozzie

          I’ve always harshly criticized Palin, but to have this kind of presentation on a NEWS show is beyond childish— Who would do this if their product was to be respected, with their product being reporting impartial facts?

          I was light in my criticism before, but I’ll be a little more forward now- This is what our colleges are pumping out- put a child behind the wheel and you get immaturity, regardless of the venue. If you don’t think this is representative of the system through which your children are being indoc-… educated, then it has been too long and you need to get in the loop of things.

  • steveart

    THERE IS a big F’ing diff between Fey and Palin. Palin is much hotter.

    • poljunkie

      the thing is I don’t think Tina is doing her imitation in fun. In my view, it has always been an attack.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree. I was kinda flip in my approach because I simply wanted to put in a vote for Sarah Palin’s great charisma and beauty.

      • Guest

        I totally agree. I was kinda flip in my approach because I simply wanted to put in a vote for Sarah Palin’s great charisma and beauty.

  • poljunkie

    FOX has major egg on their face for that move!

  • magsta

    Well, I think it’s pretty hilarious actually. Maybe Fox is trying to tell Palin something? She’s all but said she was going to run and Fox dismissed others for even hinting at it? Not kosher in my book.

  • mikemorrison

    This is not an accident. They also did something similar to Ron Paul after the straw vote electino he won at the GOPAC convention. They used the audio from last year’s convention to show that Ron Paul winning the election was “booed” when in fact, they took the boos out of context from the PREVIOUS year where Ron Paul won that one, too…I’m losing confidence in Fox day by day. Ron Paul or Palin aren’t my first or second pick, but they deserve fairness and equal treatment just like any other candidate and it’s becoming more and more apparent that Fox is choosing sides and looks like it’s been taken over by the GOP/Big Government Machine that is forcing Pawlenty and Romney on us and devalueing our conservative and libertarian candidates at every turn.

    • You didn’t really think that Fox was OUTSIDE the mainstream media, did you? The media as a WHOLE is practically the 4th branch of government which is why it ticks me off when people let it do their thinking for them.

      • steprock

        Geez, I sure HOPED so. I mean, if you listen to the Lefties, FOX is what we berate NBC over, but for the right.

        Since all of our viewpoints are so badly skewed, I’d say we need to look to impartial judges on the subject of bias.

        This link sums up a Pew study that shows that FOX viewers are evenly split among partisan groups. Not that this speaks to content directly.

        • In this day and age, you’ve got to actually do your research and find TRUE INVESTIGATIVE journalism anymore. As I’ve mentioned in a few other threads recently…Infowars is AHEAD of the curve in so many ways and is completely impartial to party lines. Only problem they have is that they’re occasionally wrong and in a BIG WAY. There are other independent news outlets who just go off of donations from people who frequent their sites. It’s interesting to see how news delivery is evolving while the mainstream is left in the dust.

  • Haha. This is kind of funny. Fox does tend to screw up the graphics or marquees every once in a while. I think it’s just an honest mistake.

    Although those of you who think liberals are behind this might want to see this video of a group hacking into their scroll outside their building.

    • Ozzie

      “Honest mistake”

      I wouldn’t buy it for 1 second. Lets say you run a printing press and are putting together an informational pamphlet. You have many people working for you, most have different main responsibilities, but you all collaborate to put out the end product which you sell. If I’m the guy in charge of the content for section A, and I put together the images I may be using, and then decide on the 1 picture I will use, I don’t mix up my Sarah Palin and Tina Fey pictures- and I sure as shit don’t select my picture from a 1″x1″ avatar sized image from which I can’t discern who is who. A conscious choice has to be made, and no good publisher would use bad info unless it were intentionally bad.

      It’s easier to understand if you place yourself in the shoes of putting it together yourself—–would you make such a careless mistake? If you would, then you’re lazy and you don’t belong in business. These are professionals on which the accuracy of the information is paramount, and the subtlety of a single photo is not lost. Whatever impression they were trying to create (possibly further her into caricature status- which isn’t lost on your subconscious–which is why subliminal suggestions work–) it was no accident.

      • steprock

        Your point is well made, but if I may offer this critique: even big newspapers make honest mistakes. That’s why they sometimes have to print retractions.

        • Hey steprock, the thing you miss on newspapers, is they tend to NOT do research, and run with a point-of-view before getting the whole story, hence the retraction. NONE of them do RESEARCH anymore, so, retractions occur alot these days.

          • FLperson

            As I read each of these comments, I am wondering how many of you work in or have worked in the newspaper or other media industries yourselves…just curious.

      • I tend to be very meticulous in nature about such things. My boss actually calls me “The Sarge” for this exact reason. I tend to notice all the little details or things missing that everyone else might have overlooked…however EVEN I make mistakes or overlook things every once in a while. I probably WOULDN’T screw something like THIS up, but I would probably be bound to screw something else up eventually if I was doing the same type of tedious work day in and day out.

  • This is stunning. Hard to believe this was an honest mistake.

  • norman bates

    Oh the trolls are out in force today, with their ” Dislike’s.”

    • poljunkie

      I was thinking the same thing too Norman- I was just checking in for the first time this morning and was kind of surprised at the results since last night.

  • Rshill7

    I just have to say, with captions etc, they misspell words all the time. They use the incorrect word often also in captions. Whoever does the captions is like a teeny bopper special needs worker…intern.

    Hey all you dislikers out there! I’ve got two words for ya’.

    1. Namby 2. Pamby

    • Ozzie

      They must have graduated from the Yahoo News school of journalism.—- seriously, their grammar is equivalent to an eighth grade remedial english class.

      P.S. Don’t tell Yahoo that or your comments will get pulled faster than they swing from Obama’s berries.

      • Rshill7

        Yeppers, academic lepers.

        Say, about these serial dislikers out here today…I wonder how they would go down with milk, sugar and a spoon.

        1. Throw the sugar in their eyes. 2. Pour the milk on their head. 3. Pistol-whip ’em with that handy dandy spoon.

        Serial dislikers. Soggy…flaky…not very nutritious. Cereal dislikers. Empty bowls…filled with nothing.

        Someone pass the cornflakes please…

    • The Right Scoop

      just fyi, this post got listed on the front page of huffpo. that’s why there are so many dislikes.

      • norman bates

        RS their even giving you dislikes, because you are informing us, about huffpo. ha ha ha.

        • Rshill7

          I’m gonna Huff and Puff and PO their house down! Dat’s what happens to little piggies.

          Have great day everybody! 🙂

      • KenInMontana

        This may be adding to the angst that they are aiming at us as well, it would appear that HuffPo and AOL are in a “Death Spiral”.

        • K-Bob

          Well that’s a shocker, AOL buying a franchise and losing money on it.

          That’s never happened before, has it?

          • KenInMontana

            No not much of a shocker,but it does give a warm and fuzzy feeling thinking that there is a chance of all those “Huffposers” becoming internet orphans, like urchins in a Dickens novel living in the gutters and dank alleys of the web. Oh wait they already hang out in the gutter of the web, HuffPo!

            • Rshill7

              Kenin’, you are extra eloquent today sir. Not just this this post either. Salute! 🙂

      • K-Bob

        Kinda proves my point about down-dinging.

        • The Right Scoop

          well I moved the ‘hide the post’ negative number to and insane number so it won’t hide a post. It just shows negatives now but will keep the post readable without clicking to show it.

          • K-Bob

            I won’t bore you with the sociological and psychological aspects of the “up/down” system versus “like”. Let’s just say I’ve looked into it and have decided for myself that the “like” system, while far from perfect, is a much better indicator of reality.

            But I’m glad you left the comments visible. (I’ve also found that hidden comments beg to be unhidden, like train wrecks need gawking–stupid hind-brain!)

  • tomtac

    One possibility is it’s a check to see if anyone would notice.

    If it ran and got no comment at all, Fox could decide to spend less on graphics.

    Since people noticed, maybe the graphics department will get a bigger budget.

    On the other hand, yes, someone at Fox could have just used their search engine on Fox’s database of images, and ‘sarah palin’ came up with Fey’s impersonation, and it looked okay so they clicked on it and used it.

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    Coming to you from the same network that claimed “Obama” Bin Laden was dead, are we really surprised here?

    • KenInMontana

      Just like several of the other networks and their subsidiaries did.

  • Persephone

    Was it a prank, or a mistake?
    Either way…it’s outrageous and sloppy.

    If it was a mistake, then it would make as much sense for there to be a picture of Michael Palin, the comedian, than Tina Fey…if it was due to simply pulling up the wrong file photo.
    Pranks tend to have an element of ‘deniability’…and in this case it is very thin.

    • steprock

      Good points.

      My initial reaction (as posted above) was that it was a silly mistake, not to be taken too seriously. I am interested to see if we will get any response or further information about it. Or an apology. We’re all just playing guessing games at this point.

      Oh! And just to test the thumbs down: HUFFPO SUCKS!!!!!

      • Persephone

        I don’t watch FoxNews 24/7, so I wouldn’t know if they did an apology.
        They will likely just ignore it.

        And yeah…the HuffPosers are definitely spending a lot of time clicking on the ‘thumbs down’ buttons.

        The little Huffpoopies can kiss my (_!_)
        Get a life, Losers.

  • Babnik

    Perhaps Fox is trying to shed a little bit of their “Right Friendly” reputation. There’s a story atm on Drudge about Ailes saying he might hire Hillary Clinton in the future. Plus they’ve now got Juan Williams and who knows who else. If the American population can finally see the outrageous lefty bias of all the other networks and if Fox could appear to be making an effort to move to the left then Fox might stand to pick up an even larger share as the “independents” (a.k.a. people who don’t know what they believe). This could strictly be a business decision. Personally I would like to have a news outlet that was unapologetically right leaning but that may not be the best business model.
    Or this could be a mistake by a lazy staff member……..

    • KenInMontana

      Perhaps you should go back and read that article again, and Juan Williams has been appearing on FNC for quite awhile he is not a “new” arrival there. Considering the source of the article,Newsweek,well known for cherry picking their interview material to produce “sound bites” in print. My conclusion on Ailes’ statement on Hillary is that it’s more sarcasm than substance.

  • K-Bob

    Fox has been beefing up their pool of lefties to ah, “complement” their center-right panels of analysts. I was working Saturday morning and had on the Fox Saturday “business” shows (Buttner, Cavuto, then Asman).

    I can understand having a lefty on the politics shows, but leftys don’t understand business, don’t like business, and always work to destroy economies. Why have them on those shows? And I don’t mean center-left guys like Kudlow always has on his shows. I mean hard-left, never-ran-a-business, never-worked-outside-of-government types. Arguing business?

    I think Ailes has decided the red-faced, fast-talking, step on each other’s words style of “fairness” is what sells.

    Personally, I hate those shows because there’s no real debate. Just rapid-fire talking points and no real discussion.

    They are good for raising your blood pressure.

  • NJK

    I quit watching FOX about a year ago. Their idea of “Fair and Balanced” is giving liars a forum. They have been as complicit as everyone on TV in covering up for Obama to the detriment of America. Quit watching them, they don’t deserve respect or ratings.

    Remember when you hear the phrase “Fair and Balanced,” it’s what they’re telling you, it doesn’t mean it actually is. Read the Hypnotic State of Americans. These so called news organizations need to die. They want people to follow them like sheep. Unfortunately that is what so many do. They listen to what these people say, and don’t even use their own God given ability to reason.

    Hypnotic States of Americans