Fox Sports host suggests black players should boycott NFL game to help Kaepernick get a job – [VIDEO]

This aired on Fox Sports a couple of days ago and I’m sure they love the media attention this is generating.

It’s Skip Bayless, formerly from ESPN, and his crew arguing that what’s being done to Colin Kaepernick, the fact that he can’t get hired, is unjust or something and that black players should rally around him and boycott a game for him to get a job:


The segment begins with the crew responding to this tweet from Spike Lee on Tuesday:

Spike Lee didn’t organize the protest and can’t even attend, but he said he tweeted it because essentially he supports the cause.

In the video above they are arguing that Kaepernick’s poor performance isn’t the reason he can’t get a job as a backup QB, but because white fans don’t like Kaepernick after his National Anthem protest last year.

They also argue that the election was the cause of poor attendance at games and poor ratings last year, not Kaepernick. In fact they say Kaepernick had little to no impact on attendance and ratings, despite a recent poll suggesting otherwise:

According to a recent survey from J.D. Power, national anthem protests that originated with Colin Kaepernick led a list of reasons people tuned out of NFL games last season. The poll consisted of 9,200 people who attended a football, basketball or hockey game, and asked them if they tuned into fewer games and why.

Per the poll, 26 percent of viewers cited the protests as the reason. Coming in second, 24 percent said that it was because of the league’s off-field image issues, such as domestic abuse, and general game delays, such as penalties. Twenty percent said that it was because of excessive commercials, and 16 percent said they tuned out because of the presidential election.

And in another portion of the segment, Bayless actually says that deep down white people know that Kaepernick is right:

Um no we don’t.

Look they are correct about one thing. I didn’t like that Kaepernick chose to disrespect the American Flag and subsequently the entire military as his method of protesting.

But I also didn’t like what he stood for, the phony baloney black lives matter hue and cry that cops are racist and therefore they mistreat and kill black people, which basically started in Ferguson. It’s the same phony baloney that Obama promoted, the argument that there’s a systemic racism problem in our law enforcement agencies all around the nation.

I also didn’t like his commie loving ways either.

In short, Kaepernick is getting exactly what he deserves.

And no, I don’t believe his inability to secure a job is all about his protest. I think that’s a good portion of it because the last thing teams want are distractions. But let’s be honest here, if Kaepernick weren’t such a sucky QB he’d have landed a position somewhere. But between his performance and his protest baggage, he’s going to be sitting on the couch for 2017 and I honestly think that’s just great.

Also, this segment above is just another reason I will never watch Fox Sport’s crappy talk show with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.

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