Frank Gaffney: Shariah & “Civilization Jihad” in America

This is a great video from Gaffney explaining how “civilization jihad” is being waged in America:

Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, explains how Islamists have penetrated the U.S. Government and both the Obama and George W. Bush Administrations to undermine Western Civilization and attempt to Institute Shariah Law in America.

Here’s the short version:

If you want to watch the much longer version (which I haven’t) you can do so below:

(via Tatler)

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  • funkybarfly

    Well Romney doesn’t poke Israeli Prime Ministers in the chest and would be a little less accommodating when it came to subversive groups like CAIR – so an election win for Romney would be a good start at trying to unravel the Muslim Brotherhood’s tentacles that seem to run through the U.S government – there by Obama’s invitation.

  • Conniption Fitz

    The Sharia system produces unequality, racism, misogyny, rapes, prejudice, lust, greed, barbarism, torture, terror, murder, mayhem, destruction, intolerance, riots, assassinations, coups, domination, totalitarianism – what’s not to like?

    (sarcasm alert)

  • shield1

    This is somewhat like Europe in the 1500s. Some leaders didn’t want to oppose the Ottomans efforts to subjugate Europe for the sake of their own greed and/or apathy. History shows, at places like Malta and Vienna it was a passionate few who fought off the Ottoman invasions while these brave souls calls for support were denied by many of Europes leaders. Today, without a strong Christian opposition, the jihad may well succeed its insidious and deceptive goal of subjugation.

    • warpmine

      When you consider that the Europeans have abandoned Judeo-Christianity you can clearly see just how easy it will be for the Slims to take it over. The elitists believe that an absence of religion will bring enlightenment but the contrary has show to be true as it will bring an open invitation towards something a thousand times more dreadful than any communist society has been.

    • HarrietHT2

      I would say that it is precisely because Christendom has given way to liberalism that Islam smells blood and is moving in for the kill. The few remaining pockets of orthodoxy are not sufficient to deter the encroaching armies of Islam, especially since the liberal “church” is even now intent on making nice with Muslims, since after all, as George W. Bush famously said in an interview with Charles Gibson, Islam is just another avenue to God. Martin Luther understood the Turkish advances on Europe in the 16th Century as a sign of God’s judgment on a blasphemous generation. History repeats itself.

  • p m

    The islamist rot that zero has allowed to infiltrate and foment throughout the land knows no bounds. This article tells us that the Benghazi investigator thinks it’s us, not them:

    And don’t forget Pelosi and her secret fundraiser with Hamas-Cair earlier this year:

    It’ll take years to clean the country of these fifth columnists.

    • warpmine

      …..and you’ll never get it done without an uprising by the people. The people are ignorant and cannot be bothered with the trivial. They must have their circus be it reality TV or sporting events. They can never learn just how much peril their liberty is and that’s why the left does everything in it’s power to keep the knowledge secret or it’s lights out for them.

  • sDee

    Unless we the people overturn all of the legislation and regulation that the Left has put in place to protect the islamic infiltrators, there is little President Romney will be able to do. I have seen no sign that Romney even sees the isalmization of America.

    It is all part and parcel of the same problem we ourselves created with women’s rights, black’s rights, gay rights, union rights, ethnic rights etc. When we gave certain people rights and protections under the law, not granted to all citizens, we gave these “minorites” power to silence our speech and subjugate us. Islam saw the opening and drove a truck through it.

    There is a recent article on American Thinker that explains the plan, strategy and how and far this has come. It is easy to see from this how the Left uses its “equality” laws to silence us and protect its own totalitarianism. Islam and America’s Left are fine bedfellows.

    The Threat Doctrine that Cries ‘Blasphemy’
    “For the past 25 years, the Muslim Brotherhood in North America has been pursuing a comprehensive strategy to control what non-Muslims know about Islam. This multi-pronged threat doctrine seeks to prohibit open discussion and to abridge free speech. It also seeks to curtail education and training given to the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and government about the true nature of Islam. Overall, the Brotherhood’s agenda seeks to block a fair and critical appraisal of Islamic doctrine, pursue a stealth civilizational jihad against the West, and, ultimately, render us impotent to defend ourselves.”

    “It is important to understand how effective this operation has been. I know of no one in the U.S. government who can speak out publicly or privately against Islamists, radical Islamists or militant Islamists. The operations targeting the National Defense University, the Joint Forces Staff College and the FBI has effectively censored everyone. You will NOT find any documentation censoring anyone and all the academic institutions will claim, and back up in writing, academic freedom, but, unfortunately, the message has already been sent – do not say anything unless it has been approved by CAIR, MPAC and the other Muslim Brotherhood organizations. “

    It’s evident that the Muslim Brotherhood’s General Strategic Plan for North America has achieved great success within the past few decades. Ultimately, the control of all knowledge of Islam and the civilizational jihad operation facilitates the attack against the West and effectively prevents any counter to Islamic expansionism. We are well on our way to being subdued by an enemy that has cleverly silenced us.

    • kim

      And when people do (think Michelle Bachmann or Allen West), watch what happens to them.

      • sDee

        Exactly the example I was think of! Our own “representatives” surrounded her like white blood cells on a virus.

        • funkybarfly

          You forget this sDee:

          Romney may have just learned to say nothing until he has the job.
          First things first as it were.The treatment Bachman and West got from the enemedia isn’t the kind of publicity he needs to get elected.
          I guess time will tell.

          • famouswolf

            Thanks for that. This has been much on my mind all through the campaign.

            The only thing I can remember Romney saying about Islam was in the debate when he referred to the ‘danger of Islamist extremism in the Middle East’. This looks promising.

            Fingers are crossed. Ten years ago I never saw a burka. Now I see them pretty much whenever I go out.

        • warpmine

          In this case, leukemia as the white cells attack the body.

      • DavidRobertson

        The sickest thing about the Michelle Bachmann example was the threats made to her by her own party. That was the confirmation to me that both parties are infiltrated.

        • Suzyqpie

          This pains me, but when it comes to islamophobia, the two-party system seems to blend into the republicans & democrats against the American people. When Islam says “we come to kill you” why is it so challenging to both partys to acknowledge that fact? Can anyone at this point deny that it is a fact, that they come to kill us. Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, 9/11, RIP. All I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11.

  • GreenBeretWay

    The Black flag of Jihad will be flying over our White House if this country doesn’t wake the hell up.

  • colliemum

    It is rather obvious that the left in both our countries has been the willing helper to allow shariah to creep into everything.
    Start with the atheists who decry and defame Christianity, but never say a word against islam. Those atheists cry out about not wanting to live in a theocracy – but say not a word against the islamic countries which are in fact theocracies.
    It is this secular, atheist left who regurgitate the falsehood that being anti-islam is being racist, and it is this selfsame left who insist that we must accept islam in our countries because of multi-culti, and because ‘all cultures’ are of equal value.
    That is why wearing a cross in your workplace in the UK gets you expelled, while wearing the hijab is ok: it’s their culture, innit, like …
    That is why our school children’s meals in school all have halal meat, because meat is meat, innit, and who knows the difference …
    (I wonder if you know what sort of meat your children are given in your schools?)

    As with the racist card the Left has been drawing for such a long time, and which has now lost all meaning, it is time for us to stand up and refuse to play their word games. Islam is a political movement, and a very nasty one at that, it is not ‘just’ a religion. Islam, ordinary islam, is radical, is fundamentalist, and there is no way one can make a difference between ‘good’ muslims and the bad ones.

    They should be thrown out of our armed forces, out of all our government offices, out of our schools. We used to vet people for being communists – it’s time to defend our culture and vet all the above for muslims. They can go to the islamic countries if their religion is so important to them.

    Oh and btw – energy independence means not having to give money to the sheiks so they can use that money to build mosques in our countries.

    Sorry to go on for so long – I’m a bit upset about this vile religion …

  • 911Infidel

    I wish Frank would just admit that PM Erdogen was right. That the whole idea of “moderate Islam” is just a Western construct to couch a 7th Century supremacist political philosophy in nice, multicultural, “tolerant” terms. You know what I mean. The idea that there are two Islams. One “moderate” and one “radical”. As PM Erdogen has correctly stated: “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”.

  • Nukeman60

    My apologies, Scoop. I have always said that I can walk and chew gum at the same time, but I have no emotion left today for anything other than Obama’s ousting.

    We need to repost this on Thursday, as this is a very important topic and should not get buried in all the hoopla of the election today or the elation of the victory tomorrow.

  • Suzyqpie

    Vote Romney/Ryan or vote Islam. Totalitarian theocracy, islam, with a deity, or communist totalitarianism sans diety. Either choice sans The United States of America as we were founded.

  • Muslims in government and radical Islamic extremists attacking America through culture–not violence–are the least of my concerns.

    • keyesforpres

      Then you need to wake up.

    • iaintlyin

      really? sorry to hear about your health issues. I’ll say a prayer for you.

  • Jazzee

    and NOBODY paid attention sir….so now we are stuck with the Marxist obama God help us God must really be mad at us


    Mao Obama has just been declared re elected as President NOW WHAT ? (Time:11:50am November 6, 2012)

  • Marridge

    i wonder if lefties get it that infidel lefties do not get bonus points under barack hussein soetoro obama. They get killed right along with us righties.

    lefties are not very smart unfortunately. But don’t worry because barack has it all figured out.

  • jjonesss

    Does it seem as though o. is ramping up US attacks on SUNNI dominated countries?  Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern Africa, etc.?

  • jjonesss

    SORRY -the muslim brotherhood is also sSHIITE dominated as is erdogan and amedinejihad.