FULL INTERVIEW: Mark Levin talks Obamacare and le ‘French Republicans’ with Hannity

Mark Levin was on with Hannity tonight to discuss the nightmare that is Obamacare and how we won’t get rid of it because the ‘French Republicans’ don’t want to get rid of it. He says it’s not going to implode because laws don’t implode. And there’s much, much more.

Watch below:



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  • heshtesh

    I was very pleased with Hannity stating his position concearning the establishment if they try to roll over on Obamacare, probably the strongest position i’ve every seen Hannity take rebutting the GOPE leadership!

  • JohnCraven

    Mark, they are “Vichy French Republicans” – “Vichy French Republicans” – not all Frenchmen were or are like them.  As another poster pointed out there were also the Free French during WWII whom we can compare to Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • JohnCraven

    heshtesh, Hannity recently has been getting more and more beligerent about the “Vichy ‘French Republicans'” as any decent human being should which is encouraging.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • heshtesh

    JohnCraven Good it’s about time Hannity woke up.

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    Me too I was pleasently surprised, when he said that he’s had it is the same way I feel.

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    I recently changed my voter registration from republican to independent, I am not an independent because I would ever vote devilcrat, but because if is not a real Reagan conservative I would not vote at all.

  • HillaryShackley

    Having been born in France, I love Levin calling republicans “French republicans”…  Socialists rule France and will always rule France- The republicans have become nothing more than a democratic socialists- GET RID OF THEM!  Our country is in ruins after the madness the RINO’s have subjected us to and it is only getting worse.

  • SilmarilTelerin

    “Mark Levin makes an irrefutable case that we long ago
    passed the point of no return for reforming our bloated, degenerate, dying
    federal government by winning a few elections. The people who rigged this
    system made certain to armor it against future dissent from unhappy voters.”
    And there lies the crux of the problem.Restoring this country to the foundation set by
    the Constitution is a noble idea and I would love to see it happen.Sadly,
    that ship has sailed.The better
    solution is to start again with a New America.
    ~~John Galt
    Take Me With You com ~~

  • HillaryShackley

    Proudhispanicconservative just remember that we end up with the RINO’s in the primaries that win if we don’t have the army to boot them out.  We need every vote to keep the Rubio/Ryan/Romney/McCain/McConnell’s and on and on – OUT of our congress or senate.  Going independent makes it easier for those clowns to win the primaries and we get the Obama’s/Clintons/Weiners in office.

  • HillaryShackley

    Another reason to not go with multiple parties, remember this dilute enough and a very scary minority of America could end up ruling us into the ground.  We ended up with Clinton/Weiner in office because of PEROT, anyone remember this sexual deviant in office?

  • odin147

    Elections are not the answer, call your state legislator and let’s get this done.

  • HillaryShackley

    heshtesh I agree with many of you here- Hannity was more vocal tonight than I can ever remember, I especially liked the laugh when Levin brought up the Rove whiteboard.  Hope the gig Rove has on FoxNews ends soon- I am SICK of his B.S.

  • OliviaHT

    The reason the GOP establishment and leadership won’t fight for defunding Obamacare NOW is that it plans to use REPEAL as an election issue in 2014.
    If Senators Lee and Cruz are successful in their campaign between now and October to amass enough support to force the House to defund Obamacare — the ONLY realistic option that remains to us to halt it — then the wind will be taken out of the sails for all those pathetic RINOs who need the Repeal message to get themselves elected next go-round. They’re counting on us conservatives to show up for their dog and pony show. Won’t they be surprised when we bite them in the butt.

  • clockwindingdown

    heshtesh JohnCraven 
    I actually watched tonight and that was not the Hannity of old. He is getting ticked off like the rest of us and beginning to speak his mind regardless of their PC feelings getting hurt!

  • An organization
    has already been launched. http://selfgovern.com/ has kicked off http://conventionofstates.com/, a website devoted
    to raise a grassroots movement… http://regularrightguy.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/levin-convention-of-states-is-it-possible/ … Full Caf Americano

  • OliviaHT Bravo for you OliviaHT!!! Right on! http://regularrightguy.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/levin-convention-of-states-is-it-possible/ … Full Caf Americano

  • AnthonySakal

    The problem with any state of pathology is that the longer it continues the more it is accepted. Europeans vote on what their medical programs will provide or not provide. They think of amending but not of a private alternative and elimination of the top heavy, centrally controlled, single payer, one choice system they have lived with for decades.

  • DHardy

    AnthonySakal For sure if things keep up the way they are…Americans will not vote for who would be BEST for America but who will give them the most stuff…We should never allow our government to take our freedom for a few worthless hand outs

  • AnthonySakal

    DHardy AnthonySakal No one has this right either by the nature of man and his natural rights or by the contract we have with the Federal government that restricts such behavior to the limited, enumerated powers under Article I, Section 8. Of course you would never know this since they know no boundaries and will beat you senseless with the Commerce clause, the Supremacy clause and the General Welfare clause which have very limited applicability just as the Equality Clause in the 14th Amendment has. We are dealing with sophists and their politicized judicial appointees.

  • SweetLiberty

    Hey Sean…Quit having Establishment Elitist Karl Rove on!  Everytime he comes on your show or Greta’s I turn you off!  Why do you keep giving him such a big platform to spew his lies?  Unless you have Karl Rove debating Mark Levin…I don’t want to see his ugly fat face!

  • strangernfiction

    heshtesh I’ll believe Sean will abandon the ruling class when I see it.

  • Orangeone

    The sugar of ObamaCare has been out there for years and is picking up speed with the exchanges and subsidies.  Didn’t your mama warn you of the stranger offering you candy?

  • Orangeone

    OliviaHT And we will shove the “repeal” back in their faces and call them liars.  I tweet the asshats on their “repeal” that they voted to fund it, including Trey Gowdy with his “not one single Republican vote” yeah but Mr. Gowdy you voted to fund it more than once.

  • Orangeone

    Proudhispanicconservative If is not a real Reagan conservative” I hope that doesn’t include the pro-illegal alien amnesty RINOs

  • JohnCraven

    Ditto! SweetLiberty! Ditto!
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • Conservative_Utopia

    “Rather than [republicans] representing us in Washington, they represent the federal gov’t to us and they try to convince us to go along.”
    – Classic Levin

  • Conservative_Utopia

    AnthonySakal DHardy Yes, and that’s why Levin’s approach to re-enforcing limited gov’t needs to be sold at the state level.  We’re going to have to re-package freedom and present it as the opposite of Clinton/Bush/Obama all dancing cheek to cheek if this is going to work.

  • InaudibleNoise

    Since Levin mentioned Lamar Alexander, I want to let everyone know Tennessee has found a primary challenger to take him on! TN State Rep Joe Carr. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/08/20/State-Rep-Joe-Carr-Will-Challenge-Lamar-Alexander-in-TN-GOP-Senate-Primary

  • KenInIl

    InaudibleNoise Sounds like our kind of guy from the article!!  Thanks for the post.

  • dierardo

    It seems we  have two emerging grassroots constitutional repair  squad movements for a corrupted, failing so-called two-party “constitutionalist”edifice: both emanating from the Paul Revere branch of Fox Cable. 
    Let’s get these two together as a communications and strategy nexus for restoring a truly broken society. 
    Are they both agreed upon how can we help get the 300K people from the several states as needed and deployed…eg:
    Let’s hear it from, “Tocqeville (Fox) Central”.

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    It does not, I am very much against any amnesty loving politician as well.

  • Orangeone

    Proudhispanicconservative Didn’t think so but wanted to be sure.  You do know the RINOs are attributing this amnesty to Reagan, this is what Reagan would do, we are following in Reagan’s footsteps, etc.

  • ajtelles

    Mark Levin is correct, but…

    The 1790 Naturalization Act was repealed by the 1795 Naturalization Act
    – – – – – – – – – –

    Part two –  4min. 55 sec.
    “People ought to look at the 1790 Naturalization Act.
    Ted Cruz is as much a citizen as anybody else in this country.

    His mother was and is an American citizen, and so is he.
    So, enough of that nonsense.
    And, he’s going to give up his Canadian citizenship that he didn’t know that he had.
    That’s just nonsense.”
    – – – – – – – – – –

    The three 1790 Naturalization Act words ‘natural born Citizen’ were repealed and replaced with the 1795 Naturalization Act single word ‘Citizen.’
    Both Acts say that the child is born on foreign soil and is the child of two U.S. Citizen married parents, and the only difference is the ‘Citizen’ status replaces the ‘natural born Citizen’ status.

    Mark should look at the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act Sec. 301. (8 U.S.C. 1401(g)) because it identifies Sen. Cruz as a ‘Citizen’ born on foreign soil with only one U.S. Citizen parent and not an Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5  ‘natural born Citizen’ that requires being born on U.S. soil with two U.S. Citizen married parents.

    INA 301 (3 U.S.C 1401 (g)) –

    “… (g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, …

    – – – – – – – – – –

    I am currently reading Mark’s new book, The Liberty Amendments, Restoring the American Republic, and have noticed that he uses the words intent, intended, intention often.
    That is why I expect that after Mark looks into the ‘original intent’ of the ‘original birthers’ who were the ‘original authors’ of the ‘original words’ in Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 ‘natural born Citizen’ and the contrast with ‘…or a Citizen’ in the SAME Clause 5 in the SAME sentence, that Mark will conclude that while EVERY ‘natural born Citizen’ is also a ‘Citizen,’ NOT every ‘Citizen’ is a ‘natural born Citizen.’

  • JosephKerns

    If you read Karl Roves book and read between the lines. He says exactly what he is.
    Without the Bushes he would be flipping burgers. He was a liar during the Bush adminstration 
    and self serving
     and nothing has changed.

  • bahamianhoosier

    Obama in pants suit!!

  • xuxu


  • qianqian633