FULL INTERVIEW: Mitt Romney talks with George Stephanopolous

Mitt Romney was interviewed yesterday with George Stephanopolous from Good Morning America, which aired this morning, and they discussed primarily his condemnation of Obama’s handling of the crisis in the Middle East, Iran, and why the polls are so tight.

Watch the full interview below:

If you’d rather read the transcript you can do so here.

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  • AbdulBX

    Gallup finally switched to LV and is doing the 2day tracking and Romney is leading. Interesting.

    • Charles Eldridge

      Where is that at?

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Many thanks for the transcript link, Scoop. Where I roost, we can’t always download these long videos.

  • Don

    Stephanopolous is a leftwing political hack, nothing less, nothing more. Objectivity is something that he and his ilk cannot comprehend. Romney is so far over his intellectual capacity, I would be surprised if Lil George gets away with his chaep tricks with someone on Mitt’s level. The intelligence gap is just too wide and Lil George definitely knows it.

    • sDee

      If propagandists like George cannot tirck his target, he will run out the clock with stupid questions like “what si dinner like at your house”. Notice in this one they had their stupid graphics all ready to go.

      As much as I want Romney to tear their heads off ala Colonel West, it look like they are gun shy now and are telling Romney to dance like a butterfly and play it safe.

  • 911Infidel

    Obama is the chief projector. Speaking of shooting first and aiming later, how about his R2P project in Libya? Or how about his Ikwan-boot-licking speech in Cairo? And since when is an ally an “art term”? The idiots in this administration are not just rank amateurs on foreign policy, they are traitors. And Hillary should be fired for ignoring advanced warnings about possible violent protests on 9-11. No doubt she got her advice from the Ikwan iteslf under the guise of one Huma Abedin.

    Oh and note to Romney: MF Islam. We don’t do Sharia.

    • BHliberty

      Remember the Beer Fest? Remember when Obama made a statement when Professor Gates was denying police entry to his house and arrested. Then Obama made his statement that the Cambridge policy “acted stupidly”!

      I guess this wasn’t “shootin first, then aim” though especially after he apologized for his statement.

      This guy is such a dooofus!

      • 911Infidel

        Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Obama is just trying to take a page out of the conservative book and doing it badly. We’ve been using that expression to define Obama’s administration for three years now. And he stillhas no idea what it means.

        So yeah he’s a dufous all right. An over educated Academic dufous. Speaking of course only about the few classes that he attended in college…not the ones he got a free pass on even though he skipped them….

  • George is a left wing loser from Clinton’s Regime….give me a break with the squishy junk Mitt….people that watch GMA are left wing women who could care less about anything other then emotions and BS!! I am sorry the morning shows are junk! Stick to convincing people that work for a living and care about America….not some BS about bran muffins and shoes!

    • rich wojcik

      Y E S ! ! !

    • GRITSMama

      Can you imagine what the GMA, left-wing-women’s men are like??? You got to feel sorry for their men!! “silly women ladened with sin….”

  • Gallup may have come from Drudge?

  • wodiej

    Libs trying to do a CYA for obama. More worried that Romney condemned the acts than they are that obama didn’t.

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Reading Romney’s comments on the transcript gave a lot of clarity on his positions. He is better than Obama, to be sure; but he’s wishy-washy. Maybe he’s just tiptoeing so as not to stir up the feathers during his campaign, and maybe he plans to be a lot stronger as President. Who can tell at this point?

    Romney said that government should support free enterprise, but he didn’t say government should be smaller. He wants to focus on creating more revenue [through the free enterprise system] but does not say anything about cutting the fat out of government jobs.

    He said it was disrespectful to criticize other religions. Islam is not a religion; it’s a war cry.

    Yes, I will vote for Romney; but we will need resolute conservatives in Congress – and lots of ’em – to ensure the effective actions are taken.

    • rich wojcik

      if his tiptoeing doesn’t change to full frontal attack, conservatives will “McCain” him – i.e. will sit home 🙁

      • REHLV

        If your comment is correct, than shame on the conservatives. They would rather have Obama for four more years, than support someone you know will be 100 times better. This is just your story… No facts here…I am a conservative and you do not speak for me. Stop complaining and get up and do something. Sorry sometimes you just have to Clint Eastwood it.

        • ObamaPelosi

          Great post!!! 100% agree!

  • rich wojcik

    StephanoCopulos can’t stop lying….That lousy post-Klinton DNC hack…..
    Tight polls? Perverted dreams, you Castro loving dork.
    Romney will win 40 states, FuBar Ack – 10 – without DemocRats cheating.
    30/20 with.

  • dabbobean

    You better toughen up Romney!

    Obama’s entire foreign policy (or lack of foreign policy) strategy is exploding before our eyes
    and we’re talking about some 15 min low budget film that 10 people have not seen or the timing of a Romney statement criticizing our continued strategy of apology and appeasement to the muslim world.

    Can Americans really be this stupid?

    • las1

      Bingo! You said it.

    • sDee

      “”Can Americans really be this stupid?””

      It appears that both candidates are counting on it and, that the rest of us will hold our nose and vote.

  • las1

    I’m sorry… I can barely watch this and it’s only at the 2min mark.

    If Romney has not YET learned how to handle such hostile and Obama shilling questioning then the election is not a sure thing. He needs to fire back and fire back hard at these leftist assumptions behind every question coming from this hack’s mouth.

  • rich wojcik

    Romney………..ROMNEY……………. R O M N E Y !!!!!
    Do the “Algor” to red MSM – whatever the question is you just speak your agenda, nothing else!
    Never answer their questions – they have already prepared arguments against you, no matter what you say.

  • WI4Walker

    Our candidates should be questioned. Has George ever asked Obama any of these same questions? Ever?

    BTW, George really is a little man, isn’t he – literally!

  • FreeManWalking

    I hope that in the future Romney will/can start coming off stronger, more sure of himself, and confident of his ideas than he usually does IMO.

    I am sure he is confident in him self, but the display of strong confidence just doesn’t come across in his interviews.

    That is one of the things I always liked about Newt, Newt comes across as confident whether he is being interviewed by friend or foe. Romney could study how Newt almost always presents an example to back up his ideas or to explain his position. Newt does this so naturally, it is like he forms an argument one way or the other for every opinion he forms.

  • marketcomp

    I would not trust George Stephanopolous even a little remember the abortion question in the debate where he tried to set-up republicans implying theat republicans were against women. When Stephanopolous says he wants details what he’s doing is trying to get information for the Obama administration and because the Obama administration record is so horrible they will use Romney’s plan, whether foreign policy or economic plan, to either demonize Romney ot coop Romney’s plan by just talk about making it their own.Obama did the same with Hilary and he did with McCain and both times the media got the information from the candidates for him. Romney, do not reveal your strategy for taxes or the debate! The MSM cannot be trusted because all of them are wing-men for the administration.

  • Well, at least Romney had a chance to fight back. You know that George Stephanopolous is a scum-sucking hack for the White House, so it’s about a good as it’s going to get with Romney on network television. But he’s going to have to step up his attacks on Obama if he’s going to seal the deal. Draw more and bigger contrasts between Romney and Obama and let the people decide. And do NOT shy away from calling Obama what he is, a European-style socialist.

  • Steven

    Romney was soft in this interview. He keeps wasting his opportunities to make some noise, some hay, he will lose this election. Why do this interview, if you are not going to draw a sharp contrast with Obama? Time is running out. Make some hay. Obama’s foriegn policy has collasped. The economy is on life support needing infusions of more money (blood). Romney needs to speak up and without reservation about the sorry state we are in and the dangers of reelecting this administration. America’s decline is guaranteed with Obama. Romney must pound this message, that America cannot afford another 4 years of decline! It’s time to step up Romney!

    • ObamaPelosi

      You may call Romney soft in this interview, I call him confident. Sometimes you don’t need to shout and freak out to make your point. George kept interrupting Romney, but Romney didn’t let it affect him. He doesn’t need to sink to the level of President Obama and his handlers. I think we’ve all seen too much about how the left acts, and sometimes we think that we should also fight back so that we can be heard. But truth does not need to shout back, it just needs to be heard, and the best way to be heard is to talk slowly and make sure people can understand what you said. Screamers just want you to hear their voice and not what they say. I’m very proud of Romney in this interview, and I believe this is the type of president we’ve been waiting for.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Okay, I think I have a bead on this?

    US Gov sent a guy to a unprotected area? He was murdered and sodomized. SoS had advance information about a possible attack? A two-pronged attack was planned from the inside of the Libyan police who knew where the location of the safehouse was? ALL OF THIS WAS SPONTANEOUS? A film hardly anyone knew about, inflamed a bunch of ‘drones’ when the call was made by their clerics! The president makes a brief statement and then hops a plane for Vegas! Our embassies are now burning. No one in the State Dept ordered ANY of them to a more secure area knowing that Friday prayers were coming? Our marines don’t have ammo to protect the grounds.

    But the person to blame for ALL of this is Romney?

    • las1

      C’mon… give Obama a break cancha!

      He’s a respecter of religion don’t you know. Why he’s a believer himself and probably attending Friday prayers as we speak.

  • texabama

    I wish we would stop giving credence to this “internet” film. All these uprisings would have occurred (on this exact schedule) with or without the film. And the idea that we would have the highest military leaders calling some pastor and begging him not to promote something is beyond belief. What about the Bill of Rights in our Constitution don’t they understand?

  • TheLittleRedHen

    Well Done Mitt!

  • Rocco11

    Why is he granting interviews to a Clinton administration official with press badge?

    • ObamaPelosi

      Romney knows that every person in the press is against him, but he interviews with them anyway. That shows strength, unlike president Obama who is scared to interview with most people at FOX News. I want a man with courage as my president.

      I want President Romney to be my president.

    • Mike Lee

      Because he needs to show people who will never watch Fox News what a real president looks like.

  • ssenecal5000

    He did a great job against the Liberal garbagecan troll Snufflafugus.

    Tip tho’……..they take you on a walk and talk to make you look less Presidential

    • ObamaPelosi

      Agree with your first statement. Disagree with the second. Romney still looks presidential, and no tricks up George’s sleeve is going to change that. By the way, on that walk, Romney against George, Romney really looks presidential. George is always looking up to him when he asks him a question, so yeah, that really makes him look presidential.

      • What I find to be the most relevant point is the fact that not only is Romney allowing himself to be interviewed by George, who is an Obama supporter and everyone knows this including Romey, but that Obama isn’t taking interviews from anyone except hip hop radio, telemundo, etc. I have a great deal of admiration for Mr. Romney and he is making himself available to all the news outlets. This man will be the next POTUS!

  • ObamaPelosi

    George Stephanopolous!!! Will you quit interrupting your future President Mitt Romney, and allow him to answer a question fully. You keep interrupting him. Why can’t you freaking shutup, let me answer, and then ask your next question? Show some respect, you little amateur!

  • ObamaPelosi

    This interview is a star making interview. Romney had done a spectacular job in this interview. He’s very endearing. I really like him. I can’t wait for him to be our president. He’s the one we’ve really been waiting for. But he won’t be about himself, he will be for God and our country.

  • ObamaPelosi

    Just watching Obama giving a speech right now. Really like the way he always quotes the Bible, saying “scripture teaches us…” Stop b.s.ing Mr. President. You don’t believe anything the scriptures teaches. You don’t follow anything the scripture teaches. But you sure like to quote it pretending that you believe any of it. I really can’t wait for you to be our ex-president after this Nov. election. You are an AWFUL president. Go back to Las Vegas and hang out with your Hollywood budidies. Everything you say in your speeches are lies. At least Hillary Clinton gave a heartfelt, believable speech. I’m really having a hard time believing anything this president says in his speeches. It sounds the same as every other speech he’s ever given, and it sounds so fake.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Just listened to the interview and still think Romney should be more forceful, and remind americans that liberal policies do not work in america. Please start mentioning the word “liberal”,”extreme”, “radical” and mount it on his back.

    • PVG

      I get the feeling that’s not who Romney is…..although he was a lot more pointed in the GOP debates. Let’s see what happens in the debates. I’m thinking he has a plan.

    • Mike Lee

      Nope. He’s playing it correctly. He’s not after people like you. He already has your vote. Romney won in one of the most liberal states in the USA. Trust me – he knows what he is doing. You may not like it, but he has to get independents and liberal women to either stay at home or cross over. He has to seem ‘centrist’, ‘moderate’, and competent. Not one of those “scary conservatives”. lol.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I like your thinking, but I think that if you confront this left wing nutjobs with conservative ideas, without apologizing for it, I think that will win you more votes. Lets hope that you are right, and this is their strategy ……..uggghhhhhh I just want him to go hard against this bastard Obama…..

  • I really am NOT excited about this guy.

    .. actually, even much more than that:

    Mitt Romney is as disgusting as the Obama’s tream.


  • rjcylon

    That was a fantastic, serious and dignified (presidential) interview with Romney.

    Comparing him to McCain at this point is sour grapes. They are nothing alike.

  • ihateitwhenthathappens

    very nice.