Full Interview: Paul Ryan on Special Report

Bret Baier got a great 13 minute interview with Paul Ryan today to get his take on some of the Obama criticisms against their plans. It’s mostly policy through 3/4ths of the interview, but toward the end it switches to a few lighter questions.

Watch below:

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  • If I hear one more question about Isaac I will scream. LIFE DOES NOT STOP FOR A NATURAL OCCURENCE!! God I am sick of it. We live in these areas by CHOICE!! No one forces you…from May to Nov…it is called HURRICANE SEASON FOR A REASON!! They happen…life goes on…cripe…hey Brett call the New York Yankees front office…see if they will cancel the Yankees game because of Isaac….call Chicago Police Department and see if they can stop the murders for the night because of Isaac..call the social wonders in LA and see if they will not be in Malibu or Sunset Strip for dinner because if Isaac….call the NFL football teams and see if training camp will cease because of Isaac or call all the Shopping Malls in America and see if they will stop for Isaac…HECK BRET call every fricking School District and College Campus and see if all the classes are cancelled because of Isaac!!

    The absurdity is pathetic…if no RNC was going on NOT ONE OF THESE idiots in the Media would be harping about the storm. When Debbie lashed us here in Florida no Obama, no Fox News, no NBC, no ABC and no one else. It was a story but no one kept saying the world must stop…it is just ridiculous!! Isaac will come and go…so what! I live in Hurricane area and I accept my choice. This meme is a joke! Obama is President..if he is so concerned get off his GOLF CART and go to MORGAN CITY LA and show us he is a MAN!! Let him lead Brett and MSM and shut up about it!

    I am angry because instead of talking issues this fool talks to Paul first about Isaac!! It is pathetic…with all this country is facing that is the last thing he should ask about. Every day weather issues happen to Americans….it is called life! Katrina BS!! You know what is is called HURRICANE SEASON for a reason….live with it!

    • marketcomp

      Micheal, I agree whole heartedly with you, my friend! Why, why do we always allow the liberla media and the democrats to set the agenda. Who cares about the whether, life goes on. Don’t the RNC know that the liberal media/democrats would love it if we didn’t even have a convention then they can totally control the message and by default and the voter; and Obama would never have to be held accountable for his failed policies and administration.

      • MLCBLOG

        Bret is the liberal media?

    • WI4Walker

      Agree. Guessing it is brought up to try and offset the liberal MSM who are already trying to draw parallels to Katrina, which to them leads directly to Bush failures.

      Another diversion tactic, that’s all.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Exactly. There’s an article about it over at Breitbart, and I thought the same thing when I hard Andrea Mitchell mention Bush & Katrina on the Nightly News last night during her report from the Convention. It’s all part of the liberal plan, and each news outlet picked up the ball on this like good little fascist foot soldiers:



      Take a breath. People need to be able to say hello, and how is the weather. It’s just social and I think it needs to be allowed as people get comfortable in an interview.

  • freenca

    “Those that lay in the path of the storm.” I couldn’t say it any better. The Romney/Ryan ticket is the ONLY one that will address those that lay in the path of the storm. The financial storm that is on the horizon. Evacuate the low lying areas to higher ground and save the ground for a better times. Symbolically, the parallels are absolutely

  • drphibes

    The hurricane is supposed to remind us of Bush’s Katrina “failure”, while making us forget about Obama’s Gulf oil absence.

  • marketcomp

    I love hearing Paul Ryan. It seems that everytime I hear him I learn a little more about his life’s story. I found it interesting that after the 06′ election lost where the leader was the architect, Karl Rove, he did an assessment asking himself what’s it all for. More politicians need to ask themselves that same question if they care about the direction of the country and if not then we need term limits to show them the way out.

  • Paul is just fabulous when he talks about policy, beliefs, economics and life. He is such a family man and I truly love that about him. There is nothing phony about him…that is so different from others. He has a passion for wanting to make America great again and that connects to me on so many levels. He is a joy to listen to and he can debate with anyone and so effectively. He is such an asset!! He reminds me of Reagan in so many ways and I am so very happy that he accepted this challenge. Mitt could not have a better point man and co-pilot. He is real, fun, sincere and warm. And his intelligence always come through. I am proud to be on the same team as Paul!!!

  • he is excellent

  • I love hearing Paul Ryan speak. Whether it’s a TV interview or a campaign speech, I always feel like things are going to be okay when Ryan is plainly and simply explaining what his and Romney’s plans are when they get to the White House. I’ve felt more hopeful in these past two weeks since Ryan was named Romney’s running mate.

    It’s funny that he mentions politicians always worrying about getting reelected and how he didn’t set out to be a career politician because it seems like it’s the representatives who are more concerned about the next generation that get reelected. I really hope we keep getting men and women in Congress that have that conviction because it is so refreshing to hear people with that attitude.


    A lot of you are the ones talking about the storm more than anyone.

  • PVG


  • Yes, Paul Ryan is very, very good. But let’s give Baer the credit he deserves for asking REAL questions about REAL issues, and not focusing on peripheral nonsense!

    • Reckoner_3

      Like what kind of superpower would you have?

      ” But flying might be cool, too”

      – Obama August 17, 2012

  • keninil

    Here’s wishing other politicians would make “tree stand” decisions to do what is right instead of what is safe for their candidacy.

    His doing “what is right” is probably the reason his is the one with the budget proposal as opposed to any other senator or congressman.

  • Hurricane update aside, I think Ryan is just simply wonderful at explaining policy and economics to people like me who know very little about it. He’s reassuring and non-threatening and makes me feel like, yes, there is a way to get our financial house in order.