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Ted Cruz was on with Candy Crowley this morning to discuss the government shutdown and the debt ceiling and wouldn’t allow Candy Crowley to get him off message. He stood firm as he always does putting the blame square in the corner of the Democrats for being unwilling to negotiate whatsoever and praising Speaker Boehner and the Republicans for listening to the American people.



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  • Howzah123

    Crowley is so painfully partisan it would embarrassing to watch if it wasn’t so serious

    The Left have sold their souls to Obama

    • Rshill7

      What souls?

      Ahhh, the souls of the damned.

      Quite right.

    • crosshr

      would it be ok if I say,”and many rights too, like the RINOs, the establishment elites of my beloved Fox such as Hume, Oriely, some of the fine ladies that I can not name names ?”
      thank you :-))

  • nibblesyble

    Keep fighting Cruz…you and Lee standing firm and being leaders is causing more and more people to turn from President Hissy Fit to see what you have to say..God has you in the palm of His mighty hand!

    • crosshr

      Amen & Amen !!!

      Wait, ” President- Hissy- Fit ” , how lovely ! lol :))

  • Exodus2011

    It is so refreshing to hear the #CruzMissile speak freely, consistently … using clear and unequivocal language

    unfettered to Cronies

    not bound by ‘deals’
    from the Constitution-loving heart
    on behalf of WE The People
    always ….

    roaming free … seeking which rino/lefty he may devour … **__**


    #BeClingers ————–> #AmericaRISING

  • Wolfie

    Ted keeps on Cruzin’ and nothing is going to knock this missile off target!

    • nibblesyble

      Woot Woot!

    • crosshr

      And here I am, trying to figure out if there’s any differences between Cow-ley and Oriely in most disruptive in any given segment.

      Cruz on senator, Cruz along :))

    • waynesteapartyworld

      Fingers crossed. Hope not.

  • colliemum

    This is a brilliant example of how to wipe the floor with a partisan journalist in the most polite and soft-spoken way, while hammering home the points that this hack and the rest of the MSM want to kept brushed under the carpet.
    Absolutely masterful!

    I can’t remember any politician doing it like that, except Mrs Thatcher – and that was a long time ago, sadly.

    They broke the mould when they made Ted Cruz.

    • Rshill7

      Agreed…masterful beyond question. Additionally, yes they broke the mold when Ted Cruz was made, or developed, but the blueprints are still plainly available for those willing to “go and do likewise” :-)

      We’ve got a winner here sister. You know it, I know it, and the MSM is figuring that out, at the speed of light and sound.


      • colliemum

        See – they didn’t show debates or interviews with Ronald Reagan over here on the TV, only a few clips when he was already President. Without internet, without video, and especially without New Media, we just were far more ignorant. That’s why I left him out of my reminiscences.
        Mrs Thatcher we did hear,e specially since theBBC loathed her and tried to trip her up.

        We’re so lucky to have the access to information we have nowadays.

        As for Ted Cruz – yes, we have a winner, and did you notice how he slipped in a few little lessons about the Constitution? Bravo, that man!

        • Rshill7

          Oh yes. My understanding is that Cruz had the US Constitution memorized by the age of 18. He and likeminded classmates also traveled around giving talks about it.

          Reagan could disarm a lib in seconds with a smile, a gentle joke, and applied wisdom, which so often, made the libby smile too. They just couldn’t help it.

          So friendly, so amiable, so cheerful in the way he ridiculed them, they probably couldn’t tell they had been thus ridiculed, as well as schooled, until they watched the tape back.

          Cruz’s Dad campaigned for Reagan.

          As Elisha picked up the mantle which Elijah purposely let him have, and won a double portion of that same spirit…so hath Cruz procured the same from Reagan, while building on it in like fashion.

          • crosshr

            Well put Rshill7, excellent !

            • Rshill7

              Thanks crosshr. If you can’t be inspired by the firsthand memory of Reagan, you might be immune to the emotion.

              I just love that man…was a senior in High School when he was elected. The 80’s were so very good to so very many people.

              To experience that likeness again…man oh man. More than ready for that. Like one dying of thirst and stumbling into a fertile, well-watered, oasis :-)

        • timerunnersc

          Yeah that was good, I too enjoyed the Constitutional education Senator Cruz gave Mr Crowley, but I think she along with her other democrat liberal colleges totally skipped class.

      • OLLPOH

        We Up Vote 100000000000……X’s

    • proudhispanicconservative

      One little observation I would hammer Cruz with is to humanize his points, get the real human stories about what Obama and his policies are doing to real people. That is what Reagan did so masterfully.

      • waynesteapartyworld

        Right on, proudhispanicconservative, he should hold a press conference where he is surrounded by the children of union members who are about to lose their fat, union health coverage as a result of Obarrycare…What a nice visual it would be..

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Its the only little thing I would like him to do. Remember this? “A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.”

    • nibblesyble

      Well Mum, spelling ‘mould’ the British way is how I spell it..being Canadian…makes me happy that I am not the only one to add an extra u into my words!

      • colliemum

        LOL! Good old British spelling overcomes American spellchecker every time!

        • crosshr

          lol ! I’m always wrong on spell check when I spell ” Cheque “

          • nibblesyble

            Lol I know!

    • nibblesyble

      Favorite Thatcher moments!

    • BearNJ

      Reagan did it too. He took the left’s positions and turned them around. Its why we need cruz in 2016.

  • timerunnersc

    Great job Senator Cruz, we can already see the results from Obama and the democrats, the party of failure, no and shame. We Americans who love freedom and liberty can see clearly the snake venders whose selling snake oil.

    • Wolfie

      Snake Oil from a true snake:

      • badbadlibs

        Good one, Wolfie! :-)

        • Wolfie

          TY. I created it a while back, but timerunnsc’s reference to snake oil reminded me about it, so I posted it. :-)

      • timerunnersc

        If a picture is worth a 1000 words then yours is a Rembrandt.
        Prophetic insight is hard to come by.

  • badbadlibs

    “Because he would say he was being BLACKMAILED”, She’s a slob inside and out.

    • Patriot077

      He kinda made her eat that word … Just love to watch him pitch it back at them. And so nicely too.

      • badbadlibs

        When in truth it’s the demoncraps that are doing the blackmailing!
        Probably the first thing she’s eaten in her life that didn’t make her fat.
        Sorry…I cut no slack for the left anymore. None.

  • Darrell Griffin

    Candy the Hun tries to save Obama again. Fails.

  • keyesforpres

    Geez…what an obnoxious, left wing BLOB.

  • G_unitttt

    new title for post, ” Ted Cruz handles rotund media liberal with ease”

  • Micky Baker

    Candy Crowley is an immature fat slob.

  • maynardb50

    The news media has just met their match.

    • Lady_Penguin

      The MSM has been spoiled for too many years of go along to get along (and share power) by the GOP establishment class. They’ve gotten away with it because the party has been controlled by the likes of John McCain and his “my friends.”

  • Gary Dickson

    About Ms. Crowley, I have zero patience for Obama sycophants.

    Sen. Cruz’ answers and statements were simply brilliant, seeing right through Ms. Crowley’s Obama-soft questions.

  • crosshr

    Watching Cow-ley and Cruz gives me a huge opportunity to practice the art of say nothing , if I can not say anything good .

    I’m still at it, silent cross ! :-))

    • nibblesyble

      : )

  • Vorlath -

    “I’m part of that 72%” – Cruz

    HAHAHA!!! Liberals like to assign positions to their opponents that they don’t agree with. And then when confronted with a real live person of the opposition, they forget that their world view is completely made up.

  • Gel

    Having Senator Ted Cruz as a guest is the only reason I can think of to make me watch Candy Crowley….and even then it was difficult to witness her repulsive partisanship. Senator Cruz deserves a commendation for the time spent raising her pitiful ratings. I like him!!!

  • rjcylon

    Boy I bet the RINOS are THRILLED that Candy is up there fighting for them.

  • doorsxp

    First: Candy Crowley is a fat, but not nearly as fat as she is stupid.

    2nd: Loaded question after loaded question. Summary of interview style: Make unsubstantiated one-sided commentary followed immediately by a loaded question, then cut-off the answer. Continue one-sided commentary followed immediately by a loaded question, then cut-off the answer. Rinse. Repeat. Eat a triple cheeseburger. Rinse it down with 44oz soda. Repeat.

    • ernst1776

      It’s not about BMI or caloric intake… it’s about ideology! We shouldn’t insult people.

      • crosshr

        sorry ernst1777, spank me after the enemies of Freedom conquered :))-p

      • badbadlibs

        Every day in every way in this country the ideology of the left not only insults hard working, God fearing, decent Americans, it brings untold harm and hardship.
        If she would exchange her ideology and just call me a name of her choosing and other likes her, I will gladly take it.

  • WInemaker54

    You just have to respect this man. If Ted Cruz was the 2012 Presidential pick he would have won by a landslide…..WOW… the more I listen to him the greater my hopes are for 2014 and 2016. Ted Cruz for President!…:)

  • ecosse

    EPIC work Cruz.

  • ernst1776

    How people like Crowley attain such prominent positions? she doesn’t strike me as very smart and she is obviously agenda driven.

    • Lady_Penguin

      Because CNN is a lefty malignant media organization, so they only hire Democrat operatives like Crowley.

    • Rosalie

      “she doesn’t strike me as very smart and she is obviously agenda driven.”
      Those are the top two requirements for the liberals.see moreLink

  • TeaPartyReaganConservative

    You Go Sen Ted Cruz !!!

    quote-“If you give Obama everything, he will then negotiate. No he will not”, which is exactly right- Obama and his little toady Harry Reid, are not just playing childish immature games, they are playing political terrorism to force Americans to accept Obamacare, to further solidify their institution of subjugation of Americans with socialist marxist tyrannical and oppressive govt unconstitutional laws and policies.

    We the People are 1000% behind and beside Sen Ted Cruz every step of the way- and especially all the way every step of the way to the White House in 2016 !!

    • badbadlibs

      “Political terrorism”. Perfect description.

    • pecajo

      I love how she just wants to help the republicans out by getting them to have a 6 week cooling off period. That would bring us right to the holidays and the msm would just love nothing more than to bash them over the head with story after story of how republicans are not only ruining government workers lives but ruining their holidays too. No turkeys, no presents.

  • ladyjk

    This liberal water carrier probably finally got a few viewers by having Ted Cruz on the show. However, this fat democrat talking points liberal is so into herself she honestly thought she could go up against the great debater. Her trying to get Harry Reid’s “black mail” terms on the air and then quickly going to break to prevent Cruz from answering that slam did not work. I’m so glad he came back and called her out on it. Know what’s worse than a fat lady with a big mouth?, one with egg on her face. She touts herself as a newscaster–she is the farthest thing from. The only reason she is still on the air is because she is such an “in your face” Obama defender.

    • Lady_Penguin

      I use hashtag #DemocratOperative whenever referencing these commie/socialist/fascist liberals who pretend to be journalists, vs Obama drones.

    • crosshr

      be nice dear, what else a fat Cow-ley have for bride, beside a big diarrhea mouth on a huge head with small brain with a 99% part custom made designed inside Obama’s a–e !

  • ApplePie101

    Too often, congress people spend all their time in the echo chambers of Capitol hill, and come to believe that what Capitol hill wants is what the citizens want. I hope Ted Cruz takes time to talk to his constituents, and occasionally reads feedback on sites like this one, so he knows how much support he has out here in the real world for the stand he’s taking now.

  • Edward La Guardia

    Poor Candy…she is so far out of her league…she is so frustrated that he won’t go along with her or concede some of her bullcrap that she is spewing. I’m so glad Cruz brought up the reporter incident with Reid because that moment defined what kind of monster he is…and how far he will go to hurt others for the sake of his stubborn and ill-conceived policies.

    I think Bill O who I know you all love (haha) said it best: Reid showed in that exchange with CNN reporter that he is a cold-hearted fanatic…a man who couldn’t care less about compromise or the suffering of Americans…for Harry, it’s all about power…we’ve got your number, man.

    Amen, Bill, Amen.

  • aposematic

    Just got around to listening to this Crowley-Cruz interview. Cruz was outstanding in this interview.

    • Rosalie

      Isn’t it refeshing to see someone as smart and as articulate as he is on our side? The Cruzmissle hit the Liberal target once again

      • waffle_anna

        The Cruz missle never misses its target.

      • Tom of the Missouri

        The guy is so smart that he started smiling and almost chuckling to himself half way through every one of her transparently biased leading questions because he already knew how to knock everyone out of the park before she even finished asking it. It is so blatantly obvious Crowly is trying to carry the Democrat’s water on every question. Cleaning her clock while smiling. Finally, a long needed Republican capable of making arguments in public with not a sign of anger or not caring attitude. Why are all the Republican official leaders so incapable of making these arguments or any arguments? Next election we really need to a housecleaning of the inarticulate tongue tied Republican leadership in the House and Senate. I have already shared these feelings with my French Senator Roy Blunt. All he can say on TV is that Ted’s arguments are a dead end game an he seems to be working as hard as he can to see that that is a self fulfilling prophecy by making such statements. We will see.

        • Rosalie

          When Cruz when to Washington, he saw a defeatist’s attitude amongst the politicians. Obviously, he does not have that attitude (thank goodness). I don’t believe it will be self-fulfilling with Cruz.

        • Amjean

          I love the half smile; I also love Rand Paul’s little smirk when the lefty journalists ask him a really stupid question.
          Its all part of “not taking their crapola any more” and I just love it.

  • Thelmadb

    Great job Senator Cruz. You’re the only reason I watched this liberal hack….

  • Big Ed

    I love that guy!!
    Candy Crowley? Why would she even be taken seriously as a Journalist? She is a partisan hack. After she saved Obama’s bacon on the Pres Debate, I have ZERO respect for her.

    • CalCoolidge

      I had ZERO respect for her for 20 years, before she volunteered to work on Obama’s campaign during the debate. Now, I have even less respect. :-)

  • Jose

    This interview was awesome, Crowley looked in visible pain trying to outsmart Cruz without revealing to the audience she hates everything he stands for..

    She had the hilarious tactic of trying to make the other side’s point and then moving on to another question. At times she looked desperate to stop Cruz from giving a response.

    • crosshr

      she was thirsty a lot !! :))

    • Vorlath -

      Yes, the “moving on” thing is her trying to be dismissive as if Cruz’ position is not worth the attention. But it just frustrated her that Cruz’ answers were always on target.

  • dennylee60

    Cruz is excellent. He knows how to handle the press. No wonder the press is working so hard to demonize him.

    • puma_for_life

      Yes, he an Rand Paul and the other “new” Republicans do an excellent job handling the press. This is really really great for the GOP…both Cruz and Paul hammered out the message today; it is all the fault of Obama and Harry Reid and Dems. If they can just keep doing this, they will win this battle. BTW, where have McCain and Graham been this past couple weeks; usually they are on all of the Sunday shows every week. Hmmm, me thinks Graham is a bit worried about his upcoming election.

      • Robalou01

        He should be. with any luck he’ll be gone with the wind

  • PicklePlants

    into the lions den………

  • Gary Dickson

    I haven’t watched the Obama Propaganda Network, I mean, the Collectivists News Network since the 2008 Democratic presidential debates.

    After listening to Ms. Crowley, now I remember why.

  • puma_for_life

    Rand Paul also did a great job on Meet the Press with the same message: it’s Obama and the Dem’s shut down.

    • PNWShan

      I watched that video of Savannah Guthrie and I went to her facebook page and commented thusly:
      “I just listened to your interview with Sen. Rand Paul, in which you show your inability to understand any point of view other than Democrat talking points. To paraphrase your question to Sen. Paul, “Do you, Savannah Guthrie, have any idea how totally disgusted the American people are with your bias?” The President is going to ridiculous lengths to make this government shutdown hurt people, all because he is too petty and arrogant to compromise with the House. Pres. Obama has already unilaterally changed his own law several times to give waivers and delays to various groups, but he refused to grant a one-year delay in the mandate for individuals.
      As I said, we are totally disgusted with your bias and your refusal to cover news stories with any sense of objective truth.”

      • puma_for_life

        Great comment…keep it up.

        • PNWShan

          Thanks! I wonder if anyone on her staff actually reads her facebook comments. I hope so.

      • Amjean

        I read that Rand Paul called “it” “The Obama Shutdown” and the lefties went nuts on twitter! I laughed.

  • Loved First 1Jn 4:19

    That’s my Senator WINNING!!

  • CalCoolidge

    Why is she asking a Senator about what the House is doing, instead of asking House leadership?

  • PVG

    Condescending Crowley had to get in the last word on Dana……….she is pathetic.

  • CBDenver

    Ted’s father is a pastor. I bet there are a bunch of folks praying for him to have strength, wisdom, discernment, and patience when he goes on these talk shows.

    • leisureal-

      if YOU HAVE EVER LISTENED TO Rafael Cruz, you would know he has great strength-and knowledge- of what he says, since he lived in a communist country and does not want to see America slip into that state-which the current leaders in government are pushing for!

  • slhancock

    Candy Crowley is the epitome of the media’a bias. There is only one view and they can argue all day long, but never see another point of view. They are totally brainwashed. Ted Cruz was great! Maybe some of the people watching CNN will finally get the seed of truth planted in their brains and begin to germinate.

  • JoeTulsa

    Americans are with you, Senator Cruz!
    There are two Americas, the elites in Washington and the rest of us.

  • daisy_mae

    Oh how sweet this is!!!!

  • las1

    Crowley: “Do you think you’ve hurt the Republican Party brand”

    Could this “woman” not spin and whirl like a dervish any more in her role as a shill for the Democrat party and their leading tyrant Obama? Such a question shows they are desperate… positively d e s p e r a t e to besmirch Cruz at the highest as well as the lowest level. Such a vacuous and despicable question proves that she (as well as her colleagues) are simply NOT serious in discussing the issues other than to use the issues as a front to cover their contempt and hatred behind their personal attacks against Cruz.

    “… hurt the Republican Party brand”. Indeed! This woman is simply not a serious journalist… but then again we knew that with the second presidential debate..

    • SisterMary

      Spinning and whirling like a dervish? Oh dear. I fear for the the condition of the planet should this occur.

      • las1

        Instead of the MSM doing the Dems PR for them through their operatives like dear sweet Candy, personally I would simply settle for the Dems sitting across from the Republicans to hammer out a … what’s that word again… oh yeah, a compromise.

        But what did dingy Harry say on that subject… let’s see… oh yeah… I think he said this… I could be mistaken… maybe it wasn’t him… but someone famous said it, “I would not meet them in a room, I would not meet them with a broom. I would not trust them to keep their word, I would flush them like a… “

        : )

        • SisterMary


  • conservativechick

    Candy could hardly contain the spittle from flying from her mouth a la Chris Matthews. She is uglier than ever this morning, both in appearance, and actions.

    For the rest of the Republicans, is it really so hard to go on these shows, speak the truth and employ common sense?
    The American people could give a flying fig what Candy Crowley thinks, we want you to start listening to US.

    • 1mrt1

      If she gets any bigger she will explode

    • banger377

      The whor e’s at CNN pull out all the stops. Does everyone see that when Cruz is speaking, CNN put’s those distracting blue and red worms in the background?

      My apologies to all the whor es out there.

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    Crowley needs to go away….puppet

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    yeah, pass it now and ask later….sounds so familiar

  • standbesideherUSA

    I just heard this joke. Does this seem….”extreme”, Candy?

    A man died and went to Heaven. At the pearly gates he saw St. Peter.

    Behind him was a HUGE wall of clocks. The man asked, “What are all those clocks?’’

    St. Peter said, “Those are the LIE-CLOCKS.’’ Everyone on earth has a lie clock.

    Every time you tell a lie, the hands on your clock will move.
    ‘’Oh,’’said the man, pointing to another clock, “Who’s clock is that?’’

    “Oh, said Saint Peter, ‘’That’s Mother Teresa’s clock.” “The hands have never moved indicating that she has never told a lie.”

    ‘’Incredible,’’ the man said.

    ‘’That one over there is Lincoln’s clock, indicating that he has only lied twice in his lifetime.’’

    ‘’Where’s Obama’s LIE-CLOCK?’’ asked the man. ‘’Oh, that’s in the Lord’s office.’’ He’s using it as a CEILING FAN.’’ :-)

  • sjmom

    Oh, Cruz is good! He took control of the interview from the beginning and kept it.

    • boogsmama

      and never once lost his composure. That is a TRUE leader.

  • standbesideherUSA

    Ted is brilliant in this interview. Candy, not so much.

    • SisterMary

      Well, the surprise would be if Crowley were and Ted weren’t. But that’s just me. :)

    • George Sweetapple

      Ted just keeps talking about things that aren’t really true. Or things that polls, statistics, facts, or reality don’t show to be true. I don’t think lying, and being a shill for really wealthy campaign contributors is the definition for brilliant.

      • marketcomp

        Moron, he is staying on topic and everything he said is true.

        • George Sweetapple

          “I talked to someone from Detroit, who said……” is wasting time in an interview, running out the clock. Cruz looked foolish many times.

          I think you should realize that these congressmen and senators are like lawyers, who are paid by their contributors to stick to the script. No matter what.

          I don’t know how he knows “What the American People Want…” either. Maybe he’s has some NSA friends.

          The ACA is a conservative idea!

          • leisureal-

            I think Senator Cruz is actually standing up for the American people and not just using talking points to protect power , position, and money like the ones who have spent their lives in politics and are scared to death they might get voted out by their constituents who do not agree with what the Representatives say they stand for-AND HELL, THAT MEANS FINDING A JOB AFTER LIVING OFF TAXPAYERS FO R25-30 YEARS!

          • Sunshine43

            Someone still lives in Detroit???

            • 57thunderbird

              Probably in a cardboard box.

      • AmericanDuckie

        Have you anything of substance to say? Any actual facts? Or are you just lost on your way to media matters? Quit trolling.

        • Sunshine43

          Wonderful comment! I was wondering when another would get bored with this hobgoblin!

    • Sunshine43

      Candy who?????

  • warpmine

    To paraphrase Rowena Huxley, “She really licked his ass”

  • SurfinCowboy

    “Dana Bash is a big girl and she’s just fine”

    Nice attempt by Candy Crowley to make it appear is if Sen. Cruz was belittling Bash’s gender when he pointed out that Sen. Reid was disparaging and rude to her.

    Actually Cruz treated Bash with the respect worthy of any member of the media asking a question. He treated her as equally deserving of respect when performing her job. It is Crowley, with her comment, that is the one who becomes bigoted – assuming that anyone defending someone is doing so on the basis of gender, not out of concern for the occupation as a whole – and if not bigoted, then purposefully casting an unfounded accusation couched in the rhetoric of sexism. Which is even more shameful than the otherwise soft bigotry of low expectations she otherwise expressed.

    A great video to watch as a lesson in how the interviewer will try to generate the talking point they want, in this case a desperate attempt to have Cruz link Obamacare reform as a make-or-break foundation of the Republican efforts. Cruz skillfully identified this and never gave her the soundbite she so sought. Instead Cruz continually turned the conversation back the the intransigence of the Senate under Reid and the POTUS’s refusal to negotiate, all the while using facts and procedural reality as his substance.

    An excellent demonstration of how to easily turn the tables on a partisan interviewer like Crowley. Easy, because it relies on truth instead of hunting for smear-worthy soundbites based on obfuscation and lies.

    Can you see why folks like Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham find their ways behind microphones? They generate the soundbites that the progressive-sympathizing left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) so desire. They allow themselves (through purpose or base foolishness) to be used by the opposing side as supporters.

    Nicely done Senator Cruz.

  • luckycat76

    Here Ted Cruz reminds us that he is not only the smartest, but also the most gracious guy in the room.

    • George Sweetapple

      If you REALLY believe that Ted Cruz is smart, you should move to Texas, where all the smart people live. They you can secede, with all those geniuses.

      • leisureal-

        Thanks, I already live there and am extremely grateful for a “junior senator” that shows the Senior Senators for whom they really are-MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR POWER AND POSITION than the welfare of Americans !

        • waynesteapartyworld

          Absolutely right leisureal, the “senior Senators” on both sides of the aisle are reminiscent of the “nobles” in the movie “Braveheart”.

      • 57thunderbird

        If you can’t pit together a cogent argument to prove your point,just hurl insults and sarcasm,the way a primate hurls his own feces.I guess we can refer to you as turd hurler.

        • boogsmama

          omg I am so stealing this comment…that was great!! lol

          • 57thunderbird


        • George Sweetapple

          First of all, just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean my argument is flawed. Secondly, all the talk about Candy Crowley and the president on here certainly not very nice, so just try not to be too offended by sarcasm in the other direction. Who would have thought that people with such serious opinions would be so sensitive.

          My argument is this:

          Ted Cruz is a liar.

          He doesn’t care about the affect on unions. He doesn’t care about regular working Americans. He is a shill, a plant or a patsy for big business, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to guard their interests. In regular life, this is the same thing that lawyers do, and it is not looked on as being shameful. Being an advocate for a client is honorable.

          Parading in front of the entire country, trying to gather support for something that you know is not in the best interest of the country is indeed shameful.

          I do not believe that all these tea party voters know what they are doing.

          I also believe there are RACIST tendencies in the republican coalition, that do not want the president to succeed at anything, and people like Ted Cruz prey on that too.

          • 57thunderbird

            Unions?Hahahahaha!!!!Unions suck!Especially public unions.

      • Sunshine43

        When did you go off your meds?

  • doorsxp

    Ted Cruz is impressive.

    Me, I would’ve just brought a basket of cheeseburgers with me and set it on the table. Candy would’ve putty in my hands.

    • George Sweetapple

      Not nice. Not true. Not relevant to the discussion. You should be censured too.

      • marketcomp

        She deserved it after what she di to Mitt Romney in the debates and now what is doing for the democrats, carrying their water.

        • George Sweetapple

          I don’t mind when journalist really question people, and take them past their talking points. The guy from Fox did it to the president. I thought it was rude, but a bit necessary. (I think he interrupted the president 40 times.) It really showed disrespect for the Office, as well as for Barak Obama. The question is if Cruz could stand up to it. Sometimes yes, sometimes, he really couldn’t go any farther, because I don’t think he has the support of even all the republicans.

          • 57thunderbird

            It was a puff piece.BillO should have grilled him!I would have.

          • Sunshine43

            Obonehead deserves no respect whatsoever! BTW, have you noticed how big his nose is getting?

          • nwwapiti

            The President shows no respect for the office either. Further I frankly think BHO holds this entire country in contempt which is just as well as his approval rating is dropping which by default means a majority hold him in contempt as well.

    • marketcomp


    • Sunshine43

      Now you’re talking! Hilarious!

  • 57thunderbird

    I love how Candy assumed extreme congressman meant Cruz.Frigging elitist snob.I also like how they always try to trip Ted up and it never works.It really ruffles their feathers.Candy,shut up and let him finish answers!

    • standbesideherUSA

      Cutting sensible, conservative answers off.
      That’s the liberal’s “tell” that they are losing the argument.
      They are indeed, transparent.

      • 57thunderbird


      • George Sweetapple

        Crowley was cutting off a filibuster. He was talking about other things, and evading the questions she was asking. That is why he was repeating himself so much.

        Anecdotes and statistics are different things. Facts and “What the American People Want….” are different things too.

        ACA is law. It was voted on. Then there was an election, and the ACA right in the center of it. The Supreme court ruled it legal too.

        • marketcomp

          Slavery was the law too and and the Supreme Court ruled it law. And it was also voted on. So, what’s your point?

          • George Sweetapple

            That is is a stupid comparison.

            The ACA is a program, however flawed, which is intended to help people live with dignity.

            Slavery was a terrible, awful, racist injustice. Everyone in America knew it at the time.

            Saying “What is you point?” Does not negate the validity of my argument. You are still wrong.

          • Amjean

            Going for the race card? Give it up. We are tired of that game.

            • George Sweetapple

              You can’t dismiss things because we (libs) use them and they are true.

              “Oh, and I suppose you want to talk about that giant black eye some more,” Said the abusive husband.

              IT is true.

              • Amjean

                Listen “sweetie”, it was republicans that rid the nation of slavery. And they don’t go on and on about it. You lefties
                have morphed into a bunch of self serving liars. Those are
                the facts.

            • marketcomp

              Showing a comparison of how wrong these lawmakers can be when passing certain laws.

        • leisureal-

          wrong. “the law” was what was passed by Congress and voted on by Supreme Court!-not the bill that Obama has developed with all the changes he made. By law, they would still require passage by Congress to be legal!
          Judge Napolitano confirmed this.

          • Sunshine43


        • 57thunderbird

          Actually it is illegitimate because the senate can not pass spending bills and this is exactly what Obalhblahcare is,a spending bill.Only the house of representatives have that authority .So cry me a rive.

      • Sunshine43

        Spot on, it’s so obvious, isn’t it!!!

  • 57thunderbird

    Where is her blowhole?Not the one in her face.

    • George Sweetapple

      Not nice. You should be getting censured.

      • 57thunderbird

        It wasn’t intended to be nice!Sorry,I don’t do P.C.

  • 57thunderbird

    Crowley is no journalist.She simply opines like BillO.

    • Sunshine43

      She appears to like to eat a lot also!

      • 57thunderbird

        True that! lol!

  • George Sweetapple

    so what is the deal here? I can’t say anything bad about the ridiculous posts on here, but all the conservatives are allowed to say untruthful, unintelligent things about Candy Crowley and the President?

    This is why all the conservatives were so surprised they lost the election. It is also why they will be surprised when they lose the house. They live “Outside reality.”

    You can believe bluster over facts, passion over logic, and and ideology over reality all you want. But the rest of the country will leave you behind.

    If you aren’t intelligent enough to be embarrassed by most of the things Ted Cruz says, you shouldn’t be voting.

    • MaroonRepublic

      When has your ideology ever worked? Name one time?

      Capitalism built the greatest country ever and the progressives want to burn it down because there are those that have chosen to not participate. Your philosophies fail because of human nature. It can never work because of that fact.

      • George Sweetapple

        My ideology? How do you claim to know what my ideology is?

        Capitalism didn’t build any roads or bridges. It didn’t make sure that poor people, or disabled people didn’t starve in the streets. It enjoyed the profits of slavery, as you mention down the page. It worked women and children to death.

        Capitalism can be a good thing. But it needs rules. The conservative freedom we hear so much about doesn’t give the well off the right to squash the voice of the poor.

        I could go on for a long time. Let’s just say that I think the wealthy are too smart for most of the working class, and they get them to vote against their own best interests over and over.

        • 57thunderbird


          • George Sweetapple

            I know. Truth to conservatives is dull.

            • 57thunderbird

              You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the backside.Truth is anathema to a liberal.

        • Amjean

          And there are NO wealthy lefties!!?!! Do you live in your mother’s basement? You lack command of any facts.
          Sounds like a bunch of foolish talking points you read off of some lefty progressive cheat sheet.

    • standbesideherUSA

      Um, conservatives ACTUALLY live ”Outside of the good graces of the liberal, lap-dog, lame stream media.” …and are thriving in spite of it.

    • layne22

      Sir, your posts are being shown. Why are you complaining about not being able to “say anything bad”? If you mean you don’t like being contradicted, well then I suggest you start sharing credible information which supports your position instead of calling people names.

    • Sunshine43

      Think Rottenapple would be more suitable!

      • boogsmama

        or Applesauce for brains LOL

    • Amjean

      Unfortunately for you, intelligence is not on your side.

  • stlouisix

    Obama’s Goebbels agitprop arm, PRAVDA USA, continues to go down in
    flames attempting to discredit Senator Cruz and to trap him into agreeing with nonsensical free America killing propositions which Cruz will have none of in regard to the lies of its card carrying members!

    Wow, way to give ‘em hell with a smile, Senator, exposing the fraud water carriers for Obama for what they are, mindless drones who couldn’t care less about the common good in favor of allowing a Manchurian president to destroy the American dream for our children, grandchildren and future generations of Americans not communists.

    REAL Americans in more than name only are very proud of you!

    • George Sweetapple

      You creep me out, and I won’t respond.

  • MaroonRepublic

    Trying to see the bucket next to candy that she is using to try to carry the democrat’s water.

    Right after he blew up her blackmail claim, she launched into are you hurting the GOP brand? Are you kidding?

    • boogsmama

      I’m surprised she didn’t blame Bush or call Ted a racist…those are their “go to” slams when nothing else works lol

    • Sunshine43

      She certainly is one corpulent woman, eh??

  • Kevin

    Guys like Cruz are going to be the death of the Republican party. What you die hard, far righties fail to realize is that you are the extreme minority in this country as are the ones on the far left. The middle where the vast majority of the country lives and we are going to take this out on you and yes, that means that we are going to hold Republicans responsible and show you the door. When you lose the house which is very likely because of your current childish actions you will really have some soul searching to do. If you dont find a way to get the debt ceiling raised you will be responsible for the death of the greatest country on the planet and destroying the lives of the very people who you put in office. That is the truth and you best believe it is what is going to happen.

    • Roddy

      MOve on Whiner – ENOUGH already – 17 trillion – 10 of those raised by your boy chariman MAO is enough

      • George Sweetapple

        Not true. Deficit is going down. Read the real news.

        • 57thunderbird

          The news with the left bent.There is no such thing as real news on TV.It is nothing more than propaganda and opinion not news.You have been brainwashed well.Low info voter.Sad.

        • MaroonRepublic

          Your proud of only a 700 billion dollar deficit? On the back of higher taxes and a sequester. Congrats! Still sky high and will only go higher in the future. Talking points and no brain.

        • Uncle Buck

          Where are you finding that fact, or should I say fiction. And, the ACA just takes more money from the middle and upper class to give to mostly those who are satisfied to let the government support them. I know, two of those people live in my house.

        • boogsmama

          let me guess…you subscribe to the Onion? lmfaooooooo that says all I need to know.

        • layne22

          You do realize the difference between the debt and the deficit don’t you?

    • MaroonRepublic

      These progressives are getting nervous. They are showing up more and more on this board saying Cruz is the devil and giving us warnings of what we should do.

      Ok Kevin. Your such a wordsmith that I’m now convinced that trillions of dollars in debt and no freedom is the way to go. Thanks and I’ll go get my lobotomy tomorrow.

      • Kevin

        Im not getting nervous at all. In fact I look forward to you guys digging your own graves. The debt is what it is. Where is the great Tea Party / Republican ideas to tackle social security and heath care reform? You can at least admit that we do need to tackle these things or we will be speaking Chinese right? Nope cant touch those at all. Trying to repeal a law and finding a compromise answer that we can all live with are two different things. That and you dont know what the word compromise means. Add to that you dont have an answer for any issue except no. So you can whine all you want about the Dems but you are just as much if not more a part of the problem and you too have no solution.

        • MaroonRepublic

          Actually we do but we can’t get it passed or even brought up because of all the demagogues on the left and the middle. Congressman Ryan had good ideas to start. Healthcare can be solved with getting government out of it in the first place, allow more competition, setup plans that don’t have everything and that carry only things people need. More tort reform would help cost too. We have lots of ideas. Just ask.

          And you are getting nervous.

        • 57thunderbird

          it is Oblahblah the little dick tater that doesn’t know what compromise means.GMAB!!

        • Amjean

          The whiner and crier is yourself!

    • Right_Wingnut

      Why are you sounding the warning bell? If my opponents were truly on the verge of hanging themselves, I’d give them more rope.

    • 57thunderbird

      The republican party died a long time ago.Time for the conservatives to take over.90% of the establishment repubs are RINO.s and should just change the R behind their names and place a D there.And in reference to your last sentence,You are so convinced of that fact, that you spend your time at a conservative sight trying to convince us of it.That is funny!

    • Sunshine43

      You are so very dead wrong!

    • Amjean

      Kevin, grow a conservative pair or get out of our way!

    • Timothy Jacques

      Or we can go with the establishment as die a slow death via a million paper cuts.

    • PNWShan

      Who is being childish? The Republicans who are trying to fund the NIH and the NPS, etc. through individual spending bills (the way it used to be done), or the President who erects barricades to prevent WWII vets from walking around an open-air memorial? Obama is the most childish, petulant, thin-skinned, vengeful, arrogant politician I have ever seen.

    • gare

      ‘if you don’t find a way to get the debt ceiling raised you will be responsible for the death of the greatest country on the planet….’ Take a moment and think about that sentence, really think about it. Spoken like a true Democrat; don’t budget, don’t cut spending, do not be fiscally responsible with revenue, just spend spend spend and when you get low, just make some more. When individual citizens spend more than they make, and charge more than they can pay, they go broke. They file bankruptcy-and must undergo credit counseling in order to gain credit worthiness again. This administration simply wants more credit-and wants to give Detroit more money to bail themselves out AGAIN. Talk about borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. It has got to stop, someone has to make the hard choices to stop this train wreck, or we will no longer be the greatest nation in the world, we will be Greece. OK kids, do you remember what happened to Greece? Someone grow a set, stand up for smaller government, and get this $%^& together before we cease to exist. This crap is real, its not a game of monopoly with pretend money. We can’t keep printing it like it is a game. If the Dems have a plan, let us hear it. The finger pointing is not ever going to help.

  • George Sweetapple

    Oh I think I get it now.

    This entire website, with the article and the comments is FAKE.

    I bet it is one, kooky conservative guy, in a low income apartment that the HERITAGE FOUNDATION (or maybe the KOCH BROTHERS) paid for, and he writes the article and makes up all the comments.

    I hope it is true. Because if our country has hundreds of millions of people who believe this nonsense, and write this nonsense, we are in big trouble.

    The internet was supposed to encourage more thinking, not enable extremists to find each other justify their crazy ideas.

    All the posters on here should read something besides conservative media. The arguments for the shut down, and the debt ceiling are not credible. The conservatives don’t have any credibility on any issue.

    The ACA was a conservative idea! And it is working pretty well in Massachusetts!

    What is wrong with all of you?

    • marketcomp

      So what if was a Massachusetts BIG GOVERNMENT Republican idea, that is not Conservative and is NOT Constitutional. And it is not what American people want. A huge fact that Obama, you, Candy, and the democrat party refused to recognize.

      • George Sweetapple

        Are you kidding? That isn’t an argument.

        The ACA is an attempted solution to an existing problem. Defunding it, and holding the country hostage over it isn’t the answer.

        Show me the votes!

        That is how stuff works!

        • MaroonRepublic

          It’s not a solution. It doesn’t even do anything it was sold to do. It’s a way to get to the next step and you know it. We know where it will lead.

          And the term “holding the country hostage” is not making your argument. It means you don’t have one.

          • 57thunderbird

            He has been talking for a long time and has yet to make his point.

            • George Sweetapple

              Just because you don’t agree with what I write doesn’t mean I haven’t made a point.

              Perhaps you should read s l o w e r.

              Holding up funding for important and unrelated things isn’t a valid strategy for something you can’t defeat the democratic way. You need votes, and you don’t have them.

              The house has a minority of these Tea party extremist who never have to withstand a statewide or national election. They would never be able to win a statewide or national election.

              That is another reason why holding up funding for important but unrelated things isn’t a valid strategy. When you have more Tea Party congress members, senators, or more, you can pass the things you want too.

              If you don’t have the votes, you can’t pass things.

              • 08hayabusa

                All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of
                Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills.”
                — U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 7, clause 1

                How is this holding the country hostage?

                Harry Reid and the Senate are holding the country hostage. It is not their place to decide what appropriations the House decides upon.

              • 57thunderbird

                There you go again blaming the Tea Party.The very same group that you and your ilk have proclaimed to be dead for almost five years.If the Tea Party is dead how are they to blame>Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Timothy Jacques

        50 states….50 different experiments (or 57 to Obama).

  • poorhardworker

    Candy’s epitaph: Chewed up and spit out by Ted Cruz!

    • 08hayabusa

      “Ted Cruz, he chews barbed wire, he spits out rust….Sarah Palin.

    • Timothy Jacques

      chewed up candy “taffy”

  • boogsmama

    that was almost better than sex. He wiped the floor with her!!

  • Amjean

    I love that the conservatives aren’t intimated and go into the “lion’s den” so-to-speak!

  • clubgitmo

    Why do Conservatives go on these shows? Their politics is so obvious with an obvious agenda.

    • boogsmama

      yeah God forbid someone finally look out for Americans…oh the NERVE of Cruz!!

    • PNWShan

      Because if the Conservatives can communicate well, like Cruz and Rand, then some grains of truth can still spread out through the liberal filter.

  • RobCon

    Why not just have Jay Carney interview Cruz?

  • George Sweetapple

    OK, now we are having some fun! What is the point of posting if everyone agrees with you?

    • 57thunderbird

      Go back to Huff Po.

      • George Sweetapple

        Everyone agrees with me. It is boring.

  • aboutdat

    BearNJ posted CRUZ on C-SPAN on the last thread with Super Cruz Taking apart the PROGGIES on many issues.

    I think this was Friday and I have NEVER seen a Jr Senator take down old DEM PROG Senators. VERY HISTORICAL EVENTS GOING ON HERE!

    BearNJ aboutdat

    IF you folks have the time, please see CRUZ take over the SENATE (click on whole session and move around to parts you like) and DOMINATE the OLD PROGS, a true thing of beauty I hope to see more of.
    Click on slide bar at the bottom to move around in longer video… REID WAS ACTING LIKE A SCOLDED PUPPY.

    • aboutdat

      Had to wrestle with that link big time, I do not know why they are so hard to copy on here and get right. Missing characters and everything, it is like someone is playing with me.
      Sorry if anyone got a blank screen or whatever.

    • Vorlath -

      I didn’t want to watch for a full hour, but I couldn’t look away. Cruz tore them apart. Made them all look like rookies.

  • George Sweetapple

    Here is what I know:

    This government shutdown has been in the planning for a long time. It is written about in detail in the NY Times. It is fact. People have been discussing it in public meetings for months. Blaming Democrats for “not negotiating” is dishonest. Republicans want to defund it. That isn’t negotiating. They don’t have the votes to repeal it, and they use other means to get their way, which aren’t good for the American economy. That isn’t honorable.

    I am a moderate democrat, and if you have a good idea I’d listen. But I can go to work, or the bar, or someone’s house, and hear how Barak Obama is the devil. He is a Kenyan, socialist, communist, marxist, muslim, who is going to implement Sharia law on the country. Those aren’t valid arguments. That is all nonsense.

    Conservatives used to have credibility on things. I believe they don’t have any great policy knowledge in any area. Environment? Business? Economy? No. No. No. There is no honor in dismissing science that disagrees with your donors interests. It is also dishonorable to embrace science that does.

    I’d like to see an A game come from some conservatives, not just attacking the credibility of me, or scientists, or economists…

    When ACA is up and running, and everything is working, and millions more people have coverage, what are you going to do then? Repeal it?

    Politics is decay too. How many career politicians of both sides are just making a great living as an advocate. How many go from government, to the industry they advocate for, and then back to government? Things like this have to stop.

    The ACA was your idea. Heritage started this, and I would have thought that most conservatives would jump on the chance to see people pay for their health care themselves, instead of walking in and getting free emergency service every time they had a problem. That costs too much, and it isn’t effective.

    The country is changing, and you are going to be left behind.

    • 57thunderbird

      I hope they stay shut down for a very long time.

      • Timothy Jacques

        There was once a time when the citizens lived with a small Fed Gov’t and we can do it again.

        • George Sweetapple

          That is probably not a good idea. There are over 300,000,000 people, and they all don’t speak english. They have different customs and they came from different places. It isn’t 1840 anymore, and we need the government to do things. 300 Million people can’t run rampant. A big part of the constitution is fairness, and we wont have that without laws. You can’t just say stuff and think it is a good idea because is sounds good to you.

          • 57thunderbird

            Thanks to liberals and their insane idea of multiculturalism.It is a good idea and we are going to do all within our power to see to it that it happens.Buckle’s going to be a bumpy ride.Liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • PNWShan

            “300 million people can’t run rampant.” That is liberal fascism in a nutshell. The elite fear millions of people making their own decisions, so they must exert increasingly more control.

            • 57thunderbird

              Great point PW!Really gave himself away with that one.

            • George Sweetapple

              Would if 40 million people decided they wanted to kill you, and everyone like you?

              Elite fear? That is dumb.


              You’ve got to do better than that.

          • 57thunderbird

            Learn English or leave and go back to you country of origin.

            • George Sweetapple

              That is racist racist racist!

              • 57thunderbird


          • layne22

            Dude, please tell us the article of the Constitution that talks about fairness!! Like you said, “You just can’t say stuff and think it is a good idea because it sounds good to you.” That’s one thing I agree with you on. A big part of the Constitution is about freedom! You know, the 1st 10 Amendments, the Bill of Rights! Fairness has to do with having making sure there are equal outcomes. That my friend is what communism tried to accomplish (in theory).

            • George Sweetapple

              Equal opportunity?

              You have a good point my friend. There is a fine line between equal opportunity and communism.

              Do we want to be a country that allows the old or sick to just die? What about the mentally challenged?

              Do the most wealthy deserve the biggest political advantage because they can finance an election?

              You are “Free” to go to Harvard, or be a Doctor, or sail around the world. But it is an empty, meaningless freedom if you are marked from birth.

              Why did all those people come here in the early 1900s?

              Because they were born into a bad lot, and they couldn’t escape. And when they take any means necessary to rectify the situation, it should be considered fair too.

              This situation must have happened many times to past civilizations.

          • PAUSEpolitics

            300 million ppl running rampant? That’s what you see when you think “smaller government”?? Please, man, for your own good: Put. The. Kool-Aid. Down.

          • Tim Jaggers

            300M people running rampant with a smaller Federal gov’t? What drugs are you on? A smaller Federal gov’t as mandated by the Constitution does not eliminate the State governments.

            The only things we need the government to do are specified in the Constitution. You want it to do more then amend it. Until you do that, the Constitution is the law of the land and the Federal government has no choice to adhere to its restrictions. It is anarchy to allow anything else.

        • 57thunderbird


    • CapeLady

      You seem to miss the fact that the House countered with a proposal to fund the entire government and give ordinary Americans the same one-year delay for Obamacare that Obama’s cronies and special interests received – that is pretty fair – but it was rejected! When you see what a disaster the rollout has been with the complete failure of the online exchange websites, etc… Obama may live to regret that decision. People are frustrated and angry. They had two years to get ready for this – if it is such a fiasco just to get the websites up, how can Americans trust them with their healthcare?

      Obama is refusing to negotiate because he is feeding this into the debt ceiling fight. If Boehner does not give him everything he wants, he will usurp Congressional power and raise the debt limit himself – which would be an impeachable offense but he knows Harry Reid will never do that. He is using the 14th amendment as a cover but that is a complete deception. The whole exercise is because we have plenty of money coming in to cover the interest on our debt and bonds – there is no reason for default unless Obama wants to ignore those payments to advance his political agenda – taking power upon himself while he shreds the Constitution.. and the liberals will praise him for it because they believe everything he says and he lies.

      • George Sweetapple

        Is this part of a novel?

        Refusing to negotiate? He already won everything he has. It all passed. Republicans have never offered any credible changes.

        If Boehner does not give him everything he wants?

        Once again these are things the president already has. He isn’t going to give Boehner anything back. If Boehner had the votes he’d have to.

        “Taking power upon himself while he shreds the Constitution?”

        That would be a great cover for the novel. You could have him look like a demon, shredding the constitution with his giant fangs.

        You’ve got to bring more that that.

    • aboutdat

      Man, you really have that progressive SPEW spin flowing tonight don’t you.
      The people on here are too smart to get into a conversation or debate with you on your OBVIOUSLY DISHONEST talking points and little mind that is all made up
      Are you one of those indoctrinated kids that was on Hannity Friday night?

      • George Sweetapple

        I really do. And I didn’t mean to either.

        I saw some of the interview on TV today, and I looked it up on the net. I saw that the page was called *The Right Scoop,” and read the opening blip on how brilliant Ted Cruz was, and it kind of set me off. I’d guess that I didn’t convince anyone of anything though…

        It is too bad that people go to this vast resource not to find things to think about, but to reinforce the opinions they had in the first place.

        Calling my facts talking points doesn’t change them from being facts.

        I didn’t see those kids on Hannity, but I bet it was kind of depressing…Like the kids who are gymnasts or skaters, that never get a chance to decide what they want to be.

        • 57thunderbird

          Just because you claim they are facts doesn’t make it so.Prove it or pipe down.Oh,that’s right you can’t.We should just take your word for t right?Pfffft!

    • Vorlath -

      I haven’t seen brainwashing this bad since ME when I was a liberal. You’ve got it bad, man. Nothing can help you, I’m afraid. You’ve been told so many lies and have assimilated so much of it, you’re regurgitating it all over the place.

      I used to be you. You’re filled with hatred. You don’t understand how Conservatives (or anyone really) can be so dense. You think that their views are as old as the dinosaurs and will end up with the same fate and it can’t come soon enough. You talk amongst a group of people that don’t allow other sides of the story and have a circlejerk of approval on various political issues. Yes, you do talk to the other side every now and then, but you always go back for re-affirmation.

      You support Obama in a time where someone with vast experience in economics and finances is required. Obama knows ZERO about anything financial. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

      Pretend you want to fix your car. Now, go out and find someone on the street who is the least qualified possible. Who would the perfect candidate be for that criteria?

      – A non-mechanic
      – Someone who knows nothing about how a motor works.
      – Someone who’s never even seen a car, if that’s possible.

      That is Obama in a nutshell when it comes to the economy. He’s never held a single private sector job except for a small stint where he claimed that people being able to employ others is tantamount to slavery. Aside from that, no private sector experience ever. He’s never held an executive position before being President. He’s only even destroyed things. He’s said so himself that it’s easier to force change by intimidating others to enact those changes. All he knows how to do is spend more. He actually thinks a “cut” is where he spends less than he can imagine spending, but still more than last year. I kid you not. That’s an Obama-cut. So Obama says he’s going to buy 10 new Ferrari’s and instead, buys 9. That’s a cut. That’s not a cut, that 9 Ferrari’s worth of new spending.

      You helped put that guy there. He’s also responsible for the largest spending increase in the history of the United States and I’m not talking about Obamacare. I’m talking about the past 5 years. When it comes to Obamacare, it will surpass all spending by all Presidents combined including Obama’s existing spending which has already done the same. Yes, Obama has spent in 3 years what Bush did in 8.

      So pretty please, with sugar on top, leave the Kool-aid aside. Clean up your own back yard before accusing others.

      • George Sweetapple


        I have waited HOURS for a post like yours. You are able to articulate the conservative point of view better that anyone on this site.

        There are numerous things I could debate with you. And those would be things I would have to look up and verify. And I would do it. I also think I would agree with you on many points.

        Unfortunately, it will have to wait.

        Another day.

        Why weren’t we talking about spending every day when GWB was spending trillions killing people?

        Why all the emphasis on spending only when there is a democratic president?

        Cutting government spending during a recession, (that was created by lack of regulation) is really bad for the economy.

        Having this huge demographic of working poor people is killing the country.

    • Roddy

      IS simple – Republicans dont want OBAMACARE – they have the votes to defund OBAMACARE – GET USED TO IT

      • Karri-M

        The Republicans have wasted our money (and their time) on at least 40 votes to end the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Ace (aka Obamacare). They have failed. Most Americans want people with pre-existing conditions to be able to afford health insurance. People who have actually done the research realize that preventive care saves money (as well as suffering and lives) and the PPACA provides that.
        If Americans hate Obamacare as much as some people suggest, we would have President Romney.
        Look, you are right, the law does not go far enough. It does not increase competition by allowing a public option. But, it is a step in the right direction. I am tired of signing death certificates for people who would be alive if they had affordable health care. The PPACA will at least help.
        There are a lot of statements regarding PPACA out there that are false. Please go to RELIABLE sites to get accurate information. (Please avoid sites like Fox, MSNBC, Rush, etc., and go to sites that are peer reviewed, like medical journals.) Before listening to snake oil salesmen, please educate yourselves.

        • T Pain

          Karri-M, I’ve read a series of your comments and replies and I must say it sounds like you’re just copying and pasting the administration’s strategists comments as your own. It’s apparent that you are still listening to the ‘beating drum’, but most of us are now awake and we’re hoping you wake up too. God bless

  • Charm4sure

    Love ya Cruz! Candy is looking a little tired. Carrying the water for the commies must get tiring. She thought she could win a debate with Cruz and she shot everything she had and lost on every one of them. Keep trying Candy. It is fun watching the take down. According to Crowley having a different goal in negotiating is blackmail. Go home Candy and lick your wounds.

  • SteveRound

    I remember when Crowley covered the Bush campaign and wore bad clothes and no make up while Gore was covered by sexy looking young thing. Lets not forget the debate she saved Obama on. Why anyone bothers to go out on these shows is beyond me. Glad Cruz and Bonehead are staying on message. About time but they will be blamed in the end.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Why? To get the message out to the sheeple that don’t get Rush, Levin or Fox.

  • Steve Angell

    This ultra partisan propagandist was find and dandy with Mitt Romney for his debate.

    This woman is so biased only the DNC should be able to hire her.

    Thankfully Cruz is far smarter than this sorry excuse of a supposed journalist.

  • George Sweetapple

    Good Night all. You’ve inspired me to write a short story:

    Give me my chips back! I yelled to the Blackjack dealer!

    You lost them! They are mine now, he replied.

    You have to negotiate with me. Let’s play some more.

    You have no chips. Go get some, and you can play.

    You took all my chips.

    I did not. You lost them, and that is how the game works.

    I am now going to lay on the table, and nobody else can play until you give me SOME of my chips back. I will close this table.

    The dealer is refusing to negotiate with me! I called out, as I read GREEN EGGS and HAM to the entire casino.

    • doorsxp

      Where’s the part where the Blackjack dealer shuts down the Amber Alert system or the NIH children cancer research programs in order to hurt children? I guess that doesn’t work so well in your fantasy.

      I understand why you resort to fantasy and false analogies: your side is losing, spiteful, and in the wrong, and that reality is hard to accept.

      Now, GTFO libturd.

    • Roddy

      What a MORON

  • Matthew Dietz

    When is someone going to call out these hosts on their own show. “You sound like you’re an advocate for Obamacare” or something to just kick them in the gut and put them on defense. Other than that Ted did fantastic, he’s one smooth cat.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      The Alinsky trained propagandists in the MSM don’t go on the defensive; they attack back, usually resorting to name calling when they run out of talking points.

  • Vicky Sanlor

    she’s completely out of line and inpartial. I wouldn’t call her a journalist, she’s not objective in the least, bias like all other CNN “Reporters”.

    • kong1967

      She portrays herself as impartial, but she isn’t. She kept trying to blame Cruz for the shutdown and she even brought up the nasty things members in both parties were saying about him. Definitely trying to marginalize him.

      He is quick with his responses and is right on message. When she tried telling him that 75% of the population is against shutting down government, he said that he was part of that 75%. She’s not quick enough mentally to keep up with Cruz.

      • Karri-M

        He IS responsible for the shutdown. He knew that the Senate would never vote to defund the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, but he pushed for it. Now that the shutdown is hurting people (gee, who could have foreseen that?), he is trying to put the blame anywhere he can — except where it belongs — on himself and the other greedy, stupid Republicans.

        Is he that stupid or does he think we are?

        • kong1967

          Republicans funded everything in government other than Obamacare. Knowing that Democrats would shut down government to hold it hostage does not make Republicans responsible for it. You don’t stop from doing the right thing because someone threatens to do something in retaliation, and if they retaliate they must be held responsible for their own actions. Reid and Obama shut down government.

          If I’m spraying grass killer on your lawn and you threaten to call the police, is it your fault if I say I’m going to burn your house down if you do that even if you knew I’d retaliate? No. I would still be responsible for my own actions, as Reid and Obama should be held responsible.

          • Karri-M

            That’s not accurate, Kong. The Dems gave the Rep the spending number the Reps wanted. Then the Reps added the defunding of a law. They have tried more the 40 times to end the law and they have failed. Now they are scared because the main part of it (the exchanges) is about to go into effect. Even Cruz admitted we had to end it now because the people will like it.

            Meanwhile, let me tell you about the health insurance plan Cruz wants: A man in his early 40’s who has had Type I Diabetes loses his job. He has had this for more than 30 years and he still has his vision, his kidney function and all of his limbs. His company shuts down and he loses his insurance. He gets a job that does not include benefits. He is unable to get insurance on the private market because of his diabetes. He cannot afford his insulin and he dies from diabetic ketoacidosis. He would be alive if he could have gotten insurance.

            A woman (mid 40’s) is being treated for cancer. Her health care company cuts off her insurance retroactively, leaving her with over 250,000 of medical bills she thought they would pay for. Her doctors were sure that with another three months of chemo, she could be cured. The for-profit hospital did negotiate her current bill down to 50,000 but refused to allow her more chemo until she paid the bill. She went to the free clinic and they searched for six months to find a charity that would cover her treatment. They stopped when she died. Again, another unnecessary death.

            My own son sought grief counseling after he lost his grandmother and (career military officer) father within two months. A year later his other grandmother died and he went back to counseling. He aged out of my insurance coverage while he was still in graduate school and was told he was uninsurable because of his grief counseling. We sweated out the next six months praying he would not get sick.

            Is this really the system you want? (Obamacare changes things so these abominations cannot recur.)

            • Karri-M

              Oh, before you say that Cruz never said we’d like the PPACA, he said it in an interview with Sean Hannity back in July. He said we had to stop it before it went into effect because, once people have Obamacare, we will not allow it to be repealed.

              • kong1967

                Once it gets implemented it will be nearly impossible to repeal. It will have destroyed the private health insurance industry which is what Obama wants. He has said so publicly, and Obamacare is just a stepping stone. Harry Reid admitted it just recently. Democrats want socialized medicine, which is very very bad. We have to stop Obamacare now before it destroys our system and opens the way for socialized medicine.

                • Karri-M

                  If the private insurance industry is “destroyed” then why are so many of them lining up to participate in the exchange? This bill requires people to obtain private insurance.
                  BTW — the first world countries have universal healthcare, many of them have socialized medicine. These countries all have better healthcare outcomes — at half the cost of our healthcare. Our outcomes are on a second and even third world level.

                • kong1967

                  Insurance companies participating in the exchanges doesn’t have anything to do with what type of coverage you’ll get or how much it will cost. Of course insurance companies are going to get on the exchange if they offer insurance to individuals. Whether they are on the exchange or not, they still have to comply with Obamacare.

                  The Heritage Foundation dropped the idea and we conservatives never would have supported it. That’s just something lefties latch onto so they can claim we liked the idea. We don’t. If you haven’t noticed, conservatives weren’t too happy about Romneycare in Massachusetts. That was one of the problems we had with Romney. The Heritage Foundation and Romney do not speak for the Republican party. Republicans never pushed this idea. Democrats did.

                  Your claim that we have third world healthcare is laughable. Did you ever consider that lifestyle impacts health and life span? We are a very fat nation compared to other first world countries, but we have top rate medical care.

                  Lots of things drive up healthcare costs here.

                  For one, people by the tons (including many many illegals) go to the emergency room for minor reasons because they have to be treated and can’t be turned away. A large percentage of them are gaming the system and never pay the bill, which drives the cost of healthcare up.

                  Malpractice lawsuits are out of control, damages paid to litigants are way too high, and doctors spend a ton on malpractice insurance. Who pays for that? We do when we pay our doctor bills.

                  Way too many tests are being ran by the doctors. They aren’t doing it for us. They are protecting THEMSELVES from fraudulent malpractice lawsuits. Multiple tests are ran even when the doctor knows what the problem is.

                  We have a much higher percentage of specialists compared to general doctors than what other first world nations have. Specialists provide better treatment and more focused knowledge on specific areas of illness or injury than a general doctor, but they cost a lot more.

                  Many more reasons for high healthcare costs, and Obamacare is going to make it cost a lot more.

                  Before you claim we have third world healthcare, I’d suggest you go to a third world country first and experience their healthcare. It’s terrible, there’s no modern equipment and very little equipment to treat all that need it, and their facilities are filthy.

                • las1

                  kong1967… my response to Karri-M above.

                • kong1967

                  Ok, I’ll look for it.

            • kong1967

              Obamacare won’t fix the problems like you think it will. It will make things worse….a lot worse. We all want a solution and none of us like to see people die from cancer or other illnesses. But Obamacare is not the solution.

              It is destroying the 40 hour work week. People on low income will make even less and will have even less money to buy insurance, even if it’s a reduced cost. By the way, that reduced cost is not free. Someone pays for it.

              Insurance cost is going through the roof for many people. One guy already reported that the monthly cost went from about $350 a month to $950 a month, a premium they cannot pay. The insurance company directly stated that it was to comply with Obamacare…or the Affordable Care Act.

              Insurance companies are dropping out of the market altogether. Businesses are also dropping their plans and leaving their employees without coverage. So, to give it to some, you think it’s fair to take it away from others.

              Deductibles are going to skyrocket. You may think you have access to the doctor, but if you don’t have money you STILL won’t have access. You will have to pay the first $5,000 to $7,500 before the insurance pays a dime.

              The system allows for people to just pay a fine for not carrying insurance….which is a lot cheaper than the insurance. But ten years later they get cancer and run out and buy the insurance so they get their treatment paid for. Boom, it destroys the system and makes it unsustainable. Many people won’t buy insurance until they are sick, which was the entire purpose of pre existing conditions. It kept people from gaming the system and costing everyone else a ton of money.

              I’ve just scratched the surface. There’s also rationing, government deciding if you get treatment and not your doctor, and bla bla bla. The list of negatives is twenty miles long.

              • Karri-M

                I am not sure what you mean by “rationing”. The “death panel” assertion has been soundly debunked. However, you may be referring to evidence-based practice where health care providers use best evidence to treat patients. That is state of the art and is scientifically based. It is not some government scam.
                However, I mentioned several instances where insurance companies employed rationing. Under Obamacare it will be to provide the best and most up to date care; under the old system it was to line the CEO’s pockets.
                I have addressed several other issues in different posts.
                But, I must congratulate you, Kong. At least you have moved away from ad hominum attacks as I had seen in other posts. I am more than willing to have a rational debate with you. (However, I have a deadline for another healthcare article, I am surrounded by five books and about 100 journals. I must concentrate on that.)

                • las1

                  Like all of you “progressives”, you manipulate language and terms to push for your predetermined outcomes. The word “progressive” is one such abuse of a perfectly good word.

                  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is another such term. Dems are militantly hell bound that they are gonna “protect patients” and do it with the least cost. How could anyone disagree with such a justifiable and well intentioned concept? Well the CBO predicts disaster and says the ACA is unsustainable… the Govement Accountability Office declares that the PPACA is on an ” federal budget that is on an unsustainable fiscal path driven on the spending side by rising health care costs and the aging of the population…. Two strikes on the budget side already.

                  And now on to your coyly innocent reference that “death panels” are simply “evidence based medicine”. Again… another progressive abuse of language.

                  Who the heck doe NOT want “evidence based medicine.” Well it turns out that there is a lot to be concerned with this sham definition, a front that is designed to limit medical services… the least of which is that in realistic and practical terms most medical procedures are not backed up by solid “evidence” because “most of what doctors do has never been subjected to clinical trials and peer reviewed studies.

                  Protest all you want… Townhall is just another right-wing kook factory., right? Without getting into the weeds here, it’s the abuse and manipulation of language that I am focusing on. And your comment about “evidence-based practice” is one such example.

                • kong1967

                  Thank you for helping argue against her. I didn’t think anyone was going to. :) Good post, by the way.

                • las1

                  I did a little scouting around on her moniker and it appears she’s a lot more radical than she pretends to be here when commenting on other threads.

                • kong1967

                  Ah, so she lets it loose among friends but tones it down here. She is being civil, at least.

                • las1

                  The trouble with these health-care debates is one invariably gets dragged into the weeds. I’ve never understood why a 100% solution (unworkable one at that) is needed for a 10% problem which Medicare/Medicaid is supposed to help alleviate.

                  The Dem approach is not about solutions, but takeover.

                • kong1967

                  I agree. Republicans have offered many bills to tackle the problems in our system, but Democrats reject them all and tell the public we have no plans. They are right that we have no plan for a government healthcare system, but we have seen many proposals for private solutions.

                  Democrats reject them because they don’t want them fixed. They have no leverage to to take over the system if those things are taken care of. Their goal is government healthcare. The Democrat party is also full of ambulance chasers that don’t want reform on malpractice lawsuits.

                • kong1967

                  Death panels have been debunked? How about that 10 year old girl that needed a lung transplant and Sebelius wouldn’t sign a waiver for her to get an adult lung? A judge had to intervene to get that child a lung.

                  Any time government takes over health care it leads to rationing….which leads to not providing costly services to the elderly.

                  I was listening to an expert last night talk about a city (didn’t catch which one) where 60+ people were lined up to get in before the doors even opened because it was the only doctor in the area that would accept Medicare (Obamacare reduces the requirement to get on it). She said that if you were to get a pelvis exam, a private health insurance company would pay the doctor $200, while Medicare only pays them $20. Private practices can’t stay afloat so they reject Medicare patients. She also said that the average wait for treatment is 22 days longer for Medicare patients than people with private health insurance because doctors will usher in “paying” customers before they accept government compensation.

                  Obamacare is a disaster and will destroy our health care system, and doctors will either go under or they will stop taking insurance cards and only accept cash. Some are doing that now.

                  By the way, deductibles are going through the roof. How do you call it giving more access to people who can’t afford insurance when they still won’t have the money to see the doctor because the insurance company will not pay unless you go to the doctor a lot or have a major illness?

    • Karri-M

      In your first sentence, you used the word “inparitial”. Was this a typo? (We all make them.) Did you mean “impartial”? Impartial means that the person does not take a side and treats all equally. And, I agree, Crowley was impartial.

    • keninil

      Obama would be roadkill in an interview like that. — and we would have a half a dozen new pronouncements like his “Muslim faith”, “workers can’t strike to get something” — it would be hilarious

    • SisterMary

      She wouldn’t know impartial if it kicked her in the head.

  • Scott Capodice

    let me shut if off there…I dont know what else to say cuz you just got me in checkmate ted….says candy crowley…

  • kong1967

    He is such an eloquent and effective speaker. He would be such a great President that could deliver a message effectively.

    All these twerps act like it’s completely unacceptable to not fund everything the President decided to spend money on. If that were the case, Congress just as well pack up and go home. It is their job to determine what gets funded and what doesn’t, and Obama has decided to hold everything hostage until he gets what he wants. Crowley kept mentioning blackmail, well, there it is. Obama is blackmailing the American people. Obama says “if you want your programs back, pressure the Republicans to give me what I want.”

    • Dr. Strangelove

      He’s eloquent indeed. Can you imagine 0 getting grilled like this by Crowley? His answers would consist mainly of “Um, um, um,” and “Uh, uh, uh…” And then he would get mad and go on the attack.

      • kong1967

        She wouldn’t grill Obama this way. But, if she did you are exactly right.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I like that. “Do you think you hurt the Republican brand?” Well, he’s spanking the RINO brand. That’s why he’s not making any friends, and rightly so, among the establishment R’s.

  • Ted Cruzer

    Ted Cruz is Sarah Palin with a brain. That’s the good part. Bad part….he’s a Harvard/Princeton educated lawyer who specializes in debating the absurd. He’s the darling of the tea party idiots. Who love to embrace nonsense talking, knuckle dragging republicans. Canadian born Ted Cruz has reached the pinnacle of his U.S. political future…..he may run for the presidency….and lose. Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Cruz believes the American people are stupid and can be sold on anything as long as he uses the words “liberty,freedom,constitution,founding fathers”. Meanwhile, he cynically does the Sunday political shows trying to sell his snake oil. What Cruz ultimately ensures is that the republican party will be a minority party that attracts loons. Thanks Ted

    • TonyToye

      Oh you got the wrong guy… you meant to point all the above comments to your master obama.

      No hard feelings though. It’s a typical liberal mistake that we conservatives are used to.

    • Kevin

      Obama proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the majority of voters are stupid. Cruz is even smarter than Obama so he’ll do fine.

    • Karri-M

      How many of Cruz’s devotees realize that Cruz’s father fought FOR Fidel Castro?

      • Luke Bean

        And how many Obama voters realize his mother was a communist? Frank Marshall Davis , baby … look him up

      • las1

        What does the “M” in Karri-M stand for … Marx? Facts never seem to deter you liberal Obama zealots from spreading myths and half truths.

        Rafael Cruz was 14 years old when he fought Batista alongside Castro supporters. At the time he knew nothing about the communism of Castro. He became a rabid anti-Castro critic when Castro began to do the things typical communists do… namely confiscate land and suppress dissent. For that Cruz fled Cuba when he was 18 years old.

    • BearNJ

      More garbage from the typical pseudo intellectual poser on the
      left. “Ted Cruzer” calls the tea party idiots. Only in your warped
      panty wearing liberal world. The Tea Party wants the Bill of Rights
      to be protected and are for responsible government. Only a Paul
      Krugman drone thinks we can deficit spend nearly a trillion a year
      with no consequences for the future. The Tea Party has been attacked
      by the media and inside the Beltway from both parties elitists that
      are destroying this nations financial vitality. Go chant in the
      mirror”Yes we can!” while this President bankrupts your future
      moron. I stand with Cruz against your tyranny any day “genius”.

      • Karri-M

        Actually, the deficit is decreasing. Furthermore, the CBO states that the PPACA will decrease spending.

  • rappini pasta

    Why do the let trolls on this site.

    • Karri-M

      I am not sure to whom you are referring. If you are referring to the people who disagree with you, understand that I am a military widow. I love the country that my husband — and my father before him — spent their lives defending. I am disgusted by what a small group of people are doing. They, too, would be horrified.

      BTW — the so-called Tea Party claims they are following in the steps of the Boston Tea Party. They state they want lower taxes. What they fail to recognize is that the original Boston Tea Party was a protest against a REPEAL of a tax.

      • Luke Bean

        Hello??????? The original Tea Party was in Boston to protest against
        Taxation Without Representation – because the British Government Passed
        the Tea Act, taxing the tea that came to the colonies without the
        colonies having a say. Get your facts straight.

        • Leah

          Common misconception. Maybe YOU should get it right before you make an idiot of yourself.

        • Karri-M

          From (and many other sources if you would like me to cite them):
          The Boston Tea Party took place on Dec. 16, 1773. It was held when the British Parliament repealed a tax on the East India Company and it would have allowed the colonists to buy tea at a cheaper price than those in England. There was a second protest in March of 1774, too, but it is not commonly remembered.
          “No taxation without representation” phrase was around in the 1750s — 20 years before the Tea Party.

          • Luke Bean

            The Boston Tea Party (initially referred to by John Adams as simply “the Destruction of the Tea in Boston”[2]) was a political protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, a city in the British colony of Massachusetts, against the tax policy of the British government and the East India Company
            that controlled all the tea imported into the colonies. On December 16,
            1773, after officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of
            taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and
            destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor. The incident remains an iconic event of American history, and other political protests often refer to it. The Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act because they believed that it violated their rights as Englishmen to “No taxation without representation,”
            that is, be taxed only by their own elected representatives and not by a
            British parliament in which they were not represented.

            • Ibid Towin

              10 Things You May Not Know About the Boston Tea Party

              1. The “tea partiers” were not protesting a tax hike, but a corporate tax break.
              The protestors who caffeinated Boston Harbor were railing against the Tea Act, which the British government enacted in the spring of 1773. Rather than inflicting new levies, however, the legislation actually reduced the total tax on tea sold in America by the East India Company and would have allowed colonists to purchase tea at half the price paid by British consumers. The Tea Act, though, did leave in place the hated three-pence-per-pound duty enacted by the Townshend Acts in 1767, and it irked colonists as another instance of taxation legislation being passed by Parliament without their input and consent. The principle of self-governance, not the burden of higher taxes, motivated political opposition to the Tea Act.

              2. Commercial interests, perhaps more than political principles, motivated many protestors.
              The Tea Act was a government bailout for a company on the brink of financial collapse, the flailing East India Company, which was deemed to be, in modern terms, “too big to fail.” The legislation gave the East India Company a virtual monopoly on the American tea trade, allowing it to bypass colonial merchants as middlemen and to even undercut the price of smuggled Dutch tea, which was widely consumed in the colonies. Thus, the Tea Act directly threatened the vested commercial interests of Boston’s wealthy merchants and smugglers, such as John Hancock, who fomented the revolt.

              3. George Washington condemned the Boston Tea Party.
              Although America’s foremost Revolutionary figure wrote in June 1774 that “the cause of Boston…ever will be considered as the cause of America,” he strongly voiced his disapproval of “their conduct in destroying the Tea.” Washington, like many other elites, held private property to be sacrosanct and believed the perpetrators should compensate the East India Company for the damages.

              4. It was the British reaction to the Boston Tea Party, not the event itself, that rallied Americans.
              Many Americans shared Washington’s sentiment and viewed the Boston Tea Party as an act of vandalism by radicals rather than a heroic patriotic undertaking. There was less division among the colonists, however, about their opposition to the measures passed by the British government in 1774 to punish Boston. The legislation closed the port of Boston until damages were paid, annulled colonial self-government in Massachusetts and expanded the Quartering Act. Colonists referred to the measures as the “Intolerable Acts,” and they led to the formation of the first Continental Congress.

              5. For decades, the identities of participants were shrouded in secrecy.
              The band of protestors was tight-lipped. Even after American independence, they refused to reveal their identities, fearing they could still face civil and criminal charges as well as condemnation from elites for engaging in mob behavior and the wanton destruction of private property. Even today, only the names of some of the participants are known.

              6. The event wasn’t dubbed the “Boston Tea Party” until a half-century later.
              For years, Bostonians blandly referred to the protest as “the destruction of the tea.” The earliest newspaper reference to the “Boston Tea Party” doesn’t appear until 1826. In the 1830s, two books—A Retrospect of the Tea-Party and Traits of the Tea Party—popularized the moniker and cemented it in popular culture.

              7. There was a second Boston Tea Party.
              Three months after the Boston Tea Party, Bostonians once again sent tea splashing when 60 disguised men boarded the Fortune in March 1774, forced the crew below deck and dumped tea chests into the harbor. The sequel wasn’t quite as impressive as the original, however, as only 30 chests were sent overboard.

              8. Subsequent “tea parties” were held in other colonies.
              Tea Act protests spread to other colonies throughout 1774. In cities such as New York, Annapolis and Charleston, South Carolina, patriots dumped tea off ships or burned it in protest.

              9. The financial loss was significant.
              It’s estimated that the protestors tossed more than 92,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor. That’s enough to fill 18.5 million teabags. The present-day value of the destroyed tea has been estimated at around $1 million.

              10. One “tea partier” appeared to rise from the dead.
              After being knocked unconscious by a falling tea crate in the hold of a ship, John Crane was reportedly thought to be dead and hidden by his compatriots under a pile of wood shavings in a nearby carpenter’s shop. He awoke hours later, however, and was the only man harmed in the Boston Tea Party.

  • JohnBreland

    Hey Candy, you can get up off the floor now. The count finished long ago, and your opponent has already left the ring.

  • waynesteapartyworld

    Bravo Senator Cruz, and keep-on-keepin’-on; don’t back down & we regular working, patriotic Americans will ‘have your back’ to the highest extent possible. If you really want to rock the Demoprog party’s little world, zero in on a message that addresses Democrat union members directly…Specifically, the ones who are losing their fat union health plan b/c of Obarrycare. Go over the heads of the Prog apparatchiks in the so-called “MSM”, or use them to spread the message that you are fighting to include a line item in the CR, that EXEMPTS THEM and allows them to keep their current health plan, then sit back and watch the Progs go apespiff.

  • Peter Boddie

    You will like this short video of a question I asked Ted Cruz in Denver in July. He looks you right in the eye when he speaks and his response to my question tell you a lot about him, and the establishment in DC and the power of grassroots.

    Please share the video.

  • dneuwen

    candy crowley and her ilk in the leftist pravda media is so deep in their delusional worship of the democrat/obama party that she hear no evil, see no evil with regards to her virtual idol. boycotting the leftist media is just one way of starving the nefarious, mendacious and deceitful shilling/propagandizing/brainwashing beast of the wicked left.