FULL INTERVIEWS: Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday

Mitt Romney had a great couple of interviews this morning, one in Michigan and one at his vacation home in New Hampshire. You can watch them both below:

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  • “I believe in America and in the American people” – Mitt.

    Me too Mitt, now lead us to victory and get rid of that damn Socialist from the WH and restore our nation to it’s rightful place!

    Note: I didn’t have time to watch the videos beyond the first minute of the first one, but I already liked what I heard.

    • p m

      Think you’ll like the second one too when you get to it, wolf. I sure did!

  • hbnolikeee

    You mean he doesn’t buy custom shirts at Brooks Brothers?

    • keninil

      I’m sure Obama has taken advantage of any benefit available to him!

    • badbadlibs

      He may not, but I do at Goodwill! no kidding….brooks brothers!

    • 3seven77

      Someone needs to tell the Romney’s that the CEO of Costco is a huge Obama supporter. Jim Sinegal held a fundraiser at his home the last time Obama was in Seattle. Sinegal is also scheduled to speak at the Demoncrat National Convention.

      Oh, and personally I think Costco sucks. Why would anyone pay to shop and then wait in a long line at a warehouse? I had a Costco card once, then found out what a PITA it was to shop there. Haven’t shopped there since. Don’t miss it.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I saw the first interview and thats why I can not get too excited about this guy, when asked about women he proceeded to take credit for Romney Care, it was a terrible answer.I know that Romney care was a state issue; but how can you attack obama care when you are still taking credit for a terrible piece of legislation called Romney Care this country faces enormous challenges, and to start to get out of all the crap that Obama has done we are going to need conservative principles not moderate principles.I hope that if he wins he does not start governing like a moderate.

    • Yeah I think all of us hopes he doesn’t govern like a moderate.

      I will say though, he hasn’t run a campaign like a moderate and he’s made a lot of promises that he’s gonna have to keep. He speaks like a conservative these days and we are paying attention.

      If he is indeed a man of his word as he seems to be, I think he will be a credit to this nation in four years when we decide if we are going to give him another four years.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I Agree My friend, we are paying attention thanks for posting the video.

      • BikerHoop

        We’re paying attention and have every intention of keeping his feet to the fire.

      • Of course it all comes down to whether Romney suddenly becomes Conservative like he promises or continues to be the Liberal he always has been.

    • I think it was a great answer. Are you really gonna vote for Obama because of that? Romney should have been clearer that he was in a blue state and that’s what they wanted, but that different circumstances require different solutions, especially at the national level. Still though, my point is that he is behind on the women vote and he needs to do everything he can to counter Obama’s talking points.

      • Regarding RomneyCare:


        The State of Massachusetts is the most “liberal” state in the union; therefore, Romney was catering to the majority living in the state he was governing. RomneyCare was a bipartisan effort. Romney also made sure that the state’s budget was balanced before approving of RomneyCare. Does this free Romney from liability? No. Should this excuse Romney from talking about it? No. Was Romney wrong by approving his state’s health care law? To conservatives and like-minded individuals, yes. Does it appear that Romney was being politically expedient by making sure RomneyCare was enacted? Yes. Romney himself said that the health care law passed in Massachusetts was not what he considered “ideal”. However, Prez O uses RomneyCare to justify ObamaCare (aka the AAHCA). ObamaCare (aka the AAHCA) is no mirror image of RomneyCare.

      • Regarding the women vote: It would serve Romney well to get his wife involved in some capacity to counter the smears and lies from the Obama campaign.

        • He already does….gee….she heads Women for Romney…how much are you with them on the trail? When would you expect to see her? She is with him all the time and she does all kinds of things…so just because you do not see her in a 30 sec ad does not mean she is busy….

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Of course I will vote for Romney, I just thought his answer on women issues were not the best. He shouldve responded how the income of families has dropped during Obama’s years, how gas is so high, how groceries are very high, etc…….

    • badbadlibs

      I hope he doesn’t govern like a moderate either, however, bo has governed like the radical leftist he is, it will be a welcomed relief at this point.

      • Cindy09

        I like to see him stop the bad blood with the conservatives and see some prominent conservative figures speak at this nomination.

        • Landscaper

          Rice, Cain, West…….

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Damn right, it will be….

  • But…but…Romney’s “rich” and, and,… extreme,… and so out of touch! NOT so.

    Can’t wait till Nov. 6 to send the liar-in-chief packing.

  • conservative58

    I thought the interviews were great. I’m especially impressed that with Mitt, it isn’t ‘all about him’ like the narcissist we currently have in office.

    It was also refreshing to hear straightforward answers without, ‘uh, uh, uh, … oh, huh, uh….uh, uh…’ Well, you get the picture!

    Also, Ann seems very personable, and would make a classy First Lady!

  • Well, we will save money with Ann as First Lady, she doesn’t seem to need 28 staff to keep her family going.

  • p m

    Thank you RS for posting these.
    The Rcare question is discussed below, and RS has it right IMO.

    I think in the first interview MR did a good job of including men in health care and abortion, which we don’t often see with the more militant pro-choicers, for whom it’s so often all about the woman’s ‘right’ to end a pregnancy rather the contemplation of ‘two lives’ and a father. His love of country is very evident and he handled the questions about the dem distractions of the last few weeks well, and stayed on message about what’s important for the good of the country

    The second interview was…charming is the word that comes to mind. Ann Romney will be an elegant and down to earth First Lady, who appears not so far removed from her family’s hard working roots in Wales. A welcome and much needed change from the current malcontent.

    They look set to restore to the office of the Presidency the dignity and respect that it deserves – AR as First Lady, and MR keeping his promises to America, which we have to make sure he does.

  • Ann and Mitt seem like fine people and they certainly have a great family. I look forward to seeing them move into the White House.

  • Wow! Rich but no servants! I like these people more every day.

  • MaxineCA

    Both segments were great, but I particularly liked the one with the family and their interaction. I got a chuckle out of their comments about shopping at Costco! What a contrast to how O’s been trying to portray them.

    Who wouldn’t be proud to have them in the WH. Can’t wait for the convention to begin.

    • Hey, be fair! Mrs. Obama shopped at Target … once!

      • Linky1

        Now, she is one! 🙂

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, and she bought cleaning products. Ha. Like she uses cleaning products. Somehow, I just can’t see her cleaning the White House toilets and polishing the bathroom mirror. Nope, just can’t see it.

        I would have loved to hear Michelle respond to this video – “Costco? What’s a Costco? Is it some kind of horse show, or what?”

      • MaxineCA

        Oh my gosh, you’re right. I had forgotten about that. While Ann was shopping for the family, Moose was shopping for a phony Obamaloney picture op. It was soooo insulting to all of us. They really do think we are stupid and buy into that garbage. Since it was so forgettable, I can’t remember if it was before or after one of her exotic vacations on our dime.

  • Great interviews.So good to see the family so close and that values are so important to the Romney family.

    Romney/ Ryan

  • old_crank

    I do not myself read the Bible daily, but I am heartened to hear that the Romneys value daily scripture reading. Fifty years ago I would have assumed that this was a pious pretense, but I now know that such people do exist and they are helping to keep our culture alive. I also believed Mitt when he said his candidacy wasn’t ego driven; he actually does want to take arms against the sea of troubles America is experiencing, and do something constructive about them. I still don’t know where he’ ll take us, but I feel that at least he’s not lying to us.

    • CPAguy

      To be honest…I’m a bit concerned about what “scripture” he is reading.

      However, as a cult of personality, I think the Mormon church has done well to push aside the first 100 or so years of its existence and concentrate more on core Christian principles so that it can become more “mainstream.”

      That said, a man should be able to believe in whatever he wants.

      • Patriot077

        Are you concerned about the “scripture” or core principles of Black Liberation Theology preached at Jeremiah Johnson’s church?

        • CPAguy

          The Mormon Church’s views on both Christian and Mormon scripture are more concerning. However, they have left most of the extremism in the dust…so not much of a problem.

          Black Liberation Theology and groups like the Black Panthers are of no more concern than fringe white extremist groups…no matter how much sites like “The Blaze” (which I generally love but find a bit annoying with its disposition to zaniness and unnecessary alarmism) would like you to think otherwise.

          • Patriot077

            We will have to agree to disagree. The Mormon religion does not preach Anti-American hate as does BLT. (and the Black Panthers/Skinheads)

            I’m not a Mormon but know many folks who are; all are strong and caring people who build character and practice family values.

  • LOL, I love it that they love to shop at Costco’s

  • DebbyX

    They are a very likeable couple. For the life of me, I don’t comprehend when it’s said that Oblunder is MORE likeable. I find him loathsome along with his wife. The Romneys just happen to be living the American dream of monetary success and a strong marriage. I suppose that alone is reason for democraps to dislike him.

    • I agree, how can a hateful person like Obama be likeable or his hateful wife. I cant wait to see them leave our White House for good.

    • CPAguy

      Obama is far more likeable than Romney. Listen to those guys give speeches. If you ignore Obama’s code words, he comes off much more personable than Romney.

      Mittens will have to prepare mightily for the debates to avoid getting trounced. He will have to make sure that every answer to every question is “…the economy.”

      Mittens will win the election, but he was by far the weakest choice (besides Gingrich and Perry…noted RINOs) for the GOP nomination and it will show in his inability to pull away from Obama in the polls, when any competent Conservative would have.

      • Yes. Socialists, community agitat…activists, environuts (extremist environmentalists), “young skulls full of mush”, labor unions, the CPUSA, and the SPUSA like him immensely.

        • CPAguy

          Despite all that, Obama and his team were able to manipulate the public. The guy is very talented at PR. And while his speeches aren’t as “holy” as some would make it seem, they generally make him appear competent, personable, agreeable, and moderate.

          While Biden’s “…negro dialect…” description of Obama was racist, it was a very spot on analysis to what the DNC was looking for in 2008 from a marketing perspective.

          • DebbyX

            ….competent, personable, agreeable and moderate…………….huh?

            To me he appears incompetent, phoney, despicable and far left………but that’s just me 🙂

    • I didn’t really understand it either, but think about this-

      When somebody is about to tell you some really bad news, they always feel the need to soften the blow by saying something nice. The likeability tells me that a massive number of people are about to “break up” with Obama.


    Love it. I wish the rest of America who are being lied to by the main stream media would get a chance to see this second clip. No mom, or dad would not want to have a family like this. They may have wealth, but their greatest wealth is their family. I am sure if you asked Mitt if he had to chose between his worldly wealth & his family, he would not hesitate to give it all for his wife Ann & his family.

    It would be nice to have a real family man in the White House.

    Ann would probably cut the staff Mrs. Obama has hired and that would help to balanced the budget.

    • It will be awesome having a family who loves and respects our great Country in the White House. And to have the Ryan family, just good decent people.
      Romney/ Ryan

  • conservocop

    Wonderful. I only hope a large number of Americans will see these interviews. Even the often cynical Chris Wallace seemed to wilt at times in the aura of their genuine charm.

    • I thought Chris did a great job, he seemed very relaxed and enjoyed the pancakes. My hubby likes peanut butter on his pancakes too 🙂

      • conservocop

        My middle name is Reese’s – had the best peanutbutter milkshake when I visited the hometown in cental Pa. last week.

  • nc

    The second interview (with the family in New Hampshire) was just like 60 Minutes when it used to be good. What a great role model this family will be when they, please God, inhabit the White House next January. Mitt flipping pancakes was priceless.

  • Nukeman60

    Both videos were great. It’s nice to see the family side of the Romney’s for a change. I guess he’s not just the evil corporate raider that the media portrays him to be. As Wallace said at the end, “Not a bad guy, is he?” It’s not the image the media generally wants to paint of him.

    However, you can bet his comments about his overseas investments not reducing his US taxes one iota are going to be scrutinized to the nth degree by the media and I’m sure they’ll say he’s lying through his teeth to cover up his ‘deception’.

    No wealthy businessman, who has a blind trust, tells their accountants to try not to reduce their tax burden. Everybody tries to reduce their tax burden. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the media will play this up as unpatriotic and evil. Just watch come Monday morning.

  • Refreshing! 🙂

  • BikerHoop

    I wonder how many of those who claim Romney’s ‘not in touch’ do their grocery shopping, laundry, iron their own shirts, etc. This interview just put him up a few points in my way of thinking. Sounds like pretty much an ordinary guy to me.

    • Totally agree !

    • leel004

      …and shop at Costco, and proud of it. I can just hear the noses of the elite noses turning up. May water flood their noses.

  • i should add to the discourse here that when mitt was governor of my state his personal car was a (ford) crown vic while his successor (democrat) deval patrick was planning on a caddy until the pr got overwhelming. still, i’m not sure what patrick drives at the moment.

    add to that romney giving away his father’s inheritance, passing on his pay from the olympics and as gov. (just google it)

    so much for romney being an out of touch elitist.

  • I agree, Mitt. My wife is also much more than the person I love.

  • ConnieConservative

    What a lovely family.
    What a lovely interview!

  • 6kayaks

    Loved both interviews! Can’t wait to see more of Mr. & Mrs. Romney & their family! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a family who cherishes each other instead of fame & fortune in the White House? Our country could benefit from their family values!

  • dk_in_tn

    Great interviews. The Romneys are regular people. No nose up in the air arrogance like the Obamas. What a breathe of fresh air.

    • PVG


  • Landscaper

    I hope the White House staff will clean that place really well, it hasn’t know the scent of wholesome honest living in a while. It must reek of arrogance and loathing.

    • I remember hearing that the Clinton administration trashed the WH before they left…..don’t expect anything more from this hateful bunch.

      • i recall some items were stolen as well.

        • They call it spreading the wealth;)

        • Landscaper

          I do as well, something like moving vans amount of stuff taken. No surpise there with the Clintons. Bet Bill got his cigar box for sure.

      • They destroyed ALL of the computer keyboards–took off letter W. Sweet little Commies.

  • brendawatkins

    Good family values, good sense of humor, loves and cares about the country, loves his wife.. cooks, grocery shops, and even cleans. What’s there not to like?

  • Pyrran

    He’s a good man, he’s unpretentious, he loves his family, he believes in America, and he seems like a good businessman. Sounds like the guy I want in the White House.

  • Wow, what a genuine, loving family! This is the kind of family you wish lived next door to you! It’s going to be SO wonderful to have these people in the WH, working FOR us and not AGAINST us! Representing us proudly, not resentfully!

    Onward to November is all that I can say!

    (Sidebar: p m, you were right, I did love those videos! 🙂 )

  • Great interview with Chris Wallace. I mean some people in here complain about them liking Costco?? GROW UP!! How many companies do you shop at that contribute to planned parenthood? TRY TARGET, GENERAL MILLS and GE…People who judge should look at their own shopping habits…WHAT A STUPID criticism. Yes I know about the Chairman of Costco….then never go to Disney, Universal, Warner Bros or use Quicken Loans because all of those CEOs are big Democrat contributors!! I liked his answer about family, shopping, activities and life. Ann and Mitt are big with their family…THAT RELATES WELL…and when you see Ann and how he talks about her…WOMEN LOVE THAT!! My favorite scene was watching Mitt carry his Grandson with the ball at the end….that was fantastic…because that makes him so human and real. Parents will love seeing that….Ann and Mitt really are great together….his home in NH looks like many summer camps and retreats. Yes it is beautiful but when Chris mentioned there are no maids or help…that was a home run…THEY DO IT ALL THEMSELVES!! Very nice!

  • libertyandtyranny

    The “haves and the have nots” campaign OBama is running on is what Karl Marx suggested and what all marxists have used to grow government and get elected.

  • lambfound

    When Obama has free time, he heads to the golf course to be with his buddies. Now, which husband would the soccer moms prefer? Yet, they still think Clinton and Obama “care” about them.

  • libertyandtyranny

    Romney is head and shoulders above the unsubstantial, insincere, manipulative Obama. He exudes competency and discipline, and is a REAL American, not an affirmative action baby that was judged on the color of his skin not the content of his character his entire life. I am proud to be an American when I see people who are true American success stories.

  • libertyandtyranny

    Romney has given more money to the US government than OBama EVER would. He has given 15% of his money to charity, and GAVE UP ALL his inheritance! The whole argument about whether he is evading taxes is ridiculous. EVERYONE in their right mind knows their money IS NOT spent best by government, and EVERYONE tries to avoid paying more taxes than they have to! The democrats have MASSIVE amounts of money in the Caymen Islands as well! LIARS and HYPOCRITS, is the democratic socialist party.
    THEY are the King John to Romney’s Robin Hood.