FULL RADIO INTERVIEW: Mark Levin says Paul Ryan was a great VP pick by Romney

Mark Levin was on WMAL today with Derek Hunter for an interview and said that he is very happy with the choice of Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential nominee. But he had a lot more to say about this election and the media, notably that we are paying too much attention to what the left is going to say or do – that we just need to cream them. Levin says instead of talking about what they are going to say, why don’t we just let them say it.

Listen to the full interview below:

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  • marketcomp

    That was awesome! Mark’s the best! Thank you, RS!

  • odin147

    If the libs say conservatives are lying and the conservatives say liberals are lying and the msm takes the liberal side, how does one know where the truth is ?. I know the truth lies with the conservatives but that is me, how does an undecided in a battleground state know which side is telling the truth if the msm has taken the liberal side ?, this is the problem Romney/Ryan have to solve before Nov.

    • CO2isGood

      Well I think most people are just gonna see that they and most of those they know are not better off than they were 4 years ago.

      The Left has to argue, “Believe us, or believe your lying eyes?”

    • Okay ODIN….now listen and listen real good!!! ONLY 28 percent of the American Public Trust the MSM….again 28 percent….Now you say who are the 28 percent…LIBERALS because they love the MSM….those 28 percent will already vote for OBAMA….WHO CARES!! Do you not realize that if what you say were true would not OBAMA be at 65 percent????….LOL…come on…..think….people say these undecideds are uneducated but I disagree….people are TECH SAVY and there are SO MANY ALTERNATIVE means of Information today….that is why MSM ratings continue to plummet!! No Odin….the undecideds are more looking for a reason to VOTE!!

      Which means give them a reason to VOTE FOR YOU!! not just against….THAT IS WHAT MITT DID TODAY…he began the process of GIVING PEOPLE A REASON TO VOTE FOR HIM!!! Ryan can convey information and teamed with Romney will give people faith in AMERICA….and I love that….a vision that well defined and relayed with persuade people to VOTE FOR YOU!! that is how you reach them…..

      THE MSM means nothing..they are garbage…and conservatives must get out of this habit that some still have of thinking or worrying why the MSM is unfair or not telling the truth….WHO THE HECK CARES…that 28 percent loves Obama anyway!

      • odin147

        I think undecideds remain so precisely because they don’t get their news from alternative media they get it from the msm, I think they know the economy is bad but they are still giving the one the benefit of the doubt because they get their news from the msm, if they were getting their news from the alternative media they would not be undecided.

      • white531

        Good answer, Michael. Both you and Mark Levin are correct when you say we need to simply ignore the media, because they no longer matter. More and more people that I meet and interact with are coming to the same conclusion. Conservative talk radio and the Internet have changed the way we get our news. I’ll give you an example. I unplugged my television and removed the service from our bundled package from our provider about six months ago It has just been sitting there with a dead screen. Yesterday, I finally took it to Goodwill. In it’s place, I put a bookcase, filled with the growing number of books in our household. My teenage son never even blinked. He gets everything he wants from the computer and books. Actually, I think he is a good example. I really think most of us do at this point. I think all these sick people who like to call themselves, “Journalists,” as though that title equates them with real professionals like physicians or scientists, are really becoming Dinosaurs, soon to be extinct. I believe if my son (number four) were to tell me he wanted to study journalism, I would take him out of school and take him on a worldwide cruise to show him what is really important in a person’s life. Point I am trying to make here using way too many words, is it ain’t Journalism. And Odin, the undecideds will find their way. Especially the ones who don’t have a job right now.

    • I think I follow you. Yet what baffles me is those who get confused about who’s lying, who’s telling the truth. For, to me, it’s a matter of the fundamental ideologies. Who’s saying what to align with my fundamental beliefs?And that is something that should be discernible to someone with their own strong convictions. So I suppose then the problem we face or fear is that our country is full of people who really don’t have a clue/who don’t have strong convictions. Those are the ones who get swayed or enticed. And i believe there’s a huge number of people who follow the crowd; watch network TV shows, network News, who trust those sources, who don’t think in terms of Left or Right; don’t discern what’s radical, what’s conservative, etc. Hmm. I guess I agree with you then that it’s a problem that Romney/Ryan have to smash through.

      • westernhunter

        People with out convictions follow others, so we need to plaster our home towns with signs of support for Romney/Ryan.

        • I live in the blue liberal State of Washington. I am afraid to put anything on my car.
          They would probably knock my windows out. You would not believe the signs
          around the neighborhoods when Bush was Pres.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Scoop you did it again i was dying to hear the great one speak about this, didnt wanna wait until monday.

  • maynardb50

    Mark Levin for Attorney General!!

    • GreenBeretWay

      Mark would make an excellent press secretary too.

      • maynardb50

        The main problem is we would miss his radio program too much!!

        • GreenBeretWay

          He could do it live at the press podium everyday.It would drive the LSM nuts.

      • aZjimbo

        Can you imagine that? He would blast the liberal press day in and day out. I would pay to see that.

      • Some one else pointed out Neil Cavuto. I love Neil and so does Mark. Sadly, Neil
        has MS and he takes off quite a bit. He is the only show on Fox that I never miss.

      • mamapjs

        LOL! I can hear it already:

        Mark to Candy Crowley, in response to stupid, leading question: Get off the phone, you big dope!

        Love it 🙂

  • Arrrggghhh

    In picking Ryan, Romney tells me that he is serious about solving our problems. It was a courageous pick. The libs and the dems are going to demagogue Ryan’s efforts to get a serious budget and to fix Medicare. If their efforts are successful, then this country deserves what it gets. Game on! Let’s roll!

    • white531

      You’re right. By picking Ryan, he let the American people know what he considers to be the #1 problem facing us.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Mark Levin made some great comments, Glad ryan was the choice, he was better then most, well i still liked demint and west . 🙂

    • white531

      DeMint and West still have a job to do for the time being, abb. Plenty of time in the future for bigger roles for both.

      • That was what I thought about Ryan. But I’m a bit biased since I’m from Wisconsin.

      • anyonebutbarry2012

        demint is not running again. so i am bummed about that. west is being redistricted as you know, so now may have been a good time for him to be chosen, but he is young, your right there is time.

        • MaxineCA

          Gosh, I didn’t know DeMint wasn’t running again. Was this an election year for him? That’s interesting. Maybe he’ll be free to hold a position in the new administration. I sure hope there is another one just like him running to replace him. He is a keeper!

          • anyonebutbarry2012

            not till 2016, but he said no he will not run, he does believe in career politicians. me either, though him i really like. but that does not mean, he can’t run for president or be someone’s vp etc, if he chose to be .

  • Orangeone

    Romney has been saying everywhere that O’Bambi cut $700 billion from Medicare! Ryan has increased Conservative energies immediately!

  • carolt2

    Jim DeMint wants to stay in the Senate and purge the RINOs. We need Jim DeMint in the senate. I am thrilled with Paul Ryan as VP, he was great this morning. I didn’t see them, but heard that Mitt is now energized on the campaign trail. Paul was exactly what Mitt needed.

    • white531

      Yeah, Carol, it seems like things are kind of coming together finally, don’t you think?

      • carolt2

        Yes, it does. Levin is happy and most of us are. Now I can vote for Romney without hesitation.

    • Bellfire

      Boehner needs to go. Demint for speaker!!

      • carolt2

        Boehner gives in too often and easily and tries to paint it as a victory for us but it’s not. Jim DeMint should be Senate Majority Leader, that is if we win the senate. I would have said Ryan for speaker of the House but I am sure he’s going to be VP. Hopefully Boehner will retire soon, or they’ll elect someone else speaker.
        McConnell is also an ineffective senate minority leader. DeMint should replace him!

        • Bellfire

          Yes, thank you. That is exactly what I meant. Both Boehner and McConnell need to go. With McConnell in charge, even if we do win the senate, we will be our own worst enemy.

  • the only problem with Ryans bill is it does not solve the welfare problems, no mention of what to do with welfare and illegals all on welfare?

    • Betsey_Ross

      Ummmmm we all know how to solve that problem.

  • poljunkie

    Mark Levin Rocks.

  • Love when Levin talks….he is just a fighter to the core!! LOVE IT!! No wonder why Reagan liked him!! I mean Mark fights against TYRANNY like no one else. And he is so UNPOLITICAL it is refreshing. He is a knock down drag it fighter and ARE YOU NOT GLAD HE IS ON OUR SIDE??? I mean talk about crushing Liberals like grapes getting ready to be furmented into WINE!!!

    Mark is right…WHO THE BLOODY WELL CARES what the LEFT WING WACKOS are going to say….like that half baked potato Andrea Mitchell…I mean she had meltdown over Ryan….I Wish Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz could pour water on Mitchell…DO YOU THINK SHE MIGHT MELT!!! OH PLEASE LET IT BE…LOL!! I mean give her a broomstick and she would be thrilled….

    Bring on the Liberals….I love it….we will outthink, outsmart, outraise, outwalk, outmaster and outwit them everytime!! We love America….they hate America…..I will be darned if I will let people who wash their hair once a month and have no hygiene defeat us!! Bring it on!!!

    • WordsFailMe

      Some thought, Michael. I admire your passion here!

      You know, there have been so many tedious and humiliation-filled, dark days and nights and months since Obama took office and so much criminal activity revealed about him and so unbelievably much information revealed to our very eyes that it is us who let things slip, that it was us who failed to say NO that allowed our nation to slip nearly out of our grasp and into the hands of incompetents, traitors and sexual perverts, that even Mrs. WFM, a conservative from her first breath, will sometimes, even daily, wax cynical about Romney and the Republicans and the chance that we can take the country back.

      We who believed in America have simply felt so beaten by the youth, the jews, the racist blacks and the liberal, pot-smoking whites that it is now almost impossible not to reach into a pot of gold and dig out a piece of cow dung.

      There’s some hurting people here who have nearly lost to will to believe.

      We must be patient with them. I attacked Ann Coulter as if she were the devil for criticizing Romney campaign and am equally pissed at Rush.

      I’ve made my commitment. It’s Romney and Ryan. What I thought and said or what I feared for the last 8-10 months ago no longer matters. We are going to build our team with Romney Ryan and if that doesn’t work we are going to continue to build our team with someone else.

      I wondered why it was the Democrats, liberals Muslims and commies always seem to be able to agree on everything. Even if a lie was being shared, the Democrats, communists, Muslims and liberals repeat it verbatim as if it came from God’s own lips. That is because, regardless of their skin color, economic background or religion; liberalism is conformity. The biggest fear of a Democrat, a liberal, a Muslim or a commie is having to stand on its own two feet and answer.

      Liberals, Democrats, Muslims and communists are people who never successfully negotiate puberty. Stuck in time and inhabiting bodies while the minds linger in childhood, libs, commies. Muslims and Democrats hang together like high school children in their cliques.

      • Rshill7

        They’re going to hang politically together too sir. By their pathetic, political necks.

      • white531

        wordsfailme, I agree that sometimes Coulter and Rush can criticize one of our own. Thing you have to remember is, they do it for a different reason. They want our side to succeed. To get better at the game. While it may not seem so at the time, the criticism they offer, actually makes our side better. When Romney makes a goof ball statement, as he recently did when they accused him of murder, Rush calls him on it. And Rush was right. It was a totally lame response by the Romney campaign. How supposedly intelligent people (the people running his campaign) could have made such a weak comment to the Dems who literally accused him of Murder in those ads, is amazing to me. It should be amazing to anyone. I’m not going to put a muzzle on Ann Coulter, or Rush, or Hannity, or Michele Malkin, or anyone else out there who fights daily for the Conservative Cause. I did like your comment, though. It came from your heart. No one can ignore a message like that.

        • WordsFailMe

          Sun Tsu, in The Art of War” says:

          “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.” and “..what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy.”

          I believe that both Coulter and Rush want to be helpful. But they both urge Romney to respond (react) to the liberals’ tactics. We conservatives are so cock-sure of ourselves, that none of us think we can ever make a mistake when speaking our minds, when showing proper regard for clear thinking and courage.

          And that, my friends, is our most public flaw.

          A famous communist once noted, “Whenever there are four political conservatives chatting at a street corner, there will be a minimum of 5 opinions. Strike while they distract themselves with the complexity of the matter.”

          Ann and Rush each exploited their national statuses to pounce on the Romney campaign for a silly and stupid mistake made by one of the campaign operatives. But did you notice how Romney responded? Not a further word. People make mistakes. We get up. We go on. We have a strategy which is bigger than any one occurrence. We have a strategy composed of hundreds of tactics. I think Romney will do well without our advice.

          Ann and Rush were ready to crucify a campaign worker for a mistake with nearly as much energy as they each attacked the out-right Democrat liars of the Obama administration on the dead steelworker wife issue. It was like Ann and Rush couldn’t wait for the enemy to make a mistake. So intent in pouncing are they that they pounced on our own candidate.

          The fans in the bleachers always believe they know more and can see more than the combatants in the ring. “Keep that left up!” “Cover! Cover.” “Hit ’em! hit him!” The fans offer suggestions and advice and sit back, go to the restroom, munch their peanuts and enjoy the show because they have nothing to lose.

          This is not that kind of entertainment. Our guy loses this fight, we all lose.

          Now I’m the first one to tell you to KMB if you don’t agree with what I say, but today we are in a fight for our lives. There’s a time to be heard and then there’s a a time to keep you mouth shut and keep your eye on the prize. Every American soldier knows that. Their guy wins, we become their slaves.

          • white531

            Wordsfailme, I am glad you responded to my comment with Sun Tsu. I am glad you read. But you accused Ann and Rush of crucifying a campaign worker. That comment is off base. Ann and Rush criticized the Romney campaign for hiring that campaign worker in the first place. A first rate organization is responsible for every single person they hired and trained. You are trying to tell me that the lame response the Romney campaign gave to answer the charge of Murder was the result of one individual that they had no control over? Do you realize what you are implying? If this is the control that Romney has over his subordinates when he is running for the office, what can we expect, when he gains the office? Ann and Rush were right and you need to re-think your position on this. In my opinion.

      • p m

        “We who believed in America have simply felt so beaten by the youth, the jews, the racist blacks and the liberal, pot-smoking whites that it is now almost impossible not to reach into a pot of gold and dig out a piece of cow dung.”

        Not sure what you mean, words. The youth, the jews? Huh??

        • WordsFailMe

          It was an incomplete thought. I had intended to list the people who I had considered most likely to be able to enumerate the blessing of liberty in their sleep and forgot to add: union members, school teachers and professors, publicly elected officials, Muslims who’d migrated to a place where the foot or tyranny could be removed from their throats, people appointed to positions of trust, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, wretched refuse, homeless, tempest tost…

          I had meant to set a scene where decent hard-working people for the first time, felt betrayed in their own home who watched as the last light bulb of hope for freedom dimmed and flickered while pagans and miscreants danced around the embers of our history in the moonlight.

          Hope that helps.

      • Rshill7
        • WordsFailMe

          I guess that’s the last time I’ll challenge Rshill7 to, “Make My Day.”


  • Good interview, really good host.

  • MaxineCA

    Scoop, thanks so much for posting this. We love, love, love Mark Levin. He seems to speak for many of us here, but he has the microphone.

    I’m sure glad the “Like” buttons were fixed last night, as this was a “Like” kind of day.

  • Ryan is going to pluck the hair plugs out of Biden’s head, stick them back in, and then wipe the floors with him in the VP debates!

    • white531

      That is assuming, Paul, that Biden will even be there. Obama may send him on an emergency trip to Afghanistan and somewhere over the Atlantic, he will simply cease to be the Vice President.

      • Rshill7

        I heard that Ryan was simply going to bring a laser pointer to the debates and point it all over the room as Biden chases it.

        “Cut to commercial,…now!”

        • white531

          Rshill7, that was just mean. But i loved it!

    • badbadlibs

      I would pay to see that. 🙂

    • Rshill7


  • Levin hit the nail on the head.

    “When the enemy is destroying himself, get out of the way”.
    Talking horses, cancer patients and granny over the cliff nonsense vs. real ideas and solutions for real problems.

    The Obama re-elect is a caricature of what internet libtrolls are like.

    Let the whole country see it.

  • I would have preffered Rubio, because I’m afraid the reaction of Seniors in Florida. I think Rubio coud deliver the State and the hispanics and seniors, but now that is Ryan I will do whatever I can to make Obama a one termer. America can’t afford 4 more yrs of Barrack Obama. Let’s unite behind the Rep. ticket. God Bless America

    • Bellfire

      Rubio is not a natural born citizen and therefore is not eligible for VP.

      • white531

        Thank you, Bellfire. I wish more people would pay attention to these minor details. Marco Rubio has gone as far as he can, if you in fact, believe in the Constitution of these United States.

        • Bellfire

          Thx Yeah great guy, but can’t understand how so called conservatives were pushing him. It was like a “well they did it” mentality.

      • Wrong. His parents were immigrants that came to America in the 50s. He was actually born in Miami.

        • Bellfire

          That is correct. He was born to immigrants that were not citizens of the US. That means he is not a natural born citizen.

    • Rshill7

      Seniors are the wisest people inhabiting this country. After decades of screaming, during EVERY election since I was a kid, accusing Republicans of “taking away your Medicare”, guess who the only party to cut Medicare ever is…and by over 500 billion bucks? Uh huh, Democrats. Romney mentioned this three times at least today. Obama is going to get pounded into oblivion with it.

    • westernhunter

      We need to push back on this false meme that seniors do not want reform. They are the ones who are willing to fight for their children’s future. The media is the one that thinks seniors will be scared. false! false! they fought for this country.

      • white531

        You are correct. At my age, what else do I have left to fight for, except my children and grandchildren’s future?

    • BS61

      Once Rubio agreed with McCain against Bachmann, that was it for me.

    • Do you realize how many people that call talk radio are seniors. That is a joke!
      No one believes this crap. The only seniors that would care are OLD liberal hippies.

      First of all, Ryans plan is not a mandate, it is an OPTION plan. Do you get the word
      option. Do you know how many seniors voted for Romney in the primaries.
      I am sick of these liberal talking points. Besides that, isn’t it the liberals who call us
      the party of old white people.

      Rubio will campaign for Romney in Florida and so will Ryan. I am proud to see
      this young conservative Ryan as VP. This is just the start. We have a lot more
      work to do.
      Go… R&R

  • GretaN

    I thought we’d have to wait until Monday to hear Mark’s opinion – thank you for posting this!

    • GretaN

      And I love Mark reminding us Reagan had to overcome a corrupt media as well!

      • white531

        For anyone else, it might be a challenge. For Reagan, it was child’s play. He had more fun with the media than any President in History.

  • Mark Levin: Always a compelling speaker, absolutely correct . . .Debating the Left is over, compromise is nolonger a game plan, defeating the Left utterly, is. .

  • Compelling interview: Mark Levin never fails to deliver . .

  • Rshill7

    Ryan was a bold and brilliant pick. I’ve never been more proud of Romney than today. Plus, he is showing a lot more charisma himself.

    Our side is going to win this.

    • white531

      I would have to agree, Rshill7. Things are indeed looking better.

  • sDee

    Paul Ryan could turn this campaign. It is an rut -Romney lies in his comfort zone whining about the economy while Hussein and company control the news cycle.

    The economy is a symptom, not the root cause. Ryan can make a case to America that Romney cannot. The case that our Federal government has grown so large that it now consumes more than we can produce.

    Ryan can do this. Will they let him loose to do it? Does the campaign even believe it?

    • WordsFailMe

      “Romney lies in his comfort zone whining about the economy while Hussein and company control the news cycle.”

      That is constructive!

    • white531

      Wordsfailme might be right on this one sdee. I don’t consider Romney’s criticism of the economy, whining.

    • WordsFailMe

      One more time “Paul Ryan could turn this campaign. It is in rut -Romney lies in his comfort zone whining about the economy while Hussein and company control the news cycle.”

      You are correct in my view, sDee. Ryan will bring the focus on to the economy “like a laser beam.” It was a great pick.

  • Agreed..

  • ttechsan

    Best defense is great offense. Why we aren’t on offense making them fefend their failure and broken promises is beyond me!!

  • gadsdengurl

    Obama must be lovin’ this! Now we have TWO fake conservatives they can bash. Will the GOP ever learn?

    Ryan = big government republican ala Bush.

    • white531

      So, let me guess. You drew the winning card to come here this evening and heckle those damned Conservatives. Well, gadsdengurl, they just may have given you a ticket to a dance you wish you hadn’t come to. We usually give Liberals three chances to prove they are an idiot. You used up one already, so you have two left. After that, you are history on this site. Reach into that empty brain that barely keeps you alive and try again.

  • RobCon

    Levin and Hunter are two great commentators.

  • MariettaGator

    We need Rubio much more in the Senate than risking that seat to some DB like Charlie Crist.

    • Don’t forget, Romney supported Rubio over Charlie Crist when he was running
      for the senate. He could have picked the Rhino Charlie.

  • Mr Levin, excellent description of bam and company, malcontents.

  • I told the RNC I would send money once the VP was picked …if he was a conservative pic. Ryan was picked and I sent my first contribution to help win this election and vote the Marxist out.

  • Love the Ryan pick……California is lost but maybe we can save the rest of the country with a Romney/Ryan ticket…..Mark Levin is helping to spread the word….Amen

  • Before Paul Ryan was picked by Romney as the VP selectee, I and all true Reagan Tea Party Conservatives had about as much passion and enthusiasm for Mr progressive GOP establishment RINO Romney as we do for a bowl of cold oatmeal. But with Paul Ryan as the Conservative on the ticket, Romney has now shown some propensity to actually be conservative in action and thought, not just words.. It was a wise choice.. Which means he, Mitt Romney, has now shored up the GOP Reagan Tea Party support to more fully embrace his candidacy, and to be more enthusiastic about the GOP ticket against Obama, with a more optimistic outlook on Romney’s future Presidency, that must reverse all of Obama’s policies, executive orders, laws, regulations, fiats, decrees, etc, and restore America back to a Constitutional Republic, with a govt. of the People, by the People, for the People.

    But like the blind man said, we will see..

  • chatterbox365

    Mark Levin is awesome and he is right. Who cares what the democraps say or do. Romney and Ryan need to come out swinging hard and focus on Obama’s lousy record. This is a full blown cage fight election and it needs to get bloody.

  • Rob_Bryant

    Scoop, thank you for posting this! I didn’t know about this interview, so it’s awesome to hear it : )


    Great broadcast featuring Mr. Levin. Whenever you listen to Mark Levin Show It’s always a good idea to take notes.

  • GreenBeretWay

    The flying monkey army? Hahaha.

    Great description of Obama’s media shills.

  • He and all other conservatives still forget to talk about Natural Born Citizen. The “birthers” are attacking the wrong part of his birth. Who cares if he was born in Kenya, Hawaii or Soviet Russia? None should. The real issue lies in his fathers Nationality. The founders were of European decent, and could not be president had they not written in a little snippet about their generation. After the death of the Revolutionary War generation, you had to be born to 2 Americans. Not born in America, necessarily. The fact is your heritage must be American as you understand the values and principles of America. I’m tired of people kicking facts down the line as if they do not matter. Read the Constitution then read The Laws Of Nations. The founders basis of citizenship and the presidency.

    • marketcomp

      Y, good post! But I would like to share a bit of information with you, they are not forgetting they fully understand what it means to be a natural born citizen, the conservative media is INTENTIONALLY ignoring this blatant slap in the face and complete disregard of the Constitution. I think Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a serious person and does anyone really think that he would even waste his time chasing phantoms concerning the birth certificate! I don’t! And if the conservative media thinks that Sheriff Joe is either lying or not credible then they need to say so. With the fraudulent birth certificate, the unending questions about the college transcripts, the fraudulent selective service document, and questions about the social security number all of these include every piece of documentation that all of us use to prove our identity. But with Obama all of these documents, in addition to the college transcripts, are either fake or questionable and really overwhelming. What happens if he wins with all of these looming questions about his identity?

  • wmath44

    This is the second time the republicans have picked a VP candidate I would rather be the Pres. candidate

  • capelady

    Mark Levin needs more NATIONAL exposure. The people who need to hear him the most don’t listen to talk radio!

  • onetwopunch

    Where is Guest1776rcp to tell us what a RINO sellout Mark Levin is?

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    Mark Levin is HANDS DOWN my favorite Conservative Radio Host!!! I agree with him more often than anyone else!! Shout the truth loud and clear Mark!!!

  • If Romney wins we need F. Lee Levin for Attorney General.

    • DeLouse_Our_House_November2012

      If Mark agrees to be Attorney General I will start breeding flying monkeys wearing Ameritopia hatts and tattoos to unleash against Holder and every DOJ bandit in Washington DC. I can see it now, we could probably pay off Obamas deficite by selling pay per view subscriptions. Go see 2016 in theaters asap.


    I’ve been saying the same thing. Ignore what the left says. Get our message out and let it stand on merit. Drives me crazy. Like the contreceptive message. The left says we want to take away womens care. We say no we don’t. How about we explain the truth in simple terms for the non informed….Women will still get bc and care, it just won’t be funded by tax payer dollars. Self relience needs to be the message for America again. There is pride in that way of life which leads to success. Libs/prog/socialist/marxist/commies want people to depend on government not themselves. Don’t be a slave to government. Stand up for yourself.

  • bobemakk

    Mark Levin is always great and right most of the time.

    • epv33

      100% of the time

  • conservativeBC

    Levin is right. Ryan is a great VP pic. He only has this one issue to clear up and then him and Romney will be very hard to beat. http://im41.com/breaking-obama-attacking-romney-on-railroad-retirement-the-biggest-stealth-issue-of-the-2012-election

    • white531

      Conservativebc, I just finished reading the link you posted. Maybe the rest of you were aware of this, but I wasn’t. I can’t believe the railroaders retirement is even an issue. They paid for it. It is totally private. Not funded in any way by taxpayer or government money. Thanks for bringing up this issue, conservativebc. All of you need to take the time to read the information on this link that conservativebc posted. It could make Romney and Ryan look very bad very quickly. The Obama campaign could make a really good ad out of this.

      • conservativeBC

        Thank you. Not everyone is sharp enough to see the relevance of this.

        • white531

          No problem. Thanks for bringing the issue to the forefront of discussion. Once again, the rest of you need to read this.


          • conservativeBC

            Post the link to your contacts, maybe we can get this taken care of before is costs us four more years of Obama

  • sybilll

    Holy cow that interview was so full of win.

  • If someone is an undecided at this point they shouldn’t be voting!!Just make sure anyone you know knows these things. I post them and tell all my friends and family the truth because otherwise they would never know..Either we will be back on track to a great USA in a few months or God help us our country will probably not be around in another 25 yrs. We are militarily invincible but not fiscally.


    …Brian at Right Scoop thank you for posting this interview of the Great One !”

  • aZjimbo

    Mark “the great one” Levin is one of a kind. I just love listening to him especially when he is the one being interviewed.

  • epv33

    I have listened to conservative talk radio for many years, Rush, Hannity, Savage, agree with them most of the time on most issues, I have been listening only to Levin for the last 2 years, and have yet to find one single thing I disagree with him on. The man has no equal as a conservative defending the Constitution and mainly the only one that speaks his mind even when he attacks the RINO republicans.

  • Mark is correct. This man and his administration are extremely dangerous. If we never get rid of them now, this country is toast, and so are the future generations to come.

  • Mark is correct. This man in the white house and his administration are extremely dangerous. If we never get rid of them now, this country is toast, and so are the future generations to come. Odumbo has got to go!!!!!!!!

  • I love Mark Levin’s commentary. I have helped to run a small family-owned and operated service business, which has been in existence since 1977. In the early 80’s our revenue went through the roof under Ronald Reagan’s administration. Since Obama’s Presidency we have lost approximately 55% in total revenues! A friend of ours commented in response to a comment I made against Obama and his policies- “so, you’re no longer rich?” A casual comment to be sure. However the “rich” part included three part-time jobs which have been lost due to “Obama-nomics”. Small biz people like myself are just hunkering down and praying for a real change this Novemer. Two clubs which I remember from my younger days; the 4-H club and Junior Achievement were great organizations in introducing young people to the world of running a business. I would love to see ALL students, from 6th grade on through the 12th to learn to start, run and organize their own enterprises, as part of their school curriculum. Whether virtual or actual endeavors, this would go a long way in promoting iniative, talent and educate them, based on specific grade level on the basics of profit/loss; also some exposure to taxes and government regulation. When you see for yourself just how much of your personal property you have to give up through taxes and regulation, conservative principles become extremely attractive; and would be a great alternative to the climate of political correctness and multi-culturalism as forced upon current students. The NEA would hate it; which is why I would just LOVE IT!

  • My comment is just below this field.

  • Progressives love the pick as well! 🙂

  • I think Levin is right. It’s time to grab their throat and pummel them into the ground.