Full Speech: Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012

Andrew Breitbart gave a great speech today, emphasizing his unrelenting fight with the progressive left and their “bulls**t” Alinsky tactics. He even says he has tapes of Obama from when he was in college that will expose how he and his radical buddies plotted while the rest of us slept. Can’t wait to see those videos.

Toward the end of his speech, he made a comment that I think is worth quoting:

I don’t care who our candidate is and I haven’t since the beginning of this. I haven’t! Ask not what the candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate! …

When I walk through CPAC or a I travel the United States to meet people in the Tea Party who care – black, white, gay, and straight – anyone that’s willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker.

And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with [a certain] candidate, more than shame on you! You’re on the other side!

We must support the nominee, and if it’s Romney, we must support him. Some of you have said otherwise, but I would agree with Breitbart that you are the enemy if you aren’t voting for the nominee. It’s all about defeating Obama once we get to the general and the only way to do it is with the Republican nominee, not some third party candidate. If your goal isn’t to defeat Obama, then you need some sense knocked in you.

Here’s the full speech via Mediaite:

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  • Joe


    Why are you and your “posse” not there speaking!

    With your new award – you are heads above Breitbart

    • Anonymous

      You are not heads above Breitbart, you are in the trenches together. Sometimes you are better, sometimes he is, sometimes someone else. You all do great, you all fumble the sure touchdown pass from time to time. Do not compete with others, commit and recommit to excellence. When the others make a stupid miss step, refrain from proclaiming that they have lost their way or sold out. When Nixon resigned, Ford drew us into days of frustration and a peanut farmer led us into a slough of despond that I knew we could never escape, I confessed to a man I respected, but had never met before that I was afraid that our best days were behind us as I asked him to autograph his daughter Maureen’s album cover. Mr Reagan in a few words reassured me that things can be better if we work for them and was non committal when I asked him to please run again.
      What Obama and his minions are doing is ripping the fabric of this nation apart and we must rise to the challenge. Newt or Mitt or Rick or Ron or a choice from a brokered convention are far better than His Oneness. If you fail to realize that, you are playing into the Soros Scam. We must support the eventual candidate and move Heaven and Earth to elect great people to The House and Senate to support our candidate when they do what is right and drag them kicking and screaming when they are not. I beg you all to be prepared to put aside you doubts when the primaries are over and dedicate yourselves to saving our Republic. Thank you all for your consideration.

    • conservatives continue to eat their own; we don’t need the Left to divide and conquer, conservatives do it all by themselves! STOP IT!

      Everyone has different gifts, one can prefer one over the other, but WE NEED EVERYONE to pull together for the common goal, reestablish a Constitutional Republic that rewards self reliance, liberty and responsibility of the individual to do the right thing in exchange for the freedom to do almost everything.

      wake up dividers!

  • Anonymous

    I love this man!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the sentiment to vote, no matter what, for the Republican nominee. I say fight for your candidate till you ‘can’t fight no more’, but once he’s chosen, we must align to defeat the Marxist in charge. The day after the election is the time to start the process of a third party, to establish a ground game and organization so that, in 2016, we take it all. This election should certainly focus on keeping the House, taking the Senate and removing many of the long dead incumbents that hang like an albatross around the neck of this great country.

    I, for one, don’t think Romney is the right choice, so I hope we fight hard enough to get Santorum or Gingrich elected. It shouldn’t be that hard, now that the Romney egg has been cracked. Let’s give ’em all we’ve got. It’s gonna get hot. And, Andrew, go take a shower.

    • Anonymous

      I, for one, don’t think Romney is the right choice, so I hope we fight hard enough to get Santorum or Gingrich elected.

      – nukeman60

      Exactly. As a good student, you want to have straight A’s, work hard to achieve the best possible results. Why won’t you apply the same rule if you are electing somebody? The dream is there with Santorum or Gingrich yet the fix is achievable with Romney!

      • Anonymous

        Super Tuesday next month should tell a lot. People are becoming aware. If Rick and Newt both talk policies and issues and stay away from the Romney smear, the turnout alone will wash him off the beach. There may be some guidance tomorrow in the final speech. I’m waiting to see.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more! Well-said!

      We must win the Senate, House, Judiciary, and states. And agreed, on November 7th, we can start the “Constitution Party” or the “Tea Party”. We can start fresh then… but until then, we have a clear and present danger. The enemy is clear and we MUST win.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, Talk about your red meat!!!

    Andrew just field dressed a Jackass, cut it up in little pieces and fed it to a hungry elephant.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Ann Coulter gave an awesome speech as well at CPAC… We have it posted now on Common Cents…


    ps. Link Exchange??

    • Anonymous

      Did the crowd laugh more when it was played at your site, ’cause we thought it was pretty awkward when it was played here, with all the silence after each joke.

      • ApplePie101

        Comment removed because it criticized Ann Coulter?

        • Anonymous

          No, it was lauding her, but I think it was a commercial for another site. Perhaps that’s why it was removed.

          • mrcombi

            Nevertheless it was removed…

            • Anonymous

              Ya. And your point is?

    • Anonymous

      I bet she talked up 0r0mneycares… she became a weasel to me, and I don’t mean that in a good way…

  • Conservative use to take it and we’re not taking any more!!

  • Garym

    I heard a profound statement from a caller on a local (in Abq NM) show. It was simple. Can you imagine the damage Obama can cause if he gets 4 more years and doesn’t care about getting reelected? This is an SOB who just usurped the first amendment, just so he can shore up his voting base.
    Fight like hell for your candidate, but in the end, we need to defeat the real threat that is now in the White House.

    • Anonymous

      Imagine what irrevocable damage he’d do to the supreme court. I shudder to think of it!

    • Anonymous

      i agree 100% and have stated it many times on this site, unfortunately to many people here on this site are willing to let obama destroy our country to make some point to the “establishment”

  • I am glad conservatives are not ‘taking it’ any more. I just wish we’d do what Andrew said. We need to stop shooting at each other and train our fire at the real enemy. I’m going to fight for my guy without attacking the others, and then I am going to fight for whoever gets the nomination. There is no way I am going to sit this one out.

  • Anonymous

    I like Breitbart and I agree with him about whoever the candidate is we have to unite behind him and then hold his feet to the fire when elected. I was a Perry supporter and he is no more. So I will live with whoever wins the nomination. I live in a heavy Democratic area and many of the local officials are Democrats and I respect and like them so it is hard to talk D and R we have to talk candidates. I am leaning to Santorum but I will campaign and work to defeat Obama whatever it takes. Ayers and Dorn should be in jail for treason and murder instead they live the life of luxury off the taxpayers of Chicago. Digusting. Anybody but OBAMA. Give them heck Brietbart.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see the reaction if and when Andrew releases the videos he says he has.

    I agree that we have to get behind the (R) candidate whoever it is.

    Go Rick!

  • Anonymous

    I love Breitbart. He is passionate and unafraid. He will walk right into the lion’s den.

    The right needs more passionate spokesman like Andrew. We have been cowed by the Marx-Stream Media, political correctness, and pop culture for far too long. We have allowed them to take us to the precipice and Obama can’t wait to give that final push that sends us over the edge.

    I am with Andrew…enough is enough…and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

  • PFFV

    Andrew Breitbart is a Real Journalist and a True Conservative American Patriot, one of my personal heroes. He has bravely fought the corrupt national media and its bias to always bring us the truth that they try to cover up. If you are interesting in the truth you should stay tuned in to Breitbart.com daily. He broke ACORN, Van Jones, and on and on, the list is overwhelming. God Bless Mr. Breitbart for being the champion of media truth.

    • Anonymous

      I wish I could give you 100 “likes” on your comment. I love the Bigs, but stopped posting comments about a year ago due to the trolls. But I still visit the site a few times a day.

      Love Andrew that he’s not afraid to speak his mind, here in CA (LA specifically) for goodness sakes. He truly has courage to speak the truth!

      Thanks Scoop for providing Andrews part in CPAC.

  • I have said several times since the primaries started it would be another broken glass election, only to be ridiculed. Well someone else believes as I do, welcome aboard Andrew get ready cause the Sh*t is gonna get stirred. To the nominee!

  • I don’t need to support Mitt Romney any more than I need to support Dede Scozzafava or Arlen Specter. If an (R) doesn’t mean something, then it means nothing. Establishment RINO’s are the problem with the Republican party. If Breitbart is willing to support an (R) without regard for who the person is behind the (R), then “ore than shame” on him because he is on the other side. His loyalty is merely to the Republican party while mine is to conservative principles.

    • Anonymous

      Based upon your comment, it seems to me you don’t know Andrew. He was just expressing his opinion based on his extensive knowledge regarding the topics he discussed. He saw the light a few years back and is truly conservative now. IMHO, you missed his point. I can easily support Newt or Rick, but would really have to hold my nose to vote for Mitt or Ron.

      I agree that RINO’s have been, and still are the problem in the R party. I think Andrew’s point was, what will your choice be if you had to vote for a RINO or Obama.

      He should have just said “hold your nose and vote” if that’s what it will take to change the regime we have now.

      • I didn’t just discover him today, but if you know Breitbart well enough to know that he meant something other than what he said, then I won’t argue with you. Since I don’t know you either, I’ll just take him at his word.

        But my comment isn’t about Breitbart, in particular. It’s for anyone who accuses me of being “on the other side” merely because I am more loyal to conservative principles than to a political party.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. I love AB’s work, he’s completely fearless. But, I refuse to vote for liberals or non-Christians. This includes Mitt RINOmney. Breitbart’s absolute loyalty to the party instead of ideas is exactly what gave us President Hussein to begin with.

          America needs a renaissance of ideas, not loyalty to a failed party.

          Don’t Tread On Me

        • BS61

          If you are loyal to conservative principles, then you will surely vote for whatever R is running against the communist in charge, correct? There is a communist or marxist in the WH, surely a RINO is better!

    • Anonymous

      Great blog site you have! Links to others are just as impressive. On twitter-if so, id?

      • Anonymous


    • BS61

      There is a big difference – Republican’s have us creeping to socialism, while the Dem’s have us leaping to socialism. We need to stop the Chairman Obama’s term while we continue to work. This didn’t happen over night, we need to fight for a ton of years!

  • Anonymous

    If we do not all come together in the end, Obama will serve four more years. It’s that simple.

    • BS61

      No, Obama will serve the final years of America!

  • Well Scoop, then my family friends, and I will be enemies, because we are NOT voting for Mitt Romney if he’s the nominee. Period. And we won’t be alone.

    He’s nothing more than another pro-big-over-reaching government, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-gay, lying liberal. His record is closer to Barack Obama’s than any Republican candidate who has ever ran, and we are through having to vote for a Democrat to defeat a Democrat because the Republican establishment appointed him. And we have called the Chairman of the RNC and told him so.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with your assessment of Romney, without a doubt. But if you don’t vote for whoever is our candidate, you will give Obama a second term. If we thought the first 3 years were bad, wait until he doesn’t have to face another election and his destructive policies will be on steroids.

      No matter what the outcome is in the primaries and convention, you MUST vote. It will be one candidate against Obama. Take your pick. If you don’t choose, we lose.

      • What’s the difference? AND Romney blatantly lies about having a liberal record… Obama or no Obama, we’re not voting for him.

        • Anonymous

          Once again, I will say that I agree with your assessment of Romney. I am not a supporter. If he is our only choice, he must win to get the current admin out. (Yes, once again the lesser of two evils, as they say about bad choices.)

          Hey, it’s still early and anything could happen in this election cycle. It’s so good to know how many people are paying attention and getting involved.

          As a side note: If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain until after the next election in which you voted.

          • As a side note: If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain until after the next election in which you voted.
            If Romney is the nominee and wins the presidency, I will complain as mush as I do about Obama, who I also didn’t vote for.

    • ApplePie101

      The RNC has put party advantage ahead of America’s wellbeing nearly to the point of blackmail. Vote for our liberal Republican candidate or the country ‘gets it.’ Nothing changes if we don’t draw the line and hold the line.

    • Anonymous

      Do you not understand that there are elections after this one? Do you think that maybe we can stop the bleeding first before the body dies? Do you know that we didn’t get here in a decade? That this is decades of cow dung that we have to pick up? I just don’t understand your thought process. You’re basically saying you give up. What if you have to wait for your right candidate for another ten years? What do you think will happen in the mean time? With all the due respect in the world, don’t be selfish. We are with you on your passion for what is right but you can’t clean it up in one election.

      We will do it with you if possible and without you if necessary.

    • Constance

      We would rather not have you as enemies. We need you as friends on the battlefield. There are enough enemies in this country that it is halfway to being destroyed already. Please rethink your decision. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps Romney being shoved at us is deliberate? That there is a hope to force us to sit down and shut up? Let’s say he is the nominee. Are you really prepared to sit down and shut up as a result? Stand up. Raise hell. Be loud and proud of what you believe and who you are. This is a test – a big one. This is the line in the sand. Step over it with the rest of us, and keep forcing powers in Washington to back up, even one step at a time. Reversal of all the damage done to this country won’t happen in one election. It will take decades. Most of all, it will take courage, and the ability to suck it up when you don’t get the candidate you want. If you become our enemies, then you join those you claim to despise. I hardly think that improves your life, and your “victory” of standing by your principles will be quite short-lived indeed.

      • Anonymous

        Very well stated, constance! Never give up, never give in. Keep fighting to elect the best candidates possible for every position up to a vote. Strengthen both houses of congress each & every election.

        And if a squishy Reep is the best we can do this season, keep pressing Congress to rein him in if he wonders into progressive territory.

    • BS61

      So do you believe that the US has many more years to straighten up the RNC?! I don’t.

  • Vote vs. No Vote…

    I’m with Mark Levin and Andrew Breitbart and will vote for the Republican nominee… whomever he is.


    To NOT vote in the general election for ANY Republican who wins the primary wreath IS a vote for Obama… by default.

    To NOT vote for ANY Republican nominee is absolutely the SAME thing as telling the progressive socialist marxist Obama voter… I quit… you win… and your progressive socialist marxist vote will be used against me because my non-vote is meaningless.

    Pres. “uh uh uh” Obama and his progressive socialist marxist cabal has gotta go.


    • Anonymous

      So what’s to be done about the Paulians who either won’t vote or will write in Ron Paul or vote for him if he is listed? There numbers are large enough to give this to O, just as the spoiler Ross Perot did in previous years.

  • Pardon the caps-


    I would have been hollering the whole time. I so envy those that saw him live.

  • Anonymous

    Romney won’t make it – not to worry. He had his last big broohaha in Nevada. It will be Gingrich or Santorum.

  • That was pretty good….I think the whole not voting for the nominee was a plea to Paul supporters to wake up and smell the fascism. If you don’t try to at least slow the virus down you are helping to murder the country.

  • Anonymous

    How come the RINOs never have to say they’ll support a conservative nominee, but we are the enemy unless we say we’ll support Romney.

  • mike morrison

    Breitbart is fearless…love him!

  • Anonymous

    We need about a hundred of these guys. Unashamed. Truth tellers. Eye openers. Conservative General Pattons.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew is absolutely correct! But our first job is to do everything and anything we can do to prevent the nomination of the “Massachusetts Moderate.” However, if that fails, we must still do everything and anything we can do to prevent the reelection of the radical, socialist, tyrannical B. Hussein Obama!

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more Scoop. This is THE battle of our time. This is our WWII… the war has gone political but the enemy is still hell-bent on destroying this country and enslaving the population. We don’t fight with bullets or bombs but with votes, words, and effort. We HAVE to dethrone “dear ruler”… he cannot stay another 4 years because America cannot last even 1 more year under him. Don’t believe me? Examine your heart over the last 3 years – look at the news and tell me that your blood isn’t boiling. We’ve all said it: I’d vote for an orange juice can over Maobama. Well, put up or shut up. It’s time to poop or get off the pot. Vote for our candidate – get this monster out of the big chair. Now is the time. Now!

    • Anonymous

      Good morning!

      Right! I for one, am going to poop and get off the pot…in that order.

      ‘Butt’ first, I’m having some thick-sliced bacon cooked up to the perfect crispiness with two eggs, topped with cheese and an onion bagel with cream cheese 🙂

      Oooops, I hear it sizzling now. C-ya!

      • Anonymous

        Lol. I’m coming over there… make enough for two plz. 😉

        I’ll bring the toilet paper.

        • Anonymous

          Burp. Sorry friend. De-lish-us!

          I want to help Romney with his next speech deliver the “I’m severely conservative”
          line with an bit more ooompf.

          Hi, I’m Mitt Romney and I’m a severe conservative. Why, I’m so severe with my conservatism that if an old lady were sitting in a wheelchair in front of me this very moment, and there were a cliff in front of her, I’d give the blue-haired little dear a healthy push, right over that mean ole’ precipice!

          I’m Mitt, and I approve this Bullsh*t.

  • Anonymous

    Another brave hero. Love this guy!

  • Anonymous

    Breitbart is the SAM ADAMS of our generation ! God bless him !!!!

  • This makes no sense. Romney has admitted that he is “a moderate and a progressive.” Newt Gingrich subscribes to Alvin Toffler’s Third Wave ideology (The Constitution is Second Wave and it needs to “die and be replaced”). Newt adores every big time progressive president from Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson to FDR.

    So tell me how as conservatives are we supposed to get America back on track by running these moderate progressives? I get a lot of flack for this. Sounds to me what some of you want isn’t having a conservative in the White House but just an “R” in the Oval Office.

    Bush drove towards the cliff at a decent speed, Obama turned on the nitros bottle, Newt and Mitt will go the speed limit. Is it wrong for me to ask for a candidate who’ll hit the brakes? Do I need “sense knocked into me” for wanting that? From what I’m seeing this isn’t about conservative overcoming progressivism this is just replacing a radical progressive “D” with a moderate progressive “R”.

    • Trust1TG

      We must find out if Newt has thought better of Toffler’s ideas and CFR style internationalism, as he did with Global Warming and as he repented of his sin when he became a Christian.

      He now talks about Constitutional government, American exceptionalism, the founding fathers as though he has seen the light.

      He also seems to be for hard gold-precious metal-backed currency and against the manipulations of the dollar/economy by domestic and foreign entities and investors (aka Soros)

    • Trust1TG

      We must find out if Newt has thought better of Toffler’s ideas and CFR style internationalism, as he did with Global Warming and as he repented of his sin when he became a Christian.

      He now talks about Constitutional government, American exceptionalism, the founding fathers as though he has seen the light.

      He also seems to be for hard gold-precious metal-backed currency and against the manipulations of the dollar/economy by domestic and foreign entities and investors (aka Soros)

  • Constance

    I love Breitbart. I actually understand what he means by not being in the bunker fighting just because you don’t like the candidate. He’s right. Anyone who remains outside the bunker, refusing to defeat Obama, simply because their candidate does not win the nomination, IS working for the other side. It’s obvious. I may not want Romney as the candidate, and I will be upset if he wins. However, if I just stay home nursing my pride as a conservative, my uncast vote is simply going to be a vote for Obama.

    Think about it long and hard, people. Don’t just stay home because you didn’t get what you want. It’s a fight, and in every fight, we win some and we lose some. But, we must keep fighting. If your candidate is not the nominee, please continue to stand with the rest of us, and put your pride aside. Fight. I’m on my knees here… please. This election is too important to lose to Obama.

  • this speech and allen west’s are by far the best so far. listening to this one again. looking forward to palin’s too. three great voices for conservatism. our field is deep and wide.

  • Anonymous

    Make no mistake… Breitbart is awesome… and I’m glad we have the likes of him to help us… but Breitbart does not always practice what he preaches.

    Breitbart was absolutely brutal in cutting Joseph Farah apart for birtherism in WND all because he was afraid that it would make conservatives look bad in the MSM. They already look bad… what the frig! What happens if Farah is right? Breitbart has a feud with Beck as well… so where is his fight for conservatism above his complaint against Beck.

    So we have our heroes, and Breitbart is a hero in my eyes… but he’s got flaws… and this message not to fight other conservatives is a bit hollow.

    My point is… I will only support Romney if he is nominated… and ONLY then. But if Romney is nominated there is slim chance he will be elected. And by some miracle he IS elected, America will have lost an opportunity to go back to first principles… and the collapse will be inevitable because Romney has no clue what the conservative founding was all about.

  • Man stands by the ruins of his burnt down house. A neighbor comes up and asks him why the firemen didn’t come? The man said I would t call them cause the commissioner wasn’t the one I wanted.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I respectfully disagree with Breitbart. It all depends on what one perceives the problem as. To me the problem is the Republican establishment. They do not fight for conservatism. They do not fight Obama and progressivism. It matters more who we replace Obama with, not just that we replace Obama. Romney will continue socialized medicine. Call it what it is not Obamacare. Referring to socialized medicine as Obamacare or Romneycare is allowing the Republican establishment to control the language. Sorry Mitt, there is nothing conservative about socialized medicine.
    Romney will give us Cap and Trade. He will replace the revenues his buddies on Wall Street lost with mortgage backed securities with carbon trading. Sorry Mitt, there is nothing conservative about Gore-bull warming. There is nothing free market about crony capitalism.
    Romney ran his campaign as a leftist. His scorched earth tactics are what have fractured the base. When Newt responded in kind we were told. “Hey that’s not nice. The problem is beating Obama.” Where was the Republican establishment calling Romney out that he was not nice when he was crucifying Newt? Where was the Republican establishment telling Romney that the goal is to beat Obama?
    There are different rules conservatives have to operate by according to the Republican establishment who always side with their progressive brethren against the conservative.
    The Republican establishment is always telling the base to be moderate. Well, if the Republican establishment doesn’t represent me than they don’t need my vote to get them over the finish line.
    I’m tired of being told to sit down and shut up by the Republican establishment. If the Republican establishment continues to make their priority getting their place at the feeding trough that socialized medicine and Gore-bull warming are instead of fighting for conservative ideals against the progressive enemy, than the Republican establishment is the enemy. We need somebody to fight Obama and the progressives and it isn’t Mitt! Mitt is a progressive.

    • Anonymous

      Hear hear!

    • Trust1TG

      Moderate is a code word that means the candidate is willing to play the game by the establishment rules, to trade favors, to wink, to bluster, spin and lie, to keep secrets, wheel and deal, to compromise, to do whatever it takes to gain votes, dollars, power, another term, office, objective for the party. Moderate means establishment.

    • Anonymous

      I’m tired of being told to sit down and shut up by the Republican establishment. If the Republican establishment continues to make their priority getting their place at the feeding trough that socialized medicine and Gore-bull warming are instead of fighting for conservative ideals against the progressive enemy, than the Republican establishment is the enemy. We need somebody to fight Obama and the progressives and it isn’t Mitt! Mitt is a progressive.
      I’m taking this fight against progressivism seriously and I’m fighting it all the way, even in my own party. It is a time for choosing in this generation of Republicans.

      Thanks for this!! I couldn’t agree more!

  • Trust1TG

    Caveat emptor applies to this speech and to Breitbart’s attempt to ‘unify’ the party behind ‘whoever is the candidate.’

    Be aware that Breitbart is a very close buddy of Matt Drudge and coworker/partner at Drudge Report. Drudge, like Coulter, is for Romney, so Breitbart probably is as well.

    Be aware that Breitbart, though a stylish, cool talking-looking guy with a lot of clout and money, like Coulter and Drudge, is what is now called a secular, political, fiscal conservative, but not a social/Biblical conservative.

    For this group, sex and cohabitation outside of marriage, gay acts, rights and gay marriage are AOK.

    What kind of conservative is their preferred candidate Romney? What does his kind of conservatism look like in practice?
    Well, Romney’s record shows he was willing to violate every conservative fiscal and political principle and every Biblical Commandment (as well as the teachings of his own Mormon religion) for a vote or a dollar:
    1. When necessary, Romney would back gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, mandated health care, gun control, the list goes on.
    2. His business practices were reverse Robin Hood. He gutted corporations pension funds to pay himself and his people large bonuses and take huge profits whatever befell the workers and the community.
    3. Romney is a liar. He told seven documented lies on stage at the last debate. Many of his ads have fomented lies. His pose of conservatism and campaign promises are lies.

    Romney is a half-a$$, false and/or anything you will vote for kind of conservative – not a conservative fiscal, political, economic, social/Biblical or any kind of conservative at all.

    Moreover, is Breitbart really neutral as he claims in his CPAC speech?

    The day before his CPAC talk, Breitbart, “called former House Speaker Newt Gingrich “damaged goods.” And he said that people are misreading Gingrich’s win in South Carolina as a nod from the Tea Party. Breitbart calls Gingrich a “proxy” who won the anti Mitt Romney vote.
    As for Romney, Breitbart says he needs to use CPAC to “get in the trenches” and get in touch with the Tea Party voters who are responsible for change in the Republican party. Breitbart claims Romney is “managing his campaign from afar.”
    Breitbart, also sees CPAC as a potential “game changer” for former Senator Rick Santorum. Breitbart says Santorum doesn’t “recognize the media is everything” in this election. He says Santorum needs to use the media to emotionally connect with voters and continue the momentum he picked up in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota.”

    Doesn’t sound all that neutral, does it?

    What does Conservatism mean to Breitbart, to Drudge and to Coulter? Are they really conservatives or just hirelings who make money being writers, pundits and media moguls? Is it just about career, money and clout for them? Their ratings and incomes go up when there is a radical in office and down when there is a true conservative. They have made a killing during the Obama administration. Why would they back a true conservative when their incomes and careers would take a hit?

    • Anonymous

      I agree with everything up till your last paragraph. That’s the kinda unsubstantiated ad-hominem that we see plenty of in the left. I don’t believe for a minute that’s true about Breitbart. But what I do believe is that they are not social conservatives… and that’s what drives their support for the likes of Romney. On that I will agree.

      • Trust1TG

        There are statistics that show this…the idea came from an article somewhere – it is not my idea alone, but evidence is there that ‘conservative media’ even FOX profit most when liberals are in power.

        The hotter the fight, the more money pours into the media coffers.

        • Anonymous

          The idea you are reporting sounds more like a talking point from the left who broach no contradiction to their narrative. Breitbart exposes the left’s tactics mercilessly, so it’s natural they would construct a narrative that he’s just another evil profiteer out for the money.

          The same liberal media and the same liberal laden institutions grind on regardless which conservative occupies the White House. They plied their trade when GWB was in the White House as well. So the argument that Breitbart, Coulter and Drudge are just hirelings of the “conservative media” is not that convincing. Like I stated before, I’m more convinced that their support for Romney is simply a function that they are not all that socially conservative. At least that’s the explanation that makes most sense imho.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t want to say it outright in my post, but honestly, Breitbart’s speech sounded like a pro Romney, anti Newt/Santorum speech even though he never said anyone’s name.

      I felt it left the door wide open to let Romney in and not because Romney is conservative, but only because he, like all the other candidates, is not Obama.

      Then there was the subtle (or maybe not so subtle) undercurrent that to exclude him is divisive.

      However, unity under Not Obama is not necessarily unity under conservatism.

      • Anonymous

        Certainly more conservative than O!

  • Anonymous

    “These people [Occupy] are the definition of unAmerican. So you want a unity speech. You want a unity speech? I’ll give you a unity speech. I don’t care who our candidate is and I haven’t since the beginning of this. I haven’t! Ask not what the candidate can do for you. Ask what you can do for the candidate. And that’s what the TEA party is. We are there to confront them on behalf of our candidate. I will march behind whoever our candidate is because if we don’t we lose. There are two paths. There are two paths. One is America and the other one is Occupy. One is America. The other one is Occupy….And if you’re not in this bunker cause you’re not satisfied with this candidate, more than shame on you, you’re on the other side.”

    So does this mean that voting for the not conservative candidate is the conservative thing to do because the not conservative candidate is not Obama?

    Mr. Breitbart, when you say you will confront them on behalf of “our candidate,” which candidate is that? The one the elite have chosen or the one the people have chosen? Do you truly not care? How is that conservative? Are only the Occupy movement and the Democrat party the elite or do you recognize the divide in the Republican party between conservatives and elitists as well?

    At this point in this race there are only 2 candidates that warrant me asking what I can do for them and you just trashed both of them by giving the exact opposite message they gave this week at this very same conference. Both of them made clear in their speeches that there is a battle within the Republican party between the establishment and conservatives. Santorum said it matters a great deal what we replace Obama with and Newt openly said there is the establishment in Republicanism that he and Regan had been fighting against all along and that is why CPAC was founded: to address the establishment in the Republican party. You just undermined both of the only candidates we can really put our weight behind.

    Mr. Breitbart, on this issue at this time I must disagree with you. You are getting ahead of yourself by a wide margin. We must first seek to secure the nomination for one of the two conservative candidates. In the event that is not successful, then we would have to rethink. But not before.

    Beating Obama is only half the problem. What we replace him with is just as important.

    We must be able to truly get behind OUR candidate, asking what we can do for him because we are already secure in what he intends to do for America. We must be able to get behind him not just because of what he is not [Obama] but because of what he is — Conservative. I argue that this is the truly conservative position.

    • Trust1TG

      Agree heartily.

      Seems we both saw through Breitbart’s false premise that this election is a two secular movements: Tea Party vs Occupy conflict.

      Mr. Breitbart does not see the depth of the problem. He sees only in political terms.

      This is also a spiritual conflict – a Marxism, atheism, environmentalism, pansexualism, Mormonism, Mohammedanism – vs – Biblical Judaism/Christianity conflict.

      (See my comment below yours)

      • Anonymous

        The mistake (unless it’s not a mistake) that Breitbart makes here is to make the wrong comparison. In dialectical fashion, he forces a crisis comparison between Obama and Not Obama. This is not the right comparison. The right comparison for the candidate we need is to compare that candidate against conservatism and see how much he agrees. This is neither avoidance nor diminishing of the Obama issue because the closer a candidate is to conservative principles, the more he will be in disagreement with Obama, ipso facto.

        • W.

          Here is a video of an interview with Newt Gingrich after his CPAC speech in which he compares his record as a Conservative with the moderate, progressive (aka liberal) Romney and radical-liberal Obama: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFy1nIw84-E&feature=player_embedded

          • Anonymous

            That is a good video. Thanks!

        • Unfortunately, if the majority of the country doesn’t agree with you than you are out of luck, which is why there is a strategy to playing this game of politics as much as it is about priniciples!

    • Is it not true that when you play sports it is not just about utilization of the talent but about strategy to win? I am not sure politics is any different!

      • Anonymous

        There is definitely a strategy and it is a big picture strategy. It is the strategy of the dialectic.

        If Romney wins there is victory for sure. If Romney wins, the elites win no matter who wins between him and Obama, and likewise conservatives lose either way.

        Strategy is everything. You are absolutely right about that. The dialectical approach is long term over generations. Their strategy includes taking steps backward as well as taking steps forward. They are content to sacrifice one of two steps forward in the near term for 3 steps forward later. If they get Romney and he wins the White House they “only” gain 1 step forward. If Romney loses, they gain who knows how many more. But either way it is a gain for them and therefore a win.

        Strategy must be understood and applied according to what the game is. What the game is is the issue. It is not enough to replace Obama. What we replace him with will determine whether or not our course is corrected.

        As Mark Levin rightly pointed out, it is Conservatism vs. Marxism.

        Romney is not good strategy unless the point is to lose.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew, you are a true Patriot, thank you and God bless you brother!!!!

  • The only problem with Breitbart’s overall message is I don’t want to go with War with American Left. I want to enlighten them with another viewpoint, but I don’t want to force them into submission.

  • StNikao

    Breitbart, Drudge, Coulter, Will and the other Romney-pushers have squandered their credibility as conservatives and lost my trust. They claim to be secular, political, fiscal conservative, not social conservatives.

    Yet, Romney is neither political or social conservative.

    Romney governed as a liberal when he was a governor. Romney forced the churches to accept abortion and contraception as part of Romney care. He pushed gay rights, gay marriage and gay adoption through ruthless tactics.

    Romney lied seven times during the last debate, lies in his ads, uses ruthless Alinsky leftist tactics. Romney will do anything to win an election.

    Romney is a bishop or higher in Mormonism and wants the presidency for religious reasons, to fulfill a prophecy, to redeem Joseph Smith’s murder and lost presidential ambition…as well as his father, George Romney’s failed presidential campaign.

    There are common threads between Islam and Mormonism (Moor-manism). Dr. Michael Youseff explains here: http://onenewsnow.com/Perspectives/Default.aspx?id=1468930

    Mormonism incorporates Islamic and Masonry symbols as did the Shriners, a the later offshoot of the Masons. http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-temple-square-utah/

    Obama is trying to undo the murder of his father Malcolm X (a Nation of Islam, black supremacist, Sunni Muslim covert) and to make the US into the 58th Islamic state.

    There is very little religious, social and political difference between Romney and Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Before I watch the video I have to say that I agree with you RS that the main goal is to defeat Obama. Not voting for the nominee because you don’t agree with him completely only aids Obama. The nominee may not be the exact fix we are looking for or that we need but it will definately be a step in the right direction to hopefully forcing some more important issues on them while they are in office. And you never know they may surprise you. Giving Obama a second term will only drive our country closer to socialism and deeper in debt. How much of the Constitution will be left to trample upon if Obama is re-elected and how much will we be able to reclaim after another term of Obama.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Romney will be a bad president. And some people could grow into their presidency. You want to give people the benefit of the doubt. Against my better judgement, when Obama got elected for about 4 months I tuned out of politics, I didn’t get caught up in it, I wanted to just give the guy a chance. Probably a bad example.

    He’ll be better than Obama, and when that’s the option, that’s the only option really.

    The real thing happening now is that the Tea Party all across the country is rising up, throwing people out of office, putting new blood into Washington, it’s a movement and the people on the right want someone who gets back to basic principles, back to the Constitution, fundamentally “restoring” America.

    Romney as the leader in that fight just doesn’t make sense. Because he’s not a part of that fight. He’s not the guy the people are wanting to lead.

    But, November is still a ways away.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew’s speech is so awesome I can hardly stand it.

  • BS61

    So do you not believe that Obama will destroy the US if he is re-elected?

  • BS61

    Just curious, which other country will you be living in? Progressives have been fighting tooth and nail to get their people in power, and you won’t consider a RINO vote?

  • BS61

    Republican’s are slower at accumulating debt, which is what we need. The only option is a revolution, or what other solution do you have?

  • BS61

    Huh, I believe that having it be over a little later than previously believed gives us more time to fight! Glass half full kinda person.

  • BS61

    Seems to me, they ignore the facts!

  • BS61

    I’ll be sticking with Breitbart since he doesn’t insult the Tea Party like the other establishment media!

  • Anonymous

    I love listening to him. Remember that Mitt Romney couldn’t even bring himself to call Zero a “socialist.”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what is on the video he has of Obama. I’m sure Andrew will hold it for an October surprise!

  • Anonymous

    Just listened to Andrew’s speech, i.e. his war cry against the institutional left. He spoke of the “false narrative of its innate tolerance”. He spoke of the hijacking of the Democratic Party in 2004, when a man they had described as “the standard of decency” and made one of their two standard-bearing candidates in national elections they kicked to death – Joe Lieberman. He described how Democrats have become the party of “totalitarian freaks”. And nothing but. And I found nothing with which I had not thought of myself and with which I could disagree with in the least.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, WOW, WOW!! Preach it Brother Breitbart!!!

  • Anonymous

    He reminds me of a ‘Good’ Howard Beale. Andrew simply does not care, and neither do I, who he upsets, offends, or makes uncomfortable as he rants and raves against the Washington Establishment, the Democrat/Media Complex, the Seditionists and the Totalitarian Freaks! (Notice some of the ‘suits’ in the audience squirming?…Yeah those pissants are part of the problem too…)

    He’s Public Enemy #1 to the Human 9/11 aka Barry Sorento and his Chicago gang of thugs, stooges, a-kissers, and bootlickers.

  • Anonymous

    this post may identify me…it is true! only the left is entitled to freedom of speach. the management of the company i work for, have been given grief over my handmade billboards hanging from my truck. they (the leftist) demand management make me remove them. “they are racist” according the leftist…my 1st post was “b. obama = 2 b. arnold”… the 2nd was “obama hates black power, coal and oil”.. lastest “buckeyes 4 emanicaption from obama care”. well it is time to take the fight to them.. give me liberty or give me death, i will fight for the GOP candidate (whoever comes to be) i pick rick

  • K-Bob

    For those who appreciate a transcript, good ol’ Biff Spackle made one, and it’s posted at Doug Ross’ website.

    Must-Read Transcript — Breitbart at CPAC: This Is Not Your Mother’s Democratic Party

    • Trust1TG

      On that point I agree with Breitbart…. the new Democratic party is hard marxist left. They value ideology over human life. We see it happening surrounding Democratic adminstrations when human ’embarrasments’ (male and female) suffer convenient demises. But this administration is brazen like no other. They are above and operate outside of or abuse the Law, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Courts, ignore budgets, accountability and audits and loot our treasury and taxpayers money as though they owned it.

      And all the while the Republican party majority stands around in limpid, silent complicity like eunuchs at an orgy.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Breitbart ! Welcome aboard the Founder’s bandwagon …. Now go get a haircut and I’ll consider giving you a huggy!

  • Anonymous

    I could use some help here. I am beginning to think that voting for a RHINO would be worse than having PBO for another term. In many ways we are fortunate that PBO actually says what he is thinking. He openly admonishes self reliance, wants gasoline at $8 per gallon and skyrocketing enregy costs, thinks the government should pay for contraception and cares not what religious leaders think, etc. He is a lightening for the worst possible aspects of the left. We never have to wonder who he is! If we have a RHINO president we will continue our march to larger and larger government only more slowly than with PBO. But with a republican senate and house PBO will force the RHINOs to act more like true conservatives.

  • Anonymous

    That was the best 15 minutes of my day 🙂

  • Edward Stephens

    I used to think the Right were the bullies and the Left were the defiant ones, struggling to find there way without bullying. I have been finding out over the last 3-4 years how backward that thought was. My family and friends don’t know me anymore because I have NEVER been so fully, completely and wholeheartedly immersed in saving our Republic than now, and that feeling continues to grow and here’s why. Listen please: There are MILLIONS of guys like me, I happen to be 49, 22-year USAF Vet, and a senior IT specialist at the DOD. We are energized by a voice coming from the trail that wasn’t the same voice we’ve heard for 20 years. You know who’s voice that is–the voice of a)ending the wars b)taking back our money and c)Restoring our Liberties, not necessarily in that order. Friends, there are millions of others like me (Ind & Dems also) who are at the disposal of the Republican Party! Yet there seems to be one small obstacle from getting that vote in November: Ron Paul.

    Believe me when I tell you this: A ticket without Ron Paul on it will fail, and America will have her anarchy/civil war again.

  • Such a sad and tragic day. We have lost a truly great warrior. My prayers for his wife and kids.

  • Such a sad and tragic day, conservatism lost a great warrior.

  • ArlenWilliams

    I have great respect for Andrew Breitbart and mourn his passing, but have to disagree. Romney is the enemy, as long as he continues to push for Agenda 21 (and God knows what other anti-sovereignty initiatives).

    I cannot side with a candidate who is the lesser not merely of two evils, but of two enemies of America, on the other side of the coin with Obama.

    I will fight the enemy, not join.

  • Linda L Hill

    Please follow-up about the videos to vette Barack Obama. This must be done so that all Americans can really see who he is.

  • Linda L Hill

    Barack Obama is a Dictator waiting to pronounce his Crown to America.

  • smbren

    Dearest Lord, you took him too soon. We have to win one for the warrior in 2012!