FULL SPEECH: Mitt Romney gives a fantastic speech at the Clinton Global Initiative

Romney gave a very impressive speech this morning at the Clinton Global Initiative, laying out his ideas to forward the American idea of freedom around the world through aid. And it’s not simply because he loves American freedom and believes everyone should experience it, but because he sees a need to put people to work around the globe to help foster both peace and prosperity.

But more than the specifics of his ideas, what struck me was that he had ideas, good ideas – even big ideas, and in a time where there exists a leadership vacuum in Washington, it was very refreshing to hear.

Watch below:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    romney may not have been my choice, but he is better then barry , no doubt, hands down, you go mitt! show us what you got !

    • A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote in favor of evil.

      • And who is the genius who’s getting your vote???

        • Either the Libertarian or Constitution Party candidates… they’re the only ones that are small-government.

          • mikemc1970

            In other words, you’re voting for Obama.

            • PFFV

              Spot on! A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for (The End of Freedom as We Know It) Obama!

              Those people that think four more years of Obama is ok because they are sticking to their 3rd party are fools. Just ask Bob Barr who has ran as a candidate of the Libertarian party. He said in an interview the other day that he was naive in thinking that he (or anyone) could win as a 3rd party candidate, he has since returned to the Republican Party.

              There may be a time when a 3rd party candidate could have a chance at winning but it isn’t that time yet, nor do we take a chance at splitting the conservative vote = certain loss.

              Priority #1 is to get the Marxist P.O.S. out of the White House and the only option is Romney! Romney or Bust!

              • President Washington is rolling in his grave at such a statement… he didn’t fight off a tyrant just so we could democratically pick between the lesser of 2 tyrants. He was very much against political parties in general (see his farewell address).

            • sno_warrior

              yep, he’s voting for bummer!

          • Good luck with that genius. I hope you enjoy the America you helped to diminish with your vote.

          • BikerHoop

            You have to remember one very important thing here, Tanner. This mess wasn’t created in one election cycle and can’t be repaired in one, either. Granted, Romney may not be what or who we wanted – I can assure you he wasn’t MY first choice. But the important thing is that he’s a step in the right direction. By right direction I mean the opposite direction of our current WH resident.

            I understand your libertarian leanings. I agree with a lot of what they say. But what we have to look at here is that, in all honesty, they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning which means that anyone who votes for them may as well have voted for DuhOne. We need to START getting this country back on the road to prosperity and it won’t happen if some develop the attitude of stubbornness… it just won’t work.

            We have to give and take a little here. I want more than Romney has to offer, also. I’m pretty sure most of us here do. However, it’s not to be this time around. I could be stubborn too, and just stay home on election day. But what would that accomplish? Nothing. And it might just put Obama back in the WH for another four years.

            Can you afford that? I can’t.

            • First of all, I appreciate your respectful response.

              And I understand your point… but the difference is that I don’t see Romney as a step in the opposite direction – but as a step in the same direction. And while, on paper, Romney may appear a tiny bit better than Obama… but because Republicans would no longer be on their guard (because they think he’s on their side), Romney would be devastating for the future of this country.

              • SineWaveII

                Complete nonsense. You’re an Obama supporter just admit it.

              • sno_warrior

                you’re full of CRAP!

          • Isn’t it ironic that your vote for a “small-government” candidate is going to result in the election of the biggest and most successful Statist this nation has ever known??? I am sure you will feel real satisfies with yourself while President Obama utterly defies and dismantles our Constitution and exponentially expands the power of the state during the second term you will have helped him win.

            • Romney is a Statist too… only, if he’s elected, Republicans will no longer be on-guard and hold the executive branch accountable (because that’s what happened under Bush).

              • Tanner, maybe all presidents are to a degree. They will all protect their investments just as you would if you owned a company.

              • Kelly60

                Tanner-I’ll have to disagree with you on this one. After what America has experienced the last 3.5 years, I don’t see that happening in the near future. Many have seen what Obama’s done and will not allow it to happen again. Romney is not the Statist that you seem to claim. Glen Beck has a nice post on him as Glen was highly suspicious. I’ll look for the link, I’d like you to read/hear it. Your vote is needed…

              • SineWaveII

                More nonsense. DNC HQ called they need you back at the office.

              • Sure, but “under” Bush there had been no TEA party revolt, no wave of conservative candidates swept into Congress such as in 2010, there was no common anti-debt anti-deficit sentiment. The GOP was made up almost entirely of moderate/progressive Republicans and the few conservatives who were present were convinced that “compassionate conservatism” was the order of the day, they believed that the American people WANTED big spending on big programs and big government. There was NO thriving conservative movement on the ground. NOW there is. NOW people are awake. NOW there are a great many people who, though they may not vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, fully embrace their small government philosophy of liberty and are working to put more small government liberty-minded constitutional conservatives into office and to hold the ones already there accountable. No on has been running around saying that Obama has “awakened the sleeping giant” for no good reason. The giant is the majority of the American people who are conservative on the issues and who were most definitely asleep during the Clinton and Bush administrations. It is NOT 2004 anymore, there IS a thriving conservative movement at the grassroots.

                • The fact that a guy like Romney got nominated at all just goes to show that either the Tea Party is dead, the Tea Party is too disorganized to do anything constructive, or Romney frauded his way to nomination.

                  Not to mention, the Tea Party candidates in my district in VERY conservative AZ got beat out by moderate/progressives.

            • Especially with his Supreme Court nominees next time around…

          • Who do you think is going to be easier to reign in, in terms of stopping the runaway growth of government? Who do you think is going to be easier to convince? To coerce? To work with? The flawed misguided Republican who understands the destruction caused by easy money policies at the Fed and wants to end it, or at least diminish it? or the committed statist who understands the destruction cause by runaway printing at the Fed and wants to ACCELERATE it???

            • If Bush’s term at President is any indicator, Republicans will fall off their guard under a Romney Presidency… and we’ll continue growing government.

              • PFFV

                You are not a true conservative! All true conservatives understand that Obama is trying to make all Americans dependent upon government to survive by ruining our economy through socialist nanny statist policies, massive government growth, massive spending, and massive printing of money out of thin air. Romney doesn’t represent any of this but you claim he does. Sure he isn’t perfect but he sure as hell is a lot better than Obama.

                It’s as if you and your ilk don’t even listen to Romney and Ryan and their great ideas and plans to get this nation back on the right track! They are saying what true conservatives (not you of course) want to hear.

                Obama can’t be compared to any previous president! He has outspent all of them combined! After you cast your wasted 3rd party vote I hope you enjoy your $4138.00 (average family) ObamaCare tax increase starting Jan. 1st 2013. ObamaCare will break the backs of small businesses in this nation as well.

                I hope you can add up the facts like a common sense conservative patriot and see why you are dead wrong on voting for Obama (3rd Party Wasted Vote).

                • Romney’s record shows that he’s all that… as Governor he ruined MA’s economy through socialist nanny statist policies (Romneycare), increased government spending by 24% during his term, and increased the MA’s debt.

                  Yeah, Mitt does have some nice things to say… but his record proves that 1. He’ll say whatever he needs to to get elected and 2. If not a socialist, he is no small-government supporter.

                  As for Ryan’s economic plan… it takes a whopping 30 years to balance the budget! That’s no plan… that’s kicking the can down the road. It’s been 30 years since Reagan simplified the tax code… look at it now – the simplification is mutated beyond recognition.

                  A wasted vote is one that doesn’t match your values.

              • sno_warrior

                Bush is not an INDICATOR…. he was an EDUCATOR becasue we, as a country, LEARNED that we better PAY ATTENTION to what the heck is going on. We close our eyes, turn our back, become indifferent and we will LOSE OUR COUNTRY! Just look what obrummer has wrot!

          • JohnBarry2012

            Mitt is the man of the hour now. So, you’re going to sit out and wait till 2016 (at the point of probable no-return with 4 more years of Obama) for a perfect Libertarian or Constitution Party candidate? Ron Paul has yet to endorse R&R, so as some (not a small factions) of Ron Paul’s libertarian conservatives.

          • smmy33

            @tannerE. These guys are just paid trolls to go on conservatives sites , play mind games, make arguments to vote 3rd party..

            Because they know that’s a vote for Obama…. You known voting for a man like Obama who has no respect the voters or the Constitution

            Somehow they think makes sense…and try to convince others that their idiotic reasoning will get people to waste their vote.

            • I’m a paid troll? That’s news to me… somebody owes me some money! Then I can buy my BO t-shirt, hop on my BO unicorn, and fly to Socialistopia!

              In all seriousness, you think Romney HAS respect for voters? Tell that to primary voters who had their vote automatically switched to Romney… which Santorum called him out on, but suddenly shut up about. And you want to reward this man for this behavior with your support.

      • And voting for Paul = not voting (i.e. Sin of OMISSION)…Y’all Paulbots are always so “holier than thou”, and y’all need to just go away…most of y’all are just Democrats anyways. Let me try and break it down for you.

        Vote for Obama = Obama
        Vote for Romney = Romney
        Vote for others = NOT Romney (i.e. counts in Obama’s court)
        Don’t Vote = NOT Romney (i.e. counts in Obama’s court)

        THOSE are your ONLY options, and here you are trying to convince us that we should…what…vote for Paul? Yeah, because he has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. And y’all act like he’s in any way a good option to lead this country! HE WANTS IRAN TO HAVE NUKES, and blames US for 9/11…y’all act like when Obama wins (because you guys had to be so self-righteous), you won’t be living under his thumb like the rest of us. Well…at least when that happens, WE will be able to say WE told you so, while you’re crying in your pillow wishing someone would “change things”…

        • Sorry, your logic is greatly flawed.

          • How so? there are only two people who’ll be sworn in as president in January, and neither of them are from third parties.

            Romney or Obama

            Thats your choice

            • A single 3rd party candidate could possibly win, especially in a year like this when there’s a large amount of disenfranchised Republicans AND Democrats. The main struggle is getting that candidate into a debate…

              The Libertarian candidate has a unique opportunity, possibly able to pick up both the small-government Republicans and the anti-war Democrats.

              • How high is the candidate with the highest level of support doing in the polls?

                3, maybe 5% of popular support? He needs at least 15% to get into that debates. he’d have to have a 200% increase in support in less than 2 weeks for that to happen.

                From there then he’ll have less than one month to triple that 15% support in order to cross the finish line.

                Sorry, but he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of crossing the lines, not this election.

                • Yeah, 6%. But in today’s world of instant-media and social networking, that could easily happen. As long as people don’t have a stubborn attitude about it. Some of us still have hope for REAL small government without having to wait 8 years for it.

                • The time for a real conservative to gain popular momentum was in the Primaries. and guess what? ROMNEY GOT THE POPULAR VOTE. there is not enough people who really pay attention for something like a mass migration to third party would WORK.

                  Believing otherwise is delusional

                • Perot could’ve done it in ’92 had his daughter not been threatened – or perhaps if he was more of a politician.

                • yes, but that was in ’92, this is ’12.

                  There is no Perot this time round

                • Dude, even ROMNEY is having a hard enough time beating Obama, and that’s with the ENTIRE WEIGHT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY behind him!!! How can ANYONE else POSSIBLY hope to turn the tide in their favor, in just a few short weeks???

                • I strongly believe that Johnson has the support of the Democratic party. They know the game, get useful idiots like Tanner to throw away their vote. I actually caught a troll, who I knew was a lefty, posting at site pretending to be pro Paul because Romney is “just as bad as Obama”. You Paulistinians are such chumps.

                • But Perot DIDN’T do it in ’92, instead he just guaranteed the election of BJ Clinton.

                • He was leading in the polls until he dropped out (due to the GOP blackmailing him)… don’t give me that.

                • SineWaveII

                  He dropped out because the news media start unloading on him and he couldn’t take it. Remember the “you people” ‘gaffe’ to the NAACP that CNN repeated 24/7 for two weeks? That’s why he dropped out.

                • sno_warrior

                  ’92’??? which planet are you living on!

                • Dude…try to stick to REALITY!!! You are doing the same thing we criticize Democrat’s for…thinking ideologically and emotionally, like if you hope and hope hard enough you can change the world. You NEED to stay thinking logically and logistically, and the simple fact is that Ron Paul CANNOT win this election cycle. HE CAN NOT WIN…

                • I have not mentioned Ron Paul once, nor will I vote for him in November. Where’d u get that from!?

                • Because 99.99% of all people I EVER SEE saying that they refuse to vote for Romney are either Liberals or RP supporters. If you don’t support Ron Paul, then I apologize. But they are known for saying the things you’ve said…

                • You are totally fucking insane.

                • KenInMontana

                  I will refer you to this; http://www.therightscoop.com/the-right-scoop-commenting-rules/

                  If you can’t abide by it, you’ll have to look elsewhere to post comments.

              • I think it’s safe to say that you do not speak for any disenfranchised Republican but yourself, if that’s what you even are.

                Primaries are over. If you really knew the threat that an Obama 2nd term poses to our country, you would know that THIS IS NOT THE YEAR TO TAKE A 3rd PARTY STAND.

                If Libertarians are truly concerned about the proclaimed principles of their party, you’d think that they (better than anyone!!!) would clearly be able to see the dire situation that America is in on many fronts. Lately, people like TannerE & PuritanD71 have caused me to think that maybe anti-Romney Libertarians aren’t really “in it” for liberty. Perhaps it’s really about the intellectual satisfaction of being a contrarian.

                • Great! Now I am a libertarian. Good grief! Someone has been drinking too much kool-aid.

                • Is that your only response? Perhaps I should have just said “you people..”. Call yourself whatever you want. My point about you, whoever you are, remains the same.

                • Your point was based on a false premise which I found to be humorous. I already responded to such false premises. If you do not want to actually interact, that is fine. I just don’t see the sense or need to return such a favor (interaction).

                • He’s a Paulbot…for sure.

                • Right, I tell you I have never voted for the man and have no intentions of doing so. But hey, if it makes you feel better about yourself, fine.

                  And you just apologize to Tanner for making the same mistake?

                • No, you are a transcendant being who is above at all, nothing truly labels you because your ways are so much higher than our ways.

                  Or not. As Brian stated you are either a poser pretending to be concerned about Romney when reality is your just a lefy Soros troll. Or your a Paulistinian (maybe an American Nazi but they are not to common on the web).

                • What is it with the “insert foot into mouth” disease around here? You have no idea who I am nor do you have any clue as to my positions. I have been at TRS for quite some time. Granted, not as long as over half the people who enjoy what Scoop puts up, but it would seem to be longer than you.

                  You should do your homework before throwing out idiocy, but any form of rational thought seems to much of a stretch for you. You claim to be a conservative but such remarks you have made are sub-par at best. If you truly have been here long, you would know that trying to belittle people by name-calling is not welcomed. However, since you seem to be a newbie, I am willing to offer you some grace.

                  If you want to know who I am and what I believe, just ask or get some coffee and start doing some heavy lifting. Otherwise, it would be wise of you to “shut-up”.

                • Hahahahaha!!!! Oh boy…we got an Internet Bad-A** over here! LOL!

                • Right on! I forgot that crude language is a sign of maturity, my bad

                • Well, I AM a youngun’…and since when is Bad-A** “crude” language? Maybe it’s the military in me, but I’ve not been informed of that until now…

                • Well…see…the thing is…I just don’t believe you when you say you don’t support Ron Paul. That’s all!

                • So I am a liar? What evidence do you have of this? That is some weird conclusion you got there. I will let you know that I voted for Santorum in the primary. Just thought I help you try to build that box around me.

                • Got any proof? Yeah, I can play your game too…

                • Okay newbie, you can read minds? You come on this thread throwing out accusations without anything would put you in the same field as RINOs. So, you then must be a RINO!

                • Newbie…it’s been a while since I heard that one…

                • Believe me, I understand the urgency of the situation. If we get anyone other than a small-government conservative in Leadership then we’re doomed – if it’s not already too late… I understand that. But Romney is NOT a small-government candidate. He will not do a thing to shrink government to the levels that we need done IMMEDIATELY. His record as governor is proof of that.

                • That’s why he shrunk the state government in MA, because he loves big government. Why don’t you take some time to look at what Romney has done in his life instead of going to the Paulistian cult for all your info.

                  Obama thanks you for your support.

                • Romney may have made small measures to shrink government in MA, but he also made HUGE measure to grow it… Romneycare and raised taxes (he calls them fees). And his “success” in the private sector has him using a federal bailout to save jobs… no thanks.

                  And don’t tie me to Obama… both he and Romney are of the same cloth… and both absolute crap!

                • What do you specifically dislike about Romney? He was the governor of a very liberal state, he had 87% democrat legislature. He was not a dictator, you have to pass laws within bounds of the MA constitution. He was elected by the people of MA, he owed it to them to listen to them. He couldn’t govern MA as if it was Virginia or Utah. That’s not why the people elected him. If MA wants healthcare, their governor has to do his best to give it to them. Now he has a different electorate that needs him to do something different and these times are different. Romney has been a good leader in any capacity. And the thing that I respect about him most, is that he has actually done this in the real world instead of just talking about it in the congress or the senate.

                • Romney is a progressive and therefore grows government. So if the majority of Americans want handouts and the majorities of special interests have their demands… what is he going to do to please them? If it’s up to the people, they’ll vote themselves benefits… it’s how we end up with programs like Obama/Romneycare, Social Security, Welfare, etc. Romney has showed he’s willing to give in to such progressive demands.

              • BOPOS

                Search Ross Perot.

              • sno_warrior

                Pull your head out of your butt, get a breath of fresh air and you will feel much better!

            • John,

              You are basing your premise on a pragmatic outcome instead of principles. If all I cared about was to be on the winning team, than I guess I would want to vote for the one most likely to win (either the R or D). Granted this may have been a bad year for me to finally come to this conclusion, but I am very tired of “holding my nose” to vote. It is essentially the idea of being a double-minded man.

              I have heard the arguments that you vote for principles in the primaries and then you vote for party in the general election. What this entails is that winning is more important than my beliefs, my convictions, and my faith. Is it my convictions that define who I am or party affiliation?

              Both Romney and Obama are masters of deception (granted one more prone than the other). They come from it for different purposes and different means. Fortunately, Obama is faltering, unable to keep his tales straight. On the other hand, we see people comment about Romney, ” I believe he is honest, hard working, and I truly believe he is humble. What we see of this man is just the tip of the iceberg.” Really?

              I agree with two points of this quote. First, Romney is a hard working person. Second, this is the tip of the iceberg. Outside of that, I am unsure how one can conclude that he is honest and humble. There is too much fruit from Romney that would beg to differ. I do plan on developing this idea further but this is a comment thread not a blog post.

              Do I pray that Obama loses? Absolutely! Do I think that Romney is a better choice than Obama? Yes! Am I stuck with just two options? No!

              • Actually you are. its either going to be Obama or Romney, and hey you yourself just said that Romney is better than Obama. So it’d be best for you to put your vote in the one place that will be of most use: Romney.

                Anywhere else is just throwing it away or contributing to Obama’s re-election.

                • I said he is better, but he is not the best. He is what he is which is being right of Obama. Does this make him the best candidate? No!

                  I don’t know if you read the whole comment, but my principles are more important to me than doing a ra-ra-ra cheer. I desire to vote for the person who will bring the best and most change. Even in his speech here, he promises to continue to give government aid, and with what money? Granted, the criteria is interesting but governments of the M.E. are not going to honestly change so as to receive a hand-out from our coffers. They are running on a whole different paradigm.

                • Granted that Romney is a moderate, and granted that i’d prefer third party over him. I don’t disagree with you on that. However, weighing between principle and the reality of the situation there is only ONE person that i can in good conscience vote for. And that is Romney.

                  If i vote Obama i am voting to shot myself in the head, and if i vote third i might as well be throwing it in the trash because they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. However, if i vote Romney, i am voting for the most principled guy that can fix this mess, of whom my vote can actually mean something.

                  When i face my trial at the heavenly court, i can honestly say i did the best i could to stand on principle and work for the best outcome i could without throwing a temper tantrum over how i wasn’t given the perfect scenario of a good choice and a bad choice, but instead given a bad choice and a WORSE choice scenario.

                  We must make do with what we are given.

                • John,

                  I appreciate your comments here. I do agree with you on several aspects. One thing that many need to remember is that it is not the popular vote that wins the election but the electoral college.

                  Granted, most states are winner take-all. However, there are many states that this has been “all ready decided”. For example, Illinois will go Obama as long as the dead keep voting. I still get mail from Cook County to vote even though I have not lived there for nine years.

                  I am not trying to throw a temper tantrum and I apologize if it came across that way. I see Romney as slowing down the train and if the leadership in the House and Senate do not change (think Bohner and McConnell) I have a very difficult time seeing the needed changes. It will be ho-hum of the DC bubble, where they will demonize the Tea-party elected representatives and senators on a daily basis.

                  On the other front, it is the Lord who raises leaders and tears down governments. If the Lord does raise Romney like he has raised Cyrus of Persia, does He need me to vote against principles in order for it to be accomplished?

                • lol, i think that instead of slowing down the train, a Romney victory would speed the train up from 1 mile an hour to 10. May not be much, but it suuure as hell much better than the pace we’re going now .

                  Yes the Lord is the one who raises leaders and tears down governments, but if you take that “does he need my vote” thing seriously then why should ANY of us vote at all? No, we have been given free will, and if God is going to intervene for us, it’ll be through us voting!

                  And if Obama gets the majority vote then America deserves what it gets 😛

                • What I refer to is not the idea of sitting on my hands and doing nothing. We are to use our minds, our conscience, and Scripture in making the best decisions possible.

                  What I was trying to state, we should vote according to principles as the Lord dictates. If God is sovereign, then one should not be troubled. He is not going to pick the one that the “majority” picked. The “majority” will pick the one He has already selected. See the difference?

                  Thanks for pushing, I need to continue to work on the articulation. It is so much clearer in my mind than how it happens to be typed and posted to the web…

          • Ohhhhh….YOU ARE A PAULBOT! THAT EXPLAINS A LOT!!!!

            It also appears simple election math escapes you. Paul cannot win and a vote for him puts Obama back in the WH.

            • Laurel – I see that jumping to conclusions is still a favorite of yours. Always calling people names without any facts.

              Sorry, I am not a Paulbot nor will I ever vote for him. Nice try…but try again!

              • Always calling names without any facts? Since when? As per usual you are projecting your hysterics without any clear thinking. Okay so you aren’t a Paulbot…you are a third party backer that cannot do simple math. Vote third party. Go ahead. BE MY GUEST.

                And while you stand on principle go do a history search and see what happens when one votes outside for third rail candidates. Then go and see what happens when you don’t stick with the party. If you were paying attention to the news last night a perfect example of why you vote with the party was made clear. Bret Baier. Try hulu.

                Once again you prove me right in my original assessment of you. And hey if the Republican party isn’t conservative enough for you then get busy as I and countless others have done but remember one thing: YOU DON’T GET TO DEFINE CONSERVATISM FOR EVERYONE.

                You remind me of a child that complains about what is served for dinner but when asked what you wanted the answer “I dunno.”

                • KenInMontana


                  You might want to consider this as well.

                • I never did define it for everyone or anyone for that matter.

                  To All: You can post all of the nonsense at me all you want…yeah Puritan you talk in circles, but the bottom line is the same and there is no getting around it. third party vote is a vote for Obama. Excuses won’t change that since a majority of the voting population disagrees with you…and really that is what you are mad at, not me per se. You are mad that you are convincing no one.

                  The math is what it is folks.

                • Last time I checked the “majority” of the voting population that actually voted, voted for Obama. You want to align yourself with them, go ahead.

                  Mad? I really do not care if a majority of people voted third party or not. You may want to stop talking on behalf of others though.

                • You make absolutely no sense at all. Yep majority did vote for Obama…hence the reason he is president like it or not. You need to get a majority to get him out. That is basic election math. Third party vote won’t get you that majority. It is what it is and projecting fictional alignments doesn’t change a thing.

                • You do make me laugh at the ridiculousness of your comments. Even after admitting to error, you just cannot seem to help yourself. Hysterics? You may need to check your mirror.

                  Your original assessment? You mean those innuendos, assumptions, and illogical conclusions. You and Ann Coulter must live in the same alternative universe, seeing the next great conservative in all the moderate governors of the east coast.

                  The last time I check, I am a registered Republican. Where did I say I am rejecting the Republican party? Oh, that’s right because you say so with your supposed great insight. So now the party is anything and everything to you. I am glad to hear that party is more important to you than principles and that is fine. If you want to worship the elephant, no one is stopping you.

                  Just because I am unwilling to bend the knee, does not mean that I am not voting for any republican or not supporting local Republican candidates. For some strange reason, this is difficult for you to understand.

                  I never tried to define conservatism for everyone, talk about projection! However, any individual who thinks a person who continues to defiantly defend a program like Romneycare is now a convert to conservatism lives in that same alternative universe as Ann Coulter.

                • I find your use of logical fallacies hilarious. You don’t debate you drop little tidbits of diversions then try to pounce. You are ticked because I see right through you. Ann Coulter is a best selling author, accomplished attorney, and very wealthy. She has accomplished much in her life so thanks for the comparison. What have you accomplished? Oh yeah the art of arguing with logical fallacies while running down others.

                  Great you are voting Republican. How nice for you. But as I pointed out on a different thread your negativity is less than helpful. And I don’t know what part of ‘I agree that Romney isn’t as conservative as we would all like’ do you not get?!!!! YOU PUSH HIM TO THE RIGHT WITH CONSTRUCTIVE PARTICIPATION AND CRITICISM. You seem to confuse cynicism and skepticism.

                  And Bush Sr. shortcomings aside, the math is still the math. A vote for Ross Perot still got Bill Clinton elected.

                  Also you should check into the blackmail deal Democrats pulled to get those taxes increased with Bush Sr. It was quite the cover up. The irony is I’m telling you this while being no fan of either Bush, especially Bush the elder.

                • Well, blackmail or not Bush signed them he owns them. Is that hard to figure out, was it a Democrat who signed the bill. The fact is if Bush Sr. followed Reagan, there would never have been a Perot in the first place, math or not. Ticked, naw you may have thought you have been swinging toward the fences, but you have been striking out worse than Mark Reynolds.

                  Debate? From your first comment, all you have done is name-called, making poor assumptions, and lack the desire to read through comments to actually debate.

                  Thanks for the mimicking, from what I know it is the highest form of flattery.

                  If you like jumping through logical fallacy hoops to give Romneycare a thumb’s up, and have such a crush on Chris Christie to think he is a Conservative, more power to you.

                  Sorry, I did not realize you have Romney’s personal phone number. You got his direct email address? You know for a fact he reads every thread on TRS! If not, your “YOU PUSH HIM TO THE RIGHT WITH CONSTRUCTIVE PARTICIPATION AND CRITICISM,” seems to be a bit out there (can’t wait to hear your negative criticism on this one). From what the “experts” are saying, you vote in a conservative congress to push him right. However, I would like to see the whole GOP lurch right.

                • Puritan I never name called and you can debate because you don’t have any facts…and never did! The math is still the math regardless of the process that got it there. And where is the hell did you get the Chris Christie crap? You don’t even know what a logical fallacy is. And what is your stupidity about Romney’s email as well? Apparently you think you are an election genius but have no clue as to how the political process works and how you push a candidate to the right. I will give you one hint: It isn’t done by blogging.

                  Ya know what…never mind. You have the intelligence of a gnat and the sanity of Code Pink. Congratulations to you. You are a direct reflection of why this country is a mess.

                • Exactly what facts do you have? You should know that a person can win the presidency without the majority of the vote, right genius? It is not the person who wins 50.1 of the popular vote that becomes president but the electoral college. You do realize that it has happen before a few times.

                  If you cannot put a few sentences together, you do not have to get mad at me about it. Now you state (please note that I have responded to your comments) that you cannot push a candidate to the right by blogging and yet you started this whole mess about a comment I made on a thread saying it is not helping push the candidate to the right. Talk about not making any sense whatsoever.

                  So, I asked you if you have direct access to Romney, since you keep beating the need to bring him right without giving any way one does this directly. I already told you that the only way one “holds” his feet to the fire is to have backboned conservatives in the House and Senate. Yet, you seem to think that there is some magic in the keyboard you have in front of you that if someone speaks “negatively” about the candidate that it prevents him from leaning right.

                  “But as I pointed out on a different thread your negativity is less than helpful…. YOU PUSH HIM TO THE RIGHT WITH CONSTRUCTIVE PARTICIPATION AND CRITICISM.” + ” how you push a candidate to the right. I will give you one hint: It isn’t done by blogging.” = Inconsistency at best, or confusion at worst. It would seem you are stuck in your own words.

                  If you are willing to move on, this thread is about the speech he gave at the CGI. It had some great platitudes. Unfortunately, if a part of his cure for relations to M.E. is to attaching the free market as a requirement in receiving government aid, it will not work. Let me ask you this, “what makes the free market (capitalism) work so well in the US?”

                • YAAAAWWWNNNN!!! Your ignorance is boring. Once again your deflection isn’t working. Yeah I know what this thread is about and yes I know what comment I originally posted about. The math is the math dear and having solid conservatives in the House and Senate won’t necessarily push anyone to the right. I don’t need a lecture or lesson in capitalism from you since you cannot even grasp the political process.

                  And be careful there dear your right wing isolationism is showing.

                • You may want to start selling what you write to comedians (we all know that they need some help). They may actual find some funny material in it. Your understanding of politics is so myopic it’s scary that you vote. You claim you know how the world works, and sadly by your own words you do not.

                  Your comments are so full of contradictions that it would even make Obama’s head hurt, which you always seem to want to ignore.

                  Go right ahead and continue to take me out of context all you like but trying to bring in Scripture is what seems to be a bit of an overreach by you at a minimum and maybe a bit over your head at worst.

                • You are boring me. As evidenced by your posts all over this site you have bored others as well. You will try anything to cover your backside. Deflection, subterfuge, hurling insults, changing the subject entirely. You have nothing. It’s hilarious. You are exposed. My favorite though that you pull is crying about insults and name calling all the while hurling insults and name calling because it is all you have. AMATEUR! Buh bye! Have a nice life.

                • Well, boredom will enter when you cannot follow simple logic. It is okay. Keep thinking those thoughts. It is nice to see that contradictions is the way you play.

                  Talk about some grandstanding. I have no idea what you are talking about but I have come to acknowledge that you like to run in circles, mocking and then mimicking. If that is what it takes to make your day, then fine, enjoy.

                  As I have said, you have not made much sense since your first comment on the previous thread and sadly you only have gotten worse for it than better. Maybe there will be a next time when you get out of the mire of pragmatism.

                • Laurel



                • Laurel

                  Some of us have a life unlike you…and jobs…and family…and responsibilities. And unlike you, not everyone loves to hear the sound of their own voice then pat themselves on the back for their perceived brilliance.

                • (blank)

                • Laurel,

                  You have got to take it easy there. Your baseless assumptions and sad attitude are getting the best of you. Relax and breathe, take it one day at a time. http://beatenbrains.blogspot.com/2012/09/none-of-above_23.html

                • Laurel

                  Is that all you have? Do you always live in fantasy land? After all it is your negative attitude that started this conversation and apparently you can’t stand any criticism of any sort…let alone properly defend it. Now cop a clue and get a life…or is that why you are so angry and negative all of the time? That makes sense. A loser showing what is left of their bravado incognito in an online blog.

                • Interesting. I guess when you are actually interested in giving constructive criticism, I will be all “ears”. As you go throughout this board, you should realize this with all commentors I do interact with.

                  I must admit that you do have me concerned for your well being. I do hope all is well with you. For you seem to be on this idea that you somehow know who I am, yet if you really wanted to it would not be difficult to figure some of this out by comments left here at TRS. You keep building your strawman and tearing him down to shreds, if it is helpful.

                • Laurel

                  Blah, blah, blah…like so many you talk to hear the sound of your own voice. And like so many have this narcissistic need to have the last word. You actually thing you are constructively changing the world. You aren’t. I’m aware of all of your comments here. I’m also aware of more than a few that disagree with you as well. You seem to be a legend in your own mind. And stop lying and giving false platitudes. You are no more concerned for my well being than a terrorist. Reality is you really are no different than the rabid left. You debate, spin, deflect just like them and are just as vociferous replete with lies, empty platitudes, false bravado, and ignorance. I called BS and it galls you. Oh well..you keep posting and like I do the liberals and progs…I will ignore.

                • Strawman number . . . . . As stated, if it makes you feel better to build up these things and then blow them over, good. Your continuance desire to “hurt” me is sad to see (one reason I am concerned). Your associating me with “terrorism” now is an interesting low even for you. But, when all one does is build strawmen, I guess one starts drifting further and further away from reality.

                  Yes, I know that there are those who disagree with me as well. That is fine and dandy, it is called freedom of speech and I appreciate their thoughts in helping correct my own ideas. I do wonder if you read what you type, you may find the advice valuable to actually put into practice.

                • Laurel

                  Seems you know all about straw men and since you keep beating that straw hoping to make silk. It is apparent that it is all you have. How many posts now to point to non-existent straw-men because that is all you have? I love getting under your skin. Keep posting right back to me. You remind me of a college student that goes to class long enough to get one jingoistic word or phrase from a prof then off to the races and the protests. You pretend you know what you are talking about but don’t really hence the repeated use of the term ‘straw man’.

                • Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Glad to know. Feel free to mimic what I write. I am here to serve.

            • Wisewoman2

              Don’t let these unreasonable people destroy the thread with their iodiotic comments. They are trolls. The best way to defeat them is to not respond to them at all. They do not want to look at issues objectively but emotionally. My advise, don’t feed them by responding to their nonsense.

        • “Vote for Obama = Obama
          Vote for Romney = Romney
          Vote for others = NOT Romney (i.e. counts in Obama’s court)
          Don’t Vote = NOT Romney (i.e. counts in Obama’s court)”

          I understand and agree where you are going with this but it does seem a little bias in this part of your comment. Perhaps it should read more like this…

          Vote for Obama = Obama
          Vote for Romney = Romney
          Vote for others = NOT Romney/Obama
          Don’t Vote = NOT Romney/Obama
          If Romney wins then those who vote for others and those who vote for nothing is just like voting for Romney
          If Obama wins then those who vote for others and those who vote for nothing is just like voting for Obama.

          • Fair assessment.

          • There IS bias in my statement (because I’m assuming (probably erroneously) that the Paulbot in question intends to stay on the right side of the political spectrum).

            If you DO NOT vote FOR Romney, then you did NOT help him win (unless you are a Democrat voting 3rd party)…

            • The man you’re pushing, Romney, isn’t even on the right side of the political spectrum.

        • Nice try with the demeaning stereotyping, but I’m a life-long Republican. Have never once voted for a Democrat. I used to vote for big-government Republicans like Romney, but I’ve had enough of that.

          A vote for Romney is a vote to replace one Socialist with another… it makes no sense.

          If enough real conservatives rallied behind either the Libertarian or Constitution Party candidates (actually small-government candidates), yes it’d be a long-shot for winning – but at least it’d send the message to GOP elite that we’re no longer sheep and willing to support any phony-conservative they send our way. In my mind, this is what the Tea Party was all about… getting rid of the phonies and getting the government out of the way. Electing Romney puts off doing that for at least 8 years.

          • There’s no message being sent at all…it’s strictly insane. But keep thinking you’re making a positive difference if you want to.

            • Romary had a little lamb…

          • You are cutting your nose off to spite your face.

            And Libertarian is not synonymous with Conservative, neither is Constitution Party.

            • Either one of those candidates is certainly leagues more conservative than Romney, and at least on the right side of the spectrum.

        • PFFV

          Dead on well said sir! 🙂

      • LibLoather

        Don’t be such a simpleton.
        There is nothing evil about a man who worked hard his whole life, became very successful, and used his material wealth to be charitable to others. He personifies the saying, “to whom much is given, much is expected.” Can you honestly say that Obama has performed to expectations what our country requires from its president? If ‘evil’ to you is to experience the American dream, then pack up and go to Cuba.

        • Worked hard? Please! Romney was raised with silver spoon, primed for Presidency. His private-sector experience has him using a federal bailout in order to save jobs. His record as governor has him creating Romneycare, raising taxes, and growing government.

          He should personify every thing that the Tea Party is against!

          • Did you pay ANY attention to the primaries? The Tea Party was loud & clear during the primaries. But the primaries are over and a candidate was chosen. The show must go on & you’ve got to know when it’s time to clear the stage.

            You can’t always take a stand just for the reason of taking a stand. I think the Tea Party sees that it would be a detriment to this country to take another stand by not voting for Romney. That is simply self-destructing behavior for the party and most importantly, for the country.

            • The Tea Party was loud, but certainly was not clear… they didn’t know who to rally behind. Meanwhile, Romney was paying the right people to move numbers his way. Now you want to reward that behavior?

              This man is not a conservative and he is not in favor of small government… an elected Romney would be like having Obama President but not held accountable by Republicans.

        • I guess Warren Buffet would fit your criteria as well, eh?

      • anyonebutbarry2012

        romney is not evil, a rino yes, but not evil.

        • KenInMontana

          Romney isn’t a RINO, he’s simply a Republican. Being a Republican does not equal being a Conservative, there are Conservatives that happen to be registered Republicans, however the two are just not the same thing.

      • Edward La Guardia

        I’m tired of people calling Romney the “lesser of two evils”…we have no idea how good of a job or bad of a job he will do so how in the world can anyone assume that he is politically “evil”.

        Unlike Obama who has had four years to show us his “evil” ways (or more likely, his incompetent ways), Mitt has not been president so he doesn’t have a presidential record. If elected and he is not a good president then it is justified to call him an “evil” but as of right now it is unfair and unjustifiable.

        In short he could be worse than Obama (unlikely but possible) but we don’t know yet…until we do I think it is foolish and immature to put him in the same category as Obama who has truly shown that he is definitely “evil” politically.

        P.S. I would find it hard to refer to anyone as “evil” who has been as successful as Romney has been personally, professionally, and politically…not to mention how good of a man it takes to help raise FIVE upstanding children and be a good leader in his church (especially considering that neither my own family or any family I have ever met can honesty say they live up to that standard!)

        • Lesser of two evils, in this case, means voting for the Devil we DON’T KNOW, as opposed to the Devil we DO KNOW. Hell, he COULD be gay…but then again, he PROBABLY is not. But we KNOW Obama is…Duh…

        • Actually we do have an estimate on how he will do because Romney does in fact have executive government experience as governor of Massachusetts. And his record as governor does not bode well for small-government supporters. And his record in the private sector does not bode well for those against bailouts. He’ll just be more of what we’ve had for the past 4 years, except not held accountable.

          • Edward La Guardia

            If you think for one second that Romney won’t be held accountable you must be inebriated…you do understand that the media is going to try and tear him a new one the day he enters office? I do not envy the task he has ahead of himself if he is elected…he’s got to get stuff done AND face all the critics from your group and from the liberals.

            Libertarians don’t make things any easier for conservatives. I am an independent and so I could never be as radical as a libertarian but I understand they want their voices heard…however I do also believe that they can be stubborn sore losers who don’t understand that a majority of the country will never accept some of the nonsense they sell like the pacifism…it just won’t happen because it just isn’t possible in the world we live in today.

            All I can say is that if you really believe Romney will be no better than Obama then you have cut off reason and logic…I have never seen a worse president than Obama and so the chances that Romney will be as bad as the worst president in modern history is slim to none.

      • BOPOS

        Keep telling yourself that. Hopefully you will come to your senses on Nov 6 at vote for Romney. I don’t know where you find “evil” with him. He is a success and that is not evil, that is America

      • And what the hell makes you think that Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson, or whomeverthehell, wouldnot just be the least of THREE evils??? It is real, real easy to put your third party out there as some standard bearer of purity when they have never had to face the prospect of actually GOVERNING. Of course their record is pure as the driven snow, it is easy to be pure when all you have to do is say what you BELIEVE in, what you WOULD do, without having a record of actually DOING anything.
        You really believe a third party choice is anything more than the lesser of three evils? Bullshit.

        • Strictly based on past record… Gary Johnson, as Governor of New Mexico, led it from a $500 million deficit to a $1 billion surplus! Never increased taxes! Decreased taxes 14 times! Vetoed 750 bills! State government “shrunk” by 1,200 jobs! The State “grew” by 20,000 jobs!

          Romney, as Governor of Massachusetts, increased state spending by 24%! Created Romneycare! And increased taxes – although he calls them fees, but we all know better.

          Obama, as President, has a record very similar to Romney’s.

      • Oh okay, you are waiting for an Angel among men to run for office Pefecton and nothing less.

        PLease hold your breathe .

      • If you feel this speech revealed anything of the lesser of two evils, you didn’t listen to the speech whole heartedly. At least we know the truths about him, his background, his family, his mentors. That’s more than we can say for the Commander and Chief and that I use lightly.

      • And voting for the libertarian party or the constitution party is a vote for the lesser of 3 and 4 evils. You’re still voting for the lesser of an evil. The degree of evil is all subjective, of course, but regardless, the people who are the candidates for those parties are “evil” as well as man is fallen. I’m voting for the “lesser evil” that can actually win.

      • sno_warrior

        and your choice is WHAT???

      • GEDouglas

        Evil? Romney? Mitt might be many things but evil is not one of them. Mitt’s problem is he has character. Unlike BO, he is not controlled by his ego and keeps his many good deeds private. If only we had more politicians with the character of Romney.


      • bobemakk

        As long as I have been voting for over 40 years it was always the lesser of two evils, but I believe Romney is not at all that bad, and he can turn this country around especially with the deficit and spending with his VP choice Paul Ryan, an economics expert.

        This was a great speech….you go Mitt.

  • Ranger1325

    “Aid with Trade”

    I love it.

  • NO notes, no Teleprompter, totally memorised, very impressive speech.

    • Really, he didn’t have a teleprompter? How can you tell? I loved it too, actually believe it or not it was emotional too.

  • marketcomp

    “The promotion of work,” imagine that! What a novel idea for the world. This was a fantastic speech!

    RS, your the best for bringing the entire speech.

  • That was a really good speech. If Romney had an opportunity to give more such speeches to most Americans, I think he would be a lot more popular than he is now. But you just know the mainstream media won’t cover any of this. They’ll probably say that “He gave a speech today,” but you won’t hear any specifics. Shame, really, because he has a lot of good ideas. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he eats for the rest of his life. Sound ideas for the third world.

    • MSM = “Romney gave a speech today in which he ATTACKED President Obama…”

  • klaffner

    I totally loved the Tunisia reference. The entire Arab spring began with a man who wanted the govt to protect his property and his freedom. Now look at it.

    • I agree that was very nice touch and helps bring Mitt to a personal level with people everywhere even the Middle East!

  • Bring this game at the debates and Obama is finished.
    The media has created such low expectations of Romney that being slightly better than obama would seem like a blowout..Just like Reagan

  • sDee

    “One of the best things that can happen to any cause, to any people, is to have Bill Clinton as its advocate”.

    I turned it off. What a disgusting statement. Ask the Serbians, the Bosnians. Ask the Christians in Ksovo. Only Hussein Obama has sacrificed more, innocent blood, lives, property and freedom to islamists than Bill Clinton.

    Haiti remains a desperate hellhole of poverty because Clinton and his globalist patrons use forums like this to keep them that way, as they siphon off hundreds of billions of dollars.

    This is a post-nationalist forum that is dedicated to UN global governance. These are organizations attacking us, our currency, our economy, our Constitution, because we stand in the way of globalism These are the people who created UN blasphemy law, the small arms treaty and worse.

    Romney has just groveled in his acquiescence to the globalists.

    If you can stand it look here and see the cesspool that Romney just waded into.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      thanks to bill clinton ignoring the bombing of the USS Cole the 93 WTC attack we had 9/11. clinton should be shunned. leave it to the libs to parade him around as if he is something wonderful.

    • Linky1

      I threw up a little in my mouth when I read that.

      I see Romney not as a conservative, but a progressive. He may win the election, he may be an alternative to Obama, but he is still a progressive and an appearance at Slick Willy’s Global Initiative where Obama and others http://www.clintonglobalinitiative.org/ourmeetings/2012/speakers/ listed here are attending should spell a warning that who replaces Obama may walk the walk, but does he talk the talk?

      Keep in mind that I live in a Progressive Conservative country (Canada) and know of what I speak-Romney would be just like our PM-polished, professional, good at some things but deep in his heart, a Progressive.

      • sDee

        I put just few of those people into Bing. Is it any wonder we are losing our nations to globalism?

        They are fat parasites, using our money to destroy us.

        • Linky1

          I agree, sdee. The praise for this speech is given while not understanding what the global initiative is all about. Besides that, how can any true conservative “praise” Clinton when he is batting for the opposition?

          What worries me is if Romney wins, that he will wade even more into this cesspool of global pirates.

          • I agree, Linky1. I posted below my thoughts on the speech. His platitudes are great. However, I think he is making a very similar mistake that GWB made in that they are not facing the Islamic worldview head-on, but are trying to do an end-around.

            As history has shown us, it is definitely prone to fail.

          • StrangernFiction

            Besides that, how can any true conservative “praise” Clinton when he is batting for the opposition?

            A true conservative can’t.

            • Linky1

              Seems we are the voices in the wilderness on this one. But, I stand by what I say and believe.

        • Linky1

          “They are fat parasites, using our money to destroy us.”

          Did a search and came up wit the usual suspects for funding for Slick Willy’s Initiative.

          “Here is one division in the Foundation that is particularly troublesome in terms of its function and its major donor: The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and the involvement of George Soros.”



    • Look I feel the same about Clinton and i’d love him jailed for all the people who were dissapeared and certain other shenanigans. But It’s a great forum to counterpose the bumbling idiot who Madonna described as the black muslim pesident. Romney just scored a touchdown. Obama made a fool of himself at the UN.

      Personally I’d cut foreign aid to despots and islamascists and let them rot in their own filth.

      But the point is we got an election we want to win and Romney just showed the nation he’s the man.

      • sDee

        But he has been out talking to America. The American people would never have noticed if he did not attend this post-American hatefest. So why is he there? Things do not get any further left – anymore anti-American than this UN Forum..

        Not many things get to me anymore but hearing Romney say that about Clinton took me past my threshold.

        I will try and listen later or better yet find the transcript to read.

        • Patriot077

          The opening line was the worst, sDee. I gagged when I heard it but was pleasantly surprised at most of the speech itself. He does have some concrete suggestions and he actually stated corrupt governments divert aid dollars …

        • Patriot077
        • But sdee, he has millions upon millions to reach and this is such a great avenue to do such a thing in speaking against the UN speech of Obama ////

      • If the nation was watching, maybe.

        • True, well lets just hope its rope a dope! I dont wanna give those bastards a cent of foreign aid

    • marketcomp

      Ok, sDee I almost tuned it out when I heard that bs about Clinton because the only thing I could see was the rapist and Monica Lewinsky! But once you get pass the bs at the beginning Romney really deliever an impressive speech. I think you should take a second look and tune out the first 2:00 that acknowledges Clinton. But Romney really made the case for free enterprise around the world. So take a second look and you will be impressed.

      • sDee

        I am sure he did – he has been doing well on the stump.

        But this Forum is the worst of the worst. A UN progressive orgy. Clinton is their Caligula. I tried to watch – I cannot. All that save Romney here is that most people do not know how sinister and evil Clinton and these globalists really are.

        I will look once my blood pressure subsides. 😉

        • marketcomp

          Ok, sDee! Take your time.

    • p m

      I hear you BUT this was an opportunity to tell us and the audience about his philosophy – freedom. Of course the Clintons are apalling, and HRC certainly did the progressive thing yesterday in her speech, a UK link to which I posted yesterday.Did you watch beyond the initial few moments, sDee? I only ask because your impression of the whole speech would be of interest to me and perhaps others here who respect your comments. I really liked it, as you may note from my post!

      • sDee

        No I could not. I knew Romeny was going here- I hoped he would telll these bastards what was coming for them. I did not however expect he would kiss Clinton’s ring.

        Read, think write is better. You make a good point – I will try once I calm down.

    • I am pretty sure that the intent behind his “praise” of Clinton, was drawing attention to the weight the libs give to Bill’s words. After giving Mitt an opportunity to speak in such a globally public venue, I am slightly tempted to offer up a tidbit of praise to Ol’ Slick Willy myself-he is one cunning snake, and the adage:”The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, doubtlessly applies here; who among you doesn’t believe that the thirty seconds Bill was quietly speaking to Mitt at the end of Mitt’s speech, where nobody could hear what was said due to the standing ovation Mitt recieved, what he was REALLY saying to Mitt was:”Ah wish Ah could do more to help yuh in your election buddy, but may hands are tied.” Sure, he probably hopes to see Mitt win, if only to repair some of the damage done to the economy, so that Hillary can run in 2016 or 2020, and then take credit for the prosperity Mitt will help foment in our nation.
      I bet obama is pissed at Bill for giving Mitt such a golden opportunity to shine in the spotlight, thus making the whiner-in-chief look even smaller by comparison.
      Sdee, you need to force yourself to watch the rest of the speech, it is good stuff.

    • Wisewoman2

      sdee. I agree with what a commenter below said: Please skip the first 2 minutes and watch the rest of the speech. In my opinion, it was stunning in its clarity, objectives and potential workability. He weaved foreign policy and justaposed present events into his speech and at the same time put forth a new approach to foreign policy via foreign aid. It was truly remarkable in its simplicity, tone, and delivery. However we value reading your unbiased opinion. (Note: He made the Clinton comment as a joke which the audience got about 15 seconds later. It was in reference to Clinton’s speech at the DNC which supposedly contributed to a small bounce for Obama. He was merely joking that Clinton’s advocacy of one of his MA policies may result in the same for him. That’s all he was joking about. The audience loved it and respected his comming onto the lion’s den and he got a well deserved standing ovation.)

    • I think people need to remember that Christ went to the sinners…not vice versa.

      • StrangernFiction

        “One of the best things that can happen to any cause, to any people, is to have Bill Clinton as its advocate”.

        Good grief, Romney did a little more than going to the sinners.

      • Kelly60

        Excellent point, Laurel, I’m so glad you stated that…it is absolutely true!

    • LibLoather

      I share your disgust, but, hey, its politics….

    • StrangernFiction

      About what I’d expect from the proud grandfather of Obamacare sDee.

      Heads they win, tails we lose.

  • Alborn

    Excellent speech, no, uh uh uh uh uh and uh uh uh uh. Clinton still makes me want to vomit. What a slease. Clinton’s charity does not give a high enough percentage of the donations to helping other nations for me to give to it. Just saying, he is another one that talks the talk but when it comes down to him doing it. He had rather chase tail.

  • p m

    That speech is a keeper. Loved his references to his future Presidency. Loved his reminder about the US’s outstandingly generous history. Loved that he said he’ll never apologize for the USA!! Darn right.

    America represents 4.5% of the world’s population but gives 25% of all aid. What it has been getting in return these past 4 years is ingratitude and hatred. That’s got to stop. The reference to the ME’s idle young was spot on, and he wasn’t afraid to say it. Also, the philosophy of ‘don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish’. The Caterpillar story was a winning example of that. As he said on Sunday – his key word for us, and the poorer countries, is Freedom. American-style freedom.

    I was concerned about him going to this thing, but his speech was great and expounded America’s strengths, while making deserved criticisms of zero. Well done.

    PS That trans-Pacific trade deal needs work before signing on to it, but with a businessman at the helm, it can be made more advantageous to the US.

    • Patriot077

      I liked the response he got from the audience too. (But I bet B.J. didn’t appreciate it)

  • Spartan4Palin

    This cracked me up that he actually ‘took over’ the forum. He made a great speech. Which if you compare it to Oblamo’s, gave the ultimate in contrasts!

    Romney: Individualism and Freedom to create.

    Oblamo: Government is the ONLY thing that can stop Individualism and Creativity!

  • Joseph Herring

    Niall Ferguson surely had input writing this speech.

  • Great speech Mitt….I love the way you emphasized that FREE PEOPLE pusrsuing their dreams is the key to prosperity. I loved when he mentioned how Aid is great for temporary fixes but does not produce long term independence and success. He emphasized WORK and how the Standard of Living in the Developed world took off when we unleashed the ability to produce and build….the key of which is the INDIVIDUAL!!! He talked abotu creating the Reagan Zone which was awesome and he stressed his love for America! He also addressed the scumbag from Iran that spoke at the UN and he talked about American Strength and NOT APOLOGIZING FOR AMERICA!! HOME RUN!!

    I thought his words to Clinton were very warm and he was very classy!!

    Great Job Mitt…to me this has been you best public speech!!

    • Patriot077

      I also liked his very specific comment about corrupt governments diverting aid intended for the people.

  • AbdulBX

    Mitt needs those Clinton voters in Ohio and Florida. So I don’t mind the joke. It’s just too bad George W. was so awful, that Republican candidates have no ex-president to help. As a matter of fact, the Republicans have no big name who is currently popular with the American public.

    • p m

      Is it your considered opinion that GWB was ‘so awful’, or are you alluding to his demonization by the media? The only faults he had were a) listening to lousy advice from Rove to not counter media slander and b) jettisoning sound spending principles once the dems took over the house in 2007. Otherwise IMO he is one of the best .

      As for Republican big names, do you mean that LTC West, DeMint, Palin, Walker, Cruz et al are not sufficiently known by those who voted for zero, and thus are not popular with the public? If that’s true, then the media is culpable there again. However, I’m more optimistic than you – in a country that is majority conservative when all is said and done, I think those are big names, and people hear them and like what they hear.

  • Wisewoman2

    In my opinion Romney’s speech was stunning in its clarity, objectives and potential workability. He weaved foreign policy and justaposed present events into his speech and at the same time put forth a new approach to foreign policy via foreign aid. It was truly remarkable in its simplicity, tone, and delivery. He made the Clinton comment as a joke which the audience got about 15 seconds later. It was in reference to Clinton’s speech at the DNC which supposedly contributed to a small bounce for Obama. He was merely joking that Clinton’s advocacy of one of his MA policies may result in the same for him. That’s all he was joking about. The audience loved it and respected his comming into the lion’s den and he got a well deserved standing ovation.

  • Susitna

    To listen to Romney was like drinking fresh clear water after 4 years of dirty lies and brainwashing propaganda. I am looking forward to coming out of the darkness, grab the hand of a new leader and start working again.

    • Indeed. What also struck me is Romney’s air of competence, as compared to the cheap showmanship of our current president. This is a man who understands how economies work, and how much better off we all are when WE work. There really is nothing like having a job, and even better, job mobility — the ability to shift gears and change jobs, enter new professions, and to be rewarded for the effort you put in, is the essence of freedom.

  • Harv55

    We are thankful for sites such as this that provides coverage of free speech. Especially Fox network and cable shows claim no spin and fair/balanced coverage BUT are the most blatant supporters of lies and innuendo! They are sorowfully inept and just another part of the MSM and much less than their competitor NBC despite all their claims and protests.
    If we could only get O’Reilly to stop looking out for us, he is such a BHO CLONE!

    • p m

      Here’s my prescription for you, Harv – a good dose of real clear conservative straight talk from Canada – yes, Canada. Excellent videos on US politics from our point of view. Scroll down a bit for today’s news videos: http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/video

      • Linky1

        “Our” point of view is a fair and balanced view, unlike the spin masters on FOX et.al. in the USA.

        • p m

          Yes, indeed. Good you clarified that, Linky – thanks:)

  • z b

    Awesome speech

  • Wisewoman2

    I was just listening to Megan Kelly who reported with her guest Frank Luntz that Reid called a reporters’ press conference to say that due to Romney 47% comment he was not the face of mormonism and has sullied the religious faith and words to that effect. Well you know that Romney’s speech was a home run due to this action by Harry Reid. The attack dog Reid does not want the media talking about Romney’s great speech at the CGI and having it contrasted with Obama’s nothing speech at the UN or his not meeting with world leaders. Instead he wants a nothing discussion personally attacking Romney on his mormon faith. The MSM will merely insinuate that it must be true since Reid is a mormon too. These people are past desplicable.

    • p m

      I for one will not forgive dingy harry for asserting during his invented income tax phone call that:
      “[Romney’s] poor father must be so embarrassed about his son.”
      Filthy comment from a filthy corrupt POS.

  • And yet according to some Mitt should not be elected for speaking at CGI. It takes away from his conservative street cred or some pablum. He shouldn’t be heard at anything to do with CGI. That makes him liberal.

    Yes folks someone actually posted that to me.

    Despite the fact he gave a great speech that got him recognition and attention! Imagine that!

    • Patriot077

      I admit to being nervous about his attendance at this conference because it is definitely part of the UN Agenda 21 plan. (In any event, his participation would not preclude me from voting for him)

      This speech, however, is reassuring and full of concrete ideas that would improve the lives of people the world over that we have tried to help for decades. Romney made no apologies about the importance of property rights to lift the impoverished out of poverty – I liked hearing that because Agenda 21 does not respect individual property rights in any form. It exists to take and/or restrict our use of our own property.

    • marketcomp

      Laurel, I saw that too. But I think its directed towards Clinton, not Romney. I loathe Clinton more than most but I looked pass that to get to Romney’s speech and I was thrilled! When I read the speech on Micheele Maulkins Blog I immediately wanted to see how it was delievered. And when I saw Romney’s delivery I was proud that we have an American who was speaking American values! I really liked what he said about free enterprise and the rest of the world. Because I do think that if the Arab population could work and see the fruits of their labor then the Middle East population would be a better nation for the US, Isreal, and it’s neighbors.

  • Yes, he gave warm remarks to Clinton. It should be expected, it was Clinton’s invitation. He also was excited about Americorp and other government entities that partnered with X to get results.

    The private sector aid has been successful. We need to have government aid as well? If the private sector is doing so well, why have foreign aid at all? The religious extremism is a problem but not THE problem? I think it would be cool if all that the government did was work on tearing down the red tape of other countries in order to bring more private sector aid.

    Prosperity pacts? So the government will pick winners/losers of our corporations with whom we will partner with? It would seem that China would fit most of his criteria for foreign aid.

    The major problem with the speech was the faulty foundation upon which he has built it. Yes, people desire to work, but is that going to cure the problems in the Middle East? The problem of the Middle East is worldview. As long as we think we can either ignore true Islam or think we can work around it, we are going to be in a lot of trouble. If one wants to really think about it, what is the difference between the Judeo/Christian Worldview (upon which our founding documents are based) and all other worldviews (hint: it is not about a theistic being but about man).

    If we tie caveats to our governmental aid for economic prosperity, will they not see this as an attack on their culture and way of life? I can hear the Egyptian president, “See the evil Americans expect us to bow to their demands of westernization before we receive their funding…” Better yet, what do we think will be the response when we rescind our governmental aid because they do not change?

    I did appreciate his standing with American Exceptionalism, free enterprise, defending our values,and freedom. It is refreshing to hear such things on a global stage instead of the apology tour.

  • Slickfoot

    I fear he is only preaching to the choir, hopefully his message is getting a wider distribution.

  • MagyarKishka

    What a wonderful speech, idea, and concept! Because I got to know Mitt Romney, rather than listen to the MSM spin and bias, I’ve been a strong Romney supporter since 08. This speech only strengthens my belief that as more people come to know him, it is impossible to deny he may well become one of this country’s best Presidents … if given the chance.

    God help this country to see the way on November 6th.

  • wodiej

    Great speech. I agree w your assessment RS.

  • I listened to Mitt Romney’s well-delivered speech at the Clinton Global Initiative in its entirety and was VERY impressed with him. This man has real leadership qualities You can tell that he has actually thought through his ideas and cares about spreading the success of American businesses with underdevelopment nations by free and fair trade initiatives and NOT by simply throwing money at the need, which has only been, as he pointed out, a temporary and limited solution.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I agree, and apparently so did the audience. That was a well-deserved standing ovation!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Ha ha, just started listening. I think those jokes about Clinton were a real dis to Obama.

  • freenca

    I also liked what Romney had to say on this International stage, he needs to be seen in the arena of the larger world. Liked that he will not apologize for America, and that the encouragement of free enterprise of individuals to the end purpose of furthering economic elevation of all. It was a well written and well delivered and a good showing for Romney to the International Community.

  • He will make an Outstanding President! We have got to reach out to others sitting on the fence and vote for this man!!!!

    • JohnBarry2012

      The culmination of his gubernatorial political experience, coupled with his entrepreneurial experience in Bain Capiltal and Salt Lake city Olympics executive, and his uncanny ability to reach across the isle to achieve common worthy objectives, Mitt Romney will be an outstanding President to turn the country around with R&R platform policy of a small-constitutional fiscal-conservative government.

  • slhancock

    So they tell us. But look at their voting records and the little tricks they play when they think no one will know. Romney wasn’t my choice, either, but I do believe he realizes that we need to rein in a lot of spending for the near future, anyway, and we must keep his feet to the fire. It will take a Hurculean effort to turn this around, but we must take this chance. If you just fire all the government agencies, you’ll have riots in the streets, a really huge increase in unemployment, so it will probably have to be done via attrition and slow downsizing, asking more of people and no new government hiring for a few years.

  • I’m going to have to agree with Dick Morris, I think Bill Clinton is going to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan this coming election.

    • I think so too as well, and for a VERY specific reason. When this whole Libyan debacle finally comes to a head…I think its going to come down to the lack of a security force protecting the consulate. And WHAT department is responsible for defense and security at out embassies and consulates? Why…its the State Department, of course! And WHO at the State Department would be the one the buck stops with on decisions? Oh, imagine that! Its Hillary Clinton! Hmmm…so…WHO do you think Obama is going to throw under the bus and feed to the dogs over this scandal when it finally all boils out? It will ALL fall on Hillary’s head…I have NO doubt about it. Obama has thrown everyone else under the bus to protect himself…he’s already gotten the DNC speech out of Billy Boy…so next will go Hillary. Of course the Clinton’s will be voting for Romney!

  • For those wanting to vote 3rd party, if you plan to vote for the Green party, you are helping Mitt. If you plan to vote Libertarian, Obama thanks you for the help.

    I love Michael Medved’s term for voting third party “on principle”, voter masturbation. It makes you feel good but accomplishes nothing.

    • JohnBarry2012

      Man, Medved coined that phrase, vivid word picture. LOL

      • p m

        …and more than half of this thread is devoted to it!

        • JohnBarry2012

          p m, sex appeal.

          • p m

            If you say so, JB! LOL

            • JohnBarry2012

              Not you, p m, wrong gesture, my bad.

              • p m

                Good heavens, no – just joking aren’t we? I was anyway, about the thread, same as you. 🙂 I didn’t take it personally, I assure you. No bad, no worries.

                • JohnBarry2012

                  You’re too kind, p m, Sometime mischievous monkey business got the better of me, and I got slapped by the mod (deservingly) timeout for crossing obscenity demarc line. LOL

  • StrangernFiction

    Does the Clinton Global Initiative involve cigars?

  • I have been reading and following this whole thread. All of you third party candidate voters click your heels three times fast and say “Ross Perot, Ross Perot, Ross Perot!” then remember it was Ross Perot that gave us Clinton.

    What is ironic is many of the third party voters are complaining about Romney speaking at CGI and the compliment paid to him. Well there would be no CGI without that third party candidate known as Ross Perot!

    • Hmmm, it would seem your historical understanding has one gaping hole. It was a GOP president that raised people’s taxes that allowed Ross Perot to have the chance to split the vote. It was the GOP president that looked at his watch, being bored at a debate that gave more fuel to fire.

      If the GOP president had not done those two things, Perot would have never garnished the amount of vote that he did. By the way, I know you are wondering, but I did not vote for Perot either time, nor did I select GOP Dole to compete against Clinton the second time.

      You sure do have a very difficult time of properly seeing that part of the problem we have today can be laid at the feet of the mighty GOP.

  • BabyMal

    Wow. That was fantastic! More President Romney!

  • Kelly60

    I’m ready…hand over that ballot

  • This was an excellent speech. Romney is standing tall and looking more and more presidential…while Obama is looking less and less. I loved the digs at O…the references to his Romney Presidency…and the actual, solid ideas about a Romney Administration Foreign Policy. This speech was a home run. Romney needs to continue in this vein from now until election day! He is also sounding pretty fired up and ready to go on the campaign stump trail. I wasn’t a Romney supporter during the primaries…but he’s pulled me over into voting for him with a glad heart!

  • Maxsteele

    Wow, that was an AMAZING speech. He may not have the pizzazz of a Reagan or the razzle dazzle of the wizard of OZ (Obama) but he definitely has the CONVICTION! This is the first time that I can truly say that I belive that Mitt Romney really believes in what he said.
    His idea of tying aid to trade is a fantastic idea and the thought of not giving away free money to the world but tying it to development is a fantastic idea.
    The best part for me was when he eluded to the evil that was spouted by Ah-madman-ijad just brought a tear to my eye. Here is a leader not afraid to call a spade a spade.

    • Wisewoman2

      Did you also take note of the story line he weaved in about the cause of the so-called arab spring. He reminded everyone that it began from a 26 year old vegetable selling street vendor man’s complaint about govt harassment, demanding bribes from him and finally govt officials taking his weigh scales. In my mind’s eye, I could just hear the man’s plaintive voice telling his tormentors that “he just wanted to work to support his family” before setting himself on fire. Very, very powerful.

  • Did you notice 2 ‘key words’…

    Free Enterprise.

    NOW we’re talking ‘forward’ movement for America.

    NOT the ‘forward’ movement of the socialist progressives, but the ‘forward’ movement of the free enterprise mindset that has historically lifted ALL boats.


    • Yes, and I liked how he stressed it several times in his speech, that free enterprise is THE way to prosperity…not just in America, but throughout the world! Romney was firing on all cylinders today.

      Also, in interviews on the trail calling out the Obama Administration on hiding the facts of the Libyan terrorist attack (and YES…it was an act of terror…I don’t think there is any credible way to deny that). He’s been getting more fiery and alight as the debates loom near. Its good to see!

    • Art,

      The questions raised now to be answered are, “What makes Free Enterprise work?” and “Are other governments really going to do the heavy lifting that will need to be done so that it will work in their country?”

      The answers will be telling.

  • JohnBarry2012

    A bit of good news breaking for Mitt Romney. Wall Street contributed $30.2 million to Romney thus fa, more than double the $14.4 million they contributed to Obama. The trend was reversed during in 2008 campaign for Bush and Obama. -G&M

  • Martin Carr, PhD

    How refreshing to hear someone elevate this country, rather than tear it down. At this stage of the game, Mitt is beginning to stand shoulders above Obama. God speed.

  • PVG

    Wow! Actual thoughtful, fact-filled, message without the narcissistic “I”.

  • MagyarKishka

    “Most of the media attention is going to Obama’s paint-by-numbers UN speech “violence is bad”, “offensive movies are bad”, “freedom of speech is good”, “freedom of speech that offends Muslims is bad” and “let’s join hands for a better world”. But Romney’s speech at the Clinton Global Initiative is really far more significant since it lays out fundamental policy changes.”

    “What Romney is articulating is the difference between useless and often destructive “Humanitarian Tourism” of the Peace Corps and Carter Habitat kind where activists show
    up to “help the natives” and leave having taken away local jobs, depressed local industries and left the natives worse off than before.

    Romney’s call for developing societies by cultivating free enterprise, rather than with showy charity is an important gamechanger.”

    You can read more here if you’re interested ……

  • SKL53

    President Romney is so fitting for a man who has leadership qualities and acts so presidential! Unlike the sniveling, groveling, narcissist in the WH who would rather mingle with Hollywood then be a President! Please make sure to send any empty cartons you have to the WH so Michele can start packing…

  • kssturgis62

    It was an Impressive Speech, But Romney should NOT have gone there. Since when did this Global Initiative by Bill Clinton Become a Standard Stop for Presidential Candidates?

    I have severe Issues with this. Michael Reagan Said it best, After Bill Clinton, a President who was IMPEACHED, slammed him at the DNC, why would Romney go here, when his OWN base is Asleep, Not Riled up about voting for him, and he is cowtowing to Liberals.

    sorry Not the Place for Romney or any Republican. This is an arm of the DNC. Bill Clinton has this Global Initiative Project to make up for Monica Lewinsky.

    Yeah he could have gotten some votes by going here, the speech was aired. Some Votes, is not what he should worry about, those Independents and being out on the Campaign Trail is what he needs to worry about and FIRING UP THE BASE. The base does not get fired up about voting for a Man who back bends for Liberals.

  • sonofliberty

    great speech