FULL SPEECH: Mitt Romney speaks in Israel

Romney gave a huge speech today in Israel and he nailed it. It was music to my ears when he stated unequivocally that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. He also said that we must stand at Israel’s side, especially when their security is threatened and that we must not allow the radical theocracy in Iran to get nuclear weapons.

The entire speech was fantastic and you can watch it below:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Thank You for the post, the one thing I do like about romney is his seeming support for Israel, something this current administration does not have.

  • I thought Gov Romney hit the right notes. He could not do a full throated assault of the current administration since he was overseas. I’m sure that will come later in the debates and back on US soil.

    • Bull. He can say what he wants about Obama, but he just chooses not to, kowtowing to Obama’s threats and goons. Obama has been overseas and it didn’t stop him from launching full throated assaults on America numerous times.

      • Romney isn’t kowtowing, he’s being respectful.

        Also, it’s funny you would let Obama’s actions overseas be the standard you judge Romney by. Kind of a low bar isn’t it?

        • I have no respect for someone that doesn’t deserve it, and I will not feign it. If I respect you, I’ll let you know it. If I don’t, I’ll be just as straightforward. There will be no not knowing where you stand with me. Just as I believe that, I will most definitely say what I have to say to someone’s face, just I will anyplace else. Criticizing someone’s poor policies that have cost countless jobs, trillions of dollars and endangered the lives of hundreds of millions is an observation and a statement of fact. There is a difference between making factual statements, and personal attacks. I would think you would recognize that easily divined difference. The truth is the truth, no matter where it is spoken, nor no matter how popular or unpopular it is, when spoken, or by whom. I will reiterate: Obama has attacked the US on a number of occasions, when overseas, as well as on American soil. This is the hallmark of someone that doesn’t respect the US (which includes YOU), and people should be given the same amount of respect that they give. If Obama gives none, he should receive none. PERIOD. I don’t set my “bar” by Obama, you, nor any other man, but I will speak the truth, plainly and easily understood.

          • Right on virusx!
            “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”

            Flannery O’Connor
            US author (1925 – 1964)

          • Virus is the perfect name for you. Obama=socialist or communist thug who is friends with domestic and foreign terrorists and a preacher that hates America. Romney=good and decent man who is being crapped on by the media (surprise). Think for yourself virus. God bless USA and Israel

            • And a perfect name for you would be “robot”.

              I don’t vote for people based on your interpretation of their being “good” or “decent”. I vote for people based on their character, and WILLARD’s past political performance, as well as his verbal contempt for Reagan and cowardice in avoiding people like Mark Levin show that he’s not someone I really want to vote for. Maybe you should learn to do something other than launch brave Internet insults, and think for yourself, for a change.

              • I understand people like you have a penchant for twisting facts to support your arguments. Romney never expressed verbal contempt for Reagan. As someone who was a novice to the political field, he stated that he was an Independent, and was not trying to return to Reagan/Bush. Expressing disagreement is not expressing verbal contempt. And as Romney became more involved and more aware, he began to embrace Ronald Reagan’s policies.

                And btw, I am thinking for myself.

            • toongoon

              He’s not alone pal, Romney is not as bad as obama. Period.

      • marketcomp

        VirusX, I see and understand your frustration. But, Romney was being very respectful on the SITTING President. Now that’s not to say that the President wouldn’t follow the same line of thinking. This President is GHETTO in every aspect of the word. He threatens the SCOTUS, the Congress, the citizen and individual, and even rendered apologies other countries. These are all disgraceful rhetoric from the President and Romney is just simply re-establishing decorum and respect for the sitting President.

        • Respect isn’t a door prize, and you certainly don’t get respect, just because you have a title. Obama has done, perhaps, more than any other president to undermine his own level of ‘deserved’ respect, and the respect of a nation, as a whole. His policies and down-talking to everyone that doesn’t agree with him shows very graphically how little respect he has for anyone that isn’t viewed as a minion or some sort of superior. Speaking the truth, attacking his policies (not ad-hominem), is not an attack on the Office, or even the “man” (such as he is, and that was a personal attack on Obama, which I freely admit and make). IT IS AN ATTACK ON HIS POLICIES. No man should be insulated from the truth, especially by titles. If Romney wants “decorum”, he can go to one of his mormon churches, or to a dinner party. America’s in trouble, he claims to have an interest in helping, and now is not the time to pussyfoot. That time passed almost 4 years ago.

          • marketcomp

            Hold on there, VirusX! Romney has been aggressive and firm in his stance and positions against Obama. You should listens to the VFW speech, and the other speeches where he went after Obama for saying “You didn’t build that,”, along with the Israel speech today! I am sure that Romney’s message will be even more clear because right now, he is in a zone my friend! A candidate should not criticize the sitting President on foreign soil but that’s not to say he can’t once the President is gone. The objective is that the President is the leader and in the case of Romney he is still a citizen until he is elected. I know liberals and Marxist engage in criticism all the time of the sitting President, especially if he is a Republican. I remember Ted Kennedy not only criticizing but undermining Ronald Reagan’s policy with the Soviet Union. So liberals hav no problem doing this and Romney is simply re-establishing rules that most Presidents held, with the exception of this one.

            • I’ve heard his VFW speeches, I’ve seen all his endless commercials. Again: political office should be no shield from the truth. Reagan endured lies when not in office, as you said, and he came through with the truth. Obama is out of office armed only with lies. If WILLARD has any truth in him, then Obama’s vacation shouldn’t be a deterrent to speaking it.

              • You are not going to see any movies in the near future, I hope.

                • And you sound like you see too many of them, already.

          • Did you hear romneys VFW speech last week? He nailed Obama. Do you want the same ignoramus in office like we have now? Romney- A+ on the speech.

            • Political pandering doesn’t sway me, especially from someone that’s about as committed to the military as you are. Romney and Obama, both, are people that couldn’t run away from military service fast enough to head for piles of money, but also can’t run fast enough to command people that did sacrifice for their country. I don’t begrudge them being rich; I couldn’t care less. I don’t like people that tell others to sacrifice, when they won’t, themselves, and I like people that are full of false promises of how their going to ‘take care’ of Veterans and AD servicemen, even less. Both are politically pandering for votes. Maybe you’re not able to see that, but I can. I don’t get all wrapped up in the words of people running for political office, with backgrounds like theirs. Some peoples’ words are worth more than others. Neither the words of WILLARD, nor Obama, carry any weight with me, and for the same reason: their past performance in political office. Flowery speeches don’t balance budgets, protect borders, expel illegals, equip American Soldiers and Marines, nor do much of anything else, besides create more fodder for YouTube.

              • Your statement that Romney couldn’t “run fast enough from military service fast enough to head for piles of money” shows that you do begrudge him “being rich”. He didn’t run away from military service, he chose to serve humanity in another way. And if you actually knew anything, you’d know that his entire life, since childhood has been about service. It’s an ideal that was ingrained into him by his parents, who both believed in serving. And it’s why he’s running for President.

          • Yet you are going to vote for Obama? Why? Because of skin color?

            • Now, you’re just being a racist a*shole, and I’m done talking to you. I assume you’re voting for WILLARD, because of the color of his skin.

          • Wisewoman2

            He is respecting the office of the president not necessarily Obama.

      • texasgirl46

        I’ve read all of your comments, you don’t care for Romney, right?

        • Truthfully, no, and its not just a ‘I don’t like him’. My reasons for not wanting him in political office are already well documented, here, and in other places. I’ll be fair in my proclamations of displeasure with what he may say or do, but treat Obama just the same.

  • Joe

    I am curious to see if American Jews support Romney over Zero

    It was a good speech to the Israeli people


    As I stated in a different post – I have been told that approx. 50% of American Jews are on US public assistance

    This is why Zero knows he has the support of the American Jew and doesn’t care about Israel

    Only time will tell if the American Jew supports Israel or the American assistance program

    Always follow the money!

    • marketcomp

      Mmm, that’s interesting, Joe! I did not know that 50% of the American Jewish population is receiving public assistance. Well it could be 90% so there is still hope!

      • M

        “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”

        Mark Twain

        P.S. Got a bridge to sell, if you’d be interested…

        • Joe

          In Brooklyn ??

          I own that one already – (well 1/2 interest anyway)

          But coming from Brooklyn I know there are a lot of dirty little secrets

          You might be surprised at the amount of the community that are below the poverty level >> http://www.ujafedny.org/jewish-community-study-fast-facts/

          I am just trying to find the answer to the question of why the American Jew supports ZERO

          I am open for a serious discussion on this

          The support for ZERO is very perplexing to me

          • Freempg

            Joe, this question gets batted around at American Thinker about once a week. I have never read a satisfying answer. There has been discussion whether the premise of your question is flawed. One rarely considers that some American Jews don’t care about Israel. It seems a logical conclusion based on their suicidal support of Obama.

            • Joe

              I’ll have to check out that site

              I just go with my personal observations as a Brooklyn resident and reports from my
              Jewish friends

              In any case – it is very perplexing

              OH – did I state today that ZERO is a POS!

          • marketcomp

            Joe, you know I am with you in most circumstances but you cannot make up facts about a group of people. I have always known Jewish Americans to be hard workers and known for not being Government dependent plus I don’t like to categorize people that way. We and I count on those who are in the know to bring facts to the discussion so we can either disagree or agree based on facts not on here-say or what we feel. Joe, liberals do that BS all the time and we can make convincing arguments using facts. There are only a couple of post that I rely on for facts and truth and you, my friend, are one of them!

            • Joe

              I am not sure if I should agree with myself or not – but I know what I know-

              and I don’t mean to disparage any group, but I lived in Brooklyn amongst Jewish Americans – have done a lot and I mean a lot of business with them as well –

              When you are from NY – You better learn how to do buisness with everyone – and I have – believe it or not from $100,000 properties to multimillion dollar pieces (Trump and Silverstein included)

              In some AJ neighborhoods where I appraised properties – The public assistance % was well over 75% – I know, because I analyzed the rent rolls of the buildings and spoke to the landlords – What that means – I’m not sure.

              Typically Italians and Jews get along – but of course are very different in many ways

              All that being said – No one can explain this issue

              Former Mayor Ed Koch who is a huge supporter of Israel – loves Obama

              I was just hoping that someone can explain what this perverse love affair is all about ?

              I just bring to the table – what I know and what I have been told –

              Rebuttals are invited

              This is similar to a wife who is abused, doesn’t leave her husband – I don’t get that either

              Only time will tell –

              I pray that the King is dethroned handily no matter what!


              (Let’s see if the Sheriffs think that’s bad – it’s not)

          • p m

            Interesting, Joe. Empirical observations often ring truer than numbers.

            All the same, the link above shows 16% of the NY Jewish population is receiving government assistance versus 49.1% of the general US population at the same time. By now the latter number must be higher given 0zero’s push to break the system by recruiting more recipients of government largesse. Maybe the former is larger too, but I doubt it’s caught up.

            Also, the current definition of poverty would astonish the citizens of many countries we wouldn’t usually think of as poor. Increasing that poverty percentage is one of the aims of the libs to justify more hand-outs, so we have to watch how they define such things as poverty.

            I’m no statitician, but suspect that it would be hard to make a case that government hand-outs determine the way our Jewish neighbours vote. (If you haven’t eaten recently, you might want to take a look at Alan Dershowitz’s article today in the JP, or, OTH, Caroline Glick’s opinion piece from a few days ago. Linked here: http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-EdContributors/Article.aspx?id=279340 and here, respectively : http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Article.aspx?id=279075 )

          • Patriot077

            I have always wondered about that too. And the only thing I’ve heard that really makes sense (to me) is something David Brog said. He thought it might be that they believe in being compassionate to others and feel the Dems are more generous to the poor without evaluating just how ineffective (and actually destructive) the same old, same old government programs have been over time.

            Now why the Jewish citizenry wouldn’t object to the continuing erosion of liberty that the Dems condone is still unfathomable to me. I would think they would be fearful of history repeating itself.

          • Brooklyn, the biggest of the 5 burrows of NYC still on has 2.5 million people and only a couple hundred thousand Jews.

    • toongoon

      Living in the Chicago area I can tell you that the Jews I know who support the leftists are NOT on government assistance, and if they are, it’s not because they are below poverty level.

      • Joe

        Like I said – I can’t figure it out

        Not all Jewish Americans think alike and unfortunately there are different sects >>
        http://www.religionfacts.com/judaism/denominations.htm and have totally different lifestyles and beliefs

        I was a real estate appraiser and was in every ethnic community in NYC.

        The Jews I did business with – are businessmen and they typically swing with the “friend of Israel” and they have told me that some Jews ALWAYS go left –
        typically the Orthodox and Hasidic contingent.

        Sephradic Jews are a toss up

        I can’t explain the support

        I was hoping we had a Jewish commenter who can shed light on this mystery

        • toongoon

          I’ve heard the theory that the laws that are not specifically enumerated in the Torah they do not have to follow. Social issues that have since been invented give them freedom and they do not feel they will be held accountable.

        • Joe, you don’t have facts and what you “viewed” through your rose or whatever colored eyeglasses does not mean anything. Get us some facts, and not just “I saw some Jews on the corner asking for money” it sounds very uninformed.

          • Your characterization is absurd. Do you have any idea how much Real Estate appraisers and agents know about the demographics of the communities they work in?

            So he isn’t providing some research from a government website. At some point, nearly all research on people is opinion-based anyway. You hope to get opinions formed by some demographic stats and interviews with actual people. Joe just told you he did that for a living. He’s also put in plenty of disclaimers.

        • I would have assumed it was the totally unorthodox ones that were more liberal. All the unorthodox Jews I’ve met have been ambivalent at best on the subject of “Zionism.” I had assumed the orthodox ones were strongly for it. Now that’s a head skratcher.

    • capelady

      I think you are misinformed. Only 11% of American Jews are below the poverty line and the Jewish community takes care of their own. The Jews who need help would turn to a myriad of Jewish organizations for assistance before they would look to the federal government for welfare.

      American Jews support Obama because they are liberal Democrats. Liberalism is a “religion” that takes precedence over Judaism, Catholicism, or any other faith. That is why so many Jews vote as they do, and why Nancy Pelosi (who is Catholic) can reconcile her leftist views with her Catholicism.

      Even the institutionalized Protestant denominations have exchanged faith in God for social justice and liberal/left political views. (Which is why those churches are dying).

      Christians with a strong faith in God tend to keep God first and politics second – and they are usually conservative which is compatible with their views on abortion, gay marriage, church and state issues, etc. Those churches, like Lakewood Church in Texas with its 40,000 members, are booming!

    • poljunkie

      The local Jewish community here in my area is solidly Democrat. Many vote that way because their parents did. and a largre majority are indifferent to the ideals of Israel.
      When you ask if they support Israel they say, oh we sent money to plant trees.Or our “Tzedakah” ( Hebrew for charity) money is used for helping those in need. For some American Jews, to support Israel means traveling there for a holiday.

      Most know nothing of the day to day hard ship of living in Israel.

      To quote a friend from another blog- “you need a steel spine just to live in Israel.”

      That is why I start my day with prayers for those who live in that small region of the world.

    • 50 percent? Come on, what type of assistance. Jews are the hardest working people I have met in 39 years on this planet.

      • Well, about 70% voted for Obama. Although they’re only 2% of the population, they have a lot of pull in white collar jobs and high representation among the media (not an Elders of Zion thing, it’s not a conspiracy), though, so I don’t see them as particularly ghetto.

    • Here’s some reasonably recent research on that topic.

      Takeaway: more Jews are moving away from Obama.

      I’m guessing that’s been accelerating lately, since Obama’s admin has been so openly hostile to Israel.

  • marketcomp

    I watched the speech on FOX this afternoon and Gov. Romney did what this administration will not do and that is go to Israel and stand in the capital and recognize that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel! It was a fantastic speech and unwavering in it’s delivery, message, and support of a country that so needs us in their corner. I love that Gov. Romney solidified the US support, at least by the US citizens, for Israel recognizing that we cannot hee-haw around with a country, specifically Iran among others, that want to destroy the US if given the chance and will destroy Israel upon the first opportunity. Another excellent speech given by Gov. Romney!

    • Orangeone

      And President-to-be-Romney didn’t utilize a teleprompter!

      • Great speech, but he did use a teleprompter. The camera moves back about halfway through and you can see it…

      • Great speech, but he did use a teleprompter. About halfway through the speech, the camera pulls back and you can see it…

        • marketcomp

          But using a teleprompter is not a sin. In fact its necessary to stay on message and hit critical points. But Obama is completely dependent on teleprompters. I mean the man gave a speech to 5th graders using a teleprompter! Now that’s what happens when one drinks alcohol excessively and cannot remember, even an outline, of what to say. There is a distinct difference.

          • I think the coke had more effect.

            • marketcomp

              LOL! Your probably right!

        • No, he did not use a teleprompter. Just because they are there, doesn’t mean they are being used. Look at the position of them, they are pointing AWAY from the speaker. Unless Romney is so talented and adept at reading backwards, while speaking…he is not using them.

  • p m

    Like the 2 flags emblem on the front of the podium – and it didn’t fall off!
    America and Israel provoke the same hatred from ‘the enemies of civilization.’ Well said, and a lot more like it.

  • M

    I clapped at my TV, and I don’t even like Romney… I think this speech will be seen as a turning point (with the PA speech last week as a close second)

    • marketcomp

      DITTO, M!

  • odin147

    Why do so many jews vote democrat ?

    • I asked the same question and was told that liberalism is their religion. I think it’s pretty disgusting that many Jewish people in this country turn their backs on Israel.

      • Alborn

        Look at the history of the Frankfurt School and you will understand why so many Jewish people vote Democratic.

        • Joe


          I’ll have to read it


          • Thanks for the link.

          • p m

            “The (Frankfurt) Institute for Social Research was founded in 1923 by Carl Grünberg, a Marxist legal and political professor at the University of Vienna, as an adjunct of the University of Frankfurt; it was the first Marxist-oriented research center affiliated with a major German university. However, the school can trace its earliest roots back to Felix Weil, who was able to use money from his father’s grain business to finance the Institut.”

            Hmmm – a capitalist business funded this marxist ‘enterprise’.

            “As the growing influence of National Socialism became ever more threatening, its founders decided to prepare to move the Institute out of the country. Following Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, the Institute left Germany for Geneva, before moving to New York City in 1935, where it became affiliated with Columbia University. It…was accordingly renamed Studies in Philosophy and Social Science. It was at this moment that much of its important work began to emerge, having gained a favorable reception within American and English academia.”

            Thank you Columbia and US & UK academia./sarc

            The wiki article seems quite good, but for a shorter read on the influence of this outfit, the results of which we talk about here a lot, you might want to refer to this http://catholicinsight.com/online/features/article_882.shtml

            I confess that I post it every time it seems relevant – that is, a lot!

            • nibblesyble

              Thanks pm…

    • poljunkie

      I asked too, and the answer was social justice.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Good question.

  • pdxlady

    Saw the speech this morning on Fox. Excellent! No more calls please…we have a winner!

  • anneinarkansas

    I listened on TV. It was indeed a fantastic speech and really well-received.
    I think it is great that the Romney’s are having dinner with Bibi and his wife in their home…would LOVE to hear that conversation!

  • librtifirst

    I like his emphasis on Jerusalem being the capital. He seems to have memorized his speech well, but he was a bit robotic on delivering it. The content of the speech was good, but I wonder who wrote it. Although, I don’t agree with him, entirely, about Iran, I would have liked him to simply say that he supports Israel’s right to deal with Iran as she deems necessary.

    I would have liked to see him talk about Egypt and Libya, and how Obama has put Israel in a worse situation.

    We’ll see how much he actually supports free enterprise. He has already engaged in suppressing free expression in this primary.

    I would have liked to see the crowd size and content.

    • Patriot077

      I liked his comment about Jerusalem also but was most impressed by his recognition that the U.S. and Israel “provoke the same hatreds in the same enemies of civilization”. I want to know that he has a handle on that for all our sakes.

      I don’t think he can really say much about the damage our current administration has done with respect to Libya & Egypt. He indicated before he went overseas that he would not be critical of the US while abroad.

      • librtifirst

        I suppose that staying politically neutral while overseas is a good plan, though the media coverage is now world wide and it doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Everyone sees everything at all times.

        • Patriot077

          True, but if if he really got specific about the prez. policies it would be a firestorm of media attaacks when he got home.

  • This doesn’t have anything to do with his speech, but I think that in some photos of Romney he looks a lot like a young Billy Graham.

    • David Boyes

      you mean his Mormon brother ?? 🙂

    • A little. I have been up close to him at an event. He has a very sincere way about him, he listens intently to people when they speak and there is a genuine humbleness about him. He also has exudes warmth and goodness. I’m a Lutheran but my Mormon contacts say that what you see is what you get with Mitt. He is a very beloved man by people who know him and have done business with him. He will be a great leader and reformer. This is one of my favorite Mitt videos–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKMDS4cB58U It shows that he knows what must be done and will do the heavy lifting to restore America’s greatness.

      • He wasn’t my first choice but he’s definitely growing on me. Let’s hope (and pray) for the good of our country that he’s our next president.

        • Don

          I agree with both of you ladies. If elections are generally the choice of the lesser of teo evils, this one is a complete no-brainer. Mitt woithout any doubt has more business experience than any president in recent history as compared to Obama who has ZERO business experience. Add obama’s obvious corruption and the no-brainer is understated ten fold. Mitt might not exhibit the tenacity alot of us want, but his patience under fire will be a tremendous asset for our country.

  • 911Infidel

    Now there is a pleasant change(oops there’s that word again) from the usual amateurish agitprop that we normally get from Obama. That was rather Presidential. Hmmmm… and maybe Obama’s little bootlick Jay Carney should take note of the fact that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem. It is Eloheim’s Holy Mountain which was given to Israel in perpetuity.

    What was that passage in Genesis again? “I will bless those that bless you (Israel) and I will curse those that curse you.” Take note Obaminites.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thanks for the post! Good speech.

  • Mary_Linda

    What a pleasure to see him speak without TELEPROMPTERS telling him what to say,like the jerk in office cannot do without.

    • Joe

      That was an insult to the jerks in the world

      Tsk- Tsk!

    • He was using teleprompters in this speech.

      • ecosse

        everyone uses them and has since i think the 1960’s. that’s not the issues; what an issue, i think you might agree, is that barry cannot speak without them.

        • Allen West and Sarah Palin rarely use them.

        • B-Funk

          I know Reagan used them in his big speeches (State of the Union, etc), but didn’t he forgo them on some occasions?

  • Shmoof

    My Jewish family is done with the Democratic party, as are many others in our community. I’m going to spread this video around.

    • p m


    • Orangeone

      Thank you for doing so!

    • That’s great!

  • This is grandtastic! Gov.Romney has the pulse of Israel and American dreams for a prosperous and free future for both our countries. Let’s pray they have the widom about them to stop the madness against freedom and liberty on both continents.
    It would be impossible for a muslim radical or a leftist communnist supporter to ever represent American ideals of freedom and liberty to the satistfaction their meaning would be understood or recongnized by such offensive and destructive groups.

  • GREAT speech! Reminds me of watching/listening to Ronald Reagan! And that is a GREAT thought to me! Great to hear him stand up for Israel and it’s right to exist and our commitment to ensuring it DOES continue to exist! Forget ABO, vote ROMNEY!!

  • sybilll

    He’s making me more and more comfortable about jumping on the Romney bandwagon. This was very Presidential. And definitively stating that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital is fantastic. How will President PitchingWedge respond?

    • poljunkie

      President Pitching Wedge. Ha hilarious.

  • Honey76

    Sure, I thought Romney’s speech regarding Israel was great……but as Joe said, ” always follow the money.” I am a religious American Jew and am not thrilled with Obama’s not taking a stronger stand with regard to Israel. HOWEVER, Americans must still look at how our President will lead us in the next four years as well. Also, while what Romney
    says about the Middle Eastern countries is true, what is HE going to do about it…….if he were to get into office. DON’T TAKE HIM AT HIS WORDS. THEY ARE JUST RHETORIC- We American Jews do not turn our backs on Israel…..we just see the truth about the way this country will be governed by the Mitt Romney. Also, we should remember that Mitt Romney is a high Priest in the Mormon church and follows their tenents to the letter. Y’all should be reading what the Mormon church stands for. Google Park Romney and read about the true beliefs of the Mormon church.
    Mitt Romney stands for the upper 1% of the wealthy in the U. S. He will DESTROY even more the middle class….which barely exists today, he will try and cut social security, unemployment insurance and do anything he can to undermine the majority of the American people while keeping the 1% of the ultra wealthy continuing to get their bonuses,etc.
    Most people in this country do not even know that the US Congress have their own insurance and vote in their own raises…….This will only get worse if Romney is elected. He is a slick businessman who will destroy the middle class completely, make sure that no one can afford health insurance and under his Presidency unemployment will only get worse as he tries to lower medicare (ALL YOU BABY BOOMERS) and medicaid.

  • Joe
    • ecosse

      thanks for the link.

    • marketcomp

      Thank you, Joe for sharing! You are still my fav!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I thought it was a good speech, Romney addressed the right points and affirmed America’s support of and continued alliance with Israel. Hopefully the Israelis can discern the stark difference between Romney and NoShowobama and how who gets elected President of the United States this November affects their country. The current occupant of the White House has made his feelings toward Israel abundantly clear…he’s no friend nor is he a steady, dependable ally of Israel. Romney would continue our friendship and support of Israel in these troubling times in the Middle East, whereas NoShow would cut and run.

  • THAT was an outstanding speech by Mitt Romney in Israel today.

    He didn’t use a teleprompter, only occasionally looked at his notes, and he appeared sincere. More importantly, he seems to recognize the threat of International terrorism and prizes our relationship with Israel.

    As much as I hate Romney’s Obama-like liberalism, I do not believe he has a vindictive disdain for America, the Constitution, Christianity, and of course, Israel that Barack Obama obviously has.

    We cannot take four years of Barack Obama’s lawless destruction of this country, so my family and I have changed our minds on sitting out this election and will be voting for Mitt Romney this November.

  • PatriotInk

    The majority of people in this country support God’s Glory-Israel. There is no doubt in my mind that Romney would be a devastating blow to Muslim miscreants that sit around every day trying to lie, deceive, manipulate, and embezzle public trust.

    As he emerged victorious in the debates, one of the statements he made struck me (as I am sure it did many) that our friends will know who are our friends, and our enemies will know who are our enemies. THAT was sweet music to my ears.

  • Israel’s last best hope is Romney. If Obama gets a second term, I really fear for Israel’s future, especially if Iran gets nuclear weapons.

    • librtifirst

      I think that Israel had the best plan, which is for them to take out their nuclear sites only, rather than having the US take out the whole country.

  • capelady

    Romney was not my choice, but this was a good speech, well-delivered, and he said what those who believe Israel has as right to exist need to hear. I think the fact that he declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel presents a clear contrast to the Obama administration who won’t speak those two words in the same sentence.

    Good for you, Mr. Romney… Keep it up! America must regain the faith and confidence of our most loyal allies around the world and stand against tyranny at home and abroad!

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    As Karl Rove should have said, “Mitt Romney’s comments are not worth sno#.” If Mitt Romney is to be the next President of America and the “free world,” he, unlike the current president, should be properly vetted. Com’on, Mr. Romney or do you have something to hide? Oops,have to run now, my teleprompter just broke.

    • poljunkie

      ? 🙂

      Gov Romney wasnt my first choice. Or my second. Or even third. That said, Im voting against Obama. This speech was pretty darn good, and Im impressed that Romney had enough spine to state Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

      • 99Dual99Citizan99

        Thank you for your comments,poljunkie. Much appreciated. We are in a predicament, aren’t we.

        • poljunkie

          Im mid life, and this is the worst ever.

          • 99Dual99Citizan99

            Thanks again for your comments,poljunkie. I believe you when you state,” We actually worry for our Country.”

    • Vetted? Did you miss out on the primary? All of Romney’s mistakes were brought up again, and again, and again. Compared to Obama, Romney is fully vetted. We know he’s not ideal. He’s weak on the Constitution. He’s weak on illegal aliens. He’s weak on fiscal issues (which is odd, given he’s a businessman). But he’s the nominee.

      Time to decide who you’re voting for, not whether there’s some minute speck of information that was miraculously overlooked.

  • freenca

    It is just a feeling that I get perhaps, but I think most of our allies of old would sigh a huge breath of relief for a Romney Presidency. Obumbler has alienated most of them and given rise to distrusts that they should not have to have today. Restoration of trust will greatly ease tensions and put the kibosh on certain others’ brazeness.

  • i would have liked to see obama try to make a speech like this.. im sure he would trip up a lot cause he wouldnt believe one word .. TY Mitt.. stay strong

  • panchita

    who cares what mitt says today. tomorrow he’ll change his tune. whats more important is
    why won’t mitt reveal who his bundlers are.
    whats mitt afraid of?
    is that why doesn’t he attack obama?

    i saw mitt put his prayer into the jerusalem wall today, I hope he’s asking for a set of cojones.

    • Joe


    • Mike Lee

      If only there was a dislike button.

    • librtifirst

      I am hoping for something to change up the convention and get Romney out of it, but I won’t hold my breath. I almost wish that the fraud had favored Santorum or anyone else, but here we are, with the worst possible republican candidate.

      • Dr. Karl Stalin

        TO librtrdfirst: We as a country have been waiting for “change” ever since Obama got elected. Maybe in November we will get out wish…

        sounds like you are in a bad mood like you didn’t get your free government cheese…

        • librtifirst

          I’ve been waiting for change for over twenty years. So far…..more of the same.

          Romney is hardly the one to turn things around.

  • scrubjay

    I keep getting more impressed by what a strong leader Mitt is. He is saying and doing everything right. This was another home run.

  • Mike Lee

    Isn’t it nice to hear a leader speak clearly and forcefully without hemming and hawing? I like this speech because it doesn’t mince words – regardless of whether or not I agree with him. And I think Mitt should turn the British BS “gaffe” into a strength. He should run the interview clip with a “straight talk from a real leader” message. Because one of his negatives is that people think he’ll do and say anything to get elected. Well, he expressed his honest opinion on the Olympics, not saying what people wanted to hear, – and got crucified for it from the thin-skinned and lefty Brits. Shame on them. But Britain has become such a joke and everybody knows this. All they have left is “snark” and faux superiority.

    • Wisewoman2

      Please don’t fall for the people think Romney “will do or say anything to get elected”. That was Obama’s false accusation against Hillary and it is his false accusation against Mitt. You all are falling right into Obama’s lying game because truly he is the one who will do or say anything to win. Examples: To get the Hispanic vote, do not carry out the law and let illegals stay in the country; women vote offer free birth control pills, abortions all the way through the last trimester, etc.; Jewish vote sign a bill passed by congress for military aid to Israel on the day before Mitt goes to Israel; lazy people vote: offer welfare for life, etc. Make speeches talking about fairness concurrently while expousing these policies. Now ask yourselves who is the one who will do or say anything to win? Answer: Obama not Romney.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Thanks for posting this RS! I agree it was an excellent speech. I’m glad to hear he’s willing to call the capital of Israel, Jerusalem – unlike the current administration.

    My only reservation about Mitt is he is the consummate politician and that causes me to wonder if he will enter the White House (and he will, Lord-willing) on the coat-strings of promises and pledges only to abandon them when the electoral pressures are off. Lest we forget this is the same man whose position on abortion has flipped flopped over the years and whose claim to fame in Massachusetts is Romneycare.

    Look, I’m not saying that someone can’t truly change and perhaps Mitt has had an epiphany about his pro-life stance. I just find it hard to trust someone who is a politician groomed from birth. I mean no malice in that last sentence, I’m just “calling it like I see it”.

    The bottom line is I will vote for Romney, becuase it is a vote against Obama and that is the higher good. Once Romney enters the White House (and he will, Lord-willing) he must be held accountable for every promise, oath, pledge, etc. he made to the voters who punched his ticket on election day.

    I’m off my soap box and yield the floor…

    • p m

      Hear ya – but if he was a consummate politician, wouldn’t he have won the nomination in 2008?

      • No way. We had RINO’s running everything.

        • p m

          Yet he’s constantly accused of being a RINO – which would have made him a shoo-in, no? Am I missing something? To me, FWIW, he certainly qualified as a RINO before becoming the presumed nominee.

          • Well, yeah, he is, but McCain was just more RINO-tastic at the time.

      • librtifirst

        It would be nice if people would start seeing through these “consummate politicians” so that we could get a real candidate.

        • Conservative_Hippie


      • Conservative_Hippie

        Good point, I guess he needed the extra 4 years, lol!

    • Bottom line is there was no way he could get elected in Massachusetts as a pro life candidate. Those people are Democrats and have no qualms killing their children.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        You speak truth Brian!

  • texasgirl46

    Good speech…well rehearsed…

  • romney and Bibi have been friends for a long time…that makes me so very happy…i love that…when romney is elected and in office, it’s one less thing i will worry about…with obama, i’ve been so worried…

    • librtifirst

      I’m worried either way.

      • Don’t be. We are sending a righteous and accomplished man to do battle with the corrupt. Rand Paul says Mitt will audit the Fed and reform. Watch this and take heart. He knows what has to be done and did it at the Olympics and in Mass. He’ll do the right thing because he has scruples and morals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKMDS4cB58U

        • you’re right, lori…we can trust mitt…why? because he has integrity and ethics…show me one example that mitt has done anything criminal or questionable…one…

          now, show me anything obama has done questionably or dishonestly…we’ll be here all day on that one…

        • librtifirst

          Lori, I can already tell you what we are going to get with Romney. We are going to get a continuation of massive regulatory tyranny. Huge corporations literally run the regulatory agencies like the USDA and FDA. We literally have a corporation run government. Romney won’t do anything with the Fed that congress doesn’t hand him. I don’t believe for a minute that Romney will go after the fed, because it is the head of the banking system that is getting him elected.

          I’ve been lied to by every president for the last 20 years, and I finally figured out why. The American people don’t elect them. The fraud runs so deep that they are literally put in via election fraud. They put up a good show, but that it all that it is.

          You should probably go to http://www.dailypaul.com and keep an eye on the articles that talk about all the fraud that the GOP is involved in with Romney. After Paul supporters literally took the delegates for the state of Nevada, honestly and legally, Romney and the national GOP cut them out and created an alternative Nevada state GOP. That is only the beginning.

          Romney is being put in to continue the shutdown of this country. (if the fraud continues to go his way) He proved himself as governor, and he proved himself to be a socialist on healthcare, and a gun grabbing regulation supporter.

          We need to quit buying into their lies. Bush lied about small government and no policing the world, and Obama lied about so many things that I don’t have time to mention them. Clinton lied, Bush 1 lied, they all lie, and Romney is just spitting out the crap that people want to hear, because republicans will support my dog for president over Obama.

          Sorry for the rant. You will see when he gets in. You will see him go wishy washy on everything he has said except starting new wars, and continuing the ones that we have.

  • russell hicks

    Frankly, sir, I cannot trust your comments or opinions in anything. I spent the last 10 minutes reviewing your web site:


    I suggest that anyone who seeks to understand your background and “where you are at now” spend a few minutes there. Then they can make an informed decision about your interests; goals; values; and prejudices. I regret that I am concerned; worried; and alarmed by many things I read on your site: strange diatriabes about sexual activity; seeminly contradictory opinions; unlimited egotism; PLUS a foreign phrase which appears at the top of your site: תחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה which I am informed means: “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”

    Thus, I have to ask: Are your supposedly “pro-Republican” comments all DECEPTIONS? Is this the way you make war on Romney–by saying: “I’m a fierce defender of freedom and conservatism but I hate our chosen candidate for President.” That WOULD BE AND COULD BE a very crafty deception, and a superb way to “do war”.

    Governor Romney survived the HARSHEST VETTING and PRIMARY OPPOSITION in the history of the Republican Party–YET HE HAS MADE HIS FORMER ENEMIES HIS FRIENDS AND HIS SUPPORTERS, who now campaign for him.

    • Sounds like mind reading to me. How does that work?

      • russell hicks

        Your comment is ambiguous. “Mind reading” as to Virus X? Not so–I research issues and people for a living. I seek out authoritative sources, and digest them rather quickly. Today, I went to Virus-X OWN WEB SITE (he is sole owner and manager). What I read disturbed me, and so I posed my question.

        “Mind reading” as our next President? Not all all–I have been studying him for more than five years. HE WAS NOT MY FIRST CHOICE, but he has “grown on me”. Furthermore, as reflected by 1) donations FROM EVERYDAY AMERICANS, 2) polls (which are inevitably STACKED AGAINST HIM), and 3) by the attendance at his speeches, AN EXPANDING MAJORITY OF OUR COUNTRYMAN SUPPORT HIS CANDIDACY.

        As to our “Virus X”, go to his web site; study carefully; make up your own mind. IF MOST AMERICANS WOULD STUDY THE ISSUES UPON WHICH OUR FREEDOMS DEPEND, the O’Bastard would never have been elected. [BUT, remember 2010? The sleeping giant has awakened.]

        • You’re the one telling us what Virus-X thinks. That implies mind reading. Everytime I see people claiming to know what others are thinking, I always wonder why I can’t read minds, too.

          Is it just me? Maybe I need to be bitten by a radioactive spider or something.

          • B-Funk

            I see where you’re coming from K-Bob. It does seem that he’s reading into it too much. The phrase he’s referring to could also be easily taken as one of Sun Tzu’s principles. Sun Tzu believed one of the best offenses was cloak & dagger or ambiguity. It’s something the Progressives have been using to corral and use the American people for their own ends. Anyhow, I’m with you, he’s reading into that waaaaaaay too much.

            • I also don’t see what he’s going on about at Virus-X’s site. Apparently Mr. Hicks would be shocked to the core if he visited sites like AceofSpades HQ, BlackFive, TheHostages, MyPetJawa and other places where military and former military guys (and wimmens) are known to hang out.

              We don’t have to “get” the military mindset. I didn’t ever wear the uniform, so I hold my tongue around those guys because they have their way, and it’s not my place to second-guess ’em.

              Just defend ’em, and thank ’em. Period.

              • B-Funk

                “Just defend ’em, and thank ’em. Period.”

                Man! You said it! 😀

        • librtifirst

          Dude, if you are so good at research, then go find out how Romney became the presumptive nominee. If the polls were stacked against him, then it was probably because he didn’t have the support, and fraud turned the tide. Check out all of the states where duly elected non-Romney delegates were cut out and replaced with Romney delegates by the GOP and the Romney camp. Check out what happened in Nevada, where Romney and the GOP completely replaced the state GOP after the convention because he lost all of the delegates.

          Romney hasn’t received his money from every day Americans, he has received most of it from bankers and corporations. Go compare Romney’s speech attendance to Ron Paul’s. Romney has mostly just had a few people showing up to most events. You can find plenty on youtube.

          There may be an expanding majority of people supporting him, but it isn’t because they like him, it is because they hate Obama.

      • Conservative_Hippie


  • librtifirst

    Well, it looks like the establishment is only giving us two choices. Are you saying that Obama would be better? If so, then I don’t think that you understand how bad it really is.

  • Destroy the middle class? I don’t like much about Romney, but the one area he has nailed is economic reform. The middle class will experience prosperity again, if Romney can get his reforms in place in time, AND he kills Obamacare.

    Romney’s weakness is in understanding the Constitution. That’s equally bad for everyone, not the middle class.

  • ryanomaniac

    Like him or not the Guy is starting to find his groove. He seems to started growing a pair and has done very well with MSM interviews. I’m starting to feel less paranoid offour more years of Obama. Just a feeling for now. About time.

    He made a slam dunk when referring to Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. That’s one campaign promise I see him keeping. Obama won’t and Israel will be finished. Jews will vte for him regardless.

  • John_Frank

    Nice speech.

    However, one has to ask, does Cheney and the Republican Establishment want to fire Obama?

  • ConnieConservative

    Great speech. Very presidential.
    The audience was grateful when he acknowledged that he was in Jerusalem,
    the Capitol of Israel. Until last week, who knew this was in dispute.
    Gov. Romney asked God to bless the USA and Israel. I ask God to bless
    Gov. Romney and his campaign.

  • KenInMontana

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

    Sound familiar? It should if you are an American.

  • PVG

    Thanks Scoop for posting this speech. A welcomed, unapologetic, PRO-Israel stance. I am currently in a study of Revelation and am coming to believe we are not only committing political suicide, but spiritual suicide as well.

  • http://rightsided.tumblr.com/1001 Reasons to not be for Obama. NDAA thanks to Obama. The media is silent. Total power grab. Would they have allowed someone with Obama’s past, gaffes, mystery and associates to be President if he was a Republican? Sealed documents, outrageous insults to our allies, special deals for our foes like drilling where US can’t and selling Russia oil rich islands, yet the media is silent. Obama even got Osama using the VERY TACTICS he condemned Bush for and took the credit when he was not even there when it went down. Lie upon lie upon lie by this man and his thug backed admin. The man has a very flawed character, radical friends (read his book) and no record. Obama is unworthy of the office. He’d have trouble getting security clearance to park cars at the White House in reality. Ayers parents sponsored Obama. They served on boards together, hung out, dined and baby sat his kids. Mr. & Mrs. Ayers tried to blow up the Pentagon, blew up a police station and bombed a judges house that was involved with a Black Panther trial. Obama is the most dangerous and controversial pretender we have ever had in the White House. http://www.TheObamaFile.com

  • Please read what Major General Vallely (lost a son in Iraq and now off of Fox as a commentator) , Lt. General Jerry Boykin (maligned by Obama admin for being a whistle blower on the military being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood), LTC.. Lakin (Obama put him in prison for asking for his creds, now Lakin can’t get his doctor’s license renewed), and Colonel Sellin, who has been fired from his post after speaking out all have to say about Obama and the corruption that put him in power. All of these men have over 20 years of exemplary service each. Please read what Sellin says. It’s time to demand our Congress do their jobs. http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/13-07-2012/121651-obama_corruption-0/

    There is a reason that patriots like Mitt, Bachmann, West, Ryan and a few others are under attack. If you are taking fire, you are over the target. http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/15-06-2012/121397-barack_obama_prison-0/

  • IT’S NOT A DEMOCRACY! EVERYONE OF OUR PRESIDENTS IN MY LIFETIME HAS SAID THAT THE US IS A DEMOCRACY! That’s like saying, from their own mouths about themselves, “I’m illiterate!”

  • Michael Scribner

    The bloodlines of the American people and the people of Israel intersect in the past. We are connected by blood, though not many know it. Mr. Obama, as you can tell does not appear to have that same connection, nor does he show any of the loyalty to the nation of Israel, as an ally would, that our previous presidents have had. it is a sad time for both countries. No doubt that situation of disrespect for Israel will continue under Mr. Obama.

  • Please watch this video that has old news clips and Obama’s bio and damaging info. It shows Ayers saying on tape that he wrote Obama’s first book, speculates on his real dad and shows him when he was at school. VERY informative and explained and narrated as if Obama is telling the story. I do not agree with the conclusion that Obama is the son of Frank Marshall Davis. He needed an African name to win over blacks. His entire past is fabricated. He is not qualified for office due to his past REGARDLESS of where he was born.

    Perhaps he was raised abroad to protect him from the Nation of Islam here AFTER they murdered Malcolm X. X was a felon, drug pusher and pimp before being a radical Muslim. I have seen videos of Ann Dunham in the crowd after Malcolm X was shot and Nation of Islam members rejoicing over who Obama’s dad is. No wonder this nobody coke and pot using radical punk got so far so fast. http://www.oilforimmigration.org/facts/?page_id=284 Help expose the fraud that has been perpetrated on America.

    • If people believe he is X’s son– he will get more support. If he is presented as a Kenyan, that will play well with blacks. So saying he is Davis’ son is logical in order to defray votes from Obama. Regardless of who his daddy is, he is not qualified or eligible to be POTUS.

  • We are sending a righteous and accomplished man to do battle with the corrupt. Rand Paul says Mitt will audit the Fed and be a reformer. http://video.foxnews.com/v/1679154504001/sen-rand-paul-gov-romney-is-right-there-with-us Watch this Mitt ad and take heart. Mitt knows what has to be done and did it at the Olympics and in Mass. He’ll do the right thing because he has scruples and morals. Let’s have a Romney Tsunami and clean the crud out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKMDS4cB58U

  • bobemakk

    Every Jewish person in the US must see this video and stop being typical democrats and support Obama, he is not good for US and the Jewish people. Obama has thrown Israel under the bus numerous times, but not Romney. We need Israel to be on our side, and Romney is the man who will keep his promise.

  • B-Funk

    I sure hope he believes as he speaks!

  • rottiegal

    I loved the speech Romney gave to the Israeli people. The American Jews better wake up if they haven’t already. Obama has made it clear what he thinks about the very people that voted him in! Wake up our Jewish friends, if you vote again for Obama then you are going against Gods word. Support your people in Israel as you should have done in 2008!