FULL SPEECH: Watch Dana Loesch at FreePAC

Dana Loesch gave a great speech tonight at FreePAC and you can watch it below:

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  • I hate to put this in a thread that it doesn’t belong, but I found CL, and Kruiser to be the best speakers……………actually, there was a black woman that was right under CL in speaking ability.

    Overall, I thought these guys focused on the wrong things……..and could have focused on the people appeal over the American appeal. Freedom is a universal calling.

    • Ozzie, but this is America, and and American election…kinda makes sense to talk about America don’t ya think?

      • My understanding, from Beck this morning, was that it was a semi-international event that had people from all over the world attending. I felt that a more fundamental overview of our philosophy was in order. Levin would have been the perfect speaker for something like that……Barton would have been equally great. This was focused a lot on politics, which gets lost on those that want to understand freedom over politics.

    • You’re absolutely right, but that has the whiff of Bush-ism to it (not your fault, it’s just the way it is).

      Right now is a fine time to be all about building up the USA. A strong America is very, very good for the world.

      • I’m not sure what Bush-ism means, but I cleared up what I meant up top if that means anything. The event seemed to lack cohesion with FreedomWorks. They didn’t have an overall discussion of freedom with speakers, they just had a bunch of speakers thrown together one after the other. To my knowledge, this is their first event like this, so I am not picking on them……just constructive criticism.

        • No probs. Just a knee-jerk reaction from me. I’m twitchy like that. Sometimes.

        • Forgot to respond:

          The Bushies are known for 41’s “compassionate conservatism,” which turned out to mean “big-government progressivism.” That’s why 43 passed those terrible, expansion-of-government programs for education and drugs.

          The good news it’s less evil than actual Progressivism. The bad news is it’s still Progressivism.

          That’s all I meant by Bush-ism.

    • Don’t forget Deneen…her and CL were the best in my opinion. Loesch came in 3rd. The best part about it…their all winners!

      • I had forgotten her name when I originally posted- 🙂

  • Dana speaks for me!

  • I have a crush on her.

    • proudhispanicconservative


  • As an old woman, I love Dana’s passion…and her shoes 😉 and she gives me hope that the idea of individual freedom is not lost for my grandchildren.

  • Too bad Tammy Bruce didn’t go.

    • Defytheleft


  • CRAPTASTIC! I love it!

  • Defytheleft

    MEH. Anyone who has Bill Maher as a BFF isn’t credible to me.

    • Patriot077

      I believe you have confused Dana with Ann Coulter. Coulter is friends with Maher though I don’t know if they are BFF.

  • blackbird

    I need some help, I know the intro song, but cannot remember the name of the band it’s on the tip of my tongue can someone please tell me the name of the band? Thanks

  • @DLoesch killed it today! #FREEPAC #RESTORINGLOVE

  • 911Infidel

    The craptastic lame a$$ media doesn’t speak truth to power…we do.

  • She should hav mentioned John Stewart’s comediy hour.

  • muttzilla5

    She is AWESOME!!! Bold, intelligent and great fashion sense!! 🙂 I also love her great adjective ‘craptastic’ journalism!

  • stage9

    Conservative women have bigger stones than Republican men.

  • jiaolou