FULL SPEECH: Watch Mark Levin’s fantastic speech at the Steve Lonegan campaign rally

Mark Levin gave a great speech today in support of Steve Lonegan who is running for US Senate in New Jersey. You can watch the full speech below:

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  • c4pfan

    Thanks! Waiting for Sarah’s!:)

  • nexxe

    I missed this event on the livestream. Luckily for us, therightscoop.com posts these!

  • BHliberty

    Thank you Mark Levin! Love your intro! Also, Mr. President, tear down those barrycades!

  • 57thunderbird

    Great speech Mark!God bless you my brother for taking the fight for America.

  • giveususfree

    Lonegan’s accent is annoying to listen to, but I’ll take that over listening to Cory “rubber stamp” Booker spewing typical, predictable Liberal BS any day.
    We need you to come through BADLY New Jersey. Get the job done PLEASE, and that accent will be music to my ears.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    This is a major reason I love Levin a lot more then the other conservative radio personalities out there, when was the last time any of you have seen Rush, or Hannity put their necks out like this?

    • Jose

      I actually think Rush may be getting to that point.

      Rush is wary of endorsements or saying someone needs to go. He doesn’t like telling people what they should do or think. He eschews power in that way.

      Also it’s dangerous to tie yourself to people rather than ideas, because people you can’t control.

      But he’s clearly frustrated with GOP leadership.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        Right. Rush puts out the facts, exposes the lies and breaks things down in a way that anyone can understand and allows them to make up their own minds.

      • Steve Angell

        I hope so. So far if it does not make Rush money Rush does not do it.

    • Sentinel

      Good point. I love Rush (even though he’s a bit arrogant) but I’m hard pressed to see him or others make a personal appearance. However, I’m sure he and those others do their thing over the airwaves, which can be VERY effective too.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I think the biggest reason Rush commercializes everything whereas Levin is more for the country. (Not to be taken as an anti pro-business, or anti-capitalist statement)

        • Sentinel

          You may have a point. I still like and listen to Rush though and support him. And a guy’s got to make a living… 🙂

      • Betsey_Ross

        Rush and Hannity did make personal appearances. Lots of them. Hannity did charity stuff and Rush had his Rush to Excellence tours. Hannity was doing this sort of thing for George Bush in ’04. I am surprised that Levin was out there doing this. This isn’t his sort of thing. I think Hannity talked him into being more visible. It works. At some point in time he will give it up and fight another way.

        • Sentinel

          If those two gentlemen were there, then I stand corrected. Thank you for this information! 🙂

  • 12grace

    As usual Mark Levin is fantastic!

  • Sentinel

    This could be the big start to another great Tea Party swing for 2014! Come on NJ – right now you’re the tip of the spear! Make it happen! Set the tone! Let the change start with you!!!

  • $29528627

    Love you Mark and Sarah. Just made another donation to Steve.

  • johncentralnewjersey

    Great speech and emphasis get out the Vote – don’t let Booker’s street money BUY his election … dems with black ministers will be pouring millions of dollars to try and steal another election for Booker-Obama

  • KenyaVillageLostTheirIdiot

    Rock on Rock on. If PA elects Cory Booker another Obama clone liberal socialist then they are screwed!

    • PatriotConservative1

      I think you mean NJ.

      • BearNJ

        Don’t stop ObamasMarxistEconomy he’s on a roll.

        • jdbaird

          Ha ha ha!

      • OneThinDime

        Seems there are questions whether Booker lives in NJ…even his neighbors next to house he owns says no.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Great speech by Mark Levin. I wish he would run for office himself.

    • MMinCC

      Ain’t that the truth

    • OneThinDime

      Speaker of the House would be great.

  • Lynn Roland

    The Great One. Rightly named.
    Principled, knowledgeable, passionate and fearless.

  • PVG

    How thrilling to have Mark stump for you. WOW. The thought of an actual conservative ever running for the senate here in CA is crazy thought.

    • cvmoonshadow

      What are you talking about we have a few good ones from San Diego. Ducan Hunter Jr. and Darrell Isa. We are working on sending Carl DeMayo from her to replace Scott Peterson that was just elected. Now maybe from the North but South is a little different.

      • OneThinDime

        Darrell Issa has turned pro-illegal alien amnesty.

        • cvmoonshadow

          Since when? He lives in San Diego which is a border city and he is fully aware of the problems with amnesty. Show me proof.

          • OneThinDime

            You could be more polite in your request, reads like an Obama demand.

            Darrell Issa bottom of pg 1 top of pg 2: ““‘As we talk about who should remain and who should go, I think ultimately we have to be reasonable and realize we don’t want to have second-class citizens in our country,’ he told RCP. ‘If someone’s a guest worker or a temporary resident, that’s fine. But if somebody’s going to spend the rest of their life in this country, I believe that we need to have a clear pathway to citizenship, and we shouldn’t hide that.’”


            In fact, the entire Oversight Committee and entire Judiciary Committee are on board with amnesty now.

            • cvmoonshadow

              Sorry to seam un polite but I am at work and was trying to hurry. I will read after work and send him a message.

              • OneThinDime

                It’s okay, tough issue and tremendous disappointment from the GOP, especially the newly elected one. Plus Issa just did his big “Illegals fly in several times a day from Mexico with drug supplies….” speech. Sickens me that they are selling our citizenship to criminals, again.

      • PVG

        Babs and Difi………….

  • Farnsworth

    Mark is the greatest. He says it like it needs to be said and pulls no punches.

  • Andrew Dante

    Fat Boy Chris Christie has not even lifted a finger to help Lonegan! In fact, he set this election on a different day than his (in 3 weeks) just so Lonegan wouldnt be able to rise Christie’s coat tails. What a disgrace!

    • jo leone

      Christie should have been there today. Disgraceful.. and New Egypt is 15 minutes from Trenton.

    • DarkKnight2016

      Christie endorsed him a month ago and has been raising money for him.

  • Andrew Dante

    The Blacks in Newark, Camden, Paterson, Passaic, etc will steal this election via vote fraud.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      You can’t blame the blacks. This is a big union area and they vote as they are told.

      • Steve Angell

        Bull. I saw one on TV bragging about voting six times. Obama makes sure they never get arrested for this. He himself voted twice he registered in DC as Barry Soetoro. Chicago as well.

        Holder fights against voter ID to make sure his black friends can ride buses and vote all over the city. You can not buy Sudafed without an ID but you can vote. You can not buy a drink but you can vote without ID. You can not fly but you can vote without an ID. Why so blacks in Philidelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, NYC and so on can vote six more more times each.

        • Dr. Strangelove

          You saw one. Wow, I’m convinced now.

  • InfoDump

    Fantastic. Mark Levin is a patriot and a statesman. Fine author too.

  • SurfinUSA

    Mark is labeling the movement by its rightful name: Constitutional Conservative. His speech is the simple outline of what every candidate should say from now until 2014. Politicians like to hear themselves speak, but if they will shut their pie-hole and follow Levin’s example and repeat all the time, the message will get across.

    I’m done with Republicans. I don’t want to hear them, don’t want to know their latest lie anymore than I want to hear Democrats. It is now US vs. them and the people of this country need to exercise their responsibility to act as citizen-sovereigns.

    If we put the effort into the 2014 elections that we did in 2010, I believe we can freeze Obama’s march to tyranny and truly make him a lame duck until 2016.

    • ColonelNeville

      Hey, I’ve called myself a Constitutional Conservative for many years. Mark Leeeeeeeeeevin! He’s one of the very best. No, really.

    • Hey Surfin’. You are going to love this link below. This man pegs it nails it, then mails it. Please tell me what you think about it:


      • SurfinUSA

        For some of us the parallels of the Revolutionary times and today crystal clear. Peter King is nothing but an old Tory come alive. They don’t see the essence of security is freedom and liberty, not a Faustian bargain with a godless government. King believes the current ruling class has “captured” power.

        Power is not captured, it is released by the expression of freedom and ideas of justice. Ronald Reagan didn’t “capture” power, his eloquent restatement of the fundamental principles of our nation drew him near to power.

        On their own a tiny minority of Patriots couldn’t have defeated Great Britain, at the time the most powerful military on Earth. No, the power of the Declaration of Independence, the idea of citizen sovereigns, drew more powerful nations to us, such as France, who were thirsty for citizen rule. With their help, the British capitulated and removed its claims from the United States.

        People are saying “Ted Cruz is power hungry”, or “is grandstanding.” I say this: Constitutional power is hungry for the active participation of patriots to restore the Constitution to its rightful place. Ted Cruz spoke 21 hours about the Constitution’s fundamental center in our country. The power of its ideas drew him to the forefront, not the other way around.

        I truly believe that if we the people proclaim the Constitution in the street, to our neighbor and to our opponents, then we will be drawn to the eternal strength of the proposition that all men are created equal and have been granted inalienable rights from their Creator, among those life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

        I believe we must accuse the government of not holding up to those Constitutional principles and demand that they defend their positions and how they are meeting the demands of the Declaration and the articles in the Constitution. There is no reason for us to be on the defensive. They should be, they should validate why their actions meet the specifics of our founding documents.

        They can’t and they won’t. Therefore it is necessary for those who believe in those principles to work as hard as they can to turn away the present office holders who don’t. It may seem like an impossible task, but once the movement begins it will gain the momentum powered by the “hunger” of the founding principles.

        If not now, when? It not here, then where?

    • Steve Angell

      Did you not get the memo?

      2010 did not happen. We are supposed to erase our historic gains in 2010 from our memory. 2008 was our best year.

      I detest the GOP I am NOT GOP I am Tea Party Constitutional Conservative. May the RINO’s go the way of the Whigs. They are dinosaurs.

      Vote against them every chance you get. A Democrat is a better vote than a stinking RINO. Vote them out of office.

      • OneThinDime

        Many elected in 2010 have turned to RINOs already and are pushing amnesty.

        • Steve Angell

          True many lied they were Tea Party like Rubio. I do not really know how we decide if someone is just a liar. No one would look at Mitt Romney’s actual record as Governor when he actually ran as a Democrat not a Republican (just a technicality). Records are a big help but so few check.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    He’s really succinct when he doesn’t have a three hour radio show to fill. I don’t think most people have any idea how hard that is. I know I sure couldn’t do it.

  • Larchmonter445

    Bravo! Mark and Rush, too, need to get into the streets every week with the People and articulate Constitutional Conservative actions. It isn’t just words. Success in this battle requires spearhead actions. Lead the People off their duffs and into the stale air. The Tyranny only respects “pitchforks and torches”.

    We need these two huge voices to lead actions. It can be local or it can be regional. But we need numbers to turn the tide.

  • Had to look up why the election was next week–this because of the death of Sen Frank Lautenberg back in June. The race is tightening: “While Booker is still considered a heavy favorite, a 35-point lead he held just two months ago has dwindled to 12 points, according to recent polls. Political observers say it is common for a race to tighten as election day approaches, but that doesn’t completely explain a Tea Party favorite closing the gap on Booker in a state that voted overwhelmingly for President Obama.”

    Better watch out–they’re sure to bring out the Obama voting machines!

    This is an interesting comparison of what they support:


    Only issue I would disagree on is that Lonegan wants to decriminalize marijuana. But the rest I agree on and more important, Booker is an Obama clone.

    • OneThinDime

      Christie forced this special election instead of appointing so there was no distraction from his campaigning. Cost to NJ is $24 million. If Christie had appointed, $0.

      • ThominSC

        It also cost a lot of votes and time needed to get the message out.

  • JDOlson

    Why isn’t Christie there? Because this is now a 3 party country and Christie knows his party is on the way out.

  • timerunnersc

    A really great patriot! Always on the move attacking and confronting the left and their agenda. Somehow Mr Levin seems to never tire, always ready to fight for America.
    It was great to see the Tea Party Bus. They too have been in this fight since day 1.

  • Tricia Campbell

    Anyone know how many people were there yesterday? I was kind of close to the stage, so I couldn’t see how many eventually showed up.

  • DakConserve

    I made a small donation last night, if you can afford it, help out!

  • fishmonster

    The republican party is on its way to extinction because of Jhn McCain, Lindesy Grahamnisty, Bob Corker, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell, etc. We don’t need to be a part of the republican party even as many red states need not belong to an unholy union governed by Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

  • ROB

    we must clean these rinos out! Rubio must be voted out so should mccain. these sell outs suck

  • klaffner

    Love Levin. Thanks Scoop for following him so closely.

  • klaffner

    We need to continue our efforts to take over the Republican party.

  • Wayne Wing

    I was there it was fantastic! Great rally… we need Steve Lonegan in the Senate!