FULL SPEECH: Watch Paul Ryan’s rousing speech in Janesville, WI

Paul Ryan had an emotional “send-off victory rally” in his honor at a packed high school today in Janesville, Wisconsin where he gave a rousing campaign speech to many familiar faces. You can watch the full speech below:

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  • Still trying to find my sophomore year yearbook. Paul Ryan was a senior when I was a sophomore at Janesville Craig.

  • Emotional is good, but I think sometimes Ryan is too emotional.

    • I hope Paul Ryan delivers a completely new speech at the convention. He needs a lot more new material. He can do it. He also should produce more 2-3 minute videos while on the campaign trail and post them on Youtube, targeting singular specific topics, like leadership, individual liberty, and so on. Just talk to the camera on the campaign bus for a few minutes once or twice per week. He will reach a lot of people that way.

      • Most campaigns have these STUMP speeches and I have always said that these politicians need to put out message and idea out at a time. It’s so redundant when you see them more than once. You know what they are going to say before they say it. Speak DIRECTLY to your audience, please. Ryan is charismatic enough to CHANGE it up a little more. It’s a shame they have to WORRY about the progressives hanging on their every word just waiting to POUNCE. Kind of stifles the great message of this Dynamic Duo! I wish them luck and a solid victory in November. 🙂

      • He’s gonna have to speak for at least 40-45 minutes and this will be his introduction to a sizable chunk of the electorate. I’m assuming he’ll have plenty of new material.

      • WI4Walker

        These past two weeks have merely been his introductory tour with many key stops and it’s unrealistic to think he should have new material for each location. It’s only because of sites like this (as always, on top of all the speeches, Scoop!) and because the visitors here are more in tune with what is happening that we might think the speeches are too similar. Remember, not everyone is as savvy as Right Scoop participants and many across the country are just now meeting Ryan (and even perhaps Romney too) for the first time.

        The RNC, so far, is doing a great job of using social media sites and I would not be surprised to see more youtube specific topic messages as Jasper has mentioned.

        Was listening to Fox as I was driving to Janesville this morning and I heard Herman Cain say Romney is the CEO and Ryan the CFO and I thought that was a great analogy and exactly what we need right now as a country!

        • “Romney is the CEO and Ryan the CFO”

          That’s great!

          I agree about the introductory phase and Elaine’s point about stump speeches. That’s why I was limiting my point to this convention.

          The second part of my comment was about the all too misunderstood “Fred Thompson Effect”. Anyone successful in free internet marketing (articles, videos, blogging, etc.) understood why Fred was a rock star and why he fell out so fast. But politicians and campaign managers seem to miss the mark.

          Fred Thompson made a series of short videos (2-4 minutes) and posted them on Youtube. They immediately went viral. And not because of a policy or position. They went viral because Fred talked to the camera about a specific topic and stopped after a few minutes. (And yes, making fun of Michael Moore was a big help).

          Youtube statistics point out that viewers leave a video after 3.5 minutes (approx.), and if too long (> 5 minutes), will leave the channel. So it’s obvious to keep videos short. But here’s the magic: viewers who are given 2-4 minute videos tend to watch the same channel for over 20 minutes before moving on to another channel! My point? Got 20 minutes of something to say? Say it in 8 3-minute videos.

          Fred Thompson’s peak of popularity came after the Michael Moore video where Fred was smoking a Cuban cigar in his office chair. That was the time when he was playing with the media about when he would announce his candidacy.

          Here is where most media analysts and campaign managers make a mistake, and where Romney/Ryan can learn:

          Most pundits thought Fred’s quick decline in popularity was because he played the media teasing game too long. Not so. He transitioned his primary media exposure from Youtube to MSM. That was the turning point. Either he or his campaign thought that those short Youtube videos that connected him so well with the public (and the youth) was just a means to get him “in the door” to interviews on MSM outlets. His Michael Moore video was the last people saw on Youtube.

          If Fred would have kept publishing those little gems with a single topic once or twice per week, he would have stayed in the race with elevated popularity. Every blog would have linked to them. Everyone would have been talking about them.

          Dear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

          Connect with the population by following this easy recipe:

          – Each (not together) film one or two short 2 – 4 minute videos each week discussing a single topic.
          – Each topic should be about a “WHY” or “HOW”, but not a “WHAT”. Keep your actual policy positions (WHAT) for your stump speeches. Your “WHY” topics can be why you are running for office, why America is exceptional, why Americans are worth saving from government control, etc. Your “HOW” topics can be how leadership built American greatness, how individual liberty is more important than social justice, etc.
          – Do not film together or it will look manufactured. Film separate videos, because, let’s face it, some like both of you, but most like one or the other. For instance, I voted for Sarah Palin in 2008 (John McCain was just another name on the ballot). Keep separate so you connect better one on one with the viewer.
          – I cannot stress enough about focusing on only WHY and HOW topics. Inspiration comes from WHY. Connect on that level and they will be inspired into action.
          – Keep the settings a mixture from your campaign bus (i.e. discussing how the local food at a recent campaign stop reminded you of how great our diverse nation is) to your office to your home to any place at a campaign stop where you can get a few minutes.
          – Have your campaign staff produce these simply – meaning no elaborate intro video with dramatic music.

          I KNOW this is a lot and I am sorry for being so long. But if I can get a small roofing company to grow to 3 offices and 5 new trucks in 10 months using this method, and if Fred Thompson can soar in popularity (even though he had no idea WHY he was so popular), I know Mitt and Paul can soar in their “likability” factor and make real meaningful connections.

          All the best.


          • I know, I’m a dork for replying to my own message, but I wanted to add another point. We love Alfonso Rachel and Bill Whittle, but would we clammer to watch their latest video if all they did was produce 20 minute videos? No. Who has time?

            Same with Romney/Ryan campaign posting all the campaign videos (> 15 minutes) and nothing else but ads. They are all great, but they are only connecting with people who are already in their camp. Lots of 2-4 minute Youtube videos would really help reach out.

            Remember Paul Ryan’s budget education video series filmed in Congress? Weren’t they awesome? They both need to keep doing those types of videos non-stop. Exposure is the key. Obama controls MSM, but not Youtube.

      • poljunkie

        The past two weeks, since Ryan was announced has given the Romney campaign the shot in the arm it needed. A jolt of enthusiasm, and a bit of credibility in reference to moving toward a more conservative ticket. Not as conservative as many of us would have liked, but almost the best we could have hoped for.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Its refreshing to see politicians with a heart and with feelings to me it tells me that they are not in politics for their own aspirations instead for a desire to serve our country unlike (Obama, Hillary Clinton, Charlie Crist, Biden,etc).

    • Criticism is good, but I think some people are too critical.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Great point.

      • I agree Right….so many people here think they could run the perfect campaign and say the right things all the time..can they even imagine what it is like when MILLIONS want to tell what to say or how to say it or be this or be that…WELL THEN RUN!! I get sick of this…Ryan is emotional..GOOD!! men that complain about that are the type that would garner about 5 percent of the female vote! What a stupid thing to say…emotion connects you and makes you more real. I can understand Paul feeling overwhelmed….he is leaving to be nominated to be VP of the United States for crying out loud! I like his humanity and like his connection. He can rework a speech..but you CANNOT REWORK A GOOD MAN!! I will take a good man with strong convictions with heart over a slick willie that can talk like the wind and then stab you in the back!!

        Go Paul….nice job again!

        • p m

          Bravo – excellent post.

      • You’re being too critical of the people who are too critical! 🙂

    • ColoradoTim

      Hello Kevin,

      I believe this energy and emotion is a product of his personality type. IMHO, it is the one thing that has been lacking in the Republican party since Reagan. Typically, Republicans are characterized as been old, worn-out, and dour people (Cheney, McCain, Dole, and even GWB). That doesn’t attract the younger voters, particularly those that want fast-paced action. Ryan brings a new energy level to the ticket. That is what scares the Dems so much. They want to keep the image of Republicans as the same as it was in the past, because it is much easier to demagogue as being out-of-touch.

    • WI4Walker

      Huh? I have no idea where you are coming from here. If you are referring to his first WI homecoming a couple weeks ago or this one today, then I think you are way off base. It shows he is genuine, which is often a critique of candidates. Two weeks ago there was over 10,000 people welcoming him “home” 24 hours after he was named the VP candidate; today over 1000 people in the gym, in the school, in the town where he and 5 generations of Ryans have lived. Man, I’d be concerned if he didn’t show some emotion at these events.

      • marketcomp

        Ditto, W14Walker! Thanks for the update!

      • Orangeone

        And Ryan’s energy is real! He loves this country as does Mitt Romney. They are putting everything into this campaign for America not their own egos, which is a stark contrast to O’Bambi. I NEVER tire of hearing he and Mitt say that business owners did build it!

  • marketcomp

    Every schedule I have seen I have not seen Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech. Does anyone know the RNC’s new schedule?

    • WI4Walker

      Have not seen schedule but they mentioned this morning it was on Wednesday night.

  • Speech makes me weep that Romney is the head of this ticket. If it was vice-versa, Republicans win in a landslide.

  • PURITAN..They will WIN anyway! **ROMNEY/RYAN 2012**

    • Maybe in a nail-biter with the campaign’s desire not to play offense but be “Obama, nice guy…” mantra.

      Still, if it was flipped, conservatives would be breathing much easier.

      • They have been on offense with Medicare and Welfare…No matter what Mitt will do it will never be enough for some people. If it was not for MITT you would NOT HAVE RYAN…think about that! Mitt is not perfect conservative I know but I am sick of this narrative by some. It will not be a nail-biter…you see that because people like you keep trying to push this narrative that Mitt is not conservative enough and this makes some hesitant.

        • I am sorry but the narrative is accurate. If Mitt was not running, the RNC would be in a panic attack of having someone with solid conservatism running. As long as Mitt continues to think that Romneycare is the greatest invention since slice bread, it will be difficult to think he is conservative period.

          It is not that Mitt is not a perfect conservative, he isn’t conservative. Yes, at times he takes it to Obama on policy. Yet, you continue to have those people like Bob Dole continuing to encourage Mitt to be that “moderate” Republican to win more voters if we are less “mean”. We will see after the convention whether Mitt is going to go the McCain approach of campaigning or not. I am not going to hold my breathe, but I willingly admit that if he throws the McCain approach under the bus, I would be in utter shock.

  • Joe

    Paul Ryan has every right to be happy – He has heart and means every word he says

    Zero has just that – ZERO emotion

    Zero has NO SOUL – His eyes are evil

    As the Senior in Florida said: “Good Luck – Kick some butt”


  • this is not bad, but Ryan is exponentially better in a townhall setting where he is answering constituent questions spontaneously

    • Prepare yourself in a short time to excel in this forum??? Sorry Paul has to adjust…one does not just do this naturally…remember Reagan had years to prepare…Obama has never done anything but talk…Ryan was a Congressman that went from working behind the scenes with people and smaller audiences to being THRUST in the national spotlight giving speeches left and right. It takes time to learn your style. He will come along.

  • WI4Walker

    Was there; terrific event. Was truly a pep rally with homemade signs, high school band and a great intro by Ryan’s brother Tobin. Americana at its best!

    • MaxineCA

      Lucky you, wish I could have been there. Thanks to Scoop for posting this so we could all get enthused as well. Paul Ryan always delivers, as he speaks for all of the people. Very refreshing! R & R have brought the realization that we CAN restore our great nation. (And it’s not the “hopey changey” Obamaloney!)

    • BikerHoop

      I lived in Janesville for many years and now live in Beloit because it’s closer to work. I wasn’t even aware these events were happening or I would have been there. Damn!!

      Anyway, the video was great and I think that because of Ryan there’s a really good chance WI is gonna go red for the first time since Reagan.

    • conservative58

      Lucky you! I would love to have been there in person!

  • marketcomp

    Spot on, Micheal! Campaigning is not easy and sometimes mistakes will be made but its about how you control and manage mistakes. I mean even GWB had an accusation thrown at him in the wee hours of the election along with phony national guard story created by Dan Rather. And why is it that Obama and Biden can say absolutely anything they want to and do it all the time but not be heal accountable for wht they say and why should they be rewarded for that!

  • Paul Ryan, Irish-Catholic! I wish I could vote for him 100 times… But, darn it, I’m a Republican not a Democrat, so I only get 1 vote! 🙂

  • Love the chants of USA! USA! USA! to drown out the shrill lame brained Libtards attempt to disrupt the event! Chanting USA to a Liberal, is like showing a Crucifix to a Vampire!

    • DebbyX


  • beckncall

    I liked this speech. Put Obama in his place. You know Obama, the unemotional one in the clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1yTY2MciOk

  • Paul Ryan gives me wood, and I’m not gay.

  • karen viau

    Great job Paul! Be as emotional as you like! Real men are emotional when their hearts are connected to a cause, to a vision to a calling. My hope is that all Americans can see that the Romney /Ryan ticket will once again make America the great land it’s founders saw in their own vision. Best of luck!