FULL SPEECH — Watch Sarah Palin bring the house down at Steve Lonegan’s campaign rally

Sarah Palin delivered another one of her great campaign speeches for Steve Lonegan today at his campaign rally. You can watch the full speech below:

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  • deTocqueville1

    I have the utmost respect for this courageous, inveterately optimistic Lady. She fought almost alone for many years and was primarily instrumental in rallying the troops to the victory in 2010. It is wonderful to see she and Levin in tandem. Now with their proteges, colleagues and supporters they are building a top notch team to lead in the rstoration of the Republic. It will be tough in NJ but Lonegan is a great candidate, a terrific speaker and a fighter so I have high hopes.
    Thanks so much Scoop for this and for all you do. Your followers may not always agree with you or each other but we respect and appreciate your perspective and efforts.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I dont know much about him I hope Levin and her have vetted him properly, but as we know with these people running for office you never know if they are the real thing.

      • bucky321

        we do know that booker is the real wrong thing

        • proudhispanicconservative

          You got that right:)

      • Linda White Besink

        Steve is the real deal. I live near his home town and have followed his political career ever since he was Mayor of Bogota, NJ. When he ran for state senate (I think) and campaigning house-to-house, he stood in my living room and had a conversation about what he wanted to accomplish. He is principled and more important, he believes the right things.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Thank you for letting me know. I am glad to hear.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Cruz, Lee are all leaders that have reincarnated from our founding fathers. Yes I put them right up there.

  • Victory on Wednesday Go Steve Go

    & Sarah will be going to DC give them ………….

    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    On Tweeter @vjmachiavelli

  • answer1776

    I love to see & hear this woman speak! If only the GOP had her courage.

  • johncentralnewjersey

    Thanks – everyone should share with family and friends and to get out the vote on Wed and show that clown in Newark we are taking back the USA

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Good luck on Wednesday!!!

  • semihardrock

    Did she say “New Egypt?”……. Wow….Good Luck with “New Egypt”…..when was that town founded?

    I think the WHOLE USA is the “New Egypt”…… and we are dealing with the Pharaoh right now!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      The only difference is that our military has not taken over.

    • RogueRose

      She was speaking at the New Egypt Speedway, in New Egypt, NJ. It’s got about 2,500 residents and is near Fort Dix.

      • waffle_anna

        Ironic, the actual Egypt ousted their traitorus, MB thug, misogynistic president. Guess what: Rebellion is contagious. Obama ticked off more people than he anticipated.

  • RedDaveR

    Thanks for posting this and Mark Levin’s speech so quickly. It’s great to see both of them at the same event. I just hope Lonegan can pull this off.

    • deTocqueville1

      Yes they focused on different aspects of the DC problem. Both great speeches.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Troll alert now some Obama trolls are going around this site and pushing the no-like button. They are afraid to opine since they know they will be kicked out.

    • deTocqueville1

      Yes, sarah scares the sh^t out of them and they panic, lose control of their bowels and have head implosions.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Have you noticed what I’m talking about?

        • Yeah, I noticed that a fairly tame comment by Lawngren was downdinged twice.

          • 57thunderbird

            I have noticed that on my own posts.

      • virginiagentleman1


    • km

      The trolls expect the obama to pay them for the “no-like” button…

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Lol Have you noticed what I’m talking about?

        • km

          Yea, they invade many of the conservative sites…

          I try to get them to debate a little, and when they do, they get destroyed. But many of them, just goes down the comments and hit the “no-like” button without reading what was said.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Thats exactly what they are doing here.

    • That’s hilarious. I’ve never had a use for the “no like” button, but it clearly serves as a chew toy for leftists. Pretty much shows their level of intellect.

      Does anyone actually pay attention to “likes?”

      (BTW, my “like” thingy is broken, currently. So yes, A) I am tardy with “likes,” but B) I’ve been trying to get better, and now I can’t make them stick anymore because Disqus is wonky. So sorry for not being in peoples’ “like” lists.)

      • dave7777

        At least we can give them to you.

    • blueniner

      The trolls probably followed over here from the C4P site,(Conservatives for Palin) as they promoted this link there. It is a little game they play there to get their rocks off.

    • Judges718

      When someone asks them what they do, they don’t want to say they play video games all day and sponge off their Mom.

      So, they go on Conservative websites and click on the down arrows, so when asked what they do, they can say they are “political activists” or “community organizers”.

      • proudhispanicconservative


  • Carmtom13

    Gov. Palin is simply the BEST, there is no one who can come close to this great lady. I bet the GOP establishment in DC, Loser Rove and his K street friends heads were exploding. Tomorrow DC with the vets.
    Thanks Scoop for putting this up.

  • 12grace

    I love Sara Palin, she is a straight speaker and a patriot.

  • USPatriot

    Two things:
    Palin has “stones” larger than a lot of MEN in Washington.
    When did the thumb sucking bed wetting liberals start visiting TRS?

    • They think they can slow us down, so they come here to cause trouble from time to time.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Mention the names Palin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck, or Hannity and the ‘trolls’ come running out from under the fridge like cockroaches.
        😉 😉

    • 57thunderbird

      Sarah draws trolls like moths to a flame.

  • blueniner

    It is always inspirational to hear Ameicas’ true “Iron Lady”, a leader and Stateswoman.

  • Conniption Fitz

    BREAKING – 200 Citizens storm the Barrycades and enter the Lincoln Memorial!!!

    • Conniption Fitz
      • Conniption Fitz

        One carried a sign that said: “Citizens, not subjects.”

        • Conniption Fitz

          Then the police showed up:


          Tomorrow, there will be a showdown as many Veterans come into DC. I hope they will be able to visit their memorials.

          Obama is despicable…utterly.

  • 57thunderbird

    What a lady.You go Sarah!You betcha!

  • ML NJ

    I love her, but not a good speech.

    • deTocqueville1

      Great speech, a campaign motivational speech. it is a ground campaign now.

      • ML NJ

        So what was the pull quote?

        For me it was all buzz words and bullsh*t.

        Color me disappointed.

        • deTocqueville1

          Pull quote, for a last days ground campaign motivational speech?? Is that you Karl Rove?

        • Very few buzz words were used. You should probably watch the video before commenting.

          • ML NJ

            I watched the whole thing. I’m on your side. I’ll be there on Wednesday with bells on voting for Lonegan. But most us of are honest about this stuff. I ask you: what would you hope the Star Ledger quotes from her speech?

            • Oh I think the Star Ledger should quote you. Then maybe you’ll actually have some impact with your Karl Rove-style negativity.

              Who knows… maybe you’ll get to use a little white board on TV someday.

            • Bogdan51

              You don’t understand. She didn’t come here to outline any particular political platform and jabber about things that are known and understood by all the participants. She came to warm up, enthuse and encourage the good people to continue the good fight.
              And she did it marvellously.
              People like you expect Sarah to be 197% perfect ALL THE TIME otherwise you will happily reject her for any other much less qualified candidate just for the pleasure of showing her and her supporters a finger.
              Greetings from Aussie – Bogdan

              • Hey, Bogdan!

                How’s the new government shaping up?

                • Bogdan51

                  Hi K-Bob, they seem to be making the small steps in the right direction but the obstacles remain powerful and as soon as the economic situation is taken under control and improves the FOOTY APE shall again turn back to the head of TAPEWORM called the Australian Labour Party for guidance and care. It has happened many times in the past and shall, I’m afraid, happen in the future.
                  Thus the HUMAN OF A SMART AND HONEST WORK shall be permanently living like a mythological Syzyf (or whatever his name is pronounced in English); As soon as they manage to rebuilt the wealth, the PARASITE takes over and plunders it.
                  The only way of ending this nonsensical and self destructing circle is to apply the Pinochet/Franco solution.
                  It works.
                  And the only one who would eventually have a courage to do so is your (or rather ours) Sarah.
                  She is an enthusiastic supporter of the late Margaret Tatcher and she knows that her idol would not hesitate to apply those measures in a similar situation.
                  But that means that Sarah, an Angel of Life would have to become the Angel of Death to prevent the SATAN from entirely taking over the America and by an extension the Western Civilization.
                  Greetings – Bogdan

                • Ah well. Nothing new in this world, I guess.

                  Good to see that at least the climate goons have been taken down a peg in Oz.

              • ML NJ

                People who want empty rah-rah talk can listen to Hannity.

                • Bogdan51

                  She has delivered, while the Governor of Alaska, one of the biggest budget surpluses per capita in America’s history and in 2010 perhaps the biggest electoral victory for the American Conservatism.
                  Your accusation of Sarah delivering an empty rah-rah is beyond laughable.

              • deTocqueville1

                Exactly, she isn’t running, Lonegan is!

        • keyesforpres

          Buzzwords and bullsh*t is Barry’s expertise.

    • PhillyCon

      Whether you liked the speech or not, at least Palin came out to support Lonegan.
      Are there any other Republicans or so-called leaders doing the same? Have any Senators given him support?

      • ScoutandAbout

        Yeah but, didn’t Lonegan pay Palin?

        I mean, Palin doesn’t speak for free.

        Just like those professional business conferences….

        Just like Karen Handel paid Palin over 100K for her campaign speech.

        • You have no clue about who or what pays Palin. Just the same, tired crapola floating around at Huffpo.

          SaraPAC puts money into campaigns. Palin’s endorsements give candidates a boost. Those are hard facts. Even candidates that Palin endorses who then lose, do much. much better than the polling indicated before the race, and they usually come very close to winning. This sets them up as the natural challenger the next time. That’s how politics works.

        • blueniner

          What business is it of yours, you dont have to pay her and taxes dont pay her, so dont worry about it!

          • PhillyCon

            Oh, but its OK for Obama to take lavish vacations … See, the difference?
            But iet’s nit pick Palin’s finances (who is not even an elected official).

        • Steve Angell

          I guess you think traveling form Alaska to Georgia cost nothing. Or maybe you think Palin should travel coach. Because that is all she was paid the cost of her transportation and the cost of the Hotel which also provided the Convention Room for the speech.

          This was agreeable to all parties. Clinton has been paid millions for a single speech you have a problem with that? No I am sure you are fine with that.

        • deTocqueville1

          No new material? Sad!

      • ML NJ

        Gotta agree with you there. I was VERY pleased to see her come here and offer her support.

        • Bogdan51

          Here I can give you a thumb up.

  • Bill589

    Palin and Levin – Two great patriot warriors to have on his (our) side.
    Hope Lonegan (we) wins.

    • deTocqueville1

      Yes, on both.

  • Green Eyed Lady

    “We need a leader, not a tweeter”

    • She was quoting Lonegan, I think.

      • Green Eyed Lady

        Just listened again, you’re right.

  • Bill

    It was a good day in New Egypt. The Great One, Sarah and Steve. Good day!
    Now on to get Lonegan elected.


    … Jesus is my LIBERTY . Gods speed and Blessings to Steve Lonegan so he can bring back Constitutional Principals to the USA .”

  • She riffed Buffalo Springfield: “Something big is happening here, and it IS exactly clear.”

    Heh. “…Government slimdown…”

    I think she might be joining Glenn Beck in DC on Sunday. He said something about going there to clean up the National Mall.

    (UPDATE: That event was also today. Beck has photos of it and some video at theblaze website. Looks like it was a splendid day in the autumn mist. Definitely worth a peek.)

    …”Not one person in Delaware has signed up for Obamacare…someone tell Joe Biden that that’s what we’d call a ‘BFD’.”…

    Decent comments about Lonegan and his family.

    Nicely done.

    • keyesforpres

      BFD indeed!

  • Here’s the deal: The race was last polled by Rassmussen as a 53% to 41% advantage to Booker. But Booker started out with a much, much bigger advantage, and Lonegan has been closing fast.

    It’s still a slim chance, but well worth bringing in the ‘big guns” to see if it’s do-able. But this is New Jersey, not Ohio. And Chris Chistie has beaten up Lonegan already. So the strategy is to go all out, and maybe manage a win. But at the very least, Booker’s phony star will get dinged, and his bizarre fables about his personal life have gotten big exposure.

    But come on, New Jersey. Aren’t you tired of living in the shadow of barack? Don’t replace a lousy Senator with one who is in way over his head. You need someone who has actually done something in his life and hasn’t had to fabricate entire chunks of his past. We’ve seen what that leads to.

    (EDIT: fixed typos)

    • PicklePlants

      Unlike most democrats, I only have one vote.

    • PhillyCon

      Also, let’s put to rest that conservatives can’t win in blue/purple states … that only so-called “moderates” like Scott Brown and Christie can win.

      It would be good to put all these Rovian memes to rest once and for all. This is why we end up with candidates like McCain and Romney. I’m sick of it.

      • CoastW

        The only good thing about McCain is that he picked Sarah Palin. Mitt Romney was much better. Light years better than the present occupant of our White House.

        • But still a loser. If you give the population the choice between a democrat and a democrat-lite, the democrat is going to win every time.

        • 2borrnot

          Is That why she supported this Progressive for re-election??

    • Published on the 10th, so before this rally: While Booker is still considered a heavy favorite, a 35-point lead he held just two months ago has dwindled to 12 points, according to recent polls. Political observers say it is common for a race to tighten as election day approaches, but that doesn’t completely explain a Tea Party favorite closing the gap on Booker in a state that voted overwhelmingly for President Obama.


      Everyone thought Lt Gov David Dewhurst was a shoo-in over unknown Ted Cruz too! 😉

      • Yes. It’s definitely worth going all out for the win.

        Anything less in this current situation would be reprehensible.

      • friskyness

        I will never understand a democrat voter? Just because a “D” is by someone’s name, doesn’t mean they will be good for the state…..remember “D” stands for dumb!

  • Proud Nana

    Love Sarah, she is such a courageous patriot.

  • Proud Nana

    My best to Steve Lonegan, praying he wins.

  • Proud Nana

    All wee weed up, LOL.

  • misterlogic0013

    Sarah leads by example .. going to DC Sunday, should be interesting ..

  • Gary Dickson

    ” … fundamentally restored … ”

    Gov. Palin is precisely right, as always.

  • Proud Nana

    Zip on into DC to honor our Vets, ^5 Sarah .

  • Proud Nana

    Woo hoo, telling it like it is Sarah !

  • Gary Dickson

    “… breaking your spirit …”

    Again, Gov. Palin is precisely right.

    Collectives, like the one in the Soviet Union and in the U.S. Federal Government, break the spirit of all, making them submissive to the collective.

    Remember, as far as Mr. Obama is concerned, “you will be assimilated.”

  • overthecoastline

    Several thousand people turned out for this event – it’s being estimated 6000-7000 people. Meanwhile, across the state in Newark, Cory Booker’s city that he is mayor of, 500 people showed up for his rally.

    Just sayin’.

  • c4pfan

    Sarah knows how to give a rally speech!

  • This site has photos of the event from several different perspectives.

    This site has a note that folks who plan rallies should probably heed. (Republicans are just not very good at planning these things. I wish they would learn to get some pros to help.)

    • blueniner

      Yes they are lame in that department, they dont have access to Hollywoods optics and Stagecraft…………Sarah didnt even have some make believe fainters down in front, and Sarah didnt have to call the (paralegals) as Obama called them, instead of Paramedics……..LOL

      • Heh. Yeah, but they can at least hire a Sound Reinforcement company and a video production company, instead of renting something at the local U-Haul and letting someone who hooked up his father-in-laws stereo once to run it.

        Also get an event coordinating pro. These aren’t super cheap, but they are better than having no decent footage to use in campaign commercials.

  • Totally O/T, so don’t respond to this here: Looks like Bill Whittle has put up a new website. Unfortunately he’s using the “Membership” model. That works if you have a huge following, but it really cuts down on participation.

    However he does expose stuff for free, too, like Rush does at his site. Looks well designed, at least.

  • Outstanding stump speaker!

    • PVG

      You betcha!!!

  • blueniner

    Sarah Palin gave an interview to Wisconsin radio a couple of days ago, dicussing her new book that comes out on November 12th, there is a great slide show that accompanies this interview………………………………………………………………………http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt3UCz6feqY

    • palintologist

      “Video has been removed.” 🙁

  • jo leone

    I was at at todays rally. Sarah and Mark Levin and Steve Lanegan were all wonderful.. Christie should have been there… To support a true conservative in Steve Lanegan..

    • Charles Jetter

      not commenting on his size… but christie is true RINO..

      • tinlizzieowner

        When it comes to Christie (and Romney too), all you have to ask yourself is, ‘How do you get elected a ‘Republican’ Governor in a state that votes overwhelmingly ‘Democratic’? 😉 😉

    • Mutrock

      I was waiting to see if Christie would show up.

    • jrt67

      Christy is only a liberal using the name of conservatism to gain any votes he can

  • InfoDump

    Love her. Intelligence like hers will never be found in the rarified air of lefty limbo land. As a matter of fact, intelligence of any kind will never be found there.

    • suedixon

      or amidst of the rino republican land of caving at every turn to those in the lefty limbo land.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    She made the same comment I did yesterday about prohibition! What genius! OK, it’s just common sense but I feel validated all the same.

    • Gary Dickson

      I am absolutely delighted that a major politician has finally referred to the repeal of the 18th Amendment (“Prohibition”). So much for the “law of the land” diversion.

      I am so tired of the Obama Administration trying to throw “shiny objects” in the face of the American people and insulting their intelligence, to try to divert their attention away from their incompetence. The “law of the land” statement is just that, a shiny object.

      The 18th Amendment was bad law and had incredibly harsh consequences to American society and governance. (Read “Last Call” by Okrent.) The Affordable Care Act is equally bad law. Its consequences will be equally bad if not more so.

  • TeaPartyMojo

    she’s the best!

  • jrt67

    I just love Sarah. She restores strength back to a beaten down broken America

    • Judges718

      That’s what real leaders do. In the mists of darkness, they give hope and light. Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher….

  • JDOlson

    Thanks Scoop. What a great way to start the day/week. “We’re just gonna zip on over to DC” she says of the Vet March. How many hearts will she raise there! I don’t know if she could do this kind of advocacy if she was tied to political office. Every time I hear her I understand better how revolutionary she is.

  • timerunnersc

    Tea Party Warrior!

  • sandinbrick

    I’m convinced that I will vote for Cory Booker, there’s too much hatred in Washington. D.C. we don’t need another Tea Party Warrior, Government Shutdown.

    • friskyness

      hatred is coming from democrats!

    • BiggBear

      When the kindness of your benefactor ends and your masters turn on you, you will have no one to blame but yourself. “and they shall cry peace, peace! but there is no peace”. He who would give up a little liberty or freedom to gain a little peace deserves neither and will lose both.

      • Gordon Crisp

        Every piece of this is man’s bulls**t. They call this war a cloud over the land. But they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say ‘S**t, it’s raining!’ ~Ruby Thewes

    • Boardtrack Racer

      Go ahead and vote for him. The only thing you’re doing is defeating your own kind and setting them back and sometimes that can be a pleasurable thing to watch especially from my side. It’s most amusing watching a Democrat self destruct. Keep up the good work sandinbrick.

    • You’d evidently prefer to have a spineless coward as your representative.

      That’s your call. Just be aware that that is the call you’ll be making when you cast your vote.

      Booker Stands Up for Capitalism and Businesses in America:

      Booker Re-cants Pro-Capitalism Statements (and quickly proves he’s a coward):

  • jo leone

    In less than 8 hours of the shutdown, miraculously, professionally printed 3X4 foot signs appeared all over the country in the tens of thousands saying-“this [park, facility, etc. with custom logos] closed due to government shutdown. There has not been a government shutdown in 17 years. These signs were designed, specifications were determined, signs were then requisitioned, bids were posted and vetted, government contracts were awarded. The materials were then ordered and the signs manufactured then distributed U.S. Mails or freight companies.
    This shutdown was orchestrated and planned well in advance at least 6-8 months ago. Millions of tax dollars were appropriated and spent in this process. There is a paper trail a mile long leading directly to the White House.

  • klaffner

    Too bad her voice is so grating. When Palin speaks, she reminds me of a teenager who is reaching for words as they develop their vocabulary.

    • BiggBear

      Too bad your unquestionably considerable intelligence is not showing. Reminds me of just another insignificant progressive searching for a simile.

  • wodiej

    People can keep drooling over Cruz-Palin has 20 years of extremely successful public service experience as councilwoman, mayor, Governor, oil and gas commissioner and VP nominee. She’s feisty, she’s on fire and she loves this country. She tells it like it is and tells off obama just about every single day. She’s conservative yet tolerant and non-judgemental of others who don’t have her same views. Who else has this resume? NO ONE.

    • Er…that’d be “Palin-Cruz”. 😉

  • kssturgis62

    This is MY PRESIDENT !!! Sarah is the one to run, and She can WIN !! This woman has more experience or just as much as anyone wanting to run.

  • Blue ant

    Do not write checks to the GOP, instead support individual Conservative candidates like Ted Cruz. I’ve tossed GOP ‘surveys’ in the trash for years.