FULL SPEECH: Watch Senator Mike Lee at FreePAC

Senator Mike Lee spoke tonight at FreePAC and you can watch it below:

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  • Terrenceor

    I never realized he sounds like Dan Akroid.

  • I enjoyed the histroy lesson about the Boston Tea Party and I like the fact Senator Lee is taking the long view as are many Americans in the tea party movement. Sen Lee was the tea party candidate elected in 2010, as were many others that same year all across America, it was truly a striking blow of sanity against the enemies of freedom and liberty in America.
    I agree with Sen. Mike Lee, when he spoke about the 2012 election. It will be an election calamity for the democrat party as they well deserve, and a masterful win for Americans who prayed, worked, and gave, to save their freedom, liberty, and nation, from the democrat party, along with it’s cultural rot and depravity.

  • A balanced budget is not enough, in fact, it means nothing!! – it’s a political faux pas. It means nothing without cutting spending and keeping the principles of the constitution. So, we don’t need an a new amendment. The constitution is the contract between the people and its government, however, it’s only a piece of paper. If you don’t follow it, more rules (which the constitutional conservatives usually oppose) aren’t going to make someone follow the principles more. First, check Obama’s “legal presidency” status – start there! Hey, but that’s irrelevant to even many on this sight, so what’s a new amendment going to do? We passed 3 amendments to abolish slavery, but the democrats are looking for new ways to impose it – not only on blacks, but on everybody because that is their principles. We don’t need more Amendments and anyone who says we do is pulling your leg! Follow the constitution as it stands, and this “budget balancing lie” goes away!

    • Sober_Thinking

      You make some interesting and good points. Once we remove these clowns who are spending too much and we reinstate the Constitutional principles… after the surgery, then I support a balanced budget amendment. Once we remove this evil, then I’d like to see us put in place certain stopgaps to prevent us from getting back to this position.

      And may we NEVER elect a despot/reprobate, lawless pResident again who will simply bypass the U.S. Constitution.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thanks for posting these Scoop! MUCH appreciated!!!

    Great speech!