FULL SPEECH: Watch Ted Cruz at Right Online and Defending the Dream Summit

Ted Cruz spoke yesterday at the Right Online and Defending the Dream Summit and you can watch it below:

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  • I believe and I pray to our God that I just watched our next President!

  • patriot077

    WolfieUSA I’ll add my prayer to yours!

  • Proud Army Wife

    WolfieUSA Oh me too.

  • Longiron

    Hopefully he formally announces his run for POTUS right after the mid terms. Need to start the FUNDING machine for Ted Cruz for President 2016.

  • daisy_mae1

    Thank you for your husband’s service to our country Proud Army Wife!

  • ThatChristyChic

    Too much intro included.

  • JohnSchaffran

    I would love to have Bill Whittle as the press secretary.  How much fun would those press conferences be!

  • marketcomp

    ThatChristyChic What do you think a speech is suppose to do? His speech is full of substantive and action!

  • ThatChristyChic

    marketcomp ThatChristyChic I agree, but the intro could’ve been edited down a bit. That’s all I’m saying. I didn’t need to know about the amusement park or how hot it is there.

  • kong1967

    Great speech.  I’ll have to wait to see who is running, but If he runs in 2016 then I know we have at least one great candidate to choose from.

  • MichaelOBrian

    JohnSchaffran Probably just too much to take, all in one sitting!

  • MichaelOBrian

    Longiron May be a problem…what about Rand Paul.  I mean, what if HE announces.  Are we going to be faced with having to choose between the two of them?

  • MichaelOBrian

    daisy_mae1 And thank YOU, Proud Army Wife, for your service to our Nation, while supporting your husband as he serves his nation in the Army!

  • comingapart

    ” Listen to the PEOPLE”
    “We the People”……”All 435 go in 14,” with the HOPE that the new members in Congress, “435 & staff,” when they feel power, they have a glimmer of who put them in office!
    “All 435 go in 14”

  • Longiron

    Paul maybe will be his VP. Don’t trust anybody that supports the RINO/GOP poster boy Mitch McConnell. I know the reasons BUT he is selling out his principals for money. Paul does not have that magic “likeable” that one needs to have against the competition at the time. Reagan, Barry, has it. W had it against Gore and Learch, Hell a Pit Bull is more likeable than Learch and no offense to Pit Bulls.l Ted Cruz can relate very, very well to people like SP. Like it or nor that “likeability” factor is most important thing in electing the POTUS. One of the main reasons MIttens could not pull it offf and not standing for anything except the status quo.

  • Orangeone

    Longiron Not to mention that Rand Paul is an open borders pro-illegal alien amnesty Democrat.

  • 57thunderbird

    Orangeone Longiron Yup!If Paul runs I will sit home or do a write in!

  • MichaelOBrian

    Longiron Actually, as I consider your response, it makes good sense.

  • nhLevinitized

    He’s right, Joe Biden’s name alone is a punchline, you don’t even need a joke. Just say his name and you start to laugh.

  • SheerPolitics

    ThatChristyChic  Go to about 3 minutes in and you should be fine.

  • PVG

    nhLevinitized Makes me cry with embarrassment!

  • PVG

    Stand up and win the argument?? Impossible to stand with no spine!

  • brazen_infidel

    I love Ted Cruz and hope he becomes our next President. But somebody has GOT to tell him to lose those cheap off-the-rack polyester suits and start looking Presidential. I know this may sound superficial, but appearances matter.

  • standbesideherUSA

    I LIKE this guy….After all, we can’t have TOO much ”common sense” in Washington!!
    As far as Duck Dynasty is concerned, well, the prez just wouldn’t understand the joke about ”facial profiling,”  now would he?    😉

  • 57thunderbird Orangeone Longiron  What’s wrong with Ted Cruz.

  • mikerobe1

    This man may well be the last great hope this nation has, if it wants to remain the land of liberty and freedon. From day one, when he went to the Senate, he was told to shut up, and sit down, and listen to how the game is played. Cruz emphatically told them to go to Hell, as he didn’t work for them, but for the people of this once great nation. That is the opposite of what happened to a majority of the Tea Pary representitives, as they did as they were told by Boehner, and kept silent. Personally I’d have busted John Boehner’s face open if he told me that, but that’s just me.

  • waffle_anna

    WolfieUSA I will add my prayers as well.

  • PVG

    Not so well received http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/08/31/Defending-the-American-Dream-Summit-Rubio-Still-Mending-Fences-with-Conservatives

  • SigEliteDark

    nhLevinitized Biden’s become an unintended and unwanted meme for the Democratic party of which they try but fail to distance themselves from.

  • SigEliteDark

    JohnSchaffran The media wouldn’t know what questions to ask next having been pre-empted by BW.

  • SigEliteDark

    WolfieUSA He is presidential.

  • standbesideherUSA

    Cruz listened very well to ”The Dreams of HIS father”…. 
    (pun intended)   🙂

  • PJRodman

    I don’t think he should run. He is important where he is and will have a similar record to Obummer. Let one of the governors run. Mike Pence, Rick Perry come to mind. Solid, experienced and conservative. Cruz can wait a few years….he’s young. Maybe by then Rubio will get his crap straight and have a few barnacles burnt off by our ire for caving to the machine…after elevating him to Golden Boy Sun King status, which we tend to do.  I worry that Rand will be forever linked to Ron and will therefore always be painted as a radical by the media. But, I like him too.
    If we manage to get out and fill the seats with true conservatives in 2014, maybe we could spare him in the Senate.

  • PJRodman  I have to admit PJ that you make an important argument, I like you train of thought, unlike most, you have kept your “excitement  for the moment” in check. We have a long way to go, and a lot of unforeseen scenarios to overcome yet. You seem to have a good handle on our ‘newbies’, that excite us, now and then. However the question I pose is that, if we don’t pick on some of the ‘newbies’ which excite a country, the stable of  conservative standby’s is very slim. They may have been around ‘long enough’ to have lost people’s excitement. You mentioned Mike Pence, but he hasn’t exited the country that much, and although Rick Perry did excite the country during his run, he has damaged himself probably more than he can overcome this time around. Prime example is the now  New Jersey Governor. ‘Not throwing cold water on your excellent article, but when has this country ever picked a solid conservative from the ‘old’ stable, other than Reagan. Our narcissist country does not want a real leader, they want somebody they can vote for, like they vote for winners, like they vote on ‘Dancing with the stars’. I like all our ‘newbies ‘ but your argument does make a lot of sense. And this is the discussion this country needs. But too bad that, ‘ dead fish go with the flow’.

  • K-Bob

    ThatChristyChic marketcomp  
    It would be more interesting if it was edited like those Mountain Men or Wild West Alaska shows, where you weren’t even sure if the next guy was gonna make it. Or get et by a bear.

  • standbesideherUSA

    I have trust issues with just about all politicians right now. 
    I really like Sen Cruz’s boldness and common sense approach to the issues.  He speaks with such ease and sincerity.
    Your points are well taken, PJRodman and NPC1.  Obama came out of nowhere.
    Perhaps our George Washington is out there somewhere.  Here’s hoping…

  • patriotonfire

    brazen_infidel   No way!  He needs to look like regular America.  Not the elite!  Or maybe some camo pants and shirt!  —since Cruz is fighting establishment Repubs.  What Cruz DOES is more important than what he WEARS.