Gallup poll shows 41% self-identify as conservative vs. only 21% liberal

No wonder Paul Krugman wants us to think of President Obama as a “moderate conservative.”

Yes – he actually said that.

The numbers in the chart below have been fairly consistent over time, so this isn’t really a shock. But it’s always nice to get confirmation that conservatism still clearly represents the mainstream political philosophy in America. It’s the liberals who are on the fringe; one might even call them extremists.

More at Gallup; Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

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  • Anonymous

    Finally a post we can all smile about 😀

  • Steven

    But the problem is those moderate and thus the reason why we have squishy GOPers. Combined liberals and moderates give you 57% in this. In order for the GOP to win we have to pull 9% of moderates (assuming no liberal will vote GOP). And that also assumes all conservatives vote GOP, which they don’t. There are, inexplicably, conservatives who vote Democratic!

    So this picture doesn’t give the full picture, but its important for conservatives to exercise the political muscle we got and ensure we get conservative nominees at all levels of government and especially at the presidential level.

    I wish there was a better break down of the moderates, whether they lean more conservative or liberal to give a clearer picture than this poll gives.

    • Anonymous

      Yet, you also have to take in count that many moderates are independents and libertarians who often vote Rep.

  • Anonymous

    So Juan McVane, what say you ?
    You ( and your trampy daughter ) want to leave the hobbits and join the hippies now ?

  • Anonymous

    Everybody can be a conservative if we just move the parameters continually to the left. Krugman’s trying to muddy the water again. The moderates are just fickle, they will vote for whoever offers the most goodies.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Paul Krugman wants us to think of President Obama is a “moderate conservative.”
    So Krugman now thinks that BHussain is a
    “moderate terrorist” ?

    • KenInMontana

      Considering Krugman is of the die-hard Keynesian camp, he probably feels that Obama hasn’t spent enough of our money to be a “true” member liberal-left. I’m thinking we have entered the “year of the circular firing squad” , that mentality seems to have spread across the entire political spectrum. I wonder when we will hit our “night of the long knives” moment?

  • It’s actually higher. If you asked allot of moderates and some liberals individual questions on their beliefs, you and they would find out that they were actually conservative. Most people don’t want to identify as conservative because of the mad press the MSM portrays conservatives.

  • Anonymous

    conservatism isn’t well defined. Newt Gingrich and Henry kissinger call themselves conservative. How many Americans do you think identify as constitutionalists? Probably fewer than number who have actually read the constitution.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Most people have no idea what conservatism is. I know I didn’t.

      • Anonymous

        Read Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny … a good start. Thatcher sums it up so… “the facts of life are conservative”.

        • Anonymous

          Way ahead of you. I read it when it came out 2 years ago. I’ve been listening to Mark ever since.

      • Anonymous

        I have tried to be fair to Democrats…..I agree with none of their policies. I know I am not a republican they are to the left of me. I am a conservative leaning slightly libertarian. There was a questioneer a while back after answering the questions that was the determination.

    • Anonymous

      For me, conservative long meant Constitutionalist.

      The main problem is that during campaign season, practically all of them sound like conservatives.

  • Persephone

    I have come to think of Gallup as being a left-leaning polster outfit.

    So in reality, the figure for liberals is probably not as high as 21%.
    Haven’t there been other polls this year that showed the liberal number at around 17%?

    Whatever the real number is…it’s a fair statement to call liberals a minority.
    Which means that liberals are guilty of what Sheila Jackson Lee is accusing the Tea Party of doing…imposing the will of a minority upon the majority.


    I was Conservative before being conservative was in vogue.
    First time I was ever ahead of the curve.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always equated politically “moderate” as “I don’t have my own set of strong principles based on any unchanging truths, so I just try to be fair to everyone based on whatever sounds the most reasonable to me at a particular moment”.

    Is this wrong?

    • Anonymous

      “Is this wrong?”

      In a word…no.

  • 6 Nov. 2012, will see just how much all Patriotic Constitutional Conservative Tea Party Americans, in America, are fighting back, against Obama, Obama-ism, and his utterly completely failed Presidency..

  • Anonymous

    It really dose not matter what the true graph shows. The MSM will marginalize, lie,twist, spin, encourage, inflate, deflate, do anything to advance liberalalism. That’s the big edge. Someday it will catch up to them. Paybacks a bitch.

  • Misty Jean Moore

    My parents are both conservatives and only vote Democratic, like most minorities.

  • Misty Jean Moore

    We have a lot of old people. Many people of my generation are moderate or liberal.