Gary Johnson’s joke about his neighbor’s dogs

Word is that Rush made this joke on the air today and has already responded to Huffpo’s request:

Just today, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh delivered a similar joke on air.

“My dogs have created more shovel-ready work than Obama has just this week alone,” Limbaugh said. “The new puppy. Honest to God. More shovel-ready work for me this week than Obama has created all two and a half years.”

So what does Limbaugh think of the similarity?

“I guess I’ve become show prep for the GOP debates now, too,” Limbaugh told The Huffington Post in an email. Limbaugh said he thought he used the line yesterday, “but the days run together, so I’m not really sure.”

Limbaugh didn’t hear the joke live because he was traveling, but said he’s received many emails about it.

Here’s the joke which went over very well at the debate:


UPDATE: Thanks to RuBegonia, we have a side by side of Rush, then Gary telling the joke:

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  • It was hilarious. I could very much picture El Rushbo saying it.

    • Anonymous

      Rush did say it and Gary Johnson ripped him off.

      • The joke has been on the Internet, in various forms, for at least a week. Just because Rush said it doesn’t give him ownership rights.

      • Anonymous

        It is not a rip off, it is a proof that El Rushbo is Republican show prep 😉

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps congress should allocate some of the slush fund billions…errr I mean porkulus 2 funds… errrr I mean stimulis funds to dog owners as they really do have new shovel ready jobs each and every day

  • I heard Rush make his comments and did remember them when I heard Gary Johnson’s joke. It was funny both times.

  • Anonymous

    Well the whole debate was a big pile of dogpoo.
    It lacked lusture so to speak, I expected better from FOX frankly.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I guess that’s a good thing. We don’t need lustrous dogpoo.

    • Anonymous

      why, have you bought the lie that they’re ‘conservative’?

  • FishyGov

    My Candidate Ranking…so far.

    1) Ron Paul is riding on the “repeal” and “do away with” campaign which makes his platform the most attractive to me.

    2) I’m liking Herman Cane more each time I hear him speak.

    3) Gov. Jon Huntsman, what happened to this guy? Did he stick his finger in a light socket? THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED! There is sign of political life present in this candidate but is he a true believer or is it just political theater?

    4) Gov. Johnson established himself as a conservative candidate.

    The following candidates currently are not on my radar.

    Gov. Romney keeps saying he would executive order wavers to all citizens and says nothing about repealing Obamacare. There’s much more to Obamacare than the mandated insurance. What is Romney trying to protect in that voluminous bill.

    Rep. Bachmann can’t let go of her Gardasil mistake…not at all attractive.

    Sen. Santorum is consistently conservative but he wants to resurrect Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Really wish some of these candidates would adopt the unity theme for their campaigns.

    Gov. Rick Perry and Romney continue to slug it out. One will come out the winner but will the survivor be so damaged by the brawl that he will be unable to win in the General Election?

    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has a problem. I sense that the moderators, the other candidates and possibly the voters aren’t taking the former Speaker seriously.

    • Anonymous

      Rep. Bachmann can’t let go of her Gardasil mistake…not at all attractive.
      Bachmann didn’t bring it up. FOX did.
      She was asked a question about it and she answered , IIRC

      • FishyGov

        She could have prepared for that inevitable question and exited from that controversy gracefully but she chose to stick with that indefensible story of a woman coming up to her after the last debate, upset and in tears.

        Bachmann had 9 days to look up the facts and distance herself from the “retardation” allegation but she obviously chose to perpetuate this myth and remain a stranger to the truth.

        There is plenty of information — both good and bad — about Gardasil.
        For instance, since 2006 there have been over

        20,000 reports of adverse side effects related to Gardasil.
        92 reported deaths among girls who received the Gardasil vaccine

        Other serious side effect related to Gardasil are:

        Guillain Barre syndrome
        rheumatoid arthritis
        multiple sclerosis

        Do you notice anything missing? There is no mention of retardation in the list of serious side effects.

        Quantifiable deaths and disease would have made her position stellar but she chose to go with an anecdotal statement made before a single witness.

        This information was quite easy to find. Bachmann had 9 days to walk back the retardation aspect of her attack and by not doing so she looks foolish.

        Her behavior makes no sense to me. She reports a mystery woman’s story about a side effect never reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a shame Newt is being taken seriously. In my opinion, he is the ONLY serious candidate (right now). I do like Herman Cain but I just don’t see it happening for him this time around.

  • Anonymous

    Never knew Gary Johnson was so funny. Loved it.

  • Anonymous

    For me, after hearing that Rush did the joke first, this was weak. Reminds me of Joe Biden who didn’t see anything wrong with plagiarizing someone’s else’s work either. Johnson could have said, “Well, like Rush Limbaugh said this morning, my dogs…” and gotten the same laughs.

    Do we need someone who tries to take credit from others? I thought we already had one of those in the White House.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s some drivel to take your mind off the (ahem) “debate.” I created this in Stacy McCain’s comments today on a post about Solyndra and the cronies that got cushy jobs because of it (*clears throat and stands with hands behind back to recite*)…

    SCOAMFOTUS’ Solar Panel
    Gives his cronies “scrotum flannel”

    Now no itch troubles his pamper’d peers
    And they do not laugh at his jug-ears

    But they do laugh at our expense
    and we still have no border fence.

    We do not like you, you can quote us
    Next year, you’re gone, dear SCOAMFOTUS


  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to hearing what Maha Rushy has to say about this one.

  • He read it off of a sheet of paper which means the experience wasn’t his. Sort of like tony bennet’s ingenuine apology about 9/11.

  • Eve

    It was a great line. Isn’t copying someone else the best form of flattery.

    In reality, Johnson does not have a chance, he gets a pass on this from me especially since the line originated from Rush and really does hold value. Not all listen to Rush, and now a lot have heard it and maybe it will resonate and stick.

    • Anonymous

      The thing I like about Johnson is that he has an actual record of fiscal conservatism. Actions speak louder than words.

      • Eve

        I’m glad he finally was allowed into a debate, so we could hear his positions. Truthfully, I don’t know much about him, will do my own research (since the media/pundits don’t think he is worthy).

  • Do you think you could post the entire debate?

  • Anonymous

    Democrats need to think about those dogs.

    Clearly, the Democrats need to replace Obama and Biden. The Democrats should nominate the two dogs as running mates because they are better qualified than Obama and Biden.

  • Anonymous

    Gary who?

  • Anonymous

    I got the creeps every time they went to Johnson. He reminds me of the William H. Macy character in Fargo.

  • Carol Ott

    It was up to each states Governor to decide where they wanted their stimulus to go and up to them to make sure permits were obtained and work was ready to be started. In my town in MI, a bridge in the middle of town was replaced, our entire main street has had new sewers from one end to the other and work has now begun on several side streets. Work has been continuous for 2 years. 5 miles from me, another bridge was replaced. Just because you haven’t seen work going on in your town, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done anywhere in your State. And if nothing was done at all, that’s your Governors fault for not using the money as it was supposed to be used. Why not ask HIM where that money went?

    • Carol,
      I’m not doubting the work you site was done, but 2 bridges, miles of sewers and streets repaved sounds like work having been planned for maybe 5-8 years. They don’t just “put up bridges.” Studies have to be done, budget hearings, test drilling, designs and redesigns, material orders, and public annoyance hearings, etc. Sounds more like you have Bush to blame…er…thank.

    • Eve

      Sadly the sign to put up the road construction cost more than the actual project. Waste Waste Waste and no Jobs is the bottom line. A well contrived ruse with many strings attached.

  • Anonymous

    It was probably the best moment in the debate. Too bad these things are turning into the Perry vs. Romney show.

  • Anonymous

    Not true. Obama is more full of shit than any of your neighbor’s dogs could ever be.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Glenn on this issue… he claimed that Gary has employed a joke writer in his campaign.

    I agree with Glenn… a Joke writer?? Seriously?
    And if that is true, IF, then I have to ask.. really? a ripped-off joke? Hire someone else, Gary.

    If it was his own. Well, he gets whatever he gets from it. It is a funny joke… and true.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that was a good line from Rush, I heard him say it in the morning. Did Johnson really think nobody would notice?

    How foolish he made himself look.

  • Anonymous

    I love laughing at the expense of a muslim fraud.