German woman vigorously protests radical Muslim rally

A German woman vigorously stands up to radical Muslims spouting their Islamo-Nazi propaganda. She doesn’t pull any punches, even invoking the name Hitler in her protest. This lady has gonads:

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  • I dunno, all things being equal, “Germany, you have to rise! Germany, rise up! sounds a lot like Hitler too.

    • Cmsackett


      You have proven to be a professional ENEMY-Domestic.

      Scoop letting you back on is one of the big reasons I don’t bother with this place much any more.

      CM Sackett

      • Anonymous

        I was wondering where you had been.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t let people like Danny keep you off here. That’s exactly what the enemies of this country wants to happen.

      • re:Scoop letting you back on is one of the big reasons I don’t bother with this place much any more.
        CM, please don’t be like that. many here are like me in that we want your input

      • I didn’t let him back on, per se. I just haven’t re-blocked him again. Now I have.

        • Pauline


        • Ira Thurby-Wright

          I just haven’t re-blocked him again

          Let Danny speak, his voice simply validates why the secular progressives are so wrong on virtually every issue.

      • Pauline

        CM, please don’t let Soros employees like Danny to keep you from speaking your mind and sharing in freedom.

    • KC

      All despots use that type of jargon. All freedom movements too. You have to put it in context. Then it makes sense. I think I’d rather stand with this lady, how about you?

      • sDee

        Or hopefully she will stand with us! We are not far behind.

        At least over here she can arm herself. I’d like the see that punk Islamist thug put a hand on her once she is a Texan. He’d find the barrel of a pink 9mm staring at him.

        • Pauline

          I love Texans!

      • Pauline

        Yes, she is standing against Muslim extremists in Germany.

    • sDee

      Ironic isn’t it that the Europe’s fear of your perception is exactly what is protecting the Isalamofacists.

      What she clearly is referring to is ” Never Again” which reminds us that Germany as a nation of people failed to rise up against Hitler. I grew up as a first generation American hearing this history. My father’s town as many other towns and countries in Europe were lulled into complacency by fascism masquerading as benevolent socialism.

      Germany, America, and any free people who want to stay that way must rise up. Who else will stop a worldwide fascist movement that pales in comparison to Hitler. Will our politicians? Who?

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. We all need to stand up before we have another Holocaust on our hands.

        • sDee

          I fear it has begun. While only found on a few sites like Atlas Shrugs, it is clear Jews and Christians are being attacked a slaughtered in Islamic countries and counties at war internally with the Islamists.

          While it may not yet be happening n Western countries, the failure of the press to cover it makes us complicit. And, as the Pope fails to decry it so also does Christian and Jewish religious leadership. It is upon us.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think so. We all need to rise to the occasion when something is so wrong. The Nazi card has been played one too many times when it is not appropriate. Did you even bother to watch the clip? Islam is the new Nazism but no one wants to say so except a brave few. If you are going to compare someone to a Nazi it had better be justifiable.

    • you need to watch it again and read the words, she was not encouraging a repeat of naziism, but warning of radical islam’s compatibility with it and comparability to it. ever been to Germany? ever talk to German citizens about the Germany of that time? i have, for example: i met a man who was brought into the hilter youth organization at gun point and made to perform their duties (at gun point) when he was 14 in Heilbronn. their guilt of the silence is why the concentration camps still stand today, to remind themselves and the world of what happens when you allow the truth to be sequestered from the issue

    • Coralchristie

      Are things are not equal and you sound like you’d cower and say nothing or continue on your merry unthinking way. Just by posting such a response means that you’d obfuscate the truth.
      She wants German people to stop being afraid to stand up to what is wrong. Hitler didn’t want the people to stand up to him and wanted the country to rise up against other countries. This woman is sounding the warning cry of what is waiting for Germany if they don’t recognize the evil of Islamo Nazis and speak out against them now. Truth undefended is truth lost.
      I don’t trust your motives or position.

    • schlaps


  • Scullman

    How freakin’ stupid can you possibly be? Really? Are you a complete moron?
    She was challenging Islamic radical speech. Do you know what that entails? Can you read? Do you get it?
    She was imploring the other Germans in the crowd to “rise up” against this imposition of Islamic law in their country and to stand against muslim extremists.

    Get a brain or stay off your keyboard.

  • KC

    As usual, it seems the women these days are taking the bull by the horns.

    • sDee

      I agree. Our male political leaders are spineless sellouts it is how they become politicians. It is women who stand out in this fight. This is in itself why Islam breaks the backs and will of their women. They know it is the women that innately sense the threat to their family, children and propagation of humanity. The women will raise strong men who will protect the family and community. men act.

      To breed this out of their women, will ensure the evil that is Islam, survives.

      What does it say of a religion and culture whose women turn their children into suicide bombers?

      • Anonymous

        Where are the supposed feminists? :::crickets:::

  • Anonymous

    This woman has courage. God Bless her.

    • sDee

      Especially when you consider that in Germany she can be arrested for what she said. As was Geert Wilders in Holland. As could many who now fear to speak in the UK. As was the pastor in Detroit last week.

      Hopefully this woman will inspire Germans – they cannot arrest all of us.

      • Anonymous

        holder’s goons has no problem NOT prosecuting radicals …even if they reach their goal of 25 mil people eliminated….

        • sDee

          When the citizen is willing to go to jail, the revolution has begun.

          Hmm. Time to reread Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”.

  • Zaza

    Political islam is a totalitarian ideology, in many points comparable to fascism (hatred of jews, disdain for democracy, ideology over individual rights). In some areas, political islam is actually worse – the Nazis at least tried to hide from the general population their intent to kill the jews, while Hamas proclaims this open to the world.
    So this Lady is absolutely right, and it takes courage to do what she did.
    Unfortunately, she is in a minority and no established political party shares her view. Concerning the future of western europe, i am very, very pessimistic.

    (from Germany)

    • sDee

      I fear for Europe too. Your fate lies with yourselves, the people. This woman is right. Rise up. Take to the streets. No one will do it for you.

    • sDee

      ZaZa it is the people who see their destiny are often in the minority. It is they who must act.

      In the American Revolution against tyranny and oppression it was 3 percent of the population who acted and organized the resistance. We went to war for our freedom with less that 20% support of the populace and many colonies still loyal to the King of England.


    • Anonymous

      Europe will rise up. I have confidence in them. It will start with the women. They are not going to be relegated to 2nd class citizens.

    • Pauline

      I am sorry for the German people. The people of Germany are so productive and the EU is stealing all of their money and giving it to minorities like muslim extremists.

      It’s all coming to America.

    • Norman Bates

      This story today reminds me of this i read many years ago. ” In Germany, They came for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist; And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew; And then…They came for me…And by that time there was no one left to speak up; Still….if you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear and all that….Well the fact that you may think you have nothing to hide or nothing to fear is no longer your decision to make;

  • Philip Faustman

    So many people choose to sit by and let their nation crumble around them as they do nothing. The Islamization of the entire world is what they want. God bless this brave woman for standing up and fighting for what she believes in. With Muslims in great numbers means Sharia Law and the end of the Western World as we used to know it. Youtube ‘Muslims fill the streets in France’ and ‘Sharia Law’ to become educated about the real problem we all face. Great piece RS!

  • Anonymous

    It is very interesting to me that it is women that are standing up for what is right these days. It takes a lot of courage to do that when you are surrounded by men whose religion sanctions violence against you. I am very proud of the way that women are standing up and fighting back.

  • Virusx2k1

    Normally, I would’ve cringed. Invoking Hitler’s name is such a tired liberal canard, they’ve even got written rules and regulations concerning it, as well as probability ratings of when it will be invoked. However, in this case, it was dead on, especially considering islam was involved in helping Hitler, during WW2, thanks to people like the Dalai Obama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, when that swarthy punk got in that woman’s face, had I been there, there would’ve been some trouble started up in there, for real.

  • Persephone

    I saw only one young guy who came to her defense against that bully in the ball cap who was trying to shut her up.

    This woman is displaying courage.
    She was standing out there speaking the truth…with her arms uncovered!
    That is a big no-no with the IslamoFascists.
    According to Islam…she should be beaten and raped for that.

    This is happening here now.
    Anyone who speaks out against Islam is bullied and condemned.

    That Florida pastor, Terry Jones, was thrown in jail in Dearborn, Michigan…to keep him from protesting against Islam.
    This is how it starts.

    • sDee

      Notice how they start circle like hyenas. At the end notice that the creep in the baseball cap circled back around as he has been trained to do. He got literally right up on her back as the cop headed back over.

      • Persephone

        I noticed that.
        And they truly *are* like hyenas.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Creeping Sharia has not only begun it is actually making inroads. We have had quite a few honor killings on American soil. Any culture that treats their women and children like property does not deserve respect.

      • Persephone

        I simply do not understand how the left can defend Islam the way that they do.

        We voted in a new law here last November, against Sharia…to try to stem that creep.
        But CAIR immediately tied it up in court.

        • Anonymous

          There are a number of banks already practicing Sharia financial law in the US. I think all of the top 5 are.

          God help us!

  • Anonymous

    OH………. This just in….. Italy is putting all the Libyan refugees arriving at their shores on buses destined for Germany….. They all have been granted special status so they may move freely from EU border to EU border.

    Germany is under major distress from all the Muslims entering from Turkey over the past few years.

    This is just a sampling of the push-back that is going to take place.

    Watch out America……..!!!! They’ve been arriving here on visas for years now……. Did they go back when the visa expired?

    What do you think?

    Blanket amnesty will not effect just Hispanics….. There are millions of Muslims here hiding in the shadows.

    • Persephone

      And Janet Napolitano has admitted to ‘losing track’ of 10 Libyans…that were caught and released.

      That is only 10…that…we know of.

    • sDee

      I have long believed the new passion for amnesty is to grant citizenship to a range of subversives. But why is that needed? Our immigration quotas are “diversity” based not need based for last 20 or so years. We bring whole villages of Somali Muslims over for example who know nothing of freedom or opportunity – or want it.

      • Jackyl

        That’s a whole village of votes for democrates. It’s not diversity this group of politicians wants its votes. As in what is our “Vote Quotas” policy?

  • She has a really good point here. I think most Germans have become numb and are slowly becoming sheep.

  • Anonymous

    Brave lady.
    Good luck to her.

  • Pauline

    This brave woman was speaking out against muslim extremists. Germany as well as the US would be wise to heed her warning.

  • sDee

    A very timely letter today from a soldier Afghanistan to Pamela Galler.

    On the cultural depravity of Islam and of the fate of women.

  • Mikemorrison281

    I’m afraid that one day we’re going to wake up to some kind of nuclear disaster in one of our major cities because of islamofascism. Meanwhile our President and AttyGen do nothing but help our enemies gain more control over our future. Sad.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this woman is found missing or dead the next few days.

    God help us in our ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    I like the tard islamic dude in the ball cap puffing his chest out and trying to intimidate her to shut up.

  • Anonymous

    “ISLAM = EVIL = ENEMY .” (period) Wake up before it is to LATE !

    04/25/11 , ” I stand with ISRAEL , do you ?”

  • Jackyl

    It is becoming abundantly clear that the current generation of people living on this planet have become spoiled, complacent and jealous of success. They don’t appreciate how good they have it. Power hungry politicians are thriving on this complacency and using it to build power in many of the same ways that Hitler did.

    I can say this definitively, if the remaining good people all over the world don’t start to engage soon, all of this global lunacy won’t end well – not by a long shot!

    • Persephone

      Don’t forget ignorance.
      Complacency and ignorance…that is the lethal combination that demagogues thrive on.

  • Odin147

    To that muslim trying to indimidate the lady…man i wish he was in front of me.

  • Preach it, Sister!

  • Poptoy1949

    Danny you are still constipated.

  • schlaps

    Thank God for this woman, who in the age of liberal political correctness, has the courage to stand up for what is right.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her! She’s standing up for what she believes in. We need more of that….in our country too! The U.S. has become so politically correct, that people are afraid to speak out, for fear of being labeled racist, Islamaphobic, etc. Wake up, people!