Glenn Beck breaks down Occupy movement

This was a great segment of Beck connecting the dots on the Occupy movement with major labor unions and, of course, George Soros:

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  • Obama sends combat troops to Uganda. WTF!

  • Anonymous

    SEIU is having too much fun. Mr. Lerner (NOT) and Code Pink-(O) is obviously using Ivan Pavlov’s approach to condition these animals…all the harmless and “spontaneous” little farm animals…via Nurse Fithian et al.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, the only legitimte reason to give O’Reilly 7 minutes of attention.

    • Dittos…

      Those who subscribe to have been watching Beck deal with this marxist nonsense (and islamist nonsense) in depth for some time now.

      At least O’Reilly did not suggest that Beck was off on a tangent.

      Maybe Bill O’s finally coming around and “getting it” about the latest iteration of the idiotic marxist revolution and the attempt to develop the “new man” of the future and “social justice” NOW… or else.

      I stand with ALL the people of Israel
      To STOP! Islamization of America
      I propose calling on the Hebrew personal name of YHWH (Yahowah – some prefer Yahweh) vs. the Arabic name of Allah (… and Allahu Akbar)

      • Let’s just pray that it isn’t too late to stop it.

        • Too late…

          Yes, pray with perseverance ’cause it is NEVER too late.

          As the saying goes,

          “I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow.”

          Until the “fullness of time” when our Mighty One reveals that this idiocy and nonsense of the “mystery of iniquity” is finished, i.e., the judgment in the Supreme Court is announced, and sin, sinners and death are no more, it is NEVER too late.

      • Anonymous

        He did not suggest Beck was off on a tangent? Of course he did—by making sure he followed up with that sickening segment with geraldo– o’rielly “pretending” Beck is telling him something he doesn’t already know is disgusting.. you can be sure bill has 30 people watching GBTV for him, and wondering where he went wrong!

    • Anonymous

      BOR is always behind the curve, and I mean waaaayyyyy behind the curve , on any news event.
      Beck is waaaayyyy ahead of the curve.
      Thats why intellectually inferior people are spooked by Beck.
      Now Beck is having the last laugh !

      • Anonymous

        You give O’Reilly much more credit for his ignorance of what is going on than I ever will. To me O’Reilly is just another “insider” who knows damn well he is glossing over and avoiding the truth.

        The standard leftist media propaganda types just lie and tell their listeners what they want to hear. O’Reilly balances (i.e negates) a mere glimpse of the truth with a leftist lie to leave his listeners thinking they are now fair and open minded. Intellectual mush.

        • Anonymous

          Bill0 sold himself out for an interview with Hussein and an invite to the WH.
          Ailes sold himself out for invites to high society cocktail parties.
          In the process, they both sold out our country.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn is actually BETTER on O’Reilly – he talks faster! Maybe he knows if he doesn’t get the goods out, Bill will start flapping his jaws to divert him. Methinks old Bill isn’t quite so threatened by GB now that he’s left Fox. Good interview, and good opportunity to get the word out!

    • BO is a big phony! He’s an elitist who is totally self absorbed. It’s all about him. His ego is enormous. Has to let you know constantly that he went to Harvard. He throws in a little of that down-home born and raised in Levittown, Long Island stuff to add that “I can relate to the little people” cache. He doesn’t of course because it wouldn’t serve his purpose, that is to glorify the one and only BO. He states opinions like facts (the little people are too dumb to question him) and speaks like the voice of authority. He shuts up his quests if they don’t agree. And, last but not least, years ago when that female employee accused him of sexual harassment, he shut her up with a financial settlement. Now I am no feminist, I never believed Anita Hill, but I believed this girl. Why? Because I see BO for the condescending egomaniac that he is!

  • 13 months from now, if we make it that far, we’ll really see how right Glenn is. Unfortunately, I think he is.

  • Anonymous

    Beck was right 2 yrs ago.
    Beck is right now.
    And shame on you Ailes for being a useful idiot , a rich idiot but an idiot anyway .

    • Anonymous

      A lot of people want the truth sprinkled with sugar, Glenn dishes it out straight.

  • Anonymous

    DANGER, WILL ROBINSON…DANGER! …the Robot & Glenn are spot on…

  • It was good to see Glenn on The Factor tonight. I’ll admit he can be too gloom-and-doom for me at times, but I agree with him on this.
    One segment later, Geraldo Rivera replied (and I disagreed). I feel sorry for him. He did Geraldo at Large from Occupy on Sunday and was very fair to them. But they hated his guts because he works for, ew, Fox. It’s like someone that wants to be in a club and the club members won’t let him join.

    • Anonymous

      I’d not feel sorry for him. Geraldo wants to elevate himself to champion of these disaffected victims of “the man”. They want nothing to do with him – he is a washed up social carpetbagger. A wealthy hypocritical champion of the underdog.

  • Anonymous

    The Lord is my Shepard….

    Proverbs 3:5: words to live by

    • Anonymous

      I pray that every night.

      They ARE words to live by.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Bill, when will u get it or at least, admit to understanding all of this marxism? Glenn Beck is way Over Your Head!!

  • Lynn Suzanne

    If you are a fan of Glenn Beck PLEASE subscribe to GBTV. It’s worth the small cost. Glenn’s show is awesome and you can watch it on your computer whenever it’s convenient for you. Give it a try!

    • Anonymous

      You are correct!!

  • Linky1

    Bill almost had me ALMOST convinced that he believed what Glenn was saying – until he brought that useful idiot Geraldo on, after Glenn’s segment.

    Personally, I stand behind Glenn 100% – he had this nailed a couple of years ago.

    O’Reilly laughed then, he shakes his head now and buys into the crap that Geraldo spews forth moreso that the reality of who is funding these protesters.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called head in sand syndrome, or worse….bottom end someplace it shouldn’t be…either one, you’re as blind as a bat as to what is happening all around.
      Because, if he believes the facts, then it’s reckoning time….he’s not alone in living with that syndrome.

  • Do you have the segment that Bill was talking about? The one where he compared how the media covered the tea party vs OWS?

  • Anonymous

    Scary. Listening to Savage today, too. He and Glen both seem to be talking about how in Germany after WW! these Wall Street Occupier types were all over the streets, only more violent in that case. Then along comes the nice boys, like Van Jones and his nice Tea Party type leftists, who will clean the streets and then the people appreciated that. Those ones in Germany who cleaned up the dirty commies all over the streets and messing up society….were Wait for it!! the Nazis. National Something Socialist Party. Scary.

    We need our law enforcement to break this up right now.

    • Anonymous

      Law enforcement can’t and won’t deal with this. Because in urban areas they are all unionized. Accordingly, that makes them part of the communist revolution. Law enforcement will only be mobilized to go after the Tea Party.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that LEA are almost totally hostile towards law abiding tax-paying citizens of this country, specially if those citizens are not marxists .
        Some of the videos have been scrubbed from the internet,
        but here is a report when Obama’s people called riot police and SWAT on a group of TEA partiers singing God Bless America
        Contrast this to the behavior of cops towards WI thugs and OWS stinkies .
        Every passing day convinces me that when the time comes, local cops will happily oblige their Stalinist masters by massacring members of their communities .

        • Anonymous

          2 PM Sat…. video won’t come up… scrubbed , perhaps?

    • Linky1

      Law enforcement has been unionized……..hopefully, there are enough individual thinkers within the ranks to keep law and order.

  • I think Beck is right about the organization, but I he seems to believe Jones and his followers will act more sensibly than the current gaggle of protesters. Jones, personally, may never take a dump on a police car, but those who he leads are every bit the ill-tempered, radical Communist revolutionaries that we’re seeing on the streets today.

    Jones likes to talk about saving the earth from the evils of capitalism and global warming, but he only talks about those things in terms of political power. You never see him in a pair of work boots with a shovel in his hands planting trees. He doesn’t really care about the environment at all outside his ability to use it to overthrow our Democratic Republic and concentrate power in the hands of a few elites. He’s Che Guevara to Obama’s Castro. If anything, when Jones gets out in front, the violence escalates. I just hope we don’t get so far down that road.

    • You are wrong about Beck’s view of Jones. He believes that after the protests grow and continue and become more violent, Van Jones will emerge, masquerading as the gentler, more reasonable alternative to the wild wackos, and become the leader of the drones that are tired of the violence and want it to end. But it will be a ruse. Remember, Jones once said you have to drop the radical pose for the radical ends. Beck believes Jones is the most dangerous of them all.

      • Anonymous

        Good cop,
        bad cop.
        Usually works every time.
        Lets hope, not this time.

      • I think we mostly agree. Jones will never be on the front lines screaming for revolution. He’ll always appear in a suit, giving radical speeches in vague terms and calm tones, which the listeners will correctly interpret as calls to violence. He will keep his own hands clean while calling for others to do all the dirty work. The more he is involved, the greater the likelihood of violence.

  • Dan

    If you ever wondered what went on in the old Soviet style education system? You now have your answer….look at the OWS and you see young folks so stupid it takes your breath away…this is what happens when you advocate your responsibility to raise your children in the Fear of the Lord and let a satanic system brain wash your children…if you have young ones and they are in the satanic public school system you will lose most of them and its is you who will be held responsibly for what they become by the Lord…you can not subject them to this demonic system and pretend it wont have eternal effects on there future….you will reap what you sow…but in the long run it is the children who will suffer from the influence of the Marxist Public School System….and now they want them from age 3and 4……THINK ABOUT IT?????????

  • Michael Savage Weighs In On The Occutards On Wall Street

  • When the commies take over, anyone who opposes them will be hunted. All freedom loving Americans will form another Continental Army. Thanks to the second amendment, we will take America back. Stock up now.

  • Try GBTV — you’ll get the whole picture — free for 2 weeks, then you can cancel. Worth every penny.

  • I agree, sign up to GBTV or visit Freedom connector or start a Twitter feed with reliable sources that can keep you in the real news loop. Get involve with a group, be it a Tea Party, 912, firearms club…. I know that Beck & O’reilly are friends so either O’reilly wants to keep blinkers on to everything that’s happening or just does not want to admit somebody like Beck that did not attend University has the answer. Even with video of their own words from months ago and the actual occupation now, BO still questions what’s going on, give me a break, that’s his ego getting in the way. I had a friend call me up and ask me how did I know because I told her about this in June or July, imagine little old me in Florida have more information than Bill O’reilly.

  • Anonymous

    You never have make up stories if you tell the truth and Glenn proves it day in and day out.

  • Anonymous

    …the only TEA PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Mr. Herman Cain is the only ONE who is condemning these RADICAL MARXIST USEFUL IDIOTS for what they really are !”


  • Oh, here we go again!
    Somehow the video feed has been added to the endangered species list. WTFrack has happened in the past two days that is causing these LAGS.

    Perhaps it’s the Occupy movement. I get a few words…I get a few words… from the vids…from the vids… and then it pauses… and then it pauses. At least I’m spared…at least I’m spared…the repeating of those words…the repeating of those words. [Sprinkle fingers up…sprinkle fingers up]

  • Philo Beddoe

    Listen people.

    Time to listen.

    There’s more to life that X Factor or Dancing with the Stars

  • Anonymous

    I think Beck hit the nail on the head.

  • Comedy!!! I wish it was true. I’m a Marxist, an actual one, and I wish this really was “a Marxist revolution that’s global in nature!” But alas, it isn’t (well, not yet). Honestly, if Van Jones, George Soros, Obama and Co. were to gain from these protests rest assured that the Marxist revolution you fear so much will have lost ground, because those Democrats aren’t socialist.

    But I doubt you are understanding any of what I’m saying. So please continue doing what you are doing, call people “Marxist” who aren’t, call the Democrats “socialist”. Many people have woken up to the fact that Beck and FOX are all a bunch of liars, and the more you use those terms the more people take an interest in learning what Marx really said. So… Thank you, for spreading the word. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      @Thomas Rasmussen

      So, what got you interested in taking other people’s money by force?

      Because, conceptually that is the common denominator behind all the different labels.

    • Anonymous

      So you want to hurt America and cause a revolution against The Constitution? You are a traitor and if any of you people are in my sliver of the country I will simply defend my country and kick your **cking ass. You and your ilk will NOT destroy my country under any circumstance. Any Marxist I’ve ever met were straight up pussy’s anyway hence why you guys only bark while in large numbers. I really don’t think you guys know what you are up against.