Glenn Beck foolishly calls Geert Wilders a fascist – UPDATE: Is this a pattern at FNC?

Glenn Beck irritated me BIG TIME today because of what he said on his TV show.

Beck discussed the incoming economic collapse of Europe that will trickle down around the world and US.

However, he went to say, that when there is economic unrest, there will be the rise of the extreme left (communists) and extreme right (fascists). And who did he idiotically point to as a fascist? Geert Wilders.

“Fox News LLC has required me to take down the video of Glenn Beck calling Geert Wilders a fascist.”

A hero, a man who is risking life and limb to rescue the Netherlands and Europe from radical Islamization and communism taking grip of his country and continent. Everyday he has to wear a safety vest and hide his family and give them 24-hour security because he is willing to say the unpopular thing to protect and defend his nation.

Glenn Beck had Geert Wilders on his show twice. Once on Headline News:

And on Fox News:

He even called the man “brave”, “a hero.”

Think before you speak Glenn Beck. This was a blatant tag of “fascist” on Geert Wilders and it was foolish of Beck to do so. Shame on you Glenn. I hope you rescind your comment on Wilders and publicly apologize to him.

UPDATE: Looks like there is a pattern formulating in Fox News with smearing Geert Wilders. Thanks to fellow poster ANTHONY for pointing this out to me on Twitter and to David Swindle of NewsRealBlog.

It looks like Fox News is having a vicious pattern against Geert Wilders. Today on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier, they smeared Wilders. They reported him as:

“A man who inspires fierce emotions.”

“Anger on the streets of London. The object of the demonstration was a recent visit by Far-Right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.”

“His Anti-Muslim rhetoric makes him a target of critics.”

“Wilders says Muslim head scarves should be banned, he’s branded the Muslim prophet Muhammed a pedophile and likened the Muslim Koran to Mein Kampf.”

All of these are lies as NewsRealBlog pointed it out. I recommend you read it.

Here is what Krauthammer, AB Stoddard, and Bill Kristol labeled Wilders:

Krauthammer said that Wilders was wrong about Islam — that the Dutch politician did not see a difference between Islam and Islamism. *Rolls eyes.* So those who follow “Islam” ignore passages of the Koran and those who follow “Islamism” actually do what the book tells them to do? Is that right, Charles? Just want to make sure I’m up to speed on the preferred Orwellianisms on the Politically Correct Right.

Stoddard’s comments — she said that Wilders saw no difference between terrorist Muslims and non-violent Muslims — indicate that it’s likely that her first exposure to Wilders was the segment. And Kristol? He dismissed Wilders as a “demagogue.”

Something weird and very wrong is happening to Fox News.

UPDATE II: Here are some people you should check out on their opinions of Beck and Fox News v. Geert Wilders:
Atlas Shrugs, The Other McCain, and Riehl World View

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  • liquidflorian

    He tries so hard to push that “They're all the same” meme that he ends up spouting inane crap like this. He really stepped on his dick with this line.

    To paraphrase Wilkow: To call some one on the right a fascist is to completely misunderstand the term.

  • philgilles

    One thing that annoys me sometimes about Beck is that in trying to find middle ground and offenders on the right as well as the left, he throws honorable people under the buss. He really needs to clarify again, without dancing around his comments about the Republicans and Democrats being the same. I get his easily understandable point about this, but he should be willing to say or at least give credit where credit is due when the Republicans take a stand. Ron Paul is an example he has him on his show to explain the economy them calls his supporters Crazy. Don't praise someone one minute and bastardize him the next.. Love ya Glenn, but constructive criticism is a good thing from time to time

  • williamm

    Geert Wilders Warning to America

  • MSkiles27

    Wrong Glenn!

    Fascism is NOT far right, Anarchy is. Communism is to the far left.

    Anarchy = No government
    Communism/Fascism/Socialism/etc … = Complete Government Control

    It sounds like another excuse to show that he's PC and wants to blame the right as much as the left.

  • I haven't seen the show yet, so I can't comment on it. I myself don't believe Wilders is a facsist, but let me give you some background on why Beck might have said this.
    I have listened to Beck's radio show for 4 years, and his TV show for 3 years. He is a strong believer in freedom of religion. He is sensitive to religious persecution, possibly because of his LDS faith, which historically has been persecuted, even today. He also separates radical Islam from the the more peaceful adherants to that faith. From what I understand, Geert Wilders wants the Koran banned in the Netherlands. Beck probably did not know that when he interviewed him before. So I am guessing (and this is a pure guess) that is why he called Wilders a facsist. Again, I disagree with that opinion, but that might explain what he said today.

  • mitch706

    Gert did say he wants to ban the Koran and many aspects of Islam, so he is kind of fascistic in that way.

  • mitch706

    Gert did say he wants to ban the Koran and many aspects of Islam, so he is kind of fascistic in that way.

  • I guess my whole problem with this is that Beck is not an empty suit. How can you go from an interview where you call him an hero to calling him fringe and fascist?

  • I guess my whole problem with this is that Beck is not an empty suit. How can you go from an interview where you call him an hero to calling him fringe and fascist?

  • calgarylibertarian

    Yes Anarchy is on the right. However I think what Glenn was pointing to was that durring Hitler and Stalin times (and FDR) they setup the spectrum to be right being hitler and facism and left communism. Basicly chopping out the choice of freedom what so ever. This is an easy way for progressives to appear to have opposition however in reality your picking from two progressive party types. It was poorley worded but I think he was trying to make that point. I have not read up on this Geert guy so I won't comment on him. I will go look him up now.

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  • Without trying to go into much detail let's just say fascism is a form of extreme industrialized nationalism and commmunism is more a socially labor intense form nationalism. The merriam webster says this about the noun fascism-1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Communism is defined in the same dictionary as 1 a : a theory advocating elimination of private property b : a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed.
    To call him a fascist would be correct, and to call him a hero for exposing the Islamic agenda to the Europeans would be correct. I mean if you get right down to it is sorta like calling the minutemen in the revolutionary war heros but cowards too because they stood behind trees to fight. Does that make sense?

  • I think the real problem was that he painted Geert as fringe, as extreme Right, and perhaps as a danger to Europe.

  • blee95

    To a point – Glenn never called Geert a fascist. His point was, I think, that europe has had a history of going to extremes when faced with significant pressure. This in turn is evident as more fringe figures become more widely accepted until ultimately you have a radical such as Franco, Hitler, Stalin… etc… He is pointing to the acceptance of Geert as a step in that direction not necessarily the end point.

  • cubachi

    The problem is he categorized people of the far right as fascists. He did call Wilders far-right, thus a fascist. That is a smear in my opinion. If Beck didn't mean to call Wilders a fascist, he should have made that point clearer.

  • blee95

    I guess I respectfully disagree. I think there is a little too much inference required to take him calling Geert as ‘far right’ to Glenn equating him to a fascist rather then representing a step towards fascism if taken too far.

  • Glenn may call Geert a fascist in only that he wants the government to do the control not the people. On the Nolan Chart Geert is a statist there is no left right. Geert is not calling for anarchy or almost but not anarchy like the founders he wants government to control and ban stuff. If the Dutch people came out and put a stop to the islamification of the Netherlands and he allowed the people to do what they want without control he would not be a fascist. It all comes down to government and control. Beck wants that in the hands of the people, not some politician, Iman or King.

  • ..oh, I didn't get that at all…I tend to agree with blee95 and what they said. This geert fellow could end up like a Hitler in that he promotes a certain hatred for the Islam religion. With all do respect I feel that way as well, I mean how far do you go with freedom of religion. With the judicial system as it is now in the US we could see a real supreme court battle over the rights of Islam, and the populus as a whole. Remember the Mormons were ostracized from the states and moved to the Utah territory with their craziness at that time. This Geert fellow could very well be the anti-christ…just kidding, making light of the fact that anyone that is anti any religion is considered the anti-christ. Also note christ is not capitalized…(wink).

  • Startabacklash

    Great post! I was with Glenn Beck until he denounced Geert Wilders as a fascist. What makes Wilders a fascist? His belief in freedom of speech and the desire to save his country from the dark and ugly influence of Islam and its corrupt values? If this is fascist then the term has morphed into a new meaning just like racism has. It's just a word to denounce opponents. Glenn Beck should do his research and check before he says such an utterly false and ridiculous statment.

  • kaffigal

    It's really quite simple. Follow the money. has been following this story for quite some time. Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is a major shareholder of News Corp and has been steadily increasing his stake in the company. Try a Google search for News Corp Prince Alwaleed. It makes for interesting reading.

  • dodocanspell

    Something strange is going on with Beck and at Fox in general. Could it be the Arab money that's Murdoch is bringing in by the truckload that is making this station throw out titbits like what Beck did to Wilders today? The big investors in Fox are Arabs, and I am willing to bet on that even without looking at their list of investors. Who else has that sort of money these days but the Arabs.
    Also, Beck's head has swollen up to the size of a watermelon these days, what with all the praise showered on him, it was bound to happen

  • amywilson

    Remember the thermometer Glenn Beck made for the global warming argument that the cold weather proves global warming = needing a new thermometer that bends around in a circle back to the hot point?

    Well, we need to make a new scale for Glenn now showing a circle for the extreme right = extreme left. That makes no sense. If totalitarianism is on the left, it's NOT on the extreme right, no matter what label you give it. LEFT is for another who is pro big government and right is for anyone believing in limited government. So, this is NOT the 30's communist Stalin vs. National socialist (Nazism) Hitler. He's got this one wrong.

    I agree that this argument about extreme right AND extreme left = totalitarianism is absurd. Glenn knows that extreme right is anarchy (no government) so you can't get to the extreme right AND totalitarianism and he knows it. If someone is a progressive (like in America – Republican or Democrat), they are BOTH leftists and we know that to be true. An extreme right republican isn't a progressive. The two are diametrically opposed.

    Why is he continuing to go down this path?

  • bikermailman

    Something weird? It's called partial ownership by Saudis. They probably leave them alone on most issues, but anything touching islam, they jerk the chain a bit.

  • amywilson

    It's making his show harder for me to watch!

  • crazee

    As far as totalitarianism goes, fascism is right wing. I mean, fascism tends to be a bit more leniant on state control than communism is. But fascism isn't right wing in any real sense, since it supports big government control. Fascism is to the right of communism, but to the left of any normal government.

    I know nothing about Wilder, so I can't comment.

  • crazee

    Okay, having watched the clips…

    Glenn made two points. One, anyone who is in power is unpopular and anyone out of power is gaining credibility. Two, that totalitarianism can gain traction in Europe on the left and right.

    I honestly think Glenn was trying to make two seperate statements (Wilder is accepted, wheras before he was shunned, and fascism is a threat) without making enough of an effort to seperate the two statements. It could be a gaffe.

    As far as fascism being right wing..there is no American style right in terms of “limited government”…so extreme right in European terms tends to be anti-immigration, pro-defense and pro-American. In that sense, a right wing dictatorship is feasible. Russia is more libertarian than China. In American terms, they're both leftist. But in Euro-asian terms…Russia is almost right wing. It's relative.

  • goatbut29

    Its the ole Bait and Switch.
    Fox hooked us all in because we were so excited that 'news for us' was available that went where none dared, and now that the news came out they are the most trusted…they begin the soft slide to a more comfortable style thats not so offensive to the left, attracts more liberals and students alike, and before you know it…well take the watered down version because at the very least, it will not be AS 'soft' as the rest.

  • I have now seen the show in full. In my opinion Beck indirectly called Wilders a fascist. If he believes that then he is wrong. But I agree with blee95 in that he might have meant that Wilders might be part of a slow swing to the fascistic side. Admittedly, he could have been more clearer. But I'm not going to through Beck under the bus, like others are doing, because of this disagreement. He has done more to wake people up in this country than any other commentator.

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  • jager06

    Soros and his partner, a Saudi Prince, have purchased a large stake in Murdoch's Fox News Channel. his was done through their partnered holding company. Follow the money and you cannot help but find the reason for the change.

  • this is a good job. what's wrong with Glenn? Hes becoming Ron Paul..

  • Ughhh…. I like Glenn Beck, but I just spent a good half hour reading about Dominique de Villepin. Screw you, Glenn, for making me read about French politics.

    Did you know that Villepin writes poetry AND BOOKS ABOUT POETRY! France: their far right wouldn't get you kicked out of a San Fransisco bath house.

    Second – I thought we wanted someone like Wilders in office. Didn't he read America Alone?

    I mean, I know he get's it. He says twice in the video:

    “the right and the left are growing again in Europe. Listen carefully, the left in Europe is Communism, the right is fascism (pause) IN EUROPE.”

    So I know he's not making the argument that far right equals Fascism. He's saying in the European political spectrum it does.

    I just don't know why for the life of me he's grouping Wilders in with this fringe fascistic uprising that he's worried about. Surely Islamic Fascism is far more troubling considering they're the ones blowing up the innocent. It's very strange. I hope he'll clear this up cause I'm confused.

  • cubachi

    I'm not throwing Beck under the bus either, but he made an asinine and irresponsible comment by indirectly linking Wilders to being a fascist.

    I hope he clarifies and apologizes tomorrow.

    If he says nothing tomorrow, than that will speak loudly to me about Beck and the network, quite frankly.

  • cubachi

    Amen to your comments!

  • cubachi

    I heard about this. I am going to do some research on that.

  • He said in a tweet tonight that he is getting a lot of hate mail. Probably some for this and some for the upcoming Massa interview. I hope he clarifies too. Good night.

  • Tyler

    Sorry, bro…but Geert sounds a LOT like HITLER.

    Seriously…think about how Hitler came into power. The SWASTIKA was ORIGINALLY a symbol of PEACE and is STILL used for such purpose in most Asian countries for exactly that purpose for Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. Hitler basically PERVERTED this symbol for his own purposes. He came into power promising a better government…he blamed everything on the Jews and proposed to treat them as 2nd class citizens with a “dominant culture” (Wilders in his video says). The ONLY difference that I can HONESTLY see here is that he DOESN'T want to KILL them like Hitler did.

    So…Hitler MINUS the MASS GENOCIDE…and you've got WILDERS. Sorry, but this guy is NOT a hero. He IS a FASCIST.

    ALL leaders who propose this kind of stuff START in the “name of goodness.” Hitler did it when he chastised Jews and now THIS guy does it.

    He TELLS reporters that he thinks there's a difference between Muslims and Islamofascists, but his “SOLUTIONS” do NOT SHOW THE SAME. His ACTIONS are DIFFERENT than his words and THAT should be a HUGE concern to ANYONE who can “read between the lines” so-to-speak.

  • Tyler

    Lemme say that I DO agree with SOME of his solutions such as fighting court cases back with our own court cases, not allowing Shiriah Law, and REQUIRING a PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to the United States for anyone who immigrates. Let us DO fight back against the ISLAMOFASCISM, but SOME of his “solutions” are NOT solutions at all. The idea that Islam is NOT a religion is a bunch of CRAP. It IS a religion…but it's the RADICAL elements that we need to fight…NOT ALL Islam.

  • adams7kids

    I stopped by to watch Glenn Beck and I got the Geert Wilders fan club site. Seriously though, fascism is to the right of communism but both are on the far left side of the scale (Glenn actually did part of a show on this recently ). Neither you nor I know much about Geert Wilders, however Glenn is picking up on patterns of the 1920's and 1930's in Europe and relating it to today. Though he may or may not be right about Wilders, I believe he is right about the pattern.

  • TedPax

    I was going to suggest the same. I had read about this connection a while back and it's the only thing that makes sense.

  • williamm

    Thanks, My purpose for posting the links was to show he is not a hero. I understand politicians making it appear they are only trying to do good for the people. We see it daily with people like Pelosi claiming they are trying to pass UHC for the people. They are trying to pass it to gain more control over the people.

  • Tyler

    After watching all of this…I've seen BOTH interviews Glenn disagreeing with this guy about Islam being the problem. On other words, Glenn thinks that it's the TAKING OVER of Islamic EXTREMISTS that is wrong and THAT is why he congratulated Geert on his efforts to RESTORE FREE SPEECH.

    Geerts IS basically ANTI-MUSLIM. Despite what he says, ISLAM IS a religion. I mean…he's NOT calling for MASS GENOCIDE like Hitler did…but then again…Hitler DIDN'T START OFF calling for MASS GENOCIDE. Hitler said a LOT of the SAME things that Wilders is saying except it's the JEWS' fault that the economy is so bad and we must have a “DOMINANT CULTURE,” which doesn't allow these people to build synagogues. Geerts SEEMS like a hero now and yeah…his fight IS a legitimate one…FOR NOW. It's that some of his “solutions” DO deem him a FASCIST.

    He can say he's pro-Muslim ALL HE WANTS, but when he proposes to BAN HEADSCARFS and BAN MOSQUES and make a DOMINANT CULTURE…THAT IS FASCISM, folks. That IS fascism IN A NUTSHELL.

    I saw his warning to America speech and his 10 “solutions.” I AGREE with SOME of them such as fighting back with court cases, getting rid of weak leadership, requiring immigrants to PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE LEGALLY, and PROHIBITING SHIRIAH LAW since it's in DIRECT VIOLATION of OUR CONSTITUTION.

    We've GOT to REMAIN TRUE to OUR OWN CONSTITUTION. We CAN'T let the actions of TERRORISTS make us CRAZY and call for a CHRISTIAN DOMINANCE. If we do that, then we'll BECOME what we're FIGHTING AGAINST.

  • Tyler

    Yeah. It's for our own good. I just commented separately a second ago that if we were to ACTUALLY FOLLOW this guy's “SOLUTIONS,” then we would BECOME the very thing we're fighting against.

  • Tyler

    The guy talks about wanting to protect the freedom of speech and to save the country from Islamofascist, but as Beck POINTS OUT…he's NOT GETTING RID of the fascism. He's REPLACING it with a BAN ON ISLAM. That is NOT CREATING NEW TRACKS, but CHANGING RULERS as Beck also points out in that episode.

    THAT'S what makes Geert a fascist.

  • sklaft

    I don't know anything about Geert. Never heard of him before this show. Sometimes Glenn paints with too broad a brush and occasionally over generalizes, but I don't think he would knowingly and purposely state a falsehood. As a matter of fact, it looked to me like his mentioning Geert Wilders and the fascists was an incident of two thoughts running into each other with incomplete sentences. I could be wrong about that, but that was my first impression. Maybe the dude is a fascist philosophically while doing noble deeds… I have no idea. I am a fair interpreter of language, though, and if the facts just don't support what Glenn SEEMED to be saying, then maybe that wasn't what he intended to convey. Give the guy a break. When you spend 4+ hours on the air every day talking about things, you're bound to make hash of a thing or two.

  • Tyler

    You must not have seen the one where he had a TOTAL GOVERNMENT (left), NO GOVERNMENT (right) and then used DEMOCRAT (up) and REPUBLICAN (down) scale thing on his chalkboard.

    Of course the NOLAN chart actually shows the baseball diamond being TURNED AROUND on that. STATIST (bottom), LIBERTARIAN (top), CENTRIST (center) LIBERAL (left), CONSERVATIVE (right) as its dimensions.

    Geert's is DEFINITELY more along the lines of a STATIST since he wants to remove the current Islamofascism and replace it with HIS OWN fascism. You should watch the videos that william posted about Geerts' warning to America. He makes some good points and even presents a FEW GOOD SOLUTIONS, but in the end…a LOT of what he suggests sounds the SAME as HITLER'S FIRST ARGUMENTS towards NAZISM.

    “Islam is NOT a religion.” Hitler said the same about Judaism.
    Geerts wants a “dominant culture.” Hitler wanted a “dominant culture” as well.

    So…MAYBE Geerts wants to kill all Muslims and maybe he doesn't…but DON'T BE FOOLED by this guy posing as some kind of “hero.”

  • The corporation called the United States is finished, it's propaganda media outlets are collapsing, and parasites like Krauthammer and Kristol should evacuate to Israel now while they still have the chance to escape. As for Beck, he clearly isn't fit to breed and should be sterilized immediately.

  • Tyler

    I think if Glenn DOES clarify, I hope he clarifies the point that Geerts is STAYING ON THE SAME TRACK and just replacing Islamofascism with HIS OWN fascism. Geerts IS FASCIST…no question about it. Perhaps oh…as we do with Democrat & Republican all the time here in America…”lesser of two evils.”

    I WILL say that HIS fascism IS BETTER than Islamofascism…but FASCISM NONETHELESS.

  • Tyler

    If you're saying what I THINK you're saying, then I AGREE with you. Glenn really hasn't done anything wrong here and neither has the rest of Fox News. You goofballs come up with your own conspiracy theories, but NO OPINION was actually changed. He LOVES the fact that Geerts wants to champion free speech, but UNDERSTANDS that Geerts is wanting Holland to BECOME the very thing that it's FIGHTING AGAINST.

  • Acidock

    To put this into a little perspective. Mein Kampf is already banned in the Netherlands as hate speech. All Wilders is suggesting that since it is possible to already ban a book, then the Koran can also included on that list.

    Since he, and millions of others, think the Koran is permeated with hate speech.

  • Acidock

    Actually he is a hero.

    And as usual, you don't know what you are talking about.

  • Acidock

    Again, you are wrong.

    Wilders is not anti-Muslim.

    Tyler, wouldn't you be more at home at any Ron Paul like forums?

  • Acidock

    Here's 22 pages of Geert Wilders from Jihad Watch.

  • Tyler

    Other than the last sentence, I'd have to say that I DO know what I'm talking about here.

    As far as whether or not he's a hero…I suppose we'll see.

  • Tyler

    Hence…oh…say…replacing one form of fascism with HIS OWN?

    But hey…I don't know what I'm talking about…right?

  • Tyler

    You can't say you're anti-Islam, but NOT anti-Muslim which IS what Geerts says in the HNN interview Beck did with him. They're one and the same.

    As I said…I saw the 10 “Solutions” video with his warning speech in Florida. The solutions that propose to not allow Shiriah Law since it directly conflicts with our Constitution, to require these people (as well as any other immigrants for that matter) to make a legally binding pledge of allegiance to the U.S. when they come here, and fighting court cases with our own court cases on the side of their infringement of our 1st amendment rights is commendable.

    He says that Islam is NOT a relgion in this same video so that mosque building should be prohibited since according to him it DOESN'T fall under 1st amendment protection. He says that Islamic schools should be BANNED which is perfectly fine since he believes that this isn't a religoin…but Islam and Muslim ARE THE SAME…so this idea doesn't suit well.

    I can SEE that the guy means well. He just needs to RETHINK his “solutions,” so he doesn't sound like such a nutjob…and…oh…maybe get MORE SUPPORT than he currently has.

  • Acidock

    But hey…I don't know what I'm talking about…right?


  • Acidock

    Nay! You really don't know what you are talking about.

    You have been pawning your BS since I've been reading this forum.

    But hey, I don't expect much more from someone who is a Ron Paul truther.

  • Acidock

    I think Beck is going to have to screw up a little more than that, because I would hate to see him become a Ron Paul nutjob.

  • Acidock

    You can't say you're anti-Islam, but NOT anti-Muslim which IS what Geerts says in the HNN interview Beck did with him. They're one and the same.

    Completely different, but I don't expect a Muslim or Islam apologist like yourself to understand the world of difference.

    You're on a bad roll tonight. You crapped out a long time ago.

  • WLJ

    Maybe Glenn is trying to capture the conservatives starting to lean in a libertarian direction in the eventual hope of bringing them back into the fold when needed. I like Glenn Beck but sometimes I find his behavior suspicious. He seems to be an independent thinker but every once in a while he says something like that which directly contradicts his previous statements. Fascism, or National Socialism are creatures of the left, not the right and he himself has said this many times. Such contradictions from Beck a very strange and I honestly have no idea what it means.

  • Tyler

    Truther? I don't come up with wild conspiracy theories about the government bringing down the world trade center and even if I DID…I'd STATE it as a conspiracy THEORY since it can't be proven.

    Yes, I support Ron Paul because the man speaks his mind and sticks to his principles even when people think he's nuts. Sticking to our principles…more than I can say for most of our congress at the moment.

    Just so you know as well…Ron Paul didn't invent the “truther movement.” The MEDIA did as a way to distract the American people from REAL issues such as the bankrupting of our country and the attempt of our government to fundamentally transform our country with Obamacare…and since it's become a big deal all of a sudden…THE MUSLIM RELIGION OH MY GOD!!

    I'll come back when the topic has changed since there's not gonna be an agreement here no matter what points are brought up.

  • WLJ

    Beck did the same thing with Debra Medina, he has a track record of doing this kindof stuff. I think you might eventually see Beck turn against some of the tea party movement, especially if they start breaking away from the Republican party. The idea of attacking the “extreme right” and labeling them as fascist is the disturbing. The National Review did the same thing to much of the Barry Goldwater types and the Old Right in the 50s and 60s.

  • Tyler

    Did you see the interview he did with Ron Paul while he was on HNN where he offered to French Kiss him if only he weren't a man?

    I know this was posted elsewhere by somebody else on this site, but why the heck not?

  • Acidock

    And when that was posted I pointed out the Beck thinks Paul is a complete loon.

    I believe he said (paraphrased) 'Paul has 1 maybe 2 good ideas then he ties a rope around his neck and the other end to an anvil and jumps into abyss.'

    I think Beck nailed it pretty good.

  • Tyler

    Ya know…I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong and THIS…I'll admit I'm wrong on. I checked the dictionary for the meanings of Islam and Muslim and feel sort of somewhat stupid now.

    It DOES still kind of fascist to say “Hey. I have nothing against you people, but hate your religion. You should no longer be allowed to construct temples to practice your religion and should no longer wear head scarfs as proposed by your culture.”

    Yes, it's fascist for these people in their own countries to not allow Christians to construct churches or freely practicing their religion…but what reason is there to tell them that in your country?

    Once again…becoming what you're fighting against.

  • Acidock

    Ron Paul is a fruitcake.

    No one I know said he started the truther movement. That would be the leftist loons and not the media.

  • Tyler

    I'm too tired to continue this nonsense with you. Just so you can feel good about yourself…I concede. You win. Until the next bunch of nonsense that I feel the need to clarify…au revoir pour maintenant.

  • sillielizzie

    Makes you wonder if this has anything to do with that Wahabbist sheikh who bought 5% of Fox News. I'm afraid that “fair and balanced” has been 5% fixed against anyone who crosses the “religion of peace”. Personally, I wonder if glenn beck's OBVIOUS departure from everything he said all of last year isn't HIS way of tipping off all of US to the behind the scenes corruption at Fox. I mean, come on, we've all read the 5000 Year Leap and we know Beck isn't stupid. Perhaps he isn't ready to give up the platform to finish what he started, but threw us this smelly rotten fish to put us guard. I don't know. “we report, you decide”.

  • Acidock

    I didn't know we were in a contest.

    Clarify all you want. And of course I will point out some of the 'nonsense' you try to pass off as fact.

    As far as Ron Paul goes, well, we won't even get to a “agree to disagree” stage on that topic.

  • Acidock

    Ya know…I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong and THIS…I'll admit I'm wrong on. I checked the dictionary for the meanings of Islam and Muslim and feel sort of somewhat stupid now.

    Good for you. However, I have trouble with this since you claimed quite some time ago that you were well versed in Islam and were calling some posters out about their comments on Islam.

    If you didn't know that very simple fact then it suggests to me that perhaps you aren't on the up and up.

  • Tyler

    I read an American Koran and rushed through it. Perhaps there are ideologies I missed. That's why I've chosen to read through it again or perhaps try to find a better one because I like to learn what I can about ALL religions. I love the fascinating stories which people base their faiths on.

    If I said “well versed,” then that is my bad.

    Feel free to call me ignorant for never really bothering to figure out why Islam and Muslim always seemed so interchangable and/or any other reason you see fit, but PLEASE don't call me a liar.

    I'm more than willing to debate and if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. I was taught at a young age with a belt that lying is not something I should ever do.

  • Tyler

    Oh…also as a side note…we already agreed to disagree on the Ron Paul issue the second you talked about the “Ron Paul forums” because that means you immediately dismissed him as a nutjob and I doubt I ever will.

  • Charles Fernando

    Olavo de Carvalho said that Fox News had receive a lot of financial contribution from arabs, so they started not speaking the word “terrorists” on air anymore.

    I think everybody has a price, even these guys… we can't trust them that much, and know about men perversity is that what separates the right from the left.

  • This is scary! That Wilders don't differ islam from islamism isn't strange: the few brave secular Muslims who lives under protection in the West, like Wafa Sultan or Irshad Manji, explains that the error is within Islam. What Wilders has said is that the violent parts of Koran should be banned.

    Islam is a problem, but of course Muslims can either be very believing, and then we call them islamists, or less radical.

    But the religion islam is a problem when it comes to the Koran and Hadiths. This is reflected in all Muslim-, or even Muslim majority countries. Krauthammer and others need to understand this, otherwise we're in trouble!

  • Pingback: Glenn Beck Lost Me – Updated and Bumped | The Lonely Conservative()

  • lawrence2

    I like Beck, and have been watching him daily for almost a year, but he lost a lot of credibility in recent days. I really don't like how he went after Medina, especially since he said he has his own questions about 911, it really reminded me of how they attacked Ron Paul in 2008 (they asked all other candidates if they support small government, and then ask Paul, who never voted for increased spending, what he thinks about 911, even though he never had said anything about it) And I'm really disappointed that he would call Wilders a fascist after having him on his show twice. I have been following Wilders for quite some time, and feel that he is one of the few people who can get Europe out of the grips of progressive and leftist ideology.

  • keninmontana

    Okay I watched part 2 of the Beck video three times and I did not hear him refer to Wilders as a facist. He does talk about how things have historicaly gone in Europe in regards to political extremes. Hitler was not a pure facist he blended parts of socialism and bits of facism. If you want to look at facism in Europe Mussolini's Italy is the place to go. Is Wilders a facist? I don't believe he is, from doing a bit of research on his position I might call him a extreme nationist. Which actually is one trait of facists,but I don't believe he is one. Is there an insidious plot at Fox News? Sorry, I can't buy that based on a couple of guest commentators. You will need more than that to prove that theory. Every network has its loons.

  • moonbater

    Glen Beck will betray you in the end. he's becoming more and more careless lately.

  • michaeltomlinson

    Geert Wilders is not a fascist of demagogue. It was amazing that both Krauthammer and Kristol sounded like Geert when discussing the cowardice of European PCism and Muslim extremists. Krauthammer's suggestion that we use the Muslim community in America as an example of what might be called “good Islam” is a straw man. The Muslim community in Europe is larger and ready to flex its muscles to undermine the democratic nations of Europe. Wilders' is more like Churchill than his nemesis Adolf Hitler (whose favorite cleric was the Mufti of Jerusalem). As for Glenn Beck he is too self absorbed with himself to be credible. He is just pandering to the media elite and liberal establishment in the US and Europe in attacking Wilders. Like his buddy O'Reily he's hard to take seriously.

  • amywilson

    Yes, Tyler, I saw the chart Glenn Beck had with the Dem up & Rep down. I disagree with him on certain principles. Basically, he calls the Republicans EXTREME RIGHT while he moves them to the EXTREME LEFT. The republicans and democrats who are progressive are ALL LEFT – even his chart proved that and his documentary showed that Hilter was to the left. They are all far away from the founders. The problem I have is with his language – there is NO extreme right in this country or they would be called Libertarian anarchists. That is the ONLY extreme right that exists. Ron Paul is about as close as you can get to that. So, the term EXTREME RIGHT FASCIST is incorrect.

  • AresXIV

    Geert Wilders is pro-Zionist yet he wants to stop Europe's pro-third world immigration policy. Must be quite a predicament for the Fox Jews who are extremely pro-Zionist, yet very anti-White. I assume they'll probably smear him because getting rid of the White race is slightly more important to the Jews who run NewsCorp than supporting Israel.

  • AresXIV

    Geert Wilders is pro-Zionist yet he wants to stop Europe's pro-third world immigration policy. Must be quite a predicament for the Fox Jews who are extremely pro-Zionist, yet very anti-White. I assume they'll probably smear him because getting rid of the White race is slightly more important to the Jews who run NewsCorp than supporting Israel.

  • Pingback: Right Explodes at Fox over Geert Wilders()

  • bbitter

    Wow. Cubachi, do you listen to Glenn Beck often? watch often? Right and Left mean next to nothing to him. He is not for or against either, he is for LESS government, not more. If Geert Wilders is advocating the government mandating or banning anything in personal attire, in allowance for religion, then it is closer to totalitarian than freedom. Call it what you like; socialism, communism, fascism, whatever. I don't think Glenn wants anarchy, I think he wants about two steps down from anarchy. Little government control, freedoms, basic protections. If a group is infringing the rights and the pursuit of happiness of others, then the government should prosecute them on established laws over their basic rights. The government should not cater to the new, large group, or small group, or whatever, by legislating against them.

    I think you are jumping to conclusions as to what Glenn is saying. I don't think everything Glenn says is gospel, neither do I think Geert is infallible. I think they are men, who speak their minds, and you have to expect that to change over time and with more information. I believe both of these men can change, better or worse. However, I think the tendency to swing to extremes and get 'irritated… BIG TIME' over what another person thinks or says is unhealthy and leads to extremes. Look into it, if you disagree, then you do. If you don't, then you don't. Decide, sure.

    Swinging to the opposite extreme in response to another extreme is the problem Glenn is arguing against. I think what makes you upset is that Glenn is claiming that Geert represents Europe's tendency to look toward government as the answer, instead of individual freedoms, personal intelligence, and analytical thought. That was the point I understood.

    And that, I agree with. I may pay attention to Europe, but I am not emotionally invested in the political leaders they have there, or their futures. They do not represent me. I am only interested in how it affects my future in this nation, and how our representatives are trying to follow Europe.

    …I mean, Look at Obama and the Democrat leadership, and tell me that they don't crave the chance to be the aristocracy and kings of the USA. That, my friend, is the real issue. Your freedom. If we are following Europe, then we are just going to keep swinging to the extremes until we 'settle' on a 'king – leader' from one side or the other. If that happens, there will be too much 'irritation' on both sides to avoid conflict. I predict civil war, but I don't want it.

  • keninmontana

    Here is something to think about Glenn Beck is not a Republican,he is a Libertarian, he has stated this over and over on both CNN and Fox. Yes he is a Christian and makes no secret of it, but try as you might you are not going to agree him all the time,especially if you are a hard right Republican. By the way Senator Goldwater was a Libertarian as well, which implies a firm belief in The Constitution as it was written as to how our Republic is supposed to function. If you disagree with what Beck has to say call him up on his radio show and tell him about. But to start a “witch hunt” because you either disagree with or don't understand what he said puts you in the same category as the bloggers on the left or nut jobs like this AresXIV. Just a thought.

  • Pingback: Glenn Beck Owed Geert Wilders a Public Apology | Fort Liberty()

  • Acidock

    Welcome AresXIV, did you come straight from Stormfront?

  • frombigtosmall

    Since when are mormons christians?

  • Tyler

    Since ALWAYS.

    They just have a slightly altered belief on what they believe Jesus to actually be. It's sort of like the difference between Protestant and Catholic.

    They're BOTH denominations of Christianity, but Catholicism is different ENOUGH that people tend to think it's a separate religion when it's not.

    Useless, but fun fact…Christianity have OVER 34,000 denominations.

    SOME of the religious persecutions that went on during the middle ages were WITHIN Christianity AS WELL as AGAINST it. Catholics and Methodists fought and killed each other in England as well as Puritans and Quakers after the pilgrams settled.

    Religious violence is nothing new. It just has a NEW FACE now.

  • frombigtosmall

    I'm certainly being off-topic here but the point i'm trying to make is that not every religion or denomination involving Jesus should automatically be labeled Christianity. Why? Because of your first line. Islam has a slightly altered belief on what they believe Jesus to actually be. Really, that is a true statement. I'm not trying to denigrate any of the religions mentioned, but automatically refering to mormons as Christians is incorrect according to my point of view.

  • keninmontana

    Thats quite a stretch, in Islam, Jesus is considered a prophet which is considerably different from the Mormon's view of Christ.

  • Startabacklash

    Hi Tyler. First of all I think you need a clearer understanding as to what constitutes fascism. It was a political philosophy devised by Benito Mussolini and related specifically to Italy and his ambitions to overthrow the status quo and gain power. Here's a definition I found:
    n Fascism [ˈfӕʃizəm]
    a nationalistic and anti-Communist system of government like that of Italy 1922-43, where all aspects of society are controlled by the state and all criticism or opposition is suppressed (
    From… While socialism (particularly Marxism) came into existence as a clearly formulated theory or program based on a specific interpretation of history, fascism introduced no systematic exposition of its ideology or purpose other than a negative reaction against socialist and democratic egalitarianism.
    You can also go to this site:…. It gives very concise and clear definitions.

    Can you please tell me if this is what Geert Wilders believes in and is proposing for his country- The Netherlands?
    I would argue that the term fascism should be applied very carefully and should respect its origins and for me it really applies to Mussolini's political philosophy (although there are similiarities with Nazism and Franco's Spain). Using these terms so loosely does a disservice to the real definition and also to the victims of this virulent political philosophy and system.
    Also it is an insult to freedom fighters like Mr Wilders who cannot be compared to trash such as Mussolini. Until his policies and actions and statements mirror or are similar to what Mussolini stood for and agitated for, you shouldn't use this word to describe Wilders. That's just my feeling.

  • Startabacklash

    Regarding a ban on Islam, how do you pinpoint that as fascism? It wouldn't hurt the country and would actually help promote freedom of expression and end Islamic intimidation. People are rightly terrified of saying anything disparaging about Islam as doing so comes with the risk of physical harm as well as other negative consequences. Better to slay the beast and preserve the peoples' rights to free expression, right? This is a laudable thing. He wants to ban it because history and the tenets of Islam itself, and its practice even today, prove that it is a mortal danger and threat to any nation or people it comes into contact with. You don't drink poison or play with fire because they are harmful. The same can be said for Islam. It is a cancer and destroys or tries to destroy anything that stands in its way. You see my picture of Shiva? Do you think if Islam had had its way with India this symbol of Hindu culture would have survived? No it probably wouldn't have. Muslims would have wiped every trace of it from existence if they had prevailed and I wouldn't have the benefit of using it as an inspiration for me in my life today. Learn Islamic history and learn what the Koran says. To tolerate the contents of the koran is tolerate the intolerable and to accept people who believe these things in your midst is dangerous and foolhardy and a recipe for disaster.

  • rmm413

    I suppose you would consider Charles Martel or any other European who fought and stopped the Muslim invasion of Europe at the Battle of Tours or the Battle of Vienna a fascist too? After all, they didn't respect the right of Muslims to take over Europe and make their religion the dominant one. How intolerant of them!

    I don't agree with the idea of banning any book, but neither does Wilders. He has said that on several occasions. He has merely said that if the government insists on banning hate speech anyway, then they should ban the Koran too for inciting people to murder (he has quoted directly from the Koran in this regard). What exactly makes him like Hitler? Because he has the guts to try to save his country without accepting the lefty, idealist, multi-cult cultural relativism that unfortunately so many on the right also buy into? You insult Hitler's victims by comparing a European conservative, who happens to be un-PC, to Hitler. Wilders is part Jewish and a big supporter of Israel–I think that it is in especially bad taste to compare him to Hitler.

    It is not going to be in America's interests to allow a Muslim takeover of Europe (which is exactly where demographic trends are heading). I wish more supposed “conservatives” would realize that.

  • rmm413

    Mitch, what is your definition of fascist? Wilders wants to cut taxes, lessen the power of the EU over Dutch life, and return more power to the Dutch people. He's also one of the biggest supporters of Israel in Europe. It seems to me that this is the exact opposite of what true fascists support (centralized government under totalitarian leadership). In fact, it sounds to me a lot like what most Tea Party folks support.

    The “many aspects of Islam” that he has said that he wants to ban are: lack of rights for women, stoning of/violence against homosexuals, attacks on Jews, honor killings, and incitements to violence (i.e., jihad). If Dutch Muslims want to practice these particular things, why not go back to North Africa or the Middle East and do so there? These things are totally inimical to everything the Netherlands stands for. Why should the Dutch be forced to accept them just so they can appear to be “tolerant”? It is their country, why should the Dutch people be forced to accept the transformation of their country into a “New Morocco”? Who in their right mind would see that as an improvement?

    Some of the things that Wilders says are very un-PC. But he's the best hope for the Dutch to stop the Muslim takeover of their country (look at the demographic trends and the expressed goals of some Dutch Islamic leaders to see what I'm talking about). The Muslims have already brutally murdered Theo van Gogh on the streets of Amsterdam for showing the way women are treated under Islam. Muslims have already made hundreds of death threats against Wilders, so that he has to live under the 24-hour-a-day protection of bodyguards. How much freedom, democracy, and tolerance do you believe there will be in Holland under Muslim rule?

    Tossing around malicious labels like “fascist” is a common weapon of those who want to shut down free debate. Beck should have known better than to emulate the Marxist playbook here. If he disagrees with Wilders, he should argue against his positions; he shouldn't just call him names and try to stigmatize him.

  • Pingback: The Weekly Wilders Round-Up « Defend Geert Wilders()

  • billwhit

    I have always been a fan of Beck and of Wilders. I missed the show in question and will have to check it out. If Beck did call Wilders a Facist, then Beck will have lost a lot of respect from me. Wilders is trying to save Holland and Europe from the Insanity of these Satan Worshiping Scum, the Muslims! He is one of the few men in Europe that actually have a set of Testicles, the rest, especially the politicians of the EU, are all Enuchs! They will sell their people out just for their political gain, just as the Pontus, Obama, will do to the American People, since he is also a Muslim Satan Worshiper!

  • billwhit

    I call it an Ideology instead of a Religion. If it has to be labeled a Religion then it is a Satan Worshiping religion. What kind of “god” would offer sex for murdering innocent people? Only Satan! Islam is a “religion” of Satan Worship! Allah is Satan! Mohammud heard the voice of Satan in the darkness of a cave. Satan loves darkness. My God, the God of Israel and Christians, is a God of Love, Light, and Laughter. The Islamic enity of Allah/Satan is one of Darkness, Death, and Destruction! Ever wonder why everywhere muslims live is a craphole? Because the love Satan!

  • If you want the truth as to why FNC is now treating Islamists with kid gloves, you need to research and expose Islam's George Soros. Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owns 5% of NewsCorp, FNC's parent company. He is buying his way into American media and higher education to promote Islamic apologia and lay the foundations for domestic jihad. He bought his way into Harvard, Georgetown Universities Muslim-Christian engagement center or something like that, and through NewsCorp he influences FNC, the Wall Street Journal, the NY Post and HarperCollins Publishing. He bought off Glenn Beck.

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