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Beck can’t believe that there’s a politician whose last name actually sounds like a horrific murder. And he accidentally says it on the air! Oh the humanity!


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  • John

    For the sake of civility and peace, I hope Congresswoman S******** denounces her family’s history and changes her name to something that isn’t dangerous to political discourse.

    Perhaps she could change her name to “Congresswoman Diversity”. Much safer…

  • Blakeab85

    TSA ….John Pistole.

  • Blakeab85

    Ban anything written or spoken from Shakespeare.


    B52’s turned into butterflies WE LOSE .

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing I love better than ridiculous sarcasm used to make a point.

  • Marie

    LMAO…. bad bad Beck….

  • gingerpee

    This is humour? From a man who thought it funny to mock a colleague’s wife for her recent miscarriage live on air….

    • Rich

      Excellent job with ad hom. here.

    • Jonnyboy

      your name says it all gingerpee your says all we need to know.

    • Jonnyboy

      your name says it all gingerpee your says all we need to know.

  • Hannahlmatt

    This must be a product of my cabin fever, but the e4 logo on the wall looks like a frog…….

    • Anonymous

      lol I was thinking the same thing.

    • Tyler

      I did too while I was watching it, but looking at it, I believe it’s gotta be electricity.

  • Tyler

    Haha. Glenn…stop it…you’re killing me. Wait…I didn’t mean it that way, men in suits. C’mon. Get your hands off me. I just meant he’s funny. What’re you doing with that duct…mm…MMM….MMMMM!

  • Elmerfudd

    Ahhhh Glenn,
    Must you give THEM any more ideas?!

    If a new law is passed where we have to wear duck tape on our mouths sometime in the new future.
    I am going to blame you! (While Thanking God that duck tape is available in a wide variety of color and designs these days.)
    Hmmm. Could the company have seen this coming?

    Anyway, thanks for what you do best -which is make us laugh at the stupidity of it all!