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  • texasgirl46

    Great show…I watched a little of it today but missed a lot…So glad you posted it…:)

  • Weird…

    Weird… was the word that came immediately to mind at the end of video segment 1 when the last words were spoken… to be authentic, the white person must first “… give back what you took.”

    Beck hit a home run when he said that Jesus was NOT a victim… he gave his life (… as a ransom… for sin… of ALL people… red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in his sight).


  • weihuang
  • Question 4 weihuang…

    What does “ANDROID SYSTEM|ANDROID PHONE|ANDROID PRODUCT” have to do with “collective salvation” vs. “individual salvation” as Glenn Beck has articulated it in video segment 4?

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    Hey, what's good for the goose is good for the gander… as “they” say, right, weihuang?

    Just sayin' and hopin'… good things for your business.


  • KeninMontana

    Great show, I think Beck really nailed it this time.But like he said the smears will begin shortly, in fact they are probably working furiously on the talking points now.

  • Wow! Absolutely wonderful episode. When my buddy called me today and told me I needed to watch it, I knew it had to be a special episode because he just doesn't normally urge me to watch – since he knows I already listen to Glenn's show.

    This is an episode that should be passed along merely for the fact of Glenn literally preaching the gospel on a news program in a venue that normally would never have it done. Could you see Bill O'Reilly preaching the gospel on his show? How about Keith Olbermann? How about on the CBS evening news?!

    Too cool. Tres cool.

  • This is timely…

    HERE is a link to the latest video of LTC ALLEN WEST… speaking recently… at a Florida church.

    I spent 14 years as a missionary/teacher… THIS MAN KNOWS (K N O W S!) THE WORD (you can NOT fake as broad an understanding, recall and grasp of New AND Old Covenant scripture… NO WAY!).

    NOTE: I do NOT post this as a 'preach' thing to anyone. I DO post it as an encouragement

    1. To ALL American citizens who have grown faint, searching for TRUE, AMERICAN LEADERSHIP in this current crop of curs

    2. To all citizens of FAITH, who are wondering if ANY of our potential national leaders… have ANY true connection to the tenets of our Faith, let alone the God of our Peace.

    Joyfully, I can say (and show)… “YES!”

    CM Sackett

  • God bless Glenn Beck! He put another piece of the puzzle in for me. These people have a perverted sense of salvation!

  • Josie

    Powerful and important to repeat. I think this is one of the most important segments that Glenn aired. Makes alot of sense when someone connects the dots for you and the light goes on. Church message has been so misrepresented for so many years that even though we heard we could not see why/what/where it related to our lives. Starting to be clear but hard to know what to do about it. Our only hope is to trust God and hope our faith is strong enough to make it through.