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  • CDS in Manitoba

    Some observations:

    – George Soros is definitely evil.

    – Glenn Beck is definitely funny and should have his own cartoon show. It should be in the 1950s-1960s Hanna-Barbera or Rocky and Bullwinkle style.

    – It's time to disconnect that red phone. They ain't gonna call ya, Glenn! Save some money and cancel that line.

    – We know that NBC won't cover these stories for obvious reasons, but I can't believe that the other networks are still not investigating this stuff. Wow. (And you would think that Microsoft would cut all ties with NBC by now if they had any sense.)

    – Yes, it looks like that website is real and every bit as goofy as Glenn said it was.

  • texasgirl46

    2 billion dollars? WTF? This is all just to crazy…

    And I don't understand why BP should be responsible for the halt of other oil companies drilling……If I were BP….I'd say NO…Hell NO….

  • This was one of GB's best shows. He is at his best when he is funny and animated while at the same time shining a spotlight on the shenanigans of the BHO administration. His staff does great research. It is a shame no other media outlets will ever cover this stuff.

  • Charles Fernando

    When George bought 800 millions in Petrobras actions. A few time later they discover the “pré-sal” and George gets richier.. Olavo de Carvalho talks about it

    but it has no translation to english…

  • Why arn't any state AG's looking into this and much more ,the republican party can't hire investagators- if the republicans gain control of congress in nov. and don't act, will it mean no goverment of, for or by the people. The global warming theory has been debunked in the rest of the world and Obama still pursues it at our economical detrament, have no doubt the rebublicans have helped lead us to this place I have no confidence they will lead us to the shining city from here.

  • The Sum Of All Fears…

    George Soros reminds me of the Tom Clancy character in his 1991 novel, The Sum Of All Fears… the movie version.

    The book has Islamic terrorism as the enemy while the movie was PCfied with WW2 recalcitrant Nazi's as the enemy who have a scheme to correct history … and Soros reminds me of the head Nazi who has the vision and the money.


  • KeninMontana

    This stinks on ice, the deeper this goes the worse it gets.It's time some actions are taken.

  • KeninMontana

    I posted this on another thread and some of you may have already read it,but after watching this episode of Beck it came back screaming at me and seemed more relevant here.
    A timeline for a theory;
    Six weeks prior to the explosion that ultimately sank Deepwater Horizon, BP reports serious problems at the well that could mean a catastrophic failure of the wellhead,to MMS.
    The day before the explosion Goldman-Sachs,who has ties to the Obama administration via former employees in cabinet and advisory positions short sells BP stock.
    April 21st The rig explodes Killing 11 workers.
    April 22nd The rig sinks.
    While the well spews oil into the gulf exceeding all estimates, The President dithers, no action taken to get the missing containment equipment that the government was supposed to have ready to be deployed to the site. At the same time refusing offers of assistance from foreign experts,citing the Jones Act,which could be waived by an Executive order by a President known for them.
    Finally June 16th The President and BP sign an agreement setting up a 20 billion dollar fund and by this agreement possibly limit future liability of BP.

    Anyone else smell a rat or twelve?

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  • kristinegalassi

    Glenn, I have been listening to you for eight years now and it only took one radio show before I knew that you were truly a gifted storyteller and purveyor of fascinating information. It was no surprise to me that you found a home on Fox. Yesterday's show was phenomenal. Thank you and your incredible staff for bringing all this( and so many other integrally pertinent issues of this administration) to light. Stick with it buddy, we stand with you!

  • Josie

    Is this the time when the Angels come down to look for two honest men among us? I am stunned.
    I really, really wanted to be wrong with thinking that the oil spill was just too convenient. It won't bring back the dead sea life but these greedy s.o.b.'s should be made to pay every dime they have to clean up the destruction. The whole world should be up in arms at Soros and this administration and maybe even leaders from other countries that have closed their eyes to it. Certainly Bazil knew what was going to happen.
    Normal people just can't grasp things at this level and we are surrounded by greedy thieves that have taken over.
    I am grateful at the risk that Glenn is taking by revealing this scam and hope he has top rate security.

  • SirJamesBond007

    Taking what you said and putting it with the information discussed in today's show, for example: George Soros investing heavily in Petrobas a few months before the explosion at BP then Obama putting the moratorium on drilling in the States, it becomes painfully obvious there is a serious problem. There are just too many “coincidences” at work here, and George Soros' greedy slip has really gone a long way towards letting the cat out of the bag. My thought is that we haven't heard the end of this one.

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