Glenn Beck Show – March 25, 2011

Beck said on the radio today that tonight’s show is about the Fed and it wasn’t going to be mamby pamby.


Big thanks to for uploading the video and writing the description.

In 5 parts:

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent show. It’s about time this stuff about the FED started making it out in the mainstream.

  • Anonymous

    Another cartel created by the government to stifle competition, fleece the population, benefit the oligarchy, and further enrich the government-bedding plutocrats!?

    Who would haver suspected? Other than every Austrian Economist and political Libertarian to ever open his mouth about anything, of course?

  • Anonymous

    Buckle Up is right!

  • Elmerfud71

    The Fed is the reason we have a huge over reaching federal government. Without the ability to get quick easy money, they wouldn’t be able to fund the wars, health care bills, homeland security, etc etc, etc. There is no way that they could tax the American people to pay for it. Nobody would vote them in twice. The Fed is crucial to buying elections. They fund the banks, who fund the corporations, who fund the nonprofits, etc. Otherwise, 1B dollar elections wouldn’t be possible.

    If Ron Paul cannot win, it is because the American people can be manipulated, controlled, and fooled with the almighty dollar. So many dollars equals so many votes. Only world government shills get the funding. That is why Obama is has continued, and added to, Bush’s agenda. It isn’t really their agenda.

    I gave up on politics a while back. We cannot win our freedom in this process. We could if Americans were smart enough and independent, but they are not. It is always interesting to see who they are propping up for the next run, and how they are going about it.

    The first clip froze up on me. I will have to watch it later, I guess.

    • Elmerfud71

      I just saw the whole thing. I have been waiting for him to cover it for a long time. He did cover it well. It was interesting to me that he referred to himself as the biggest conspiracy theorist ever, as he also called people who believe in the Bilderberg group conspiracy nuts. I would call that a suspicious contradiction. It seems to me that Alex Jones could probably legitimately make that claim. Makes me wonder what Glenn’s agenda is there. Maybe just a tactic of competition, or to qualify himself as the extreme guy to be attractive to those with an ear for it.

      By the way, the Bilderbergs are well known and admitted by many who have attended. It appears that they are the modern day Jeckle Island.

  • G Edward Griffin has a movie out and its worth watching .

  • Beck is putting the MSM to shame. You could watch the MSM all your life and still have no idea what’s going on. We are at the mercy of the Fed and we can’t even ask who makes up the board.

    Kudos to Glenn Beck for taking a sober and honest look at what is really controlling the US economy.

  • Anonymous

    Great show as always.

    I felt uncomfortable learning the truth at first though, in thinking about how an administration could attempt to reform such a powerful shadowy organization which would resist by deliberately wrecking the economy, resulting in the blame going to the administration attempting the reforms.

    One answer mentioned in the show was via. individual states seeking to set up gold/silver legal tender, as an alternative to the dollar. Efforts are currently ongoing in North Carolina & Utah.

    • Elmerfud71

      As they said, the system is set up in such a way that an anti Fed candidate will never make it in. If they did, they might end up like Kennedy. I’m not saying that the Fed killed Kennedy, just for the record. In recent history, congress passed a bill to audit the fed. As they were deliberating the Fed manipulated a drop in the stock market of 1K points in ten minutes. Then slowly brought it back. Subsequently, they passed the bill for the American people, but neutered it before they did.

    • Elmerfud71

      Not to mention the bailouts. One congressman told about how they were strong arming the congress by saying that we would have martial law if we didn’t pass them. It later came out that the Fed was behind the rhetoric. It might have actually been true, but the point was that congressmen and women were pushed to that extent by the urging of the Fed. The bailouts were for the banks that lost massive amounts of money in derivatives that were backed by the Fed. They went to the “chosen” ones. As Griffen said, it is a total ponsi scheme, and it isn’t even so much about the money as it is control. If it is about control, then what control are they after? If they are purposefully shutting down our economy and sucking the wealth out of society, what is the point. Who is the Fed working for? Makes me wonder.

      • Anonymous

        I can see the attraction for the “green economy” now – they were seeking another speculative bubble, after the internet and housing ones. “Global warming” was a huge scam, not only pushed by watermelons (green on the outside, red communism on the inside), but also by banks and hedge funds.

        The other part of the “green economy” strategy was obviously world governance which would create more unaccountable global institutions, where money could be bilked off without anyone noticing.

        In the bankers’ desperation, after the “green economy” fail, they will push harder for some form of “new world order” to enable world governance and new unaccountable corrupt global organizations that they dream of setting up. Not a conspiracy – we only need to look at the UN’s corrupt oil-for-food program for Iraq after the first Gulf War, as well as the billions of taxpayer dollars given to the IMF every year.

  • Maxwell Genaw

    Excellent show, real truth finally spoken from Glenn Beck, I can’t believe he mentioned the Rothschild. WOW this has truly changed my mind about Glenn Beck keep up the good work.

    • Mpgenaw

      Watch Glenn Beck I am not to sure he may be using tactics against us true patriots, snakes in the grass.

      • KeninMontana

        I tend to keep a watchful eye on anyone referring to themselves as “true” anything, that’s one of the “warning” signs of zealotry, and zealotry has proven to be the most dangerous of all traits.

        • Anonymous

          Weak-kneed RINO!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!1!!!!!1!!!one

    • Elmerfud71

      He has to do something to stay relevant. He goes out of bounds slightly, once in a while. Then retreats back into monotony.

  • Anonymous

    Full Show

  • Anonymous

    Decent show, Glenn didn’t do too bad of job of interrupting the guests and answering the question for them. He did a great job of explaining the Fed. I don’t understand the live audience thing, waste of air time to me, they never really get to engage. I guess for them it’s fun to be on the show so kudos to them. It was great to see the one young kid planning for his future.

    A while back Glenn criticized the Tea Party for wearing costumes and patriotic garb to rallies. Today he is wearing a huge founders head icon on his shirt that is butt ugly and distracting as heck. He needs to follow his own advice. This is where to me Glenn makes himself look silly and is just too much. A while back it was the thingy on his sleeve, I think it was the old version of the purple heart? I give him credit that he is not promoting and marketing this stuff to fans to make a quick buck. Showing loyalty, wearing a belief icon/logo is great when done tastefully, but this thing on his shirt today makes him look like a goober. The man seems to need a lot of aids to be daily reminders, nothing wrong w/it but he does have a ton of them considering he does this for a living.

    At least we didn’t have to watch the “Warning Will Robinson” back drop w/the ladders. I find that distracting too w/the blinking lights. Looks like retro Star Trek computer system or something. I know I focus on the weird stuff, but the message comes in a package.

  • Randyfricke

    Those of us who having nothing that can be taken away are just ahead of the curve. This addiction to wealth is a waste of time. One good solar flare…

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