GOWDY: You don’t have discretion on whether to follow the law or not… HOLDER: I disagree…

Trey Gowdy really exposes the lawless nature of Eric Holder in this exchange about mandatory minimums. Holder is trying to bypass the law by telling his attorneys not to divulge to the courts the amount of drugs that were seized from the offender. In doing this, the court can’t invoke mandatory minimum laws because they don’t know the amount.

It’s this exchange that caught my attention:

GOWDY: That’s my point, is that your memo is trumping a congressional statute.

HOLDER: Well, I mean, we always have discretion. And, would you say that…

GOWDY: But you don’t have discretion on whether to the follow the law or not. That’s my point.

HOLDER: No, no, I would disagree in the sense that, taking into account resource constraints, it is incumbent upon those of us in the executive branch to make the maximum use of the resources that Congress gives to us. That necessarily means we’re always making choices about the kinds of cases we bring, how we deal with cases we bring…

GOWDY: But you’re already expending the resources of the prosecution or you and I wouldn’t be having the question. This is all about sentencing. I have no qualms if you say I’m gonna decline prosecution. You have an unfettered right to do that.

What I’m saying is you don’t have the right to say, in mandatory minimum cases, don’t tell the grand jury what the drug amount is.

Holder believe his ‘discretion’ gives him the power to ignore the law as long as he can cite ‘resources’ as the excuse. This is exactly the argument Obama is using regarding deportation of illegals. They ignore congressional law and claim they don’t have the resources needed to fully enforce the law. In reality they are pushing their own agendas which, in this case, is trying to keep minorities out of prison even when drug amounts are severe enough that the law demands prison time.

I would add that Holder also seems fairly outmatched in this debate with Gowdy, as he confuses prosecution and sentencing. Not only does Gowdy expose Holder’s motives, he also exposes what a light weight Holder is when it comes to defending his lawlessness.

Watch the full clip below:

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  • nobs

    The next President would do well with Trey Gowdy as his/her AG and America might see justice again.

    • This guy is great. I want Gowdy for AG. As for president there are a few I like, but no question about my wanting Gowdy for AG

  • “You’re being totally truthful” in so much as you’re not sharing with the jury or grand jury all of the E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E, Eric. For such a short head of gray fuzz, this guy sure splits an awful lot of hairs.

    At this point, all I’m hoping is that we reach an age of reason where everyone will look back and realize what a joke Eric Holder has been. The fact that there has been no outrage by anyone to have this guy either held in contempt OR calls for his resignation is a bad, bad joke.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Holder is merely following the example and the lead of his president. Only the laws those two like are enforced; if they don’t like a law for whatever reason, they completely ignore it and do as they please. Laws mean zip to those two.

  • nibblesyble

    This gets my heart racing, Gowdy is magnificent and Holder is pathetic and dangerous.

    • TimBones

      Yes, Holder & his master, Obama. are dangerous. Both are ignoring duly passed laws and are not upholding their oaths of office to follow the Constitution. This behavior is a big step towards tyranny–one wrapped in the lie it’s being done out of compassion or the generosity of big government.

  • mike3e4r7

    Is it asking too much that, if we get a Republican senate, they impeach Holder?

    • TellingHistory

      It’s asking too much if McConnell gets reelected. All McConnell does is make deals with Obama so that America comes out on the short end of the deal.

      • Neal Duffie

        Sounds right, and Linda Gayham is competing against McConnell to see who can lick obozo’s arse white first.

    • Didn’t Holder indicate he’s stepping down at the end of this year

      • OldGal46

        I believe I read something about that recently, kk…and I pray that ‘dream’ come true!

    • clevonlittle

      takes 2/3 of the Senate to convict after the House votes to impeach . Anyone really think that you will get 15 or 16 Democrat Senators to vote to convict a black attorney general ? If I were a Democrat , oh boy , bring it on , Bill Clinton 2.0 .
      Give Gowdy the gavel…………oversight won’t be an endangered specie or an obsolete , arcane term .

  • stage9

    These two men need to switch seats. Gowdy needs to be the next Attorney General.

    • J C

      They don’t need to switch seats, HOLDER needs to go to prison and Gowdy needs to be the AG LOL!

  • PicklePlants

    Movie idea –
    Mr. Gowdy Goes to Washington.

    Go ahead – run with it.

    • jrt

      He’s already there. AG should be his next step with Cruz as President, West as VP, and Palin as Speaker of the house. Can you imagine the chemistry and wheels that would be turning

    • K9_00BK

      What? You expecting Liberialwood to make a movie about this?

  • Lovelives

    Resource constraints? that is a good one. How much money have we spent looking for this plane? How much money have we wasted promoting the beloved obamacare?

  • Laurel

    Liberal AG’s at state and federal level think their job is that of activist and not law enforcement. When electing an AG in your state take a close look at how they view the law because they will choose not to enforce and or defend it. See cop hater Camalla Harris and Jerry Brown.

    What Holder is attempting to do with his selective enforcement is mitigate sentencing since in his view Blacks in the penal system, and even areas like public school system, are ‘unfairly’ subjected more enforcement. Never mind they commit more crimes…pay no attention to that man behind the curtain….

    • Betsey_Ross

      You got it! It’s all for “his people”.

      • Patriot077

        In his own words, too, just in case someone misinterprets and calls You a raycisst.

  • Tread7

    Holder is criminal complicit !

  • jayray78

    Trey Gowdy is quite the guy….but damn that haircut. Come on man!

    • OldGal46

      Mr. Gowdy’s hair is not what’s important here…I’m sure you agree, jayray?

      • jayray78

        I agree. He’s a very effective speaker and well educated. He also seems to have the will of the people in his heart. But still….

    • blueangel69

      Mebbe he should just wear a funny hat?

    • K9_00BK

      Take a look at Eric’s hair cut. Must use the same barber (no offense directed at barbers) as zero.

  • kong1967

    They do have the right to determine what laws can reasonably be enforced based off of available resources to accomplish it. But the administration is ignoring laws for political reasons and using the “resource” excuse. This administration is the most corrupt and crooked I have ever seen.

    • olddog

      Been watching this movie 67 years and WITH OUT (D)oubt these TWITS are 100% THUGS..and that is being kind.

      • kong1967

        Yeah, I agree. I think they make the mafia seem like a children’s club or something. They are that bad.

      • K9_00BK

        Ya, been watching the same re-runs for 75 years…same bull feathers every time. Term limits, no pensions, no benefits, minimum wage salary unless approved by “We The People” and not approved by themselves. After that, either jail time or a rope depending on their service. Will be interesting how many of these progressive elites will want a life time as a “public servant.”

    • leoangel

      Chicago gangster mentality. They have been consumed with “community organizing,” for so long, i.e. bullying, illegal activities, fraud, etc; they forgot that the rest of the country doesn’t do business this way…

      • kong1967

        Normally they try to hide their actions because they know it’s corrupt, but under Obama they are being corrupt in broad daylight without a care.

        • cattastrophe

          Only because the media is the propaganda arm of the Socialist Democrat party. Obama never would have been elected in the first place if not for the media.

          • kong1967

            There’s no doubt about that.

  • d1comment

    Now, why would the US Attorney General not want to tell the Grand Jury how much drugs were involved…? hmmmm

    • Brandon Meadows


    • sunny28

      He’s trying to kepp so any black men out of prison. Look it up.

  • Love Trey!!!

  • Judy Jones

    can we clone Trey? love his attitude!

  • Duddioman

    Trey Gowdy for AG!

    In a Cruz Administration, that would work wonders!

  • barry soetoro

    FIRING SQUAD for Holder, Hussein, McCain, Pelosi, BOEHNER and the rest of these Marxists and Moslems.

  • sjmom

    Trey is a very smart guy.

    • aliswell

      He should NOT have caved at the last minute and conceded he could be wrong. He WASN’T wrong on any count and this wishy-washy method of handling Holder is WHY the AG continues in rogue fashion to ignore the laws of the land and invent laws as he goes.

  • Darren Wilkens

    I wish him, Obama, Hitlery, Biden, McCain and every other anti constitution waste of life would all suffer heart attacks at the same time. This is not the America I grew up to love and eventually serve.

    • leoangel

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • Winter Hope

    It’s always amazing to me how Gowdy can ask Holder a question, and Holder looks as though he was trying to understand another language! Holder is an idiot!!! PERIOD!!

  • John Queue

    Holder is a criminal piece of excrement. He should be treated as such; scooped up with a shovel and tossed onto the midden heap with the rest of his progressive slime.

  • 57thunderbird

    Holder should be dressed in prison orange.

  • John Queue

    Trey Gowdy has a knack for showing just how dumb Eric Holder is…and that Holder is nothing more than a tool doing what he’s told to do… What a sack of crap Holder is…

  • mcrognale

    Trey for President. Period.

    • jrt

      No, that would be a waste. Gowdy should be Attorney General.

      • mcrognale

        Yeah, that would be a better idea. He could then reign in the FBI, ATFE, etc. He could also start the demilitarization of the local police forces.

  • ratizbad

    The Chicago Two (Hussein Holder) are the only threat we have in America.Time for the house cleaning to begin.

  • ronedee

    One has to ask the question…..WHY?! For God’s sake WHY?

    • pj

      National torpor

      • ronedee

        aka: Brain Dead

  • follis1

    There never will be justice as long as Holder is the head of the Department

    of Justice.

  • Bear589

    History is replete with fallen empires whose greatest enemy and ultimate destruction came from the inside.

  • catfood

    When is enough enough from this clown ?

  • Mk Jessup

    Why would anyone be surprised at the actions and behavior of Janet Reno’s protege’ ? The fish rots from the head down, which is why I say:

    • Poptoy1949

      Dear Mark, You Sir have the perfect Avatar to post what you just posted and I agree with it 1000000000 %

  • Dan Defoe

    “Tyranny and anarchy are never far asunder” Jeremy Bentham

  • ScarlettNY

    I love Trey Gowdy! He doesn’t suffer fools.

    • K9_00BK

      And Eric is a fool…and always has been.

  • madeuce42

    We are victimized by the ignorant, apathetic masses who believe their Bullshit or just don’t care as long as the check comes

  • Dramamama54

    Trey Gowdy is my hero!

  • notebene

    Trey Gowdy is a real prosecutor and Holder is nothing but an affirmative action dummy, that not only has nothing in the way of real legal experience, except academic, socialist rhetoric. Holder does not deal in law, but marxist agendas.

    • ki-lee

      you got that right

    • CassandraBird

      nailed that one

    • sno_warrior

      yea! Last night I dreamed that I was a spectator in a court room where Holder was being tried by ‘the people’ for ‘treason’… Trey Gowdy was the prosecutor and Louie Gomert was the presiding judge. Great dream!

      • faxxmaxx

        Really a great dream!

  • Soxtory

    This is the same AG who will do nothing if Lois Lerner is cited for contempt.

  • SisterMary

    “GOWDY: But you don’t have discretion on whether to the follow the law or not. That’s my point.
    HOLDER: No, no, I would disagree…”

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is really all one needs to know about the mindset of our current administration.

    • Jazzee

      amen Sister


      You got that right!!

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Exactly. Holder is nothing more than a tool.

  • Terry

    Gowdy does a #1 job at confronting the criminals in the Obama administration. However, there is no consequence. Where are the teeth in this confrontation? Why doesn’t congress sight him for contempt and put his a** in jail?

  • Jazzee

    well ladies and gents then LAWS mean nothing for us too
    they are pushing for this country to explode are they not???????????????????
    you cannot have a country without LAWS idiot Holder you lying jerk
    resign go away please corrupt jerk

  • Yazz55

    Don’t seem to be no shortage of resources when it comes to going after the Tea Party for complying with the US constitution.

  • Douglas Moose
  • BS61

    I despise big mouth Trey who refuses to appoint a special prosecutor

    • Red Dirt Ready

      I think there are other factors in the overall failure to appoint a special prosecutor. There is only so much one of many can do all at once. The man is a masterful litigator. Now, that being said, who is in charge of the mans hair? Whats going on there? LOL

    • Darrell Griffin

      Gowdy does not have the position to do that unilaterally. He HAS pushed for it.

    • Conserv_58

      I despise fececious comments made by egregiously clueless and ignorant people. You clearly have no idea that Mr. Gowdy’s role does not give him sole decision making power.

  • alexandron

    As long as Trey Gowdy and others keep the heat on by asking questions that expose the mindset of the respondents to the public, I don’t care if a special prosecutor is ever appointed. A hired gun can aim in any direction that might benefit themself over the long run.

  • 1tootall

    Isn’t this the standard for dems now? Isn’t this why they don’t have a budget in the Senate, (no budget so no one will know how much is going out)??? Most transparent admin in history…..My [email protected]@.

  • sdharms

    Do we have the resources to send 200 federal agents to Nevada to russle cattle?

    • cattastrophe

      Obama says, “yes we can”.

  • Zephaniah

    Gowdy is correct. Holder’s job is not only to follow the laws, but to enforce all laws until some court throws them out as unconstitutional. Holder is not allowed to make that decision. His failure to enforce a law is either malfeasance or misfeasance or nonfeasance in public office — common law crimes for which he can and should be prosecuted. Period. The enforcement of our laws is the job of the executive branch of government exercised in this instance through the AG/Holder. A law suit – petitioning for a writ of mandamus is the appropriate action (as well as criminal charges) — this is a request to the court asking for an order directed to a public official to enforce the law/comply with the law.

    • Red Dirt Ready

      But this idiot, Holder, is only acting as the Obama family’s private attorney. The American people have been silenced by the ideology of public acceptance (apathy) and political correctness and here we are. Governed by the people that are supposed to govern in our stead while we are supposed to keep the country running. How much more?.

  • David

    Holder is just trying to keep more Drug Dealers on the street because the Obama Administration is connected to Organized Crime … remember Fast and Furious … Holder supplying Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels.

    • cattastrophe

      My understanding is Holder did this to discredit gun dealers in the US who they wanted to blame for selling guns to Mexican drug gangs. The regime wanted to use this as part of their campaign against guns.

  • Dewreck

    Holder is protecting his street level dealers.

  • Bill Hurley

    Get in his Ass Gowdy,the lying piece of Crap

  • Desiree Dufrene Hernandez


  • cattastrophe

    In olden days Gowdy could have walked over and slapped that perpetual smirk off of Holder’s face.

  • cantonst

    Holder as well as his boss are a disgrace to the offices they hold.

  • Larchmonter445

    Gowdy’s worth voting for any Republican if only Trey was going to be the Republican Attorney General. He’d have these criminals from Obama Cult in shackles in minutes.

    I think a Presidential candidate should name his key Administration nominees. It would be like voting for a slate of officials, not hoping for good people to be named later.

    TEd Cruz ought to indicate a few key people who he would tap to fill such posts.

    An enormous cleanup of DC is necessary, not just a new POTUS in the oval office.

    Lay it out and open it up. Gowdy has to be running DOJ.
    We’d see the rats running for European residency in a hurry.

  • Marsha Moore

    Fascist PIGS believe they are all powerful. Holder even threatened Gohmert. There is going to be a day of reckoning for these Criminals that ignore the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

  • The_Questman

    I wouldn’t hire Holder or either of the Obama’s to defend against a Parking Ticket. They make stuff up as they go along and they are completely ignorant of what the Constitution and the law says.

  • PRA53

    I’d like to see this guy as speaker of the House !!! ( Trey Gowdy )

  • Mac in Texas

    Trey Gowdy and Louis Gohmert are the Ted Cruz of the house of representatives! There are 535 members of the U. S. Senate and the House of Representatives and I would challenge anyone to name even 10 that are as honorable as these three.

    • SuperDave2

      You wouldn’t find even 10. 5 would be a stretch. They are there for what they can scam the system out of & to help install a Muslim Government over us.

  • msgermss

    Another Obama crony who writes the laws as he speaks. He is as conniving as his boss and Trey Gowdy had him on the law and appropriate prosecution of offenders. I agree……Mr. Gowdy should be House Speaker.

  • Holder is just trying to keep black people out of prison. If I were the defendant, I would’ve been put under the jail. Then, when the questions get rough, he says, it’s because he’s black, just like every other black criminal does, when he’s caught.

  • Guest

    What a smug bastard. Covering his mouth with his hand, smiling, as if to say: “I don’t have to answer to you, white boy.” Holder is a monstrous piece of sh*t.

  • Priscilla Reyes

    Druggies and drug dealers should be a capital offense, meaning they both should receive the death penalty. That’s how you win the war on drugs.