Greens Are Really Reds

Al Gore just got a 100 million dollars richer with the sale of his leftist tree-hugging channel to AQ’s voice in the ME…al-Jazeera.

Happy Al? No, of course not. Al wants more money. More of your and my money that is.
What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? Huh Al?

Now how could some Divinity school flunkey come up with the idea that a gas that makes up .038 % of our atmosphere should be regulated?

Plants need carbon for photosynthesis. Without it they’d all die. So what are we going to do? Tell plants they can’t breathe carbon dioxide and then tell humans to hold their breath?

But the polar bears are dying, the glaciers are receding, and…and…


The Polar bear population has never been better. In the 40’s they numbered about 5,000. Now they number about 20,000. Al is wrong.

Glaciers have been receding for centuries. Most of CA at one time was covered in a glacier. Glaciers ebb and flow naturally.  Humans have NOTHING to do with it.

But…but… what about those storms that hit the East Coast the last two years? They have been getting stronger and more powerful.

Wrong again. Perhaps Al never heard of the Long Island Express. In 1938 there was a hurricane that had a recorded wind gust in MA of 186mph.

“That morning a New York Times editorial entitled “Hurricane” concluded, “Every year an average of three such whirlwinds sweep the tropical North Atlantic between June and November. In 1933, there was an all-time record of twenty. If New York and the rest of the world have been so well informed about the cyclone, it is because of an admirable organized meteorological service” (Allen, 1976).

And this past storm was a Cat 1. Two low pressure systems drew in a Cat 1 storm from the Atlantic and all together formed the “perfect storm”.  So cram it big Al.

But…but global warming is continuing. Uh no it isn’t. That stopped in 1998. See Brian Sussman’s article for more data.

The seas are rising. Really by how much? How about 1.3 inches per hundred years. Whooo…that’s really scary.

Oh and there is no consensus in science. That document that the loons refer back to that supposedly had 94% of scientists agreeing with it? Try again. 77 of 10,000 scientists responded in the affirmative. The rest took a pass. Three disagreed with its contents.

How is it that green or should I say “Red” freaks like Al ignore that big orb in the sky called the sun? Could that be the sources of global warming and cooling? The Maunder and Dalton minimums would appear to back up that thesis.

The lightning and the thunder report to the Lord and say “Lord here are we” (Job 38 -41)

The ebb and flow of God’s nature is His to command; not mankind.

It’s all about the war on fossil fuels. And nothing more. Well, that and making big Al one rich, elitist slob.

An oldie but goodie.


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