Hannity Guest Leo Terrell: Yes, Woman, There Is Apartheid In America, So Stop Hating On Blacks

On Fox News’ Hannity on Wednesday, Sean had on two guests to discuss the idea of apartheid in America: civil rights attorney and talk show host Leo Terrell, and conservative commentator and columnist Crystal Wright. The guests were asked to comment on two clips, one of Chris Matthews suggesting apartheid leadership in South Africa were more patriotic than the GOP in the United States, and the other of Jesse Jackson claiming “apartheid remains in America.” Leo Terrell’s comments, both about the clip and regarding his colleague Crystal were far less than cordial, and in fact got downright ugly.

“Why are you hating on blacks?” Terrell asks this with no apparent sense of irony. He was already angry before the first question was asked, and he was hating on Crystal from start to finish: sneering “woman” at her, accusing her of using her color to defend apartheid, calling her a typical commentator who gets a free pass, and throughout all but outright saying she doesn’t count as black. Hate indeed. I would say something about the pot and the kettle, but Leo might consider that to be apartheidy.

Terrell has a solid argument to prove there is apartheid in America. It goes something like this: Because Idaho. Also Utah and Wyoming. Plus, encouragement and Oprah Winfrey. And in conclusion, Hannity’s phone.

Eric Holder was wrong when he said Americans were too cowardly to discuss race. But it appears true that some Americans are far too unstable to talk about it. Or at least, to talk about it with any semblance of sense, reason, composure, or facts.

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  • Laurel

    “But it appears true that some Americans are far too unstable to talk about it.”

    Boy that is the truth. There is absolutely unequivocally without a doubt not any apartheid in America and never has been. Segregation is not apartheid by any means.

    What I see here is a bunch of emotional ignoramus leftists trying to ride the coat tails of others…but then again what else is new?!

  • Jim Alexander

    So Stupid, get this straight, most of us white folks like black folks hate N—ers and W—e T—H. Got it? I doubt it. The next thing this moron will want is a ban on pens because of spelling mistakes.

  • trytothink

    That’s an angry man. Who is black. He must be racist, trying to portray an angry black man.

  • Darrell Griffin

    What a nasty, bitter, and miserable racist. He clearly is consumed by this garbage. Thought he was going to have a heart attack right on the set.

    Feel sorry for the guy on a certain level.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Bingo. If you ever wanted to know what a misogynistic, Black, racist looked like, there’s your boy. 😉 😉

    • aposematic

      Definitely an Oscar performance if a movie; unfortunately, this was not a movie.

    • Sandra Siedenburg

      I wish….

  • Amjean

    I think that the black leaders know that whites are sick and tired of being
    called racist after all we have done for the black community through our
    tax dollars, community programs, affirmative action, etc. They are trying
    to “gin up” the race card to a newer, higher level, hoping that whites will
    buy in to the lie once again.

    Not happening with this chick.

    And we should look at what happened in South Africa. The Dutch settled
    there, built up successful farming communities, hired blacks, etc. The blacks
    came in droves from other areas because of the jobs, they had many babies,
    and soon their population grew much larger than the whites. Then because
    of communist interference, they grew dissatisfied with the situation; whites
    should not own the land; they started wars with the whites and each other.
    They raped, murdered and drove out the owners of the farms. They raped,
    murdered (tire necklaces, etc.) other blacks. Mandela was a communist;
    his wife, Winnie, was instrumental in the tire necklace movement, if you will.
    We whites should take heed in our own country. How many whites have
    you seen from European countries that have immigrated here? Aren’t most
    of the immigrants, illegal and legal of a brown or black color? I don’t want
    to be labeled a “conspiracy nut”, however, the truth is what it is. Obama is
    pushing for a race war. And only the very stupid don’t get it.

    • warpmine

      But….they voted for it so after lying in a puddle of their own blood, they can ask themselves, My God, how did I get here? and you may tell yourselves, dangit, I followed Marxist trash off da cliff. Chorus…..

      • Marridge

        Once in a lifetime…… Great song.

        • warpmine

          I could probably twist the entirety of the lyrics to fit the leftist mentality

    • Marridge

      Amjean, that murdering, torturing and raping is still going on, as we speak. The UN won’t do a damn thing about it. There is a white genocide going on in South Africa.


      • Amjean

        And it will come to this country as well if we don’t get rid of the
        socialists/communists/Marxists in our government.

  • skyemantaray

    As someone who grew up in a small town in southeast Idaho this is one of the dumbest things Leo has ever said (and he’s said a lot of stupid things). There are no “whites only” clubs there and it’s typical liberal BS to demand a black politician from Idaho when he just admitted that less than 1% of the state is black. I guess it doesn’t matter that Rep. Raul Labrador is from Idaho and isn’t white, it only matters that he isn’t black either.

    • warpmine

      Looks Caucasian to me.

      • olddog

        White Devil/Hispanic..ya know.

        • skyemantaray

          Oh right I forgot, thanks to liberals we have a new group of people – “white Hispanics”. My point is that Idaho did elect a minority representative, but it’s not good enough for Leo Terrell because he’s the wrong kind of minority.

  • olddog

    Watched this..as best I could..This IDIOT is a (D)elusional (D)ung-hole on “Purple Drank/Crack/Bath Salts”…Complete (D)erelict..at best!!!!!!!

  • timsrighty

    I would love to see this angry black man stand toe to toe with Alan West and spew his racist laden rant. There would be two sounds…West punching him, then him hitting floor.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      West could easily take him apart verbally without breaking a sweat.

      • timsrighty

        Of course. But Terrell would have to be gagged first so he couldn’t interrupt every other word West spoke.

        • Dr. Strangelove

          I don’t see West allowing himself to be dominated by a prog like Terrell. I’ll bet he’d spank him but good without the gag.

  • ryanomaniac

    Why do these people act as if they’ve been in the middle of slavery and apartheid? These folks have been sitting in comfort along with the rest of us in this country. How dare he act as if he has been hurt by either of these instances. Hell I guarantee you the slaves never bitched and whined like this guy does and they were the ones who actually had heinous acts committed against them. I have every sympathy in the world for the slaves and what they had to endure but not fake victims.

  • Watchman74

    What has become of Fox? Are they trying to compete with MSNBC on who has the most liberal loonies?

    • timsrighty

      I think may be one big difference. Fox brings the loons on to allow them to show what hateful fools they are while msnbc has them on to agree with them and satisfy their dunce audience.

    • Crassus

      It’s typical of Hannity who brings these lib loons on both his radio and TV shows and let’s them spew their garbage. They are balanced by Karl Rove and his garbage.

    • MizMak

      Show biz, people. Those of us who watch them are becoming their useful idiots.

  • Phil_GA

    Hush, now. Don’t tell ’em that slavery existed a lot longer than America’s founding.

    I wonder how in the world the ancient Hebrews ever got over being used as slaves by the Egyptians.

    And to think the pyramids are still standing to this day.

  • IronmanREV3

    People of the United States of America,
    Leo Terrell is your typical Black Democratic Socialist Progressive Lawyer who believes in Total Black Supremacy in America even though Blacks make up 13% of the U.S. Population.Terrell is the ultimate Democratic Shill that MSNBC adores.Terrells arguments when you listen or I should say try to listen to them are asinine,and when you point out the fallacy of his arguments,he takes that as an insult and ends the conversation by walking out or hanging up on the interviewer.

  • Tim Jaggers

    Leo is just another insane race-hustler.

  • 12grace

    Isn’t it interesting how there can only be white racist? Such PC crap!

    If black people care to be liked by white America than do something to stop the knock our game. Also, stop saying nasty things about white people. And start working with Americans of every race

  • Bill589

    I posted this once somewhere from my old journal. But it goes to the heart of the matter. No difference.
    The Adventures of Willy and Billy

    Our first scheme:
    Our mothers used to love to walk and talk along these ‘wagon trails’ through the woods around and in-between our houses. One of my first memories is when Willy and I were probably still in diapers. We used to play a game of getting our mothers to carry us on their shoulders while they walked. I can still see him over on his mother’s shoulders smiling over at me on mine.

    I’ll skip ahead in our adventures to get to the point. . . .

    In fourth grade, we learned at school that Willy and I were different. Very different. He’s supposedly black, and I’m supposedly white. For one thing, we knew they were wrong right off because Willy is brown and gold (he used to bend backwards and push his stomach out – and he was a beautiful gold), and I was kind of a tan color. Darker in summer. Lighter in winter.

    Our parents set us straight though. How somebody looks is a stupid way to separate people.

  • wodiej

    We have been discussing race for a century and a half. Rehash much? The only reason race is still a volatile subject is because most blacks refuse to let it go.

    Since Adam and Eve, all humans have suffered injustice and pain in varying forms. I can name 2 friends and several family members that were molested or otherwise abused as kids. They suffer every single day w mental instability through no fault of their own. The only thing I can give them is love and compassion and that is still not enough. So I don’t really give a shit about supposed racial inequality when so many people in our society are suffering much worse things. If blacks want to see inequality, look in your neighbor’s backyard. “there but for the grace of God go I.”

  • Dramamama54

    Where? Where is Aparatheid? I know of no one who is being beaten or forced to leave?? This man is racist to his core and calling her “woman” like she was beneath him was just more proof of his idiocy! I guess MSNBC will hire him soon!

  • Guest


  • CardiLover

    Hmmmm, interesting, as I live in Idaho. In fact, I live about 10 miles from the Aryan Nation’s former headquarters. There was a huge KKK meet and greet this summer about 10 miles from my house. 12 law enforcement officers (Spirit Lake PD, Idaho State Police, Kootenai County Sheriff’s officers and U.S. Secret Service) , 11 protestors – and, 6, count ’em, 6 KKK members. Huge, I tell you, huge. Mr. Terrell, go away. You just can’t fix stupid.


    • Dr. Strangelove

      Don’t most of the Aryan Nation meetings take place out in the yard when they’re not on lockdown?

  • aposematic

    Pushing racism must pay really well as most everyone is doing it. Too bad most Blacks can’t see past the end of their noses.

    • Bill589

      Replace the word ‘Blacks’ with ‘Progressives’ and it will be a more accurate statement. (Yes, it appears most American blacks are progressive – so I believe what you wrote IS accurate – but that’s why I wrote ‘more accurate’. The white progressives can’t see past the end of their noses; the black conservatives can.)

    • DHardy

      Never underestimate the power of stupid

    • USPatriot

      Not a skin color thing, it’s a mind set.

  • toongoon

    I hope somebody follows him home, he looks like he wants to play the knockout game.

  • Marky_D

    I guess the standard for becoming an attorney isn’t what it used to be…

  • toongoon

    First, there are no blacks in those states. Then, when it is decided that there are blacks there, there isn’t any black politicians there. Then, when a politician is found there, he said she didn’t win her election. (I expected him to say she isn’t black)

    • Dr. Strangelove

      According to the census bureau, Idaho has .8% blacks, but they make up for it with 11.6% Hispanic.

  • Earthforce1

    Leo is, as someone once said, “A pyromaniac in a field of straw men.”

  • toongoon

    The end of Apartheid in South Africa morphed into the genocide of whites.


  • giveususfree

    That guy is a complete lunatic. He’s so over the top and ridiculous, he’s like a cartoon charicature of a typical nutjob, race baiting, America hating Leftist. He ludicrous, I changed the channel the night I was watching Hannity and he came on. I don’t care what he has to say about anything.

  • shawnmer

    A buffoon. Never let it be said it takes intelligence to be an attorney, debating this guy is like arm wrestling a toddler.

  • DHardy

    Thanks for showing your face and your agenda…we will have no trouble knowing who we are dealing with and what it’s going to take to cool your trigger.

    • WHAT?! WHAT??!!

      Oh, sorry. You said “trigger.” I read it wrong.

      Must be the racist in me.

  • FlyingDutchmanNYAmstr

    Does Sean Hannity honestly expect Leo Terrell to give his ratings a boost? I can’t even watch people like Leo Terrell anymore, and I don’t because they disgust me. I don’t even have to watch this video to know that this man “Hates” absolutely everything including his own life.

  • A man who talks about people long dead, and uses “we” and “us” is not a man you can trust.

    Policy is for We the Living. You cannot “do something” for the dead.

  • bluerose75

    Sorry I stopped watching Hannity a few years ago. He is just too stupid and phony for my taste. He talks tough and then when he has the chance he is a POWDER PUFF see his interview with punk Ryan. But to bring this AVID LUCIFER DEVOTEE on is just enough is enough. I know Shiftless Sean would argue he SHOWS and EXPOSES this. But I am sorry MSNBLOONEYC is for that and if Hannity wants to regain many people who use to watch him he would grow some GONADS and stop shoving his MODERATE CRAP with his LOSER GOP BUDDIES and for once in his phony life BE A MAN and BE A CONSERVATIVE which he is not.

    Hannity is pathetic and holds not one inch on Levin or Rush. I am sorry when I see this here because I cannot stand the PHONY CONSERVATIVE that Shiftless is it just reinforces why I never listen anymore to his boring Radio program nor watch his show.

    Hey Loser have another rock and sock em studio audience show….which is Half Liberal and Half Moderate Scum…..all on FOX!

    • giveususfree

      I think of Hannity as “Conservatism for beginners”. He’s got the basics down. That’s also how I convince myself to put up with his incessant repetition on a few things, because he’s for the beginners, he may be playing the Ed Schultz quotes for someone hearing them for the first time. For me, it’s a chance to jump 30 seconds ahead on the DVR.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        “Conservativism for beginners” How appropriate. How did he get so popular, anyway? He’s a great American and I don’t doubt his love of country but I could see a “Patriotism For Dummies” book with his name on the jacket.

    • NPC

      None of what you read, or hear in the so called “news” is really meant for the populace to be accurately informed, however we are all like hungry pups salivating for our next ‘fix’, we must however constantly remind ourselves, that their trip to the bank was well worth it for them. And what did you get out of all of their ‘gospel’?

      Absolutely nothing my friend, just an other opportunity to get the hair up on your back, and either condone or condemn all or most of it. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the way we will jump, doesn’t it. We all wind up singing to the choir, and in the mean time nothing gets accomplished, and it’s business as usual.
      IMHO, I think we’re shouting at the wrong crowd.
      I’m just wondering, how long it would last if the e-mail addresses would be available,(stayed open) if the address were posted with the ‘culprit’ being portrayed in the article? These ‘culprits’ do not get the ‘heat’ directly, as I think they should. There should be an easier way to let them know directly as to how we feel, they may become less smug sitting behind their closed doors.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I repeat this little quip of mine periodically: I was in a vicious argument the other day and before I knew it, a Hannity show broke out.

  • MizMak

    Full disclosure: I haven’t watched the clip yet. But I just have to say I’m surprised to see Mr. Terrell in this role. My experience of him is on PJTV’s Next Generation, and he seems level headed. So either he is well behaved on PJTV, or it’s all show biz with these people: Hannity needs the attention, so hires raving lunatic. In any case, it just adds to my concern that liberal and conservative media alike….we are all just being played. Is there any place that one can get “just the facts, ma’am” ?

  • USMC 64-68

    I like Hannity, but I’ve stopped watching him. I could no longer take the circus of (planned) confrontation and shouting matches.

    Hannity gives these marxists, traitors, radicals, etc. air time but never really exposes them for what they are, or shows the subversive nature of their ideology.

  • Gary Barber

    Leo Terrell has about as much reason for decrying America for racism, as I do to decry my parents for child abuse because my family was one of the last ones in my neighborhood to get a Nintendo. Maybe I should sue Bill Gates because he isn’t my Dad and I didn’t get to grow up in a mansion…

  • ivan

    Terrell makes me uncomfortable; He looks like a rabid maniac who would throw chairs around.; he’s always angry. A heavy dose of affirmative action was probably needed for him to be a lawyer.

  • James1754

    Leo Terrell, it is terrible to see so much hate in one person.

    • crosshr

      James, there are more than one ! don’t worry, I’m not white (lol)
      Too much hate, yes !

      • James1754

        People who hate like that usually do not like themselves very much.

  • notsofastthere

    There was no education value in this clip except to know that Leftists never discuss a topic or share an idea. Ignorant and closed minded so I turn them off right away.

  • crosshr

    Yes Leo, so much hate and racist in US of A for minorities that a black president( as Obama like to get labelled and id with) got elected. Needless to mention he’s elected for two terms, so suck and lead the country in much chaos, economic down turn to worse, unruly behaviors and much racist. Why not relocate to Africa Leo and try your luck there in the Gongo or Uganda, or Somalia, take Ophra and Pelosi with you.

  • lawngren

    Trash like terrell make me wish there WAS apartheid in America. Stuff it, terel. I lost the last of my white guilt decades ago. Be as angry as you want; it shortens your life. But keep both hands where I can see them.

  • Tollthis

    Terrell is just another race baiter, race husler like his peeps, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Doesn’t give a damn about Blacks, just how much he can make husling.

  • Larchmonter445

    Usual anger and hatred. Terrell is the archbishop in the Church of Hate Whitey. A vicious mouth, heard locally in SoCal, making a good living raising temperatures and convincing the ignorant that sixty years of Federal assistance ain’t enough to make up for what Dutch slave masters did to Africans 500 years ago.

    Tim Scott, Allen West, Ben Carson, Mia Love and hundreds of thousands of Blacks who got educated and made something remarkable of their lives is the counterpoint to this bozo.

  • stage9

    So, America has a POLICY of segregation in America?

    1. An official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites.

    2. A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

    3. The condition of being separated from others; segregation.

    Someone notify the Supreme Court. They need to review Brown vs the Board of Education again. Their judgment apparently didn’t stick. Desegregation is no longer the policy of the United States.

    I think what Mr Terrell is trying to say without saying it is that blacks still don’t control whites, so segregation still exists.

    • HCTUB

      This racial sh()t will never end because it’s a money maker , just look at the so called Rev Al and his so called Rev Jesse two shakedown artist , and man who hardly tell the truth like their brother in the White House .

  • Sandra Siedenburg

    Leo has no right discussing any race or civil rights issues when he is a horrible individual himself.

  • WordsFailMe