By Caleb Howe

On Fox News’ Hannity on Wednesday, Sean had on two guests to discuss the idea of apartheid in America: civil rights attorney and talk show host Leo Terrell, and conservative commentator and columnist Crystal Wright. The guests were asked to comment on two clips, one of Chris Matthews suggesting apartheid leadership in South Africa were more patriotic than the GOP in the United States, and the other of Jesse Jackson claiming “apartheid remains in America.” Leo Terrell’s comments, both about the clip and regarding his colleague Crystal were far less than cordial, and in fact got downright ugly.

“Why are you hating on blacks?” Terrell asks this with no apparent sense of irony. He was already angry before the first question was asked, and he was hating on Crystal from start to finish: sneering “woman” at her, accusing her of using her color to defend apartheid, calling her a typical commentator who gets a free pass, and throughout all but outright saying she doesn’t count as black. Hate indeed. I would say something about the pot and the kettle, but Leo might consider that to be apartheidy.

Terrell has a solid argument to prove there is apartheid in America. It goes something like this: Because Idaho. Also Utah and Wyoming. Plus, encouragement and Oprah Winfrey. And in conclusion, Hannity’s phone.

Eric Holder was wrong when he said Americans were too cowardly to discuss race. But it appears true that some Americans are far too unstable to talk about it. Or at least, to talk about it with any semblance of sense, reason, composure, or facts.


Caleb Howe is a blogger, tweeter, and owner of shoes. He has been writing at RedState for a decade, and has also been a contributor to AOL’s Political Machine, Mediaite, and the men’s humor website Asylum. Caleb was born in the lost colony of Roanoke and raised by a pack of wild accountants. He has been described as “accidentally funny,” “annoying,” “a right wing nutbag,” and most commonly, “who??” A former graphic designer, web developer, and United States Marine, Caleb is now a full time internet schmuck and gadabout.

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